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    Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts gives her 30s the boot as she turns 40

    PUSSYCAT Doll Ashley Roberts gives her 30s the boot as she poses for her birthday.The Pussycat Dolls singer hit the milestone on Tuesday and posed in this photo to mark it.
    Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts gives her 30s the boot as she poses for her birthday.Credit: Milianeyes
    A legal row between Ashley’s bandmate Nicole Scherzinger, 43, and the group’s manager Robin Antin, 60, appeared to have completely derailed their reunion tourCredit: Getty
    But it hasn’t all been smiles for Ash lately after a legal row between her bandmate Nicole Scherzinger, 43, and the group’s manager Robin Antin, 60, appeared to have completely derailed their reunion tour.
    However, fellow Doll, Kimberly Wyatt, 39, has said she is still optimistic the UK tour, originally delayed because of covid, will happen next September — almost two and a half years later than it was supposed to happen.
    She said: “I hate that this situation is happening, but I’m just going to stay optimistic.
    “Nobody’s told me anything but the fact that we are going to be on tour September of next year, so I’m going to stay optimistic about that and sort of lay my heart into it because I’ve done everything I can to get this band back together.”

    Ashley in a holiday throwback photoCredit: Instagram
    Ashley Roberts shows off smoking hot body in TikTok vids More

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    Bond babe Ana de Armas is a real jewel as she is covered in diamonds for ad

    BOND babe Ana de Armas is in the driving seat when it comes to her career as she stars in an ad for diamonds.The actress, 33, was pictured at the wheel of a car, wearing dazzling earrings and a diamond ring on her wedding finger.
    Actress Ana de Armas has sure kept her sparkle as she stuns in her latest advertCredit: The Mega Agency
    The James Bond babe was seen at the wheel of a car, wearing earrings and a diamond ringCredit: Pacific Coast News
    Cuban-Spanish star Ana is an ambassador for the Natural Diamond Council, which released the ad.
    Ana plays American CIA agent Paloma in new 007 movie No Time To Die, alongside Daniel Craig, 53, as James Bond.
    It is released on September 28.
    It had been due to be released in April last year, but Eon, owners of the Bond franchise, and its distributors delayed it for 18 months due to the the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The Cuban-Spanish star is an ambassador for the Natural Diamond Council
    Ana de Armas chops off her long hair as split from boyfriend Ben Affleck heats up More

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    Kerry Katona smoulders as she poses in sheer corset for saucy OnlyFans snap after breast reduction surgery

    KERRY Katona smouldered as she posed in a sheer corset for a saucy OnlyFans snap after undergoing breast reduction surgery.The 41-year-old star looked sensational in the tantalizing snap, which teased even raunchier content on her subscription-only site.
    Kerry stripped to a corset for this tantalizing snapCredit: Instagram / Kerry Katona
    The star has a saucy 18+ OnlyFans accountCredit: Instagram
    Taking to her Instagram page this evening, the mother-of-five threw one arm behind her head as she leaned against a wall, looking downwards while her other arm framed her bottom.
    Kerry is wearing a black corset with cut-out detailing around the bust, and a sheer panel across her stomach.
    She’s also wearing black string bottoms, putting her body firmly on display.
    She referenced her 18+ OnlyFans content with an emoji as she captioned the post, writing: “The show must go on ✨💙 Link in bio 🔞”
    The photo appears to be a throwback as she has her short blonde hair in the snap, with the former Atomic Kitten favourite currently donning bright purple, shoulder-length tresses.
    It isn’t clear if it was shot before or after her reduction surgery, but followers didn’t seem too bothered by details and were blown away regardless.

