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    PUMA Just Dropped The New Deviate NITRO™ 3 And It’s Pure Speed

    PUMA just launched their latest innovation, and trust us, this will be the GOAT of running shoes. The Deviate NITRO™ 3 is here to challenge you to the most successful training experience ever. It’s your everyday source of speed, reliable week after week, mile after mile. And can we just take a moment to appreciate that stunning colour fade? Because who doesn’t love a beautiful running shoe? Said no one ever.

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    Engineered For Speed

    The Deviate NITRO™ 3 is packed with even more of PUMA’s cutting-edge NITROFOAM™ technology to deliver supreme cushion and responsiveness. It’s the next evolution of its award-winning predecessor, designed to push you beyond your limits.

    The carbon fibre PWR Plate ensures a smoother, more consistent speed, delivering an explosive toe-off that propels you forward. And with PUMA’s exceptional PUMAGRIP, you’ll get unmatched traction on any surface, even in the testing conditions.

    The lightweight engineered mesh upper comes with strategically placed PWR Tape for added support where you need it most, while a padded collar provides extra comfort and a snug fit. The Deviate NITRO™ 3 will enhance training experiences for people worldwide and continues to grow closer to its race day counterpart.

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    The Deviate NITRO™ 3 Fireglow colourway is now available on, in PUMA Retail stores, Totalsports and Sportsmans Warehouse. For more information, please visit More

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    The July/August 2024 Issue Stories That Are Inspiring Our Editors Right Now

    We really created something special with this issue – yes, we said it! While tackling all things ‘positive body image’, ‘sports’ and celebrating the inspiring girlies who are off to the 2024 Paris Olympics, so much careful consideration went into each topic covered.

    The July/August 2024, themed The Body Issue, couldn’t have come at a better time, reckons our editor Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini. She reminds us of this very crucial factor: “What’s important is to know that our current body is all we have and any future version of ourselves will be reached with this present-day body. So it doesn’t need criticism, it needs encouragement.” The WH Sport section (flip the mag to access it) covers a cycling taboo that’ll give you literal goosies. We certainly had many ‘WTF’ and ‘women go through so much’ moments while editing it.

    Read on to find out what stories our editors are excited for you to lay your eyes on. These, are some life-altering reads we tell ya!

    These Stories Are Inspiring Our Editors Right Now

    Strength Is Universal, July/August 2024

    Chamain van Zyl, Online Editor

    “I hate to sound clichéd, but I’m completely hooked on the entire WH Sport bumper edition! I’m such a die-hard sports fan. You know the type – I get choked up at the finish line and spend Sundays rewatching the highlights. Yep, that’s me, #TeamSA’s biggest supporter. So, this issue is pure gold in my books! From the captivating cover featuring Jo-Ané van Dyk to the Hall of Fame story on Penny Heyns – and all 10 global editions of Women’s Health uniting to celebrate women in sport, this issue is an absolute must-buy. If you’re as passionate about sports like I am, I urge you to grab your copy a.s.a.p!”

    Liquid Gold, July/August 2024

    Kemong Mopedi, Deputy Editor

    If there ever was a place called soup heaven, pages 90 to 95 in the latest issue of Women’s Health SA is it. Cooking, once a favourite pastime of mine, is now a chore that I dread with every fibre of my being (adulting, not me!) Enter soups…Easy and convenient to make, one pot usually ensures that I get all the necessary nutrients needed to sustain my body. I love discovering new recipes and sprucing up old ones. I also scored another soup jackpot in the form of our digital soup guide – pages upon pages of soup recipes for all seasons! Prepare to seriously ladle up…

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    Self-Esteem Under The Microscope, July/August 2024

    Michelle October, Features Editor

    2024 has turned out to be my year of deep self-work in order to uncover this elusive ‘self-love’ concept buried under years of trauma. Self Esteem Under The Microscope (page 48) couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s not so much a step-by-step guide to loving yourself (spoiler: it’s always a work in progress); rather, this article looks at the science of self-esteem and the many layers that create how you view yourself. By unearthing these layers, you can address them one by one until you’ve got a more positive way to look at yourself! An absolutely fascinating read. 

