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    Desk Essentials That Will Help You Survive the Gloomiest Season of the Year

    It’s dark out by 4:00, temperatures are plummeting, and we’re spending more time indoors—the gloomiest time of the year is officially here. This time can be challenging for everyone, but it can be especially difficult when you work from home. After all, when the workday’s done and it’s pitch-black and freezing outside, no one really wants to leave their house. And when you’re staring at the same four walls day in and day out, you’re more likely to go stir-crazy and feel the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder).
    That said, one of the easiest ways to combat this is to fill your space with items that make you feel excited and inspired. So, give your office a winter upgrade with these 20 desk essentials. These items will help you stay productive and survive the gloomiest time of the year without feeling like you’re losing your mind. Keep scrolling to learn more.

    Light Therapy Lamp
    The sun may only come out for a few hours each day (if at all), but this light therapy lamp can give you a little dose of sunshine right at your desk. If you find yourself tired, sluggish, or just not feeling it, turning on your light therapy lamp can give you the boost you’re looking for.

    The Everygirl x Day Designer
    30-Day Challenge Planner
    Life will test you sometimes, but our 30-Day Challenge Planner can help you set yourself up for success in spite of it all. With guided challenges pertaining to wellness, career, and more, even the gloomiest time of the year will be no match for you.

    Lulu’s Garden
    Love Rosé Garden
    Contrast the gloomy weather outside and infuse some brightness into your office with this adorable succulent plant box that’ll fit perfectly in the corner of your desk.

    Makeup by Mario
    MoistureGlow™ Plumping Lip Balm
    This multitasking lip balm is perfect for winter. With a formula designed to soothe, hydrate and plump, and a hint of dewy, glossy color, swipe on before your next Zoom meeting or throughout the day and take the world by storm.
    Available in 14 colors.

    Wireless Charging Stone
    If you’re on your phone a lot for work, then you need a good, reliable charger, and Einova has just the thing for you. This wireless charging stone is made with genuine Italian marble, so it looks chic AF, and charges your phone lightning-fast.
    Available in 7 colors.

    “Vacation” Eau de Toilette
    Dreaming of a tropical vacation? Same. If you can’t get away, bring the tropical vibes to you with Vacation’s signature scent: the smell of sunscreen and summer.

    Aroma Om® Cool Mist Diffuser
    Even the gloomiest of days will be no match for this cool mist diffuser. Fill with your favorite essential oil blend and bring natural, healing, and calming vibes into your space and breathe life back into your office once again.
    Available in white and grey.

    Pottery Barn
    Acrylic Memo Tablet with Pens
    Your to-do tasks, grocery lists, and words of affirmation have never looked so sleek. This customizable acrylic memo tablet will help you personalize your workspace and maximize productivity and creativity during the cold winter months.

    Snarky Pen Set
    This collection of pens comes personally recommended to you by our Chief of Sales, Ally. Sure, you can write with any old pen you have lying around, but if you’re looking to brighten your day, nothing will do that like a pen that reminds you just how badass you are.

    Smart Mug Warmer
    Whether you’re a coffee addict, tea drinker, or fan of hot water and lemon, this smart mug warmer will conveniently fit in the corner of your desk, keep your beverages hot, and warm you up from the inside out.

    Mark & Graham
    Lips Ceramic Catchall Tray
    Nothing’s more annoying than accidentally banging your jewelry on your desk. Preserve your pieces and place them in this adorable catchall tray while you’re working. The lip shape is feminine and stylish, and comes in blush and red.

    Project 62™
    Acrylic Round Desktop Organizer
    A cluttered desk when you’re already feeling trapped in one space isn’t going to do you any favors. Get organized with this round acrylic desktop organizer. With 4 compartments and a clear design, you won’t waste time picking out random objects until you find the right one, and will be able to fit everything you need inside.

    Finance Planner
    Take advantage of the cold weather and refresh your money mindset and work towards your financial goals with this planner. With money mentor articles, clarity pages, savings and debt reviews, and more, this planner will help you hold yourself accountable and keep track of your money moves and progress.
    Available in 3 colors.

    Amazon | Coolfor
    Electric Desktop Space Heater
    If you’re perpetually cold, you need this electric desktop space heater in your life. It’s tiny but mighty, and will have no trouble heating things up.
    Available in green and brown.

    Talking Out of Turn
    The Future Is Female Mug
    If you wake up feeling a bit “blah,” sip a hot beverage out of this empowering, motivational mug.

    Bright Ideas Mini Highlighters
    We’re all liable to become extra forgetful during this time of year, but with these mini highlighters you’ll be able to color-code important notes, tasks, and documents accordingly.

    Amazon | Ulefi
    Under-Desk Heated Slippers
    Getting warm and staying warm is practically impossible when your feet are cold, and I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time working when I’m freezing. Keep these heated slippers underneath your desk, and slip your feet in whenever you’re cold or want to feel warm, safe, and cozy.

    Mind & Body Reset Kit
    This kit comes with 3 roll-on essential oil blends that can revive, refresh, and renew. Whenever you’re feeling sluggish, uninspired, anxious or overwhelmed, roll on one of these blends to get yourself up and running again and get back to work.

    How To Survive Work During the Gloomiest Season of the Year More

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    Our Managing Editor Reveals: The Tech Products She Would Sell Her Soul For

    Every so often I get the urge to turn off my phone, unplug my wifi, and run away to the mountains with nothing but my books to keep me company. This tech-free life sounds wonderful and I’d be halfway out the door if it wasn’t for the fact that my Kindle, a device that requires wifi, is essentially my security blanket, and my weekly screen report from Apple is proof that going internet-free isn’t in the cards for me. So instead of galavanting off to a cabin in the woods, I lean into the tech products that make my life a thousand times easier. 
    I literally cannot sleep without my sound machine, am emotionally attached to my standing desk, and can’t fathom drying my hair without my trusty Dyson. This self-awareness is freeing. If you’re ready to fully embrace our tech overlords, join me in adding the tech products I would absolutely sell my soul for (even though no one asked) to your life—I promise you won’t regret it.

    In this article

    My Tech Favorite Products
    Many of the items here aren’t the most “fun” things to buy — they’re no Sephora haul or brand new bag — but when I say they’ve revolutionized my life, I’m really not exaggerating. My favorites listed here range from smaller gadgets that are easy to tack onto any Amazon purchase to bigger ticket items I’m begging you to finally pull the trigger on.

    Sunrise Alarm Clock
    I can no longer sleep well if I don’t have my Hatch Restore routine going. It allows you to create a custom sleep routine that gently guides you to sleep and to wake up with soothing sounds and light that mimics a sunset and sunrise, respectively. It sounds out there, I know, but I literally sleep like a baby when I use it and the slow-building morning alarm is so much more pleasant to wake up to than my phone blaring in my ear.

    Wireless Phone Charger & Accessory Tray
    The Courant wireless charging products are the perfect blend of form and function. I keep the Catch:3 on my nightstand to charge my phone overnight and hold my other bedside essentials. It looks great beside my bed and an added bonus: because my phone has to lay on the charger, I can’t stay up well into the night scrolling through TikTok with my phone plugged in. I can already feel my eyes becoming less strained.

    All-in-One Standing Desk
    My love for my Flexispot standing desk came as a complete shock to my system. However, after searching high and low for a standing desk that was semi-affordable and not horrendous to look at, I landed on this one and now I can’t imagine life without it. When combined with an under desk treadmill, it’s a combination that really can’t be beat.

    Ergonomic Laptop Stand
    I’ve dedicated so much time to finding aesthetically pleasing desk accessories and have truly never seen a prettier laptop stand that doesn’t cost a billion dollars. Yes, this one is a step-up from the $20 ones you’ll find all over Amazon, but it’s so worth it for an ergonomic solution that looks beautiful, too.