    One wrote: “You have an amazing figure, Kerry 😍😍😍😍”
    Another swooned: “Absolutely stunning. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍”
    A third added: “Looking fantastic as always, Kerry.”
    Earlier this month, a short film documenting Kerry’s op aired on Steph’s Packed Lunch, with the TV favourite keen to share an insight into the four-hour surgery.
    Kerry chose to undergo the operation to take her breasts down to a DD cup, having originally gone under the knife for bigger boobs – a decision that she regrets.
    She explained at the time: “I’ve had breast implants to make them bigger. I’ve been sliced, diced, sucked, nipped, tucked.
    “As much as I love having bigger boobs, I’m now 41 and my body is starting to feel the strain…
    “It’s time to get them to go smaller, I’m suffering really bad with my back.”
    And she was thrilled by the end result eight weeks after the op, telling host Steph McGovern: “I’m really happy” as she appeared via video link.
    The mother-of-five went on: “My breasts were so big and so heavy and I looked out of proportion. I still suffer with a bad back but it’s nowhere near what it was.”
    The Insta pic appears to be a throwback as Kerry currently has bright purple hairCredit: Instagram
    Kerry Katona goes under the knife on TV as she has breast reduction complaining ‘I’m really suffering’
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    New-mum Naomi Campbell stuns in electric blue gown at London Fashion Week bash

    NEW mum Naomi Campbell lets her hair down at a party — after opening up about her daughter for the first time.The supermodel, 52, was pictured with US pop star Kehlani, 26, at the London Fashion Week bash in Soho.
    Supermodel Naomi Campbell let her hair down at a London Fashion Week bash and wowed in an electric blue gownCredit: Getty
    The new-mum, 52, posed with US pop star Kehlani, 26, in Soho as she opened up about her daughter for the first timeCredit: Splash
    In May, Naomi became a mum, rumoured to be via a surrogate, and spoke of her girl for the first time while promoting her new role as an ambassador for the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust children’s charity.
    She said: “She’s very independent already, very smart, alert, sleeps 12 hours.
    “I’m really lucky I think have a dream child.
    “She’s wonderful.”

    The star spoke of her girl for the first time saying ‘I’m really lucky I think have a dream child’Credit: Getty
    The covid pandemic has been ‘a time of reflection’ for iconic model Naomi Campbell More

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    This Morning’s Gino D’Acampo shares saucy photo of rarely-seen wife as he lathers her in oil for ‘Italian massage’

    GINO D’Acampo treated his wife to an “Italian massage” as he lathered her in olive oil in a saucy snap.The TV chef shared the rare photo of Jessica Stellina Morrison on Instagram and left his fans “jealous” as he gave her the special treat.
    Gino D’Acampo lathered his wife Jessica in oil for an ‘Italian massage’
    Gino used his talented hands to treat his wife
    This Morning star Gino, 45, looked the part dressed in a white t-shirt as Jessica lay on a bed wrapped in towels.
    She grinned with pleasure as her hubby kneaded her shoulders.
    Gino wrote beside the photos: “A little extra virgin olive oil, a touch of rosemary and the wife is happy.
    “This is not just a massage…..this is an Italian massage 😜….”
    An one person replied: “❤️❤️ I need a man like you 😍”
    Another wrote: “Brilliant!!! Lucky Jessica!” as one more typed: “Relationship goals ❤️”
    Jessica is Gino’s first love, and is of half-Italian, half-English descent.
    Gino has described Jessica as a “lady of leisure” and said: “My wife is a clever woman, she knows when to say something and when to bite her tongue.”
    The teenage sweethearts tied the knot in 2002.
    This was after Gino’s brief two-year stint in prison for burgling singer Paul Young’s London home.
    While he was locked up Gino decided he wanted to change his life when he was released and previously said: “I was a boy, so I decided to get married and then I will be a man.”
    But it hasn’t always been a bed of roses for the pair who broke up for a year in their younger days.
    However, the time they spent apart made their bond stronger and after reconciling they moved to the UK together in 1995.
    Gino and Jessica have three children together, Luciano, Rocci and Mia.

    In June 2020 Gino posted a rare photo of the family.
    He opened up about what it was like preparing food for three kids and admitted he wouldn’t let them be “fussy eaters”.
    He told Woman magazine: “My kids are not allowed to be fussy eaters. The problem with fussy children is their stupid parents. I run a family kitchen and in my house we don’t have options. I never had options, why should they?”
    Gino shared the adorable photo with his followersCredit: Instagram
    Jessica was by Ginos side when he won I’m A CelebCredit: Rex Features
    Holly Willoughby squirms as Gino D’Acampo places bet for her to present This Morning NAKED if England win Euro 2020We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Showbiz team? More

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    Oasis at Knebworth was the biggest gig ever – but I was too arrogant to notice, says Noel Gallagher

    IT was the mega-gig that defined the Brit Pop era. Oasis played to 250,000 over a single weekend at Knebworth, when Liam and Noel Gallagher, Paul “Bonehead” Arthurs, Paul “Guigsy” McGuigan and Alan White were at their unfiltered, unapologetic best.
    As a new documentary brings back how Oasis played their biggest gig ever at Knebworth, Noel Gallagher reveals he was too arrogantCredit: Alamy
    The band played to 250,000 over a single weekend, but Noel says ‘I was so f***ing arrogant at the time that it didn’t really register. Genuinely’Credit: Alamy
    Now a new documentary brings back how the Manchester five-piece were catapulted into the big time. The two sell-out nights 25 years ago were a huge, worldwide event — except for the boys in that band.
    Noel, 54, now says: “I was so f***ing arrogant at the time that it didn’t really register. Genuinely. It’s only since Supersonic (Oasis’s 2016 documentary) and this film that you try and put yourself back in there and you get goosebumps.
    “I’m not sure there are any bands who had that lift-off like we did. We were still in the same circumstances as our audience, almost. It is a snapshot of a band, of its zenith. It is a great moment for the band.
    “Morning Glory (Oasis’s second album, in 1995) hadn’t really taken off. We were loaded but we hadn’t really got paid. You know, the f***ing chimps hadn’t turned up and tigers and fur coats.”
    Knebworth followed Oasis’s 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe then even bigger follow-up (What’s the Story) Morning Glory. Fans from all over the UK flocked to the Hertfordshire stately home for the £22-a-head gig. Footage has been remastered by director Jake Scott to create Oasis: Knebworth 1996.
    While the crowd was wild with excitement, at the time Noel was more worried about making sure the telly in their dressing room worked than the prospect of walking out on stage to tens of thousands.

    Engaged ticket hotline
    He added: “We didn’t feel that overwhelmed. I will see it differently from Liam and all the rest of the guys, but my own part of it, I don’t really remember sing it that much.
    “I was more concerned about Sky TV working in the dressing room, to be honest, as it was a new thing. I think it was the FA Cup Final. I was like, ‘F***ing hell. Sky TV. What? In a tent?’”
    Oasis shows — fronted by Liam, with big brother Noel on lead guitar and vocals, Guigsy bassist, Bonehead on guitar and White drumming — were a rite of passage for fans.
    The film tells of individuals queuing through the night or repeatedly calling an engaged ticket hotline — in the days before ticket buying done over the internet. It was a time when fans were able to connect to the music without smartphones being waved in front of them and people trying to capture snaps for Instagram or Twitter.
    As the camera pans over the beer-soaked crowd during the film, a watching Noel moans: “See, that now would be all mobile phones and f***ing people filming and texting someone who is watching on the internet.”
    He added at the film’s London premiere on Thursday: “This is a band doing a gig that performed before any of these s**tty words that are in our vocabulary like focus groups, iTunes, Apple, Microsoft, camera phones and all that bulls. To see a sea of people like that in the moment . . . if you go to Glastonbury now it is f***ing annoying, flags everywhere. We had not one flag, not one mobile phone, no one texting. It’s a snapshot in time.”
    I was more concerned about Sky TV working in the dressing room, to be honest, as it was a new thing.Noel Gallagher
    Brit Pop was grip-ping the country, led by artists who stuck two fingers up at the status quo and were worlds away from today’s overpolished and PR-driven groups. Noel said: “Not that we knew it, but Thatcherism was on the way out and this guy Tony Blair was about to sweep it all away with the will of the people. We had (boxer) Prince Naseem Hamed, who was this f***ing little flamboyant Muslim kid.
    “He didn’t give a f***. Kate Moss and (artist) Damien Hirst, Oasis and New Labour and (fellow Brit pop band) Pulp. Everyone seemed to have come from the bleakness of the Seventies and Eighties and done something with their lives. And had a voice. I’m not even sure what we were trying to say, but the people were listening.”
    Supermodel Kate Moss, a close friend of the Gallaghers, was at the first night of Knebworth and gave a bedraggled fan a lift home after her driver got lost on site.
    In a rare glimpse into her A-list world, the fan recalled: “I was one of the last people to leave the site and this limo pulled up and the guy wound the window down and said, ‘Hey mate, do you know how we get out? I’ve been driving round for hours. I can’t leave the site’.
    “I said, ‘Well, I am going the way you need to go. Can I have a lift and I will show you?’ He looked over his shoulder, was clearly asking someone in the back and said, ‘Yeah just hop in the back’. And it was Kate Moss and (actress) Anna Friel — that was a nice way to round off my evening.”
    While he wasn’t involved in the making of the documentary, Noel’s estranged brother Liam, 48, does make a tiny appearance.
    Rock royalty
    Speaking off camera, Liam, who has long been in a war of words with Noel, said: “People always ask me what Knebworth was like and I always say, ‘Oh, I can’t remember much about it’. But this film has brought it all back. For me, it was the Woodstock of the Nineties. The music and the people coming together, it was biblical and I will never forget it.”
    While Liam and Noel each played crucial parts in Oasis — despite their acid tongues they admit they needed each other — it was Noel’s songwriting that really made them rock royalty.
    Noel said: “My songs are inclusive, they are about us all. For that to become a reality — when you have that amount of people who believe that and are singing those songs from their perspective, about them and their lives — you couldn’t even dream of that at the start of your song-writing journey.
    “It was my time. I was so into songwriting. Imagine writing Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger in the same week.”
    He reckons the turning point came when he wrote 1994 single Live Forever, which only peaked at No10 in the UK chart but went on to become a fan favourite.
    Noel said: “I didn’t have huge rock-star ambitions. That didn’t come until after I wrote Live Forever. A bomb went off.
    I didn’t have huge rock-star ambitions. That didn’t come until after I wrote Live Forever. A bomb went off.Noel Gallagher
    “We were a pretty decent band the night before I wrote Live Forever but it was indie music. The day after I wrote Live Forever, I knew it. I knew enough about music and about songs to know that that wasn’t indie music. It was a f***ing great song.”
    Oasis split in 2009 but have sold 70million records worldwide and achieved eight UK No1 singles and the same number of chart-topping albums.
    Despite countless rumours the feuding brothers will reunite, Noel insists that possibility has now passed. He has said previously: “There would have to be an extraordinary set of circumstances for that to happen.
    “I’m not the kind who can forget what has been said and I won’t forget.
    I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without him and he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without me.Noel Gallagher
    “Artistically, it doesn’t make any sense and I don’t need the money. We broke up because of a lot of little things, it was the perfect storm of little things. Once it was done, it was done.
    “It was me and the other fella. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without him and he wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without me.”

    Oasis: Knebworth 1996 will be in cinemas from Thursday. A live album of the same name is out on November 19 on Big Brother Recordings.

    Noel says ‘I was more concerned about Sky TV working in the dressing room, to be honest, as it was a new thing’Credit: Rex
    Fans queued and hung on phone for £22.50 entry to see the bandCredit: Alamy
    Noel rocks record crowd but after the feuding with brother Liam he reveals ‘I’m not the kind who can forget what has been said and I won’t forget’Credit: Getty
    Liam, centre stage, and Noel, on the right, at KnebworthCredit: Getty
    Aerial shot of the Oasis show at Knebworth
    Noel Gallagher says he is going sober TODAY after drinking too much local cider in lockdown More

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    Katie Piper hits back at troll who accused her of having ‘lips full of Botox’ reminding him she’s an acid attack victim

    KATIE Piper has hit back at a cruel troll who accused her of having “lips full of Botox” – reminding him that she’s an acid attack victim.The 37-year-old star suffered life-changing injuries after she was targeted by her ex boyfriend in the vile 2008 attack.
    Katie was targeted after appearing on Sky News to promote her bookCredit: Splash
    She suffered life-changing injuries following an acid attack in 2008Credit: Instagram
    The troll accused her of having ‘a designer face’Credit: Twitter
    She has undergone over 400 operations since, including skin grafts, after major damage to her face and blindness in one eye.
    Katie appeared on Sky News earlier today, and one sick online troll couldn’t resist taking to social media to make a nasty remark about her appearance.
    Tagging her in the message, he wrote: “Oh dear. @KatiePiper_ (Katie Piper, who she?) with lips full of Botox and a designer face drawn by surgeons, on the advertising platform called @SkyNews promoting a publication about people needing to be honest with themselves.
    “Couldn’t make it up, could you.”
    Katie did not take the remarks laying down, replying: “My face has been rebuilt by surgeons using other parts of my body after my face was melted down to the muscle and Skelton following an acid attack.
    “But regardless, I don’t owe you pretty, perhaps use your time more productively than commenting on women’s appearance on the internet.”

    She also penned a moving open letter to others who write nasty comments online, beginning: “After my attack, I used to wear a plastic face mask for my burns, and a wig because my hair was burnt at the front.
    “When I first started going out, men used to shout insults like this and other abuse at me.”
    Katie went on to add that while she hadn’t been affected by the troll’s words, she was concerned about it affecting others living with “visible difference” in “the most severe way”.
    Katie’s vile assault was organised by her ex-boyfriend Daniel Lynch, but carried out by Stefan Sylvestre.
    Daniel was given two life terms behind bar, with Stefan serving six years before being released in 2018.
    However, he was re-admitted in November 2019 for a string of car thefts before going free again in June 2020.
    Since the attack Katie has undergone pioneering surgery to restore her face and vision.
    She went on to find love with Richard Sutton, who she married in 2015, and the pair share two daughters together; seven-year-old Belle and three-year-old Penelope.
    In October, Katie had another eye operation to prevent her remaining sight from deteriorating.
    In November, Katie received a Honorary Doctorate from Ireland’s Royal College of Surgeons for her work as a global healthcare leader.
    Katie has had over 400 operations since the attackCredit: @katiepiper_/INSTAGRAM
    The star was concerned about the impact the troll’s words could have on othersCredit: Instagram
    Katie Piper thanks fans from her hospital bed as she has planned surgery on her eyelidWe pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Showbiz team? More

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    Gwyneth Paltrow flogs £46 LED mirror for the ‘clearest view’ of women’s privates

    GWYNETH Paltrow is flogging a £46 mirror for women to get a better view of their private parts.The between the legs looking glass is shatterproof and comes with a light.
    Model Gwyneth Paltrow’s latest Goop item is a £46 mirror for women to get a better view of their private partsCredit: Getty
    The businesswoman’s between the legs looking glass is shatterproof and comes with an LED light
    It is being touted on the actress and businesswoman’s Goop site.
    Potential buyers are told: “Made to help you get a better look at your pelvic area, VieVision’s Between Legs Mirror is helpful for wellness checks, grooming, and inserting tampons or contraceptive rings.
    “For the clearest view, flip on the LED light surrounding the mirror. From there, you can either sit or stand.”
    The mirror has a back support so it can be propped up on the floor for the most effective angle.
    The blurb adds: “If you’re standing, place the mirror between your thighs (it’s comfortable, thanks to those smooth, concave sides) and squat a bit as you lean with your back against a wall.”
    Gwyneth, 48, is also selling an environmentally friendly vibrator — costing £176.

    Goop says the Premium Eco has 12 different speeds, ranging from “soft rumbles to ground-shaking pulses”, and delivers blasts of pleasurable air.
    Buyers are told: “In addition to plastic-cutting design elements (a shorter charging cable, zero-plastic packaging), its body is made from Biolene, a mostly bio-based polymer.
    “But the real earth-saver is that this vibrator’s rechargeable battery is replaceable.” 
    The celeb’s site says ‘For the clearest view, flip on the LED light surrounding the mirror. From there, you can either sit or stand’
    The actress, 48, is also selling an environmentally friendly vibrator — costing £176
    Gwyneth Paltrow jokes she’s ‘never eating again’ after posting video showing Thanksgiving meal More