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    Inside Kylie Jenner’s top secret visit to support Timothee Chalamet as pair jet to Paris

    KYLIE Jenner secured her own golden ticket to the premiere of her boyfriend Timothee Chalamet’s Wonka premiere in London – and used every trick in the book to make sure her presence went unknown.But The Sun can reveal the American reality star Kylie secretly joined Timothee at the star-studded bash and partied alongside him at a swanky after party inside London’s Royal Festival Hall to celebrate his success.
    Kylie Jenner embarked on a top secret journey to London to visit her boyfriendCredit: Getty
    Timothy Chalamet at the world premiere of Wonka at the Royal Festival Hall in LondonCredit: PA
    A source said: “Kylie flew in from her home in Los Angeles on her private jet and was snuck inside the Wonka premiere in Leicester Square to be by Timothee’s side.
    “This is a huge role for him and Kylie wanted to make sure the spotlight was only on him so she went on a secret mission not to be seen.”
    After the red carpet event Timothee and Kylie snuck down the road for a private after-party, where they enjoyed shots of Kylie’s sister Kendall’s 818 Tequila.
    The insider added: “Timothee and Kylie were so loved up it was incredibly sweet to see.
    “She is clearly so proud of him and they really let their hair down at the party. They danced together and drank with their pals.
    “Kylie used her own bit of Wonka magic to keep her presence totally unknown and when they left, they departed through a secret tunnel to ensure no one saw them.”
    Beauty mogul Kylie, who is the youngest half-sister of Kim Kardashian has now flown to Paris, France, with Timothee for some downtime ahead of the premiere there on Friday.
    The source continued: “Kylie and Timothee will be just as low key in Paris.
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    “She wants people to focus on him and how amazing Wonka is. Kylie is happy to take a back seat.
    “As a couple they like to remain totally private and that is heaven for Kylie, who much prefers to be at home with her family than walking red carpets.” More

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    Kim Kardashian fans point out strange detail in background of photo of daughter Chicago eating ramen at $60m LA mansion

    KIM Kardashian has confused fans with a new photo of her daughter having a snack.The Hulu star posted pics of Chicago West, 5, to Instagram on Tuesday, but fans pointed out a strange element of her meal.
    Kim Kardashian left fans confused after they spotted a strange addition to her daughter’s mealCredit: Hulu
    Chicago West dug into a bowl of ramen, but fans quickly noticed she also had half a plain baked potatoCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
    In the post, Kim, 43, captured Chicago as she had a meal in Kim’s $60 million mansion.
    The young girl had her hair down in curls, and smiled happily as she dug into a bowl of ramen while wearing a bright pink unicorn onesie.
    However, fans of the Kardashians quickly noticed an odd addition to the already starchy meal – half of a baked potato, completely plain.
    On Reddit, one fan posted a pic from the Skims founder’s post, and simply wrote: “Ramen.”

    Another pointed out: “Not just that but the plain baked potato,” along with laughing crying emojis.
    A second said: “Little kid food pyramid right there.”
    “My question is that they have a biiiig kitchen with fruits and vegetables and organic stuff – why ramen?!?” asked another.
    One person raged: “Well that’s what she basically complaining about on the show.. how he doesn’t even have a chef and all that, yet here she is… trying to be relatable. Lol. She’s such a fake.”
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    While critics were confused about the potato addition to Chicago’s meal, the young girl previously outed the fact that her mom rarely did any cooking.
    On Mother’s Day, Kim shared a letter from Chicago, which seemed to be very telling about the reality television star’s involvement in tasks around the home.
    The letter was titled “All About My Mom.”
    Chicago jokingly wrote that Kim was 22 years old, although she’s now 21 years older than that in reality.
    She went on to reveal that her mom liked to sleep with her in the bed, and loved when they played together.
    The young girl added that Kim’s favorite food was salad, and that she was really good at working out in the gym.
    Chicago then boldly made it known that her mom didn’t cook for her and her siblings North, 10, Saint, 7, and Psalm, 4, because she had a chef who did so.
    Alongside questioning North’s meal, one fan also speculated: “I have this theory where Kim will quit using North as her front page and shift to Chicago.”
    The comment comes after critics slammed Kim for seemingly focusing more on her older child than her three younger kids.
    This fall, a fan took to Reddit with a screenshot of Kim’s Instagram feed from her recent Tokyo trip, and Kardashian critics noted how frequently North appeared in the posts, while the other kids remained absent.
    Starting the discussion, the user wrote: “Does she not have other kids?”
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    In response, another follower suggested: “She only acknowledges the kid who gives her money. Right now, only North. It is exactly how her mother did, so why expect any different?
    “Sadly, that means she will prompt her kids to fight for her love and will discard the ones who don’t align with the brand.”
    Some fans thought the potato addition was funny, while others questioned the healthiness of the mealCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
    Chicago previously hilariously outed her mom for using a chef rather than cookingCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
    Some fans thought that the new post was Kim’s way of trying to be relatableCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian More

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    Travis Barker exposes secret handwritten note about ‘wreckage’ after he’s ripped for behavior toward Kourtney Kardashian

    TRAVIS Barker has posted a photo featuring a handwritten letter with an upsetting message. Travis, 48, shared a picture of the note on his Instagram Story on Tuesday.
    Travis Barker has posted a handwritten message on his Instagram StoryCredit: Hulu
    The note shows lyrics to a brand-new Blink-182 songCredit: Instagram/travisbarker
    The message was written on a piece of lined yellow paper, and the words were scribbled in blue ink.
    Several of the words were scratched out, and the others were quickly scribbled down and barely legible.
    The piece of paper was placed over a messy whiteboard that was covered in black marker.
    It read: “And you-you had the time of your lives. Flatlined and led toward the light.

    “You’ll despair the wreckage and find. No one gave a f**k that you died.”
    The message was lyrics from a Blink-182 song called Anthem Part Three that was released earlier this year.
    Travis returned for band practice in the recording studio after the birth of his son.
    Kourtney Kardashian, 44, welcomed her first child, son Rocky Thirteen Barker, with Travis in early November.
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    Soon after, Travis shared a behind-the-scenes photo from his latest jam session. 
    In his Instagram Story, the musician uploaded a photo where he crossed his legs during the recording session. 
    Kourtney’s husband blurred the person sitting across from him, playing the electric guitar in his lap. 
    Travis returned to making music after he and his wife welcomed their first son.
    Alabama Barker, 17, recently leaked her texts with her dad Travis amid concern for her stepmother Kourtney.
    Although Kourtney and Travis have kept quiet on social media, Alabama has been posting as normal on her Instagram Stories and TikTok since the birth of her half-brother.
    She recently shared a screenshot of a text conversation between her and Travis on her Story.
    In the conversation, Travis texted her: “Send me your favorite song,” and she replied: “How You Felt by NoCap.”
    The Blink-182 drummer’s number was saved in her phone as “Dad” with a red heart emoji.
    The lyrics talk about being ‘wrecked’ come after Travis has been spending time away from his wifeCredit: Instagram/kourtneykardash
    Travis has been back in the studio only a few weeks after his son was bornCredit: HULU
    Travis’ daughter Alabama recently leaked private texts between themCredit: Instagram/Alabama Barker More

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    Kylie Jenner fuels rumors she ‘split’ from Timothee Chalamet after she no-shows at actor’s major milestone event

    RUMORS have been swirling as fans believe Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet have broken up. The Hulu star was nowhere to be found as her Hollywood actor beau celebrated a major milestone event in London, England.
    Timothée Chalamet walked the red carpet of his new movie, Wonka, solo on Tuesday nightCredit: Getty
    The actor – along with his co-stars – attended the premiere in London, EnglandCredit: Getty
    However, many noticed that Timothee’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, was a no-showCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
    On Tuesday, Timothée, 27, attended the world premiere of his newest film project, Wonka.
    In the movie, he plays Willy Wonka and his adventures before becoming the world’s most famous chocolatier.
    He stars alongside Hugh Grant, Olivia Coleman, Sally Hawkins, and Rowan Atkinson.
    The Dune actor wore a velvet magenta suit and seemingly no shirt underneath along with a pair of brown boots.

    However, many fans noticed that Kylie, 26, didn’t walk the red carpet with her boyfriend – despite several believing that The Kardashians star flew to the UK on her private jet.
    In the comment section of a popular Kardashians critic forum, many shared their theories as to why Kylie was a no-show.
    “I think Timothee just borrowed her airplane and she stayed home,” one fan said.
    A second theorized: “The premiere started with daylight, she appears only at night, with controlled lights, and the only photographer is her own.”
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    “They probably didn’t want to draw all of the attention to their relationship and take the focus off of the movie,” a third wrote, meanwhile, a fourth claimed it was a “fake relationship.”
    This isn’t the first time fans thought Kylie and Timotheé were headed to Splitsville.
    Earlier this month, Kylie dropped a major hint that she was single again in a TikTok.
    In the nearly 25-second clip, the TV personality cuddled with her new adorable pup, a Dapple Dachshund.
    The Khy founder donned a steamy white top and teased cleavage as he held the brown-spotted dog in her arm.  
    While showing off her volumized and wavy dark hair, the star mimicked the lyrics to the Mitski song, My Love Mine All Mine.
    The new pup is named Moo Pants, according to People.
    Fans, however, were distracted by Kylie’s caption, which stated: “He’s over me,” and theorized the couple split. 
    “Wait! The caption?” one person questioned.
    Another added: “The Timothée effect,” while a third asked, “Is Kylie not with Timothée anymore?”
    One user argued: “Why are none of y’all paying attention to the caption?” and another commented, “It’s about the dog!”
    Kylie posted her TikTok just days before Timothée hosted Saturday Night Live in New York City on November 11.
    However, Kylie did her supportive girlfriend duties by attending an SNL afterparty.
    The couple attended the luxe party together in Midtown Manhattan.
    Kylie donned a tight-fitting, off-the-shoulder top and a pair of matching black leggings.
    The makeup mogul complimented the sleek, catsuit-inspired outfit with black sunglasses.
    Timothée appeared to be dressed for both style and comfort after finishing hosting SNL for the second time.
    The Lady Bird actor sported a fleece-lined, corduroy purple jacket over a blue hoodie that he paired with black jeans and sneakers.
    He also added a black baseball cap to keep in line with the inconspicuous look.
    Many fans believed she would attend the premiere after it was rumored that Kylie flew to LondonCredit: Splash
    After her no-show, breakup rumors swirledCredit: Getty Images – Getty More

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    Khloe Kardashian caught in ‘lie’ after she’s accused of ‘hiding’ nannies from Hulu cameras while ‘fake’ packing lunches

    KHLOE Kardashian has been slammed by fans after showing her morning parenting routine. On a recent episode of The Kardashians, the 39-year-old showed Kardashian fans how she starts her mornings.
    Khloe Kardashian has been accused of not being honest on the reality showCredit: Hulu
    In a recent episode, Khloe explained her morning routine with her kidsCredit: Hulu
    According to Khloe, she wakes up early to go to the gym before waking up her five-year-old daughter True Thompson at 7 am.
    Khloe shares True and her son Tatum, one, with her baby daddy Tristan Thompson, 32.
    The Good American founder said that she typically makes True’s lunch the night before so it’s ready to go in the morning.
    The Hulu episode shows her making lunch early in the morning because she was working late the night before.

    She also informs the viewers that it’s “theme week” at school, so her daughter will be dressed up for cowgirl day.
    Khloe showed off the cow-printed cowgirl outfit True would wear and said that Dream, Rob Kardashian’s daughter, would be wearing the same thing.
    At one point, Tatum magically appears at the doorway of the room Khloe’s in so he can crawl his way to his mom.
    The reality star admitted that she loves the “chaos” of getting her kids ready for the day.
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    Kardashian fans on Reddit called Khloe out for possibly exaggerating how much she does for her children.
    One said: “The nannies got the kids ready and the chefs prepped some food and then Khloe told them to hide so she could come out and pretend to be a hands-on mom.
    “No one believes you change diapers with five-inch nails.”
    Another said: “Oh MY GOD that montage of Khloe ‘getting her kids ready in the morning cuz I’m not like other moms I’m hands-on’ was absolutely ridiculous.
    “The way the nannies were told to go into a small room and be quiet which they filmed Khloe packing lunches, JFC.”
    “Khloe isn’t making ANY lunches,” added a third.
    A fourth said: “Even if Khloe did pack the lunch, shoving pre-cut/pre-prepared things together is not you actually doing the work.”
    In the same scene, Khloe shocked fans with her stacked freezer inside the kitchen in her $37 million Hidden Hills mansion.
    One quick clip showed the television star opening her massive freezer, which was full of one thing – Haagen-Dazs ice cream.
    The top two shelves were full of mini cups, while the bottom shelf had larger pints of the ice cream.
    The brand’s name was also clearly visible in the shot, leaving some viewers to wonder if it was for marketing purposes.

