Our Favorite Cozy Pieces to Get You Through Winter

Temperatures are dropping, darkness seems like it is happening MUCH earlier than in a usual November, and Netflix Original holiday movies are playing on a loop on our TVs. Yes, that awkward time where it’s not quite winter but it’s not really fall anymore either is here. 

If there’s one thing I know about this time, it’s that I’m always cold and I only want to wear things that can be classified as extremely cozy. I am embarrassed to admit that I am literally to the point where even putting on leggings is too much work for me (I know, it’s tragic). 

That being said, I’ve been on a serious mission to find things that are incredibly comfy, keep me warm, and as mentioned, are extremely cozy. I can imagine that my FBI agent is probably very concerned about why I’ve visited the Aerie website approximately 9,000 times in the past three weeks. So given all the cozy-hunting I’ve been doing, I’ve managed to find some of the best pieces to buy right now to keep you comfortable this winter.

Check out some of our absolute favorite cozy loungewear, pajamas, robes, slippers, and more:



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