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    Dubai-based Italian jewellery designer’s guide to a La Dolce Vita summer in Capri


    by Camille Macawili
    3 hours ago

    A high-profile clientele, A-list celebrity customers and the support of prominent industry insiders propelled fine jewellery label Faraone Mennella into the jewelry spotlight.
    Drawing design inspiration from classical Italian heritage, award-winning designers Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio craft tactile, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that have been worn by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Charlize Theron, to name a few. Now, with the Amedeo’s recent move to Dubai, he is plotting his next steps for the brand.
    Emirates Woman chats with Amedeo Scognamiglio about his beginnings – as well as sharing insider tips and hidden gems and insider tips on how to do Capri like a local.
    When was the point you realized you wanted to have your own label and designing jewelry could be your career?
    I am the 6th generation of a family dynasty devoted to the craftsmanship of cameos and coral in Italy since 1857 so jewelry is in my DNA. But when I moved to NYC in my early 20s, Manhattan’s art and fashion scene of the 90s started to influence my aesthetics, helping me redefine my design vision. The mix of my Italian classic heritage and the NYC pop culture pushed me to dare and reinvent the design codes I absorbed in my father’s workshop. At that point, I felt empowered to not simply keep running a centuries-old family business, but revolutionise that ancient craft making it cool and current.
    Love Lemons 18kt Diamond Earrings Dhs25,155 available at
    You split your time between New York, London and Capri then recently moved to Dubai – tell us about this.
    I split my time between NYC and London while enjoying my summer months in Capri which is home to me and to my 2 brands’ flagship stores. After Covid-19, and the tragic loss of Roberto Faraone Mennella my partner and best friend, I felt like I needed to move somewhere where I could start again and not live with the memories. With the help and guidance of my dear Emirati friends, I moved here last year, and I still pinch myself every day how lucky I am. Dubai, to me now what NYC felt in1998: vibrant, energetic, advanced and exciting.
    For those who are new to the brand, what are your hero designs that are driving sales in the Middle East?
    Faraone Mennella’s iconic pieces, even after 20 years now, are the ones first seen on Sex & The City back then. Stella Collection, our first design, is now our signature and iconic quintessentially Faraone Mennella collection. Over the years, and thanks to our long collaboration with Carolina Herrera, the fashion queen of NYC, we specialized in couture and bespoke high jewelry collections we only sell in our own boutiques and to private clients.
    Abracadabra Earrings Dhs24,815 available at
    How did you develop your signature technique?
    Although I am lucky to come from a family tradition and was able to ‘’experiment’’ and learn all the different angles of jewellery making from the very early age of 13 years old. When I design, I think of places, gowns, yachts and parties.. where my ladies will want to wear my jewellery.
    Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio
    Being an independent label, does that limit what you can do?
    The most discerning and sophisticated luxury shoppers are always on the lookout for niche brands offering a product not seen everywhere. Luxury is about dreaming and holding memories of experiences that can’t be replicated. This is what we offer, and the reason why we are able to thrive in a highly competitive market is due to the authenticity and uniqueness we have over the big conglomerates.
    What have been the highlights of your career so far?
    A few memorable ones are: designing the jewelry for Sex & The City (2002); being included in TIME Style & Design’s 100 most influential designers (2007); Fondazione AltaGamma, Best Jewellery Design award (2020); but above and beyond anything, working with Roberto Faraone Mennella for 20 years, to see our dream of the early days in NYC become a globally recognized luxury brand. Now that I am left alone at the helm, my only reason to work is to prepare our brand’s legacy for the future, in honor of Roberto’s life. Now it’s a luxury brand with a higher purpose.
    One thing to look forward to in Capri every summer?
    The annual Faraone Mennella ‘’Viva Capri’’ event! It started in 2012 when we opened. We thought it would only be a party for the official opening, but our clients decided it had to be a yearly reunion. And so every year, the first week of July we celebrate jewellery, summer, and friendship with a truly eventful party with dancing and singing, in the most iconic locations of the island.
    The best way to spend a lazy summer day in Capri…
    Don’t plan, don’t schedule, don’t stress. Enjoy the island, the way the ancient Romans did. La Dolce Vita!
    What’s your top tip for travelling to Capri?
    No need to stress about expensive private transfers from Napoli – enjoy the 50-minute ride with the commercial hydrofoil lines, they are easy, faster, and more comfortable. From Dubai, FlyDubai has direct flights to Naples airport is better than a private jet and makes my life and commute so easy.