    Apple Pencil Charging Stand
    Before I got this charging stand for my Apple pencil, it was always dead, which meant I never really used it and therefore never really used my iPad. As soon as I got this little stand and placed it on my desk, my iPad became my lifeblood and my Apple pencil is always ready right when I need it.

    Wrist Support Keyboard Rest & Mouse Pad
    Are you tired of seeing this set on every desk essentials article we put out? I will not apologize for that because it is absolutely imperative you have this keyboard rest and mouse pad set. Your wrists will love you for using these and you won’t even have to sacrifice your desk aesthetic.

    Kindle Paperwhite
    The relationship I have with my Kindle could be described as unhealthy. But if it is, I don’t care. I have never read so much in my life than I do with my Kindle. It is the first thing I reach for every morning to accompany my morning coffee and the first thing I pack in my personal item when traveling. If anything ever happened to my Kindle, I’d have to replace it immediately. If you’re a reader who’s been waffling over whether or not to take the plunge, please do it. You won’t regret it.

    Desktop Webcam
    If you are still using your MacBook’s potato of a camera, please add this to your Amazon cart right now and click purchase. It is a massive and necessary upgrade for your WFH setup. It features a built-in ring light to keep the quality of your calls top-tier, even if the lighting everywhere else on your home is abominable.

    Keyboard Cleaner Kit
    I file this under nifty, cheap products that I will 100% delete from my cart before I actually place my Amazon order. However, when this all-in-one tech cleaner did finally survive my Amazon cart purge, it became a holy grail in my desk essential arsenal. I love that I can clean all the nooks and crannies in my various devices with just one simple tool.

    Roomba Vacuum
    I hate vacuuming almost as much as I hate doing dishes, so this robot vacuum is a true lifesaver. We have it set to go off twice a week (there are three dogs in this house so that frequency is 100% necessary), and I don’t even have to think about vacuuming unless I’m doing a deep clean in the nooks and crannies.

    Portable Label Maker
    A label maker is the kind of thing you only wish you had once in a blue moon, but when you do need one, you kick yourself for not having one. This is your sign to finally take the plunge. This one is cute, small, and connects to your phone for easy labeling.

    Red Light Therapy Wand & Serum Kit
    Beauty tech is a category I didn’t see myself buying into, but my experience with products like the Nuface and now the SolaWave have made me a true convert. This skincare wand combines several different beauty treatments in one—microcurrent, red light therapy, facial massage, and therapeutic warmth—for the ultimate self-care experience. Immediately after using, my skin is less puffy and glowing, and long term use targets fine lines, wrinkles, and blemishes. So it’s a win now and a win later.

    Laptop Carry Sleeve & Stand
    This laptop sleeve tops the list of things I didn’t even realize I needed until I had it. This sleek leather sleeve protects my laptop when traveling and doubles as an ergonomic stand when I reach my destination, whether it’s a coffee shop or a company trip. I love that I no longer have to sacrifice my beloved ergonomics when I’m working away from home. If you travel for work or really lean into that “work from anywhere” lifestyle, this is the laptop sleeve for you.

    Tech Products On My Wishlist
    Sure, this is a not-so-subtle hint to my family when I send them my “latest article to check out,” but it’s also an inside scoop for you, dear readers, at the items I’ve pre-deemed worth every single penny.

    Wi-Fi Connected Jet Mop
    I’ve already spoken about the undying love I have for my Roomba, and I am very close to taking the plunge on the mop version as well. The vacuum has made my life so much easier, especially with having pets, so I know the mop would be just as game-changing.

    4K Smart Monitor
    I do not need an iMac, and definitely don’t want to spend $2,000 for what is essentially a pretty monitor (nothing I do for work requires that kind of computing power). But, I still want a beautiful monitor to complete my desk. So, what’s a girl to do? When I first saw this Samsung monitor my jaw dropped at how perfectly it solved my dilemma. It’s the perfect upgrade to my setup and while still an investment, is much more affordable than the iMac.

    Desktop Vacuum
    This desktop vacuum cleaner has yet to survive one of my pre-checkout Amazon cart purges, but it’s only a matter of time before I take the plunge on this. I’ve seen countless videos about it on TikTok and know it’ll be such a useful addition to my desk.

    Light Therapy Lamp
    As a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, I don’t think I’m fully prepared for the gloomiest time of the year, even though I love the rain. This light therapy lamp would be the perfect device to have on my desk to help me get through the cold, dark, and rainy days when all I really want is to curl up on the couch.

    Compact Electric Heater
    The battle between my husband and I over the thermostat is constantly raging on, but this beautiful space heater might be just the thing to get me to back off. I’ve truly never seen a space heater like this before, and as someone who is always cold, I know I’d get my money’s worth.

    Lap Desk
    I love a work-from-the-couch moment, but my current lap desk has had its day in the sun and I’m in desperate need of an upgrade. This lap desk from Arlo Skye is a definite splurge, but I use my current one so much I know it will be well worth the cost. This one comes complete with a storage tray and a stand to prop up your phone or iPad—it’s truly perfect for all of my needs.

    16 Desk Essentials Your Body Will Thank You Big Time For More

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    The 15 apps women living in the UAE need to have on their phones


    by Sarah Joseph
    5 hours ago

    With our lives condensed into the palm of our hands on our phones nowadays, it’s essential to have all the necessary apps you need.
    From getting quick grocery deliveries to staying up-to-date with the latest trends, to ensuring you can get the best deals to experience life in Dubai, here’s 15 apps every woman living in the UAE needs to have on their phone.

    As the ‘definitive home of luxury’ for the Middle East, you can find the best local and international brands on the Ounass app. In Dubai there’s two-hour delivery available, meaning you can get that new outfit for a weekend brunch in the blink of an eye.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    Bloomingdale’s Middle East recently launched a new iOS app for the region, meaning you can shop right on your phone for all the latest new buys. Not only will shoppers have access to the most sought-after brands at their fingertips, but the delivery time for pieces will be minimal. For those based in the UAE, same-day delivery will be available and for Kuwait and Saudi, express shipping is available.
    You can download the app on the iOS store.

    This hassle-free app is your one-stop-shop solution for all provides all your needs as you ride, order food and more around the UAE.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.
    Microsoft Teams

    With the world adapting to the new work-from-home measures, the best way to stay connected to your team is through this all-encompassing app where members can chat, collaborate, share documents professionally and video call. Designed for hybrid working, this app lets company members connect from any part of the world making it easier to coordinate any upcoming project or assignment.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    This online food ordering company ensures prompt service for all your needs, From restaurant deals to medicine delivered to your doorstep, this app connects customers to hundreds of restaurants and shops nearby making each service accessible without any added hassle. With the T-mart service on the app, customers are guaranteed fresh grocery deliveries in under 20 minutes without the need to physically visit any grocery store.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    This award-winning app allows residents to top up their metro Nol card, renew their license, top up for parking and renew any car service. This smart app is designed to allow users to chat with RTA agents for any questions pertaining to safe driving measures. Users can also calculate their Green points according to the public transportation services used to keep an eye on the money, time and carbon dioxide emissions saved.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    After paving its way in Dubai, the British food delivery company seamlessly delivers groceries, takeaways and event floral arrangements right to your doorstep. With an integrated delivery network, meets all your food needs with a plethora of restaurants including fine-dining options.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    To enjoy the best of what Dubai has to offer you need to ensure you download the UAE rewards app Viya. Think of the platform as your VIP access to around 100 city’s top restaurants and bars as well as sporting experiences, exclusive spa days and rounds of golf on Dubai’s leading courses. Sunseekers will love exclusive access to hotel pools and beaches by booking day pass via the app. The format is simple and works on a two-way loyalty system. For every Dhs10 you spend at a Viya partner, the app will reward you with Dhs1 that can eventually add up and go towards an unforgettable experience. In addition, you will enjoy savings on every purchase via the app. Your five-star access awaits from only Dhs1,375 for three months.

    Get your groceries from your trusted local supermarkets on InstaShop at the same in-store prices with a 45 minute average delivery depending on your location. You need to simply download the app, sit back and the experts on this platform will handle the rest.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.
    The Entertainer

    This money-saving app is packed with numerous one for two offers along with 25 per cent off at some major outlets, be it restaurants, spas, shops, hotels or even activities as you experience more and pay less.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    As the Middle East’s largest online fashion site, the Namshi app is a must-have to get all the best and latest pieces at a reasonable price. With over 500 brands and 10,000 items of clothes, shoes and accessories you’ll sit there browsing for hours.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    What better way to listen to all the songs and podcasts you love than on one consolidated app, giving you access on any gadget whether a phone, computer or tablet. Always ready at your fingertips, you can even let Spotify surprise you with their personalised playlists which are curated especially according to your taste as you sit back and relax with the premium subscription also available for uninterrupted learning.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.
    The Dubai Mall

    As the largest shopping centre in the world, getting around The Dubai Mall can prove to be difficult if you’re new to the UAE. However, the app is your ultimate guide to helping you get around the mall to find the best shops and restaurants Dubai Mall has to offer.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    With strict worldwide travelling measures, keeping in touch with your friends can be quite the task. The Zoom app has made staying up-to-date with your loved ones easy, as with a click of a button you can all connect as frequently catch up with each other.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.

    For those on a busy schedule or just want an app that can take care of your washing, Washmen will be a godsend. Washmen is a simple app that takes care of your laundry with wash & fold and clean & press services. The usual turnaround time for garments is 48 to 72 hours.
    You can download the app on both the iOS and Android stores.
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Instagram & Feature Image: @marine_diet More

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    Workout Clothes So Trendy, You’ll Want to Wear Them 24/7

    Lacking motivation to work out? The fix might be as simple as a wardrobe upgrade with some new cute workout clothes. When you feel like your best self, you’ll be more likely to treat your body better. Whether you’re looking for motivation to get sweaty or you plan on living in activewear all year long (same), we’ve rounded up the cutest activewear that 2022 has to offer (because you deserve to look as good as a workout makes you feel).
    Between “it” colors (give me all the neon and pastel shades!), more luxe fabrics, and trendy new details, your activewear is about to be the chicest section of your wardrobe (watch your back, blazers!). 

    In this article

    Sports Bras


    Bottoms & Dresses


    All the Cool Girls on TikTok Are Obsessed with This Workout Clothing Brand More

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    All the Cool Girls on TikTok Are Obsessed with This Workout Clothing Brand, so I Tried It

    If you’ve spent any time on the Internet over the last few months, you’ve likely heard of Halara, the trendy new activewear brand that all the cool girls are wearing. Everyone swears their pieces are Lululemon quality without the Lululemon price tag, so I obviously had to try them out. I was nervous about buying without trying on since it’s an online-only company and I’m picky about the fit of my workout clothes, but the website had glowing product reviews and the TikTok girlies assured me the clothes lived up to the hype. With that in mind, I placed my order and eagerly awaited the arrival of my package (for about two long weeks). So without further ado, here are the best-selling items I tried from TikTok’s favorite inexpensive athleisurewear brand and my honest thoughts. 

    1. Everyday Dress
    This is one of the pieces I see all the cool girls wearing, and now I understand why. It combines all the things I love about some of their other pieces: It has a similar fit to the cropped tank, the comfortable fabric of the high-waisted shorts, and the form and function of the biker shorts. I don’t know that this would be a go-to gym fit, but it’s a great option for a hot girl walk, casual brunch, or quick game of tennis (or an attempt to play tennis, if you’re like me). It’s also an easy piece to dress up or down. I love that you can easily throw on a jacket or tie a flannel around your waist and swap your tennis shoes for sandals to completely change the look.  

