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    10 Holiday Gifts You Can Buy Now and Save a Ton of $$

    The holidays are right around the corner, having us scrambling to find the best gifts at affordable prices that won’t break our budget. Prepare in advance for a successful holiday season with some inexpensive gifts you can buy now that will save you a few extra dollars and time shopping. Offering amazing discounts on top designers and brands, Gilt City, an online shopping and lifestyle site, has you covered this upcoming holiday season, with the best in throw blankets, menswear, and more that keeps your budget in mind. They offer a variety of gift ideas that will sure to make your loved ones grateful this holiday season! 

    Buy a gift that your favorite homebody can wear and cozy up in this winter. Affordable gift options like sweatshirts and hoodies are always a staple in any wardrobe for the winter. Add to your loved one’s wardrobe this holiday for less with some warm tops to lounge around in. With Gilt City, you can find loungewear gifts at an affordable price from brands Eberjey and more at $50 off your $150 purchase. For that price, every family member can have a matching pair! 

    Give the gift of affordable beauty this holiday with skin creams, oils, and moisturizers that won’t make a dent in your gift-giving budget. Gilt City has tons of brands that offer budget-friendly (and skin-type friendly) beauty products, like moisturizers, repair masks, and even products to de-stress the skin like the instant refreshing oil from Elemis, at up to 50% off merchandise credits when you shop. It’s the perfect gift for your loved one’s next in-home spa day. 

    Take that outdated tie box set or cologne out of your shopping cart and give the man in your life something he can wear with no fuss. Gift him some wardrobe staples he can mix and match to wear to work, in the home, or on date night this winter. Menswear that’s easy to wear and maintain shouldn’t be costly; Mizzen + Main has a collection of machine-washable and dress and casual shirts, pants, pullovers and more, at up to 60% off merchandise credits through Gilt City, which makes shopping for the man in your life this holiday season stress-free. 

    Subscription boxes can sometimes feel like re-gifted boxes of hand-me-downs after being picked through and taking out all of the good stuff, but with boxes like Rachel Zoe’s CURATEUR, gifting one of these boxes will be the premier, affordable gift for your loved one. Gilt City makes it easy to purchase one of these subscription boxes, filled with products from top beauty and fashion brands at only $69.99 (normally $99.99) with a free gift with purchase (a little holiday gift for yourself too!). 

    As soon as we hear the word “organic” with many skin care products, usually, a hefty price tag comes along with it. This holiday, you can gift mindful, sustainable beauty products that won’t come with the price. Organic beauty brands on Gilt City like French Girl Organics are up to 50% off merchandising credits that comes along with a free gift when you spend an extra $30 on your gifts. Organic doesn’t have to mean pricey; give the gift of beautiful sustainability this holiday for less. 

    We have all been relegated to our homes for the past few months, having to cancel travel plans throughout the year. Give the gift of travel this holiday season to get your loved ones out of the house and into a secluded retreat in nature. With up to 34% off credits to plenty of popular U.S. destinations through Gilt City, modern cabin rentals with travel rentals from Getaway and others could be the perfect gift for your loved ones to getaway safely within your gift-giving budget.

    It’s never a bad idea to give the gift of libations, especially during the holidays. Pair that bottle of wine with a few must-haves for your wine lover with a gift like a wine purifier or sulfite filters that will compliment their next wine-down. On Gilt City, Üllo has an amazing wine purifier and filters at up to 36% off that will save you a few extra dollars for a bottle of wine for yourself! 

    Cozy throw blankets can be affordable and made with quality material too. Give comfy throw blankets this holiday as a great gift for your loved ones to bundle up in, like these throw blankets from State Cashmere, made with 100% pure cashmere. Gilt City now has these blankets for up to 50% off, topping off your gift list with quality-made and affordable throws that will last through each season. 

    Every woman could use another bag. This holiday, get even more creative and thoughtful with these chic lunch bags for the working woman in your life from Modern Picnic. Now at 50% off on Gilt City, you can buy this functional bag ahead of the holiday season at an affordable price to you. Now, your loved one can eat lunch in style!

    Gifts for the home are always a great idea for the holidays. Beautiful handcrafted rugs, pillows, and bathroom essentials like towels are always much-needed items you can give as gifts for the holidays. Gilt City now has up to 40% off these textiles from Folks & Tales, which feature a variety of cozy home essentials to spruce up any loved one’s space.

    This post is sponsored by Gilt City, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    Update Your Workout Clothes With These 25 Editor-Approved Picks

    I’d be lying if I said I’ve kept up with the at-home workout plan I optimistically had in mind back in March. I had the best intentions, but alas, when a new Netflix series calls, I must answer. That is until I got a new set from Alo Yoga. In my experience, nothing is as motivating to get moving as a cute workout set. I’ve tried a lot of athletic-wear in my day, but I always come back to Alo Yoga because they truly make the best yoga clothing, with the mission to inspire mindful movement (and they do!). Plus, they are eco-friendly, sweatshop-free, and very high-quality, so you know the pieces are worth investing in. Whether you’re rolling out your mat for a quick yoga flow, RSVPing to virtual HIIT classes, or in search of some new comfy loungewear, the best workout clothes are the ones that do it in style. Also, an important PSA: Alo Yoga just launched a brand new color today, and it’s stunning. Blue Quartz is as cool as it sounds: it’s icy, pretty, and pairs perfectly with all your neutral pieces, making it the ideal color for winter (but low key, I’ll for sure be rocking it well into spring and summer).

    Shop the new color (before it sells out!) and all of our other favorite picks below. 





    This post is sponsored by Alo Yoga, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    We Tested This Cult Favorite Sports Bra—Here Are Our Thoughts

    The world is full of recommendations left and right. Whether you’re texting your friends about which restaurant to try for a first date, asking your mom what she thinks of your new hairstyle, or googling the reviews of a new foundation you have your eye on, someone’s first-hand account of something is typically only a few clicks away. But the best recommendations are those that come out of nowhere. When someone is so excited about something that they have to tell you right away, whether you asked for it or not. We really stand by that praise at The Everygirl. Heck, it’s how we’ve found some of our favorite products, from Spanx’s leather leggings to our favorite haircare product Maddie found on a beauty podcast. Today’s story comes from a recommendation from a good friend of ours (perhaps we’ll call her a BFF). After texting about trying some leggings from Aerie, she announced that her favorite sports bra in the world comes from there. I mean, we couldn’t not try them? 
    So, Maddie and I placed an order for Aerie’s Strappy Back sports bra (in different colors because we’re different gals—duh), and here’s how it went. Hint: we both kinda fell in love.


    Finding an amazing sports bra is a bit of an anomaly; I always hear people complaining about their sports bras, but very rarely hear someone compliment one. My biggest challenge with finding a sports bra that I love? Finding that Goldie Locks, juuuuuuuust right amount of support that holds me in but doesn’t leave me feeling like Mulan when Li Shang discovers she’s actually a girl and she’s sitting in the snow with her torso wrapped up to hide that she has boobs (just me?).
    I’m a 34D, which I like to think of borderline-large boobs. Are they objectively big? No, but they’re big enough that holding them in is a concern when I’m working out. My workout of choice is, unfortunately for me, running, which makes finding an amazing sports bra even more difficult because of the level of bouncing around that comes with it. I can honestly say that in my 24 years, I have exactly 0 sports bras that I love, so my loyalty could go to any one that impresses me.
    The second I took this bra out of its package, I knew I was going to like it based on how it felt alone. The material is, to me, a hybrid between cotton and the dry-fit, slippery material a lot of bras come in. It has some padding, which I personally prefer, but not too much by any means. Check and check.
    You know how it’s trendy and cute to wear a sports bra as a top with high-waisted leggings? I’ve never understood how people could do that until I tried this. This bra is right in between being a bra length and a crop-top length, and felt like I could get away with wearing it to a barre or yoga class. It held me in the perfect amount so that I didn’t feel too exposed nor constricted—it fit me, quite literally, perfectly. Plus, with all the criss-crossing straps in the back, it’s cute as all hell.
    After testing this out for workouts, since it’s a medium support bra, it isn’t the best in the world for running, but it’s perfect for barre or pilates or yoga or anything of the like. It’s so comfortable that I want to pick a few more up in different colors to make it my everyday, lounging bra too—something I can’t say for any other sports bra I have with any real amount of support. It hits a completely unique mark for me out of all of the sports bras I’ve ever had—and it’s less than half the price of the ones I own that I like half as much. The hype for this one is absolutely real, and I can’t imagine finding another sports bra I like this much anytime soon. 


