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    I’ve Tried a Lot of Beauty Products This Year, but I Won’t Stop Talking About These

    Instead of your usual intro about how I love beauty products and have tried a lot of products this year (I’d probably tell you it’s part of my job!), I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I love these eight products with my heart and soul, and spending the time to tell you about them was like soup for the soul. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little time to sit here and chat about beauty products for a moment. Grab your beverage of choice (I’m drinking hot mint tea right now with a face mask on because sometimes WFH has its perks), maybe a snack, and your wallet—because I’m about to talk you into a few things and I’m not even sorry.

    The Glow Maker: Antioxidant Serum

    This had to be the first product on this list. I’ve written blurb after blurb about this product, and you can read my full review here. This is the first skincare product I’ve actually repurchased more than once, and I’m not even remotely close to being sick of it yet. I love that it works both instantly and over time because I don’t feel guilty when I skip a few days, but I also have noticed that my skin looks better with continued use. I *truly* will not stop telling people about this until they stop making it (Maelove, please never, ever do that). I’ve raved about it so much that even our editor Maddie’s boyfriend bought it—and after a date recently told me I had nice skin (flattery will get you everywhere), I convinced him to try it too. If I can convince a man who uses four-in-one shampoo as a face wash to buy a vitamin C serum, then you know it must be good (or that my powers of persuasion are just extremely high).

    Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

    I texted our Graphic Designer Kelly the second I bought this because I was so excited to hopefully try something that would banish my blackheads for good. I used it once and saw a minimal difference, but now that I’ve used it a few more times, it is a godsend. I use it for skin gritting, and it works better than any other oil I’ve ever used. I’ve been using it a few times a week since I got it, and my nose has never looked clearer. If you suffer from blackheads or clogged pores, you’ll want a product like this in your skincare routine. And at less than $10 a pop, you might as well buy one for your BFF too.

    Elysium Naturals Co.
    Whipped Shea Body Butter

    The need for a good moisturizing body product is growing as the days get chillier and chillier, and last summer, I found the best one. This body butter saved me from shaving irritations and flaking sun-exposed skin, and now, it’s at the top of my list to tackle everything that comes with dry, winter skin. I use it on my elbows, knees, and ankles every night before bed, and my skin has never been softer. Plus, the lavender vanilla scent is glorious at bedtime. For the daytime, my favorite scent has been orangesicle—it smells so dreamy, and when I catch a whiff of it while I’m working, it immediately makes me happier. They’re releasing holiday scents soon, and I’ve already saved the money to buy this for everyone I know for Christmas.

    Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

    I’ve been known to rave about mascaras on occasion. It’s the easiest makeup product that arguably makes the biggest impact—how can I not shout out the best ones?! After testing a lot of high-end formulas, I’m on a journey to find the best options at the drugstore, and I started with this one after I saw it on Allure’s 2020 Best of Beauty list. It immediately made its way into my rotation, topping some of the expensive mascaras I’ve loved for years. It gives so much impact and volume while adding a little length too. It’s the perfect dramatic mascara to wear during the day. I’ve already told all of my friends to buy it on their next Target run, and now I’m telling you!

    Tinted Face Oil Foundation

    This was basically the only foundation I used all summer, and I’m still using it for practically every Zoom call and casual trip to the grocery store. It’s extra glowy, so I always make sure to powder afterward, leaving me with a glowy look that doesn’t get shiny or oily. I apply it on my face straight from the tube, and use either a brush (when I want extra coverage and less glow) or a beauty sponge (less coverage, much glowier). It is so easy to put on when I just need a little something on my face and makes me look alive on Zoom. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday foundation. But heck, I’d be convinced to wear this on my wedding day honestly.