    2. High-Waisted Pocket Shorts
    As someone who carries her weight in her legs and booty (I’m coming for your brand, Kim K), I’ve struggled with the way shorts fit me for as long as I can remember. With that in mind, I didn’t have high hopes for these, but they had plenty of five-star reviews from girls saying the shorts were comfortable and cinched their waists. They also looked great on the model, so I was interested to see if they’d work for me too. 
    While they were super comfortable and probably could have been worn as lounge shorts, they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. I prefer my shorts a bit longer so I feel covered while working out and to help avoid the dreaded inner thigh chaffing. The fabric is so thin and soft which feels amazing, but they do ride up and bunch easily. Also, the leg openings aren’t nearly as roomy as they look on the model. 5/10, would wear again, but not my #1 pick for tough workouts. 

    3. Ruffle Hem Shorts
    Let’s just say my relationship with these shorts is complicated. I actually liked the way these shorts fit better than the High-Waisted Pocket Shorts because they had a looser fit in the legs. But, dare I say… too loose? The baggier fit of these combined with the ruffle hem (which was originally the main selling point for me) made them feel more like sleepwear than workout wear. Halara does refer to these as “casual” shorts, which makes sense considering their fit, but since they weren’t included in their loungewear section, I hoped they could still be worn outside the house. This pair could definitely work for some people, but I’d stay away from them if you want to feel more covered up and put together while jumping around in your workouts. For lounge shorts, however, they are perfection. 

    4. Padded Tank Top
    I’ve never been one for the crop top life—even during my peak party girl days. But I’ve been loving the look of long-line sports bras lately, so I thought I’d finally give the trend a try. Lo and behold, I’ve found my new favorite workout top. It’s a little tight (I followed the size chart), but that just means it works well for more high-impact workouts and is supportive, despite not having adjustable straps. I find that the tighter fit also helps the top stay in place so you don’t have to worry about the hem rolling up while you’re moving around. 
    And the quality? Top-notch. I was fully expecting the removable pads to shift and fold like some of my cheaper workout tops, but they have stayed in place even after a few cycles in the wash. I was also impressed that the white fabric wasn’t see-through at all. Now I’m thinking I need one in every color. 

    5. High-Waisted Biker Shorts
    Call me Princess Diana because these shorts have become part of my everyday wardrobe. They’re as soft as the High-Waisted Pocket Shorts but are a little thicker, so they feel more substantial and can pass the squat test. What they don’t pass, unfortunately, is the roll test. I find that I have to pull them down frequently, but that could be because they’re a little tight and would be resolved if I sized up. For me, they’re tough to wear as workout gear for intense workouts like running or HIIT, but I’ve been loving them for walks, stretching, and on-the-go outfits. 

    6. Side Pocket Biker Shorts
    There’s something about these biker shorts that didn’t do it for me the way the traditional Biker Shorts did (but don’t get me wrong, I still liked them enough that I’ll be pairing all my oversized tees and sweatshirts with them). Even though I ordered both pairs in the same size, this pair fits much tighter, and they roll up more than the regular Biker Shorts. I also may or may not have ripped a seam or two pulling them over my legs and butt. What I do love about them, though, is Halara’s signature pet hair-resistant fabric. I wasn’t sure that it would make much of a difference, but as a cat mom, I’ll take all the help I can get. Since I’ll mostly be wearing these at home and for running errands, it’s nice that I don’t have to reach for a lint roller between cuddling my fur babies and getting groceries. 

    @arianalee99 I can’t take it off 😍 @halara_official #halaragirls #halaradress #halaraeveryday ♬ original sound – Samantha Clement

    The verdict
    I have to give it to the TikTok girls on this one. Halara’s quality, styles, and affordable price point make it a great alternative to Lululemon and Alo. My hope is that as the brand continues to grow, they show more diversity in body shapes and sizes in their models so mid-size and plus-size girls get a sense of how the pieces will fit. After some trial and error though, I was able to find some pieces that I feel good in and look forward to wearing during my next gym session or Target run. 