    Why Women Are Choosing To Be Child-Free, July/August 2024

    I’ve always known that being a mother wasn’t my journey. But I’ve always been told that it should, and will, be. Why Women Are Choosing To Be Child-Free (page 84) interrogates this concept and shares the views of many women who decided to forgo motherhood. It also serves as a helpful guide to child-free by choice women who need a bit of guidance for navigating conversations around the topic with others. Because there’s no reason to live a narrative that isn’t yours. 

    Hot & Bothered, July/August 2024

    Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini, Editor

    Everywhere I turn, I come across headlines that read something along the lines of: ‘Hidden Signs Your Body Is Inflamed’ or ‘How To Reduce Inflammation’. Inflammation is a common buzzword in the health and nutrition sphere lately. It’s deemed a major player in all sorts of health issues you don’t want to deal with. *Cue scary music*. But not all inflammation is necessarily bad. In fact, it can be quite a healthy, normal process for our bodies. Like, if you have a sprain, your body is stopping you from moving your foot. So how can you tell “good” inflammation from the kind of inflammation that you need to address pronto? Hot & Bothered (page 57) lays down the facts and gives science-backed advice about inflammation.*Cue chilled beats*

    The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Our Bodies, July/August 2024

    Hands up if you’ve never been self-critical in front of a mirror. There are very few women without body issues. Now, I’m not saying they don’t exist, but they are extremely rare. It’s much easier to find that women are generally dissatisfied with their appearance, which honestly is very very sad. If you’re having a hard time making peace with your body, The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Our Bodies (page 72), helps explore how to change your inner monologue, according to experts and women who’ve done it. Definitely worth a read.

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    Build A Strong Base July/August 2024

    Kelleigh Korevaar, Managing Editor

    If you’ve been sleeping on training your pelvic floor, it’s time to wake up. And you definitely shouldn’t be waiting for a specific stage of your life to start strengthening your core. Build A Strong Base (page 24) gives you a test to see where your pelvic floor is at, different goals and action plans and some causes of pelvic floor dysfunction (think: birth, impact sports, allergies, stress and poor posture or prolonged sitting – we’re all guilty of at least one). Plus, you’ll get an express full-body equipment free workout you can do at home .

    Cycling’s Silent Epidemic, July/August 2024

    We’ve all been there – a casual Sunday cycle, an intense spinning class or a cardio session on the gym bikes that leaves you sore and uncomfortable the next day (and sometimes a few days after too). Cycling’s Silent Epidemic (page 22 of WHSPORT) tells of the harrowing reality of many women who are forced off their bike seats due to labial swelling pain and swelling. With accounts of women who have experienced it first hand, insights into why it happens as well as information on what you can do about it and prevent it in the first place, this is a real page-turner. 

    How To Be Decisive, July/August 2024

    Pia Hammond, Creative Director

    I struggle with decisiveness. Doubt creeps into my mind on a daily basis – is what I’m making for dinner healthy enough for me to should I buy a house right now? When is the right time for anything in life? I’m learning that sometimes we need to trust the process and know that everything falls into place at the right time. I cope with these choices by talking it through, having a clear mind and being realistic with myself. Impulsivity can be damaging, rather lean into being vulnerable and trust yourself and the advice given by those around you. To anyone as indecisive as me, there are plenty of guidelines on page 60.

    Remember…It’s never too late to start living well. Find the July/August 2024 issue of Women’s Health on shelves now, or buy yourself a digital copy. Happy reading! More

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    Transform Your Legs With This 20-Minute Home Workout

    It’s safe to say that we’ve all found different ways to make home workouts work for us. You could be using a tin of beans as weights or your broom has magically turned it into a barbell.  Either way, we’re working on our fitness! If you have equipment at home but haven’t used any of it, I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend — the resistance band.

    At first glance, this piece of exercise band looks like nothing but a band, but this baby can make your body stronger and firmer without lifting weights. Health Coach, Online Trainer, and Bikini Pro Athlete, Andene Thomson shows us how we can transform our legs with a resistance band in just 20 minutes.

    20-Minute Resistance Band Workout

    Time: 20 Minutes | Equipment: Resistance Band | Good For: Quads, glutes, hamstring, and calves

    [embedded content]


    50 reps x Knee-Banded Squats with Abduction

    Place the resistance band above your knees, with your feet hip-width apart (A). Lower yourself down (as if sitting into a chair) keeping the weight in your heels and sink down into your squat (B). While in your squat position, open the legs as you feel the tension from the band (C). Return to standing by pushing your heels into the ground (D). Remember to engage those glutes!

    Exercise 1

    1/  Knee-Banded Kickbacks (4 x 15 each leg)

    Place the resistance band around your thighs with your feet hip-width apart, keeping your core engaged (A). Shift weight into your left leg, so there is tension in the band (B). Squeeze your core as you kick your right leg back (C).

    2/ Knee-Banded Side Abduction (4 x 15 each leg)

    Place the resistance band around your thighs, while keeping your core engaged (A). Lift your outer leg up and straight out to side as far as possible, before bringing your leg to the starting position (B). That’s one rep!

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    Exercise 2

    1/ Knee-Banded Dumbbell Split Squats (4 x 15 each leg)

    Grab a dumbbell and hold it at your sides (A). Lower your hips until your front thigh is at least parallel to the floor. Push through your front heel, and extend the hips and knees to return to the starting position (B). That’s 1 rep. Don’t forget to change legs!

     2/ Knee-Banded Forward and Back Jump Squats (4 x 12 each way)

    Start with your feet hip-width apart, keep your knees soft as you tuck into a low squat position (A). Jump over a small step, rope or a towel to intensify, before jumping back again (B).

    Exercise 3

    4 x 20 reps Dumbbell Lying Leg Curls

    Start by lying flat on your stomach (A).  Place the dumbells between your feet and extend legs all the way back (B). Be careful not to arch your spine as you extend your legs back, then repeat the move (C).

    Exercise 4

    1/ Sumo Deadlifts (4 x 15 reps)

    Position your feet shoulder-width apart as your toes point out at an angle (A). It’s important not to round your lower back for this one. Grab hold of your weights with both hands as you lower your body down, keeping your core engaged, before returning back to starting position (B).

    2/ Knee-Banded Sumo Squat Pulses (4 x 20 reps)

    Get the resistance band on and start with your legs opened wide to the sides (A). Keep the shoulders directly over your hips and your knees are in line with your feet (B). Go for small pulses up and down (C).

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    Knee-Banded Double Pulse Sumo Squats

    Start with your legs opened to the sides and your toes turned slightly outward (A). As low as you can, take on a squat position as you make small pulses up and down (B). More

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    Ready To Get Fit? Tap Into The New Vitality Fitness Platform

    Get ready to experience fitness like never before with Vitality Fitness! This first-of-its-kind exercise platform has officially launched in South Africa and is here to make your workout routine more exciting and accessible. Whether you’re eager to explore new classes and activities or looking to reap rewards for staying active, Vitality Fitness offers a groundbreaking way to achieve your health goals—all in one convenient place. You’ll be hitting those #fitnessgoals in no time!

    “According to the latest WHO research, one in three adults do not meet the recommended amount of physical activity, contributing to a significant disease burden. Building on over 25 years of experience in promoting physical activity and helping Vitality members get healthier, we are revolutionising the way our members exercise with the launch of Vitality Fitness – an integrated exercise ecosystem that caters to individual needs, both at the gym and beyond, giving Vitality members access to a broader range of exercise options,” Govender says.

    [embedded content]

    What’s In It For You?

    Vitality Fitness is packed with features that make getting active easier than ever:

    Browse, search and filter fitness facilities by location and activity type. Find and book the perfect workout with just a tap.

    Get two free visits to any facility in the Vitality Fitness network each month. Try out different activities and find what works best for you.

    Enjoy up to 75% off memberships at top gyms like Virgin Active and Planet Fitness. Activate your membership directly through the platform.

    Earn 100 Vitality points every day by staying active.

    Breaking Down Barriers

    “Through innovative, technology-driven solutions, we are breaking down barriers such as cost, access, and lack of motivation, making it easier for Vitality members to engage in physical activity and improve both their cardio fitness and overall health. I’m excited about the potential of these initiatives to transform lives, empowering our members to achieve their health and fitness goals more effectively than ever before,” Govender adds.

    Join Vitality Fitness today and take the first step towards a healthier, more active you. More

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    Cyclists, This New Device By Garmin Will Have You On The Edge Of Your Seat

    With the Tour de France in full swing and the Tour de France Femme just around the corner, Garmin’s latest release couldn’t have come at a better time. Meet the Edge® 1050 – the brightest, smartest and most connected cycling computer Garmin has ever unleashed. Featuring in-ride messaging, competitions, hazard alerts and more, it’s designed to make every group ride fun and connected. You’ll always feel like part of the peloton.

    [embedded content]

    “We are excited to introduce our most capable, high-performing bike computer yet with the Edge 1050. Delivering an exceptional in-ride experience, superior navigation and community-focused features, our latest cycling computer is made to keep cyclists motivated—whether they’re planning a group ride with friends or a long, solo adventure.”
    Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of Global Consumer Sales

    Prepare For Your Next Big Ride

    The Edge 1050 is loaded with advanced tools to help you dominate every ride. Free Garmin training plans deliver personalised workouts based on performance and recovery. Insights from Firstbeat Analytics™ like VO2 max, training status, heat and altitude acclimation and more can help cyclists evaluate their performance and see how their body is holding up, while features like cycling ability and course demands allow cyclists to compare their abilities to the demands of a specific course so they can focus their training in the right areas. 

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    Maximise Performance

    Edge 1050 offers premium performance metrics to help you ride smarter. Real-time stamina insights help cyclists closely monitor and track their exertion levels, influencing training efforts and showing how much further they can maintain their current pace. ClimbPro shows ascent and grade details, and Climb Explore highlights nearby climbs. Advanced cycling dynamics provide riders with insights into their performance and mountain bike metrics, including jump count, jump distance, Grit® and Flow™, which help track every epic ride.

    Ride Safe, Stay Connected

    For added confidence during a ride, Edge 1050 includes safety features like LiveTrack and incident detection, and it’s compatible with the Varia™ line of cycling radars and smart lights, as well as inReach® satellite communicators. For year-round training, it easily pairs with Tacx® indoor smart trainers.

    Garmin Edge 1050

    From Saturday group rides to solo adventures, make every ride better with the Edge 1050 premium cycling computer.

    What Else Is New?

    GroupRide Enhancements: Stay in touch with in-ride messaging, live locations and incident detection alerts. Cyclists can also add some competition to their ride with in-ride leaderboards for climbs, plus witty post-ride awards, including Speed Racer (highest max speed), Chatterbox (most heavily using the GroupRide messaging feature), Worker Bee (most time spent pedalling) and more.

    Road Hazard Alerts: Get real-time alerts about potholes, fallen trees and more from your fellow cyclists, and contribute your own reports to keep everyone safe.

    Refreshed Design: Angled casing, all-metal buttons and a 3.5” liquid crystal display.

    Garmin Pay: Make quick, contactless payments during your rides.

    Built-In Speaker: Hear workout and navigation prompts and use the bike bell to alert others.

    On-Device Course Creator: Design routes directly on the touchscreen with various map overlays.

    Surface Type Alerts: Get notified about upcoming unpaved sections and see different roadway types.

    Ride-Specific Routing: Tailored navigation for mountain, gravel, or road rides.

    Map Manager with Wi-Fi®: Add, swap, or update maps easily via Wi-Fi.

    Ready to ride? Find the Edge® 1050 at More

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    Unlocking Gut Health: The Power Of Probiotic Supplements According To A Medical Expert

    Trusting your gut feeling is encouraged if the situation is certain. However, when your gut health is anything but healthy, we recommend scrolling down to read more on how to remedy the situation. Here’s how to find the perfect probiotic to combat gut deficiencies. 

