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    The body reset: 4 wellness destinations to reset and reconnect your body


    by Camille Macawili
    43 mins ago

    Wellness destinations offer a perfect blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and often, scenic beauty.
    From Thailand to Switzerland, four wellness destinations to reset and reconnect your body.
    So, whether you’re into hiking or yoga, or just need a nap-inducing Swedish massage, book one of these wellness retreats in 2024 to rejuvenate both mind and body.
    One&Only Aesthesis together with Guerlain Spa recently debuted its wellness partnership: its first-ever spa in Greece. Offering a transformative Grecian wellness experience, the spa is thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of the Athenian Riviera, boasting 10 treatment rooms, including two spacious double Suites, a sauna, a hammam, an outdoor pool, and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Guerlain features its signature treatments, as well as unique experiences designed exclusively for the One&Only Aesthesis. It includes wellness programmes aimed to achieve balance and complete revival of body, mind, and soul. Encompassing of sleep recovery, immunity boosting, and targeted detox.

    RAKxa’s five-night Destress and Well Relaxed, and seven-night Gut Health Programs are tailored with its signature holistic experiences. They harness traditional and modern therapeutic practices to achieve your wellbeing goals. Located amidst the lushness of the protected island of Bang Krachao in Bangkok, guests stay in luxuriously appointed villas. Every detail is crafted for relaxation and rejuvenation, and enjoy a culinary experience that are nutritious, and restorative inspired by the wisdom of Thai and personalised international cuisines.

    Chenot Palace Weggis is a next-generation health wellness retreat that boasts suites and rooms across 5,000 square meters of estate dedicated to the pursuit of wellbeing and relaxation. Its award-winning programmes include diagnostic tests, treatments, movement, detoxification, and nutrition based on the Chenot Method. It’s designed to help guests shift the energy throughout the body and realise one’s highest potential self.

    Six Senses Fort Barwara in India is a royal palace of wellbeing wherein guests are whisked to a majestic fort-turned-wellness retreat that seamlessly blends Rajasthan’s rich cultural heritage with modern comforts. It offers everything from yoga and meditation to camel safaris and village walks. All the activities are designed to enhance wellbeing and help guests connect with the local community. With stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys, the resort offers the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. It offers a spiritual journey in the sacred quarters of the Fort.
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    13 visa on arrival and visa-free entry countries for UAE residents

    If you’re looking for a much-needed escape for the upcoming Eid Al-Adha holidays without any additional visa hassle, there are myriad of countries around the globe offering visa on arrival and visa-free entry for UAE residents.
    With visa on arrival and visa-free entry for UAE residents, you can plan ahead without leaving your plans for the last minute.
    While travel is very much back on everyone’s radars, sometimes certain passports require specific visas, which can quite often be a tedious process. However, for UAE residents, there are many destinations which are visa-free or have a visa-on-arrival option.
    When is Eid Al-Adha?
    Eid Al Adha 2024 break is when it shall be. With June around the corner,  UAE, residents can start planning for a potential extended weekend. While the specific date for Arafat Day is subject to confirmation by a moon sighting committee, it is anticipated to occur around Saturday, June 15, or Sunday, June 16.
    Following Arafat Day, Muslims around the world observe Eid Al Adha.  This joyous occasion, occurring on the 10th day of Dhuʻl-Hijjah, is marked by communal prayers, feasting, and acts of charity. Families and friends come together to share meals and celebrate, while also extending kindness to those in need.
    In 2024, Eid Al Adha is projected to commence on the evening of Sunday, June 16, or Monday, June 17, depending on the moon. The celebration traditionally lasts for three days, providing ample time for individuals to engage in religious observances and spend quality time with loved ones.
    Below, the Emirates Woman editors have curated a guide for all the countries offering visas on arrival for UAE residents.


    All UAE residents who have a valid visa can travel to the country and receive a visa on arrival in Georgia. Holders of other GCC countries can travel visa-free for a period of 90 days and receive an entry stamp upon arrival. From Tblisi’s nightlight to stunning mountains, there’s a long list of endless activities.
    Flight time: 3 hours & 30 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With a rich history and picturesque ancient architecture, a visit to the country should definitely be added to your bucket list. All Indian, Lebanese, Jordanian and South African nationals with a valid UAE residency visa can receive a visit visa on arrival due to the positive relations between the UAE and Armenia leading to a special visa-waiver programme. The cost of the visa is around Dhs20 and details regarding additional requirements can be found online.
    Flight time: 3 hours & 10 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Known for its contemporary design, Azerbaijan is home to iconic buildings including landmarks designed by the famous Zaha Hadid. All UAE residents with a valid residency visa can present their passport at the counter after paying and receive a visa on arrival or apply for an e-visa on to avoid standing in long queues.
    Flight time: 3 hours approx. 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    If Japan was on your travel bucket list this year, the process to visit is now a whole lot easier with the latest e-visa laws. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up a new online tourist visa system. All residents are required to apply more than seven days before their trip. Applicants will need to apply via the dedicated website Japan eVISA, where upon successful submission, a digital confirmation visa will be sent to the applicant. At immigration, visitors will need to simply log on to the website and show the visa upon entry. The new system allows residents of permitted countries to apply for an online tourist visa which will grant e-visas for up to 90 days in Japan.
    Flight time: 9 hours and 34 minutes
    For the latest visa requirements visit here.

    For a quick idyllic getaway, a tourist visa is granted to all nationalities visiting the country. A few requirements such as a pre-paid hotel or accommodation booking, sufficient funds to last during the stay, confirmed tickets to return to their home country or country of residence and a traveller declaration form which must be filled in and submitted by all passengers going to and from the Maldives within 96 hours of travel. A visa for a maximum time period of 30 days will be granted on arrival for tourists. With an archipelago of islands to visit, travellers can experience nature at its finest.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 15 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With Seychelles being a visa-free country, Indian citizens will not require a visa on arrival or an e-visa to enter the country for a short stay. This scenic escape ensures a seamless travel experience, however, a valid passport will be required to gain entry into the country. However, certain documents such as a valid return ticket, confirmed accommodation and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay amounting to $150 (Dhs550) per day are required in case asked for.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 35 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Most nationalities can receive a visa on arrival for a small price depending on the tenure of the visit. A 15-day visa costs Dhs110, a 30-day visa costs Dhs183 or a 90-day permit for Dhs460 and can be decided accordingly upon arrival. All Indian passport holders do not require any visa and can visit hassle-free.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 20 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    For passports with a valid Schengen, UK or US visa, a visa-free entry is granted upon arrival. For those who do not have the mentioned visas, five documents will be required including travel booking details, proof of vaccine, the original passport and proof of funds to substantiate enough money for the stay and to leave.
    Flight time: 5 hours & 55 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With the perfect blend of culture, nature, culinary delights and design mastery, this haven should be on your list of destinations to travel to. Bali is now open for tourists after the pandemic, as this irresistible country offers a visit visa on arrival for a period of 30 days, which can be easily extended for another 30 days at any visa office in the country. Upon arrival in Indonesia, there is a checkpoint available for visa on arrival which is priced at $35 (Dhs128).
    Flight time: 8 hours & 27 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Known for its expansive beaches, lagoons and reefs, this country is most definitely a must-visit for all. For those who love nature, there’s a wide range of forests, waterfalls and hiking trails to experience the outdoors. The maximum duration of stay is three months and it is free for UAE citizens. Upon arrival, passengers need to visit the immigration counter and show the original passport to obtain an entry stamp.
    Flight time: 6 hours & 35 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.
    Sri Lanka

