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    10 Trends So Good That I’m Buying Them Now to Wear Later

    So it’s the 10th month spent at home, the holidays are over, and the weather is pretty bleak. January is always a bummer of a month, even without a global pandemic (am I right, or am I right?). While staying-at-home persists, you might be feeling the Sunday Scaries every night of the week. If that’s not a plea for some retail therapy, I don’t know what is.Personally, I have not been online shopping as much this year as I typically do (at least my bank account is pleased), but the items I have purchased meant more. For one reason, expecting a package in the mail gives me the will to live, but cute trends and pretty pieces also make me feel hopeful for a little bit of normalcy. Maybe I’m overly sentimental, or maybe the trends RN are just so good, but as a little pick-me-up and post-holiday present for myself, these are the trends I’m so excited to wear later (whether it’s in warmer weather or when it’s safe to go out again), that I’m buying them now.

    1. Belted Blazers

    Since March, I’ve been dreaming of what I would wear on my first day back at the office. After 10+ months of reflecting, I can confidently say this will be it. There’s something about a tie belt that makes a standard blazer instantly chicer, and a silhouette immediately more flattering.

    2. Distressed Flared Denim

    If 2020 has done one thing for my closet, it’s that I’m ready to break up with my skinny jeans (and my sweatpants have doubled in numbers). The trendy pair of jeans I’ll be rocking in 2021 is a distressed pair with a flared leg. They’re chic, relaxed, and of-the-moment stylish, and they’re so comfortable, I can start wearing them now while lounging at home.

    3. Mid-Length Knit

    Keeps us warm, feels comfortable, and looks insanely stylish–what can’t knit do? The style I’m currently pining after is a mid-length dress, tight enough to comfortably cling to the body, without being so tight you can’t eat too many slices of pizza (you know what I’m talking about). Dress it up with heeled boots, or dress it down with white sneakers and rock it from now until summer.

    4. Silky Printed Button-Downs

    You may think button-downs are just for the office, but they’ve become my fashionable loungewear of choice. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, only silkier, comfier, and more statement-making. The bloggers on my Instagram feed have been rocking printed button-downs for months over knit joggers and biker shorts, but they’ll look just as good tucked into distressed denim. The bolder print, the better. 

    5. Spring Pastels

    So the weather (and groundhog) still says winter, but I think we can all agree that we’re ready for spring. After a crazy few months, we need sunny days, warmer weather, and bright colors. I’m longing for colors like baby blue, pretty pink, and light yellow to brighten up OOTDs. Wear it now with knit sweaters in pastel colors, or save it for later with blouses, sundresses, and accessories.

    6. Luxe Bra Tops

    Am I the only one who hasn’t bought a new bra since senior year of high school? Lately, I’ve been shopping for comfy bra tops and luxurious bralettes because I’m an adult, and I deserve something pretty, damn it! Maybe I’ll be so bold to wear an outfit with a chic bra top and high-waisted jeans, maybe I’ll lounge at home in a jersey knit bra instead of my old wired ones, or maybe I’ll just feel an extra boost of confidence knowing there’s something pretty under my sweatshirt. Either way, sign me up.

    7. Lug Chelsea Boots

    I’m not usually so edgy to opt for a chunky boot, but apparently, 2020 has brought out my inner edge. Chelsea boots are always in style, but the 2021 version comes with a lug sole, AKA a thicker bottom with ridges (don’t worry, I had to Google it too). Lug Chelsea Boots add a casual, edgy detail to a classic, feminine style, AKA the perfect shoe for any outfit.

    8. Fringe

    Whether it’s Western-inspired fringe jackets you’d find in old John Wayne movies or glam fringe reminiscent of 1920s flappers, the trend is blowing up. Right now, I’m buying it in jackets and sweaters I can wear at home, as well as pretty accessories and dresses I can wear later. 

    9. Sweater Vests

    Who would’ve thought that Chandler Bing would’ve been a fashion icon in 2021? The ’90s fashion trend is back (and chicer than ever), which is no surprise since it’s the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish. Wear it over collared shirts or turtlenecks while the weather’s still cold, and transition it under blazers or on its own with denim shorts when the temperature gets warmer. 


    10. Knee-High Boots with a Kitten Heel

    Didn’t you hear? OTK boots are out, and knee-high boots are in. While I still love my chunky-heeled knee-high boots I bought last year, 2021 is all about the skinny and short heel. It’s a little more elegant, comfortable, and trendy, so consider me obsessed. I’ll be looking forward to wearing them out and about, but until then, I’ll be drooling over them in my closet.

    What trends are you buying RN? More

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    There’s a Major Sale at J.Crew RN—Here’s What’s in My Cart

    The months after the holidays mean exactly three things to me: 1. attempting to keep my New Year’s resolutions, 2. staying at home with the fireplace on (I don’t do cold weather well), and 3. a J.Crew shopping spree. Maybe it’s because I get bad post-holidays blues and retail therapy helps, or maybe it’s because no one does cashmere like J.Crew. Either way, I scour the website every January, debating whether I want to spend money on a new sweater, stylish jacket, or something to look forward to for spring. This year, I can get all three, thanks to this epic sale. Whether you want more cozy loungewear to keep you warm at home or you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe for spring, now is your chance. Keep scrolling to shop our favorite picks and use code EPIC for 30% off full-price items and an extra 50% off sale styles. 

    use code EPIC More

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    Our Favorite Wardrobe Essential From Target Just Came Out in 14 New Colors—and It’s $4 Right Now

    Last summer, I discovered something that truly changed my life. It was so simple, yet also the perfect summation of everything that was missing from my wardrobe. It’s flattering, versatile, the perfect cut, comfortable, and most importantly, incredibly affordable.So Jess, what the heck is it?! It is Target’s A New Day Ribbed Tank. The obsession started when I purchased just two tanks—but, by the end of summer, I owned six. I am telling you: that’s how good they are. Many of our editors also own them, and they all own more than one. You just have to trust us that once you put it on, you’ll never want to wear another tank again. 
    Although this tank is a summer wardrobe staple, I managed to continue to wear mine all through fall and winter by layering them with sweaters, cardigans, and jackets—proving that it is truly the most versatile piece in my closet.

    Now fast forward to last week, and something appeared on my “For You” page on TikTok that made me audibly gasp. There it was, the famous Target tank, back and better than ever—not only in a ton of new solid colors, but also in TIE-DYE (!!!!). I sent the TikTok to my coworkers faster than I could even say “pastel tie-dye.” 

    As if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, it also comes in sizes XS-4X, is available in 14 colors, and is currently on sale for $4. Yes, $4. Less than the price of a Grande Cold Brew. Stock up now before they sell out! 
    Get your credit card ready, because you’re going to want one in every single color:

    Source: Keely Geist

    Source: Abigail Yonker

    Source: Jessica Welsh More

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    25 Items to Snag at Madewell’s Secret Sale Before They Sell Out

    In our office, we all have pretty different style. Some of our editors gravitate toward trendier pieces while other remain as classic as possible, but there’s one store we all love equally: Madewell.You might remember a few months ago, Madewell had a super-secret sale with deals we literally thought were too good to be true. And in a gift from the fashion gods, the sale is back, this time with winter pieces all at incredible prices (cashmere sweaters for $40?! Unheard of).
    Upgrade your 2021 wardrobe with these pieces before they sell out:

    hurry, this won’t last long More

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    5 Colors You Need in Your Wardrobe This Year

    Whether you’re celebrating it or completely ignoring its presence, it’s a brand-spankin’ new, shiny year. And while it doesn’t exactly look different than the last just yet, in my opinion, the difference is that there feels, somehow, like there’s more to look forward to in 2021—and one of those things is dressing in absolutely anything (anything!) that isn’t a groufit.Sure, it’s still getting dark at 4 p.m. and winter is really only just beginning, but 2021 is bringing us new color trends that feel anything but dull and dreary. And whether you’re wearing them for your couch or on an extra-long walk to Starbucks, they’re pretty much guaranteed to brighten up any outfit and pull you out of any wardrobe rut you might be in (and aren’t we all in one?).
    Have some fun, put away your neutrals, and add one of these pieces to your closet shelves.

    1. Light Green

    If you go on any store’s website right now, odds are one of the first things you’ll see are bursts of a light, fresh green. While sage and olive were all the rage for fall and winter, their brighter cousin is coming onto the scene for 2021.


    2. Pastel Yellow

    It’s no surprise that a variation of Pantone’s color of the year, “Illuminating,” has already made its sunny way into stores, and getting a glimpse of it makes us crave the brighter days ahead. A light yellow blazer? Sign us up.


    3. Lavender

    Sure, this might be the color your bedroom was when you were 12, but we’re all adults here, which means lavender can actually be done right. Has anyone ever felt sad when wearing this color? I say not.


    4. Mid-Tone Brown

    If the pastels are too much for you to wrap your head around just yet, you can hop onto a color trend by opting for a neutral, mid-tone brown. It’s flattering on just about any skin tone and is a step up from the creams and beiges of seasons past.


    5. Cornflower Blue

    If this color doesn’t make you look forward to spring days, I frankly don’t know what will. The airy, easy-to-style hue is an upgraded-but-still-tame addition to any wardrobe.


