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    Our Favorite Cozy Pieces to Get You Through Winter

    Temperatures are dropping, darkness seems like it is happening MUCH earlier than in a usual November, and Netflix Original holiday movies are playing on a loop on our TVs. Yes, that awkward time where it’s not quite winter but it’s not really fall anymore either is here. If there’s one thing I know about this time, it’s that I’m always cold and I only want to wear things that can be classified as extremely cozy. I am embarrassed to admit that I am literally to the point where even putting on leggings is too much work for me (I know, it’s tragic). 
    That being said, I’ve been on a serious mission to find things that are incredibly comfy, keep me warm, and as mentioned, are extremely cozy. I can imagine that my FBI agent is probably very concerned about why I’ve visited the Aerie website approximately 9,000 times in the past three weeks. So given all the cozy-hunting I’ve been doing, I’ve managed to find some of the best pieces to buy right now to keep you comfortable this winter.
    Check out some of our absolute favorite cozy loungewear, pajamas, robes, slippers, and more: More

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    The Matching Set I’m Living In

    Prior to 2020, my loungewear game was truly and utterly embarrassing. When I got home every day stripped off my work clothes, I’d change into a five-year-old sorority sweatshirt, and even worse, a pair of sweats from some high school sports team. If I was going to spend my money on clothes, it was going to be something I could wear out for the world to see—who cared what I wore when I was at home?Obviously, spending the entirety of 2020 confined to my home changed my mentality on that. After buying a couple of new pairs of sweats and realizing how much better I felt in cute loungewear, I made it a priority to buy a few things I could work in comfortably, but that still made me feel put-together. It didn’t matter if I was the only one on earth who would ever see them, it made all the difference in how I felt throughout the day.
    Pretty quickly, I learned that the loungewear I gravitated toward the most–like the rest of the world—was matching sets. They feel like chic and calculated, and I loved how I could throw on a jacket over and run any errands I needed to—they felt like a look, rather than something I should just be sleeping in.
    My phone and computer also learned quickly that that’s what I was into, and gave me about a billion ads for matching sets throughout the past few months. Most of them I could resist—until a couple of weeks ago, when I kept getting an ad for this one.

    I couldn’t get the image of myself sitting on the couch next to my Christmas tree working away in this set out of my head. It was perfect: the colors, the ribbed details—frankly, I had a feeling it would be the set of my dreams, and to no one’s surprise, I was right.
    When it arrived, I couldn’t believe how high-quality it felt—the material it’s made out of is thicker than it looks, and it makes it ultra warm and cozy. Since I got it, I’ve been working from home in it more days than I’d like to admit, and have debated ordering it in more colors. It’s rare that I find a piece that’s so good I need to shout it from the mountain tops, but I couldn’t keep quiet about this one. Everyone I know should own this, and I hope my sister doesn’t read this, because it’s going to be one of her Christmas presents from me. Bonus: It’s on sale right now, and comes in eight different colors. Trust me: you’re going to want to be living in this too. More

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    The Best Cozy Fall Clothes on the Internet

    My most toxic trait in life is that year after year, I invest hundreds of dollars in fall fashion staples in September, only to be seen sporting my cozier fall essentials when the temps drop mid-October and beyond. When given a choice to put on jeans and a blazer or a set of fleece joggers and an oversized sherpa hoodie on a chilly morning, comfort wins 10 times out of 10.This year, I’m being slightly more responsible with where I put my money. For me, that means spending the same amount on fall essentials as I normally would while reallocating my funds to cover all of the cozy pieces that I already know I will be wearing on repeat. I’ve never met a comfy sweatshirt I didn’t like, so my plan has to be foolproof… right?
    While I’ll miss summer terribly (as much as I love all of the fall vibes, I am not a fan of the cold), I welcome all of my cozy fall essentials, old and new, with open arms. Keep reading for all of the comfy pieces we can’t wait to submerge ourselves in all season long: More

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    Your Fall Work-From-Home Uniform Based on Your Zodiac Sign

    Here we are again, folks: starting a new season while in quarantine. Daydreaming about new jackets and boots has quickly turned into filling our shopping carts with sweatshirts and joggers in preparation for the most home-filled fall we’ve ever had.If you ask me, though, the concept of working from home in the fall is actually pretty exciting—featuring pumpkin-scented candles, sweaters and cardigans, soft blankets. It’s time to retire our shorts and tees and get wrapped up in the coziest things we can find.
    Haven’t prepared your hibernation wardrobe yet? Not to fear: we’ve styled a perfect fall work-from-home uniform based on your Zodiac sign. Get ready to enjoy working from home again.