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    Founder of Amal Counsel shares how what we choose to wear can affects our thoughts


    by Camille Macawili
    1 hour ago

    When you got dressed this morning, did you have to stop and think about how you want to feel for the day?
    Enclothed cognition is a phenomenon where the clothes (including colours, textures, and styles) that we choose to wear affect our thoughts. When used as a mindfulness tool, it has mood-altering benefits that can greatly improve our mental and emotional states.
    To dive into this, we speak to Emirati CEO and Founder of Amal Counsel, Naila Al Moosawi. Amal Counsel is a homegrown organisation dedicated to offering accessible and affordable online therapy services in the UAE. It operates on a volunteer basis with highly-skilled counselors and associates who are committed to supporting the mental and emotional well-being of society.
    With Naila’s background in Psychology, she brings a deep understanding of the human psyche to her leadership approach. Here, she shares how the clothes you wear shape your thoughts, and gives us an insight into her career journey.

    Naila Al Moosawi, Founder and CEO of Amal Counsel

    What was the catalyst for launching Amal-Counseling?
    Amal-CFBT was originally designed to be launched between 2025 and 2027, but the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process. In 2020, there was a dire need to support the nation and community in their time for distress, so there was no better time to launch the organization.
    Tell us more about the concept.
    Amal-CFBT is an organization for the people. This means that our team members and counsellors all work on a non-profit basis. We do our best to match our clients with preferred counsellors and even offer a 24/7 helpline. We are also the only private counselling service in the UAE, and we aim to make therapy accessible and affordable to the community. Our overall aim through all our services is to support society and help them engage in a safe emotional wellness process.
    Since its launch in 2020, how has it evolved?
    Over time, we have evolved into an organization with over 45 employees including over 25 counsellors and 20 psychology associates and business leads. The Amal-CFBT infrastructure is designed to ensure accessibility, affordability and sustainability. In the future, we aim to continue reaching out and penetrating the market through our growing partnership arm.
    What advice would you give yourself starting out?
    There should be no such thing as failure; it shouldn’t even be part of our vocabulary. Wake up in the morning to do your best. You may not reach the bar you set for yourself, but that only means you wake up the next morning to aim higher and do better. That’s what matters.
    What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from launching this?
    The biggest lesson I have learned is that there isn’t just one lesson you remember from a journey. For Amal, this is a journey that still has a long way to go, and there are even more lessons to come. Until this point in time, I believe every lesson I’ve learned, whether from a family member or someone I met for two minutes, is crucial to my journey and Amal’s launch.

    Image: Instagram @moyamii

    How do the clothes we wear influence our behavior and affect cognitive processes?
    Clothes can influence our mental processes in more ways than one. They influence the way we perceive ourselves, our confidence, our self-esteem, and even how others react to us. For example, wearing formal attire can make us feel more professional or even authoritative. I believe this is the reason we have comfort items of clothing, like that favorite sweatshirt that makes you feel warm and safe, or the bright, flowy dress that makes you feel free and happy.

    Image: Instagram @anoukyve

    Are there certain colors, prints, or textures that our brain positively responds to?
    Of course. The color blue, for example, triggers better mind flow, whereas yellow can improve your mood and reduce your stress. Green, on the other hand, has the positive qualities of both blue and yellow.
    In regards to textures and prints, I don’t believe there is a lot of research on that, but I do think there is a correlation between them and our mental health. I believe there should be a reason why fabrics like cotton and silk make us “feel” good. In addition to the physically good feeling, they also induce a feeling of calm and comfort!
    What is your go-to outfit do you wear when you want to lift your mood?
    My favorite old, faded pajamas.
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    9 timeless Instagram accounts to follow this month


    by Sarah Joseph
    4 hours ago

    For an aesthetic feed, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of horological-inspired accounts to follow on Instagram.
    Charles Oudin@charlesoudin

    Parisian watchmakers since 1797.
    Hôtel des Horlogers@hoteldeshorlogers

    A place to make time for things that matter.

    An unmistakably Italian way of living and dressing since 1953.

    Embark on a nostalgic culinary journey to evoke the vintage Parisian spirit.
    SHA Wellness Clinic@shawellness

    Turn back time using proven natural therapies.
    Christie’s Middle East@christiesmiddleeast

    Authentic timepieces meticulously curated at auction.
    Dubai Watch Club Girls@dubaiwatchclubgirls

    The UAE social club for women who love watches.

    A brand known for its perpetual pursuit of excellence.

    Taking luxe travel to the next level in Saudi Arabia.
    May’s – The Horology Issue – Download Now 
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    Lacoste unveils a special collection inspired by 8 Netflix shows


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    Combining fashion and entertainment together, the Lacoste X Netflix collaboration is a unique moment in pop culture.
    Celebrating some of Netflix’s most beloved shows like Stranger Things, Bridgerton, Lupin, Money Heist, The Witcher, Sex Education, Shadow & Bone and Elite — the fashion label unveiled a line of clothing inspired by these fan-favourite series.
    From whether polos, sweatshirts and tracksuits — everything has been reimagined from the Upside Down to Las Encinas high school with the signature crocodile being a constant element.
    “We are delighted with this collaboration which has resulted in a unique encounter between our two worlds and two global references of creativity and innovation, both with anunparalleled power to bring together communities from all walks of life. The collection born from our collaboration is the embodiment of this powerful encounter, of our respective codes, influences and know-how,” shared Catherine Spindler, Lacoste Deputy CEO.
    “We think products can be a powerful medium for storytelling and partnering with Lacoste presents a unique opportunity to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment, expressed Josh Simon, VP, Consumer Products, Netflix. “This collection is a compelling and creative way for fans to express their love for our stories and characters.”

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    8 incredible women share what small things elevate their own lives


    by Team Emirates Woman
    2 hours ago

    Words by Sarah Joseph & Camille Macawaili 
    We ask some of the most incredible women we know, what small things elevate their own lives and how they uplift all the women they’re surrounded with.

    Zoya SakrFounder of The Flower Society

    What small things elevate your life?
    Spending time with my family and friends elevates my life morally and emotionally, listening to my kids, advising them, discussing my worries, my plans, and things that give me drive in life and taking the opinions of my loved ones elevates me.
    How do you elevate the lives of people around you?
    I love taking care of my family, making my mom happy means the world to me, we just came back from an escape in the Maldives for her 80th birthday, and spending full days with my family brings joy to everyone. Being there for family, colleagues and friends elevate their lives, time is the most precious thing you can offer them.
    Amna Mohammad KarmostajiFashion designer & founder of Elna Line

    What small things elevate your life?
    Every morning, I make it a priority to start my day with a fresh and optimistic mindset. I believe in clearing my mind of negative thoughts and accepting what I cannot change and so my social circle consists of individuals who bring positivity, happiness, and joy into my life. I am a firm believer in setting personal and professional goals, and I find immense pleasure and satisfaction in achieving them. I am also a believer in constant growth and development, both mentally and physically, and I strive to learn new skills and acquire knowledge by surrounding myself with individuals who have similar aspirations and goals. Doing so motivates me and offers fresh perspectives and inspiration. It is a fantastic way to grow and share ideas with like-minded individuals. In my free time, I engage in activities that bring me pure joy, such as practicing yoga, going on beach trips, spending girls’ nights with my closest friends, and exploring new places.
    How do you elevate the lives of people around you?
    I always strive to maintain a positive outlook, as I believe that positivity is infectious. Leading by example is also a principle that I adhere to and make a point of keeping my promises and showing that I am committed through my actions. This builds a strong foundation of trust and loyalty, which is crucial when building and maintaining relationships. My loved ones know that they can always count on me, no matter how trivial their problems may seem as having a support system is essential. While it’s easy to celebrate success, true friends are the ones who stand by you during your lows and lift you up when you’re feeling- ing down. Small acts of kindness can go a long way, and I try to make it a habit to give compliments to my colleagues, peers, and friends as little reminders of their worth. As part of the Elnaline brand, we have always been involved in social causes to uplift and support women. I feel privileged to be in a position to positively impact the lives of those around me through small gestures. Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s the little thoughtful things that people remember and appreciate the most.
    Nayla Al KhajaFirst Female Film Writer, Director and Producer in the UAE

    What small things elevate your life?
    Welcoming my children with open arms every day after school invigorates my life with joy and purpose. Strolling through our lovely neighbourhood in the morning while chatting with my dear brother uplifts my spirits and sets a positive tone for the day. Receiving an unexpected “I love you” message from my beloved husband fills my soul with an elevated sense of love and contentment.
    How do you elevate the lives of those around you?
    My mission is to uplift and inspire those in my circle by sparking innovative ideas and collaborating to bring them to fruition. Sharing delicious meals and performing small acts of kindness are just a few of the ways I seek to elevate those around me. However, I believe that the most powerful tool for elevating the human spirit is laughter, which has the ability to heal, connect, and transform lives.
    Nadine KansoFounder of Jewellery Brand Bil Arabi

    What small things elevate your life?
    I think what elevates my life is my need for human interaction. I love to socialise, meeting new people and learning about new things truly inspires me and allows me to foster my personal growth and development. I love to be surrounded by positive and loving energy. That, I believe really elevates life! Having a support system builds resilience. When we choose to surround ourselves with positive and loving people, we open ourselves up to a world of possibilities and potential. It all starts with the energy that we choose to bring into our lives. I thrive on what adds value to me and allows me to grow.
    How do you elevate the lives of people around you?
    In return, I elevate the lives of those around me by making sure to be there for them when they need me, always trying to offer all the love and support I have. Giving love and support to those around us is one of the most powerful ways to make a positive impact. When we take the time to show kindness and compassion to others, we not only elevate their lives but also enrich our own.
    Honayda SeradiFashion Designer

    What small things elevate your life?
    Any positive gesture elevates my life. And it is indeed the smallest things that elevate it. Like waking up to a shining sunrise, listening to music, dancing, seeing people happy, doing sports, and accepting life as it is! But also whatever nourishes my soul. I long for adventures, discovering new cultures and visiting heritage sites. Every trip brings inspiration and elevates my mind.
    How do you elevate the lives of those around you?
    From a philanthropist perspective, I thrive to always make an actual positive change in the lives of those in need. Whether through my activities with the children of AlOula NPO, or the craftswomen of Alwaleed Philanthropies. I believe myself to be lucky, to be able to impact other people’s lives positively through my brand, specifically women, as well as the young talents of the Kingdom who I accompany as a mentor through my role with the Saudi 100 brands programme and King Abdul Aziz University.
    Arwa AlKadiFashion Designer
    What small things elevate your life?
    A good cup of coffee in the morning, writing three things I’m grateful for everyday, exercising, focusing on my spirituality and spending quality time with family and friends. Working in a creative industry with like-minded people also really inspires me.
    How do you elevate the lives of people around you?
    My relationships are important to me, whether that’s family, friends or colleagues. I try to be there for the people around me, support them in what they need and lift them up.
    Sophie Bille BraheJewellery Designer

    What small things elevate your life?
    The colour of the sky, a walk with my dog, a drawing from my daughter. I try to remain sensitive to all the beautiful things surrounding me.
    How do you elevate the lives of people around you?
    Taking care of the people around me is the most important thing I can do. I want to be as present as I can for them. I try to see people where they are and meet them at that exact moment. It can be difficult, but it is so important. Time is so scarce, so giving your time to others is the best gift you can give. I try my best to be there for the ones I love, to gather them around the table to share as much as can be.

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    Prada Caffè opens at Harrods in London


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    On 31st march, 2023, the Italian luxury brand opened Prada Caffè at Harrods in London – unlocking a whole new dimension under the fashion house.
    The space visually boasts of Prada’s signature hallmarks – from the decor and menu to the tableware and atmosphere – every element has the brand’s DNA displayed in a distinctive way.
    Once you enter the luxe Prada Caffè, the walls, ceilings, velvet-upholstered sofas and armchairs are all synonymously painted in the iconic Prada green.  The floors replicate the black-and-white chequered patterned, referenced from the historic Prada boutique on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan.
    The floral bas-reliefs on the walls will remind you of the many Prada flagship stores across the world. Original tableware ranging from pale-blue Japanese porcelain with a contrasting double black line, inspired by ancient Celadon potter  to blown-glass crystal glassware, including the Triangle series with its quintessentially Prada triangular pattern, can be found resting on the goregous furniture of this new cafe.
    Providing a modern spin on traditional Italian, the Prada Caffè  serves a wide range of dishes between breakfast and evening cocktails. From sandwiches and risotto sitting alongside buffalo mozzarella to salmon and crab dishes, along with spritz – and negroni-based aperitifs complementing the list of signature cocktails.
    Pastries are the focal point at this gourmet spot – showcased both on the central counter and the wall behind. The wide selection includes fine patisserie products, paired with expert craftsmanship that demonstrates modern techniques and classic ingredients with contemporary flavours.
    The Prada Caffè will be open from 31st March 2023 to 7 January 2024. From 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Saturday and from 12 PM to 6 PM on Sunday, with an entrance on Hans Road. It will soon be joined by an outdoor stall, which will offer Londoners a delicious range of ice creams.
    Inside the Prada Caffè

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    April’s – The Elevate Issue with Carrera


    by Amy Sessions
    2 hours ago

    Words & Creative Direction: Amy SessionsPhotographer: Greg AdamskiFashion Editor: Camille MacawiliMakeup & Hair: Melanie Meyer at MMGModel: Alexandra Papagianni at MMGAll styling with thanks to OUNASS
    Welcome to The Elevate Issue.
    In this issue we look at those operating at the top of their field, raising the bar and bringing their A-game to an industry they have become expert in. We also ask what it takes to get to the top and stay there. One thing many of these incredible individuals have in common is consistency, a reminder to never underestimate the power of the compounding effect of small daily habits.
    For the cover we have partnered with Carrera, a brand synonymous with pioneering design and outstanding quality since 1956.
    We deliver the best edit of cool, contemporary cuts to keep you covered this Ramadan in The Edit, we speak to Isabel May, Managing Director & Chief Customer Experience Officer at MyTheresa on operating with excellence at every touchpoint in the e-commerce game in A Curated Approach and we unveil the latest collection form UAE – based ODEEM in An Understated Summer.
    Beauty and lifestyle wise, we compile the best pieces to elevate your nighttime routine in Well Rested, we have an exclusive interview with Victoire de Taillac, Founder of Officine Universelle Buly in Art De Vivre and we elevate your hair game with the best hair mists in Crowning Glory.
    We also compile the best edit of short haul trips in Eid Escapes, so you can book your downtime in advance.

    Take this month to define reflect, reevaluate, and elevate. Welcome to the next level.
    April’s – The Elevate Issue – Download Now 
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    Inspired by Couture, Rolls-Royce & Iris Van Herpen collaborate on a masterpiece


    by Ruman Baig
    59 mins ago

    Automobile giant Rolls-Royce joins forces with innovative fashion designer and couturier Iris van Herpen to presents Phantom Syntopia—the most technically complex Bespoke Phantom ever produced.
    To push the boundaries of of innovation, craftsmanship and luxury, the two luxury houses have come together. “In collaborating with internationally renowned designer and Haute Couturière Iris van Herpen, we once again redraw the boundaries of innovation, craftsmanship and Bespoke possibility; not just for a motor car but across the wider luxury sector,” shares Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Chief Executive Officer, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.
    Designer Iris van Herpen will design a bespoke Haute Couture ensemble to complement the Phantom Syntopia.“For this special collaboration I was inspired by the concept of ‘Weaving Water’ and transformed the sense of being in movement into an immersive experience of fluidity inside the Phantom,” added the couturier.
    The name Phantom Syntopia is derived from Iris’ iconic 2018 collection, based on the principles of biomimicry, in which art is inspired by patterns and shapes found in nature. Similar to the collection, which features a number of sculpted garments brought to life through movement—Phantom Syntopia embodies the same fluidity through through its ‘Weaving Water’ theme.
    The interior features three-dimensional textile sculptures that captures the essence of flowing water. The one-of-a-kind ‘Weaving Water’ Starlight Headliner is the most complex in Rolls-Royce history, the artwork for which was exclusively hand-crafted by specialists at the Home of Rolls-Royce and Iris van Herpen’s Amsterdam atelier.
    The stunning shimmering exterior was developed with a one-off Liquid Noir paint which is iridescent in sunlight. It reveals purple, blue, magenta and gold undertones when viewed from different angles. To master this effect, the marque’s darkest solid-black paint is overlaid with a finish, incorporating a mirror-like pigment, selected for its colour-shifting properties.
    In an attempt to pay tribute to Rolls-Royce’s heritage, the Phantom Syntopia dives back into an era where the driver’s seat was trimmed in hardwearing leather and the rear compartment in luxurious, inviting fabrics. The front seats of Phantom Syntopia are finished in Magic Grey leather, distinguished by its lustrous finish.

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