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    James Blunt opens up on his life in one-night cinema film and reveals why he pours emotions into his songs

    MOCKED as a “posh boy” when starting out, James Blunt was repeatedly turned down by record labels because of his privileged background.But just like cream, he rose to the top, becoming one of our most successful artists.
    James Blunt, in his movie One Brit Wonder, was turned down by record labels because of his privileged backgroundCredit: .
    The You’re Beautiful singer has now told of his life — and some of his most grounding experiences — in the film One Brit Wonder.
    As the title suggests, James, one of the funniest and most self-deprecating blokes in the business, sends himself up a lot during the 90-minute documentary.
    He also enlists his parents to give some of their anecdotes. And the results are eye-opening.
    James talks about being packed off to boarding school aged eight, saying: “It is a weird experience being dropped off. I was given a Nintendo and three days later I asked, ‘When are my parents coming back?’, and I was told ‘at Christmas’. It was September.”
    Mum Jane says: “He makes it sound like it was too early. Well, he was eight, so it probably was.”
    She later adds: “He is a loner and he is short. He was bullied but he is funny, so he made friends.”
    Let’s be clear though, James is clearly the apple of his parents’ eye and they supported his career as a captain in the Army as well as when he turned to music.
    Dad Charles, an ex-Army colonel, explains: “I used to do the merchandise. I’d cycle to the post office and post them around the world.”
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    James uses the anecdotes to help fans understand why he chooses to put his emotions down in his songs.
    No Bravery, for example, was written about his time serving in Kosovo, and Monsters was a song he wrote for his dad when he was told he needed a kidney transplant.
    James says of that one, “It’s the only way I can express those things to him,” before admitting his upbringing made him “emotionally stunted”.
    He adds: “I am very close to my family but we don’t discuss feelings.”
    Moving home-movie footage shows James’s video diary from his time in Kosovo during its 1999 war, where he was tasked with helping families identify bodies of their loved ones.
    He explains: “The two smells from Kosovo were death and asparagus, because we’d have asparagus soup in our lunches.
    “It would be very easy to be swamped by the great sadness that is inhumanity.
    “We looked after each other and we made light of the scenario in the privacy of our own troop.”
    The film, which will be shown in cinemas for one night only, is also littered with what James does best — making people laugh.
    Ed Sheeran appears and says he became a superfan when James opened for Sir Elton John in Ipswich in 2005. Ed says: “I took his Corona from the stage and took it home. I was a big fan.
    “He jokes his album is a ‘greatest hit’, but he has this incredible catalogue of music which has been influential to me and to other people.
    “He’s become a national treasure where people are proud of him.”
    Ed couldn’t be more correct. Fans of James would be mad to miss this.

    One Brit Wonder is in cinemas on Wednesday and will be followed by a live concert. Tickets from

    NOEL GALLAGHER is gearing up to return to the studio to record his next chart-topping album.
    He narrowly missed the number one spot with Council Skies back in June, but perhaps this next one will be a winner.
    The former Oasis frontman said he’s going to start recording in the New Year after writing enough tunes for two albums.
    Noel said: “I’ve had to stop writing because I need to get these songs recorded and get them out there so I can write some more.
    “In the pandemic there was nothing to do all day so I just wrote songs. There’s another two albums worth of material there.
    “I think I’m going to be back in the studio in Jan-uary, so we’ll see where it goes from there.”
    Noel, 56, says his next record has a lot to live up to because he thinks his last release is the best collection of songs he has released on one album.
    The High Flying Birds frontman is the songwriter behind anthems including Wonderwall, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Champagne Supernova, and he admitted that even two decades on he is still learning about the impact of his tracks on an audience.
    He said: “I wouldn’t still be doing it after 30 years if I didn’t love it.
    “You tend to find out more about the songs when you play them live than when you’re just listening to them at home. It’s a special thing.
    “The live experience although the songs are the same it’s a little bit different.”

    Leigh-Anne Pinnock stunned in double denim as she performed to a celeb-studded crowd in LondonCredit: Getty
    POP star Leigh-Anne was up on stage in a shot at an event in London.
    The former Little Mix singer performed to a celeb-studded crowd including Girls Aloud band members Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts.
    Radio 1 presenter Vick Hope was also at the party, which celebrated Smirnoff Vodka’s global We Do Us campaign with Tilting The Lens, supporting the disabled community in clubs, pubs and bars.
    Leigh-Anne wore this handkerchief top and matching flares at the bash, where she performed along with Mae Muller and the Spice Girls’ Melanie C.
    Guests enjoyed a free bar flowing with Smirnoff tipples including mango and passionfruit martinis, raspberry crush spritz and No.21 espresso martinis. The hangover was hell, but worth it.
    Keane to hear new Love song
    IT’S one of the most popular Christmas films of all time and now Keane have dropped a previously unheard song to coincide with us all watching Love Actually.
    The band, fronted by Tom Chaplin, wrote a single of the same name which was put forward for the 2003 film.
    Director Richard Curtis ended up turning it down but the group have revealed he regretted the decision.
    Now the track, out today, has launched as part of their 20th anniversary for their debut album Hopes And Fears.
    Keyboardist Tim Oxley-Rice said: “Richard always very graciously said he loved the song and wished he’d put it in the film. We all loved the song too, but having called it Love Actually, it was very hard to do anything with it.”
    Admitting his error, filmmaker Richard said: “I realised what a dreadful mistake that had been when, six months later, Hopes & Fears was No1 in the charts. It is so wonderful that the song is now being released for everyone to hear.”

    Dua Lipa stuns in New York as she promotes her new single HoudiniCredit: Getty
    DUA LIPA is taking a bite out of the Big Apple as she spends time in New York promoting new single Houdini.
    The track, which narrowly missed the top spot, is from her upcoming third album.
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    Dua, who flashed her midriff in baggy jeans and a leather jacket, but covered up on a night out said: “The album was intimately in diary form, so I wrote about things when they happened.
    “When you look back on (an incident) a month later your perspective changes. It’s important to take a breather.”
    Friends in need-le
    IN what is becoming an ABBA Voyage Christmas tradition, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Sir Ian McKellen have joined forces again to knit their famous pals festive jumpers.
    In a new video the pair, who have been busying making knits for Kylie Minogue and her dancers, are seen musing over who they can enlist for their team next time.
    Ian told Bjorn: “It’s hard to find a knitting partner. Tom Jones knits. He knits Tom Jones merch whereas I like to restrict myself to Abba.
    “Does Madonna knit? I think she has people who knit for her. Adele has a few tricks which she does.”
    If anyone can needle her into joining, I’m sure it will be Ian. More

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    Title of Football Factory sequel revealed with nod to Danny Dyer’s antics in first film

    THE original Football Factory film back in 2004 saw Danny Dyer and his co-star’s characters snort so much cocaine they made the Gallagher brothers look like amateurs.And The Sun can reveal a sprinkling of the white stuff has inspired the name of the much anticipated follow up.
    A sprinkling of the white stuff has inspired a much anticipated follow up to Danny Dyer’s Football FactoryCredit: Vertigo Films/Kobal/REX/Shutterstock
    A source said it is a real passion project for Danny and that he can’t wait to get back into the roleCredit: Getty
    Insiders have revealed the Football Factory sequel has been given the working title of Marching Powder – which is a euphemism for the celebrity loved snow.
    And in ten weeks work will start on the film, with West Ham hard nut Danny back as Chelsea hooligan Tommy Johnson.
    A source said: “It’s full steam ahead for Football Factory 2 and filming is due to start in January.
    “The hope is they can turn it around quickly enough so it comes out in 2024 – in time for the 20th anniversary.
    “The script for Marching Powder will reveal what happened to the rival factions of hooligans after the end of the last film.
    “It’s a real passion project for Danny who can’t wait to get his teeth back into the role.
    “Tamer Hassan – who played Millwall firm leader Fred – is also back for the film.
    “The finishing touches are being put on the production plan and all things being well, it’s going to be a really exciting start to the New Year.”
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    The plot of the film, which is bringing back Football Factory’s original director Nick Love, is still a closely guarded secret
    But at the Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi, an insider told me how Tamer could not stop talking about the flick when he spent time in a VIP suite with former Chelsea captain John Terry.
    A second source added: “Tamer’s character Fred hates Chelsea with a passion so it was comical to see Tamer deep in conversation with John.
    “Tammer was telling John all about Marching Powder and John seemed pretty excited to hear about it.”
    Football Factory ended with Tommy recovering after a severe beating by a group of Millwall fans – leaving fans desperate to find out what happens next.
    Whatever the plot ends up being, you can guarantee you’ll see more snow in that film than you’ll do this winter. More