    Aries don’t mind having the spotlight on them, and fading into the background isn’t on their to-do list. Leave it to them to incorporate one of fall’s hottest trends, citrine, into their work-from-home looks.

    sweatshirt / leggings / slippers / blue-light glasses / cheetah mug

    Tauruses wouldn’t be caught dead in a stained T-shirt or worn-out leggings—they know life is meant for living, and a part of that is indulging in the finer things, like a super-soft sweatshirt to spend the long, chilly days in.

    sweatshirt / joggers / mug / slippers / scrunchie

    Geminis are known for being adaptable, which they apply to the trends they’re attracted to. 2020’s tie-dye trend screams “Gemini” through and through.

    sweatshirt / sweatshorts / mug / slippers / blue-light glasses

    Cancers are homebodies through and through, so we’re already used to bringing our style game to at-home outfits. A cozy, sherpa hoodie and cult-favorite sweatpants are a foolproof combo for the sign that just wants to be cozy.

    sweatpants / jacket / tee / slippers / Hocus Pocus mug

    Leos are passionate, creative, and God bless them, a little high maintenance. Their confident qualities make them gravitate toward simple neutrals that look effortlessly chic together—because hey, they know they look good in everything.

    sweatshirt / sweatpants / slippers / mug / blue-light glasses

    A Virgo wants to look put-together without having to put much thought into what they’re wearing, and a foolproof cardigan, tee, and jogger situation can take them from Zoom meetings to the errands they’re planning on running after seamlessly.

    cardigan / tee / joggers / pumpkin mug / cozy socks

    Libras are known for enjoying the finer things in life, which means wearing ratty, old sweats isn’t an option. This luxe matching set is ideal for their work-from-home aesthetic.

    joggers / hoodie / mug / socks / blue-light glasses

    A Scorpio will bring a little something extra to everything they do, which is why a one-shoulder sweatshirt is screaming their name. Complete with matching sweatpants, it’s a Scorpio’s cozy dream come true.

    sweatshirt / joggers / RGB mug / slippers / blue-light glasses

    Sagittarians march to the beat of their own drum and relish any attention that comes there way (which generally is a lot). This season’s tiger-print craze transfers perfectly to a trendy work-from-home look for any Sag.

    joggers / sweater / mug / slippers / glasses

    Capricorns are known for being quite the workaholics, which means that all-day comfort is key (as are blue-light glasses and lots of caffeine). A minimal, ultra-soft, monochrome set in the season’s hottest color will keep them comfortable well beyond their work hours.

    sweatshirt / shorts / blue-light glasses / mug / slippers

    Aquarians are free-spirited and eccentric and are known for being deep thinkers. Their eccentric style makes them lovers of graphic tees that allow them to show a bit of personality (like this one that’s clad with a list of female authors).

    female author tee / cardigan / leggings / slippers / mug

    The dreamy, artsy water signs love light hues and feeling feminine. Investing in an at-home piece in this season’s ethereal purple hue will make any Pisces work-from-home day a little more enjoyable.

    sweatshirt / joggers / slippers / mug / blue-light glasses More

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    All the Fall Fashion Trends I’m Skipping—and the Comfortable Alternatives I’m Wearing Instead

    I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE trends. I find a lot of comfort in trying new things and wearing pieces before everyone else (it’s a whole thing I’m working on with my therapist, OK). But 2020 hasn’t necessarily been kind to those of us who love fashion. While yes, I can certainly dress to the nines for fun, it’s not as exciting when no one is going to see it or the occasion is just sitting on your couch to binge-watch TV. But I’m not letting work-from-home get in the way of rocking fall fashion trends; instead, I’m shifting my focus to ones that work for this life a little more than the previous one I lived in when I actually left my house. I still love a lot of these trends, but I’m finding new ways to wear them that fit my lifestyle better.

    Instead of head-to-toe leather, try comfortable leather-look pieces.

    source: @ayyonks

    Leather will always look badass, and it’s been a solid trend I’ve pined after for about a year now. But the head-to-toe leather looks consisting of stiff pants and squeaky tops and jackets are not exactly my ~vibe~ when I’m sitting at a desk all day long, only occasionally standing up to get more water. Leather feels quintessentially fall though, so I’m adding that trend into my wardrobe with easy basics that feel comfortable, like my absolute favorite Spanx leather leggings. 


