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    11 important questions about breast cancer answered by an expert

    IN PARTNERSHIP: Every year October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging women to check their breasts regularly because being able to detect cancer signs in its earliest stages means it is easier to treat.
    Self-examination is key for this, and then if something abnormal is discovered it is always best to get it checked out by a medical professional.

    In order to encourage women getting checked as early as possible, Mediclinic Dubai Mall is offering a free initial consultation with a family medicine doctor or another specialist for women age 40 and above – the age range where women are most affected by breast cancer – for those who have not a mammogram in the last 12 months.
    To give you the best advice possible, Emirates Woman spoke with Dr. Anjum Ishaque, who is based in Mediclinic Dubai Mall, about some of the key questions surrounding breast cancer.

    With more than 15 years experience in family medicine and having worked in both Dubai and London, Dr. Ishaque shares her expertise including when exactly is the time to get checked for breast cancer; debunking myths about breast cancer; the most common breast cancer questions patients ask; and more. 

    The main steps you should check for breast cancer yourself
    Examining your breast regularly increases detection of cancer at an early stage. This can be done in a few simple steps either by standing in front of a mirror or in the shower. The first three steps involve looking at your breasts and noting changes while in the last three steps you are feeling for changes.
    First look at the breasts with your arms at the side.
    Next put your hands on the hips and lean forward and tighten the chest muscles.
    Next raise your arms and put them behind your head and look at your breasts again.
    Place your Left hand on your waist and roll your shoulder forward on the same side. With the Right hand feel for any swellings in the armpit. Repeat this on the other side.
    Next raise Left arm and feel the breast with the Right hand. Using the pads of three or four fingers go in a circular motion or up and down. Try to be systematic so that the whole breast is covered and you do not miss any area.
    Lastly, lie down and feel your breasts and armpits again as described in the previous step.
    What is the sign you should look for to get checked out by a doctor?
    On examination, you should note changes in the skin of the breast like redness, dimpling or puckering or any visible swellings. Next look at the nipples and note the shape to see that one is not pulling in and there is no discharge. Then feel for any lumps or swellings in the armpits and breast tissue. All of the above can be signs of breast cancer and should prompt a visit to the doctor for further review. An early visit to the doctor may help allay fears if no cause for concern is found and improve your chances of survival if breast cancer is detected.
    What age should you start going for regular breast check-ups?
    Regular breast examinations by a doctor and mammograms are advised from the age of 40. If there is a strong family history of breast cancer from the maternal side, then regular visits to the doctor should start at an earlier age. A breast ultrasound is more accurate in this age group and will be advised if required.
    Are there any myths about breast cancer people believe that you can debunk?
    Patients are deterred from attending for mammograms as they worry that the radiation dose during the test will increase their risk of breast cancer. This is completely incorrect as most modern mammograms give an extremely small radiation dose and have not been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Missing early breast cancer by not having regular screening is likely to cause more harm as it would need more extensive treatment including radiotherapy as well as lead to more deaths.
    What is the main aim of Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
    The main aim is to increase awareness of the signs of symptoms of breast cancer so that patients seek help early and have better outcomes after treatment. Cure rates from stage I and II breast cancer are over 90 per cent. These rates tend to fall for more advanced disease. By encouraging the patient to self-examine, recognise symptoms of breast cancer and to have regular screening we hope to pick up Breast cancer at an early stage resulting in less aggressive treatment as well as improved survival rates.
    What are the treatments Mediclinic offers?
    Mediclinic offers a comprehensive service from diagnosis to treatment. All modalities of screening including ultrasound, mammograms and biopsies are available for detection of breast cancer. Surgery for removal of the tumour, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and reconstructive breast surgery are then offered as needed. A multidisciplinary team of specialists are involved in the management of each case to offer therapy tailored to the individual.
    What causes breast cancer?
    The causes of breast cancer are multifactorial. A strong family history (with specific gene mutations especially the BRCA1 Gene) is the biggest risk factor. In addition smoking, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise and being overweight have all been cited as factors. Having your first child late in life, not breastfeeding or taking Hormone replacement therapy for more than five years are all thought to be contributory factors as well.
    What type of doctor should I see if I think I have breast cancer?
    Family Medicine Doctors, General Practitioners, Breast and General Surgeons and Gynecologists are all able to examine patients and refer for mammograms and breast ultrasound if required. If breast cancer is diagnosed then patients will be referred to specialists for further evaluation and treatment.
    The most common questions you get from patients after a breast cancer diagnosis
    Patient’s first questions are usually about survival rates as well as the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Survival rates are very good even with more advanced disease and are constantly improving. Nausea and hair loss associated with chemotherapy though distressing is usually temporary. Reconstructive breast surgery after mastectomy can also lessen the psychological impact of treatment.
    A lot of people are currently afraid to enter hospitals due to COVID-19. Why is it still so important to ensure you get checked?
    It is extremely important to Detect Breast Cancer at an early stage as this leads to better survival rates and may result in needing less aggressive treatment.
    The stringent screening and hygiene measures practised in all Mediclinic hospitals and clinics ensure safety for our patients and staff. These safety measures are in place during all stages of the patient journey and it would be a real pity to miss an early diagnosis of breast cancer due to perception of infection risk by patients.
    Other essential information… 
    Breast cancer is a common cancer in women but the chances of survival are excellent and constantly improving due to early detection and advances in treatment. This should encourage women to come in for regular screenings as well as an examination if they are worried about any breast issues. A timely check-up will rule out cancer and allay anxiety if the symptoms are due to a benign cause. If Cancer is found then again you will get the treatment and support that is required to overcome this disease and for the best chance of cure. This month is a reminder to make your health a priority and don’t let fear stop you from getting screened for breast cancer.
    There’s currently a 50 per cent discount on screening mammograms if advised by a Mediclinic doctor. Complimentary breast reconstruction consultations are also on offer. There are limited bookings for the month of October. Mediclinic Dubai Mall from Sunday to Wednesdays, 8am to 5pm. Appointments only.
    For more information visit the Mediclinic website.
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    The luxury getaway that makes for the perfect isolation vacation