    Organic Body Wash

    I’m still working through swapping my daily beauty products for Black-owned alternatives, and body wash felt like the easiest one. I saw this earlier this summer and thought seeing this gorgeous label every morning will make me excited to shower. Little did I know I would fall in love with the product inside too. I had a friend come over recently who saw this in my shower and said it looked “cool” (men are weird), and I went on a 10-minute tangent about how much I love it. This scent is amazing to use for my morning showers, and the peppermint actually cools down my skin, which I love after a sweaty workout. My skin feels clean and soft, and I’m noticing less KP on my arms too which makes this product an ultimate winner.

    Skin Glazing

    As we enter the time of the year that looking glowy isn’t just a given (oh how I miss my summer dew!), I’ve had a lot of my friends ask me for highlighter recommendations. This one from Nabla has been my go-to, especially because they have shades for every skin tone. It’s not filled with shimmers or glitters, so instead of adding a very prominent powder-y finish on the skin, it looks like your skin is naturally glowing. It’s a really fine-milled powder, so it looks better the more you blend it in. It’s the perfect glass skin powder highlight that looks both natural and impactful.

    Major Brow Shaping Wax

    I’ve been embracing my natural brow shape the last few months in an attempt to head to my salon as little as possible (and save money… and achieve the Bella Hadid brow… and because I’m lazy). With that has come unruly brows that absolutely look nothing like a Hadid sister and more like a caveman. I snagged this a few months ago now, and it is, without a doubt, the best brow product I’ve ever tried. It takes a little extra time than your typical gel in the morning, but when you have the time, it’s worth it for that laminated brow look.


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    The Cozy Sherpa Sale You Don’t Want to Miss

    If sherpa and fleece weren’t already one of the best parts of fall, in 2020, their status as our favorite pieces of the seasons have been set in stone.As the temperatures are dropping and we’re preparing to hibernate until spring, we’re stocking up on the coziest pieces possible—from the softest sherpa jackets to the warmest fleece we can find. And some of our favorite (and cutest) ones we’ve found yet this year have come from Abercrombie & Fitch. A sherpa jacket with leather trim? That’s the piece we never knew we needed until now.
    If you haven’t gotten your hands on their famous sherpa or fleece just yet, you’re in luck: this weekend only, their top-selling sherpa and fleece pieces are on sale for their lowest prices yet. Trust us: these are going to sell out quick.

    no code necessary, prices as marked


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    12 Fall Pieces That Are So Chic, They Basically Style Themselves

    So you want to express yourself and look your best, but don’t always have the inspiration or energy to pull off a runway-worthy every day? We get it: styling inventive, Insta-worthy outfits is not always easy. Our trick is finding strategic pieces that are so chic, they’ll look effortlessly fashionable with even jeans and a T-shirt. Some pieces are closet basics, some are of-the-moment trends, but all of these clothing items are so effortlessly chic, you won’t need much else to pull together a killer OOTD. Read on for 12 fall pieces that are so stylish, they basically style themselves:
    1. Cropped Puffer

    A puffer coat is one of the few items that is as functional as it is stylish. Not only will it keep you warm and be versatile enough for any occasion, but all you need for a sporty-chic look that’s more street-style than athleisure-wear is a pair of skinny jeans and booties. Try a cropped version that hits right above the hipbone for extra trend points.

    2. Knee-High Boots

    Ah, knee-high boots: the style that replaced OTK boots to become 2020’s shoe style of the season. Trust me on this one: they’ll look so chic, it won’t matter what you wear them. Try monochrome neutrals so the boots stand out, or just skinny jeans and a sweater. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong; no matter what you wear up top, knee-high boots will steal the show.

    3. Denim Jacket

    And now for a closet basic that you typically reserve for transitional days of spring and colder evenings come summer: a denim jacket can actually look really good in fall too. A light-wash version stands out perfectly against a black sweater and black jeans or trousers (cold-weather staples), resulting in the easiest outfit formula ever and a way to reinvent your denim jacket. Don’t forget your classic booties!

    4. Animal Print Accents

    Will animal print ever get old? The answer, of course, is no. Women have been rocking animal print for decades, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Specifically, animal-printed accessories completely transform any basic T-shirt and jeans or sweater dress. Try a variety of cow print, leopard print, or snakeskin in all your shoes, purses, and belts. 

    5. Leather Trousers

    Faux leather trousers are all the rage these days, and, while they may look intimidating, they’re incredibly easy to style. Since they’re such a statement piece (without being too “out there”), all they need is a basic long-sleeve tee or sweater and a seamless pair of booties. Throw in some eye-catching accessories if you want, but I guarantee all eyes will be on your stylish trousers. 

    6. Knee-Length Cardigan

    A knee-length cardigan is another piece you probably have in your closet that you might forget is not only cozy, but chic too. The longer hem is a little more elongating and unexpected than a shorter cardigan, so you can pair it with straight-leg denim and a tucked-in tee. You’ll look as cute as you’ll feel cozy. 

    7. Leather Blazer

    Leather is always big come fall, but this year it’s popping up in everything from pants to skirts to blazers, and I am here for it. Opt for a faux leather version that updates any basic jeans and tee to a more trendy and luxe look than your work blazer would (sorry work blazer, we still love you). 

    8. Sherpa Coat

    Maybe it’s staying at home for seven months straight, or maybe the fashion and comfort stars are aligning, but fall’s biggest trends also happen to be the coziest. Exhibit A: the always-chic and warm sherpa coat that literally goes with everything and makes the simplest outfit Instagram-worthy. 

    9. Flare-Leg Denim

    Sorry, mom jeans: there’s a new denim in town. The pants you wore every day of middle school are officially back and better than ever. Think: light-wash, semi-distressed, and slightly oversized throughout the leg. Pair your flare leg jeans with pointed-toe booties and a simple sweater/tee combo up top. 

    10. Belted Shacket

    I’ll be honest: when I first read the word “shacket” on the H&M website, I thought it was a typo. Low and behold, shacket is the crossover between “shirt” and “jacket” that we never knew we needed until now. It can be worn as a shirt with pants or unbuttoned over a tee or sweater, making it two pieces in one. The trendiest versions come with belts for a cinched waist and a defined silhouette.  

    11. Textured Sweaters

    Another basic that’s eye-catching enough to update the most boring outfit is a sweater in ribbed material or chunky knit, and it has the potential to be your go-to item every day until spring. Look for stand-out textures in warm fabrics to wear when you want to look cute, but don’t want to think too hard think about it.

    12. Plaid Trousers

    Plaid is not only reserved for school uniforms and ’90s punk (even though Gwen Stefani rocked it); a standout plaid piece like trousers are comfortable enough to feel like your stay-at-home joggers, but look chic with a basic sweater or tee. Whether you’re relaxing at home, hopping on Zoom meetings, or taking #OOTDs for Instagram, plaid trousers will be your go-to. 

    What’s your favorite piece for fall? More

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    Our 20 Favorite Items From the Shopbop Sale

    There are a lot of things that bring me joy in this life (a fancy overpriced latte, using too much parmesan on my penne alla vodka, and releasing the clasp on my bra after a long day in public), but nothing quite compares to the feeling of getting hit with that “your order has been shipped” email. Sometimes, I even respond with a “thank you, I love you” message back.So, when I heard Shopbop’s Fall Event was in session, I whipped out my laptop with unmatched speed and got to scrolling. If you’ve never shopped at Shopbop, you’re in for a treat. I don’t buy designer pieces often (you know, because I spend so much money on overpriced lattes and parmesan cheese), but when I do, Shopbop welcomes me with open arms. Their hand-picked collection of designer items and investment pieces are a fashion guru’s dream. Our team sifted through all 203 pages of sale items to bring you our 20 favs and trust us… you don’t want to miss it. 
    Now through October 16, get 15% off orders over $200, 20% off orders over $500 , and 25% off orders over $800 with code FALL20!

    use code FALL20

    Source: @shopbop More

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    Don’t Miss It: J.Crew Is Having a Massive 40% off Sale This Weekend

