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    New to Dubai? Here’s the full guide to renting a home in Dubai

    With Dubai being an international hub, renting is an important aspect which must be given careful thought and consideration to avoid any unnecessary complications or expenses.
    From choosing a home to finalising the Ejari, there are a number of steps involved in the process which many may not be aware of, especially if you’re new to Dubai.
    While the vibrant city has a selection of popular hotspots with upcoming locations to possibly move to, being well-equipped with the processes involved will make the entire journey quite effortless and will save you time. The steps for finalizing a home for rent include:
    Shortlist a property
    Depending on preferences and budget constraints, there are various websites such as or which provide tailor-made options as per your requirements on the above. Whether you’re looking for a villa or an apartment, there are plenty of options for you to choose from including details which are broken down such as furnished or unfurnished, balcony and number of bathrooms. After shortlisting a few, based on location, amenities and finishing, you can get in touch with the listed landlord or agent for the property.
    Note: agents usually charge between a two to five per cent commission if you go ahead with a property.
    Schedule a visit
    Once a date and time is scheduled to visit, carefully observe the neighbourhood and scan the property or arrange another visit incase any doubts still linger. Ask any questions relating to parking spots, the inclusion of facilities, plumbing and if the fixtures are in good working conditions. In case of any minor issues such as paint or slight damage ensure to have that sorted before signing the rental agreement, otherwise, later on, might be too late. As per the neighbourhood, it’s always better to ensure, it’s not noisy, is it family-friendly, is there any public transport close by and are there any construction sites nearby to be completely satisfied with everything. Ensure you also ask about bills, if there is a gas connection, if chiller (air conditioning) is included and how many cheques are expected. The number of cheques you pay in – two, four, six or 12 – can often be negotiated.

    Finalise the offer
    Ensure the contracts have mutual payment terms agreements is as also agreed upon by the landlord. Always make sure that the real estate is RERA-registered and ask for the broker number to be certain.
    Lynette Abad, the director or research and data at Property Finder explains, “First, always make sure to work with a RERA certified agent who can help you with the process. Before moving in, you should take pictures and a video of the unit and send it to the agent and the landlord.  Also, if there is anything that needs to be repaired, write a formal email to your agent and landlord of the items asking for them to be repaired before moving in.”
    Book the property
    In order to reserve the house, a refundable security deposit of around five per cent of the rest will be required. As per real estate agents, the amount will be held until the deal is finalised, do ensure a receipt or proof is received when submitting the deposit cheque or cash with the documents needed for the process which include a passport copy and residence visa copy. It’s also important to take pictures of the property along with a copy of the landlord’s passport copy to retain the security deposit later.
    Review the tenancy agreement and then sign
    Always proofread the contract carefully to ensure they are in line with Dubai’s tenancy laws, while understanding what tenants are entitled to before agreeing upon. If any clauses wish to be added or removed, they can be done if there is a mutual agreement with the landlord. If all the terms are ok to proceed with, sign the tenancy contract after which you make sure, a copy of the contract is kept with you. If there is an agent involved, they will usually get the tenancy contract signed by the landlord and handover the cheques given by you. After which, the keys and access cards are handed over to you with acknowledgement form signed that everything has been received along with the handover contract signed.

    Ejari Registration
    Registering the tenancy contract with the Ejari is the responsibility of the landlord. Typically, the landlord will assign this to the real estate agent. However, in practice, the tenant will complete the process and pay the required fees.
    You must be sure that all deposits, contract duration and rent amounts are clearly stated in your Ejari. You can register on Ejari here or via the Ejari app as well.
    Registering your tenancy contract with Ejari will cost you Dhs220 at the typing centre. You can head to the typing centres in Al Manara Centre, Al Barsha Mall, Oud Metha, Port Saeed or Zabeel to register your Ejari. The Ejari desk is open from 8am to 8pm from Sunday to Thursday and 9am to 2pm on Saturday. During Ramadan, the Ejari desks are open from 8.30am to 4.30pm on weekdays only.
    You will need to fill out a registration form when you arrive, so make sure you have your new address and tenancy contract number with you along with copies of the following documents.
    The documents required to register with Ejari include:

    Original signed tenancy contract
    Security deposit receipt
    Tenant’s Passport (for non-GCC countries nationals)
    Tenant’s UAE Visa (for non-GCC countries nationals)
    Tenant’s Emirates ID
    Copies of the landlord’s passport (if an individual)
    Copy of a valid power of attorney document (if the contract has been signed by a PoA). Power of attorney documents must be renewed every year to remain valid.
    Copy of title deed of the rented property
    9-digit DEWA Premises Number (or copies of recent DEWA bills/Green bill accepted)
    DEWA bill and previous Ejari if you are renewing
    Trade license (in the case of commercial properties)

    Once the registration is complete, you will receive the official Ejari contract, which includes a unique Ejari ID number. You will use this number to register for your DEWA account, which you can now conveniently do online.
    Register Ejari via the mobile app
    Alternatively, you can register your tenancy contract and upload your documentation using the Ejari official app on Dubai Rest application from Dubai Land Department.
    Download the Dubai Rest and register with your Emirates ID, passport and visa copy. Upload documents, including tenancy contract, Emirates ID, landlord and tenant’s passport and visa copy, and title deed copy, on the app. Your landlord needs to be registered on Dubai Rest as well. Once she/he approves the documents on the app, an Ejari certificate will be issued in two working days. It costs AED 172 to register your Ejari via the app.
    To use this method, your landlord must be registered on the Ejari also. Once your landlord approves the documents on the app, an Ejari certificate will be issued in two working days.
    The official Ejari contract will include a unique Ejari ID number. This number is used to register for your DEWA account, which you can now conveniently complete online.
    The Ejari registration can be done here.

    Apply for a DEWA connection
    For a new connection, the DEWA premise number, Ejari number, landlord’s passport copy, your passport copy and Emirates ID, completed DEWA form and security deposit payment are needed to finalise the connection. Once the required deposit is paid, the online payment and getaway service will be activated within 24 hours of registration and payment.
    The DEWA registration can be done here.
    Move-in form
    Various popular communities in Dubai, primarily the projects developed by Emaar, will require a move-in permit, with the following documents such as passport copy, Emirates ID, payment completion certificate, tenancy contract copy and recent service charge receipt.
    Moving in
    Once the move-in permit is arranged, everything is ready for a fresh new start. From packers and movers to furniture delivery services, there are plenty of options to ease your moving process.
    With regard to construction noises while moving in, Abad has also said, “This is Dubai and we are surrounded by construction. You can contact RTA or the Municipality at 800 900 to file a complaint. Construction hours are 7am to 8pm with a  decibel noise of no more than 55. Developers can apply for special permits to work in the night however the decimal noise can be no more than 45 decibels. To put this in perspective, a hairdryer is about 60 decibels.”
    Top tips

    Always check a couple of options before making a final offer, as annual contracts might make it tricky to leave later on.
    For single-cheque arrangements, ensure your completely satisfied otherwise losses could be incurred.
    Ensure all service charges have been settled by the landlord before you move in. Your agent should be able to check this and get it in writing.
    A rental dispute in Dubai can always be filed in case of any inconvenience caused by the landlord.

    As per any hidden costs, Property Finder’s Abad also says, “What tenants need to keep in mind is to always go through the contract and addendum well. The hidden costs are really in the addendum. For example, if repairs are needed in the home and it’s not clearly defined who pays for it, most likely it will fall on the tenant. These types of items need to be spelt out very well in the addendum.”
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    Feature Image: Property Finder, Images: Unsplash, Pexels More

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    Wireless Festival 2024 lineup: SZA, 21 Savage, and more


    by Ruman Baig
    1 hour ago

    Calling all music lovers in the UAE! Wireless Festival Middle East is returning for its second year on November 23rd,2024, promising an even bigger and better show than its sold-out debut in 2023.
    Headliners and Diverse Performances
    This year’s festival boasts a stellar lineup featuring a mix of international and regional stars. Here are some of the headliners:

    A rising star in contemporary R&B, known for her poetic lyrics and soulful voice. This will be her first-ever performance in the Middle East.
    21 Savage

    The popular Atlanta rapper will be making his debut in the region, bringing his unique blend of trap and drill music.

    This enigmatic artist has quickly become a fan favorite with his low-fi melodies and catchy lyrics. Expect his first show ever in the Middle East.
    Karan Aujla

    The award-winning Indian singer, rapper, and songwriter known for his mastery of Punjabi music will be gracing the stage.
    Beyond the headliners, the festival promises a diverse range of artists catering to various musical tastes. These include:
    Fridayy: The Haitian-American singer-songwriter known for his collaborations with big names like Lil Baby and Chris Brown.Flo Milli: The American rapper who rose to fame with viral hits like “Beef FloMix” and “In the Party.”Raf Saperra: A grime and road rap artist known for his unique fusion of British and Punjabi influences.Faris Shafi: The renowned Pakistani rapper and songwriter.Dina Ayada: The singer behind the popular song “Hummer.”Mazen: The Egyptian-American rapper, producer, and songwriter.Lancey Foux: The British rapper known for his expressive lyrics.Seedhe Maut: The energetic hip-hop duo from New Delhi, India.Stick No Bills: A UAE-based collective bringing a local touch with their blend of South Asian and global sounds.
    Ticket Details and Early Bird Offer
    Mark your calendars for November 23rd and get ready to grab your tickets! Here’s the breakdown:– Early bird pre-sale: Starts June 12th at 12 PM GST.– General sale: Starts June 13th at 12 PM GST.– Early bird prices: General entry – AED 295, Golden circle – AED 795 (available until July 1st).– Where to buy:
    Win a Trip to the UK Edition
    An additional perk for early birds: those who purchase tickets before July 20th will be entered into a draw to win a trip for two to the UK edition of the Wireless Festival.
    Don’t Miss Out
    Whether you’re a die-hard music fan or simply looking for an unforgettable experience, Wireless Festival Middle East 2024 promises an electrifying day filled with incredible music, diverse performances, and a chance to witness some of the biggest names in the industry.
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
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    President of Iran passes away: The UAE President offers condolences


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    The UAE President, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, extended his deepest condolences to the Iranian government and people following the tragic passing of President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi.
    What happened to the President of Iran?
    Raisi, along with Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and others on board, perished in a helicopter crash on Monday, May 20th, 2024.
    The accident occurred in Iran’s East Azerbaijan province, with reports suggesting the helicopter came down in a mountainous and forested area experiencing poor weather conditions.
    Condolences from the President of the UAE

    UAE President: I extend my deepest condolences to the Iranian government and people over the passing of President #EbrahimRaisi, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, and those accompanying them following a tragic accident. We pray that God grants them eternal rest and we…
    — WAM English (@WAMNEWS_ENG) May 20, 2024

    Sheikh Mohamed’s statement highlighted solidarity with Iran during this difficult time. He expressed his condolences not only to the Iranian government but also directly to the families of those who lost their lives. “We pray that God grants them eternal rest and we extend our heartfelt sympathies to their families,” the statement read.
    About the President of Iran
    Beyond his role as president, Raisi held a long and influential career within Iranian politics. He served as a member of the Assembly of Experts, a crucial body responsible for selecting the country’s supreme leader. Prior to his presidency, he also held the position of Attorney General and oversaw the Astan Quds Razavi, a powerful charitable trust with vast financial resources.
    What next?
    The international community is now awaiting further details on the cause of the crash, while Iran prepares for the transition of power in accordance with their established procedures.
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    Images: Instagram: @mohammadbinzayed1 More

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    UAE unveils Blue Residency visa: A decade of residency for sustainability champions