    Meet The Expert: Sam Swaine is a vitamin and supplements counsellor and founder of The Rebalance Lab. The lab provides a holistic approach to ageing and longevity.

    What Is Gut Health?

    Gut health is the health of your entire digestive system, including the microorganisms living in your digestive tract. When your gut is healthy, it can break down food, provide essential nutrients and support body systems with ease. If you have come across terms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), acid reflux disorder, gluten intolerance and more of this sort, this alludes to an unhealthy gut. To fight these off, look to probiotics and find the next addition for your supplement drawer. 

    READ MORE: What To Eat To Keep Your Gut Healthy And Your Skin Glowing

    What Are Probiotics?

    According to Sam Swaine, probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts that are good for our digestive system. Probiotics carry bacteria which many may think are harmful but on the contrary, the “germs” or bacteria are ‘good’ bacteria which, as Swaine illustrates, “…add to our existing supply of friendly microbes which also helps us fight infections and boosts our immunity.”

    For improved gut health, probiotics have been known to “…improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, help manage diarrhoea, boost the immune system and help maintain your microbiome or get it back in balance after it’s been disturbed.”

    “A good probiotic is allergen-free and doesn’t trigger any food sensitivities or upset your digestive system.”

    Probiotic Supplements Recommended For Gut Health

    “When choosing a probiotic, it’s important to look at Colony Forming Units (CFUs). This measures the number of active microorganisms found in a serving of probiotics. It is recommended that a probiotic taken for general gut health should have at least 10-20 billion CFUs according to research” says Swaine.


    It helps support the immune system and limit the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine. They also help digest fibre and assist in producing important vitamins that the body needs.


    It is a variety of bacteria that produces lactase – the enzyme that breaks down lactose, or milk sugar. These bacteria also produce lactic acid. Lactic acid helps control the population of bad bacteria and increases the body’s absorption of minerals. 

    Helpful tip by Swaine: always read the ingredients on the bottle of your probiotic, choose a brand that is transparent about the probiotic strains in their supplement and all the additional ingredients you’ll find in their product.

    Who Should Not Take Probiotic Supplements?

    “Probiotics are generally safe, but you should always consult a healthcare specialist before taking any supplement,” says Swaine. Although probiotics are recommended here is a list of people Swaine advises to hold off the probiotics.

    People with weakened immune systems taking immunosuppressant drugs.

    People with critical and chronic illnesses. 

    People who have just had surgery as their immune system is compromised. 

    People with severe food allergies

    People with preexisting gastrointestinal disorders.

    READ MORE: “I Drank Kombucha Every Day For 10 Days — It Was Amazing”

    Healthy Habits You Should Consider To Accommodate The Probiotics

    Recommendations by our expert, Sam, on how to help you “maintain a happy and balanced gut.”

    Avoid processed foods and foods high in sugar as these foods decrease the amount of “good” bacteria and diversity in your gut.

    Eat a diet that is rich in fermented foods, these contain a natural source of probiotics.

    Examples include yoghurt, kefir, kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, miso, and tempeh. 

    Drinks like kombucha are also a great source of probiotics, and speaking of drinks, keeping hydrated with water is crucial for a healthy gut.

    Eat high-fibre foods. 

    Look to collagen-rich foods like bone broth.

    Find foods that are rich in polyphenols (plant compounds supporting beneficial gut bacteria) such as blueberries, plums, cherries, apples, strawberries, black currants, black olives, dark chocolate, black tea, coffee, hazelnuts, and pecan nuts.

    Good quality sleep.

    Regular exercise.

    Manage stress levels. 

    Words by: Lesego Kgatle More

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    6 Workout Moves You Can Actually Do With Your Dog

    Working out with your dog doesn’t just benefit your health. It can be a real treat for your pet – and for you. “A dog is the best motivator you’ll ever have,” says Tricia Montgomery, founder and president of K9 Fit Club, a fitness club for people and their pets. “All they want to do is spend time with you and please you,” she says. “They look forward to it.” And although they won’t judge you for skipping workouts, it’s tough to say no when you have to face a wagging tail.