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    Bored With Winter? Here Are 25 Pieces to Liven Up Your Wardrobe

    As everyone slowly is getting back into the grooves of routine and normalcy after the holiday season, I’ve heard countless people say the same thing: they feel like they’re in a bit of a slump going into the new year. At this point, that’s a bit expected. Sure, the excitement and hope of a new year is here, but resolutions and big goals are taking a back seat for most people in exchange for simply surviving, and that makes it easy to feel a bit, well, “meh.” With dark January days and snow and cold, life is feeling boring at best.
    A small solution? Bringing some fun to your wardrobe.
    Sure, it sounds like a mundane thing to prioritize, but a new piece that adds a bit of life to your day-to-day outfits can bring you confidence quicker than anything. We spent the past year in sweatpants—I say that in 2021, we spice it up a bit. From glorious textures to fun pops of color that are begging for a warm, spring day, these 25 pieces are the perfect investments for your 2021 wardrobe. More

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    The Best Makeup for Dry, Winter Skin

    There comes a few times of the year when I, a makeup-obsessed beauty writer, dread putting on makeup, and it’s always the first few weeks of winter. The air is dry, our skin is suffering, and the motivation to put something on that will inevitably suck the life out of my already distressed skin is lacking. But this year, I have these eight tricks up my sleeve to tackle those times: 

    1. Glowy Foundation
    A really fresh base is the start of a solid makeup routine, especially if you have dry skin. Opt for a foundation with a glowy finish. It won’t get stuck on dry patches or make your skin feel tight after you’ve been wearing it a long time. Plus, it might even help hydrate your skin!

    2. Creamy Concealer
    In the same vein as a glowy foundation, choose a creamy concealer that blends effortlessly. These will usually have a satin/glowy finish, which makes a radiant foundation perfectly or is gorgeous worn on its own.

    3. Light Powder
    If you can’t get away without powdering your face for long days, there are powders on the market specifically made for dry skin types. These usually have a very light, finely-milled texture and might have pearls or a glowy finish. When used lightly all over the face or just pinpointed underneath the eyes, your makeup will stay in place without getting cakey and settling into any lines.

    4. Cream Blush
    To keep the glowy look on your cheeks, a cream blush is a great addition. Not only does this blend seamlessly into foundation and other base products, but a little blush will make your winter skin look alive and bright—even when you feel the opposite. 

    5. Blendable Bronzer
    If you want to use a cream bronzer, that’s great, but if you like the look of a powder one, just make sure you’re using something with a blendable formula. A bronzer that sticks to dry skin or applies in patches all over the face is a no-go, but these three blend easily with a brush over powder and liquid products. 

    6. Liquid Highlighter
    Highlighter is a secret weapon in the makeup drawers of those with dry skin. Even when your skin feels like a desert, highlighter makes you look like a glowing, golden goddess. A liquid formula will blend into your other products and will look as natural as possible—while still looking blinding, of course. 

    7. Face Mist
    Refresh your makeup throughout the day with a glowy mist. These help turn a dehydrated, matte face into a revitalized makeup look in just one step. Don’t look to these to keep your makeup on all day though; instead, these keep your skin looking moisturized. Mist as often as you need to keep your skin from getting that “blah” end-of-the-day feeling.

    8. Lip Gloss
    When your lips need some seriously help after the weather turns freezing, go for a lip gloss instead of lipstick. Not only is gloss seriously trending, it’s ultra-hydrating and never settles into lines or emphasizes chapped lips. If you really want to hydrate your lips, opt for a creamy formula without any glitters. However, shimmery glosses really plump up your lips too. More

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    The Everygirl’s Accessory Capsule Wardrobe

    When it comes to a put-together look, the clothes are only half the battle. Sure, they’re the bones of what you look like every day, but the thing that can make or break each and every thing you put on? The accessories.Accessories can also be a bit of a blind spot when it comes to choosing what to add to your wardrobe. Trendy jewelry and bags come and go with every season, but they aren’t always the best investment (versus, say, a trendy shirt you know you’ll get use of for the season). Our strategy of choice? Approaching our accessories with a capsule wardrobe mindset, and choosing strategized pieces that we know are versatile, well-made, and that will complement our outfits in the way we need them to.
    You don’t need a million accessories to have a well-rounded selection—you just need ones that can be worn in a million different ways. No matter who you are or what you do, these are the only accessories you’ll ever need.

    shoulder bagcamera bagclutchbackpackclassic totestatement bagpaperclip necklacegold hoopsdainty necklacepom hatball stud earringsberetcat-eye sunglassesblue-light glassesoversized sunglassesbaseball hatbeltscrunchie

    For the office…

    To run errands…

    On a walking date…

    To work from home…

    For a winter day out… More