    All UAE residents can receive an e-visa which can be obtained from the comfort of their homes. A visa can be applied for online prior to visiting with the ETA, initially limited to 30 days. All applicants require a mandatory passport to be valid for six months from the date of arrival. It is important to check the list of countries eligible for Sri Lanka ETA before applying.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 30 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    UAE residents will need to apply for a Thailand Pass, it takes up to 1 to 2 hours. After submitting the required documents, passengers will receive a QR entry code and a Thailand Pass ID needed for entry. With the UAE included in the Visa Exemption Scheme, you can stay up to a period of 30 days.
    Flight time: 6 hours and 20 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.
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    Have a layover in Dubai? Here’s an editor-approved guide to plan ahead

    Lifeby Sarah Joseph1 hour ago If you’ve ever got 24 hours or less in Dubai and need to know where to visit, you’re in the right place. A layover in Dubai, calls for a detailed itinerary of activities to make the most of your time here.If you love the finer things in life, there are a plethora of fine-dining options with caviar, gold-flaked ice-cream, and the most exquisite bubbles. As Dubai’s dining scene, continues to make a mark globally for its food, innovation and luxury, attracting food lovers from around the globe, international restaurants such as Roka, Zuma and Dinner by Heston Blumenthal at the emirate’s most talked about resort, Atlantis the Royal are all a must-visit during your time in the emirate. Hence, definitely make sure to swipe through our guide of the city’s very best, cementing its status as a top destination for culinary travel.For a calmer day, the plethora of minimal coffee shops around the city offer the finest Iced-lattes, carrot cakes and aesthetic interiors, for the perfect midday break. Whether you’re a matcha fan or simply want to indulge in the finest desserts, this part of the world has it all.For everything bigger and better, Dubai is home to a variety of luxurious spas, that offer a myriad of services to relax and unwind after spending countless hours on the plane. Be it a foot reflexology spa or an Ayurvedic massage, you’re sure to feel relaxed in the emirate before you hope onto the next flight.So, depending on the length of your layover there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time in this vibrant city.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @tialineker More

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    The Wanderlust: Cala di Volpe

    Hotel Cala di Volpe surrounded by the unsurpassed waters of Costa Smeralda is an eclectic coastal oasis of old-world chic.THE STAYHotel Cala di Volpe is where the James Bond film ‘A Spy Who Loved Me’ was filmed in 1977. A haven of thoughtful comforts and exquisite local design, each of the 121 guest rooms celebrate the region’s natural landscape and distinctive Sardinian artistry. Simple white-washed walls are decorated with whimsical trompe l’oeil paintings, unique to each room. Accents of soft pastel colours echo the landscape’s spring and summer palette. Handcrafted furniture is painted to match each room’s singular theme, complemented further by vibrant ceramic tile work on the floors and in the bathrooms.The Harrods Suites are superbly modern and refined yet rooted in local traditions and materials – by far the most magnificent in Costa Smeralda.THE DININGWith exceptional restaurants and bars situated in beautiful spots across the hotel, gourmands can expect a bounty of cosmopolitan dining options, from exceptional Japanese Nobu-style cuisine of Matsuhisa to Beefbar’s intriguing creations. While sumptuous Sardinian and Mediterranean buffets await at Cala di Volpe Barbeque, award-winning Le Grand invites guests to indulge in fine dining experiences, engulfed in the restaurant’s timeless allure. The culinary journey extends with a delightful array of choices: from an aperitif with a ravishing view on the extensive terrace of The Atrium to international classics and the traditional flavours of Sardinian cuisine at the panoramic Ai Due Mari, situated at the nearby Pevero Golf Club, just to name a few for a true feast for the senses.THE WELLNESSNourish your body and soul at the award-winning Shiseido Spa. Shiseido’s approach takes a holistic perspective, offering treatments and products blending scents and textures, as well as traditions and philosophies from Eastern and Western science and technology. A range of signature treatments including unique Spa Journeys, featuring the use of Kuroho, an exquisite fragrance treasured by Japanese aristocracy in the 9th century, provides soothing effects thanks to its traditional bouquet reflecting the idea of Japanese richness.THE HERO EXPERIENCEFrom a helicopter tour to a boat excursion, dive into Sardinian heritage and discover La Maddalena Archipelago Natural Park or uncover the hidden coves of marine grottoes. Alternatively, undertake a shopping session at the designer boutiques in the artists village of San Pantaleo, or go for guided tours in the hinterland to discover local gastronomic cuisine, or a visit to the famous Nuragic complexes and prominent archaeological sites.WHAT TO PACK– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramMay’s – The Creativity Issue with Tiffany & Co. – Download NowImages: Supplied  More