    Since we started working from home, I’ve been searching high and low for a comfortable bra that didn’t make me look frumpy but was comfortable to wear all day long, and it got bonus points if I could seamlessly transition it to working out during the day. I’d ordered a few here and there, and nothing knocked my socks off. I love Fabletics sports bras, but they have quite a bit of support, so I only really like them for working out. But a bralette is way too little support to work out in. You see my dilemma? 
    When I ordered this bra, I wasn’t really expecting it to be something I could work out in. It looked way too comfortable for that. “More of a bralette than a sports bra” is what I envisioned. But upon receiving it, I immediately changed my tune. Based on the material (which Maddie described loving too), it’s really flattering and sweat-wicking, making it a great workout bra. But it also is comfortable enough to wear just lounging at home. I’m typing up this review wearing the sports bra with a pair of sweatpants, and it’s honestly WFH bliss. But I have plans to work out as soon as I finish this, and I don’t plan to change either. That’s the golden ticket of bra comfort if you ask me.
    For reference, I wear a 38E bra and am currently between wearing an XL and XXL at American Eagle. I ordered the XXL in this, assuming larger was better than smaller, and I’m glad with my choice. The XL would have been much more compressive, and I love this for just hanging around the house even more so than working out (and even then, I’m not a runner or jumper in any way, so I rarely need anything with lots of coverage). 
    I ordered the white color because my current sports bra collection consists of entirely black bras (I like versatility, OK), and I love it so, so much. It’s so cute with every pair of leggings, sweatpants, pajamas, and any other random pair of pants I own. The white isn’t see-through at all, and cups inside the bra don’t cause any nipple outlines or anything of the sort. Basically, you can order this rest assured that you’ll be covered up whether you’re on a run outside, on a Zoom barre class, or just hanging around the apartment with your roommates.

    Other Aerie sports bras we have our eyes on: More

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    8 Fall Pieces I’ve Been Wearing for Years and Will Never Stop

    To be totally cliché, October means my pantry is stocked with pumpkin products from Trader Joe’s, Hocus Pocus is officially on repeat, and it’s still averaging 90 degrees in southern California. I love LA, but it’s a real bummer heading to Starbucks and not even wanting a PSL because it’s too hot for anything but a cold brew. Alas, the fashion show must go on: no matter the temperature outside, there are a few key pieces I have worn on repeat every year, whether freezing in Chicago or overheating in Los Angeles. Here are eight fall pieces so good, I’ve been wearing them for years (sorry in advance for the mirror smudges that won’t leave me alone no matter how often I clean this thing). 
    1. Shearing Moto Jacket

    I’ve had this same jacket for almost five years now, and it is not only the coziest item I own, but it is also probably the edgiest (I don’t do “edge” very often). Whenever I wear it, I immediately feel a lot cooler in style and a lot warmer in temperature (see what I did there?). It’s cozy inside but effortlessly chic on the outside, making it the perfect fall jacket I’ll never stop wearing. 

    2. Cream-Colored Blazer

    Yes, I still have the black blazer I got from Forever 21 before my first big-girl internship, but this cream-colored satiny blazer just feels so much more on-trend. I love pairing it with all-black so it really stands out and updates the look. A lighter-colored blazer will seem like the less obvious choice, but alas, it’s so easy to pair with everything that you’ll be tempted to wear it every single day. 

    3. Trench Coat

    OK, this trench coat might be the item I’ve had the longest and, dare I say, the best purchase I’ve ever made. I first bought it nine years ago (wait, what??) and have worn it almost every season since. However, my favorite season to wear it in is fall. I’m not even sure what scene or movie I’m referencing, but when I put it on, I immediately picture myself as Audrey Hepburn on a crisp autumn day, only with less poise and comfier shoes. Wear with basically any fall outfit because it goes with everything (trust). 

    4. Western Bootie

    I love a good bootie (who doesn’t come September?). I love a good bootie so much that I am usually persuaded to purchase a couple of new pairs every year (though my overflowing shoe closet will try to tell me how much I don’t need them). However, year after year, I subconsciously go back to this western-style bootie. I think it’s a combination of the interesting accents that make it stand out from the average black shoe, or how the western style perfectly contrasts with the preppy blazers and sweaters I live in during the season. Either way, my western-style booties aren’t going anywhere (if you couldn’t tell by the tarnished toe).

    5. Animal-Print Sweater

    Back in my cold Chicago days, this sweater was on work OOTD rotation every week. When it’s chilly and cold outside, all I want to wear is the top that feels most like wearing a blanket without going full Snuggie territory. No one (hopefully) noticed that I chose comfort over style because the eye-catching print looks like it was a conscious fashion decision and not the warmest piece I could get my hands on. I don’t care what anyone says: animal print will always be in-style–especially in cozy knit. 

    6. Plaid Blazer

    As I write this article, I’m learning that all of my work milestones are marked by blazers (is this how Carrie Bradshaw feels?). My mom gifted me this blazer before an internship I had while studying abroad in Paris (if a tailored blazer doesn’t help you overcome imposter syndrome, I don’t know what would). These days, it’s put to use for a more fashionable purpose than impressing my old boss. I love it with light wash jeans for a style contrast that’s perfect for the season. 

    7. Statement Sweaters

    One of my favorite life hacks during fall (maybe this is obvious to everyone, but I’m still going to call it a life hack): the statement sweater. You’ll stay cozy and warm with minimal effort, all while looking picture-perfect for Instagram. Cozy knits with interesting details and elaborate accents are a must-have in any girl’s closet, if for no other reason than tricking people into thinking you put some effort into getting dressed. I have a particular thing for ruffles and statement shoulders, but you can also look for bright colors, bold prints, or pretty tailoring.

    8. Statement Shoe

    Full disclosure: this is only the second fall that I’ve owned these boots, but they deserve an honorable mention, and I’ll tell you why. Like the statement sweater (above), I have had a statement pair of boots every season since I knew what boots were (like, back in the Limited Too days). A couple of years ago, it was OTK boots; the year before that, it was studded boots (I used to be so much edgier); and years before that, they were probably from the Lizzie McGuire x Target line and had sequins. The point is that a statement boot will be your go-to all season long. You can completely transform jeans and a sweater, or keep your summer skirts in rotation while the boots keep legs warm. Win, win, win!


    What fall pieces do you wear every year? More

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    I’ve Tried a Lot of Beauty Products This Year, but I Won’t Stop Talking About These

    Instead of your usual intro about how I love beauty products and have tried a lot of products this year (I’d probably tell you it’s part of my job!), I’m just going to cut right to the chase: I love these eight products with my heart and soul, and spending the time to tell you about them was like soup for the soul. After the year we’ve had, we all deserve a little time to sit here and chat about beauty products for a moment. Grab your beverage of choice (I’m drinking hot mint tea right now with a face mask on because sometimes WFH has its perks), maybe a snack, and your wallet—because I’m about to talk you into a few things and I’m not even sorry.

    The Glow Maker: Antioxidant Serum

    This had to be the first product on this list. I’ve written blurb after blurb about this product, and you can read my full review here. This is the first skincare product I’ve actually repurchased more than once, and I’m not even remotely close to being sick of it yet. I love that it works both instantly and over time because I don’t feel guilty when I skip a few days, but I also have noticed that my skin looks better with continued use. I *truly* will not stop telling people about this until they stop making it (Maelove, please never, ever do that). I’ve raved about it so much that even our editor Maddie’s boyfriend bought it—and after a date recently told me I had nice skin (flattery will get you everywhere), I convinced him to try it too. If I can convince a man who uses four-in-one shampoo as a face wash to buy a vitamin C serum, then you know it must be good (or that my powers of persuasion are just extremely high).

    Jeju Volcanic Blackhead Out Balm

    I texted our Graphic Designer Kelly the second I bought this because I was so excited to hopefully try something that would banish my blackheads for good. I used it once and saw a minimal difference, but now that I’ve used it a few more times, it is a godsend. I use it for skin gritting, and it works better than any other oil I’ve ever used. I’ve been using it a few times a week since I got it, and my nose has never looked clearer. If you suffer from blackheads or clogged pores, you’ll want a product like this in your skincare routine. And at less than $10 a pop, you might as well buy one for your BFF too.

    Elysium Naturals Co.
    Whipped Shea Body Butter

    The need for a good moisturizing body product is growing as the days get chillier and chillier, and last summer, I found the best one. This body butter saved me from shaving irritations and flaking sun-exposed skin, and now, it’s at the top of my list to tackle everything that comes with dry, winter skin. I use it on my elbows, knees, and ankles every night before bed, and my skin has never been softer. Plus, the lavender vanilla scent is glorious at bedtime. For the daytime, my favorite scent has been orangesicle—it smells so dreamy, and when I catch a whiff of it while I’m working, it immediately makes me happier. They’re releasing holiday scents soon, and I’ve already saved the money to buy this for everyone I know for Christmas.

    Falsies Lash Lift Mascara

    I’ve been known to rave about mascaras on occasion. It’s the easiest makeup product that arguably makes the biggest impact—how can I not shout out the best ones?! After testing a lot of high-end formulas, I’m on a journey to find the best options at the drugstore, and I started with this one after I saw it on Allure’s 2020 Best of Beauty list. It immediately made its way into my rotation, topping some of the expensive mascaras I’ve loved for years. It gives so much impact and volume while adding a little length too. It’s the perfect dramatic mascara to wear during the day. I’ve already told all of my friends to buy it on their next Target run, and now I’m telling you!

    Tinted Face Oil Foundation

    This was basically the only foundation I used all summer, and I’m still using it for practically every Zoom call and casual trip to the grocery store. It’s extra glowy, so I always make sure to powder afterward, leaving me with a glowy look that doesn’t get shiny or oily. I apply it on my face straight from the tube, and use either a brush (when I want extra coverage and less glow) or a beauty sponge (less coverage, much glowier). It is so easy to put on when I just need a little something on my face and makes me look alive on Zoom. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an everyday foundation. But heck, I’d be convinced to wear this on my wedding day honestly.

    Organic Body Wash

    I’m still working through swapping my daily beauty products for Black-owned alternatives, and body wash felt like the easiest one. I saw this earlier this summer and thought seeing this gorgeous label every morning will make me excited to shower. Little did I know I would fall in love with the product inside too. I had a friend come over recently who saw this in my shower and said it looked “cool” (men are weird), and I went on a 10-minute tangent about how much I love it. This scent is amazing to use for my morning showers, and the peppermint actually cools down my skin, which I love after a sweaty workout. My skin feels clean and soft, and I’m noticing less KP on my arms too which makes this product an ultimate winner.

    Skin Glazing

    As we enter the time of the year that looking glowy isn’t just a given (oh how I miss my summer dew!), I’ve had a lot of my friends ask me for highlighter recommendations. This one from Nabla has been my go-to, especially because they have shades for every skin tone. It’s not filled with shimmers or glitters, so instead of adding a very prominent powder-y finish on the skin, it looks like your skin is naturally glowing. It’s a really fine-milled powder, so it looks better the more you blend it in. It’s the perfect glass skin powder highlight that looks both natural and impactful.

    Major Brow Shaping Wax

    I’ve been embracing my natural brow shape the last few months in an attempt to head to my salon as little as possible (and save money… and achieve the Bella Hadid brow… and because I’m lazy). With that has come unruly brows that absolutely look nothing like a Hadid sister and more like a caveman. I snagged this a few months ago now, and it is, without a doubt, the best brow product I’ve ever tried. It takes a little extra time than your typical gel in the morning, but when you have the time, it’s worth it for that laminated brow look.


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    The Cozy Sherpa Sale You Don’t Want to Miss

    If sherpa and fleece weren’t already one of the best parts of fall, in 2020, their status as our favorite pieces of the seasons have been set in stone.As the temperatures are dropping and we’re preparing to hibernate until spring, we’re stocking up on the coziest pieces possible—from the softest sherpa jackets to the warmest fleece we can find. And some of our favorite (and cutest) ones we’ve found yet this year have come from Abercrombie & Fitch. A sherpa jacket with leather trim? That’s the piece we never knew we needed until now.
    If you haven’t gotten your hands on their famous sherpa or fleece just yet, you’re in luck: this weekend only, their top-selling sherpa and fleece pieces are on sale for their lowest prices yet. Trust us: these are going to sell out quick.

    no code necessary, prices as marked


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    12 Fall Pieces That Are So Chic, They Basically Style Themselves

    So you want to express yourself and look your best, but don’t always have the inspiration or energy to pull off a runway-worthy every day? We get it: styling inventive, Insta-worthy outfits is not always easy. Our trick is finding strategic pieces that are so chic, they’ll look effortlessly fashionable with even jeans and a T-shirt. Some pieces are closet basics, some are of-the-moment trends, but all of these clothing items are so effortlessly chic, you won’t need much else to pull together a killer OOTD. Read on for 12 fall pieces that are so stylish, they basically style themselves:
    1. Cropped Puffer

    A puffer coat is one of the few items that is as functional as it is stylish. Not only will it keep you warm and be versatile enough for any occasion, but all you need for a sporty-chic look that’s more street-style than athleisure-wear is a pair of skinny jeans and booties. Try a cropped version that hits right above the hipbone for extra trend points.

    2. Knee-High Boots

    Ah, knee-high boots: the style that replaced OTK boots to become 2020’s shoe style of the season. Trust me on this one: they’ll look so chic, it won’t matter what you wear them. Try monochrome neutrals so the boots stand out, or just skinny jeans and a sweater. Bottom line, you can’t go wrong; no matter what you wear up top, knee-high boots will steal the show.