    Taking to Reddit, one person theorized: “Everything with them is inauthentic and calculated. This has got to be pure product placement.”
    A second added: “All I think of is when she said ‘fat people sit around eating ice cream and crying’ but uh….she has way more ice cream than I ever have lol.”
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    “I remember Kylie posting strawberry Haagen-Dazs on her story a couple of months ago. def product placement,” a third said.
    A fourth guessed: “Those cartons are all empty and just put into the freezer for decoration. It’s the only explanation I can come up with.”
    While Khloe made True’s lunch, she never mentioned if she had helpCredit: Hulu
    Fans online called her out for ‘hiding’ her nannies behind the scenesCredit: Hulu
    Khloe also had a lot of strawberry ice cream in her freezerCredit: Hulu More

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    Kardashian inner circle member sparks major concern after he looks unrecognizable with ‘sinking cheeks’ in new selfie

    KARDASHIAN fans have been left stunned by a new, unrecognizable photo of a well-known Kardashian inner-circle member.Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, has not featured as heavily on her social media as of late and fans can’t believe how much he’s changed.
    Kardashian fans have been left stunned by changes to Ariel Tejada’s faceCredit: Getty
    The Kardashian makeup artist debuted hollow cheeks that have some commenters worriedCredit: Reddit/ randomlygenerated215
    Ariel took to Instagram to share a post about things he’s grateful for after Thanksgiving.
    The celebrity makeup artist posted a photo of himself looking directly into the camera along with a lengthy caption.
    it read: “ThanksGiving was beautiful. 4Ever Grateful for the people in my Life both the Family I was born into and the friends that I choose in the lifetime that have become Family! I love you all and am always Grateful 4 U!”
    Fans, however, were distracted by drastic changes to Ariel’s appearance.

    The makeup mogul appeared to have a more defined, square jawline and sunken cheeks.
    One concerned Kardashian fan posted the pic on a thread dedicated to the famous family.
    They wrote: “What has happened to Ariel?!”
    One commenter speculated in part: “I believe he has had almost the same surgeries kylie has on his body. His BBL looks kinda disturbing – yet makes him fit right into the kardashian/jenners.”
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    Kylie has only ever admitted to getting lip injections and a breast augmentation, though fans aren’t convinced.
    Another critic commented: “Buccal fat removal gone wrong (amongst other things). Yikes.”
    Someone else replied: “I’ve never seen that surgery look good on anyone! Every single person I see looks horrible. Just do some f’n contour if you want that look.”
    A second responded with: “Agreed! Going to look even worse as he ages too, since you lose facial padding/volume with aging.”
    Ariel appeared to make a subtle appearance in one of Kylie’s recent social media posts.
    The star shared snaps from behind the scenes of a shoot promoting her makeup brand, though viewers struggled to look past a seemingly minor detail.
    In the post, the Kylie Cosmetics founder was seen sitting in a makeup chair as her makeup artist and friend applied lip color.
    Viewers claimed she appeared to be wearing a wig, which they ripped as “raggedy.”
    In the first photo in the carousel, a makeup artist held the top of Kylie’s head steady while another perfected her dark lip makeup.
    Her brown hair appeared almost stringy in the snap and somewhat artificial looking, at least according to some critical commenters.
    “Wet raggedy wig,” one commenter wrote.
    A second slammed: “So boring.”
    Yet a third mocked: “She’d probably be sexier if she stopped trying so hard.”
    Meanwhile, Ariel was praised in June by fans for appearing to keep Kylie humble with one of his comments.
    At the time, the Hulu personality shared a TikTok video that showcased her glam makeup look.
    Ariel was heard off-camera quipping: “Do you like the unevenness of your water line, like your lip line?”
    It appeared to take a moment for the comment to register with Kylie.
    Once it did, however, she looked up at Ariel as if she were offended.
    He laughed in the background.
    Kylie captioned the post: “drafts.”
    In the comments, one person joked: “Moments before Ariel got fired.”
    Another joked: “She was like wait pause – what did he say.”
    “The woman was too stunned to speak,” a third commenter quipped.
    Someone else chimed in with: “Not Ariel coming for Kylie.”
    Ariel is rumored to have undergone major surgery to alter his appearanceCredit: Instagram/@makeupbyariel
    He’s been praised in the past for ‘humbling’ KylieCredit: Instagram/makeupbyariel
    Ariel once featured heavily on her social media but has not been as prominent latelyCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner More

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    Kim Kardashian shows off her ‘favorite’ Skims bra she ‘wears everyday’ in new video taken inside star’s massive closet

    KIM Kardashian has revealed her most-loved Skims pieces in a new video filmed inside her sprawling closet.The fashion mogul frequently gives fans glimpses inside her $60million mansion.
    Kim Kardashian flaunted her toned figure in a tiny gray Skims braCredit: Instagram/Skims
    She posed for a video inside the closet of her $60million mansionCredit: Instagram/Skims
    Kim, 43, appeared in an Instagram video shared on Skims’ Instagram feed.
    The Hulu personality modeled a gray triangle bra with matching sweatpants and Jordan brand sneakers.
    Her hair was in a high ponytail on her head and she appeared to have a face of light glam on.
    “This triangle bra is my absolute fave,” she gushed in the video.