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    12 editor-approved podcasts for the ultimate audio fix

    Lifeby Sarah Joseph1 hour ago VIEW GALLERY/ 12 IMAGESFor some much-needed escapism, podcasts are an ideal way to unwind.With an ocean of stories, interviews, in-depth discussions and trusted voices, they’ve become an interesting source of information that caters to a wide variety of audiences.From honest fashion reviews to female empowerment discussions, the topics are endless in each of these podcasts and can get you addicted in no time.To listen, you simply access the podcast through any of the streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple, Amazon and other smaller platforms, making it a click away.So whether a morning commute or a long-haul flight, you’re sure to be entertained with vital information through any of these information-fuelled podcasts. Overall, podcasts are a fantastic way to learn, be entertained, or just dive into topics you’re passionate about. Whether you’re into true crime, comedy, history, science, or even niche interests like knitting or board games, there’s probably a podcast out there for you.Fashion, being a visual medium with a relatively niche audience, may not appear to be the most conducive subject matter for a podcast. But in an era of intuitive podcasts, where there seems to be a show for everything, style has no shortage of audio content.From Dior Talks to The goop Podcast hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow, there’s no dearth of information around us with a click of a button to listen, learn and educate ourselves during any long-haul flight or even our daily commute.With the proliferation of podcasts, finding one to effortlessly incorporate into your daily routine can be quite the task and hence, Emirates Woman is here to help.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @tialineker More

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    How I got my job as… founder of Perowne international


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    This week, we speak to the Founder and CEO of Perowne International, Jules Perowne.
    Welcome to the Emirates Woman weekly series ‘How I got my job as…’ where we speak to some incredible wellness, fashion and beauty entrepreneurs and businesswomen both based in the UAE and globally to find out about their career paths that led them to where they are now; what their daily routines look like; the advice they’d give to those starting out; and the hurdles they’ve had to overcome.
    Based in London and New York, Perowne International collaborates with their world leading clients to create bespoke campaigns to meet their business specific needs through our experts in international media relations, sales, marketing, social media, digital marketing and consultancy.
    Exceptional luxury brands deserve exceptional consultancy. With years of experience in the complex international luxury hotels and travel arena, Perowne International has made its mark in the industry.
    To delve into her journey as an entrepreneur, Emirates Woman spoke to her to see how she launched a successful agency.
    What was your favourite subject at school?
    History. I absolutely love the subject. I had an incredibly inspiring teacher when I was at school and it’s begun a lasting love for anything to do with the subject. It’s also invaluable to my job – because I can see a destination with a wider perspective; Understanding the background, culture, stories of the people and their political background.
    What was your first job?
    My first role was in PR. Unfortunately, I spent several months post-university interviewing for the Secret intelligence Service but didn’t get chosen. Then I fell into hospitality PR rather by mistake and instantly realised it was the place for me with the opportunity to travel and really get under the skin of a destination.

