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    I’m Obsessed With Optimizing Health–These Are the Home Items I Swear By

    You probably already have a toolbox of products you swear by when you’re traveling, doing an at-home workout, or tending to self-care. My ride-or-die wellness essential is my emotional support water bottle because I frankly cannot leave the house without having a hydrating beverage within reach at all times. But what about the products we use in our homes? Although it’s easy to overlook the role our homes play in our health, creating a healthy living space is just as important as eating nutrient-dense foods or using non-toxic beauty products. 
    With so many wellness products on the market, it can be confusing to decipher what we actually need. After moving multiple times in my adult life, I’ve found a few things that I simply cannot live without when it comes to creating a healthy home. Read on for 10 wellness home essentials to add to your home ASAP.

    1. Air purifier
    Even if you don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, having an air purifier on hand at home is especially useful to reduce pollutants and allergens. Look for air purifiers that use a HEPA filter to be sure that it reduces extra small particles. If you have a larger space or a multi-level home, consider adding one on each floor or in each room. 

    2. Oil diffuser ​​
    If you’re looking for a way to add an inviting scent to your home without compromising your air quality (see: toxic candles), adding an oil diffuser could be just what you need. Diffusers disperse the scent of essential oils throughout your home, creating a long-lasting effect. Not to mention, you can mix and match different oils for a scent that is unique to and just right for your space.

    3. Water filter
    We know the benefits water provides for overall health, but tap water may contain harmful additives. To help remove lead, heavy metals, and pesticides from your household water, opt for a water filter. While there are under-the-sink systems, you can also buy a water filter dispenser or a filter that attaches to the faucet. 

    4. Standing desk
    This one is for all the WFH girlies. We’ve all been told about the effects sitting can have on our bodies. Work on posture and get in more movement (bonus points for an under-the-desk treadmill) by adding a standing desk during your workday.

    5. Silk pillowcase 
    Quality sleep is essential for your health, so why not take beauty sleep to the next level with a new pillowcase? Pillowcases can harbor bacteria, dead skin cells, and oils, so selecting one that can keep all of the above at bay is a must. Enter: a silk pillowcase. Silk pillowcases are known for keeping skin healthy and vibrant, as well as preventing hair damage. They also stay cleaner longer between washes due to silk’s properties.

    6. House plants
    House plants don’t just provide pleasing aesthetics—they also act as natural purifiers. Research has shown that having houseplants can actually make you feel happier and reduce anxiety. Don’t have a green thumb? No problem. Plenty of low- maintenance plants can thrive with minimum attention (try a snake plant, staghorn fern, or peace lilies).

    7. Blender
    I personally consider a blender the kitchen staple of all kitchen staples. If you’re a big smoothie girlie, then you know that having a blender that can easily puree frozen fruit or veggies is a must. If smoothies aren’t your thing, a blender also makes the perfect tool for whipping up homemade soups, salsas, juices, and other nutrient-rich recipes. 

    8. Natural cleaning products
    Many cleaning products use ingredients (hi, chemicals) that can do more harm than good when it comes to our overall health. Luckily, there are plenty of non-toxic, sustainable cleaning products on the market today. Bonus: many brands make it easy to have them sent straight to your doorstep. Consider them your one-stop shop for switching to non-toxic cleaning products with the click of a button.

    9. Yoga mat
    You don’t have to regularly practice yoga to justify a yoga mat purchase. If at-home workouts—from Pilates to HIIT—are your jam, then a yoga mat is a necessity. Plus, it pulls double-duty as the perfect spot to practice meditation or stretch after a long day.

    10. Hypoallergenic towels
    This may be basic AF, but selecting a towel that prevents bacteria growth and odors and is allergy-friendly is important. It’s something you use daily after all. And what soak-in-the-tub self-care moment is complete without a fresh, clean towel? 

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    Margot Robbie Dropped Her Latest Wellness Routine in a New Interview

    It’s a Barbie world and we’re just living in it, or at least we can pretend to live out our childhood dreams thanks to Margot Robbie (who didn’t want to live in Barbie’s Dreamhouse?!). ICYMI, Robbie is bringing the iconic Mattel doll to life in the much-anticipated Barbie movie. As Barbie, she can fly down the stairs and walk on water, but behind the plastic-fantastic, jet-setting lifestyle, pink ‘fits, and glam, the actress keeps it real–albeit rigorous at times–with her IRL wellness routine. Keep reading for the lowdown on Margot Robbie’s workout and nutrition preferences. Hint: Her sweat sessions include Hot Skatin’ Barbie energy (think: neon rollerblades, leotard, bike shorts, visor, protective gear, and all). 
    Before we dive in, remember that a celebrity’s wellness routine is likely very different from any of ours; they have money and resources to make a healthy lifestyle feel easier, and pressures such as looking a certain way for a movie role. But celebrity or not, all of our wellness routines should look different because every body is different, and “healthy” means something different to everyone. Take anything that interests or inspires you from this A-List movie star’s wellness routine, and leave whatever doesn’t.

    Her Fitness Routine
    Barbie’s famous gams aren’t going to tone themselves—Robbie put in the (hard) work to transform into the life-size figurine, and the movie’s trailers and BTS pics are proof. Her workout MO? Rollerblading. That’s right, it’s not just on screen that Robbie takes to the streets in her skates. According to her interview with Vogue, she likes to lace up even i her real life (she “hates to break”–she’s that hardcore). ICYWW, she took up rollerskating after her ice-skating stint as Tonya Harding in I, Tonya. To prove my point, she even conducted her Vogue interview while rollerblading. Before you knock the nostalgic activity, consider this: Based on a study by the University of Massachusetts, rollerskating causes less than 50% of the impact shock to your joints than running does, making it a low-impact cardio workout you don’t want to sleep on.
    Aside from skating, Robbie doesn’t shy away from weights, namely intense leg and butt workouts (think: back squats, front squats, leg presses, and deadlifts). She further proves she’s a badass by finishing off her weight-lifting sessions with a jog, jumping rope, jump squats, and mountain climbers. Then, there are her upper body and core workouts that include military presses, push-ups, planks-to-push-ups, pull-ups, and chest presses. As demanding as her workout routine is, Robbie gives her body breaks by alternating between gym and lighter “activity” days such as Pilates, and ballet.  

    Robbie’s idea of balance carries into how she nourishes her body, making sure there’s room for all foods–including indulgences–in her diet. She admittedly “can’t just have a salad every day and half a glass of wine every second day.” To drive the point home, Robbie continued her conversation with Vogue between bites of avocado toast, grilled Halloumi cheese, and Australian-​​style bacon (extra crispy), and they hit up her favorite ice cream shop, Salt & Straw, post-rollerblading. If you can’t tell already, she has a sweet tooth and knows it’s OK to indulge it. “Chocolate, waffles, and fries are the main food groups that make up my diet,” she expressed to Emirates Woman.
    However, a typical day of eating when she’s preparing for a role might look like porridge and a green smoothie for breakfast, tuna steak and sweet potato for lunch, and lemon chicken and brown rice for dinner. In her everyday, Robbie has a major sweet tooth and knows foods you love are a part of a balanced diet, but she prioritizes protein-rich meals when prepping for roles like Barbe.

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    People Who Live the Longest Share This Trait

    We’ve been taught that a long and healthy life boils down to a simple formula: eat healthy and exercise. But the secret to longevity may not be as simple as what we eat and how much we move. According to a study in the book Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life, people who live the longest also have something called ikigai, which is more of a personality trait and mindset. I enlisted the help of mental health professionals to find out the meaning behind ikigai and how to live longer and healthier lives.