    One day, I’ll put a chastity belt on my credit card in hopes of saving money and hitting “add to cart” a bit less, but today is not that day. “Why is that?” you ask. Well, ladies and gents, I love a good markdown and this weekend, J.Crew is taunting me with 40 percent off of everything. You heard me correctly. But, in the off chance you didn’t, I’ll say it louder for people in the back: J. Crew is having a 40% off sale. Including new arrivals. I’m a sucker for a discount on a good day but the fact that this is happening at J. Crew has me attempting first-time backflips and jumping for joy. For those of us who have been waiting to stock up on investment pieces that will stand the test of time (denim, blazers, suits, cashmere, and more), it’s our time to shine! Keep reading to shop our favorite picks from the promotion and use code SALETIME for 40% off at checkout. 

    use code SALETIME More

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    You Ask, We Answer: The Best Sherpa Jackets on the Internet

    There’s rarely a trend that comes around the checks the boxes of being both cute and comfortable. Too often, trends come around that sacrifice our comfort and require a heel blister or being a little too chilly all night to wear.But sherpa jackets? They change everything. For once, the Gods of our wardrobes graced us with a trend that are both appealing to the eye and make us feel no different than if we were sitting on the couch, wrapped up in the blanket that’s been attached to our bodies the past seven months. They’re something you’d actually reach for for comfort’s sake—and that means we need to take advantage of them.
    From the hoodie of our dreams to jackets that will make you feel like a million bucks, we found the best sherpa jackets available—you can thank us later.

    The 2020 standout
    Our office has been swooning over this baby since it got released earlier this fall. It’s the perfect thickness (not too hot, not too cold), is as soft as they come, and has fun leather accents to spice it up a bit. Most importantly? It won’t break the bank and comes in four different colors.

    The Amazon favorite
    There are very few things we love more than an Amazon fashion find, and this top-seller has crazy-good reviews and comes in any color you can dream of. (It also is almost identical to a cult-favorite one that’s over 4x the price—we love a good dupe.)

    The edgy one
    An oversized, moto leather jacket with sherpa lining is the fall investment piece everyone needs. I’ve been shocked every winter since I got mine that it’s warm enough to brave the Chicago winter in (a box anything that’s not a parka rarely checks), and it doesn’t hurt that you feel like a complete badass every time you put it on. 

    The one made for quarantine
    Working from home has its pros and cons, but one pro is that once the temperatures drop, you aren’t going to need to leave the house—and that allows for living in super cozy clothes. I’ve never seen something I want to throw on every morning more—this is begging to be a part of your work-from-home uniform.

    The versatile one
    Madewell brings this jacket back year after year for good reason: it’s one of the most versatile fall jackets you can find. You can dress it up, dress it down, wear it to a pumpkin patch, wear it on a walk with your dog—you’ll never regret having this in your wardrobe.

    The dressy one
    Looking for a jacket that can be worn to the office and holiday parties and everything in between? Look no further. This has “Thanksgiving outfit” written all over it.

    The classic one
    This sherpa is less trendy and more “wardrobe staple.” It’ll look good with everything and never go out of style—and you’ll reach for it year in and year out. More

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    30 New Arrivals at H&M That Are Going to Sell Out Immediately

    Yesterday, my coworker Beth—the Kronk to my Yzma, if you will—and I were chatting about the good and bad of fall 2020’s clothes. The good? Lots of super cozy pieces, the rush of boxes arriving to our doorstep. The bad? Since everyone is online shopping, things are selling out—and they’re selling out fast.Exhibit A? H&M. This year, I’ve felt like I can no longer sit and debate buying a piece from there for a week or two—if I want it, I have to get it when I see it, or I’ll probably be out of luck.
    To help you get the chicest possible clothes of fall 2020 (so many pearl details, so many fun collars, so many deep, delicious hues), we’ve rounded up the best new arrivals at H&M that are still fully stocked—get these before they sell out.