    Montgomery created this 30-minute circuit, which alternates between cardio and body-weight training moves, to give you and your canine a heart-pumping full-body workout.

    The only equipment you need is your leashed four-legged friend. Holding the leash, warm up together with a minute-long power walk, then perform high knees and butt kicks until you feel loose. Standing in place, perform arm circles while your dog stands next to you until your shoulders feel warmed up.

    Then repeat the following circuit three times, two to three times per week:

    Rover’s reverse lunges with paw

    Tell your dog to sit. Then face him with your feet together. Step back with one foot so that your front leg is bent at a 90-degree angle with your knee directly above your ankle. At the bottom of each lunge, ask your dog for his paw to “shake.” Release the dog’s paw as you stand to return to your starting position. Repeat on the other side, and ask your dog for his other paw. Repeat for 20 reps.

    NOTE: If your dog doesn’t know how to “shake” or won’t do it 20 times, pat him on the head instead.

    READ MORE: Are Stiff Joints Affecting Your Pet This Winter?

    Sit-and-stay side shuffles

    Holding the leash so your dog moves with you, perform a side shuffle across the room or workout area. Then, facing the same direction, shuffle back to your starting position. Repeat 10 times.

    Paws push-ups

    Ask your dog to sit or lie down next to you while you get into push-up position. Keeping your abs tight, and elbows tucked into your sides, lower your body until it hovers above the ground, then push back up. Do as many as you can, dropping from your toes to your knees if needed. While you recover, have your dog do five Doggy Push Ups: Tell him to sit, then lay down five times.

    READ MORE: What You Really Need To Know About Running For Weight Loss, According To Experts

    Waggin’ wall sit

    With your back against a wall, sit so your knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. If your dog is small, hold him. If your dog is large, ask him to put his paws on your lap to increase the challenge. Hold the wall sit for up to one minute.

    High-paw knees

    Perform high knees back and forth across the room or outdoor space while your dog walks or jogs next to you. Repeat for one minute.

    Puppy planks

    With your dog laying next to you, get into push-up position on your toes or knees with your elbows under your shoulders. Tighten your core and make sure your butt is aligned with your shoulders so your body forms a straight line. Hold for up to one minute while breathing normally. More

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    2 Super Smoothies That’ll Help You Fight Off That Cold

    The probiotic health trend is having a massive moment right now and it’s moving away from those tablets you take with antibiotics, to drinkable or edible fermented foods like kimchi and kefir.

    Next time you’re drinking a smoothie, add some probiotics to the mix: the lactic acid bacteria in the drink create an environment in your tum perfect for better absorption of nutrients. You can get your fix from Rawbiotics, a range of live liquid probiotics that works to correct microbial imbalances, or kefir, a fermented milk drink made with kefir grains that’s been drunk for years in the Eurasia region.

    We’ve rounded up two must-try recipes loaded with probiotics that’ll boost your immunity – and are totally delicious!

    Spiced Apple Smoothie

    Other than the fact that this smoothie is truly delicious, kefir’s been used for many years. That’s because it’s rich in amino acids, vitamins, and is alive with tummy-loving bacteria. One study even found that kefir has the ability to reduce lactose intolerance in adults.

    Spiced Apple Smoothie

    This vitamin-packed smoothie is bursting with amino acids and tummy-loving probiotics. Plus, it’s absolutely delicious!

    Course Snack

    Servings 1 serving

    1 Apple½ tsp Cinnamon½ tsp Nutmeg½ cup Oats1 cup KefirHoney, to taste

    Keyword Smoothie

    The Green Monster Smoothie

    Green smoothies are powerhouses for your health: the phytochemicals in green food make them great ways to up your immunity. Add some probiotic, gut-healthy Rawbiotics to the mix.

    Healthy Gut Green Smoothie

    Green smoothies are health powerhouses! Packed with phytochemicals, they boost your immunity. Add some probiotics to make them even better.

    Course Snack

    Servings 1 serving

    Handful of spinach leavesJuice of half a lemon1 Kiwi30 ml Rawbiotics Gut Correct Probiotics250 ml Water

    Keyword Smoothie

    Looking for more smoothies to try? More