The Matching Set I’m Living In

Prior to 2020, my loungewear game was truly and utterly embarrassing. When I got home every day stripped off my work clothes, I’d change into a five-year-old sorority sweatshirt, and even worse, a pair of sweats from some high school sports team. If I was going to spend my money on clothes, it was going to be something I could wear out for the world to see—who cared what I wore when I was at home?

Obviously, spending the entirety of 2020 confined to my home changed my mentality on that. After buying a couple of new pairs of sweats and realizing how much better I felt in cute loungewear, I made it a priority to buy a few things I could work in comfortably, but that still made me feel put-together. It didn’t matter if I was the only one on earth who would ever see them, it made all the difference in how I felt throughout the day.

Pretty quickly, I learned that the loungewear I gravitated toward the most–like the rest of the world—was matching sets. They feel like chic and calculated, and I loved how I could throw on a jacket over and run any errands I needed to—they felt like a look, rather than something I should just be sleeping in.

My phone and computer also learned quickly that that’s what I was into, and gave me about a billion ads for matching sets throughout the past few months. Most of them I could resist—until a couple of weeks ago, when I kept getting an ad for this one.

I couldn’t get the image of myself sitting on the couch next to my Christmas tree working away in this set out of my head. It was perfect: the colors, the ribbed details—frankly, I had a feeling it would be the set of my dreams, and to no one’s surprise, I was right.

When it arrived, I couldn’t believe how high-quality it felt—the material it’s made out of is thicker than it looks, and it makes it ultra warm and cozy. Since I got it, I’ve been working from home in it more days than I’d like to admit, and have debated ordering it in more colors. It’s rare that I find a piece that’s so good I need to shout it from the mountain tops, but I couldn’t keep quiet about this one. Everyone I know should own this, and I hope my sister doesn’t read this, because it’s going to be one of her Christmas presents from me. Bonus: It’s on sale right now, and comes in eight different colors. Trust me: you’re going to want to be living in this too.



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