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    12 New Beauty Products I’m Shopping at Sephora

    When I picture the perfect fall day, it goes like this: wake up and close the window because it’s frigid in my apartment; work out; take a shower so hot my skin turns red (do as I say, not as I do); put on a lovely outfit, do my makeup and hair, all while drinking a piping hot coffee; spend a day in the Everygirl office chatting, writing, and listening to Taylor Swift’s entire discography; head home on the train, only after making a pitstop at the giant Michigan Avenue Sephora in Chicago. I’ll roam the aisles, stocking up on new foundation, a fall lip color, and maybe even something special. Perusing the new beauty launches at Sephora is a pastime of mine regardless of the season, but we all know how it goes by now: everything just feels better in fall. Unfortunately, my expectations of those dreamy fall days aren’t exactly met this year, but that isn’t stopping me from staring at the Sephora site every day and contemplating if I actually need to have an emergency fund. Here’s my wishlist—from new skincare finds perfect for the cold weather to holiday-approved eyeshadow and lip combos. 

    Makeup By Mario
    Master Crystal Reflector Highlighter

    If you know anything about makeup, you know Mario Dedivanovic. He’s known for creating some of the most iconic Kim Kardashian looks, making quite the name for himself in the beauty world. He just unveiled his own line (after collabing with KKW Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and others), and I am beyond excited to see it available at Sephora. The first product that caught my attention was this product. Although it says it’s a highlighter, it’s actually more of an eyeshadow topper you use to add extra sparkle and dimension to a look. This video on his Instagram immediately convinced me—I see myself creating holiday looks galore with this smudged all over my eyes.

    Pat McGrath Labs
    Dark Star Volumizing Mascara

    After years of contemplating the purchase, I recently splurged on my first Pat McGrath eyeshadow palette. It is arguably the most glorious and also the most wild purchase I’ve made in my time, but I am loving it to bits. My next PMGL purchase will likely be this new mascara. I’ve been loving dark, sultry fall eyeshadow looks lately, and those looks crave a deep black, full lash, and this is supposed to give just that. Every promo photo makes the model’s lashes look incredible, adding just enough length and tons of volume without looking clumpy at all.

    Glow Recipe
    Papaya Sorbet Smoothing Enzyme Cleansing Balm

    I’m currently working through two other cleansing balms, but this is next up on my list to purchase once those are out. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from Glow Recipe (our other editors love their Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask!), and I love the added element of a little bit of exfoliation to this cleansing balm, giving it a little something different than the usual. It’s also a little less expensive than the Tatcha one I’m using right now, so a solid score for my wallet.

    The Body Wash

    Nécessaire has been a staple for many of our editors for a while now, but it’s finally at Sephora! This body wash is available in fragrance-free, but I am the most excited to try the sandalwood scent for fall and winter. Body wash doesnt have to be boring, and this one definitely proves it.

    Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturizer

    A good moisturizer is essential this time of year. I’m currently switching from a lotion to a cream product to accommodate my newfound dry ass skin, and this is at the top of my wishlist. Farmacy uses honey in their products to promote calm, hydrated skin (honey is a humectant, meaning it traps and locks moisture into your skin). This product is marketed to those with normal and dry skin with special emphasis on “distressed” skin, which is a great adjective to describe the clogged pores, congestion, and dry patches currently sitting atop my face.

    Soft Matte Complete Foundation

    Hear me out: after years and years of preaching dewy skin this, glass skin that—heck, I’ll admit I’m even down with dolphin skin—but in fall 2020, I’m honestly kind of embracing matte skin. I watched an Instagram Story of Katie Jane Hughes (my makeup icon) trying this, and it legit looked like velvet on her skin. I loved how she used a matte foundation with lots of skin prep, which made it so she didn’t look dry or flat, and then she bumped it up with dewy cheekbones and a glowy eye look. I love that makeup juxtaposition, but mostly, I just love how flawless it looks. Wearing makeup makes me feel normal and happy right now, so I’m enjoying the extra bit of coverage—something I didn’t think I’d say ever again.