    What inspired you to launch Perowne International?
    I felt there was a gap in the market for a future-focused agency that did something different to the traditional PR companies out there. Everything seemed so stale and slow, and I wanted to do things differently; to rip up the rule book and forge a new path for hospitality communications and marketing.
    What are the key elements of your role?
    As CEO of Perowne International and its sister company, Navigator – a digital marketing and content business – my job is to be strategic, to be honest, to be creative and help my team deliver what I call ‘the magical 20 percent’ that helps our clients really stand out in the market. I love encouraging clients to be very individual, to think outside the box, and dare to be different. Oh, and to have fun.
    Talk us through your daily routine.
    I wish I had a set routine but alas, with my travel schedule, it’s very difficult to predict! When in London, I get up at 6am, do an hour of work, before waking my 3-year-old son, Freddie. I then spend a magical 45 minutes with him before heading to the office at 8am. Then, it’s a day of meetings – internal and external – usually a lunch or drinks meeting and team catch-ups. Some days I pack in 6 or 7 meetings in one place to catch up with lots of people one after another. Then I try and get home to do my son’s bath and bedtime before heading out to an event. Last year I did nearly 80 flights so you can imagine, I’m rarely sticking to this schedule! I’m on at least one long haul trip per month and every 8 weeks or so, I head to NYC to our office there to spend time with the team. I have a very strict travel routine especially when it comes to food and beauty routine. I always pre-order a healthy meal, never eat sugar onboard, immediately change as soon as I get on a long-haul flight so that I feel fresh on arrival and take out my contact lenses.
    What are some of the services you provide to your clients?
    Strategic consultancy to help our clients become the best they can be. That’s critically important. Communications – beyond the realm of traditional PR – this is about communicating with a range of different stakeholders, not just media. Connecting people – a vital part of our business. Word of mouth is such an important medium and I love creating a buzz about a place through brilliant influential glamorous people. Sales – we have a B2B sales team who are out in the market networking with travel agents, concierges, high-net-worth and family offices. They are sensational networkers.
    What advice do you have for anyone looking to follow in the same footsteps?
    Do as much work experience as you possibly can. Fill your CV with a range of jobs that ensure you know what you want to do. Our industry looks very appealing from the outside, but it’s not as glamorous as it seems, and work experience is essential. Also, reading. Knowledge is king. There is so much incredible travel content out there – my advice is to pick 10 to 15 brilliant travel journalists and read everything they say. Mark Ellwood, Mary Holland, Annie Fitzsimmons, Sophy Roberts, Ruaridh Nicoll, Sarah Turner, Susan d’Arcy, Jacqui Gifford and more.
    What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
    Seize any opportunity; go to as many events as possible, and always be open to meeting people. It will always lead to something valuable even if years in the future. I’ve met future clients in airports, on planes, at events, on safari, and beyond.
    And what is the worst?
    It’s not advice, but it’s certainly the worst decision I made. Going into business with a very difficult business partner. I knew from the start that it was the wrong decision, and I should have trusted my gut. Eventually I managed to get out of it, but it was a tough process. It ultimately made me stronger and more focused though.

    What has been the biggest challenge you had to overcome?
    Starting a business as a young woman. I was 30 when I started my own company. It was tough to be taken seriously at the start and I often used to pretend that I was older than I am. And, of course, the Pandemic. Which rocked the travel industry to its core. I had just decided to open an office in the US when Covid struck, and we lost a huge amount of money at the start. So, it was a double hit. But we got through it, we kept our team together and strong, and we came out of the pandemic stronger than ever.
    What are your goals for the future?
    We are aiming to expand Perowne further internationally with offices in other key markets such as Latin America and Australia. We may look too at the Middle East. We currently have offices in the UK, New York, and Milan. Also, a little more time to look after myself and spend more time with my son. I want to start to ride again and spend more time at my house in the countryside which grounds me and keeps me sane with all the travel!
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    The ultra-luxe guide on where to stay in the Maldives

    Lifeby Sarah Joseph2 hours ago Thinking of taking a break from the city life, then Maldives is the best option to resort too.If you find solitude amid nature, Maldives is now shifting from a romantic vacation destination. It is now a country to visit with friends, families or even go solo for a much-needed break.Located just 5 hours from Dubai, this easy-to-access destination also promises a visa-free experience for UAE residents. A few requirements such as a pre-paid hotel or accommodation booking, sufficient funds to last during the stay. Also, confirmed tickets to return to their home country or country of residence and a traveller declaration form which must be filled in and submitted by all passengers going to and from the Maldives within 96 hours of travel. A visa for a maximum time period of 30 days will be granted on arrival for tourists. With an archipelago of islands to visit, travellers can experience nature at its finest.Surrounded by clear blue waters and pristine white sand beaches, guests can enjoy snorkeling among vibrant coral reefs and marine life.Each resort offers an unparalleled luxury and personalised service, making them ideal destinations for those seeking an indulgent retreat. With sky high calibre, these world class hotels are spread out on their own private islands. They also include state-of-the-art spas and multiple restaurants amongst lush jungles, pristine beaches and house reefs.By taking it a step further, these resorts even have their own conservation projects and coral programmes. Guests can plant their own coral reefs in the ocean and even monitor their growth over time. Some resorts have also adopted a plastic-free approach to ensuring sustainability reigns supreme.So for your next visit to the Maldives, swipe through our editor-approved guide of resorts to unwind at for the ultimate tranquil escape.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @wendyswan More

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    8 Emirates flight attendants who have built a social media fan base

    Lifeby Sarah Joseph2 hours ago Ever wondered what the life of an Emirates cabin crew member is like? These Emirates flight attendants show us with their massive fan base.Well, several individuals are lifting the veil of what goes on behind the scenes and, in turn, have built huge social media followings.Many of them share their on-duty makeup routines, tips for the recruitment process to become an Emirates flight attendant and daily life vlogs of what their shift work and travelling to different places are like.So, if you’re keen to go behind the veil of the lives of Emirates cabin crew members, here’s some of the content creators who have amassed huge fan bases on social media.Kelsey JohnsonUnder the handle of ‘Lipstick and Luggage’, this Canadian has garnered a huge social media following. Johnson recently announced her return to the skies with Emirates and said she was looking forward to “soaring to new heights”.Follow her on Instagram @lipstickandluggage. JoanaJoana joined Emirates as a flight attendant over six years and has now visited over 70 countries and 143 cities all the while building an impressive following of over 90,000 people.Follow her on Instagram @joana.ek.Yanushya SheludkoHailing from Ukraine, Sheludko has flown with Emirates for over six years and recently even admitted, “I love my job so much, that I could marry it”.Follow her on Instagram @little_sky_miss.Maria SoldatovaFrom Austria to France, Soldatova is known for her travel videos. Throughout her 11 years of flying, she garnered over 6.8 million views on YouTube. Earlier this year she decided to take a step back from flying, instead channelling her creativity into her new jewellery brand Zoldi Jewels, inspired by travel motifs such as aeroplanes and maps.Follow her on Instagram @skyflygirl.Viktoria ZadoenchukHaving recently joined as cabin crew, Zadoenchuk has already seen the world in the span of a few months, while balancing her passion for art.Follow her on Instagram @victoria_zadoenchukJulia LaísFrom Mykonos to the Maldives, Lais shares a plethora of tips from her trips around the world, including fitness and fashion. On the side, she is also an interior designer and always manages to balance her passion for design and travel.Follow her on Instagram @lais__julia.Danielle MurnaneHaving visited over 77 countries, Murnane has converted her passion for wanderlust into a full-time job. With her love for baking, Murnane also has a platform, Bake Me Crazy, where she shares all her recipes for making a delectable array of desserts.Follow her on Instagram @danimurnani.LilyBy starting a full-time lifestyle page, Lily is known for experiential visits around the globe. She has travelled to over 66 cities and 43 countries worldwide.Follow her on Instagram @lily791.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Supplied & Feature image: Instagram More