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    6 Things I’m Buying Now to Wear Later

    A few weeks ago, when I was basking in the glory of the concept of a brand new year, something switched in me. I looked at my sweaters and leggings I’d been wearing on repeat for the past 10 months, and I decided it was time for—for lack of a better term—a bit of a rebrand. You might wonder, “Why put the effort into changing anything about your wardrobe when we’re still stuck inside?” I’m glad you asked. For whatever reason, this year just feels full of hope that I think most of us were lacking for the past few months (and rightfully so), and I’m done waiting for a day in the future to do the things that make me feel my best. This year, I’m doing that every day—regardless of whether it’s for my dog’s eye’s only or not. My plan? I’m buying these things and getting use of them now, and when the time comes that other humans see me too, they’ll feel brand new all over again. Here’s what’s in my cart:

    1. A colorful cardigan

    I’ll admit that I’m not usually one for a cardigan, but a cozy cardigan in one of the dreamy shades of 2021 is exactly what the doctor ordered, be it for lounging around the house or wearing to the office in the future.

    2. Long, straight denim

    In my opinion, the perfect pair of jeans in 2021 is a longer, straight fit, reminiscent of what your mom wore in the ‘90s. This season, I’m dedicating myself to finding the perfect pair

    3. A pair of sunglasses

    Sure, I’ll always love my go-to Ray-Bans and black cat-eye sunglasses, but what better way to spice up your wardrobe than with a new pair of sunglasses?


    4. A new shacket

    If you live in a climate that has seasons, the shacket is the gift that keeps on giving, and there’s no shortage of options. Wear it for the rest of winter, spring, next fall, and beyond.


    5. A graphic sweatshirt

    We’re all obviously drowning in sweats right now, a fun, graphic one is a great option to have in your arsenal (even if it’s your old college one). Pair it with jeans or plaid pants and layer it under a jacket to bring a little bit of coolness to your look.


    6. White combat boots

    Big, chunky lug boots have been the hottest shoe of the year, but they’ve particularly caught my eye in white. I love the thought of wearing them for the rest of the winter with my wool coats and then in the spring and summer to give my dresses and edgier vibe.


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    I Live in LA, but These Cold-Weather Trends are So Good, I’m Buying Them Anyway

    Don’t let the article’s title or my fake tan fool you: I’m a Chicago girl through and through. It doesn’t feel like fall without restocking up on sweaters, and Christmas can’t come before it snows. But when I moved to sunny Los Angeles a few years ago, I was ready to give up hot chocolate, changing leaves, and the excitement of the first snowfall of the year—but I am not willing to give up these trends.Despite staying at home for almost an entire year, styles still come and go, and fashion feels just as fresh. This season brought trends so chic, unique, pretty, and bold that I just had to have them, even if the weather didn’t permit. Whether you live in year-round warm weather or are currently parked in front of a space heater with your coat on indoors, you’re going to want to indulge in these winter trends.

    1. Everything Leather

    Leather typically feels a little too hot and heavy for any temperature above 65 degrees. But this season said “thank you, next” to moto jackets, and leather started showing up in everything from fancy work trousers to sleek blazers. The everything-in-leather trend is so chic that I would endure a little extra sweat for the sake of fashion.

    2. Cropped Puffers

    OK, the last time someone wore a puffer coat in Los Angeles was, like, never. But in 2021, the cropped puffer is not just a tool to stay warm, it’s a fashion statement. It has become my loungewear of choice when running to the grocery store (or staying warm in my A.C.).

    3. Fringe Sweaters

    I’ve been wearing cozy sweaters since stay-at-home started a year ago, so frankly, I’m bored of knit. But they’re just so soft, there’s nothing I’d rather wear during another stay-at-home day or one of the (few) chilly days in LA (curse you, cashmere!). So the fix for my sweater boredom is adding a stylish detail: fringe. Wear it as a cardigan over a white tee and denim, or rock a high-neck version with your favorite leggings.

    4. Quilting

    That’s right: the pattern reminiscent of your grandma’s go-to hobby is officially cool. Whether it’s a lightweight puffy material or sleek faux leather, I can’t get enough of the subtle trend. Even though it’s traditionally on winter coats, I’ll be stocking up on accessories, skirts, and jackets for staples classic enough to keep for years, but trendy enough to look of-the-moment.

    5. Colored Velvet

    Maybe it’s the inner romantic in me, or maybe I’ve watched too much Bridgerton lately, but I can’t get enough of luxe velvet in jewel-tones and royal hues (Penelope Featherington’s OOTDs are a mood). Luckily, a lightweight piece like a blazer isn’t too warm for LA, and a velour set of sweatpants is basically a must-have at this point. 

    6. Head-to-Toe Knit

    Knit is no longer just a fabric; it’s a way of life. So why stop at a sweater or shirt? Since legs deserve some love too, my winter outfit of choice is knit from head to toe. Whether it’s a chic set (that looks way more stylish than my ratty old sweatpants and camp T-shirt), or a comfortably fitted midi dress (keyword: comfortably), I’m not giving it up, even as temperatures rise.

    7. Statement Coat

    Why should cities with cold weather have all the fun? I love a coat in a bold print or bright color because it makes any outfit look put-together and fashionable (no, seriously. Try it out yourself by throwing it over jeans and a tee). Don’t think statement coats can last season to season? I’ve had the same leopard print coat for five years (yes, I have worn it in LA). And it always looks like I bought it that season.

    8. Winter White

    There’s a reason white is the color of brides, angels, and snow: it just looks so pretty! (OK, maybe there are more logical reasons than the aesthetics, but you get my point.) I love a good white sundress come summer, but winter white is my favorite. Cozy sweaters and light denim are like making a statement with basics. To take full advantage of the trend, go head-to-toe white or opt for investment pieces (like a coat or bag) in the gorgeous hue. 

    9. Chunky Boots

    Before you ask, no, I’ve never been considered athletic (I “played” volleyball in high school and sat on the bench the entire time). But just because I’m not athletic doesn’t mean I can’t be good at athleisure. I’m obsessed with the it-boot of the season: the chunky, functional, and practical athletic boot. They’re like the trendier version of your old-school hiking boots. Since it never rains or snows in LA, the waterproof exterior is just a bonus. 

    10. Plaid Outerwear

    What would Blair Waldorf wear in the winter of 2021? You can bet she’d still be rocking that iconic plaid outerwear. While a classic peacoat is always in style, I also love the structured shackets (shirt-jackets) of the season that are a combination of lumberjack-chic and your nice work shirt. Think: wide collars, a thick material, and an oversized fit.

    11. Sweater Vests

    All bets were off in 2020, so it’s not surprising that one of the year’s most fashionable items was originally rocked by Chandler Bing. And in 2021, the sweater vest trend isn’t going anywhere. Wear it over collared shirts or turtlenecks while the weather is still cold, and I’ll be transitioning it under blazers (or on its own with denim shorts) as the temperature gets warmer. 

    What cold weather trends are you obsessed with RN? More

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    11 Inexpensive Dupes for Your Favorite High-End Skincare Products

    When I first got into beauty, I spent hours at my pink Dell Desktop computer researching beauty dupes. I got into beauty YouTube when all anyone talked about were MAC collections, Urban Decay Primer Potion (a product I still swear by to this day), and St. Ives Apricot Scrub (you know, before the industry blacklisted it entirely). But I was a mere youngling; there was no way I was getting my hands on all of these astronomically-priced products! So, I scoured the internet for similar products and shades to get me by, but in the process, I fell in love with finding dupes, saving money, and testing new things. And it turns out, I loved it so much that I am still doing it 15 years later! So, whenever I find an expensive product I love, I research and test products at a lower price point to see if it would be a dupe. All of that trialing brought me to accumulate quite the list of similar products to some of the most popular high-end skincare products on the market. Whether you’re saving yourself a little cash (all those Bachelor Monday wine nights get expensive!) or just love to test new things, we’ve curated 11 different dupes you should try next.