    Lifeby Ruman Baig1 hour ago The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a significant step towards a greener future with the introduction of the revolutionary Blue Residency Visa.This 10-year residency program targets exceptional talents dedicated to environmental protection and sustainability initiatives.UAE Cabinet approves National Youth Agenda 2031; introduces ‘Blue Residency’ for sustainability experts#WamNews— WAM English (@WAMNEWS_ENG) May 15, 2024Announced during a cabinet meeting led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, the Blue Residency Visa aligns perfectly with the nation’s commitment to sustainability,designated as the key focus for 2024.A Decade of Contribution, A Decade of ResidenceThe Blue Residency Visa offers a long-term residency option for individuals who have made significant contributions in various environmental areas. These fields include marine and land conservation, air quality management, cutting-edge sustainability technologies, the circular economy, and other related disciplines.“The UAE recognizes the undeniable link between a thriving economy and a healthy environment,” stated Sheikh Mohammed. “Our national focus on sustainability is unwavering, and the Blue Residency Visa reflects this commitment.”Who Qualifies for the Blue Residency Visa?The UAE welcomes applications from a diverse range of environmental champions, including:Sustainability advocates: Individuals actively working on environmental initiatives, both within the UAE and internationally, through organizations and companies.Award winners: Recipients of prestigious global awards in recognition of their environmental efforts.Environmental activists: Leading figures who have spearheaded impactful environmental campaigns and movements.Pioneering researchers: Distinguished researchers at the forefront of environmental research and innovation.Applying for the Blue Residency VisaFurthermore, individuals interested in obtaining the Blue Residency Visa can submit their applications directly through the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (FAICCPS).Investing in the FutureThe UAE cabinet meeting also addressed crucial aspects of the nation’s youth development and higher education. The National Youth Agenda 2031, focusing on empowering young people economically, honing their scientific skills,strengthening national identity, and fostering international representation, was officially approved.Additionally, a new framework for classifying universities and higher education institutions within the UAE was established. Over 70 institutions will be evaluated and recognized based on factors like academic quality, graduate employability, research strength, and global academic partnerships.Moreover, the Blue Residency Visa, alongside the initiatives for youth development and higher education advancement, signifies the UAE’s progressive approach towards a sustainable and prosperous future.– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Instagram @hhshkmohd More

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    Charlotte Church’s ‘party pad’ mansion sells for huge profit ‘after going months struggling to secure any viewings’

    CHARLOTTE Church has finally sold her “party pad” mansion for a tidy profit after it went for months struggling to get any viewings.The Spinney in South Wales was put on the market in the summer last year with an initial guide price of £2.25million but was later reduced to £2m.Charlotte Church’s home in South Wales has now sold for £2.1mCredit: WNSThe kitchen is often bathed in lightCredit: WNSThe Welsh singer originally put the property on the market for £2.25mCredit: RexLuxury estate agent Jemma Friday has now confirmed the property has been sold for £2.1m in an Instagram post.Jemma wrote: “Thrilled to share the incredible news of Charlotte Church’s home exchange!“After struggling to secure any viewings with two previous agents, I took over, maintained the price, and highlighted the home’s best feature – the gardens.”Jemma added that she had taken on the sale, in conjunction with Fine & Country, and had welcomed four potential buyers and had secured the sale, over the guide price.Read More on Charlotte ChurchThe Crazy Chick songstress and mum paid £1.3million for the home, near Cardiff, following her split with rugby player Gavin Henson, in 2010.She carried out a Grand Designs-style revamp of the property including ground floor rear extensions and tied the knot there with musician husband Johnny Powell in 2017.The six-bedroom property in Dinas Powys is a secluded, semi-rural home which sits in three acres of groundsCharlotte, 38, said at the time of the listing in September last year: “It was all about the setting for us when we first saw the house just over 13 years ago.Most read in Celebrity“It’s a very private property with wonderful grounds and I immediately felt safe.“That feeling has remained with us for the entire time we have lived here and we’ve never felt isolated as we have great neighbours.”Charlotte Renovates A Commercial Kitchen For Her Wellness Retreat The spacious home boasts a grand entrance hall, a living room with a log burner, an orangery, wood-walled piano room, first floor balcony and galleried landing.The extensive grounds also include a detached guest cottage and play room, garden tree swing, pink pergola and campfire.She added: “We genuinely have absolutely adored the house and its grounds; it’s looked after us and we’re so excited for a new family to move in and take over as guardians of this beautiful place.”For Charlotte, she said what she liked most about the property was the garden and that it was surrounded by nature.Charlotte said: “For me it’s all about the garden and the nature surrounding it, we’re bordered by forest on three sides, for me it’s all about nature.“For me it feels a bit like a sanctuary, we have loads of wildlife, loads of birds, amazing sunrises here, it’s a beautiful place to be.”We’ve had some seriously amazing parties here, it’s a perfect party house; kids parties and adult partiesCharlotte ChurchThe Welsh singer added: “We’ve had some amazing Easter egg hunts in the garden as well as Halloween parties, naming ceremonies, birthday celebrations for family and friends, and we even hosted our wedding here too.Charlotte said: “We’ve had some seriously amazing parties here, it’s a perfect party house; kids parties and adult parties. We’ve also got a zip line, which is loads of fun.”If all of that wasn’t enough to tempt you, another key feature is the orangery which was designed to seamlessly connect the dining room to the kitchen and is also immersed in the garden thanks to three sets of Frenchy door which open out to the rear garden.Charlotte said: “The orangery is a fabulous room filled with natural light where we like to relax, read, and listen to music, whilst the kitchen is the heart of the home where we cook and catch up around the island.”Off the orangery is the sizeable kitchen breakfast room which is bathed in light due to a wall of windows.A huge lounge takes up one win of the property and comes with dual aspect French doors and a log burner in the centre of the room.READ MORE SUN STORIESWhile the property currently has six bedrooms it is versatile enough for the new buyer to make changes, possibly converting one bedroom into something like a gym or home office, if needed.The dressing room next to the main bedroom is currently being used as the sixth bedroom but could be used as a walk-in wardrobe.The extensive home is in Dinas Powys, just west of the Welsh capital CardiffCredit: WNSThe dining room is connected to the orangery and the kitchenCredit: WNSCharlotte describes the property as the ‘perfect party house’Credit: WNS More