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    Pianist Chloe Flowers reveals incredible gesture from Cardi B which helped her become a viral star 

    PIANIST Chloe Flower has opened up about her friendship with Cardi B – after the pair went viral following their performance at The Grammys in 2019.Chloe played as Cardi sang her hit Money at the bash.
    Pianist Chloe Flower has opened up about her friendship with Cardi BCredit: John Anthony
    Chloe played as Cardi sang her hit Money at the 2019 GrammysCredit: Getty
    Celebrating the release of her festive album, Chloe Hearts Christmas, she said in an exclusive chat: “It was my first time working with a female artist of this calibre.
    “She was such a girls’ girl and so empowering.”
    Recalling their Grammys performance, Chloe said: “They had me in a silver dress at a silver piano originally and she was like, ‘No, everybody stop’.
    “She made them change my whole outfit.
    “They took out a couple of my piano solos and she made me add them back in.
    “That was such an important experience for me as a female artist because I thought, this is what I want to be like.”
    Chloe, who sang her single Santa Tell Me, at an exclusive performance at The Dorchester Hotel in London last week, added: “Afterwards they were saying I stole the show and I worried she would be so mad.
    “But her label called my team and said Cardi wants to invite Chloe to dinner to celebrate her stealing the show.”
    Most read in Bizarre
    Christina ad a ball
    CHRISTINA AGUILERA’s working up an appetite.
    The singer stuns with a series of looks in these behind-the-scenes snaps for Just Eat’s latest ad.
    Christina Aguilera had fun behind the scenes filming an ad for Just EatCredit: The Mega Agency
    Christina was joined by hip-hop star LattoCredit: The Mega Agency
    For one, she wears a slashed futuristic silver dress, and in another she slips into a pink ball gown.
    Christina is joined in the clip by rising hip-hop star Latto.
    The singer is kicking off her debut Las Vegas residency on New Year’s Eve weekend.
    She follows in Kylie Minogue’s footsteps at new venue Voltaire at The Venetian.
    Sam in feast of festivals
    SAM SMITH is set for a bumper festival season next summer to celebrate a decade in music.
    The singer’s debut album In The Lonely Hour peaked at No1 when it was released in 2014 and turned Sam into a household name.
    Now I can reveal the Unholy star will be celebrating in style with appearances lined up at some of the world’s biggest festivals.
    A return to Glastonbury is also on the cards, ten years since Sam last played Worthy Farm.
    Sam has been flat out all year on the Gloria tour but will be back after a break.
    A source said: “There are some big events on the table, including a possible return to Glastonbury.”
    Tay in Tinsel Gown
    TAYLOR SWIFT wrapped herself in tinsel for the last Eras Show of 2023.
    She concluded her third gig in Sao Paulo wearing a silver and green sparkling mini dress.
    Taylor Swift wrapped herself in tinsel for her last Eras Show in Brazil and last of 2023Credit: Splash
    Taylor will bring the tour to the UK next summer, with eight nights at Wembley Stadium.
    Throughout the tour Taylor has been performing a surprise song each night.
    In the UK, fans will see her perform songs not on the official set list.
    Taylor is also gearing up to release Reputation (Taylor’s Version), the final album in her re-recording series, in early 2024. More

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    Kanye West ‘has no plans’ to reunite with 4 kids in LA for Christmas after settling in Saudi Arabia with Bianca Censori

    KANYE West has no plans to return to America to reunite with his four children for Christmas after months out of the country with his wife Bianca Censori, a source has claimed. The U.S. Sun published photographs of him partying with Bianca in Dubai at the weekend after they were on a “break” amid a reported rough patch in their marriage.
    Kanye West has been out of the country for months traveling away from his kidsCredit: The Mega Agency
    His ex Kim Kardashian has the children the majority of the time in Los AngelesCredit: KIM KARDASHIAN/INSTAGRAM
    Kanye spent time solo with his daughter North, 10, in Saudi Arabia without Bianca, after she spoke about how much she loved seeing him in an episode of The Kardashians.
    The 46-year-old was previously seen attending an AC Milan vs. Genoa soccer game with his son Saint, seven, in Italy back in early October, but has not been seen with his other children.
    He also shares a daughter Chicago, five, and a son Psalm, four, with his ex Kim Kardashian, who has the children the majority of the time despite sharing joint custody.
    Kanye, also known as Ye, has been out of the country since the summer, traveling in Europe and Saudi Arabia, and a source says he has no immediate plans to return but may see his children.