    Vitamin C is often in a liquid, serum consistency that you apply during the day, but if you want a rich, brightening mask that combines the impact of vitamin C with hydrating ingredients for nighttime, look no further than this mask from Soap & Glory. Similar to Youth to the People’s Superberry Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask, this overnight mask has a thick consistency that goes on like a heavy moisturizer but leaves your skin looking glowy as ever the next day.

    Finding a thick, intense balm you can use on your elbows, chapped skin, dry lips, eczema patches and more can be a struggle, especially if you’re thinking for an ultra-clean option filled with plant-based ingredients. This one from Alicia Keys’s brand new line at Ulta, Keys Soulcare, fits the bill, containing a rich blend of oils that’s hydrating and luxurious, just like Ren’s Evercalm Overnight Recovery Balm. Use this anywhere you have a dry patch, and it’ll disappear within days.

    Retinol is historically-known as a drying ingredient that can cause peeling and other irritating side effects. But there’s a new retinol in town, and it’s contained in an oil, making it gentle, effective, and moisturizing. Who thought you’d get those three words in a retinol product? Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil has been a best-seller for years, and Pixi’s inexpensive option has all the makings of a dupe: similar packaging, same quality, and serious results.

    Shiseido’s Benefiance Wrinkle-Smoothing Eye Cream has been a favorite of our editors and readers for a while, but if you’re not quite ready to splurge on an eye cream (there are much more fun skincare products out there!), this one from Roc has amazing reviews; contains retinol; and targets puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles, making it quite the eye cream trifecta. It’s moisturizing and depuffing at first use, but the effects of the retinol over time stack up to those of the Shiseido.

    Blue tansy is a newer skincare ingredient on the scene, so finding this inexpensive dupe for one of Herbivore’s most popular facial oils was basically my bliss. This oil is perfect for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin who is afraid of a heavy oil breaking them out or causing them to produce even more oil.

    If you’d like to try a nightly exfoliating product but want something dry-skin-friendly, a nighttime glycolic acid cream is a great addition to your routine. It’ll slough off dead skin, brighten, and clear skin without the severe drying or tingling effects of a typical AHA serum or toner. SkinCeuticals is known for these dermatologist-grade products, like their Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight Cream, but this K-Beauty option from Soko Glam does the job at a fraction of the price.

    On the other hand, if you want a daily resurfacing toner, like Glossier’s famed Solution, this PHA toner from The Inkey List has a very similar ingredient profile, similar texture, and impressive reviews. PHA is a much gentler option for exfoliation than an AHA like glycolic or lactic acid, but it still provides those same results, especially over time. After using this toner nightly, reviewers say their skin looks brighter, clearer, and smoother.

    Everyone needs a classic detoxifying mask in their skincare routine, and as much as we love the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask, you also don’t need to spend a lot to get a similar result. This mask from L’Oreal offers the same experience, texture (the classic dry-down clay mask we all love), and results. When I use this, my skin looks so much more even tone, and I notice fewer breakouts.

    Peptides are a great ingredient to add to a moisturizer because they support the health of your skin barrier, which is essential for glowy, bright skin. But you don’t have to pay Tata Harper prices to get the same results (as much as we love it!). This one from The Inkey List is the ideal packaging for a moisturizer: no squeezy tube, no jar to dip into, and no annoying spatulas. Instead, you simply push down on the top, and it comes right out. This keeps the ingredients stable and safe, making the product last much longer than a pot moisturizer might. This daily moisturizer can be used in the morning for a lightweight feel, but it’s hydrating enough to use at night too.

    Dr. Dennis Gross’s Universal Daily Peel pads are a cult-favorite in the skincare world. Makeup artists swear by them to use in the morning before serums and moisturizer to slough off dead skin and leave your face radiant and exfoliated before applying makeup. But when you’re using them daily, they can definitely get pretty pricey, so reaching for these ones from Neogen is a great option. Just like the Dr. Dennis Gross pads, these have multiple AHAs to really exfoliate your skin, but they’re still gentle enough for daily use. Plus, the Neogen pads have a little bit of a texture, so they offer physical and chemical exfoliation, which is perfect for just before makeup. I don’t use these every single day, but they’re ideal for days I want to look my best.

    Everyone needs a really good cleansing oil in their routine, and you don’t have to splurge on the Biossance cleansing oil to get something high-quality that’s filled with clean ingredients. I’ve only recently started trying products from Cocokind, but their products blow me away when you look at the price, the ingredients, and how they stack up with other brands. This cleansing oil would work well for seriously anyone regardless of skin type, and it’s so good, they even recommend it as a morning cleanser to start the day with hydrated, soft skin.

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    10 Trends So Good That I’m Buying Them Now to Wear Later

    So it’s the 10th month spent at home, the holidays are over, and the weather is pretty bleak. January is always a bummer of a month, even without a global pandemic (am I right, or am I right?). While staying-at-home persists, you might be feeling the Sunday Scaries every night of the week. If that’s not a plea for some retail therapy, I don’t know what is.Personally, I have not been online shopping as much this year as I typically do (at least my bank account is pleased), but the items I have purchased meant more. For one reason, expecting a package in the mail gives me the will to live, but cute trends and pretty pieces also make me feel hopeful for a little bit of normalcy. Maybe I’m overly sentimental, or maybe the trends RN are just so good, but as a little pick-me-up and post-holiday present for myself, these are the trends I’m so excited to wear later (whether it’s in warmer weather or when it’s safe to go out again), that I’m buying them now.

    1. Belted Blazers

    Since March, I’ve been dreaming of what I would wear on my first day back at the office. After 10+ months of reflecting, I can confidently say this will be it. There’s something about a tie belt that makes a standard blazer instantly chicer, and a silhouette immediately more flattering.

    2. Distressed Flared Denim

    If 2020 has done one thing for my closet, it’s that I’m ready to break up with my skinny jeans (and my sweatpants have doubled in numbers). The trendy pair of jeans I’ll be rocking in 2021 is a distressed pair with a flared leg. They’re chic, relaxed, and of-the-moment stylish, and they’re so comfortable, I can start wearing them now while lounging at home.

    3. Mid-Length Knit

    Keeps us warm, feels comfortable, and looks insanely stylish–what can’t knit do? The style I’m currently pining after is a mid-length dress, tight enough to comfortably cling to the body, without being so tight you can’t eat too many slices of pizza (you know what I’m talking about). Dress it up with heeled boots, or dress it down with white sneakers and rock it from now until summer.

    4. Silky Printed Button-Downs

    You may think button-downs are just for the office, but they’ve become my fashionable loungewear of choice. Think Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, only silkier, comfier, and more statement-making. The bloggers on my Instagram feed have been rocking printed button-downs for months over knit joggers and biker shorts, but they’ll look just as good tucked into distressed denim. The bolder print, the better. 

    5. Spring Pastels

    So the weather (and groundhog) still says winter, but I think we can all agree that we’re ready for spring. After a crazy few months, we need sunny days, warmer weather, and bright colors. I’m longing for colors like baby blue, pretty pink, and light yellow to brighten up OOTDs. Wear it now with knit sweaters in pastel colors, or save it for later with blouses, sundresses, and accessories.

    6. Luxe Bra Tops

    Am I the only one who hasn’t bought a new bra since senior year of high school? Lately, I’ve been shopping for comfy bra tops and luxurious bralettes because I’m an adult, and I deserve something pretty, damn it! Maybe I’ll be so bold to wear an outfit with a chic bra top and high-waisted jeans, maybe I’ll lounge at home in a jersey knit bra instead of my old wired ones, or maybe I’ll just feel an extra boost of confidence knowing there’s something pretty under my sweatshirt. Either way, sign me up.

    7. Lug Chelsea Boots

    I’m not usually so edgy to opt for a chunky boot, but apparently, 2020 has brought out my inner edge. Chelsea boots are always in style, but the 2021 version comes with a lug sole, AKA a thicker bottom with ridges (don’t worry, I had to Google it too). Lug Chelsea Boots add a casual, edgy detail to a classic, feminine style, AKA the perfect shoe for any outfit.

    8. Fringe

    Whether it’s Western-inspired fringe jackets you’d find in old John Wayne movies or glam fringe reminiscent of 1920s flappers, the trend is blowing up. Right now, I’m buying it in jackets and sweaters I can wear at home, as well as pretty accessories and dresses I can wear later. 

    9. Sweater Vests

    Who would’ve thought that Chandler Bing would’ve been a fashion icon in 2021? The ’90s fashion trend is back (and chicer than ever), which is no surprise since it’s the perfect combination of comfortable and stylish. Wear it over collared shirts or turtlenecks while the weather’s still cold, and transition it under blazers or on its own with denim shorts when the temperature gets warmer. 


    10. Knee-High Boots with a Kitten Heel

    Didn’t you hear? OTK boots are out, and knee-high boots are in. While I still love my chunky-heeled knee-high boots I bought last year, 2021 is all about the skinny and short heel. It’s a little more elegant, comfortable, and trendy, so consider me obsessed. I’ll be looking forward to wearing them out and about, but until then, I’ll be drooling over them in my closet.

    What trends are you buying RN? More

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    There’s a Major Sale at J.Crew RN—Here’s What’s in My Cart

    The months after the holidays mean exactly three things to me: 1. attempting to keep my New Year’s resolutions, 2. staying at home with the fireplace on (I don’t do cold weather well), and 3. a J.Crew shopping spree. Maybe it’s because I get bad post-holidays blues and retail therapy helps, or maybe it’s because no one does cashmere like J.Crew. Either way, I scour the website every January, debating whether I want to spend money on a new sweater, stylish jacket, or something to look forward to for spring. This year, I can get all three, thanks to this epic sale. Whether you want more cozy loungewear to keep you warm at home or you’re looking to spruce up your wardrobe for spring, now is your chance. Keep scrolling to shop our favorite picks and use code EPIC for 30% off full-price items and an extra 50% off sale styles. 

    use code EPIC More

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    Our Favorite Wardrobe Essential From Target Just Came Out in 14 New Colors—and It’s $4 Right Now

    Last summer, I discovered something that truly changed my life. It was so simple, yet also the perfect summation of everything that was missing from my wardrobe. It’s flattering, versatile, the perfect cut, comfortable, and most importantly, incredibly affordable.So Jess, what the heck is it?! It is Target’s A New Day Ribbed Tank. The obsession started when I purchased just two tanks—but, by the end of summer, I owned six. I am telling you: that’s how good they are. Many of our editors also own them, and they all own more than one. You just have to trust us that once you put it on, you’ll never want to wear another tank again. 
    Although this tank is a summer wardrobe staple, I managed to continue to wear mine all through fall and winter by layering them with sweaters, cardigans, and jackets—proving that it is truly the most versatile piece in my closet.

    Now fast forward to last week, and something appeared on my “For You” page on TikTok that made me audibly gasp. There it was, the famous Target tank, back and better than ever—not only in a ton of new solid colors, but also in TIE-DYE (!!!!). I sent the TikTok to my coworkers faster than I could even say “pastel tie-dye.” 

    As if all of that wasn’t amazing enough, it also comes in sizes XS-4X, is available in 14 colors, and is currently on sale for $4. Yes, $4. Less than the price of a Grande Cold Brew. Stock up now before they sell out! 
    Get your credit card ready, because you’re going to want one in every single color:

    Source: Keely Geist

    Source: Abigail Yonker

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    25 Items to Snag at Madewell’s Secret Sale Before They Sell Out

    In our office, we all have pretty different style. Some of our editors gravitate toward trendier pieces while other remain as classic as possible, but there’s one store we all love equally: Madewell.You might remember a few months ago, Madewell had a super-secret sale with deals we literally thought were too good to be true. And in a gift from the fashion gods, the sale is back, this time with winter pieces all at incredible prices (cashmere sweaters for $40?! Unheard of).
    Upgrade your 2021 wardrobe with these pieces before they sell out:

    hurry, this won’t last long More