    3. Denim Jacket

    And now for a closet basic that you typically reserve for transitional days of spring and colder evenings come summer: a denim jacket can actually look really good in fall too. A light-wash version stands out perfectly against a black sweater and black jeans or trousers (cold-weather staples), resulting in the easiest outfit formula ever and a way to reinvent your denim jacket. Don’t forget your classic booties!

    4. Animal Print Accents

    Will animal print ever get old? The answer, of course, is no. Women have been rocking animal print for decades, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Specifically, animal-printed accessories completely transform any basic T-shirt and jeans or sweater dress. Try a variety of cow print, leopard print, or snakeskin in all your shoes, purses, and belts. 

    5. Leather Trousers

    Faux leather trousers are all the rage these days, and, while they may look intimidating, they’re incredibly easy to style. Since they’re such a statement piece (without being too “out there”), all they need is a basic long-sleeve tee or sweater and a seamless pair of booties. Throw in some eye-catching accessories if you want, but I guarantee all eyes will be on your stylish trousers. 

    6. Knee-Length Cardigan

    A knee-length cardigan is another piece you probably have in your closet that you might forget is not only cozy, but chic too. The longer hem is a little more elongating and unexpected than a shorter cardigan, so you can pair it with straight-leg denim and a tucked-in tee. You’ll look as cute as you’ll feel cozy. 

    7. Leather Blazer

    Leather is always big come fall, but this year it’s popping up in everything from pants to skirts to blazers, and I am here for it. Opt for a faux leather version that updates any basic jeans and tee to a more trendy and luxe look than your work blazer would (sorry work blazer, we still love you). 

    8. Sherpa Coat

    Maybe it’s staying at home for seven months straight, or maybe the fashion and comfort stars are aligning, but fall’s biggest trends also happen to be the coziest. Exhibit A: the always-chic and warm sherpa coat that literally goes with everything and makes the simplest outfit Instagram-worthy. 

    9. Flare-Leg Denim

    Sorry, mom jeans: there’s a new denim in town. The pants you wore every day of middle school are officially back and better than ever. Think: light-wash, semi-distressed, and slightly oversized throughout the leg. Pair your flare leg jeans with pointed-toe booties and a simple sweater/tee combo up top. 

    10. Belted Shacket

    I’ll be honest: when I first read the word “shacket” on the H&M website, I thought it was a typo. Low and behold, shacket is the crossover between “shirt” and “jacket” that we never knew we needed until now. It can be worn as a shirt with pants or unbuttoned over a tee or sweater, making it two pieces in one. The trendiest versions come with belts for a cinched waist and a defined silhouette.  

    11. Textured Sweaters

    Another basic that’s eye-catching enough to update the most boring outfit is a sweater in ribbed material or chunky knit, and it has the potential to be your go-to item every day until spring. Look for stand-out textures in warm fabrics to wear when you want to look cute, but don’t want to think too hard think about it.

    12. Plaid Trousers

    Plaid is not only reserved for school uniforms and ’90s punk (even though Gwen Stefani rocked it); a standout plaid piece like trousers are comfortable enough to feel like your stay-at-home joggers, but look chic with a basic sweater or tee. Whether you’re relaxing at home, hopping on Zoom meetings, or taking #OOTDs for Instagram, plaid trousers will be your go-to. 

    What’s your favorite piece for fall? More

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    Our 20 Favorite Items From the Shopbop Sale

    There are a lot of things that bring me joy in this life (a fancy overpriced latte, using too much parmesan on my penne alla vodka, and releasing the clasp on my bra after a long day in public), but nothing quite compares to the feeling of getting hit with that “your order has been shipped” email. Sometimes, I even respond with a “thank you, I love you” message back.So, when I heard Shopbop’s Fall Event was in session, I whipped out my laptop with unmatched speed and got to scrolling. If you’ve never shopped at Shopbop, you’re in for a treat. I don’t buy designer pieces often (you know, because I spend so much money on overpriced lattes and parmesan cheese), but when I do, Shopbop welcomes me with open arms. Their hand-picked collection of designer items and investment pieces are a fashion guru’s dream. Our team sifted through all 203 pages of sale items to bring you our 20 favs and trust us… you don’t want to miss it. 
    Now through October 16, get 15% off orders over $200, 20% off orders over $500 , and 25% off orders over $800 with code FALL20!

    use code FALL20

    Source: @shopbop More