    In this article

    What is “Ikigai?”
    “The concept of ikigai comes from a Japanese philosophy referring to what gives a person a sense of purpose in life,” explained Veronica Hlivnenko, a psychologist and holistic health counselor at InPulse. “Ikigai is a broad concept that indicates your reason for being, the passion that drives you throughout your life, the bliss that brings you joy and inspires your zest for living. Japanese culture believes having an ikigai is the key to a person’s happiness, mental and physical health, and longevity.” 
    “When you have a clear purpose—a sense of meaning for life—it motivates and energizes you to take action, to strive, and to persevere,” conveyed Dr. Harold Hong, a board-certified psychiatrist at New Waters Recovery. “Having ikigai can help you to live with intention. You’re no longer just going through the motions, but instead actively pursuing something that brings meaning to your life. It’s something that carries significance for both you and those around you.” One recent study among older Japanese adults discovered that having ikigai was associated with decreased depressive symptoms, and increased happiness, life satisfaction, and physical wellbeing. 
    “Finding one’s ikigai involves answering four categories of questions, acknowledging your passion, mission, vocation, and profession: what you love, what the world needs, what you are good at, and what you are paid for,” Hlivnenko stated. Translation: Your ikigai comes down to the intersection of where your passions, talents, and skills meet what others need. Simply put, it’s your “why” for getting out of bed every morning. 
    How Ikigai Affects Health
    When you live life with purpose rather than living on autopilot, it’ll have a domino effect on your behaviors that will naturally promote longevity. “Ultimately, when you’re driven by your life purpose, you internally and externally program yourself not only on wanting but chasing a happier and longer life,” Hlivnenko described. “It means you adjust your lifestyle choices to this intention and treat yourself accordingly. Thus, people with a defined ikigai tend to stick with a healthier lifestyle as they have strong inner motivation for healthy behaviors, such as maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercising, prioritizing self-care, and not getting into bad habits. All these are the keys to a more extended lifespan.”
    As for your mental health, Hlivnenko illustrated that a clear sense of purpose makes life meaningful and creates a solid foundation for psychological well-being. “When people are confident with what they are doing, they naturally experience less stress and anxiety, which prevents their health from being compromised and alleviates the risk of depression and prostration,” she said. “Besides, consciously pursuing your ikigai can help you develop better coping mechanisms through adversities, bringing the vision in which direction to move, enabling you to avoid being overwhelmed or slowed by unproductive emotions, and inducing a positive attitude in the face of challenges.”
    Tips for Finding Your Ikigai
    Putting pen to paper enables you to self-reflect, work through your thoughts, and explore your feelings. Ask yourself what matters to you and visualize your future self and what you’d be doing. “Journaling is a highly helpful mindful practice for those seeking to develop emotional awareness,” Hlivnenko said. “Putting your thoughts with ink to paper enables you to look at them in a more rational and structured way. It provides an opportunity for relaxed and honest self-talk when you can gradually interpret how you feel, reflect on your emotional response, analyze the reasons behind it, and draw conclusions for the future.”
    Gratitude journaling, specifically, is an easy and effective way to make the practice part of your daily regimen. “Bringing to top of mind the things you are thankful for in your life possesses a potent outlook improvement potential, resulting in positive emotions and a sense of fulfillment,” Hlivnenko voiced. Don’t overthink it: Jot down the first three things that come to mind, no matter how seemingly trivial they may be—flowers you saw on your walk, your new workout ‘fit that was just delivered, or the compliment you got from a stranger. 

    Engage in positive self-talk
    Let’s face it: We’re our own worst critics. It’s time to check the judgment and naysaying at the door. Enter self-compassion: treat yourself with kindness, understanding, and forgiveness and take note of when negative self-talk comes into play and replace self-criticism with self-encouragement, as recommended by Dr. Sam Zand, D.O., Chief Medical Officer at Better U and Founder of the Anywhere Clinic. “Saying an encouraging affirmation (aloud or to yourself) can serve as a kickstarter for a positive thinking process and help you shift to a more positive mindset,” Hlivnenko suggested. Think: “I am enough,” “I love my body and all it does for me,” and “I am open and receptive to all good.”

    Practice mindfulness
    “Practicing mindfulness is also an effective way to become more aware of your own thoughts and feelings as well as those around you,” Dr. Hong recommended. “Mindfulness helps to build healthier relationships based on trust, understanding, and mutual empathy.” One surefire way to be more aware of your sensations, thoughts, and feelings? Meditation. “Indulging in a quick mental and physical break and living a few minutes of silence, stillness, and thoughtlessness promotes a relaxation response, reduces stress hormones released in the body, restores your energy levels, and switches you to a more positive state of mind,” Hlivnenko said. Let go of any preconceived notions that meditation has to be a certain length of time or look a certain way. If you only have a few minutes, great! You can also turn anything (like walking your dog or folding laundry) into meditation by being intentional and focusing on your breath.

    Foster optimism
    Dr. Zand encouraged challenging negative thoughts and reframing them into more positive and realistic perspectives by surrounding yourself with positive influences and engaging in activities that bring you joy. Is your inner circle optimistic? If not, that could keep you stuck in the “Debbie Downer” downward spiral. Also be mindful of the content you take in, whether it be the news or social media. Alternatively, seek things that inspire you, like a feel-good podcast, self-improvement book, or IG account. “To cultivate a more positive outlook on life, it’s important to focus on what you can control instead of worrying about things that are out of your hands,” Dr. Hong agreed. “It’s also helpful to look for the silver lining in difficult situations or try to find the lesson within them.”