    Items I’m buying next: 

    20 Workout Sets So Good, You’ll Actually Be Excited to Go to the Gym More

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    The Hot Girl Walk Essentials Our Editors Swear By

    If I had a dollar every time that the words “too good to be true” traveled across my mind on any given TikTok binge, I’d have enough money to fund an all-inclusive Croatian vacation for me and 14 of my closest friends. From the winged liner hack that left me unironically resembling Julia Fox’s Paris-Fashion-Week-with-Kanye stint to the time someone swore that balsamic vinegar and sparkling water would serve as a healthy-yet-tasty alternative to Coca-Cola (many regrets), I’ve had my fair share of eye rolls. But if there’s one TikTok trend that took me by surprise and actually improved my life, it’s the infamous Hot Girl Walk.
    The Hot Girl Walk is a multitasker’s dream. There’s no better way to get your steps in, soak up some vitamin D, listen to a mood-boosting playlist, catch up on your favorite podcast, phone a friend, or get outside on a work-from-home day than by putting your favorite sneaks on and getting after it. If you’re looking for a low-impact way to get fit, improve your mental health, spend some time with yourself, and reconnect with the world around you, the HGW is the cure. Here are the Hot Girl Walk essentials our editors rely on:

    SeaChange LTT Sneakers
    When you’re walking for miles on end, there are two necessary shoe features that come to mind: comfy and cooling. With a cushioned memory foam footbed, soft, buttery smooth vegan corn leather, and cooling channels to promote airflow, these sneaks from SeaVees check all of our boxes. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re easy on the eyes.
    Use code EVERYGIRL for 20% off of your first purchase at SeaVees + enter our giveaway HERE to enter to win two pairs of SeaVees shoes of your choice, free!

    Adjustable Fanny Pack
    What’s a HGW without a belt bag that’ll help you keep all of your knick-knacks on your person—and look good doing it? We love this one from Amazon because it’s affordable, can be dressed down for a hot girl walk or up for a Sunday brunch with the gals, and it’s adjustable to guarantee the perfect fit every time.

    Retro Sunglasses
    As much as we love strolling on a sunny day, a blinding sunrise or sunset is a lot prettier to take in when you’re wearing a pair of sunnies that help to make the view a lot less painful. Protect your eyeballs without breaking the bank with this two-pack of retro sunglasses and thank us later.

    For your tunes, the latest and greatest episode from your podcast of choice, or getting all of the tea from your bestie, a pair of Airpods is the way to go. As much as we love a pair of noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones, these in-ear ones help us to enjoy our audio while still being aware of our surroundings.

    Obé x Bala Bangles
    Adjustable Ankle Weights
    If you’re looking to add a bit of a challenge to your next walk, look no further than these adjustable ankle or wrist weights from Bala. Bala Bangles are an editor-fav for good reason: They’re sleek, fit super comfortably, come in so many colors, and help us to add a (very light and reasonable) bit of burn. 10/10 recommend.

    Audiobook Subscription
    Between new Netflix launches, pending book-to-movie or show adaptations, and the startling amount of Love Island (UK) episodes I need to catch up on, my TBR list has been absolutely suffering. I started listening to audiobooks on my Hot Girl Walks to help me to carve out some time to catch up on my ever-growing reading list, and it’s been such a game-changer. I get so caught up in the storyline that I end up walking for way farther than I anticipated which is always a pleasant surprise.

    La Roche-Posay
    Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
    The perfect HGW sunscreen exists, and it’s this tinted mineral sunscreen from La-Roche-Posay. If you’re worried about running into your ex when you’re out and about and want a subtle, effortless glow, this stuff is the way to go. This sunscreen is my personal favorite because it’s tinted and brings life to my face without being too illuminating (sorry Glow Screen, I just can’t do it), and helps me to protect my face while still feeling super lightweight.