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    Turbulent weather: Dubai airports and Emirates issue travel warnings


    by Ruman Baig
    56 mins ago

    Both Dubai International Airport (DXB) and Emirates have issued essential travel advisories to mitigate inconvenience for passengers planning to fly during this period.
    As the forecast predicts heavy rain looming over Dubai, travelers are urged to brace themselves for potential flight disruptions and transportation challenges.

    ⚠️Heads up! We’re expecting rainy weather ️
    ✈️Be sure to check your flight status with your airline.⌚️Allow for extra time to arrive at #DXB.Use the Dubai Metro where possible – now open till 5AM this Friday.Map your route using smart apps for real-time traffic updates.
    — DXB (@DXB) May 1, 2024

    In anticipation of adverse weather conditions, DXB advises all passengers to diligently monitor the status of their flights with their respective airlines. Given the possibility of operational delays or cancellations, travelers are strongly advised to allocate ample time for their journey to the airport. Recognizing the potential congestion on roads due to inclement weather, passengers are urged to factor in extra travel time. To facilitate smoother commutes amidst the anticipated downpour, Dubai Metro will extend its operating hours on Wednesday, May 1, and Thursday, May 2.
    During these extended hours, the Red Line of Dubai Metro will be operational from midnight until 5 am, albeit with limited stops. Stations servicing passengers during this period include Centrepoint Station, Emirates Airline Station, Airport Station Terminal 1, Airport Station Terminal 3, and GGICO Station. Additionally, passengers disembarking at GGICO and Centrepoint stations will have access to taxis for onward transportation.
    In alignment with DXB’s advisory, Emirates has issued its own travel guidance to passengers scheduled to depart from the airport on Thursday. Outbound travelers are strongly encouraged to allocate extra time for their journey to the airport, considering potential disruptions caused by inclement weather. Emirates further recommends utilizing Dubai Metro as a preferred mode of transportation whenever feasible.
    Recalling the significant disruptions experienced during the UAE’s record-breaking rainfall on April 16, where 2,155 flights were canceled and a further 115 diverted, both DXB and Emirates are taking proactive measures to minimize the impact of adverse weather conditions on operations. Despite the forecast of heavy rain and thunder on Thursday, May 2, the National Center of Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has reiterated its commitment to monitoring and disseminating timely weather updates to ensure public safety.
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    Images: Feature Image: Instagram @emirates @sarashakeel More

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    UAE urges private sector employees to work remotely amidst severe weather warning


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    As the United Arab Emirates braces for an anticipated bout of turbulent weather, the government has issued a recommendation for all private sector employees to transition to remote work arrangements.
    This proactive measure, announced by the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA), aims to safeguard the workforce from potential disruptions caused by the impending adverse weather conditions.

    The national system for Emergency, Crisis, and Disaster Management emphasizes raising the alert level and readiness to deal with the weather situation, in order to ensure an effective response and provide the necessary support at both national and local levels.
    — NCEMA UAE (@NCEMAUAE) May 1, 2024

    In an official statement posted on X (formerly Twitter), the NCEMA underscored the importance of prioritizing employee safety by advocating for remote work arrangements across the private sector. The decision to implement remote work policies rests with the leaders of local emergency, crisis, and disaster management teams in each emirate, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to regional conditions.
    Effective Thursday, May 2nd, and Friday, May 3rd, all non-essential private sector employees and government institutions are encouraged to work from the safety of their homes. However, essential workers requiring physical presence, as well as those engaged in response and recovery efforts, are exempt from the remote work directive.
    To enhance public safety, road closures are anticipated for routes leading to valleys prone to water accumulation and dams. These preemptive measures aim to minimize risks posed by potential flooding and ensure the safety of motorists and residents alike.
    Furthermore, in alignment with the precautionary measures, all educational institutions nationwide are advised to transition to remote learning platforms. This extension of remote learning encompasses both private and government schools, aligning educational practices with the broader efforts to mitigate risks associated with the inclement weather.
    In light of these developments, the UAE government emphasizes the importance of remaining vigilant, adhering to safety guidelines, and prioritizing individual well-being amidst the evolving weather conditions.
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    Who is Aman Vyas and where is he now?

    AMAN Vyas was convicted of the rape of three women and murder of a fourth in 2020 and is now in prison.It took a decade for Vyas to be put away for his crimes, but how did he evade capture?Aman Vyas was seen on CCTVCredit: PAWho is Aman Vyas?Aman Vyas is a convicted murderer and rapist.The serial rapist was dubbed the “night stalker” but it took a decade for him to be found guilty of his crimes and be sent to prison.His crimes covered a small area of Walthamstow, Greater London, centred around Markhouse Road.Between March 24 and May 30 in 2009 Vyas committed multiple crimes.Read more on newsHis first crime took place on Tuesday March 24, 2009 when he followed a woman back to her flat and went into her property.Vyas punched her repeatedly in the face, raped her and left.Just a few weeks later on April 22 he approached a woman looking to buy drugs.She agreed to take him somewhere to buy them but he pulled out a knife and forced her down an alleyway.Most read in The SunHe then punched her, raped her and left the scene.A week later on April 29 another woman was found injured by police.She said she cannot remember her walk home that night.What happened to Michelle Samaraweera?Vyas’ last attack was the murder of Michelle Samaraweera.Michelle was a 35-year-old widow who lived on her own in Hainault but had a boyfriend in Walthamstow.On May 30, 2009 she was captured on CCTV at a shop in Markhouse Road before Vyas entered the same shop.Michelle then walked along Queens Road where there is a small park.Members of the public heard screams coming from the park at 1:30am but it was around 5.15am when a dog walker found Michelle’s partially clothed body.A post-mortem examination revealed that she had been strangled and sexually assaulted.Michelle Samaraweera was murderedCredit: PA:Press AssociationHow long will Aman Vyas spend in prison?Vyas was sentenced to life in prison.The judge recommended he would serve 37 years for the murder of Michelle.With time served already served in custody, both in England and in India, Vyas will serve 34 years and 312 days from the day of sentencing in 2020.He was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on Thursday August 20, 2020 for the murder as well as five counts of rape, causing grievous bodily harm with intent, ranging from 14 to 18-and-a-half years for each count.How did Aman Vyas get caught?In November 2010, 60,525 posters showing the CCTV image of the suspect from a shop in the area were dispatched to addresses in the Walthamstow area.A man who received a poster recognised the suspect and informed police.Vyas worked with the man’s family member.A water bottle that the family member had drank from was given to police and used to link Vyas to the crimes.Police found that a month after Michelle’s murder, Vyas purchased a one-way ticket to India.A manhunt was launched to find Vyas and extradite him back to the UK.READ MORE SUN STORIESOn October 4, 2019 Met Police officers escorted him from India Ghandi Airport in New Delhi to London Heathrow.Enquiries revealed that Vyas was staying in New Zealand and Singapore over the ten years before going back to India where he was caught. More