    Seek social connection
    Setting aside time to catch up with your BFF, grab lunch with a co-worker, or volunteer at a local organization all have one thing in common: building social connectedness. “Most often, people who live the longest share their lives with others,” Hlivnenko shared. “Ikigai usually implies active social interactions and joy from connecting with individuals with similar interests and beliefs. Supportive social networks and meaningful and harmonious relationships greatly impact our happiness levels and mental and physical health, and, thereby, contribute to how long we live.”   
    Research shows that having deep, purposeful relationships leads to a 50% increased chance of longevity and generates a positive feedback loop of social, emotional, and physical well-being. What’s more, another study found that those who are more socially fulfilled tend to function better cognitively. Take Dr. Zand’s advice and cultivate meaningful relationships and surround yourself with supportive individuals. “Engage in active listening, express empathy, and communicate effectively to foster strong connections.”

    Try new experiences 
    Stepping out of your day-to-day routine and immersing yourself in novel foods, hobbies, places, and subjects will keep your brain stimulated, strengthen cognition, and promote a longer lifespan. Have you been wanting to learn a new language or take up cooking? Fuel your curiosity, and go for it! Take it a step further and habit-stack boosting your physical well-being and your brain health simultaneously by picking up, say, pickleball or trying the 3-2-8 method—you’ll be working your body while learning new skills. “Dedication to your ikigai boosts self-development and improvement goals and promotes continuous learning,” Hlivnenko said. “Constant involvement in mentally-stimulating activities keeps the brain active, enhances cognitive functions, and supports a sound mind and memory, which is crucial for quality living to old age.”
    Research has demonstrated that the brain continues to create new neural pathways in order to adapt to new experiences, learn new information, and create new memories. Hot tip: Whatever new pursuit you engage in, find one that you enjoy and will commit to—you’ll be doing your overall happiness, mood, and mental health some good. 

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    5 Ways To Make the Most of the Summer Without Throwing Out Your Health Goals

    I strive to be healthy all year but as plans ramp up during the summer and my inner extrovert comes out to play, my health goals tend to slip by the wayside. Between bachelorette parties, weekend trips, and a packed social calendar of happy hours and beach days, it’s easy to forget about the health goals I put into place on January 1st. However, I’m claiming this season to be my “balanced girl summer” A.K.A. maintaining a presence during my busy schedule while keeping my body and mind happy and healthy.
    Here are five easy ways I’m enjoying all that the summer has to offer without missing a beat with my health goals (that you can totally copy, too):
    Source: Mom Water
    1. Choose my drinks wisely
    With an uptick in my social plans in the summer, it’s a season where my alcohol intake tends to spike. I typically reach for 1-2 glasses of wine per week (with the occasional cameo from an extra espresso martini), but my drinking habits shift a bit when my planner is booked full of happy hours, parties, and vacations.
    My problem is that most drinks, especially during the hot, humid days of summer, leave me feeling bloated and on the verge of a splitting headache. I recently found a low-calorie vodka water called Mom Water and let me tell you: I’ll be packing it in my cooler for bonfires, cookouts, and tailgating all summer long. The first time I tried them, I woke up with no hangover and no urge to never drink again (both a rarity for me). I went back to the fridge to check the ingredient label of this seemingly wonder product and I loved what I saw: no sugar, carbs, or carbonation. 
    Since I had been raving about them so much to my friends, I brought their Mom Squad variety pack to a picnic and I should’ve packed more—everyone reached for Mom Water over the other drinks we had in our cooler. I love that I can still enjoy a day out with my friends, but keep my health goals on track—and without feeling blah afterward.

    2. Multitask while I get my steps in
    One of my biggest health challenges, especially while working from home, is sitting too much since I’m at my desk for most of the day. Some days I get a few walks in a day, but other days, I’m lucky if I walk to my front door to pick up my food delivery. So I’ve decided to make the most of my daily step count on days that feel pressed for time. 
    I’ll be using my lunch break to go for a walk instead of eating at my desk, catching up with my fiancé and friends after work while on a quick evening walk, and hopping on the treadmill during my scrolling time. Getting some steps in sure seems a lot less daunting (and a lot more enjoyable) when I’m chatting with a friend or catching up on my favorite podcast.

    3. Lean on meal prep during busy weeks
    During these crazy busy months, I like to lean on meal prep when I’d much rather be lounging out by the pool than inside throwing dinner together on a whim. Meal prep helps cut back on the time inside away from all of the fun and lets you keep up with your health goals (instead of running into the habit of throwing a pizza in the oven and calling it a day which I’m most certainly guilty of). Plus, you can save some extra cash by avoiding takeout when you’re on the go by grabbing your Tupperware while you’re running out the door. Here are some of my favorite meal prep recipes you can prep on Sundays before your busy week ahead. 

    Source: Ella Olsson | Pexels

    4. Up my water intake
    I’m obsessed with my emotional support water bottle…when I actually remember to bring it with me. Keeping hydrated during the summer months is key because we’re spending long days out in the sun and sweating a lot more than the rest of the year.
    Behold: the Owala FreeSip Water Bottle that is going to help me achieve all of my hydrated summer dreams. This one keeps my water ice cold and is a lot easier to bring on the go compared to my Stanley. You can even toss it in a bag since it’s spillproof. I’ll be storing my Owala at my desk during the weekdays and moving it by my car keys during the weeknights and weekends to keep this health goal top of mind.

    5. Ditch the gym for an outdoor workout class
    I’ve got to be honest: I despise working out. I’ve never (willingly) been a big gym girly and I have finally accepted that fact at the ripe age of 27. This year, I’m trying out a few outdoor group workout classes to switch things up from my usual routine. 
    Group workout classes—like yoga, barre, and kickboxing—make workouts a lot more enjoyable for me. I tend to schedule them during weekday mornings so I can spend weekday nights and weekends living my best life. If I’m feeling like having a self-care Sunday, I grab my gals for a yoga and meditation morning and get some active time in that way.

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    10 Things the Healthiest Women Do to Reset After a Long Day

    If you’re anything like me, you’ve experienced what I call the “after-work slump,” or that feeling when you feel completely depleted of all energy and just want to park it on the couch. After spending eight hours staring at a screen, it can be hard to feel motivated to do anything else. But just taking a few minutes to reset and unwind after I’ve called it a day can majorly set the tone for the rest of my night. If you’re looking for ways to relax after work, look no further. Read on for 10 ways healthy women refresh their minds and bodies after a long day.

    1. Physically separate yourself from your workspace
    Whether you’re working from home or in an office, it’s important to create physical space between your workspace and home life. If you commute to your workplace, the travel time itself can serve as a physical buffer. Take it one step further by listening to your favorite podcast or calling a loved one. If your commute is five steps from your couch, create a boundary by having your workspace in a separate room or packing up your computer at the end of the day. If this isn’t feasible, consider covering your workspace with a blanket to create a visual reminder that you are done for the day.

    2. Practice breathwork
    If there’s one thing we can control in life, it’s our breath. And after a long, stressful day, taking a few (or many!) deep breaths can be just what we need to reset and re-energize. Breathwork not only helps with de-stressing but can also elevate your mood and even help lower inflammation. When it comes to resetting after work, try taking long, deep breaths with your chest and stomach expanding when you inhale. Repeat this for 1-2 minutes and you’ll feel more relaxed.

    3. Try a mindfulness activity
    One of the best things to do after a long workday is to focus on the present moment. When you’re bouncing from task to task and constantly being interrupted by email notifications, it’s easy to feel overstimulated. A quick and easy mindfulness practice is checking in with yourself. Think about your physical, mental, and emotional health and what you need. This brief pause can help prioritize refocus and set intentions after a long day of work.

    4. Head outside
    Spending time in the great outdoors has been shown to have many positive benefits for overall health, including reducing stress, boosting your mood, and supporting your immune system. And nothing quite resets your mind and body like a breath of fresh air. When the work day is over, consider it your sign to step outside (weather permitting) to reap the benefits of nature. 

    5. Eat a nutrient-rich snack
    If the time between when you finish work for the day and dinner is more than an hour, you may benefit from fueling up with a post-work snack. As a dietician, I recommend combining slow-digesting carbs, protein, and healthy fats for a nutrient-rich snack that will jumpstart your evening. We all know cottage cheese is having a *moment*, and I can’t deny it’s also my go-to. If that’s not your thing, my other personal faves are fruit and nut butter, yogurt with berries, and veggies (or whole grain crackers) with hummus.

    6. Enjoy a hydrating beverage
    My hydration goals often fall by the wayside during the course of the workday, especially when I’m caught up completing various tasks. Pouring yourself a large glass of water can help serve as a reset at the end of the day. For an extra twist, try infusing your water with lemon, berries, or fresh herbs, such as mint. Enjoying a nice cup of (decaffeinated) tea can also signal that the workday is over and it’s time to unwind.

    7. Take your eyes off screens
    Staring at a screen for hours on end can lead to symptoms like dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, and tech neck, just to name a few. For an instant boost after work, try to engage in something that doesn’t involve a screen. It can be anything from simply taking the time to look around outside or completing a household task, like finally getting to that pile of laundry. Whatever you choose, your eyes will thank you. 

    8. Make time for movement
    Sitting for long periods of time (as many of us do at our desks all day) has been linked to many health conditions (think: obesity, increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, and unhealthy cholesterol levels). Consider the end of your workday a good time to get moving before you carry on with your evening, even if it’s just a few minutes. Try these stretches, book a workout class, or—our favorite—go on a Hot Girl Walk.

    9. Journal
    Journaling has been shown to reduce stress and help you process your emotions, which means making time to jot down a few thoughts or something you’re grateful for at the end of the day can help you decompress. If you’ve never journaled before, don’t fear—here are some prompts to get you started. 

    10. Engage in a stress-reducing hobby
    If there’s one surefire way to take your mind off of work, it’s doing something that you truly enjoy. Hobbies allow us to de-stress while giving us a creative outlet. An added bonus is that they can even help you perform better at work and connect with others who have shared interests. Spend a few minutes post-work engaging in something you love, whether it be calligraphy, gardening, or cooking!

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    Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s “Soft Start” Morning Routine Will Transform Your Entire Day

    Between her top podcast, Him and Her Podcast, her popular blog The Skinny Confidential, and the namesake line of Barbie-pink self-care tools, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick is hard to miss. The influencer-turned-entrepreneur runs a lifestyle empire on top of being a dedicated wife and mother of two, requiring her to make the most of her mornings to prioritize her me-time. I wanted to get the skinny (pun intended) on how Bosstick gets it all in, so I gathered all of her morning routine tips. Spoiler: She’s all about the soft-girl energy in the A.M., and we’re totally here for it. 
    If there’s one takeaway from Bosstick’s A.M. wellness routine, it’s this: “I don’t have it all figured out,” Bosstick acknowledged to PureWow. “Some days are a shit show. But over the years, I’ve been able to fine-tune my schedule to what works and what doesn’t.” Her regimen is just that: hers. “What people don’t understand is the reason I’m not stressed out 24/7 is because of my preventative wellness routine,” she affirmed. Bosstick’s morning routine is extra (and she’s the first to admit it). But she knows for her, it’s worth the time and energy to invest so she can show up as her best self for her business and her family. That doesn’t mean your morning routine has to look like hers in order for you to show up as your best self. Translation: You do you, boo. Read on for Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s morning routine to draw inspiration for what might work for you, and (as always) leave what doesn’t. 

    In this article

    Lauryn Evarts Bosstick’s Morning Routine
    Wake Up Without an Alarm Clock
    While Bosstick’s typical rise and shine time is 7 A.M., she’s not a believer in alarm clocks. In fact, she told PureWow that she despises them because of their negative impact on cortisol levels. Instead, she sets herself up for success the night before by winding down at 8:30 P.M. so she can wake up naturally. 

    Check Off the Non-Negotiables
    Lauryn’s well-known as a hardcore habit-stacker (see: James Clear’s Atomic Habits) and her non-negotiables in the morning are light, movement, hydration, and meditation. The first thing she does after waking up is make the bed, scrape her tongue, ice-roll her face, open the shades, and hydrate with lemon water and tea while organizing her space. If you’re wondering where scrolling through notifications fits in, well, it doesn’t—at least not for another couple of hours (that in itself deserves major kudos). “I no longer have the capacity or the urge to touch my phone first thing in the morning anymore,” Bosstick informed PureWow. “This has been life-changing for me.”

    Keep Skincare Simple
    You’d think that as an elite beauty influencer, Bosstick would have a gazillion-step beauty regimen that takes up most of her morning. In reality, she prefers to keep it simple, even admitting to Marie Claire that she barely wears makeup unless she’s traveling. We already know she can’t live without her cult-status ice roller (a hot girl essential). But besides some good ol’ cold therapy, she laid out her simple step-by-step beauty routine for Glossy: spritz YINA’s Essential Mist, apply a vitamin C serum, a B5 hydration gel, and a de-puffing oil—all of which takes about five minutes.

    Meditate While Habit-Stacking
    Next up: 20 minutes of meditation, namely Joe Dispenza’s morning meditation, with legs up the wall to relax the nervous system and kick in lymphatic drainage (see: habit stacking). While she’s expressed her love for a Joe Dispenza morning routine on social media and her podcast, she likes to switch it up, depending on what she’s in the mood for. “Here’s the thing about meditation: You have to do what works for you,” she expressed. “Sometimes, I love a Melissa Wood session or even silence. The concept of living in your future and not in your past has been a huge tool for me personally.”

    Move the Body With a Walk Outside and Strength Training
    Fast forward to 9:15 A.M.: Bosstick heads out for an hour-long walk to get outside, start moving the body, and connect with her husband and kids. She then heads to her gym to train with Austin-based Bodies By Brent (BTW, she’s been vocal that weight lifting has changed her life). 

    Make Time for Wellness Rituals
    Besides being an ice-roller stan, Bosstick is a dry brushing and red light therapy devotee. But her wellness hacks don’t stop there. Her IG “Wellness” Highlights give us a sneak peek into her other practices (see “Her Favorite Products” section below to shop them all). One of the practices Lauryn swears has changed her life the most is cold plunging. The protocol she follows is three 3-minute plunges with 2- and 3-minute breaks in between when she performs rebounding (read: jumping on a mini trampoline) to warm up and stimulate her lymphatic system, or she breaks up her plunges with 15 minutes in the sauna. No cold plunge bath or time for a whole routine? Turning your shower cold for the last few minutes can reap all the same benefits. 

    Load Up on Supplements and Nutrients
    Bosstick has many supplements and foods to get in as many nutrients as possible throughout the morning. “This is so random, but I’ll eat kiwi before I work out, because it does something to my blood sugar, with chia seeds or black sesame seeds or hemp seeds,” Bosstick revealed to Marie Claire. She loves an elixir, and is a fan of adding Agent Nateur holi(mane) supplement, Athletic Greens, and ice to a big tumbler of water, which she tries to whip up at 8 or 9 A.M. Later in the morning, she’ll make a “workout drink” which consists of Kion Mango Aminos Powder, Thorne Creatine, and Water & Wellness Quinton Minerals—in a Stanley cup, of course. To fuel her body after a workout, her go-to is a concoction of one cup of oatmeal, two scoops of protein powder, berries, and almond milk. 

    Shop Bosstick’s Morning Routine Must-Have’s

    Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Swears Her Routines Changed Her Life–Here’s the Breakdown More

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    Inside Halle Bailey’s Fitness Routine and Nutrition Plan (Spoiler: It’s Motivating AF)

    Playing the IRL Princess Ariel may come across as all glitz and glamour, but don’t let the girl who seems to have everything—you know, gadgets and gizmos a-plenty—fool you. Actress and singer Halle Bailey went through intense “mermaid training” to gear up for (and make a splash in) her starring role in the live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Thanks to her interview on Live With Kelly and Mark and her trainer’s conversation with Women’s Health, we got the BTS inside scoop on just how Bailey transformed into the mythical creature—abs, shimmering tail, and all. It doesn’t hurt that Bailey was primed to become the Disney icon—she was in her fitness girlie era long before she had to take on her strenuous merfolk regimen (if you follow her on IG, you already knew that). Ahead, all the details I gleaned from her workout and diet routine to dip your toes into (pun intended) yourself—no fin required. 

    Her Fitness Routine
    With a 4 a.m. gym start time, followed by stunt work, then hours either suspended in a harness and wires simulating swimming motions or submerged in a water tank, it’s no wonder Bailey told Kelly and Mark she was in the “best shape of [her] life” while filming the movie. According to Women’s Health, Bailey enlisted the help of London-based personal trainer Sana Shirvani to get her in tip-top, half-human, half-sea-creature shape. It turns out “swimming” in the air (gracefully, no less) and pretending not to have human legs takes major core, back, neck, glute, and hamstring strength, so Shirvani had Bailey on a program of full-body strength and conditioning workouts 5-6 times a week to get her “stronger, fit, and agile.” 
    “While the neck muscles are often overlooked in traditional strength training programs, they play a crucial role in providing stability, supporting good posture, and reducing the risk of neck-related injuries,” explained Shirvani in her interview with Women’s Health. “We used a variation of neck isometrics and resistance-based methods, which involve applying resistance without actually moving the neck.” In one of Shirvani’s IG posts, you can see Bailey slaying goblet squats, back extensions, battle ropes, box jumps, hip thrusts, medicine ball slams, and various core exercises (think: weighted side planks and isometric holds). According to an interview with Insider, Shirvani implemented progressive overload (read: gradually increasing the weight or the number of reps) in all of Bailey’s exercises. But she doesn’t just stick to weights and cardio for her sweat sessions—Bailey also mixes it up with hot yoga to decompress while getting a solid workout in. 

