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    The 9 Best Wellness Getaways for Anyone Looking to Reset and Renew

    We’re big proponents of integrating wellness into our daily routines, and many of our favorite at-home self-care practices are completely free. But sometimes we crave more of a refresh than gratitude lists or a legs-up-the-wall pose can give us. Whether you’re thinking ahead to summer travel or craving an escape from winter weather, a well-planned wellness getaway will help you slip into relaxation mode.
    Let’s be honest, some vacations leave us feeling even more tired and rundown than when we left. These wellness-focused destinations, on the other hand, make it easy for you to fully unwind, so you can come back refreshed and renewed. Think: an indulgent all-inclusive resort à la Costa Rica or Palm Springs, or a true wellness playground like Los Angeles or Scottsdale. Searching for a bit of culture? We’ve got options on that front, too. Keep scrolling to find the best wellness getaways, with destinations for every type of traveler. All that’s left to do is grab your bestie (or fly solo!) and choose your destination.

    Los Angeles, California

    A mecca for all things health and wellness, Los Angeles offers so much more than just great weather. Sure, eternal sunshine is a *major* selling point, but LA is also a standout destination for wellness enthusiasts. Spend your mornings hiking the Griffith Park Trails, or pass your favorite TikTokers on a hot girl walk up Runyon Canyon. Or if nature isn’t your thing, hit up a boutique fitness studio like Bünda in West Hollywood or Body By Simone in Brentwood.
    Healthy eating can be challenging while you’re on vacation—but, trust us, you won’t have that issue in LA. Take a stroll through one of the many farmer’s markets in Santa Monica, Brentwood, or Beverly Hills, or grab your favorite healthy snacks at the famed natural food store Erewhon. In terms of healthy restaurants, you’ll have your pick in all types of cuisines. Spend your days on the beach and your nights winding down at a luxe hotel or over dinner at Café Gratitude or the Butcher’s Daughter.
    Where to stay: Santa Monica Proper (from $549 a night), Hotel Figueroa (from $200)

    Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Calling all culture lovers: Santa Fe is the getaway you’ve been searching for. The architecture in itself will make you think you’ve entered another time period, and the laid-back lifestyle is a welcome break from reality (especially for us city-dwellers). What I didn’t realize before visiting was how much culture Santa Fe has. It’s actually the oldest capital city in the United States and has one of the largest art markets. There are over 250 art galleries to visit, plus a number of art festivals, markets, and museums. If indulging in art, culture, and authentic food is your idea of self-care (same), you’ll be right at home in Santa Fe. Pro tip: order your New Mexican food “Christmas style,” which comes with a combination of red and green chile sauce.
    And Santa Fe is not without its relaxing indulgences either. The Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado welcomes families, couples, and solo travelers seeking a desert retreat. During your stay, you’ll be immersed in the desert scenery, with access to luxe spa treatments, adventure excursions, and ski trails.
    Where to stay: Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado Santa Fe (from $650 a night), La Fonda on The Plaza (from $174)

    Austin, Texas

    OK, we know Austin is known for its breakfast tacos and live music—which, by the way, we love—but this rapidly growing city has really upped its wellness game in recent years. You’ll find all sorts of boutique fitness studios in Austin, with plenty of healthy restaurants and spas to choose from, too. Plus, it’s got tons of great hiking trails and camping destinations. Truly, Austin checks the boxes for any type of traveler.
    For a more relaxing trip than you might expect from Austin, skip the late nights out and embrace all the wellness-boosting amenities this city has to offer. Nature lovers should grab a smoothie from Juiceland or Sunlife Organics before heading over to Lady Bird Lake, where you’ll find Austin’s most active and outdoorsy residents. Café No Sé and Bouldin Creek Cafe are great options for a sort-of-healthy meal.
    We highly recommend booking a stay at Miraval, where you’ll be encouraged to fully unplug. The expansive resort offers jaw-dropping scenery and an approachable take on wellness, complete with meditations, sound baths, and a full spa, pool, and fitness studio.
    Where to stay: Miraval (from $769 a night), Hotel San José (from $239)