    IN PARTNERSHIP: Earlier this year, the travel industry was turned on its head due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Countries’ borders shut, planes were grounded and people were staying put.
    However, now the world is slowly beginning to return to a resemblance of normality, travel has begun to pick up. With that, we have the perfect holiday destination in mind for those looking to escape the UAE, even just for a little while.

    Say hello to the luxury oasis that is the Maldives.
    Having opened its borders on July 15, the country is taking every precaution necessary to ensure the wellbeing and safety of its nation and tourists visiting.

    Self-isolation and negative testing
    One of the main stipulations to be able to travel to the Maldives is that all tourists must undergo a COVID-19 PCR test receiving a negative result a maximum 72 hours before their departure order to be able to travel to the Maldives. This means there is no mandatory quarantine period upon arrival.
    Discussing the implementation of the mandated negative test, the country’s tourism minister Dr. Abdulla Mausoom explained that it will “guarantee safety and protection for tourists visiting the Maldives”.
    “In essence, Maldives is the best country to vacation safely from among global destinations,” he also said.
    This rings true, given the nation’s unique geography and one-island-one-resort concept – making the Maldives the perfect isolation vacation destination.
    Safe stamp of approval
    In further reassurance, the Maldives has received the ‘Safe Travels Stamp’ – which has been endorsed by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It’s there to reassure travellers and affirm their confidence that their safety and hygiene is a top priority – something Maldives Tourism is putting at the forefront.
    A one-of-a-kind programme
    In order to further boost tourism in the country, the Maldives has launched a new initiative which is the first of its kind in the world. Enter the ‘Maldives Border Miles’ program.
    Spearheaded by the country’s minister of tourism, the program has been developed in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism, Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) and Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL).

    The three-tiered initiative will encourage tourists visiting the nation to enrol and they will earn points in conjunction with the number of visits they make to the Maldives, alongside how long they spend in the country. If visitors are deciding to visit the nation for a special occasion, they will receive bonus points.
    The three tiers for the program are as follows: Aida (bronze tier), Anantara (silver tier) and Abaarana (gold tier). These are all categorised by a variety of rewards, services or benefits, which increase in value as members progress.
    The program’s launch is set for December 1, 2020. Dr. Mausoom is hopeful the one-of-a-kind initiative will “further enhance the popularity gained in the key markets of Maldives tourism”.
    Time to book
    With sandy white beaches, crystal clear waters and welcoming people, the Maldives really is the perfect place for a vacation – and it’s just a five-hour plane journey from the UAE.
    Emirates flights to the Maldives have now resumed, and flyDubai also recently relaunched flights to the Maldives after a two-year hiatus. And with a whole host of luxury resorts to choose from, there’s really no more excuses left not to book!
    For more information go to
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    A step-by-step guide for checking your breasts properly for signs of cancer