    Collapsable Water Bottle
    There’s nothing that can ruin a HGW quite like having to hold something in your hand while walking for miles, so if you’re looking for a water bottle that’ll be ready when you are, consider this collapsable one from Amazon. It’s super affordable and folds so tightly that you’ll be able to fit it into your fanny pack until you pass a refill station when you’re ready to fill up. Once it’s full, it does have a strap, so it can hang from your index finger which is a 10/10 solution in my book.

    Matching Set
    No HGW is made complete without a matching set—sorry, I don’t make the rules. If you want to fully dive into the aesthetic surrounding the trend, this is a necessary add that will cary you from the couch to your nearest hiking trail and beyond. This ribbed tank-meets-sports-bra set is high quality, (I’m so sorry, I have to say it) buttery soft, and totally worth the investment. Plus, we love that you can choose separate sizes for your top and bottoms—tell us why all sets aren’t sold this way!

    Portable Charger
    It never fails that when I decide to go on my HGW after dinner, my phone is near death and threatening to turn off mid-walk—which is neither fun nor safe. I got this portable charger last month and absolutely love that it’s compact and doesn’t require a separate cord to plug into your phone. It’s been such a simple add to my routine that has made my life infinitely better, and I recommend it to everyone I know.


    Our Editors Spill: The One Fashion Essential They Can’t Live Without

    This post contains a sponsored inclusion of SeaVees, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    20 Workout Sets So Good, You’ll Actually Be Excited to Go to the Gym

    Whether you work out at home, in a gym, or head to classes to get your sweat in, you want to look and feel good going it—and don’t want to get caught realizing your leggings are see-through two minutes into your workout. (Or have them slipping and making you uncomfortable the whole time—been there, done that too many times to count). Feeling confident in your gym clothes is essential, and in 2022, matching workout sets officially reign supreme in the activewear department.
    Take it from us: Heading out in a workout set really does make you feel like that girl (like you have your life together even if you don’t in the slightest). It’s cliché, but it’s true: Your gym clothes can give you the workout motivation you’re lacking.
    Ready to sweat it out in style? We’ve rounded up 20 of the cutest workout sets you can get your hands on right now. 

    Feeling Bored With Your Workouts? How to Create (and Maintain) a Fitness Routine You’ll Love More

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    Hermès opens a sophisticated new store in Doha


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 minute ago

    Hermès has unveiled its brand new store in Qatar’s capital city, Doha.
    The expansive space spreads across 600 square metres and is set in the heart of a luxe new shopping destination, Place Vendôme. Conceptualized by the architecture agency RDAI, this tastefully designed space is created with immaculate attention to detail.
    Embodying a Parisian flair, the interiors exude unmistakable elegance with shades of amber and earthy tones, with double-height windows for that exquisite finesse. As a contemporary expression of architectural vocabulary, the space evokes a certain calmness through its subtle features such as travertine walls and warm touches.

    The lavish store also delves into the region’s history as the space is inspired by the rock carvings of Al Jassasiya.
    With separate areas around the store dedicated purely to the silk collections, perfume and beauty, watches and jewellery and leather goods, there’s a story in every section giving each section its individual identity.
    To infuse certain elements of nature, the store leads to a private oasis of flora for that much-needed escape. From earthenware vases by artist Julian Stair to a winged horse by sculptor Christian Renonciat, each design aspect is carefully considered to exude the house’s codes.
    For a bespoke experience, guests can feel at home at the luxe VIP salons to choose and try their pieces at ease.
    To celebrate the launch, the American artist duo CHIAOZZA, Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao have painted a surrealistic jungle sculpture, ensuring an enticing welcome for all guests.

    By adding to the physical shopping experience, customers can now discover the new store and visit from Monday to Wednesday 9am to 10pm, Thursday to Saturday 9am to 12am and Sunday 9am to 10pm. Located on the ground floor of the mall’s south side, the new Hermès Doha store celebrates its rich history and artistic vision.
    For more information visit hermè
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied More