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    This Morning sex therapist guest, 57, accused of rape told woman his penis was ‘like a laser beam’ which ‘cuts trauma’

    A This Morning therapist accused of raping a client said his penis was “like a laser beam” which could “burn up trauma”, a court heard.Michael Lousada is being sued by Ella Janneh, 37, who visited him after suffering panic attacks during consensual sex due to being abused as a child.Ella Janneh, said she was raped and sexually assaulted by Mr Lousada in his clinic in 2016Credit: PAMr Lousada, who has appeared as a guest on This Morning, denies the allegations, saying the sexual activity was consensual and part of ‘legitimate’ therapeutic activityCredit: You TubeMs Janneh, who has waived her right to anonymity, claims during a session on August 18, 2016, she was raped and sexually assaulted by Mr Lousada in his clinic in Belsize Park, London.She is now bringing a civil claim against the therapist in the High Court after the Crown Prosecution Service said it would not pursue criminal charges in 2018.Mr Lousada, who has appeared as a guest on This Morning, denies the allegations.He says the sexual activity was consensual and part of “legitimate” therapeutic activity.Read More showbiz newsAt the start of a six-day trial in London on Friday, Nina Ross, representing Ms Janneh, said Mr Lousada assaulted his client during a “body work” session.The alleged attack came after he claimed to use penetration “as a therapeutic technique”.She said: “She did not have the mental capacity to consent … nor did she have the freedom to consent due to the power dynamic inherent in a therapeutic relationship, nor did she have all the information she needed to consent because he gave her no warning.”She has thought of the incident as a rape from the day it happened.”Most read in Showbiz”There is no evidence before the court of why the defendant decided to take that risk, or what possible benefits there were for a trauma victim like the claimant, or indeed anyone.”‘BODY WORK’ SESSIONThe court was told that Ms Janneh first visited Mr Lousada in 2011 and again in 2012 after suffering panic symptoms during consensual sex, which she believed stemmed from abuse as a child.No sexual activity took place at that time.She returned in 2016 for the “body work” session which she believed was similar to a physiotherapy session, coupled with talking therapy, Ms Ross said.Giving her evidence in court, Ms Janneh said she had a phone call with Mr Lousada where she explained the nature of her panic attacks and that she wanted to understand how to overcome the problem.She said: “I absolutely did not ask him to work on penetration. I never, ever, ever would have asked him to penetrate me.”When questioned whether she had suggested penetration be used as a therapy technique, Ms Janneh said: “That is deeply untrue. It is the express opposite.”PENIS ‘ABSORB THE TRAUMA’In court documents, Ms Janneh claimed that Mr Lousada told her his penis was, “like a laser beam” and that it could “burn up trauma”.She also claims he said he should use his penis to “absorb the trauma”.The incident caused her to suffer a panic attack, leaving her unable to communicate and “incapable of providing valid and informed consent” as a result.Ms Janneh, who now lives in Melbourne, Australia, reported the incident to the Met Police a day later.No charges were brought and the case was dropped in May 2018.As well as taking legal action against Mr Lousada, Ms Janneh is also suing Anteros Books Ltd, of which he was a director, for damages over claims of assault, trespass to the person and negligence.’RELEASE OF ENERGY’Barristers for Mr Lousada said while he accepts that penetration occurred, its purpose “was not to have intercourse, but to accommodate the claimant’s wish to work with penetration”.They said he believed the the session was “about release of energy”.In written submissions, lawyer David Boyle said that Ms Janneh did not fully disclose her past trauma and her vulnerable status, was aware of what the session involved and repeatedly provided “clear, unequivocal consent”.In his notes following the session, Mr Lousada wrote that Ms Janneh “left feeling empowered and optimistic”.Mr Boyle continued: “The defendant slowly and carefully proceeded with the treatment session. At each stage, he asked for clear, verbal, consent to the next step proposed.”At each stage, the claimant responded with a clear ‘yes’, failing which the defendant did not and would not proceed.”I absolutely did not ask him to work on penetration. I never, ever, ever would have asked him to penetrate meElla Janneh speaking in court on FridayHe said Mr Lousada offered clients a “range of activities” including workshops, talking therapy, him “massaging the client, either non-intimately or intimately”, and penetration “if so required”.While he acknowledged that Mr Lousada’s activities “may not align with societal norms”, his work was a “legitimate activity”.He said Mr Lousada had worked with “approximately 1,000 separate clients” during “several thousand appointments”.READ MORE SUN STORIES”Approximately 30 to 40 of whom he has engaged in penile penetration”, Mr Boyle told the court.The trial continues. More

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    Jamie Laing makes startling confession about sex with wife Sophie Habboo and reveals they’re having marriage counselling

    HE’S only been married to his stunning wife for a year but Radio 1’s Jamie Laing admits things have already fizzled out in the bedroom.Former Made In Chelsea co-stars Jamie and Sophie Habboo tied the knot in London and went on to have a huge ­celeb-packed bash in Marbella, Spain.Radio 1’s Jamie Laing has admitted he is average in the bedroomCredit: PALaing is married to fellow Made In Chelsea star Sophie HabbooCredit: RexBut the 35-year-old jokes that he “can’t be bothered” to perform any more.In a hilariously candid interview, he confessed: “Sophie did say I was bog standard at sex and that is probably a fair description. You get worse as you get married. You become lazy.“I used to start doing joined-up handwriting then I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with that as it’s quicker for me to not do it joined up’, I’m a bit like that in the bedroom. I don’t give up half way but I do remember that once I rolled on top of Sophie and she said, ‘Oh, get on with it’.”But while Jamie may be letting things slide between the sheets, the presenter makes sure he doesn’t slack off in their relationship.READ MORE CELEB NEWSHe suggested the couple start seeing a marriage counsellor and they have therapy together twice a month.He explained: “I said to Sophie, ‘Look, 40 or 50 per cent of marriages end in divorce, I think it’ll be really good to do’, so we still go every other week and I think ­therapy brings self-awareness.“It opens you up and makes you more empathetic. It makes you basically not become a sociopath and it allows you to have another opinion.‘She’s my ride or die’“You’ve got to communicate ­for ever, otherwise these things boil up, and going to therapy gives us the best chance of surviving this up-and-down life we’re going to have. So twice a month we sit down for an hour, and I’ve learned lots of lessons.Most read in Celebrity“I found out that most of the time my wife is right, and that I’m very lucky to be with her, because my brain is all over the place 24/7.“It’s made me calmer, with Sophie especially, as I’m generally more volatile than her.”Inside Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo’s incredible £—a-night Honeymoon villa after disastrous journey, The couple have also learnt that it’s not just about how you get on — but how you resolve things.Jamie added: “The most important thing is to really understand why you’re fighting and to decide if it’s really important or not.“And if they are feeling so ­adamant about one thing, maybe try to see their point of view. But the biggest thing is if you’re in the wrong, say sorry, which I’m very good at.”She is the kindest, most empathetic person I’ve ever met and she does not have a bad bone in her bodyJamie and fashion designer Sophie, 30, met on the E4 reality show, cementing their love on a 2019 series trip in South Africa.He said: “We started off as best friends, then about three years into our friendship we were on holiday together and she came out in a bikini. I was like, ‘Oh my God, you’re super hot’, and I was suddenly like, ‘Oh my God, wait, you’re not just my friend’, although I don’t think it was quite as profound a moment for her.“I think for her it was, ‘Why is my friend staring at me?’”The pair host the Newlyweds ­podcast together — where they take a warts-and-all approach to discussing their relationship.And it is clear Jamie still dotes on Sophie.He gushes: “She is the kindest, most empathetic person I’ve ever met and she does not have a bad bone in her body.“We tease and make fun of each other but there’s also a huge amount of respect. And the best thing about being married is that you’re part of a tribe. She’s my ride or die and being married to her has also stopped me window shopping.“Before, if you’re in a relationship, you can very easily go ‘You’re p***ing me off today. You know what? I’m done here’. But when you’re married, it’s very much like you’re a team.”Jamie also leans on his best friend Spencer Matthews, 35, for support.The former lothario married Vogue Williams, 38, in 2018 and the pair now have three children.Jamie said: “Spencer is the greatest dad and husband. Him and Vogue are amazing. They’re incredible.“The fact they’ve got three kids and they’re doing all the stuff they’re doing and working so hard, I mean, it’s crazy. They said to us, ‘Just make sure you love each other all the time’. That’s great advice, as it’s really important to separate the ­hectic madness of life and spend quality time with one another.”The pair got married in 2023Credit: GettyJamie and his co-host Vick Hope, middle, took over Radio 1’s Drivetime Show last monthCredit: James Watkins/BBCLike his former Made In Chelsea partner in crime, Jamie hopes to have his own family one day soon.He jokes: “I want so many kids that at Christmas I could create a sleigh and attach them all to it and go, ‘Mush’, and they can drag me down the garden.“If I have a son, I’m going to name him Blaze Laing, so he’ll sound like a porn star or a race car driver.“I said to Sophie, ‘If we have kids, what do you want them to have of mine?’ and she said, ‘Just your personality. That’s it’.“And I said, ‘Not my looks, my eyes?’ and she said, ‘Nope, nothing. Just your personality’.”Jamie and his co-host Vick Hope, 34, took over Radio 1’s Drivetime Show last month.And Jamie, who competed in Strictly in 2019, insists that Sophie is not worried about him working so closely with gorgeous Vick.He said: “I did Strictly Come Dancing and there were no issues there.So I think being with Vick is fine. And even if I did have an inkling towards Vick, I don’t think I’m her type.”And Vick’s superstar DJ husband, Calvin Harris, 40, clearly thinks there is nothing to worry about.Therapy opens you up and makes you more empathetic. It makes you basically not become a sociopath and it allows you to have another opinionJamieJamie admitted: “Calvin saw a picture of me at the Brits and Vick went, ‘Oh, that’s Jamie, my co-host’, and Calvin went, ‘Oh I know him, but who is that standing next to him?’ and Vick went, ‘That’s his wife’, and Calvin said, ‘Oh, I thought he was gay’.”As the great-great grandson of 1st Baronet Sir Alexander Grant, who created the McVitie’s biscuit empire, Jamie has received a backlash for being “too posh” for Radio 1.But he said: “There’s a real problem with the class system in the UK. If my only hurdle that I have to jump over is that I’m posh, then I think I’m doing OK. I am posh and if people like that, great. If they don’t like that, I can’t do anything about it.”And it turns out there are plenty who enjoy listening to him, as last month Jamie launched his new celebrity interview podcast Great Company, chatting with stars including singer Paloma Faith, TV’s Jay Blades, comic Jo Brand and magician Dynamo.He said: “As a kid I used to do chat shows with teddy bears. I feel pretty blessed, pretty lucky and pretty happy. What I’ve realised is that happiness comes from the people you connect with.“I’m very lucky, my family are alive, they’re healthy and well, I have a beautiful wife and great friends.”
    Great Company, with Jamie Laing, is ­available now on all podcast providers.
    Jamie has interviewed many celebs including singer Paloma Faith, TV’s Jay Blades, comic Jo Brand and magician DynamoCredit: GettyGreat Company, with Jamie Laing, is ­available now on all podcast providers More

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    The 9 Best Natural Lubes For A Happy Vagina

    It’s no secret that, for lots of people, lube is a game-changer when it comes to sex. So you’d probably assume that lubes (‘normal’ and natural lubes) are pretty safe (even good) for your vagina given their myriad other benefits — and most are. But you need to proceed with caution and familiarise yourself with a few things before you use them. Here’s what you need to know about natural lubes.

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    Who Should Use Natural Lubes?

    “The traditional and most commonly used lubes are water- or silicone-based which won’t disrupt the vagina’s delicate pH balance, which can cause an infection,” says Dr Sherry A. Ross, a gynaecologist and author of She-ology and She-ology. The She-quel. Let’s Continue the Conversation.

    But — and this is a big but — if the ingredients used to create the scents, warming capabilities, and flavours of some lubes are doing you more harm than good by irritating your sensitive skin down there, you might find you’re better off with a natural alternative.

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    What Does Natural Actually Mean?

    Now this, of course, opens up a whole new world of uncertainties. With so many lubes on the market claiming to be “natural” and “organic,” it’s hard to tell what those labels actually mean for you and your vag.

    Here are the facts: It all comes down to ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the more natural the lube.

    “In general, both natural and organic lubricants do not contain those extra non-pure additives including synthetic chemicals, dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrances and other toxins,” says Ross.

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    What’s The Difference Between Natural And Organic Lube?

    The notable difference between “natural” and “organic” lubes really comes down to how the ingredients in each are sourced and whether they’ve been certified.

    Organic lubes are made from certified ingredients while natural ones are not. To be truly organic, a lube’s ingredients won’t have interacted with chemicals such as pesticides, fertilisers, and GMOs.

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    Can Natural Lubes Give You An Infection?

    That said, some natural and organic lubes can still be tricky for your vagina and include ingredients that you’ll want to avoid. Take, petroleum jelly or mineral oil, for example: They can up your risk of developing bacterial vaginosis or other vaginal infections, says Dr Alyssa Dweck, a gynaecologist.

    9 Natural Lubes You Should Try

    To make sure you’re adding only the safest options to your cart, you’ll want to shop from this list of the best natural lubricants. Many of these feature coconut oil, aloe vera, or vitamin E for a silky, slippery texture and none of the potentially icky stuff (plastics, artificial fragrances, and oh, those pesky parabens).

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    Pro tip: Always test a bit of lube on your wrist to see if it causes any irritation. If it doesn’t, give it a try on your vulva to double-check before using it during sex.

    OSKE Aqua Natural Lubricant Tube

    OSKE is vegan and free of petroleum, silicone, parabens, fragrance and glycerin. It’s also made from mostly organic materials and is packing aloe vera, water, and xanthan gum extract.

    Liquid Gold Rooibos Infused Water-Based Lubricant

    If your go-to synthetic lube gets clumpy after prolonged use or thickens the more you apply, make the switch to Liquid Gold. This water-based lube feels smooth, silky and slippery to the touch.

    Pjur Woman Vegan Water-Based Lubricant

    This premium lube is made without parabens, paraffin and glycerin. This PH-optimised lube is also free of fragrances, colourings and gluten so gluten-free folks can enjoy this one.

    READ MORE: Vaginal Probiotics Are Having A Moment – But How Do They Work?

    Intimate Earth MELT Organic Warming Lubricant

    This is a great lube if you have sensitive skin – the gentle formula is silky smooth and a little goes a long way. Plus, it’s condom-friendly and has organic extracts.

    Anara Aloe Gel Personal Lubricant

    A multitasker you’ll repurchase over and over, this aloe vera-based natural lube also relieves itchy and dry skin and even UTIs. Plus, it’s great for menopause.

    Oliō Natural Intimate Lubricant

    This CBD-infused lube is water-based and provides a relaxing and soothing sensation to the skin. Plus, it might improve blood flow, for heightened pleasure.

    Green Peach Essensually Wild Water-Based Lube

    This lube has 100mg of fast-acting full-spectrum CBD. It works to relieve tension and keep you present as you indulge.

    Faithful to Nature Water-Based Lubricant

    Made with organic aloe and prebiotics, is 96% organic, won’t dry up or get sticky and comes inn eco-friendly packaging.

    SuperNaturals Personal Lubricant

    Made with cape botanicals, this natural lube has a silky, smooth texture and is cruelty-free. What’s not to love about it?

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    Showbiz’s most on-off marriages from Dominic West’s to Amir Khan’s as Emmerdale’s Amy Nuttall takes cheating hubby back

    FORMER Emmerdale actress Amy Nuttall revealed this week that she’s back with her love-rat husband Andrew Buchan.Amy, 41, has given her marriage a go for the third time, after The Crown star’s affair with an on-screen lover saw them separate and reconcile twice last year.Amy Nuttall has taken back her cheating husband Andrew Buchan for a third timeCredit: GettyBut it appears they’re not alone in their on-off union, with many celeb spouses separating and reconciling in the public eye.In light of Amy and Andrew’s latest stab at making it work, The Sun has compiled a roundup of the rockiest marriages in showbiz.Wayne and Coleen RooneyColeen Rooney has stood by Wayne through multiple scandalsCredit: SplashIn 2004, the Sunday Mirror reported a teenage Rooney had paid £140 for sex with prostitute Charlotte Glover, then 21, and gave her his autograph as a “souvenir”.A month later, he was said to have slept with Gina McCarrick, then 37, at a £45-a-go brothel in more on amy and andrewThe football star visited the brothel 10 times, and was caught on CCTV.It was at this same brothel that he was said to have slept with grandmother Patricia Tierney, then 48, who wore a rubber catsuit and was known as the ‘Auld Slapper’.She later denied these claims, while Rooney went on to admit to sleeping with unnamed prostitutes.Faithful Coleen stood by her man, and the pair married in 2008.Most read in ShowbizBut Rooney went on to cheat again, sleeping with £1,000-a-night prostitute Jenny Thompson, then 21, in July 2009 – while Coleen was pregnant with his son Kai.He met Jenny, who recently appeared on Ex On The Beach, seven times in four months – and even took her on dates to bars, clubs and casinos.The pair last met up in October 2009, a month before Coleen gave birth, but she didn’t find out about his infidelity until the following year.His heartbroken wife moved out of their family home and in with her parents, taking their son with her.At the time, Rooney said: “My life is in ruins… I’ve been so stupid,” but Coleen decided to take him back.Dominic West and Catherine FitzGeraldDominic’s wife Catherine stayed with him after he was caught kissing Lily JamesCredit: GettyDominic’s wife Catherine banned Lily James’ show from their house after pictures of them kissing in Italy were published.The Affair star Dominic, then 50, been spotted kissing his 31-year-old co-star Lily on a romantic break in Rome.Catherine weathered the storm and stayed with him.But friends of the pair later told us things became more tense since their romantic drama, The Pursuit Of Love, debuted the following May.A pal of the couple revealed: “Catherine has been incredibly strong since the pictures of Dominic and Lily came to light.“But now it feels like it’s all coming back to her, with The Pursuit Of Love on TV and Lily filming as Pamela.“Catherine is avoiding social media and any websites where she might see the pictures.“No woman wants to see the woman her husband made a move on. But when that woman is as glamorous as Lily, it feels ten times worse.”There is no Pursuit Of Love on in the background at their house on a Sunday evening, either.“It’s banned. Catherine has been a model of strength and after everything chose to stand by Dominic. She has been nothing but devoted but this has all made the situation far more tense.“She will celebrate her 50th birthday this week and is trying to focus as much as she can on that.”Catherine, a landscape gardener, said the couple had had their “ups and downs” but added: “We are totally devoted to each other and to our full, vibrant family life together.”Amir Khan and Faryal MakhdoomAmir Khan and his wife Faryal’s 11-year marriage hasn’t been plain-sailingCredit: GettyFaryal gave the former world champ his marching orders after The Sun on Sunday revealed last year he had been sexting bridal model Sumaira, 25.We also told how Amir had romped with a 30-year-old brunette during a four-month affair.A friend said at the time: “Faryal is insistent she won’t be walked over like a doormat.“The past few weeks have been incredibly tough for her. She says she feels humiliated by the stories that have been coming out.“Amir has more than his fair share of making up to do before he can even think about moving back into their home.“Faryal has taken a lot of crap throughout their marriage and she’s fed up of doing so.”He was also accused of sexual harassment by a former BBC presenter.Suzi Mann – who worked for the BBC Asian Network – said the boxer bombarded her with messages and calls after meeting at a concert.She said she did not feel “comfortable” and chose not to “entertain” the advances before allegedly receiving a message from Khan’s wife Faryal threatening to “destroy” her.Faryal, who has three kids with Amir, took him back though and the pair have repaired their 11-year marriage.Ed Sheeran and Cherry SeabornEd Sheeran hinted at some serious marriage issues on his latest albumCredit: GettyEd hinted at some serious marriage issues on his seventh studio album, Autumn Variations.One song even appeared to suggest his wife may have temporarily called time on their relationship.The superstar featured a pointed number called Punchline about an imploding romance on the LP.On the track, he sang: “I can’t help but be destructive right now. It’s been weeks since I saw your outline.“In my room is a silence so loud. This is what losing hope might sound like.”In the heart-wrenching chorus, he continued: “I can’t help it but I love you so.“I can’t take this letting go. I still feel like we could work it out or something. “All I am is only flesh and bone. Why’s your heart sofreezing cold?”Ed has been with his childhood pal Cherry since 2015. They married in 2019 and have daughters Lyra and Jupiter.In another track, called That’s On Me, Ed sang: “This is not the end of our lives, this is just a bump in the ride. I know that it’ll be alright . . . ”And on The Day I Was Born, he sang: “I broke apart from my lover a couple months ago, if they were here then I guess I wouldn’t be alone.”It is unclear which songs on the album were written from Ed’s personal experiences, as he previously said the record is about events in both his and his friends’ lives.Ellie Goulding and Caspar JoplingEllie Goulding was married to Caspar Jopling for five yearsCredit: Getty – ContributorEllie has just moved out of the home she shared with her estranged husband – just days after being pictured kissing her surf instructor.Pals previously confirmed to The Sun how Ellie and Caspar separated after their marriage hit the rocks last summer.In September, we told how Caspar had asked Ellie to cool off her close friendship with Tory MP Zac Goldsmith in a bid to focus on their four-year marriage.The former couple, who share four-year-old Arthur, later went public with the news in a statement saying they were “committed to protecting our family privacy”.But, last month, we revealed how Ellie was without her wedding ring while frolicking with surf instructor Armando Perez in his native Costa Rica.She was spotted making out with the hunk in Costa Rica as The Sun was first to reveal the popstar’s antics.Ellie was being schooled by Armando and they were canoodlying on a break from the waves.Sharon and Ozzy OsbourneSharon booted Ozzy Osbourne out of their home after learning of an affairCredit: GettySharon and Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy had been married for more than 30 years when he began an affair with celebrity hairdresser Michelle Pugh.Ozzy was booted out of the marital home when the four-year fling came to light in 2016, as Sharon insisted she had “proof” of it happening.Thankfully, the couple were eventually able to work through their crisis and Sharon let her husband return to their Beverly Hills mansion.A source at the time told us: “Sharon went ballistic with Ozzy and accused him of having the affair.READ MORE SUN STORIES“She said she had suspected something had been going on for some time and now had proof.“People are wondering whether Sharon went through Ozzy’s phone before accusing him. She has done that before but in the past she was checking if he’d been using drugs.” More

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    Signs ‘humbled Stormzy will propose to Maya Jama’ after years of pain – as he forks out on £45k bags & 5* romantic trips

    LOVE is said to be better the second time around – and that certainly seems to be the case for Stormzy and Maya Jama. Since reuniting in October – four years on from their 2019 break-up – the rapper has splashed a fortune on the Love Island host, 29, and appears to be her biggest cheerleader online. Stormzy and Maya made their first public appearance together since reconciling at the British Fashion Awards in NovemberCredit: RexThe rapper treated his other half to a spa day because she was feeling ‘down’Credit: instagram/@mayajamaThe beautiful bouquet had a sweet note that read ‘I pray you smile a little bit more today x’Credit: instagram/@mayajamaThis week, Maya revealed Stormzy booked a spa day for her and a pal because she was “feeling down”. On arrival, she was greeted with a beautiful bouquet with a note that read: “I pray you smile a little bit more today, X.”It’s one of many touching gestures from the “humbled” Own It rapper, 30, who previously described losing her as “probably the biggest loss a man can have”.As the romance cranks up a notch, relationship expert Jo Hemmings predicts it could be a sign that a proposal is on the cards.She tells The Sun: “Back together after a four-year split, it seems that this Stormzy truly appreciates his wonderful girlfriend.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZ“He’s showering her with lavish gifts, but more importantly he is thoughtful and considerate these days, even treating Maya to a spa day when she was feeling down.”He knows he’s seriously lucky to get a second chance with her – and there’s no let up on the effort he’s putting in with being thoughtful, considerate and putting her needs before his. “As well as lavish gifts and generous, complimentary posts on Instagram, this feels like ‘proposal prep’ to me. “He’s taking his time, there’s no need to rush into it – he wants her to be as sure as him – but the romantic direction of travel is definitely pointing to making that ultimate commitment.”Most read in CelebrityHere we look back at Stormzy and Maya’s romance and how since reuniting the rapper, he has been the ‘perfect boyfriend’. ‘Couple goals’Maya and Stormzy were both fledgling stars when they met back in 2014 at an event in London, but the future Love Island host later admitted: “If I’m really honest, I knew I fancied him from the start.”Bugzy Malone reignites bitter feud with Stormzy as he takes a swipe at Maya Jama on new trackIt was a big year for them both, with her cast as the presenter for MTV’s The Wrap Up and him gaining notoriety on the UK music scene.  After what Maya described as “a childish phase” where she dropped “obvious hints” about liking him and then “taking it back” they started dating a year later. Fans branded them “couple goals” and they quickly became one of showbiz’s hottest powerful pairing – but to them, it was “just a normal relationship”.Maya told Shopping With Keith Lemon: “I always said it was like a normal relationship but people wanted to look at it more and talk about it more.”During their four-year romance, Stormzy celebrated his beau in the lyrics of his songs including 2016 hit Birthday Girl and she appeared in the music video for his hit Big For Your Boots a year later.’I was a boy’Maya and Stormzy celebrating his 25th birthday in 2018Credit: Getty – ContributorBut by 2019, the romance ended and Maya moved out of the south west London pad they shared amid claims Stormzy was unfaithful. It was alleged that he cheated on the star with friend Jorja Smith, which he denied but admitted to being “disrespectful” to his beau in candid interviews. Stormzy told GQ: “It showed me that I was a boy and I do not want to go any further as a boy. I’ve seen how that manifests in other people and I don’t want to be like that.”Also on the BBC show Louis Theroux Interviews…, the rapper admitted he “didn’t do what a man should do, fully appreciate love and care for his woman”.I would love to be the man who she needs, I would love to do all the things that make this work. I want to marry her, I want to have her children.StormzyHe added: “You make a mistake and you lose someone you loved, someone you cared for, someone who is special to you.”Jo says that “fame crept up on the both of them” but Stormzy’s admission that he behaved badly set him on a path to growing up and winning back Maya’s heart.She explains: “While he denies that he was unfaithful he did admit to Louis Theroux that his behaviour could have been better and that he made mistakes. “By owning those errors of judgement, he claimed it ‘was probably the biggest catalyst for [his] growth as a man.’ He also said he didn’t want to ever feel like that again.”During an interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Stormzy hinted at his hope for a second chance. He said: “I would love to be the man who she needs, I would love to do all the things that make this work. I want to marry her, I want to have her children.”While Stormzy worked on himself, Maya had moved on with NBA star Ben Simmons in 2021 and got engaged – but a year later, the pair had broken up. 5* getawayRumours about the couple’s reunion spread when they shared snaps from a holiday in Greece last AugustCredit: mayajama/InstagramStormzy reportedly paid £2,700 a night to stay at a plush 5* hotelCredit: Tiktok – @stormzyThe Love Island star and Stormzy were later seen holding hands in publicCredit: InstagramRumours of a reunion began to swirl in August last year, when Maya watched Stormzy headline at All Points East festival and that same month they jetted off on a luxury holiday.They were spotted hand-in-hand in Greece while staying at a plush £2,700 a night Peloponnese villa, at the Amanzoe resort.There they were said to be “waited on hand and foot” at the fancy hotel, which boasts a personal chef and butler, as well as a pool with a terrace and the use of speedboats. She means the world to him and he wants her to be treated like a queenA source close to the coupleA source told The Sun: “He chartered a private jet to Greece then they flew into the resort by helicopter. It’s all very romantic.“She means the world to him and he wants her to be treated like a queen.”Fans were thrilled by the hope of them reconciling and later, it was claimed that Stormzy’s mum, Abigail Owuo, played a key role in getting them back together. A pal told The Sun: “Stormzy is really open about wanting to settle down and have kids one day and he knows Maya is ‘The One’.“Stormzy is really close to his mum Abigail who has always been Maya’s biggest fan. Abigail wants the best for her son and motivated him to make amends with Maya.”#1 fanStormzy mum Abigail was described as Maya’s ‘biggest fan’ and hoped they would get back togetherCredit: MegaStormzy picked her up from the airport with sweet handmade signsCredit: instagramThere they were seen staring lovingly into each other’s eyes at the British Fashion AwardsCredit: InstagramBy October, Maya confirmed they were an item when she shared a snap of Stormzy picking her up from the airport after filming Love Island Games, in Fiji. The rapper was seen holding two handmade signs, one read “Maya Jama #1 fan” and another had a sketch of her in the red dress she wore for her Dolce and Gabanna campaign.“You are so cute! Thanks! Put it down now… I’m shy,” she said during the Instagram video. The following month they attended the British Fashion Awards, which Maya hosted, and the couple were seen staring adoringly into each other’s eyes backstage.Jo says: “There was always a hope that they could reconcile… and since they got back together, their relationship has gone from strength to strength, with lots of smitten posts and PDA’s when out and about together.”Lavish dates followed, with Stormzy picking Maya up in his £350,000 Rolls Royce for a trip out to Winter Wonderland and the duo taking a trip to Los Angeles.Valentine’s Day gesturesStormzy and Maya celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic mealCredit: InstagramShe was seen in a taxi with the rapper later on in the eveningCredit: InstagramThe Birkin bag Stormzy bought Maya for Valentine’s Day is believed to have cost £45kCredit: InstagramSince then it appears the rapper has continued to pull out all the stops.On Valentine’s Day, he splashed out £45,000 on a Hermès Birkin handbag – named after the actress Jane Birkin. Some rare and limited editions sell for more than £200,000.   “Never seen anything so stunningggg,” Maya gushed in a caption, sharing a photo of the nude-coloured bag. They were also seen cuddling in a taxi after enjoying a romantic meal with two heart-shaped desserts. It was topped off by a sweet Valentine’s Day challenge on TikTok, where the couple answered ‘Who’s more likely to’ questions about their romance.In the clip, Stormzy was revealed to be more likely to apologise first and for the question “Who’s more romantic?” they both pointed to him without hesitation. Jo adds: “Stormzy is not just flashing the cash with Maya – though what girlfriend wouldn’t be thrilled with a much-coveted Hérmes bag and a smart Roller to pick her up.“He’s been so lovely with her, from sharing a cute ‘couples challenge’ on TikTok for Valentine’s Day, to being kind and generous with his compliments to her and showing her just how she now means to him.”Stormzy was revealed to be ‘the ‘more romantic’ in a Valentine’s Day challengeCredit: @TikTok/StormzyHe flew out to South Africa to celebrate Maya’s presenting the final episode of Love Island All StarsCredit: InstagramLater that month, while filming Love Island, Maya shared sweet and supportive messages her other half sent her on WhatsApp. After she shared two mirror selfies, Stormzy responded: “Yeah brazy (sic), sexy and classy simultaneously. World class.” Maya posted a screenshot of their conversation online along with the words “show outfit approved”. Stormzy also flew out to Franschhoek, in South Africa, where she was filming, to support her and spend time together after the Love Island: All Stars final.“Someone had a good night last night, woo!” Maya said in an Instagram video while enjoying a cute date with her other half. Earlier this week, Maya revealed Stormzy had booked the spa day, where she enjoyed an ice facial and sauna session.“So lovely and now I feel like a zen ball of fluff ready for the week,” Maya wrote in an online post.Jo believes the romantic and sweet gestures by Stormzy “all point to him making the ultimate commitment”.She adds: “He’s really put the effort in to prove that he has matured and changed to finally become that man who is worthy of her. “Now he’s shown his commitment, will we see a proposal coming next for the couple that (we knew) were always meant to be?” More

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    Kate Moss’s Bahamas fling at 14 & Bake Off queen who had orgy – the ways celebs lost their virginity

    DO good things come to those who wait?In her new memoir, actress Rebel Wilson revealed she was 35 when she had sex for the first time, with actor Mickey Gooch Jr, six years her junior.Kate Moss lost her virginity at 14 during a family holiday in the BahamasCredit: GettyAussie Rebel, 44, adds that he did not know she was a virgin and that she was late to the game because she feared, “As a big girl, no one would ever find me sexually attractive”.In her book Rebel Rising, she writes: “I didn’t want to live my life ­without experiencing sex.“I put it out into the universe that I was finally ready.“I was going to sl*t it up with the next guy that came along. And, Micks, I know this might be news to you but, yes, I lost my virginity to you.”READ MORE IN SHOWBIZShe is not the only celeb happy to overshare about losing their V-plates.From Kate Moss to Chris Martin, we look at the first times for these stars . . .KATE MOSS, 14Kate was scouted by the brother of Storm Management founder Sarah Doukas at the same ageCredit: RexWALKING through JFK Airport after a family holiday in the Bahamas, a 14-year-old Kate was feeling on top of the world.In her own words, the 50-year-old model recalls how she was smoking a cigarette and thinking she was “the bee’s knees” as she had just lost her virginity.Most read in CelebrityIt was at that moment she was scouted by the brother of Storm Management founder Sarah Doukas.She was offered a top modelling gig while at the airport – and has never looked back career-wise.Rebel Wilson leaks name of A-list actor she claims ‘threatened’ her over tell-all book in now-deleted Instagram postCHRIS MARTIN, 22Chris Martin says his religious upbringing put a dampener on his sex gameCredit: GettyThe Coldplay singer did not lose his virginity until after universityCredit: RexTHE 47-year-old Coldplay singer says his religious upbringing put a dampener on his sex game.Raised in Devon by committed Christian parents, Chris did not lose his virginity until after university.He recalled: “There were religious issues and s**t like that.“Also, confidence. I had a tricky time with girls. I got trapped in the friendship tip many, many times.“I don’t want to be the person that makes everyone laugh before they go off and bang.”PRUE LEITH, 15Prue Leith says she felt pushed into sex as a youngsterCredit: GettyThe Bake Off star says: ‘I was just weak because I had this rather pushy boyfriend who kept taunting me’Credit: RexSHE is the voice of reason on TV’s Bake Off, but Prue revealed she felt pushed into sex as a youngster.The 84-year-old told Sunday Times Magazine: “I was just weak because I had this rather pushy boyfriend who kept taunting me.“But luckily I had a good relationship soon afterwards and that was when I discovered that sex was great.”Prue would later have a 13-year affair with Rayne Kruger, the husband of her mother’s best friend, who she eventually went on to marry.CARA DELEVINGNE, 18Cara Delevingne reveals she lost her virginity at 18Credit: GettyThe model said: ‘It was a one-night stand and it happened at a New Year’s Eve party’Credit: RexSHE appears to be full of confidence now, but model Cara, 31, says she was shy when it came to sexual encounters as a youngster.Speaking on drag queen RuPaul’s podcast about losing her virginity at 18, she revealed: “I was quite late.“After being conditioned to think, ‘This is the noise that people make’, I remember stopping making any noise or trying to really maintain it.“It was a one-night stand and it happened at a New Year’s Eve party.“It put me off sex for about two years.”ADRIANA LIMA, 27Adriana Lima stayed a virgin until her wedding day in 2009Credit: GettyShe revealed: ‘Men have to respect that this is my choice’Credit: RexTHE 42-year-old former Victoria’s Secret model remained a virgin until her wedding day in 2009.Brazilian Adriana wed Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, 45, on Valentine’s Day in a private civil ceremony and spoke about wanting to live “purely” until she became a wife.She said: “Sex is for after marriage. Men have to respect that this is my choice.“If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.’”The pair, who share two daughters, separated in 2014 and divorced two years later.SIMON COWELL, 17Simon Cowell is said to have lost his virginity with his first girlfriendCredit: GettyThe X Factor boss dated her for 18 months after their first night of passionCredit: Splash NewsTHE 64-year-old X Factor boss reportedly lost his virginity with his first serious girlfriend.According to biography Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, by Tom Bower, the future music mogul fell head over heels for the woman and they dated for a further 18 months after their first night of passion.But then it all came crashing down when Simon was said to have been seen at a party kissing one of his tutors from Windsor Technical College.CHERYL TWEEDY, 15Cheryl made her teenage lover wait three months before losing her virginityCredit: GettyShe revealed: ‘I think men should earn that intimacy’Credit: Rex FeaturesFORMER X Factor judge Cheryl made her teenage lover wait three months before they took things into the bedroom.The 40-year-old former Girls Aloud singer told Glamour magazine: “I was 15 when I lost my virginity, but I made my boyfriend wait three months, so I am really proud of myself for that.”The pop star also says she has never had a one-night stand, adding: “The thought of being intimate with someone you don’t know really freaks me out. “I think men should earn that intimacy.”JIMMY CARR, 26Jimmy Carr lost his virginity later than other celebs aged 26Credit: GettyThe comedian said: ‘I think I was a little bit repressed, I’m a late developer’Credit: GettyHE is not shy of making racy remarks as host of 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown, but the 51-year-old comedian says this is a world away from his awkward teenage years.Speaking on Desert Island Discs, he said: “Yeah, late to sex – very late to sex.“I quite like talking about that, though, because I really remember being a teenager and thinking, ‘I’m not normal, I’m weird’.“Maybe religion played into it and not meeting the right person. “I think I was a little bit repressed, I’m a late developer and I’m OK with that.”KATIE HOLMES, 26Katie Holmes always vowed to stay a virgin until she marriedCredit: GettyKatie began dating Tom Cruise in 2005 aged 26Credit: RexTHE 45-year-old Dawson’s Creek actor – and former Mrs Tom Cruise – had always vowed to stay a virgin until she married.But that clearly changed when she began dating Top Gun and Mission: Impossible star Tom in 2005 when she was 26.They became engaged after just seven weeks and Katie had daughter Suri a year later in April 2006.They only actually tied the knot after their baby was born, getting married in a Scientology ceremony in November that year.JOHNNY DEPP, 13Johnny Depp lost his virginity on the back seat of a van aged 13Credit: GettyJohnny, 60, revealed: ‘I knew what to do, I had studied the subject for many years!’Credit: RexPIRATES Of The Caribbean star Johnny lost his virginity on the back seat of a van.At the time he was a guitarist for a band called Flame and he says a groupie became infatuated with him.Johnny, 60, told Playboy magazine: “I was about 13, playing guitar at a club, and this girl who was a little older had been hanging around listening to us.READ MORE SUN STORIES“She was a virgin, too. That night we just . . . partook. It was in the bass player’s van.“I knew what to do, I had studied the subject for many years!” More

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    The Gentlemen’s Kaya Scodelario spent night on the street at 4 & was troubled teen before making £1.2m as Hollywood star

    SHE’S the star of Guy Ritchie’s Netflix series The Gentlemen and has a Hollywood hit list which includes Maze Runner and Pirates Of The Caribbean 5.But Kaya Scodelario – who first found fame in Skins at 14 – was forced to sleep on the streets when she was just four and has fought her way up from a poverty-stricken childhood to become a screen star, commanding up to £1.2million a movie.Kaya with co-star Theo James in the Netflix hitCredit: RexKaya says her mum struggled but was ‘my inspiration’She starred with Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean 5Credit: ©Walt Disney Studios / Supplied by LMKThe 31-year-old has also overcome a sexual assault at 12, troubled teen years which saw her leave home at 16 and, most recently, a split from husband Ben Walker, the father of her two children, after an eight year marriage.But the plucky star – who plays drug queen Susie Glass in the action-packed Netflix series – says acting was a lifelong dream and “the only thing I was ever good at.”She sees success as a way of paying back her mum, Brazilian-born Katia, for the sacrifices she made while raising her daughter alone,“I want to give a life back to her as she gave her whole life up for me,” she has said.READ MORE IN FEATURES“She had to play the role of mother and father at the same time, and she did it to perfection. I managed to find a way through because of her. My mother is my biggest inspiration.”Hard childhoodKatia split from Kaya’s dad, Roger Humphrey, when she was just one and, three years later,  she left East Sussex to move to London, taking her four-year-old daughter with her.Homeless, the pair were forced to sleep on the streets for their first night before being given a council flat in north London, where Katia struggled to make ends meet, working several jobs and battling depression.“Mum built a life for me in a difficult place, at a difficult time,” she said in 2017.Most read in Celebrity“When I was growing up, we didn’t have much money. What was important in my house was to have food on the table, be happy and have our family.”Kaya also struggled with dyslexia and describes herself as “painfully shy child, very insecure, very anxious”Vinnie Jones explains his upcoming role on Netflix drama The GentlemenShe told Hollywood Reporter:  “I was really bullied as a young child, and I changed schools a couple of times. But, I always had this dream that I wanted to act. It was the only thing I was ever brave enough to put my hand up and put myself forward for.“Growing up in England, being very working class and having an immigrant single mother, I didn’t think that people like me could do things like that. “I knew I’d never be able to afford to go to drama school or have any coaching. So, I kind of accepted that it wasn’t going to happen at the very mature age of 14, which is quite depressing.”The star had a tough upbringingCredit: InstagramKaya at the premiere of the The GentlemenCredit: RexKaya runs a drugs empire in the Netflix hitSexual assaultKaya was estranged from dad Roger until 2010, a year before his death, and left home at 16 after relations with her mum became strained, although they are now close.“She raised me alone and she suffered depression most of her life,” she has said. “It can be very dark, very difficult, especially as a teenager. It put a lot of pressure on our relationship.“I wanted to help but I was 16 and probably not saying the right thing.”My best friend’s boyfriend was stabbed in Stoke Newington a couple of months before I got offered the roleKaya ScodelarioAs well as her difficult homelife, Kaya was a victim of a sexual assault, when she was 12 – causing a rift with her Brazilian ‘family members’.In 2018, as the #MeToo movement began to gain momentum, she revealed the “horrific” assault in order to help other abused children to speak out earlier.“It’s taken me 13 years to say #MeToo,” she wrote on Twitter, adding her alleged attacker is “still protected by ‘family members’ in Brazil. They’ve told lies to papers to try to silence me.”She added that others who had spoke out gave her the courage to do the same and told Harper’s Bazaar: “I remember thinking that if I was 12 years old and I had this horrific thing happen to me but I saw a woman I admired speaking up about it, it would have made me feel less guilty. “It would have inspired me to think, ‘This won’t hold me back, this is something that has happened but I am not a victim.’”So I thought if I can do that for one person then I owe it to my 12-year-old self.”Age lieKaya’s life changed overnight when she landed the role of Effy in the gritty teen drama Skins, at the age of 14.She later revealed she almost lost out on the part after a lying about her age backfired – because they thought she was too old.After being told about the open auditions for the show, she dropped by on the way home from school to see who was lining up, but didn’t actually go in.She was approached by producer Bryan Elsley after he spotted her sitting across the road. “For some reason, he came over and asked me if I wanted to audition. I said, “Yes,” but I knew I was too young because I was told you had to be 16 and up,” she said. “So I lied and said that I was 16 and a half, and he let me audition. Then they called back and said that I was too old so I admitted that I lied about my age. “Luckily, they gave me the opportunity. I happened to be in the right place at the right time.”Kaya was cast at 14Credit: Channel 4Kaya (centre) played Effy and dated Jack O’Connell (centre left) who played CookCredit: HandoutShe starred alongside Billie Piper in True LoveCredit: BEffy became one of the longest running characters, from 2007 to 2012, and had hard hitting storylines – which included sex scenes and teen drinking – which Kaya said reflected the life she had known growing up on a council estate.She said: “My best friend’s boyfriend was stabbed in Stoke Newington a couple of months before I got offered the role.“I know kids who live like this.”She also experimented with drink and drugs growing up, although her mum was strict and insisted she was home by 8pm every night, because “she didn’t want me to get pregnant like all the people around me.”“My mum’s quite open-minded. She’s Brazilian and I think that helps. I always knew about sex, about drugs, about religion,” she adds.“I did go through a phase of smoking weed but I told her about it and she convinced me to stop. I never smoked it again.“She’s even made me promise never to do a nude scene. That’s my excuse, producers!”Kaya’s stint in Skins also led to a role in the BBC drama True Love, in 2012, where she played a schoolgirl seduced by a female teacher, played by Billie Piper, with whom she shared a kiss.Famous first loveStarring as lovers in the Skins led to an offscreen romance with Jack O’Connell, who she called her “first love.”“We were so young and at the same time both becoming famous,” she said.“I was completely in love with him. If he’d told me to jump off a bridge, I would have.”Jack – who has since starred in Unbroken and Ferrari – “broke my heart” and she says she “spent a whole week in my room crying” after their split in 2009.She went on to date Shameless star Elliot Tittensor for five years, and supported him when he was arrested after an incident in 2010. The actor drove at an 18-year-old who was following Kaya, knocking him down and causing brain damage and was later fined £750 for driving without insurance.The pair broke up in 2014 but, after the injured man launched  a civil suit for damages, she gave evidence on Elliot’s behalf via video link from Australia – where she was filming Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Kaya dated Shameless star Elliot for five yearsCredit: GettyKaya and ex-husband Ben met in 2014Credit: GC ImagesThe former couple have two children together, now aged seven and twoCredit: InstagramIt was also in Australia that Kaya met actor Benjamin Walker, her co-star in The King’s Daughter, in 2014. Benjamin, then 31, had just divorced Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer and quickly fell for the then 22-year-old BritHe proposed after just six months – when he presented her with a Cartier love bracelet for Christmas then realised he “wanted to buy me an engagement ring” – and they got married at New York City Town Hall in 2015.I was completely in love with him. If he’d told me to jump off a bridge, I would haveThe Maze Runner star told ELLE Magazine: “I never had any family heirlooms, nothing that was ever passed down to me and so when I met my husband and we were falling in love, he bought me a Cartier Love bracelet for our first Christmas together.”Kaya added: “He says that it was then that he realised that he actually wanted to buy me an engagement ring, so he sort of weirdly proposed with a Love bangle.”The couple have two children, aged seven and two, who they keep out of the limelight and sadly, in February, they announced their split, saying they had made “the joint decision to end their marriage but continue to co-parent lovingly whilst remaining the best of friends.”Hollywood hit From her Skins launchpad, Kaya landed the role of Cathy in Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights before playing Teresa in Maze Runner series, from 2013. She went on to star opposite Johnny Depp in the fifth Pirates movie, in 2017, taking home a reported salary of £1.2m.But she says her latest role, as drug baron Susie in The Gentlemen, is her coming of age. READ MORE SUN STORIES“She’s the first actual woman I’ve played. It’s been a long line of teenagers and young adults,” she told the LA Times. “It was really f***ing cool to play someone who was already there, who is at the top of their game, who is confident and who is unapologetic.”Seems the Skins star is all grown up – and owning her future.Ray Winstone stars as Susie’s dad in The GentlemenCredit: Christopher Rafael/Netflix More

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    From Page 3 legend’s naked gardening to star who accidentally IRONED his penis – celebs who need no excuse to strip off

    WHEN it comes to relaxing at home, some celebs really do like to let it all hang out.Legendary actor Bill Nighy became the latest star to speak about their nude antics this week, revealing he likes to dance around in his bedroom after taking his clothes off.Heidi Klum relaxing in the nude while on a sofa in her homeCredit: InstagramDirrty singer Christina Aguilera liked to spend weekends without clothes onCredit: InstagramThe singer poses naked in the bath with bottle of Jay Z’s £200 Ace of Spades champagneCredit: xtina/InstagramThe 74-year-old, whose Love Actually rockstar character famously stripped off for a performance in the 2003 film, described it as “one of the greatest pleasures of living alone”.From cooking a roast to daredevil ironing, we reveal the other celebrities who love getting their kits off behind closed doors. Christina AguileraSinger Christina Aguilera has never been shy when it comes to stripping off – and famously ‘broke the internet’ with topless snaps in 2021.Previously, she revealed that to keep things hot and spicy during her six-year marriage to Jordan Bratman – which ended in 2011 – they would spend weekends in the buff.  READ MORE ON SHOWBIZ“We claim ourselves to be the coziest couple ever,” the 43-year-old told The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “We have something called ‘naked Sundays’. You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up. We do everything naked. We cook naked.”Amanda HoldenAmanda Holden, 53, regularly stuns fans with her now-infamous nude birthday snaps on Instagram – but that’s not the only time she likes to strip off.She joked about being the new “Naked Chef” because she has cooked a full roast dinner with nothing on. Most read in CelebrityAmanda Holden joked about becoming the ‘Naked Chef’Credit: Christian VermaakAmanda said: “I was quite literally the Naked Chef.”I got out of the shower, realised I was running late to get everything on the table so I didn’t bother to get dressed. Princess Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris of Saxony has become the first royal to pose naked“I just raced downstairs, got the potatoes on, the meat in the oven and my veggie option. It definitely made it more interesting.” She said “no one noticed” or batted an eyelid because it was so normal for her to be “walking around with no clothes on in our house”.Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian enjoys washing up without clothes onCredit: InstagramKourtney Kardashian, 44, revealed she liked to make the most of having the house to herself while her kids and step-children were away. “This morning I did all the dishes completely butt naked… not one thing on,” she said in an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Sometimes I walk in the shower and she’s like ‘Mum, please put some clothes on!’Denise van Outen“Cause at home we have six kids and we don’t… you know, we sleep with clothes on.”Later in an interview with GQ, she said she was “very comfortable” in her own skin and added: “I like to be naked in my house and I think it is important to show positive images of our body.”Denise van OutenDenise van Outen has had ‘heart to heart chats’ with her daughter while nakedCredit: News Group Newspapers LtdFormer Big Breakfast star Denise van Outen revealed she walks around naked in front of her daughter Betsy because “there’s only the two of us in the house and I’ve always done it”.The 49-year-old told Steph’s Packed Lunch that growing up in a family where “everybody was hiding everything” inspired her and she wanted her daughter to feel confident and see “imperfections” as “just normal”.She added: “I’ve got scars and things from operations. We chat about it just to see that there are imperfections and things to accept about your body. I think it’s important.”I’m not prudish. I am naked a lot to be honestAbbey ClancyDespite having good intentions, Denise admitted her daughter wasn’t best pleased by the decision.She said: “Sometimes I walk in the shower and she’s like ‘Mum, please put some clothes on!’ but I don’t know when the cut-off point would be, she’s 13 now, but I just do.”However, the star believed it helped to break down barriers and allowed them to have “some real heart-to-heart chats” because they were in the buff.Denise added: “She’ll come in and sit on the toilet when I’m having a shower and we’ll have a chat.”Bradley CooperBradley Cooper admitted to having chats with his daughter while sitting on the looCredit: 20th Century StudiosBizarrely Bradley Cooper revealed he often talks to his daughter while sitting naked on the loo – but clarified it was mainly due to his house’s unusual layout.On The Armchair Expert podcast, the Maestro star, 49, said: “In my bedroom, the bathtub and toilet and bed are all in the same room. It’s 24/7, dude.“There are no doors. The stairs go up and it’s all one floor… We talk while I’m on the toilet and she’s in the bathtub, that’s the go-to.”He believed being comfortable naked around six-year-old Lea de Seine – whom he co-parents with Russian model Irina Shayk – was due to often being in the buff around his dad. Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy insists she’s ‘naked a lot’ and is ‘not prudish’Credit: InstagramDespite that, Peter Crouch revealed his model wife laughs when he strips offCredit: BBCMuch like Amanda, she has cooked in the buff beforeCredit: XposureFormer glamour model Abbey Clancy, 38, revealed she was “naked a lot” in their home – much to the delight of husband Peter Crouch. She blurted it out on The Therapy Crouch podcast, when a producer suggested “doing something random naked” could help to spice up relationships.All I’m going to say gentleman is never iron naked, because I quite literally managed to iron my penisJeremy KyleAt first, Abbey stated: “I don’t know how I feel about the naked thing.” But Peter, 43, chimed in: “You’ve done that before, you cooked a dinner once.”She then added: “I’m not prudish. I am naked a lot to be honest.” Unfortunately for Peter, he revealed Abbey “just laughs at me” whenever he strips off, which she said was due to his unusual “naked mannerisms”.Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston enjoys bingeing TV in the nudeCredit: ©Universal StudiosThe Friends star has also bared all in commercialsCredit: SplashDuring a quick-fire question and answer session on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Jennifer Aniston revealed she is partial to watching TV in the buff. The Freinds star, 55, was asked: “Besides making love, showering, or swimming, what is something you’ve enjoyed doing naked?” After ‘fessing up, Ellen probed: “You watch TV naked?” To which, she replied: “Is that weird? I mean at night, you get into bed and you watch TV!”Ellen said she expected Jennifer to say “sunbathing or something like that” only for her to admit she does “that too”.Jeremy KyleTalkTV star Jeremy Kyle spoke about a naked ironing mishapCredit: Dan CharityWhile many celebrities swear by doing house chores in the buff, TalkTV star Jeremy Kyle has a word of warning. The 58-year-old said: “About seven years ago one dark Tuesday morning in my house, before I left to go to the studio, I needed to iron a shirt.I thought I’d just wind my mum up and I ran down and I went ‘ooooh! Look at me! Look at me!Kelly Brook“All I’m going to say gentleman is never iron naked, because I quite literally managed to iron my penis.”Jeremy’s admission followed celebrity chef Gino D’Acampo stating he had never cooked naked because it could “be dangerous with the flame and oil… and you can get the wrong sausage on the BBQ”.Kelly BrookKelly Brook says she is an ‘exhibitionist at home’Credit: INSTAGRAM/KELLY BROOKKelly Brook is no stranger to wearing expensive designer gear but it appears the model actually prefers being completely naked. “I’ll just walk around naked with a feather boa,” she told Metro. “I look in the mirror naked, I love myself and then I put on clothes and I’m like, well, that doesn’t show me at my best.“I always say I look better naked anyway. I just think the clothes are letting me down and that’s not my fault. That’s the fault of designers, they’re not cutting it right.”Kelly, 44, said she had “always [been] a bit of an exhibitionist at home”, which she believed was due to her parents being prudish.On her Heart Drive radio show, she explained: “I was only a teenager, I was definitely too old to be running around the house naked.”I knew that. So I thought I’d just wind my mum up and I ran down and I went ‘ooooh! Look at me! Look at me!’”The Page 3 legend even does her gardening naked” to make sure she gets an even tan, according to one report, and had previously admitted she enjoys sunbathing while baring it all.Robbie WilliamsRobbie Williams is no stranger to whipping his kit offCredit: XposureBut the singer surprised fans when he did an interview in the buffCredit: HeartRobbie Williams, 50, said he always “enjoyed nakedness” and was “a bit of a naturist at heart”.And he certainly proved his credentials during a Zoom interview on Heart radio while promoting 2022 album XXV.During the video chat, the singer could be seen lying in bed and when quizzed “are you naked?”, cheekily replied: “Yeah, I’ll show you.”Through laughter, Robbie added: “I think that people need to be more authentic when they do interviews and be more relaxed.”Heidi KlumHeidi Klum admits she is ‘super comfortable’ being naked despite it embarrassing her kidsCredit: Instagram/heidiklumUlrika Jonsson went completely naked for a garden snap back in 2021Credit: InstagramSupermodel Heidi Klum, 50, regularly strips off in her Bel Air mansion because she feels “super comfortable” despite it irritating her teen kids – Leni, Henry, John, and Lou.She told People: “My kids are like, ‘Mom, I have a friend coming over’ and I’m like, ‘Have I ever been naked in the backyard when a friend was coming over?’“As soon as someone is coming, I put my top on. But if no one is there, sun’s out, bum’s out.” Similarly, Sun columnist Ulrika Jonsson, 56, has posed nude several times – including once in her garden for a charity calendar and for sunbathing sessions – despite it winding up her kids. READ MORE SUN STORIESDefiantly, she told us: “I don’t give a f*** about them. This is my life… yes there are probably times when they’re unhappy but they don’t voice it anymore.“Sometimes, they go ‘oh cringe’ but that’s the role of the parent to embarrass the children.”Billy Nighy reveals he likes ‘dancing naked’ and described it as ‘one of the greatest pleasures of living alone’Credit: GettyHis character Billy Mack stripped off for a performance in the 2003 film Love ActuallyCredit: Universal Pictures More