    Fable & Mane
    HoliRoots Pre-wash Hair Treatment Oil

    My skin isn’t just dry on my face anymore; it’s my entire body, including but not limited to: the tops of my toes, under my butt, my cuticles, and of course, my scalp. I’ve been plagued with an irritated scalp for years now (thanks to an allergic reaction that is still ruining my life), so I’m always on the hunt for something that will calm down the redness, reduce flakes and dry spots, and help my hair grow. Fable and Mane is a new brand at Sephora owned and founded by an Indian woman who created the brand with her culture, including Ayurveda, in mind. The products are absolutely gorgeous, and this pre-wash treatment oil is no exception. Containing ashwaghanda, this would be the perfect addition to my oil cleansing hair routine. The reviews are all up-there, saying it works on basically any hair type.

    Rare Beauty
    Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

    While the Rare Beauty buzz might have died down a bit, I’m still on a high after realizing that Selena did not phone it in and actually created a line full of innovative and effective products. I already tried this blush formula, and I want it in every. single. color. First of all, it’s so pigmented, which you can tell was to help cater to all skin tones. Light skin can apply a little bit and blend away, while someone with a darker tone can build it up even further. This makes all of the shades useful on people—something that basically every launch should have. Plus, I love the dewy look it gives my cheeks. I went for the red shade because it’s so bright and fun, and now I need all the neutral shades to wear all fall. Also, that berry shade? Swooooon.

    Bread Beauty Supply
    Hair Oil Everyday Gloss

    I saw this in an Instagram story and immediately gasped at how gorgeous the packaging was and how much I loved the branding of Bread Beauty Supply. I haven’t tried the products, but I am so obsessed with their entire brand already. This is a Black-owned hair line, so the products are mostly aimed at women with textured, coily, and kinky hair types. While their shampoo and deep conditioner aren’t geared toward my hair at all, I’m really intrigued to try this hair gloss. I’ve been loving the glossy/shiny “glass” hair trend this fall, and I think this would take that look to the next level. If you do have curly hair, note this oil is silicone-free, so it’ll keep your curls fresh, soft, and in-tact all day long without weighing it down.

    Saturday Skin
    Yuzu Vitamin C Sleep Mask

    I have really embraced the sleep mask since quarantine began because I can wear them all day long while I work (including through Zoom calls) and no one has a clue. They’re also great for keeping your skin moisturized and plump through the night, which has been necessary for me as I keep my window open (as stated above) so that I’m shivering by the time I wake up. This one caught my eye for a few reasons. For one, Saturday Skin makes such good moisturizing products (I’m a huge fan of their sheet masks and their eye cream!), so I have a strong feeling this would be good. Plus, I’m loving layering up vitamin C products to help target dark spots and keep my skin looking clear and bright. This also has niacinamide and retinol to exfoliate, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of pores.

    Milk Makeup
    Melatonin Overnight Lip Mask

    As the temps get cooler, you can’t live without a good lip mask in your collection. We’re huge fans of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, but this one from Milk has me rethinking my loyalties. This product contains Melatonin, which is supposed to calm irritation, but it also hydrates, smoothes, and softens the lips for plump, kissable lips the next day. This product is also ultra-clean: fragrance-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, soy-free, paraben-free, vegan, gluten-free, and more, making it a good, clean alternative to the Laneige (or for a solid test run, like I’ll be doing ASAP).

    Sunday Riley
    Pink Drink Firming Resurfacing Essence

    This is currently sold out, but that should tell you just how in-demand this is. Sunday Riley, the powerhouse brand that brought us Good Genes, claims this product will retexturize your skin while keeping your skin’s barrier in tact and nourishing your skin with pre and probiotics. The most intriguing ingredient in the line-up (even though there are tons of really compelling ingredients in this, like peptides, fermented honey, and seawater) is ECGC: an antioxidant found in green tea that fights the negative outcomes of pollution and stress in the skin—something we probably all need. I am dying to get my hands on this essence, especially after reading a slew of positive reviews. More