    IN PARTNERSHIP: As October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re encouraging you to face your fears head-on and not to let fear neglect your health. Emirates Woman spoke to Dr Rita Daaboul, a Consultant General Surgeon at Medcare Women and Children Hospital (MWCH), about how important it is to get your breasts checked and how early detection is key for curing breast cancer.
    While breast cancer generally occurs in older-aged women, in about half the number of breast cancer cases occur in those under 50 years of age, and as such, tends to be more aggressive. This is why it is even more important to spread the message of breast awareness and early detection, as well as remind all women to check their breasts.

    It may seem daunting to get your breasts checked, but with new technology, mammograms are now less uncomfortable. It’s a seamless process and with the all-female staff at MWCH’s breast care clinic, which includes the radiologists, they ensure everyone who is there feels comfortable during their check-ups. It vital really to check your breasts regularly, 15 minutes of your time could be responsible for adding another 15 years to your life.

    Dr Daaboul’s key advice for breast cancer awareness
    Talk us through how to exactly check your breasts properly

    Step 1
    Undress from the waist up and stand in front of the mirror. Look in the mirror with your arms by your side. Notice the shape. Look for dimpling (a ‘dent’ in the smooth contour of the breasts) and nipple changes (such as a rash or ‘pulled in’ appearance). Look for differences between the two breasts.
    Step 2
    Look at your breasts in the mirror with your hands on your hips and your chest muscles tightened. Again, look for changes in the breast shape, the nipple appearance or differences between the breasts.
    Step 3
    Look at your breasts with your arms raised high above your head. The breasts should move up slightly and equally when the arms are raised. Areas of dimpling may be more obvious in this position.
    Step 4
    Next, feel your breasts for lumps. This can be done while standing or lying, but is better when lying down. Use your flattened fingers to feel each part of the breast. This can be done in circles, in strips up and down the breast, or by examining each quadrant (quarter) of the breast in turn. The most important thing is to make sure that you feel the whole breast, as well as underneath the nipple.
    The common breast cancer symptoms?
    The symptoms of breast cancer depend on where the tumour is in the breast, the size of the tumour and how quickly it is growing.
    Breast changes that may indicate breast cancer include:
    a new lump or lumpiness, especially if it’s only in one breast
    a change in the size or shape of the breast
    a change to the nipple, such as crusting, ulcer, redness or inversion
    a nipple discharge that occurs without squeezing
    a change in the skin of the breast such as redness or dimpling.
    Are there different types of breast cancer?
    Yes, there are different types of breast cancer, with some types being far more aggressive than others. The most important part of breast cancer, however, is the stage at which it presents. The earlier it is detected, the more likely it can easily be treated and cured. Breast cancer awareness, and breast cancer screening, can save lives. It is vital to detect it before it has had a chance to enlarge locally, or spread beyond the breast.

    What are the misconceptions surrounding breast cancer?
    The most common misconception is that somehow, performing a needle biopsy on a breast cancer to diagnose it, can actually spread the cancer more readily, or even make it more aggressive. Although this may be true for other specific types of cancer in some other organs, we can safely perform a needle biopsy on breast cancer, without this having any effect whatsoever on its behaviour.
    What are the most common ages that are affected by the disease?
    Breast cancer, in general, occurs more often in older-aged women. As women get older, each decade over 40 increases the risk of breast cancer significantly. However, breast cancers may occur in those under 50 years of age, and as such, tends to be more aggressive. This is why it is even more important to spread the message of breast awareness and early detection, as well as remind all women to check their breasts.
    What is the treatment for breast cancer? 
    The treatment of breast cancer involves more than one speciality in medicine, and is termed “multidisciplinary”. It is most commonly a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and/or hormonal/biological therapies. Of course, this does depend on the stage of the cancer.
    What are the side effects of breast cancer treatment?
    The side effects can range from none, to a whole list of rare and unusual side effects. The surgery will usually leave some scars, but with the earlier stages, this can be extremely minor. Radiotherapy can leave sunburn type changes to the breast skin, at the end of the treatment, but this will settle within a few short weeks. Chemotherapy can have various side effects, but the one most women get concerned about, is the temporary hair loss. However, it is only temporary, and the hair will start to grow back 2-3 weeks after the last chemotherapy session is given. Other common side effects are nausea, although this is controlled by other medications, and of course, noticeable fatigue towards the end of the treatment (only in the last courses).
    Any other essential information to add…
    Face your fears head-on. Don’t let your fear make you neglect your check-ups. Early detection saves lives.
    A consultation and ultrasound or mammogram at MWCH is priced at Dhs399. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the clinic is open from 9am to 9pm. For more information visit
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    You’re invited on an out of this world immersive art experience to space

    Ever looked up at the sky and thought what is beyond those twinkling lights? Creatives have long been fascinated with out of this world galaxies and one artist, in particular, has made it the subject of her latest work.
    Russian artist Marina Fedorova is known for her instantly recognisable paintings inspired by the 90s glossy magazines, Hollywood films and Instagram trends, but now she has turned her attention to an immersive experience. The unique project COSMODREAMS sees the world of earthly glamour ‘invaded’ by the outer space and offers art lovers an opportunity to go on a fast-paced conceptual journey created by Fedorova.

    Fusing together the traditional approach to painting with the modern digital technology, Fedorova has managed to create her own galaxy filled with cosmic landscapes that give viewers a moment to reflect on the technological progress and its implications for the life on Earth as well as question what legacy we are leaving for the future generation.

    The heroines of the concept appear feminine and vulnerable, yet they all have distinct personalities and inner strength.

    “Some of them are the artist’s signature tragic and glamorous beauties who colonise the outer space in their evening gowns and high heels,” reads the brief. “Others bear semblance to a grown Alisa Seleznyova whose obvious otherness and moral integrity was admired and copied by the generation that grew up reading Kir Bulychyov’s books and watching their film adaptations Yet another group of female characters appear to dwell in a dreamlike deep space without spacesuits: relishing the freedom of flight, they discover new worlds finding no resistance on the part of reality.”
    Her paintings and sculptures have been brought to life with the use of VR & AR functions while the music has been specifically composed for the project to allow viewers to further dive into her imagination.
    [embedded content]
    COSMODREAMS is on until November 1 2020 at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation but can also be viewed online on  Download COSMODREAMS app through the App Store and Google Play.
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    This new UAE staycation deal is the perfect opportunity to escape the city

    In Partnership: As travel is largely on hold, we’re looking to the next best thing – a staycation.
    Luckily for those of us based in the UAE, we’ve got the whole country on our doorsteps making it easy for those based in the busy cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi to escape to the quieter emirates like Ras Al Khaimah.

    If you’re currently seeking a calm and quiet getaway then we may have found the ultimate deal just for you, and it’s just an hours drive from Dubai.
    Say hello to Rixos Bab Al Bahr in Ras Al Khaimah and their new ‘Suite Escape’ all-inclusive stay package.

    With 450m of sandy beaches, 14 restaurants and bars covering an array of different cuisines and 8 pools, we’re confident in saying this is the ideal place for a cityscape.
    The hotel’s new staycation deal gives the perfect opportunity for couples or families to take a midweek break as when you book a weekday stay of a minimum of two nights at any suite category will receive 15 per cent off the best available rate.
    Not only to get a luxurious suite in the staycation deal you’ll also reap the benefits of the Rixos Bab Al Bahr’s signature welcome amenities and a private cabana by the beach with refreshments.
    Whether you’re on a getaway with the whole family, with a group a friends or you’re with your significant other, there’s something for everyone including adventurous water sports, beach and poolside fun and a luxurious spa.

    Guests can be rest assured that the Rixos Bab Al Bahr has the highest safety standards and training and hygiene protocols to protect the health and well-being of both guests and employees. Similarly, they are also part of the RAKTDA ‘Safeguard Assurance’ program and are certified as a safe destination by Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification services.
    We can’t think of any excuse not to book a stay ASAP.
    To make a booking call +971 (7) 244 4400 or email
    Note: All room rates are subject to a 10 per cent service charge and 5 per cent VAT. A tourism fee of Dhs20 per unit per night is also applicable.
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    Here’s exactly why you need to add Spain to your travel bucket list

    Viva España
    IN PARTNERSHIP: COVID-19 turned the travel and tourism industry on its head, imposing lockdowns across the globe. While isolation continues for many countries, that doesn’t have to stop you awakening the inner-traveller in you to plan out your travel bucket list. We can’t think of a better place to be than Spain, whatever the season may be, to add to that list – #SpainAwaitsYou.

    Boasting majestic views of everything from rugged mountains and wild meadows in the North of Spain, also known as Green Spain, to coastal towns, fishing ports and picturesque beaches, Spain has something to suit everyone. Enjoy wandering through villages of timeless beauty perched on hilltops, narrow winding lanes in valleys, vibrant life and magnificent sunsets.
    Art aficionados should definitely add in a visit to cultural landmarks. On the must-visit list are the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Royal Alcázar of Seville, the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, the famous Prado Museum in Madrid and the Guggenheim in Bilbao. The landmarks are endless. In fact, the art scene boasts over 1,500 museums and has the third most UNESCO World Heritage assets in the world.   

    For the foodies, Spain offers the best in terms of home-grown, fresh produce. Whether you are seated at an exclusive table or having a stand-and-go be sure to enjoy the tapas and pintxos in San Sebastián or savour the sumptuous seafood in Galicia. Alternatively, sports fans can catch a football game at Santiago Bernabéu or be awe-inspired by some Messi magic at Camp Nou.
    There’s also The Balearic Islands, Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza to explore… so many beautiful locations, so little time!
    While the country now is not admitting tourists, only some exceptions are made, as soon as it is possible tourism will resume with the utmost safety. Spain has adopted many hygiene measures to give you peace of mind while travelling. Twenty-one guidelines with specifications to prevent any spread of the coronavirus have been meticulously put together. The government has also introduced a series of protective mandatory measures such as the use of face masks in public spaces, maintaining a social distance of at least 1.5 metres, sanitising your hands, automated check-in procedures and much more to ensure you are safe at all times and have an incredible break in Spain, hopefully in the very near future.
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    From apartment to villa, upgrade any space with these new interior pieces

    IN PARTNERSHIP: Whether you’re migrating from your slick apartment Downtown Dubai to a spacious villa in Arabian Ranches or simply want to hit refresh on your interiors, Crate & Barrel offers seamless solutions that will complement any space and taste.
    The design team at Crate & Barrel have carefully thought through every scenario to create three distinct yet harmonious themes that compliment every style of living.

    Just as you’d approach your wardrobe, the key thing is to not to be rigid with your design choices. Instead, play around with trends and finishes to come up with something unexpected. The warm and balanced colour palette and minimal design makes Crate & Barrel’s latest fall selection ideal for mix and matching.
    Below, we take you through the themes and the key pieces to elevate your home with this autumn.
    Modern Prairie

    Taking inspiration from architect Frank Lloyd Wright who broke away from closed-in architecture and embraced nature, the Modern Prairie is all about bringing the outdoors in. Expert furnishings constructed from warm woods and natural materials with the colour palette rooted in earthy tones, such as browns and warm amber with pops of ochre. Some of the hero pieces from this edit include Wells leather sofa or Anaise bed that will instantly bring a sense of balance to the room. Some of the larger pieces do benefit from high ceilings and plenty of natural light that you find in villas, but you can easily create a nature corner in a studio apartment with the use of preserved botanical flowers placed in a Poe glass vase, cushions with different texture, layers of rugs for added warmth and a walnut floor mirror which brings an illusion of space. To turn it into a secret corner with a retro flair, introduce an Anaise rattan room divider – even Coco Chanel was a fan of dividers. If you want the focus on the dining room then you should explore the unique selection of serving boards and utensils.

    Urban Retreat

    If you cherish living in an intimate space or want to play up your minimalist interior with some elegant touches, then you might find something extra fabulous in the Urban Retreat selection. Focusing on soft textures, colour-washed hues, sustainable materials, and welcoming silhouettes, there is something extremely soothing about subdued pieces that focus on texture and detail. For example, the curved Rouelle sofa with chenille-like fabric adds an instant statement to the room and yet still comfortable to unwind on after a long day at work, while Ezra Glassware set with its textured glass finish is perfect for hosting a refined and sophisticated dinner party. The selection of home accessories such as candle holders and vases provide plenty of options to help enhance side tables and shelves. Play around with a wide variety of curved shapes, mixed materials, and unusual textures to piece together a statement display.

    Just moved into your brand new apartment? Inject it with some youthful spirit from the Trove collection that celebrates colour, striking silhouettes in the forever modern look of Danish design. Updated seasonally, this range is ideal for those who love a clean style of living, but with a hint of classical European décor that has been given a modern twist with punchy colours and eye-catching silhouettes. Think Copenhagen fashion week of interiors. This collection is easy to mix and match, but try to keep it in the same colour spectrum for a contemporary mood and embrace a more down-to-earth lifestyle by choosing low seating, narrow cushions and layered coffee tables. This approach will make the ceilings in an apartment feel higher.
    Ofelia Velvet Swivel Dining Chairs

    Amalie Small Space Apartment Sofa

    Oli Oval Dining Table

    The latest collection is available at Crate and Barrel’s Dubai stores at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, and the Dubai Mall. It can also be found online at
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    Solving the problem of lack of representation for women in business

    IN PARTNERSHIP: In the ever-changing dynamics of the world, companies are constantly having to adapt. Whether those dynamics be a pandemic, a shift in technology or a refocus on values, it’s how one deals with the issues and changes at play which ultimately proves which organisations will thrive.
    While many issues come and go, one continued problem amongst many organisations, however, is the lack of representation of women in business. In fact, global evidence reveals that women only make up an estimated 25 per cent of middle-management positions worldwide. This figure is even less when it comes to women in board positions making up between five per cent and 17 per cent.

    The solution? According to Professor Payyazhi Jayashree, Dean – Faculty of Business at the University of Wollongong, “Empowering women at an accelerated pace is therefore a business imperative.”
    As the first female Dean of the Faculty of Business at UOWD, Professor Jayashree is not only an expert through her professional career in this field, but has first-hand experience in the fundamental things that need to be done to solve this issue.

    From research she has completed in this field – in partnership with institutions such as the UN, Dubai Business Women Council (DBWC) and Dubai Chamber of Commerce and more – particularly to do with the career development of women in the Arab Middle East, she found the key to success for women in business is to ensure they have access to the relevant career capital.
    “Capital creation is a continuous process and while institutional mechanisms are crucial, all of us as women in business will also have to take ownership for continuous learning in formal and informal ways,” Professor Jayashree explains.
    It’s through experience with the women studying in her learning cohorts that Professor Jayashree has found that they succeed in the best way through a “personalised, flexible and reflective approach to learning”.
    This is where UOWD’s Master of Business programmes come into play, which has a wide-range of programmes suited to enable many women, no matter which arms of business they are looking to go into, to succeed.
    The university’s popular Master of Business Administration programme offers a key opportunity for students to not only equip them with the knowledge to operate in the ever-changing global market, but they will have the opportunity to collaborate with senior industry professionals, creating indispensable networking opportunities.

    Similarly, UOWD’s one-of-a-kind Global Executive Masters in Luxury Management (GEMLUX) opens doors for students in Dubai like no other university. For many AME women who are aspiring to work in luxury, this master’s course gives students the opportunity to travel to three luxury fashion capitals around the world – Milan, Geneva and Paris – during the four-semester curriculum. In-keeping with the university’s ethos to help their students with the best of the best, GEMLUX is also supported by key players in the luxury industry including Chalhoub Group, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Ferrari S.p.A.
    For those seeking to carve their own paths in the world of business and entrepreneurship – something Professor Jayashree is always encouraged by seeing women taking that leap – UOWD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation program includes collaborating and receiving feedback from top entrepreneurs from prototypes created during students’ studies, along with mentorship from those in global innovation hubs, which include Germany and Australia.
    Through Professor Jayashree’s commitment, as well as the wider faculty of business at UOWD, for innovative and transformative priorities to help both female and male students to succeed in the world of business, further bridging the gap of the lack of representation of women in organisations.
    “Discovering one’s authentic leadership is a continuous and evolving process and it is only through collective sense-making and collaboration (with men and women working as equal partners), that we can create sustainable societies, particularly through leveraging empathy and knowledge-creation,” she says.
    To grow your career with the University of Wollongong Dubai click here. 
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