    Her Nutrition Plan
    Bailey has her workout routine on lock, and how she nourishes her body is no different. Bailey follows a vegan diet, and Shirvani helped her focus on eating whole foods and protein to help her build strength and recover from training. That doesn’t mean Bailey shies away from her favorite foods. Her go-to vegan eats? Avocado toast, rice, and bread, which she shared during BuzzFeed’s Sister Test (ICYMI, Halle is part of the Grammy-nominated, R&B sister duo Chloe x Halle). She’s also not one to pass up on (vegan) pizza and hot dogs (case in point: her TikTok below).
    As for her plant-based sweet treats of choice? Cheesecake or pancakes from Crossroads Kitchen, doughnuts from Sage Vegan Bistro, and homemade gluten-free sugar cookies (a girl after my own heart). And, finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the sisters’ DIY, vegan-friendly smoothie—made of almond milk, raspberries, blueberries, apple, agave nectar, ice, and vegan protein powder—which they whipped on MTV’s Fresh Out Live and enjoyed in champagne glasses. We’ll cheers to that!  

    im so deliriously jetlagged & hungryyy lol watch me rate these vegan hotdogs ❤️#fyp
    ♬ original sound – halle

    Melissa Wood-Tepperberg Swears Her Routines Changed Her Life–Here’s the Breakdown More

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    5 Motivating Podcast Episodes to Listen to on Your Next Hot Girl Walk

    If there’s one habit that I developed during the pandemic that I will never let go of, it’s the hot-girl-walk-and-podcast combo. No other practice is guaranteed to make me feel as inspired, productive, and–well–hot as prancing around my neighborhood while the sun is shining and a podcast is playing. Whether I’m tuning into a casual, chatty podcast, or taking mental notes from a deep dive with an expert, a great podcast is the key to getting me out the door and moving. Bonus points for hour-long episodes that cause me to wander to a new coffee shop or complete the whole two-mile loop of the park in my neighborhood.
    If you love a stroll-plus-podcast moment as much as I do, we have you covered. On The Everygirl Podcast, we discuss everything from manifestation to finances to pop culture: there’s a little bit of something for every hot girl walker! Without further ado, here are five podcast episodes to inspire your next hot girl walk.

    If you’ve listened to an inspirational, manifestation-related podcast in 2023, chances are you’ve probably heard of Roxie Nafousi. For those who have not, Roxie is a self-development coach, manifestation expert, and author of Manifest: 7 Steps to Living Your Best Life and Manifest: Dive Deeper. In this episode, Josie gets the scoop on Roxie’s personal background and childhood, how she found manifestation, and an in-depth explanation of her viral steps to manifesting anything you want out of your life. This is the ultimate episode for anyone looking to become their best selves.
    Listen if: You want your hot girl walk to double as a manifestation practice.

    There’s no better time to brush up on health and nutrition than the sunny, motivating summer months, and Nicole Berrie has a wealth of knowledge to share about fueling our bodies properly. This episode covers everything you could possibly want to know about intuitive eating and healing your relationship with food. Plus, Nicole gives Josie a run-down on the how-tos of food combining, which she blends with her intuitive eating in order to optimize gut health. If you want to finish your hot girl walk with new recipe ideas or inspo for dinner tonight, this is the episode for you.
    Listen if: You want to feel your very best this summer.

    To be honest, if I were to ever dare to take my hot girl walk in silence (the horror), the first thing I would start spiraling about is my budget. Enter Tori Dunlap, globally recognized financial expert, founder of Her First $100K, and author of Financial Feminist. Whether you’re looking to get started with long-term saving options, want to know more about investing, or need to get out of debt, Tori has a wealth of knowledge (pun intended). This episode even addresses how to handle your psychological and emotional relationship with money, meaning you’ll definitely end your walk with some journal prompts in mind.
    Listen if: Your best self includes better wealth, abundance, and relationship with your finances.

    Regular listeners of The Everygirl Podcast know: on this podcast, we talk about periods, and we talk about them a lot. This episode, featuring hormone expert and author of Woman Code and In The Flo Alisa Vitti, is our 101 guide on cycle syncing and hormone health. For those who might not know about each stage of the menstrual cycle, the infradian rhythm, or optimizing your lifestyle for peak hormonal health, this episode provides a fantastic and thorough explanation. Alisa shares all of her expert advice on altering your diet, exercise routines, and even your sex and work life to align with your cycle.
    Listen if: You want to biohack your health or understand your body better.

    Ready to kick your physical activity up a notch after a low-impact hot girl walk? This episode, featuring celebrity fitness trainer and The Sculpt Society founder Megan Roup, will totally motivate you to get moving. Josie and Megan chat about Megan’s personal background as a dancer and fitness instructor, how to improve your relationship with fitness, and tips for staying consistent with your workout routine. If you’ve been wanting to infuse your life with all things Sofia Richie (and haven’t we all), then you’re in luck, because the viral star happens to be one of Megan’s top clients. 
    Listen if: You’re sick of your workout routine and want to improve your relationship with exercise. More