    Palm Springs, California

    Solo travelers and wellness buddies alike will love Palm Springs for its tranquil desert scenery and laid-back energy. If relaxation is what you’re after, look no further. The desert offers plenty of resorts and spas to choose from, but We Care stands out among the rest as a true destination for restoration and self-care. The all-inclusive boutique spa designs personalized wellness experiences for each guest, with access to a stunning 20-acre space in the middle of the desert. You’ll find everything you need to achieve true rejuvenation: spa treatments, a fresh juice bar, a heated pool, and gorgeous rooms with custom circadian light fixtures to help reset your internal clock. Each day, start your morning with a guided breathwork session, then choose from experiences like reiki, crystal sound baths, and more.
    Where to stay: We Care Spa (from $1,830 for two nights), Korakia Pensione (from $246 a night)

    Sedona, Arizona

    I’ve truly never felt more relaxed than I did after a few days in Sedona—and I didn’t even get a massage while I was there! What I did do, though, was visit the city’s four main energy vortexes. A vortex is an area of concentrated electromagnetic energy, which can typically be identified by twisted tree trunks or branches and swirling land formations. Spiritually, these places are thought to be incredibly balancing and healing. You may think of places such as Machu Picchu or the Great Pyramid, but you don’t need to travel that far to feel this magic. Home to some of the most powerful vortexes, Sedona brings a healing energy you simply have to experience to understand. Even “woo-woo” skeptics can feel how vibrant and alive the land is. Personally, I’ve been on a manifestation spree since my visit to this beautiful red-rock wonderland.
    Sedona is a spiritual playground, with crystal shops, psychic readings, aura photographs, and reiki healing available on nearly every corner. If you’re looking to be pampered, the Enchantment Resort nestled in Boynton Canyon offers massages, facials, and mindfulness experiences (and the most incredible views) to reset your body and your mind after days spent hiking or biking.
    Where to stay: Enchantment Resort (from $560 a night), The Wilde (from $280), Green Tree Inn (from $110)

    Atenas, Costa Rica

    You can’t talk about wellness getaways and *not* mention Costa Rica, a hotbed for restoration and relaxation. There’s no better place to nourish your body and mind—whether you head to a resort and don’t leave the grounds until check-out, or choose to stay at more of a no-frills hotel and spend your days learning to surf and hanging with the locals. The lush scenery alone will leave you feeling instantly grounded.
    For a true escape from your day-to-day, consider a couple of nights at The Retreat, a boutique luxury resort offering a transformative wellness experience. Situated on a hilltop in Atenas, you’ll overlook the Pacific Ocean as you meditate on the deck, dip in the pool, or enjoy a chef-curated daily menu of healthy, nourishing recipes. There are a number of wellness packages to choose from, which include anti-inflammatory meals, cooking classes, spa services, and more. The experience will leave you feeling completely renewed.
    Where to stay: The Retreat (from $460 a night)

    Ojai Valley, California

    We promise, just *one* more California rec. The West Coast is bursting with options for wellness getaways, but Ojai is not to be missed. This quiet town—just over an hour from Los Angeles—is the perfect slow-paced destination to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a bigger city. It may not be the cheapest option, but there’s a reason wellness enthusiasts flock here. The extreme beauty of this place will leave you feeling instantly lighter. The city is only about four square miles, but it lives large with gorgeous views of the Topatopa Mountains and a walkable village full of restaurants and shops.
    Whether you plan to visit a relaxing spa, like Spa Ojai at the Ojai Valley Inn, or simply want to explore a new place, the small-town charm is welcoming to all. Browse through the locally owned markets, galleries, and stores, such as Bart’s Books or the Porch Gallery. Spiritual junkies will want to visit one of the seven energy vortexes, and wine lovers should add Topa Mountain Winery and Ojai Vineyard to their list. Most importantly: Don’t miss the famed “Pink Moment” at dusk, when the whole sky lights up a soft pink.
    Where to stay: Ojai Valley Inn (from $560 a night), Ojai Retreat Inn (from $110)

    Hudson Valley, New York

    It wasn’t until I started traveling extensively that I fully realized how lucky I am to have grown up in the Hudson Valley. It’s hard not to feel relaxed when surrounded by mountainous scenery, small-town energy, and a sense of quiet I only appreciated after years of living in New York City. The Hudson Valley has always had a lot to offer fitness lovers, with plenty of hiking trails, rock climbing, and lakes and rivers for water sports, but recent years have brought even more wellness experiences to the area. In towns like Beacon, New Paltz, and Gardiner, you’ll find local restaurants, shops, and farms with activities for the whole family.
    Gardiner is home to Wildflower Farms, part of Auberge Resorts, where you can reconnect with yourself while surrounded by meadows of flowers and wild woodlands. Enjoy farm-to-table meals, rustic-chic cabins and cottages, and a slew of events and excursions.
    Where to stay: Wildflower Farms (from $600 a night)

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    Another tranquil desert destination, Scottsdale puts wellness at the forefront, with your pick of spas and hotels, as well as the most awe-inducing scenery. Truly, I wanted to move there when I first visited. Not only is the temperature enjoyable year-round, but the city offers plenty of hiking trails, fitness classes, and wellness studios.
    CIVANA is an excellent choice for every type of traveler, especially those looking to prioritize their wellness. You can book a regular stay or opt for an inclusive package. The resort tailors your stay with personalized wellness experiences set against gorgeous desert backdrops. Get your heart pumping with a cardio strength class, stay balanced with daily intention-setting ceremonies, or embark on a kayaking excursion. Its spa offers massage therapies, well-being treatments, facials, and more.
    Where to stay: CIVANA (from $287 a night)

    I’m a Wellness Editor and These Are the 5 Things I Always Pack in My Carry-On More

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    How I got my job as…General Manager of One&Only, The Palm

    Welcome to the Emirates Woman weekly series ‘How I got my job as…’ where we speak to some incredible entrepreneurs and businesswomen both based in the UAE and globally to find out about their career paths that led them to where they are now; what their daily routines look like; the advice they’d give to those starting out; and the hurdles they’ve had to overcome.
    This week we chat with Emanuela Setterberg, General Manager of One&Only, The Palm. Emanuela joined One&Only The Palm resort from One&Only Resorts’ Global Dubai Office, where she was Vice President of Operations for nearly six years. She drove success across numerous metrics, including quality, brand service standards, and new openings. Before this role, Emanuela was General Manager of Hotel Bel-Air, Dorchester Collection in California, Managing Director of Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany, Italy, and part of the opening team for Bulgari Hotels & Resorts in Milan, Italy.
    Emirates Woman sat down with Emanuela to learn about her career path and how she leads The One&Only, The Palm to success as a leading resort in Dubai.
    What was your favourite job at school?
    I had a few favourites. I liked going to school and learning and especially loved languages, science, philosophy, sports, and arts the most.
    What was your first job?
    What inspired you to go into hospitality?
    My first life change/move was when I was eight years old. I moved to Sweden from Italy. Usually, kids prefer to avoid moving countries due to the significant changes this entails. On the other hand, I was so excited and was looking forward to making new friends, discovering new lands, new schools, etc. After Sweden, we moved to Barcelona when I was 16, and again, though I was sad to leave my friends, I was excited to discover a new place. In addition, my family and I enjoyed travelling together and visiting incredible restaurants in beautiful hotels. At the same time, I have always been fascinated by human behaviours and the story behind each of us. All of that combined, and the 5 languages I had learned by then, created an exceptional interest. When it was time for me to choose my higher education, I realized I wanted to continue to discover the world, learn new ways, see the beauty of the different parts of the world, meet new people and learn their stories. I also realized that creating joy for friends, family, and strangers gave me a fantastic feeling. Therefore, I decided to build my career in luxury hospitality.
    What eventually bought you to Dubai?
    One&Only brought me to Dubai. One day I received a call from an ex-colleague, who was working at Kerzner then, who told me they were looking for someone who matched my profile perfectly. I have always admired the brand from afar, so working with such an important and beautiful brand was a dream. The cherry on top was the role was based in Dubai, which had been on my mind for some time, even before One&Only called. Needless to say, I accepted straight away. Six years later, I am still here.
    How did you come to work for such an incredible brand like Kerzner and The One&Only?
    Same answer as above
    What are the key elements of your role?
    Being a General Manager of one of the most beautiful properties in the world is genuinely thrilling. The position, and the career experiences one makes to become a General Manager of a Resort or Hotel, is incredibly varied. You go from discussing technical issues with a boiler, to a tasting of a new dish, to the development of the asset, to the profitability of a certain department or the hotel. You become quite knowledgeable in many fields of business. Therefore, it is essential to surround yourself with strong experts who are like-minded, passionate, creative, and trustworthy. In a hotel, you must create a strong team with strong leaders who can, in turn, teach, coach, and develop their teams, and all can represent the brand appropriately. As service is the product we sell and is made “a-la-minute” for each individual, everyone plays a crucial part in the guest journey and their perception of the complete experience. Hence, the key elements are leadership (not management), creativity, empathy, quick problem resolution, coaching, planning, and truly caring for your colleagues’ and guests’ wellbeing.
    Talk us through your daily routine?
    I arrive, say hello to everyone, and head to my office to review the daily numbers from the day before and if there have been any glitches in the night. Then I go to the restaurant and walk around tables and guests at breakfast to ensure our guests are having a good stay and if they need anything or have any feedback for us to improve. Then we have the morning meeting with each department’s representatives with different updates. After that, besides already set meetings, it depends on the day. I might need to give my attention to a particular department or another. In the meantime, I walk around the property to check that the resort is in order. When all of that is done, which usually takes me to around 6 pm, I go back to my office and do admin work until I notice the time, usually late, and I rush home to my daughter and my husband, who wait for me for dinner, unless we have any special events at night.
    What advice do you have for anyone looking to follow in your footsteps?
    I speak from a woman’s point of view, which makes a big difference. Hospitality is a truly international business requiring very long hours and works when the majority is on holiday. To grow, you need to be able to move around the world and be very open-minded, flexible, and adaptable. Hence, if you want to balance work and family life, it is not easy. Nevertheless, moving around the world, and learning different languages, cultures, etc., allow you to grow exponentially as a person and professional. The world becomes small, and change becomes part of your personality, giving you that drive and focus that make you stronger in any situation, personal or otherwise.
    What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
    From a business perspective, the best advice on which I have based my focus is from my father long ago, when I was just starting work after university. He told me, “always remember that the best leader is the one who outgrows his need”. This advice says everything. It takes care of being organized, creating proper structure and consistency, developing and coaching your staff, empowering, leading by example, etc.
    And the worst?
    I can’t recall anything so bad that it burned into my memory. I’ve had many less inspiring leaders in my life, but I learned from them as well.
    What are your goals for 2023? First to stay healthy and restart my fitness routine, which I paused due to the high season. Second, to continue driving excellence and, hopefully, make a difference in my guests’ and colleagues’ lives. Creating Joy.
    For more information visit: One&
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied  More

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    The best detox escapes to book for an internal reset


    by Amy Sessions
    2 hours ago

    Looking for a rejuvenating wellness escape? We’re here to help.
    Find the perfect high-end hideaway with our list of the best luxury resorts around the globe.
    Amansara Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Once a residence for guests of King Sihanouk, Amansara is a masterpiece of 1960s New Khmer architecture just ten minutes from the entrance to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat UNESCO World Heritage Site. Set in spiritual Siem Reap, Amansara’s manicured gardens, a tranquil spa, a curvilinear pool and a canopy of mature trees add to the tangible tranquillity that inspired its name – ‘heavenly peace’.
    The Experience
    Learn the art of relaxation and how to experience the present moment in all its fullness, beauty and simplicity during this four- night immersion in Khmer and Buddhist culture.
    For more information visit
    Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden, Germany

    Set in a valley in the Black Forest Mountains overlooking the tree-lined Lichtentaler Allée, Brenners Park Hotel & Spa has well over a century of experience when it comes to wellness. Think old-world charm and great service combined with the latest in cutting-edge tech throughout the in-house medical spa.
    The Experience
    Take advantage of the hotel’s medical approach to preventative health care and get a full MOT to set you on the right track to start the new year with a strategy to optimize your health.
    For more information visit
    Mandarin Oriental Marrakech, Morocco

    With the Atlas Mountains as a backdrop, Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech lies nestled in 20 hectares of olive groves and landscaped gardens. Ten minutes from the city’s famous Medina, this elegant, contemporary resort feels a world away in terms of serenity, making it the perfect backdrop to calm the mind and focus on the body.
    The Experience
    If you haven’t experienced a Hamman before, let the team overhaul your body using traditional techniques to leave you feeling refreshed, renewed and lighter.
    For more information visit
    The Hero Buys

    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
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    9 experiences to try in the UAE before the scorching summer arrives


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    As we still enjoy the bliss of the UAE winter, there’s a list of must-do activities to try out ASAP.
    Whether a relaxing dinner outdoors or you simply wish to take a hike with your friends, there are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy in the next few months before the weather is too hot to handle.
    Dinner in the sky

    Regarded as one of the most unique experiences in Dubai, guests can enjoy the dinner in the sky experience which is suspended by a crane 50 metres high in the sky. With live cooking stations and an opportunity to meet more people, everyone can surely have an unforgettable experience, whether it’s for birthdays, proposals or anniversaries. Dine like never before at this bucket list-worthy activity, when one can celebrate with friends and family. Located in Sky Dive Dubai, this one-of-a-kind experience is surely not one to miss out on.
    For more information visit
    Visit the UAE’s highest restaurant

    If you’re all about the views, we have the perfect spot for you. 1484 by Puro is situated in Ras Al Khaimah and overlooks the highest peak in the UAE. To take your culinary experience to new heights, this Insta-worthy restaurant is positioned 1,484 metres above sea level. The interior is clean and modern and there is also a terrace to take advantage of during the cooler months. Whether you’re hiking, cycling, daring the zip line, or opting for a relaxing yoga class dining at this haven sounds like a good treat at Jebal Jais.
    For more information visit
    Have an unforgettable horse riding experience

    From a spacious paddock to qualified instructors, the UAE is well-known for this exhilarating sport which is available all year round for you to enjoy. From state-of-the-art polo and equestrian communities to professional instructors to help fine-tune your skills, each stable is situated in a family-friendly oasis to train beginners and offer a tranquil desert escape. As here at Emirates Woman we are quite the fans of horse-riding, here’s a curated list of stables with fully equipped facilities for you to embrace throughout the year.
    Experience dinner by the Pier

    Sit at the twinkly-lit floating bar and admire the Insta-worthy views of Burj Al Arab Jumeirah at Onda by Pierchic. Guests can sip on classic cocktails and dine on a show-stopping menu inclusive of caviar and oysters while enjoying the ambient live beats with background music from Monday to Friday and a live DJ from Saturday to Sunday. This stunning open-air terrace is a must-visit this winter season. The daily aperitivo takes place from 4pm until 8pm at this refined venue situated at Jumeirah Al Qasr.
    For more information visit
    Take a hike on these secluded trails

    Trekking in the UAE is the perfect pastime to unwind and switch off your mind. From Shawka Dam to Al Rabi, each trek boasts a thrilling adventure to experience with friends and family. Ensuring you make the most of it, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of all the must-visit spots in the UAE
    Enjoy a sunset session at Surf Club

    Regarded as the city’s unmissable relaxing spot, this place is ideal for any beach-club goers. From signature cocktails to a delicious range of delectable bites, guests can unwind during the week for the scenic sessions that bring an unparalleled view. With an array of bites such as crispy squid and grilled calamari, there’s an expansive range of dishes and drinks to try. Priced at Dhs199, it takes place every Monday to Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm and is located on West Beach, Palm Jumeirah.
    For more information visit
    Experience a relaxing dinner outdoors

    When it comes to alfresco dining, Siddharta Lounge by Buddha-Bar is the place to be. With refined sophistication at its helm, the restaurant features expert mixologists and a multitude of premium dishes with an unbeatable ambience. Emulating a fresh urban ambience with 360-degree views of Dubai Marina and The Palm Jumeriah while offering weekly entertainment to tantalise all the senses, this place is yet another outdoor destination that is a must-try.
    For more information visit
    Go kayaking at Hatta Dam

    Glide through the quiet waters of this unique tourist destination. Surrounded by mountains and tranquil waters, visitors can unwind in this relaxing haven, to get away from the bustling city life. This beautiful destination is home to one of the most popular sports in the UAE and it’s perfect for a day retreat and to be surrounded by nature. A single Kayak is priced for Dhs60 onwards and is available for an unlimited amount of time per day.
    For more information visit
    Unwind at an outdoor staycation

    If you want to immerse yourself completely in nature, this venue is the place to be. With a host of enticing activities, there’s plenty to do at this exciting venue. From yoga by the beach to create your own pottery, this much-loved staycation is the perfect place to unwind after a long week. Whether you wish to bask in the sun or simply relax outdoors for a bonfire evening, there’s are plenty of ways to isolate in style at this unique venue.
    For more information visit
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied & Feature image: Instagram @travelling.leni More

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    Find out where the UAE ranks in the latest 2023 passport index


    by Sarah Joseph
    19 mins ago

    With travel back on everyone’s mind, visiting visa-free destinations has become of utmost importance.
    Per Henley’s 2023 Passport Index, UAE passport holders can access 178 out of 228 countries either without a visa or visa on arrival.
    As a mirror of the country’s day-by-day advancements and awe-inspiring progress, the visa-free travel option with this passport promotes freedom of movement to many countries around the world without any added hassle. The index overall compares the visa-free access of 199 different passports to 227 travel destinations.
    According to the latest data released, it shows that the country has made remarkable progress since 2006 when it then ranked 62nd on the index. With its commendable leap, the UAE continues to remain the strongest in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
    At the bottom of the ranking is Afghanistan with 27 visa-free destinations, followed by Iraq with 29 destinations and Syria with a score of 30. The other countries on the list are Pakistan at 32 destinations, Yemen at 34, Somalia at 35, Nepal at 38 destinations and North Korea at 40 destinations.
    The most powerful passports in the world
    1. Japan2. Singapore and South Korea3. Germany and Spain4. Finland, Italy and Luxembourg5. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden6. France, Ireland, Portugal and the UK7. Belgium, Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the US8. Australia, Canada, Malta and Greece9. Hungary and Poland10. Lithuania and Slovakia11. Latvia and Slovenia12. Estonia13. Iceland14. Malaysia15. Liechtenstein and the UAE
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @visitdubai More

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    In pics: Sheikha Mahra shows us how to spend time outdoors this month


    by Sarah Joseph
    17 mins ago

    As the weather cools down, Her Highness Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum spends time to make the most of the winter season this month.
    Shared to her official Instagram page, the daughter of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, poses with her mother in a series of images seen on her feed.
    From taking selfies at one of Dubai’s most aesthetic spots, Miracle Garden and capturing the moment at Hatta, the duo is all smiles in every image shared for her fans.
    Sheikha Mahra is an admired philanthropist who is often seen celebrating the local talent of this region. Known for visiting several openings and attending new launches in the UAE, including the Icons exhibitions, Sheikha Mahra plays a pivotal role in uplifting women in the region including upcoming entrepreneurs, fashion designers and leading philanthropists.
    To take a break from her busy schedule, this royal is seen spending quality time by visiting several iconic spots around Dubai.
    Swipe through the gallery of new portraits shared on her feed.

    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Instagram @hhshmahra More

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    10 must have gadgets to own for the tech addict in all of us


    by Dan Robinson
    2 hours ago

    It’s the time of year when we’re all traveling to far-away destinations to visit family or friends so you might start thinking about updating your trusty I-phone or Laptop.
    Whether you’re heading to a winter escape or flying solo to a beach retreat, one thing for sure is we’re all reaching for our tech to help us get there. (You can switch it off and relax when you get there, we won’t tell anyone)
    To save you the legwork, Emirates Woman has created the ultimate tech-inspired gift guide to ensure you’re inspired this season.

    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied, Main image @Bellahadid instagram  More

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    Book your tickets for the ultimate cold escape this year


    by Amy Sessions
    2 hours ago

    Looking to travel and in need of inspiration on where to go? We’re here to help.
    The Retreat at Blue Lagoon

    This unique hotel immerses guests in nature embedded in the lava formations and turquoise geothermal pools of Iceland’s Blue Lagoon complex, which is situated within the UNESCO Global Geopark. The spa is stand-alone in its design aesthetic and boasts both indoor and outdoor baths and treatments that make use of the site’s mineral-rich geothermal waters and naturally occurring materials, including silica and algae.
    For more information visit
    The Reykjavik EDITION

    This sophisticated hotel brings the first 5-star modern luxury experience to one of the world’s most sustainable capitals. The hotel is the perfect jumping-off point for exploring the wonders of the region, with the renowned Blue Lagoon within driving distance and the Northern Lights visible in the city during the winter solstice. A trip to the spa is also not to be missed.
    For more information visit
    What to pack

    December’s – The Winter Escape Issue – Download Now
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied More