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    Actress Bregje Heinen shows off her flawless figure as she models leopard-print bikini after starring in Babylon

    MODEL and actress Bregje Heinen proves she’s top of the spots in this leopard-print bikini.The Dutch 31-year-old — due to wed Vampire Diaries star Michael Trevino this year — posed for swimwear brand Calzedonia following her movie role in black comedy movie Babylon, starring Margot Robbie.Bregje Heinen stunned in this leopard-print bikiniCredit: CalzedoniaBregje starred in black comedy movie Babylon, starring Margot RobbieIn Babylon Margot plays Nellie LaRoy — a controversial rising star based on original Hollywood It-Girl Clara Bow.The film also stars Brad Pitt, 58, and Olivia Wilde, 38, and was directed by Damien Chazelle. Bregie has previously modelled for the likes of Victoria’s Secret and Prada and Versace.She also made a cameo appearance in the music video for Maroon 5’s 2012 hit single Payphone.READ MORE IN SHOWBIZAway from the camera she insists she’s a girl of simple tastes.She explained: “When I get home, I take my makeup off, put my hair up, pajamas on, and sit on the couch.“I never go to bed right away.“Even if I’m out late.Most read in Celebrity“Oh, and I have a deep fryer. So I’ll break that out.”Body by Victoria’s Secret: Extended advert More

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    Roberta Flack version of First Time Ever horrified us… but I got to like it, says Peggy Seeger

    THE First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a song for the ages.Covered a thousand times in a thousand ways, it captures the overwhelming sensation of love at first sight.Having played at the first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965, Peggy’s taking this year’s US legend slot with her musician sons and daughter-in-lawCredit: Laura PageRoberta Flack version of First Time Ever horrified us… but I got to like it, says Peggy SeegerCredit: GettyPopularised by Roberta Flack’s sensual, soulful take, it also held Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Johnny Cash and George Michael under its spell.Three poetic, impossibly romantic verses were written by one folk singer, Ewan MacColl, for another, Peggy Seeger.“The first time ever I saw your face/I thought the sun rose in your eyes,” it begins.MacColl experienced that intense thrill on Tuesday, March 27, 1956, at a smoky basement flat in Chelsea — and he turned it into a song.READ MORE MUSIC NEWSHe was 41 at the time, a folk firebrand and socialist activist known for Dirty Old Town, about his birthplace of Salford.He was among a small gathering looking on as Seeger, less than half his age at 20 and newly arrived in the UK, sang traditional ballad The House Carpenter, banjo in hand.The daughter of a musicologist father and composer mother, she was part of an American music dynasty which included her half-brother, folk icon Pete Seeger, and the brother she often sang and recorded with, Mike Seeger.All these years later, Peggy is speaking to me via video call from her home in Oxford — city of dreaming spires on the Thames, not the one in Mississippi.Most read in Music‘In his midlife crisis’Having played at the first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965, she’s taking this year’s US legend slot with her musician sons Calum and Neill MacColl and daughter-in-law Kate St. JohnJust shy of her 89th birthday, she’s forthright, funny and never far from throwing her head back with a glorious smile. The sun really does still rise in her eyes.Over the decades, Peggy has been a tireless campaigner for women’s rights, typified by her anthem I’m Gonna Be An Engineer, and a staunch environmentalist but that doesn’t stop her embracing one of the greatest love songs of all time.Elvis’ Graceland home up for auction after Lisa Marie Presley ‘failed to pay back $3.8m loan’ as family files lawsuit_Only last year, she released a wistful new recording of First Time Ever.“My voice has slipped down lower,” she reports. “And I’ve found that the song has an entirely new feeling to it.”Recalling that fateful day in 1956, she adds: “I think Ewan probably fell in love with the whole deal.“He was past 40. He was in his midlife crisis. He had a five-year-old son and a tired marriage in which both parties had already been unfaithful.“Then along came this just-out-of-teenage American girl with long brown hair and a big banjo with songs that he loved.”Over the decades, Peggy has been a tireless campaigner for women’s rightsCredit: GettyWe know MacColl was smitten but how did the object of his desires feel about him?“The first time I saw Ewan, I thought he was the funniest thing I’d ever seen,” admits Peggy. “Red beard, black hair, big ears, smoking.“And he was very, very amorous . . . shall we put it like that!”The rest, as they say, is history, with the two folk singers from different sides of the Atlantic becoming an item, having children, eventually marrying in 1977 and staying together until his death in 1989.It’s important to note that after MacColl began his affair with Peggy, his second wife, Jean Newlove, gave birth to their daughter, Fairytale Of New York singer Kirsty, in 1959.Peggy says Ewan was the first love of her life and “my work soulmate”. The second is her current partner, traditional singer Irene Pyper-Scott.“I had known Irene for a long time but the first time I REALLY saw her was like a lightning bolt,” says Peggy.She tells me that though Irene has moved to the opposite end of the earth — to New Zealand — they talk every day via WhatsApp in the small window when both are awake.This brings us to First Time Ever’s second verse, which starts: “And the first time ever I kissed your mouth/I felt the earth move in my hand.”“When I sing it, I always remember the first kiss with either Irene or Ewan,” says Peggy.“With Ewan, it was fantastic. He really knew how to do it — I’d been dealing with boys up to then.”The third verse demonstrates the rapid progression of Ewan’s relationship with Peggy, from crush to lover.It goes: “And the first time ever I lay with you/I felt your heart so close to mine/And I knew our joy would fill the earth/And last ’til the end of time my love.”’CHAMBER OF HORRORS’Peggy says: “When it comes to ‘lay with you’, I have to think of the second time with Ewan because the first time was a disaster. The first time with Irene was incredible, so there you go.”Another aspect of the First Time Ever story is MacColl’s less than favourable opinion of the numerous cover versions, what he called “the chamber of horrors”.In the Sixties, other folk artists such as The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Bert Jansch and Gordon Lightfoot felt compelled to record the song but it was soul singer Roberta Flack who gave it global recognition.It was a sleeper hit, appearing on her debut album First Take in 1969 and only reaching No1 in the US three years later after featuring in Clint Eastwood’s haunting thriller Play Misty For Me. Peggy says Ewan was the first love of her life and ‘my work soulmate’Credit: GettyPeggy picks up the story, “Ewan and I opened the post one morning and there was a cheque for something like $75,000.“At the time, we had been groping for work and for money to keep two families.“Though we hadn’t heard of Roberta Flack’s version, it turned out that it had whizzed up to the top in America.”Peggy well remembers their reaction to hearing the song in its chart sensation mode.“We were both horrified because, as Ewan put it, he wrote it as an hors d’oeuvre and Roberta had turned it into the main meal,” she says.“My way of singing it takes two minutes and hers takes about five. She milks it but I’ve gotten to like it.”So what does Peggy think of the Elvis cover?“Well for one thing, he never got to sleep with her in his song — he danced with her,” she replies with one of those smiles.“Ewan used to say it was like Romeo down on the ground calling up to Juliet at the top of the Post Office Tower.“I have trouble with other people’s versions because I can’t hear them telling their own experiences. I feel that they’re just thinking about singing the song.”Long after Ewan died, Peggy heard Johnny Cash sing First Time Ever on the fourth instalment of his American Recordings, The Man Comes Around, the last album of his lifetime.‘Extreme version’“When I first heard it, I hated it,” she says. “It was the singing of a broken old man.”To Peggy, this wasn’t what she expected from the singer who had walked the line to resist alcoholism and violence, who had swept June Carter off her feet and had proposed to her on stage.But, as with Roberta Flack, she changed her mind. “Since thinking about singing things lower, I absolutely love the way Cash sings it,” she confesses.Of all the various attempts at First Time Ever, Peggy believes that one of hers is the most “off-the-wall”.She’s talking about a pumping electronic dance rendition on a 2012 album called Folksploitation complete with her vocals.She says: “I recorded it as low as I could singing Roberta’s tune, not the one Ewan wrote, and a friend of my daughter’s turned it into this dance track.“So I was responsible for one of the most extreme versions of that poor little song. You must hear it!”Our thoughts turn to another stunning MacColl song, The Joy Of Living, written by a man approaching the end of his life and set in the mountains of Scotland, Wales and England where he loved to ramble.CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL
    THIS year’s edition of the enduring festival finds Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant presenting Saving Grace featuring Suzi Dian (Fri).
    Other highlights include Ralph McTell (Thurs) and Transatlantic Sessions, Larkin Poe, Turin Brakes (Sat). Peggy Seeger & Family play on Sunday as do Blue Rose Code and Oysterband.

    Peggy provides this moving insight: “The tune is not Ewan’s — it is Sicilian — but it is his swan song.“They say that men face death with more fear than women and he was very, very afraid of dying.“I’ve tried to figure out if I’m afraid of dying,” she continues. “I will be afraid if I’m in great pain and it is drawn out and undignified . . . just give me an easy way out with a chance to say goodbye to my kids and my partner.”Peggy believes that “women are more attached to life than men.Men risk their precious bodies so easily — they jump off the sides of mountains, they stand at the bottom of avalanches, they take risks.“They go to war and face other soldiers, and do these soldiers think they’re going to come back? All of them? Why do they do it?”Her words bring to mind her recent anti-war song How I Long For Peace and a classic written by Pete Seeger in 1955, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? With wars in Ukraine, Gaza and other places around the world still raging, protest songs new and old stay relevant.She says of Pete, who died aged 94 in 2014: “Well, we loved each other dearly but it was impossible for us to perform on stage together. We had completely different ways of dealing with things.“Pete would just throw him-self out there, embrace everybody and make wonderful, wonderful songs without naming any names.”Peggy says the closest he came to pointing the finger was on Waist Deep In The Big Muddy which appeared during the Vietnam War.“That suggests a president [Lyndon B Johnson] has taken us into the big muddy and has a wish that he had drowned.”Peggy laughs when she adds: “I named names though. I did a song about Prince Charles’s wage rise way back. And I can’t remember a word of it!”Another of her name and shame efforts is called Donald’s In The White House.As you may have guessed, she’s not a Trump fan. “The country will go into civil war if he gets back in. It’s headed that way,” she affirms.“Enough numbskulls!”BIG SETBACKAfter all Peggy’s wonderful recollections, we arrive at the present day and her upcoming Cambridge Folk Festival show, for which she has suffered a big setback.“On February 4th, I had a bad back injury,” she says. “I’ve been practically out of orbit since then.“Now, I can walk with one stick but, for three months, I wasn’t able to lift the banjo. Physically, I was catapulted into a later time of life.“I’m doing physiotherapy and I’ve just started to pick up the banjo. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play it again.“But I’ve been singing every day — thank God for my voice!”Peggy believes that ‘women are more attached to life than men’Credit: Vicki SharpWhether it’s with or without her banjo, Peggy has a huge back catalogue of songs to draw on, including those from her acclaimed recent albums, Everything Changes (2014) and First Farewell (2021).A song from the latter, The Invisible Woman, written with son Neill, has received much attention. It’s about how people don’t look at older women.“And into my teens I was never not seen,” she sings.READ MORE SUN STORIESThen she muses wryly: “Eighty years have gone by in the blink of an eye/Now it seems that I’m not here at all.”Having spent an hour in her company, all I can add is that Peggy Seeger, as she enters her 90th year, remains a vibrant, vital, very visible woman. More

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    Successful careers and sizzling sex lives show the celebs turning 50 this year definitely won’t be slowing down

    THEY’RE the nifty 50s – the women with the wow factor who have reached their half century and are definitely not out.There was a time when turning 50 meant you were past it, but the fabulous females who are celebrating the milestone birthday in 2024 seem like they are only just getting started.Denise van Outen dazzled as she stepped out just days before her 50th to record the video for her new single, DiscolisciousCredit: SplashKate Moss, who turned 50 in January, has gone from all-night clubbing and rumours of substance abuse to yoga and health retreatsCredit: TWITTER/KIM KARDASHIANVictoria Beckham — who admits her microphone used to be turned off — is 50 and flourishingCredit: InstagramAnd there must have been something in the water when they were born back in nineteen seventy phwoar, because Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Louise Redknapp and Penelope Cruz, to name just a few, look as if they’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth. With glowing skin, impressive six-packs, sizzling sex lives and successful careers, this year’s new 50-year-olds prove it’s no time to be slowing down.This week TV’s Denise van Outen dazzled as she stepped out just days before her 50th to record the video for her new single, Discoliscious.Spice Girl Mel C, DJ Sara Cox and actresses Eva Mendes, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks and Hannah Waddingham all turn 50 this year too.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZPsychologist Emma Kenny says: “Fifty is a time for women to finally reclaim their life.“They’ve spent their 20s on their career, and if they have a family, their late 20s, 30s and 40s would likely have been dedicated to raising the kids and working to pay the bills.“Then perimenopause and menopause sneaks up on you around 40. But into your 50s — finally — you are the star of your own show again.”Dubbed the Spice Girl who couldn’t really sing, Victoria Beckham — who admits her microphone used to be turned off — is 50 and flourishing.Most read in CelebrityKate Moss, 50, wows with lookalike daughter Lila Grace, 21, as they pose for designer bag ad campaignHaving long since ditched her solo pop career, she is now a fashion and beauty mogul. Last month she launched her first high street collection for her fashion label, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, with a collaboration with Mango. Meanwhile, her Victoria Beckham Beauty business reports a tripling of customers and has won 28 industry awards, with one £30 Satin Kajal Liner reportedly sold every 30 seconds.Now the rumour mill suggests she may reprise her Posh Spice role in a reunion with the Spice Girls.Not only that, mum-of-four Victoria is also in the shape of her life, with up to six gym sessions a week.Louise Redknapp relaunched her pop career, become a fashion influencer and found loveCredit: RexHannah Waddingham is the epitome of a late bloomer, with her TV acting career only starting at the age of 45Credit: GettyPenelope Cruz joined the club on April 28 after huge accolades for her latest role in hit film FerrariCredit: GettyOn turning 50 last month she said on Instagram: “I feel so incredibly blessed to have reached this milestone . . .  blessed, but also accomplished and deeply content.”Kate Moss, who turned 50 in January, has gone from all-night clubbing and rumours of substance abuse to yoga, ice baths and health retreats. And now she is looking better than ever as she sits in pride of place on every catwalk’s front row.She also has her own skincare range, Cosmoss, and a beauty range believed to be launching this year.She has also banked millions in profits through her modelling agency Kate Moss Agency, which looks after her daughter Lila, 21, and Rita Ora.LATE BLOOMERActress, singer and presenter Hannah Waddingham, who turns 50 on July 28, is the epitome of a late bloomer, with her TV acting career only starting at the age of 45.The single mum only became an A-lister in 2020, when she landed a leading role in TV comedy drama Ted Lasso, winning an Emmy for her portrayal of Rebecca Welton in 2021.Last year she hosted Eurovision and had her own one-woman Christmas show for Netflix. Not afraid to speak her mind, last month she scolded a photographer for asking her to show him some leg.Louise Redknapp shot to fame in Nineties band Eternal, then took a rest from the limelight to raise her two kids with footballer hubby Jamie.After they split in 2017 she said: “I have spent most of my life pleasing everyone else, worrying about being judged and thinking I should always do the right thing by staying home, looking after my kids and husband.“I became a sort of Stepford Wife, wanting to be perfect at it.”RELAUNCHED CAREERBut in the past few years she has relaunched her pop career, become a fashion influencer and has found new love with former military officer Drew Michael. Oscar-winner Olivia Colman turned 50 in January, and with her dyed blonde hair and Prada gowns, many are calling this her fashion era, while Olivia proudly confesses to tweakments such as Botox.Once a lager-swilling ladette, Radio 2’s Sara Cox will be 50 in December and is in her best shape ever, from cycling, riding and the gym — which is how she now has a six-pack.READ MORE SUN STORIESIt’s not just our stars who look fab at 50 — Penelope Cruz joined the club on April 28 after huge accolades for her latest role in hit film Ferrari.Similarly, Amy Adams and Elizabeth Banks are flourishing in their careers, while Eva Mendes has stepped back from acting to raise her family with Ryan Gosling, and has become a children’s author.Spice Girl Mel C will turn 50 this year tooCredit: GettyElizabeth Banks is flourishing in her careerCredit: Getty More

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    Cruz Beckham in shock music career change as he signs to major rock band’s management team

    GUITAR fan Cruz Beckham is on course to become the new Slash — after signing with a top management team who look after rockers.Cruz, 19, is busy honing his new sound and has hopes of emulating the Guns N’ Roses axe-man with C3, who steered US indie heavyweights The Strokes.Cruz Beckham has signed with a top management team who look after rockersCredit: GettyWhat the guitar fan might look like in our Slash mock-upCruz is Victoria and David’s youngest sonCredit: GC ImagesInsiders confirmed Cruz has left TaP Music Management, which looked after pop acts including Dua Lipa, to focus on a “more guitar-led organic sound”.Cruz — Victoria, and David’s youngest son — is working with ­studio producers to refine his sound.A source said: “His move from TaP was amicable but he’s signed with C3 who manage rock bands like Thirty Seconds to Mars and Modest Mouse. “They are more in line with where his music is evolving.READ MORE IN SHOWBIZ“Playing live is going to be a big part of the roll-out of his music and Cruz and his new team want to be sure it’s perfect before he launches.”Guitar “obsessive” Cruz began his music career in 2016 at 11 years old and in 2021 he worked with Richard “Biff” Stannard who wrote a string of hits for the Spice Girls in the 1990s.He signed with TaP in 2022 and last year performed at The Lore of the Land pub in Marylebone, Central London, stunning punters.Victoria filmed him playing guitar and singing in the crowded bar.Most read in BizarreVictoria and David Beckham’s son Cruz reveals incredible Spice Girls-themed tattoo tribute to his mum– More

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    Home Alone legend in unlikely feud with Bono over U2 frontman’s wild late-night party at his California mansion

    NEVER mind Noel v Liam or Sharon Osbourne v Amanda Holden – there is a new feud rocking the world of showbiz.And it is the most unlikely grudge match I’ve ever heard.Home Alone star Daniel Stern called the cops on Bono after the U2 rocker held a late-night partyCredit: GettyStern claims the Irish singer had music blasting at 1amCredit: RexRemember crook Marv Murchins from the Home Alone movies? It turns out he, well, the actor who played him, Daniel Stern, went toe-to-toe with Bono after working himself up into a fit of rage over a late-night party the U2 rocker was having at his neighbouring house in Malibu, California.Daniel revealed the row in his new book, imaginatively called Home And Alone, where he details his fury at the Irish singer and his pals — who he branded “pretentious a**holes” because they had the music blaring at 1am. The actor claimed it was as noisy as a nightclub and that: “By one in the morning, I was out of my mind.” READ MORE SHOWBIZ NEWSHe called a neighbour, and continued: “It turned out he had rented the house to Bono (yes, that Bono), who was having a birthday party for his daughter.” Then, according to Dan, he went full Karen. Dan wrote: “I called the police and told them that there was an unlawful party going on and that I was going over there to shut it down and I hoped they would join me. “I hopped in my truck . . . and headed in . . . I lost it. I started ranting, ‘Shut the f***ing music off’. Families with children are trying to sleep and instead we all have to listen to this s**tty music all night long?Most read in Bizarre”Shut it off! You don’t even live here, you f***ing pretentious a**holes.”Security at the bash tried to stop Dan, who said he can look “pretty insane and scary when I lose my s***”.Home Alone star Catherine O’Hara gives speech at Macaulay Culkin’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony Local coppers shut the party down. They do say silence is the Sweetest Thing.Bono, over to you . . . Daniel Stern played Marv Murchins in the beloved Home Alone moviesCredit: RexJada supports Bad Boy Will

    THEY have been living separate lives for seven years but Will Smith still had estranged wife Jada by his side at the premiere of the star’s movie Bad Boys: Ride Or Die in Dubai on Wednesday.
    The fourth film in the Bad Boys franchise will be out on June 5, and I expect it will be another hit – but not the painful sort he landed on Chris Rock at the Oscars two years ago.

    Who the Ek is that with Cara?Cara Delevingne stunned in a blazer with no bra at the showbiz bashCredit: RexEkin-Su was also in attendanceCredit: RexCARA Delevingne took a break from treading the boards in Cabaret in the West End to rub shoulders with Love Island’s Ekin-Su Culculoglu, of all people.The A-lister jetted out to Cannes on a whirlwind trip on Wednesday to attend a swanky film festival bash, where she wore this plunging black blazer with chunky gold jewellery.Ekin-Su somehow managed to blag an invite to France too following her stint in Celebrity Big Brother.I doubt Cara will be following her into the ITV2 house any time soon.LIZZO: THE CLOUD IS CLEARING
    LIZZO has almost completed her first album in two years – but this one won’t be as joyous as usual.
    She had her name dragged through the mud last August by former backing dancers who accused her of inappropriate behaviour, which she denies.
    Now she has revealed the anguish caused by the allegations.
    Lizzo wrote on Instagram: “I’m the happiest I’ve been in ten months. The strange thing about depression is you don’t know you’re in it until you’re out of it.
    “I’m definitely not as carefree as I used to be. But the dark cloud that followed me is finally clearing up.
    “I thought my album was finished . . . but I gotta get some of these good vibes off in a banger real quick. Thanks for your patience.”

    BECKY: MY ASSAULTBrave Becky Hill has revealed she was sexually assaulted by a male friendCredit: BackGridBECKY HILL has revealed she was sexually assaulted by a male friend when she was 21.The two-time Brit Award winner, now 30, said she reported it to the police and that it has still been “eating away” at her over the years.Becky said: “I had to keep it to myself because I knew none of the friends I had at the time would believe me.“I’ve always classed myself as a strong bitch. I like to think I can take a lot of s**t, but with that, it felt like something had left me that will never come back.“I’ll never get that bit back of me. That moment will stay with me for the rest of my life.”In an interview with the Glamour UK May digital issue, which is online now, she said about reporting the incident: “With rape and sexual assault, the numbers on reporting are so low that I wanted to be able to sit with my future children and if, God forbid, the same happens to them, say, ‘You know what? When I was your age, I went to the police and reported it, and it was really powerful for me’.”She sings about the experience in new single True Colours, which is released this morning, and hopes it will encourage schools to teach kids about consent.Becky added: “It was something I was never taught about, nor any of the other people in my age group.READ MORE SUN STORIES“And I feel like I was let down by the education system because of that.”Hear hear.RAPPER’S ARRD PARTY ON YACHT
    BRITISH rapper Arrdee almost died on his 20th birthday after a storm hit the yacht he was on in Ibiza.
    He said people were “knocked out” and DJ decks went “flying off the boat”.
    Recalling the captain’s actions, ArrDee, inset, told the Saving Grace podcast: “He’s thrown the anchor down and we’ve just heard this snap. The anchor’s broken off.
    “We got back and I’m like, ‘How close was we to capsizing?’. He was like, ‘There were two times I was gonna dive off the boat’.”
    That’s not reassuring for my summer holidays.
    ArrDee is back today with new tune Heavyweight, while other releases include Caught Up, by Flo, Turn It Up, by PinkPantheress, and Love Bites by Nelly Furtado featuring Tove Lo and SG Lewis. More

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    Denise van Outen rocks punk look as she music video ahead of her 50th birthday

    TELLY and stage favourite Denise van Outen rocks a punky look — ahead of her 50th birthday on Monday.She wore a graffiti-covered leather jacket with studded cuffs to record the video for new single Discoliscious at 1980s-themed Maggie’s club in Fulham, West London.Denise Van Outen was snapped behind the scenes at Maggies in Fulham as she shot the video for her new self written singleCredit: SplashDenise squeezed into a pair of black PVC trousersCredit: SplashSexing up her look, Denise squeezed into a pair of PVC trousers and matching heels.The news comes after Denise announced an exciting new gig with EastEnders legend Tamzin Outhwaite.She will star in her very own one woman play and will feature her very own 80s and 90s songs.Tamzin, who played Mel Owen in the soap, will direct the play.READ MORE CELEB NEWSThe show will run for just two days on September 26 and 27 at Southend’s Palace Theatre.She told fans: “I wrote this one woman play with Terry a decade ago and performed it In London’s west end.”I got the idea from noticing a shift in how women’s lives have changed over the years with many prioritising careers over their personal relationships (often to their own detriment).”I wanted to create a play that opens up the conversation “can we really have it all?”. I took my own trip down memory lane to add humour and heartbreak to make this a play about women for women.Most read in Celebrity”If you raved in IBIZA in the 90s, found yourself falling in love with an absolute wrong-un, or feel stuck in a stagnant relationship/situationship looking for an “out” This play is for you!”Back in March Denise also hinted that she and former Big Breakfast co-host Johnny Vaughan are working on a secret project.Gogglebox star reveals brand new project with EastEnders legend and it’s worlds away from hit Channel 4 show Van Outen’s upcoming single is called ‘Discoliscious’Credit: Splash More

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    Kate Moss, 50, stuns in leather shorts for sleek summer fashion campaign

    KATE Moss goes hell for leather in black shorts for a new fashion shoot.The supermodel, 50, posed in the sleek item and a green jacket for Anine Bing’s summer 2024 campaign.Kate Moss, 50, stuns in a leather shorts for sleek summer fashion campaign for Anine BingCredit: The Mega AgencyKate is launching a cosmetics brand through wellness brand CosmossCredit: The Mega AgencyIt comes after Kate, who carried a shoulder bag in another snap, revealed this week that she was made up to be launching a cosmetics range through her wellness brand Cosmoss.Kate, who has reinvented herself in recent years as a wellness guru, has been teetotal for six years after turning over a new, clean-living leaf according to pals.Speaking in 2020 her close friend DJ Fat Tony revealed: “Kate’s been clean for over two years.”Me and my sober mates now have a better time than we ever did when we used to drink and take drugs.”READ MORE ON KATE MOSSSpeaking in 2018 Kate insisted that her party days were over saying: “I take care of myself now, I’m a good girl.”I go to bed, I drink lots of water, not too much coffee, and I’m trying to cut down on cigarettes.”Kate Moss’s Turkish Adventure: A Spark with Skip Marley? More

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    Sasha Baron Cohen’s ex wife Isla Fisher lands major role in Bridget Jones 4

    NEWLY single Isla Fisher will play a divorced mum in the new Bridget Jones film.The actress, who split from Sacha Baron Cohen after 13 years last year, is due to start filming this week.Sasha Baron Cohen’s ex wife Isla Fisher has landed a major role in Bridget Jones 4Credit: SplashIsla and Sasha announced their split last month in a joint statementCredit: Instagram/IslaFisherInsiders said Isla, 48, will play a friend of Bridget’s, played by Renee Zellweger in About A Boy.A source said: “Isla’s real life is inspiring her new role in the Bridget Jones film.“She plays a single mother who befriended Bridget at the school gates.“Isla loves Bridget Jones and is thrilled that she landed the more on isla fisher“Her own experience will help her in the role and it’s great she’s landed such a big part after a really tough time.“Isla will start filming this week with Renee and other cast members.”Renee, 55, has reprised her role as loveable Bridget for the fourth film in the series, which has been created from Helen Fielding’s books.Hugh Grant is also returning as Daniel Cleaver and Bridget will be seen locked in a love triangle with him and two other suitors.Most read in BizarreNetflix actor Leo Woodhall, 27, is playing Bridget’s younger love interest who will be known on screen as Rockstar.She will also be wooed by a PE teacher at her kids’ school, Mr Walker, who is played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, 46,.All The signs Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher had secretly split from girls’ nights out to hiding ring fingerRenee and Leo have been pictured on set this week as they start filming around London.Isla and Sacha said they were divorcing last month in a joint statement and confirmed they had split last year.The pair, who have three children, got engaged in 2004 after being together for three years.They said: “After a long tennis match lasting over 20 years, we are finally putting our racquets down.”The Sun later revealed that Isla told pals she was consulting a fearsome celebrity divorce lawyer in 2022.It is understood the star quietly contacted £550-an-hour Fiona Shackleton — Sir Paul McCartney’s legal expert in his £24million split from Heather Mills.The original movie saw Bridget torn between Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) and Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant)Credit: Alamy More