    “I wear this every single day.”
    She appeared to be standing in her massive closet in the clip with racks of clothing and lines of shoe options behind her.
    Skims, meanwhile, promoted a sale in the caption.
    It read: “Blink and it’ll be too late! The SKIMS Bi-Annual Sale ends tonight.
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    “@KimKardashian wears the Cotton Jersey Triangle Bralette, size S, in Light Heather Grey.”
    This isn’t the first time the mom of four has brought fans inside the sprawling space in her $60million mansion.
    Last week, Kim flaunted her tiny waist and thin arms while dancing alongside her 10-year-old daughter North West in a light-hearted TikTok video filmed inside her closet.
    The mother-daughter duo danced in the clip, which was captioned: “Happy Thanksgiving.”
    Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas Is You and Crank That by Soulja Boy played over the video.
    Kim flaunted her toned figure, wearing a black bra and matching leggings while she sang and danced to the music.
    The Kardashians star’s extremely thin waist and arms were on full display as she moved to the beat.
    North, meanwhile, danced alongside Kim while rocking a baggy T-shirt and Hello Kitty shorts.
    In the second portion of the video, Kim and North’s outfits switched from casual to formal for Thanksgiving.
    Kim went on to flaunt her slim figure as she sported a white dress.
    The SKKN mogul accessorized with chunky, chain-linked diamond jewelry.
    She and North played patty-cake as North showed off her dinner outfit, which consisted of a loose-fitting white blazer and matching trousers.
    Kim’s slim waist isn’t the only aspect of her appearance that fans are buzzing about as of late.
    She recently showed her body in a curve-hugging dress and onlookers seemed to think something appeared different about the way she looked in the snap.
    The reality TV mogul looked significantly taller in the snaps, leading fans to speculate that she’d done something to appear that way.
    Kim shared a series of photos that showed her posing in various locations while wearing a mermaid-style gown from Balenciaga.
    She showed off the dress from various angles, including the backseat of a car.
    The floor-length, turtleneck gown hugged her infamous curves and showed off her shape.
    Her dress was composed of nude fabric with a black, floral lace overlay throughout.
    The fashion mogul went with a neutral makeup look, wearing her dark hair down in a wavy wet-look style.
    Fans in the comments simply couldn’t get past how tall Kim looked, however.
    Taking to Reddit, one person wrote: “You cannot convince me she isn’t standing on a stool with her shoes just placed on the floor in the second picture.”
    A second fan speculated: “Same with the last one. The leg is going behind her but shoe in the front looks weird.”
    “There’s something going on with those shoes. I thought that they looked way too big for her. If they’re just positioned there that would explain the weird proportions,” a third added.
    Kim previously recorded a video alongside North in the sprawling spaceCredit: TikTok/ kimandnorth
    The pair danced, donning casual looks before changing into their Thanksgiving attireCredit: TikTok/ kimandnorth
    Kim later faced backlash over her appearance in new snaps, as fans noted she looked tallerCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian More

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    Kylie Jenner shows off her incredible figure as she rocks PVC trousers paired with tiny black bikini top

    KYLIE Jenner is black in business for her latest magazine shoot.The reality figure, 26, rocks PVC trousers and a black bikini.
    Kylie Jenner, 26, stunned as she posed in PVC trousers and a black bikiniCredit: Theo Liu
    Kylie in another shot from the Interview Magazine shootCredit: Theo Liu
    Kylie has landed the cover of the arty mag in which she opens up to Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence about life in the spotlight.
    She admits it can be challenging having your sisters as colleagues.
    Kylie says: “We can’t really take space because we work together.
    “But at the end of the day, we are all obsessed with each other and would probably choose each other as friends if we weren’t family.”
    Despite saying this, Kylie recently trolled her sister Kendall over her cooking for the Kardashians’ Thanksgiving dinner.
    Kendall, 28, has caused a stir over her culinary skills – or lack thereof – online before, and Kylie, 26, has added fuel to the fire.
    Kylie took to Instagram to post a video of Kendall slicing a white onion.
    The star was previously featured on Hulu’s The Kardashians struggling to slice a cucumber.
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    Kendall’s struggles to exercise her elementary kitchen skills went viral and Kylie decided to poke fun at the situation.
    The sisters were in the kitchen prepping their Thanksgiving meal while Kylie took the video of Kendall holding a large knife.
    Kylie tagged her sister and added a hands-making-hearts emoji and a cucumber emoji.
    Kylie takes to the cover of Interview Magazine, in which she is interviewed by Hunger Games star Jennifer LawrenceCredit: Theo Liu More