    “Ye has loved being out of LA, he’s never been a huge fan of the city and has no immediate plans to return, despite having a place here and his Yeezy HQ,” the insider told The U.S. Sun.
    “Bianca has spent time back in Australia and they’re getting back on track and planning what to do for the holidays.
    “There is talk of them returning to Italy in the next few weeks where he’s renting a place and having Kim fly the kids there, but it’s up in the air at the minute.
    “He hasn’t had all four children in a while, so it may just be the older ones, who are always accompanied by Kim’s security and a nanny, but he does want to see them.”
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    The U.S. Sun has reached out to Kanye’s lawyer for comment.
    Kanye has often criticized Kim during their co-parenting struggles and recently hit out at her again in a leaked text to Elon Musk shared on Instagram last month.
    The hitmaker’s friend Ian Connor shared a screenshot of the message which read: “When are we going to speak. You owe me nothing. You never have to speak to me again. But if we do speak. The nature of the relationship has to change. I’m not bi polar. I have signs of autism from my car accident.
    “You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me. And not say anything publicly and then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform [X, formerly Twitter].”
    The timestamps show the text to Elon was sent recently as Kanye asked Ian: “Get this out to the public,” who replied to the star, “Say less.”
    Kim, 43, has always strenuously denied keeping the children away from her ex-husband after they settled their divorce in November last year after nearly seven years of marriage.
    In a recent episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, Kim said daughter North prefers her father’s way of life.
    “North, she’ll go to her dad’s, she’ll be like, ‘Dad is the best. He has it all figured out. He doesn’t have a nanny. He doesn’t have a chef. He doesn’t have security. He lives in an apartment,'” Kim told her sister Kourtney. “And she’ll start crying, ‘Why don’t you have an apartment? I can’t believe we don’t have an apartment.'”
    Kanye secretly tied the knot with his Yeezy employee, Bianca, who is in her late 20s, in December last year, just a month after his split with Kim was finalized.
    The U.S. Sun was first to report they were living in an apartment in West Hollywood, close to his Yeezy HQ on Melrose Avenue, before taking off on their travels, first to Tokyo.
    An online property description shows their exact unit is estimated to be around $6,650 a month for the lease.
    It is a one-bed, one-and-a-half-bath home with just over 1,800ft of space in a luxury apartment building.
    The couple spent time at the home before first jetting off to Japan in July where they met up with Bianca’s parents Leo and Alexandra and her sister Angelina.
    Months later rumors swirled her family disapproved of his alleged controlling behavior and wanted her to leave him.
    She spent months in Italy with Kanye before returning to Australia amid a reported ‘intervention’ but she has since been seen back by his side in Dubai.
    Kanye has been focused on his music comeback and dropped the controversial track, Vultures, containing anti-Semitic lyrics which have provoked a strong reaction online.
    He is said to be releasing a full album in the coming weeks with collaborator Ty Dollar $ign.
    Kanye and Bianca reunited at the weekend following a ‘break’ when she returned to AustraliaCredit: Getty
    The star has previously hit out at his ex for ‘keeping his kids away from him,’ which Kim has strenuously deniedCredit: The Mega Agency More

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    Kylie Jenner renews trademark for ‘Kylie Con’ and ‘Kylie Museum’ as she plots total beauty industry takeover

    KYLIE Jenner has renewed her trademarks for Kylie Con and Kylie Museum which she first filed in 2020, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal. The Hulu notable appeared to be planning multiple conventions around her beauty industry empire as far back as three years ago, but stars have to renew trademarks if they have been inactive, so Kylie, 26, may still have a large-scale event up her sleeve.
    Kylie Jenner renewed trademarks for several beauty conventionsCredit: Kylie Cosmetics
    Kylie renewed 15 trademarks for Kylie Con and Kylie MuseumCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner
    Kylie’s trademarks for Kylie Con – alternatively Kylie Kon – and Kylie Museum remain the same as when she first filed them back in January 2020.
    According to documents obtained by The U.S. Sun, Kylie filed for her 15 trademarks on November 13, 2023.
    Her trademark for Kylie Museum describes: “Beauty consultation services in the selection and use of cosmetics, fragrances, beauty aids, personal care and skin care products, and bath, body and beauty products.”
    A second trademark details: “Organization of special events, exhibitions, interactive experiences in the nature of fairs, trade shows, and conventions for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes; arranging and conducting special events, exhibitions, interactive experiences in the nature of fairs, trade shows and conventions for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes; advertising, marketing and promotion services.”

    The same trademark continues: “Retail store services featuring gifts, general consumer merchandise, apparel, apparel accessories, cosmetics, skincare, beauty products, bath and shower products, hair care and hair styling products, fragrances, calendars, gift wrap, phone cases, pins and buttons; special event planning for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes.”
    Kylie Museum’s second trademark renewal concludes: “Providing specialized facilities for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes and providing specialized facilities for special events held for commercial, promotional or advertising purposes.”
    Her third, fourth, and fifth trademark renewals mention clothing, bags, accessories, and more.
    Trademarks for Kylie Con – and Kylie Kon – both outline the same descriptions as Kylie Museum.
    Most read in Celebrity
    K-WHY NOT?
    Kylie has had her eyes set on expanding her business empire beyond beauty.
    Back in October, The U.S. Sun reported the TV personality secretly started a new company, K Brand Inc., and filed trademarks for Khy and Khy Studios.
    Kylie incorporated K Brand Inc. in February 2023 and filed trademarks for Khy and Khy Studios under the company name in May 2023.
    The young entrepreneur’s plans for Khy include providing goods pertaining to: “Bracelets; Earrings; Jewelry; Watches; Key chains; Necklaces; Rings; Body jewelry; Costume jewelry.”
    However, Kylie won’t stop there, as the trademark outlines plans to sell bags, wallets, loungewear, clothing, lingerie, and more.
    The in-store retail shops and online stores plan to feature: “Apparel, footwear, handbags, jewelry, fashion accessories.”
    Khy Studios’ trademark outlines the same plans as Khy.
    The registered agents for K Brand Inc. told The U.S. Sun: “We are the agent for service of process for K Brand Inc., we are not involved in their day-to-day operations.”
    Earlier this year, the mom-of-two filed 30 additional trademarks under her personal name brand.
    The U.S. Sun reported she filed various trademarks under the names Kylie Hair, Kylie Hair by Kylie Jenner, Kylie Baby, Kylie Baby by Kylie Jenner, Kylie, and Kylie Jenner on May 15.
    Back in March, The U.S. Sun reported Kylie filed a new trademark for the name of her cult-favorite lip product, Gloss Drip.
    Gloss Drip is joining the beauty mogul’s seven other Kylie Cosmetics products, including Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner, Kybrow, Kyliner, Kyshadow, Kylighter, Kylash, and Glitter Eyes.
    The Kardashians star tends to brand everything off of her first name, although the Glitter Eyes and now Gloss Drip products appear to be the anomaly.
    She also has plans to relaunch Kylie Swim.
    Last year, The U.S. Sun reported Kylie filed five new trademarks for the brand after they were “dismissed” on July 11, 2022.
    Kylie was originally scheduled to reactivate her trademarks for the swimwear line on July 25; however, the applications weren’t processed until October 24.
    Kylie outlined ‘beauty consultation services’ and the ‘organization of special events’Credit: Getty
    Through this year Kylie had been busy secretly starting her own clothing line, KhyCredit: khy
    Earlier this year, she filed 30 trademarks for her brand under her first nameCredit: Instagram/KyliesCosmetics More

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    British music duo The KLF start surprise new business venture in bid to support ‘ravers to the grave’

    WACKY music duo The KLF are looking out for their old fans — by moving into the care home business.KLF Kare has been launched by the electro pop veterans to support “ravers to the grave”.
    Wacky band The KLF are moving into the care home businessCredit: SUPPLIED
    The KLF, writers of Justified and Ancient, said: ‘KLF Kare will take you where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain’Credit: Alamy
    It came as they released a remix of Harry Nilsson’s Everybody’s Talkin’, which they said several years ago would be 2023’s festive No1.
    In their latest venture, Bill Drummond, 70, and Jimmy Cauty, 66, promise “branding solutions” for existing independent care homes.
    The pair, whose hits include Last Train To Trancentral and Justified and Ancient, said: “KLF Kare will take you where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain.”
    A ‘Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest’ has also been announced for pensioner residents.
    The duo’s past stunts include burning £1million.
    In 2017 they announced plans for the ‘People’s Pyramid’ – a pyramid made up of human ashes.
    Actor Vince Williams was the first to point out the uncomfortable coincidence.
    The Ted Lasso star said: “Hold on, don’t they also have a business where when you die they put your ashes in a People’s Pyramid?
    Most read in Music
    “Are they just building up their supply of ashes?”. More

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    Jack Whitehall opens up about wild night he spent partying with Manchester City hero Jack Grealish and teammates

    THE Manchester City players are some of the hardest partiers in the Premier League.Now comedian Jack Witehall has revealed what it’s like to go on a night out with Jack Grealish and co, after joining them in Ibiza in June for a booze-up to celebrate winning three trophies .
    Jack Whitehall revealed what it’s like to go on a night out with Jack Grealish and coCredit: Rex
    Jack joined Grealish and his teammates in Ibiza for a booze-up to celebrate winning three trophiesCredit: Getty
    Jack said: “We had this amazing moment where we were all doing shots on the dancefloor.
    “The best thing about it was you saw Erling Haaland, who had one drink. He was careful sipping all evening and was totally composed.
    “You had Rodri, and Ruben Dias, screening their VIP area like they do on the pitch. It definitely felt like they’d applied some tactics to how they were going to keep themselves safe in the club.
    “And then you had Grealish just loose as a goose in the middle of all it. He was still going three days later, it’s so commendable.”
    Read More on Showbiz
    After partying until 4am, Jack called it quits, and admitted he ended up with the mother of all hangovers.
    Chatting to Russell Howard on his Wonderbox podcast, Jack said: “I literally had to go and lock myself in a room and sleep for two days.
    “I was not right for a week. Jack Grealish was in Manchester downing pints and singing songs at 9am the following morning.
    “He has the talent of Gary Lineker on the pitch and Wayne Lineker off it.”
    Most read in Bizarre
    I’m not sure he’ll thank you for that, Jack.
    Tatt’s Ed like you never saw him
    WE are used to see him on stages around the world but it’s good to see Ed Sheeran does have time off too.
    The singer has shared a flurry of snaps from his past year on the road, including downing a beer topless and showing off his colourful tattoos, rocking a white cowboy hat as he has on a mechanical bull a go on a bucking bronco.
    Ed Sheeran shared a flurry of snaps from his past year on the roadCredit: Instagram/@teddysphotos
    Ed rocks a white cowboy hat on a mechanical bullCredit: Instagram/@teddysphotos
    Ed was snapped grilling on his BBQCredit: Instagram/@teddysphotos
    In another shot Ed knocks back a beer while showing off his colourful body art on a private boat.
    A third shot sees the Shape of You singer larking about with wife Cherry backstage at one of his gigs.
    Ed is usually quiet when it comes to social media – but jokes he’s now back online after losing his password for months on end.
    He replied to a fan: “I remembered my login finally.”

    SIR TOM JONES and Becky Hill have joined next summer’s Forest Live line-up.
    Gabrielle will be supporting It’s Not Unusual singer Tom at his gig at Thetford Forest, Norfolk on June 28. Becky will play a set at Delamere Forest, Cheshire, on June 13.
    She is in good company, with Sting lined up to play there the following day and Nile Rodgers & Chic booked for June 15.
    Tickets go on sale on Friday.

    Frock ‘n’ awe, Kath
    KATHERINE JENKINS was the belle of the ball as she returned to her native Wales for a spectacular homecoming gig.
    The opera star dazzled in pink at her Home For Christmas gig, in Swansea, after changing out of an earlier white number.
    Katherine Jenkins dazzled in pink at her Home For Christmas gig, in SwanseaCredit: Splash
    She was joined by guests including pianist Chloe Flower and singer Jack Savoretti.
    It was an emotional night for Katherine, who had her mum and pals in the crowd.
    She said: “There’s no place like home. Being back in Wales always makes me want to pull out all the stops.
    “It was an incredible night.”
    Mo out as host of Brits
    MO GILLIGAN has confirmed he is stepping down as the host of next year’s Brit Awards after two years at the helm.
    The comic said the swanky ceremony, which takes place at London’s O2 Arena on March 2, clashed with an upcoming tour.
    Mo Gilligan is stepping down as the host of next year’s Brit AwardsCredit: ITV
    Mo said yesterday: “It’s been phenomenal to work on this iconic event.
    “I’ve loved getting to know all the remarkable people who run The Brit Trust and the outstanding Brit School.”
    I’m a big fan of Mo but the show could do with a much-needed freshen up – and bringing in a top-notch host to ramp up proceedings should be a on the top of bosses’s to-do list.
    My money’s on ITV darling Maya Jama, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m filling you in on who has taken up the coveted role.
    The three acts in the running for their Rising Star gong, which has recognised artists including Adele, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith and James Bay, are named today.
    Singer Caity Baser, five-piece band The Last Dinner Party and pop star Sekou will battle it out, with the winner announced on December 7.
    Good luck to them all.
    Dave new chart bid
    FOLLOWING the success of chart-topper Sprinter, Dave is back with another massive collaboration.
    This Friday he will drop new track Lyrical Lemonade, where he works alongside US star Jack Harlow.
    Dave is back with another massive collaborationCredit: Getty
    Sprinter, his collaboration with Central Cee, earned Dave his third UK No1 single in June.
    It became the longest-running chart-topper by a UK rap artist in history, with ten weeks at the summit.
    Jack is already at No1 with the single Lovin On Me.
    With both Dave and Jack on board I predict this new track will be huge.

    ALAN CARR beamed with pride with his pal Adele after she had sneaked in to watchd his first ever stand up show in Los Angeles.
    Sharing this snap online, Alan wrote: “She came, she saw, she cackled!!! Thank you so much @adele for coming.”
    Adele with Alan Carr at his first ever stand up gig in Los AngelesCredit: Instagram
    J-Lo the movie
    JENNIFER LOPEZ has struck a deal for a film that will be released on the same day as her upcoming album This Is Me . . . Now.
    The American superstar will drop the record – and the movie via Prime Video – on February 16 next year.
    The film is hyped as an “extravagant visual and sonic feast with impressive choreography, star-studded cameos, costumes, sets and blockbuster-worthy visuals.”
    It’s great to have her back. More

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    90s boyband legends admit they’re in talks about huge Las Vegas residency as they close in on ninth No1 album

    TAKE That are gearing up to Rule The World all over again. And this time they have Las Vegas in their sights.
    Take That’s Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Gary Barlow are gearing up to Rule The World againCredit: Rex
    Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald have confirmed they are in talks with casino bosses in Sin City about a possible residency there.
    And if they manage to pull it off, I can guarantee it will be absolutely massive, with the group on course to land their ninth No1 album with their comeback record This Life on Friday after six years away.
    This is just the beginning for the lads however, who are already working on ideas for their next body of work.
    At the live recording of their podcast Take That: This Life in London’s Leicester Square, which will be out soon, Gary said: “We were sat together the other day and they were going through all the numbers (for the This Life album) at the label
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    “And everything was looking great and they said to us, ‘How does it feel?’
    “And we turn to one and other and went, ‘Well, it means we can do it again. It means we can make another record in a few weeks’.”
    When asked about taking a turn in Sin City, Gary hinted: “Las Vegas, it looks promising,” before he admitted the group had been locked in planning meetings for their major UK tour, which kicks off in Sheffield on April 13 next year.
    Gary added: “There’s an invisible switch that happens when the album comes out and there’s nothing else you can do then, so your brain starts thinking about the tour immediately and within the last four days we’ve done the most work on the tour and it’s very, very exciting.”
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    The trio announced their big comeback in my column in September and it was undoubted they would race to the top spot again thanks to the quality of the songs on This Life
    But the whiff of another No1 this Friday has clearly spurred on Gary, Mark and Howard and given them a fresh lease of life when it comes to music.
    Howard added: “People always ask, ‘Are you going to be like the Rolling Stones and keep going until that sort of age?’
    “And I think, you know what, maybe in five or ten years there won’t be as many dance moves but I think if we carry on making great music I think we can carry on.” More