    Instead of big puffer coats, try lighter, fur-detailed jackets.

    source: @waityouneedthis

    I’m not saying there won’t be a place for giant sleeping bag coats in winter 2020/2021, especially in cold climates. But for the fall and early winter, I can’t see myself getting into that trend. Hear me out: I love wearing a mask and understand it’s essential for public health, but we can’t deny it gets a little toasty up in there. So, I like to keep the rest of my outfit as breezy as possible to make up for the immense amount of sweat coming from the bottom of my face. I’m swapping light jackets instead for the time being. For one, I’m not going outside that much to really warrant something heavy, and I enjoy the look of a light jacket on video calls and when I’m just lounging at home.

    Instead of ’90s grunge, try ’90s minimalism. 

    source: @twentysomethingplus

    I went through quite the emo phase in middle and high school, so as much as I want to love channeling it through the ’90s grunge trend filled with plaid, babydoll dresses, and chunky boots, it’s a little too close to my All Time Low phase for me. Plus, it just isn’t feasible for my current life in which I only leave my house to see my friends every now and then and to go to the grocery store. However, all parts of the ’90s are here, and I’m all for long knit dresses, shades of brown, and cardigans galore.

    Instead of neutrals, try bright-colored monochrome.

    source: @theplussizedprep

    Don’t get me wrong, neutrals will always have a place in my wardrobe, and I think there’s something special about being able to create a wardrobe full of neutrals, in both basics and statement pieces. But I love a good bright, and fall 2020 is the time to embrace it. Whether it’s sweaters and jeans to see friends, activewear, or a loungewear set at home, I’m incorporating color into my entire wardrobe.

    Instead of cropped blazers, try boyfriend blazers. 

    The cropped blazer trend would be a major part of my wardrobe if things were different in 2020, but they’re just not practical or comfortable for work-from-home. Instead, I’m loving the “boyfriend” fit this season. They’re so comfortable, look put-together for every occasion, and are easy to style. Basically, they’re the WFH-approved version of this trend. More

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    27 Lightweight Jumpsuits That Feel Like Pajamas but Make You Look Put-Together

    I’m going to be honest: I’ve had it with my work-from-home wardrobe. Every morning when I wake up and put on yet another pair of running shorts paired with a T-shirt while side-eying the things I wore in my former life (read: five months ago), a little part of me dies. But no matter how hard I try, I just cannot get myself to wear things that aren’t comfortable—it’s a true catch-22.This conundrum led me to a groundbreaking, recent discovery: a black, cotton jumpsuit I had hiding at the back of my closet. I stumbled upon it on an unsuspecting Tuesday morning, threw it on, and felt like I had just won the lottery. It’s the true equivalent to a pair of pajamas, but looks and feels like I’m wearing a real outfit—even though I only had to put one thing on my body. When I say I’ve worn it almost every day since, I mean it.
    While we’re sitting on our couches from now until who knows when, we might as well be doing it feeling as confident as possible—and comfortable jumpsuits are the answer to that. Buy these now, and thank me later.


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    These Summer-Friendly Loungewear Sets Are Here to Cure Your Isolation Blues

    It is day 1,394,888(?) of quarantine and I am challenged to find the words for how I feel. “Stir-crazy” doesn’t seem to cut it. “Bummed” doesn’t do it justice. Truly, the only word I can use to bring light to my current emotional state is “blah.” In an attempt to add some *zest* to my life, I’m channeling the Tiger King period of isolation. You know, the part where we all emptied the grocery stores of yeast to make bread, questioned who killed Carole Baskin’s husband, downloaded Tik Tok after we promised ourselves we wouldn’t, and waited anxiously for our cozy, winter-friendly loungewear sets to arrive. I won’t say that I’m tired of my March-friendly lounge sets, but I will say this: summer is upon us and I am sweating. It’s humid as hell in Chicago and as much as I’d like to walk around naked at all times, I have windows and my across the street neighbors simply do not need to see that. My solution? Finding the cutest loungewear sets on the web that are hot-weather approved and cute AF. Read on to shop the summer-friendly sets I’m adding to my cart to bring joy back to my quarantine: