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    International Coffee Day 2022: Where you can get complimentary coffee in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    24 mins ago

    If you’re a coffee aficionado, there’s some good news for you.
    With International Coffee Day soon approaching on October 1, the UAE has a host of exciting offers brewing to celebrate the occasion.
    From complimentary coffees to exclusive barista-inspired workshops, there are plenty of opportunities for coffee connoisseurs to make the most of this day.
    So, if you’re looking for a complimentary cup of joe, Emirates Woman is here to help.
    Jones the Grocer

    Did someone say unlimited coffee? Yes, Jones the Grocer in DIFC is offering coffee all day on October 1 in its chic venue. With space for over 50 people at once, residents and tourists can visit and enjoy unlimited coffees after purchasing one. Available from 8am to 10pm, visitors can choose any sized regular coffee and have a second, third or fourth complimentary add-on with free refills to avail of on October 1, 2022, at the DIFC, Gate Building 5, Level 2.
    For more information visit
    Hampstead Bakery and Café

    There’s nothing like a caffeine fix accompanied by pristine views of Dubai’s skyline. This London-inspired eatery is offering guests one complimentary coffee to mark this special occasion. Whether a classic cappuccino or a hot caramel latte, visitors can experience this downtown gem with their friends and family. Located at Downtown Kitchens, Fountain Views, this offer is valid on October 1, from 9am to 10:30pm.
    For more information visit
    Flat12 Café

    Known for its vintage cars and heritage motors, this boutique coffee show will let you fuel up your day in the most enticing manner. At one of Dubai’s most quirky venues visitors can relish a complimentary cup of joe to kick off the International Coffee Day celebrations. Additionally, the café has collaborated with Khaleeji platform Wilk Arab West to create a unique WAW coffee pod, which will be displayed during a pop-up and available on a first-come basis between September 30 to October 2, 2022. Located in Port Rashid, guests can enjoy one free hot coffee per customer available between 12pm to 1pm on October 1, 2022.

    For visitors going to either of Mondoux’s two locations at Dubai Creek Harbour and The Beach, JBR, they’re allowed one complimentary coffee with each purchase of a dessert or crepe from 3pm to 6pm on October 1. To add to this exclusive experience, guests can also attend an exclusive one-hour coffee workshop to delve into the basics and learn about the fundamentals of beans and various preparation methods. Led by the café’s head Barista, the class will take place at Mondoux Dubai Creek Harbour from 10am to 11am, which is subject to availability and prior booking.
    For more information visit
    Around the Block

    This minimal Emirati homegrown concept is giving away a mega prize, where guests can walk home with a grand prize on International Coffee Day. Without limiting to one day only, visitors have a chance to win free coffee for the entire year. The competition takes place at the Wasl 51 branch from 4pm to 6pm to win a year of free coffee. To participate guests must find the hidden golden coffee bean with the venue and present it to a member of staff. Adding to the prizes, guests can also participate in a raffle draw and win a masterclass with their Chief of Coffee, Justin and taught the methods of brewing from the master himself.
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    Ready for a Change? 3 Secrets To Successfully Switch Career Paths

    Welcome to The Everygirl Podcast. Whether you’re looking for insider secrets from successful women that have your dream job, are interested in expert advice to transform your health and feel your best, or just want to be entertained and laugh along with us on your commute, we’ve got you covered.

    We’ve all had that moment when the voice in the back of your head starts screaming, “This is not the right path for me!” Whether it’s about a relationship, a habit, a place, or a job, realizing that you want to be doing something completely different is always a tough revelation. Luckily, there are concrete steps you can take to make a big change easier, especially when it comes to your career.
    On this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast, Josie sits down with the Branded Content Editor at The Everygirl, Ashley Selleke, to chat about her journey from full-time nursing to working entirely in media and content creation. Ashley has so many valuable tips to share, from valuable resume builders to confidence-building exercises. Read on for a few of Ashley’s biggest tips for successfully changing career paths, and check out this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast for more.

    1. Check in with yourself about your career
    Deciding to switch careers may not always be such a clear choice. If you’re getting a gut feeling that a career might not be the right path for you, listen to your intuition. We only get one life, and doing something that you love is worthwhile. However, if you’re not quite sure what you specifically dislike about your current career, sit with yourself and consider the pros and cons of what you’re doing. That time of self-reflection and getting honest with yourself might make all of the difference when it comes to getting into the career that is right for you.

    2. Build your confidence by remembering your skills are transferrable
    If you have a dream job in mind that’s completely different or seems unrelated to your current or past jobs, don’t write off skills you’ve picked up throughout your professional journey. You can still get that dream job, even if you think your resume doesn’t quite match up. Life experience is experience. Period. Even if it isn’t in the industry that you’re trying to transition into, there are so many skills that live in multiple different industries.
    Write out everything that you already know. It will show you that you can be good at your dream job, give you a confidence boost, and show you what skills you could work on before landing your dream job or making the career pivot. If there are a few skills you want for your dream career—but don’t currently have—practice during your free time. This could mean building up writing experience through a personal blog like Ashley, or it could mean taking an online class. 

    3. Be ready for new opportunities that might come your way
    Work on that resume, portfolio, or degree now so that you’re ready if you network with the right person who has a job opening. (Opportunities can sometimes come from unexpected places.) It may be helpful to give yourself a deadline when you want to update your LinkedIn, build a portfolio, or make a website. Otherwise, you might find yourself waiting for the right time to be ready, and opportunities could pass you by. 
    If you are considering transitioning to a new industry, you do not have to wait until you reach burnout or feel like you need to leave your current job. You can build your resume and apply to jobs whenever. This will ensure that you can leap when that dream job application opens up. Even if you think nothing will come of it, you might as well give yourself the deadline—and, if you’re like Ashley, maybe you’ll end up surprising yourself with what you can achieve. More

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    UAE announces public holiday date for Prophet Muhammad’s birthday


    by Team Emirates Woman
    2 hours ago

    The UAE has announced the date of the public holiday to mark Prophet Muhammad’s birthday.
    The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) confirmed via Twitter that the public holiday would fall on 12 of the Hijri month of Rabi Al Awwal which aligns with October 8, 2022, in the Gregorian calendar.

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) announced that Saturday, October 8, 2022, Rabi Al-Awwal 12, 1444 will be a paid leave for the private sector on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday.#MoHRE
    — وزارة الموارد البشرية والتوطين (@MOHRE_UAE) September 27, 2022

    Since the public holiday falls on a Saturday, it, unfortunately, means there will be no long weekend for those who work Monday to Friday.
    So, when can UAE citizens and residents look forward to the next public holiday?
    UAE Commemoration and National Day
    The next long weekend is will take place for the country’s Commemoration Day and National Day on December 1 and 2. It will fall on a Thursday and Friday this year, with the official days off for these dates being Thursday, December 1 until Sunday, December 4, 2022.
    As always, the final and official dates and public holiday eligibility for public sector employees and private sector employees are determined by UAE authorities.
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    Marina Home’s latest collection infuses a sense of wanderlust into your home


    by Team Emirates Woman
    2 hours ago

    Travel is transient, however, your home doesn’t need to be.
    By incorporating a myriad of memories reminiscent of everyone’s post-pandemic travels, Marina Home has launched an exclusive collection, LES VOYAGEURS which takes inspiration from the world in the form of every shape and texture this season.

    Fuelled by a world of discovery, the aesthetics will add a touch of elegance to your home. By celebrating freedom once again, the collection depicts how furniture can enrich your space with an acute representation of our dream destinations.
    Designed to echo the harmony of nature, the furniture and décor in the collection embraces natural earthy tones adding a touch of warmth to your most important rooms.
    The theme of the collection was born to champion the traveller who’s free to explore the world once again through each exotic element.

    So, whether it’s a tour of Brazil or a visit to the Moroccan mountains that inspired you this year, it’s a time to bring those memories to life through these nostalgic-driven interiors.
    From an avant-garde New York loft-style inspired sofa to a minimal Scandinavian crafted reclaimed bench, the varying interior design styles embody the charm of every decorator’s notion allowing them to make a house a home.
    [embedded content]
    Our editor-approved guide allows you to explore the world with travel-inspired décor and accessories from the comfort of your home.
    The Hero Buys

    The latest collection is available across all markets in the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Pakistan, Egypt and KSA in stores and online on
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    6 Surprising Signs You’re Stressed Out (And Need A Holiday)

    You’re stressed. We’re stressed. Everyone’s stressed. No big deal, right? Because it’s so common, you might think that if you’re not lying on the floor from exhaustion, you’re probably fine. But stress has an insidious way of creeping up on you, and it’s not just a mental or emotional issue — stress symptoms can impact the body in some very visible (and bizarre) ways.
    “One of the biggest problems I see in my practice is women coming in with multiple physical signs of stress,” says Dr Nancy Molitor, a psychiatry professor at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. In fact, a new study found that stress and other negative emotions were consistently linked to poor physical health in more than 150,000 people in 142 countries. That’s because the mind and body are intrinsically connected.
    “Emotional stress alerts the body to produce stress chemicals such as cortisol, which — if produced on an ongoing basis — begin to break down the immune, gastrointestinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal systems,” says Molitor.
    What’s worse, those physical symptoms you end up with (um, bald patches) can bump up your emotional angst even more. If you don’t break the cycle, you’re left with an ugly feedback loop that increases your chances of serious issues such as obesity, depression, and heart disease. Pay close attention to your bod for these overall signs you’re stressed out. It signals the need for you to step back and take a break.
    The best ways to reduce your overall stress is to get enough sleep (seven to nine hours a night for most people), eat healthful food, exercise, reach out to supportive pals, and focus on things within your control. You can also learn to read your body and recognize the not-so-obvious signs that you’re overstressed before it all snowballs into a long-term health condition. Keep an eye out for these red flags:
    Read More: We Hear A Lot About Antioxidants – But What Are They, Really?
    You’re Stressed Out If…
    1/ You’ve got stomach aches
    The brain’s nervous system is linked to the gut’s, so mental stress can wreak havoc on your GI tract, says gastroenterologist Dr Bincy Abraham.
    Depending on your situation, your doctor may treat your tummy troubles with over-the-counter drugs (stool softeners), prescriptions (such as anti-nausea meds), or dietary changes (fibre can restore your gut’s stress-ravaged helpful bacteria).
    In the meantime, the best natural remedy for stress-caused constipation, diarrhoea, nausea, or vomiting is. . .exercise. It may sound like the last thing you want to do when your stomach is aching, but heading out for a run can boost endorphins that make the mind and gut feel better.
    2/ Your hair is falling out
    Super-high levels of sex hormones called androgens, which zoom up during stress, could mess with hair follicles to prompt temporary hair loss, says dermatologist Dr Roberta Sengelmann. (Shedding around 100 strands a day is normal.)
    There’s no one food or supplement that’s proven to restore your locks, but eating a balanced diet can help cell growth and healing.
    3/ You’ve got an eyelid twitching
    These annoying muscle spasms typically occur around one eye and last for a few minutes. Stress is one of their most common causes, though doctors aren’t quite sure why.
    When a twitch strikes, close your eyes, try to relax, and breathe deeply. Inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for seven seconds, then exhale for eight seconds. Repeat this four times while using a fingertip to put mild pressure on the lid that’s twitching.
    OTC artificial tears can also help ease the spasms, which dry eyes can exacerbate, says ophthalmologist Dr Anne Sumers. If the twitching spreads to other parts of your face, see a physician – it could be a more serious type of spasm.
    Read More: Cerebral Overload: How To Manage End Of Year Stress
    4/ You’ve got acne
    Just like your hair, your skin is sensitive to those higher-than-normal androgens, which can bring on breakouts, says Sengelmann. Stress can short-circuit your immune system, causing dormant skin issues to act up.
    Talk to your dermatologist if your zits keep coming back – the chronic inflammation can lead to scarring. (As hard as it is, resist the urge to pop the suckers, which only adds to the inflammation. And you’re more likely to end up with scarring when you’re stressed and your body’s ability to heal isn’t at its peak.) Oral and topical prescription meds, as well as certain soaps, can help unplug pores and wipe out the bacteria that cause acne.
    Your dermatologist might also suggest you go on birth control, or switch up what you’re already on, to balance out your hormones. And be sure to stick to noncomedogenic (i.e., non-pore-clogging) makeup, moisturisers, and sunscreen.
    5/ You’ve got back pain
    The hormones your body pumps out when you’re stressed produce a fight-or-flight response, which – along with raising your blood pressure and heart rate – tightens up your muscles. “If you’re trying to outrun a predator, that’s good,” says pain and rehab specialist Dr Joanne Borg-Stein.
    “But if it’s all the time, that sort of chronic stress response can lead to pain.” Plus, muscle aches are par for the course if you’re hunched over at your desk all day worrying about deadlines.
    Movement is the best remedy, so if your back is in knots, stand up every hour and do some stretches – reach your arms over your head, touch your toes, roll your neck and shoulders. Also try to get in a 10- to 15-minute walk around the office or outside once or twice a day.
    Read More: Getting A Mammogram: What To Know, Even If You’re Young
    6/ You’ve got rashes
    Stress can throw your immune system – not to mention your skin’s defenses – out of whack. When these are lowered, you could become susceptible to rash-causing skin infections caused by staph. On the flip side, if your immunity goes into overdrive, your skin will become more sensitive, making a dormant issue like eczema act up.
    In either case, bland emollients, including gentle OTC moisturizers, can help you heal. “If that doesn’t help, or if the rash is accompanied by a fever or other flu-like symptoms – chills, sweating – see your doctor right away,” advises Sengelmann. More

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    Exclusive: At home with… Founder and CEO of Z7 Communications, Zeina El-Dana


    by Dan Robinson
    1 hour ago

    Nothing excites us more than aesthetic interiors and clean spaces.
    One such place that stands out prominently is Zeina El-Dana’s home. As the founder and CEO of one of the region’s prominent PR agencies, Z7 Communications, she has made strides in every aspect of her career and it all lies at the place she works from.
    From muted hues to carefully curated furniture pieces, every room is tailored to complement her sought-after interior choices.
    For an exclusive peek, Emirates Woman shares all our most loved elements from El Dana’s home.
    How long have you lived/worked in this space?
    I moved to this house five years ago after a long hunt of over 40 different villas. I fell in love instantly as this space felt like home when I walked in. The light, the bright feel from the double-height ceiling and windows and the lush green garden resonated with the elements that I was looking for. I am very close to the beach, the vibrant cultural communities in Dubai as well the Z7 offices in Dubai Design District.
    Did you have a clear concept from the outset, and which key pieces are your favourite?
    Given my busy schedule, which involves a lot of travelling, finding my happy place was vital. I con- sider my home to be my haven, where I can recharge. I was on the lookout for an airy, bright space with an open living area where I could host my friends and family. I also like to be surrounded by nature and my home strikes the perfect balance with natural elements such as wood, plants, and flowers in the interiors and the beautiful garden where I enjoy spending the winter months in the warm company of my friends. Some of my favourite interior pieces are the collector’s Sumo edition of Murals of Tibet from Taschen, signed by the Dalai Lama, a vintage tribal carpet from Tribal Rugs in Beirut, and of course the art pieces I’ve collected over the years.

    Have you custom-built any bespoke pieces?
    My square red dining table was custom-made by The Line Concept and the marble bar that an independent designer in Dubai created. Both are unique pieces that stand out in the space.
    How do you think your interior reflects you/your brand?
    I created my home interior around my lifestyle, which I like to maintain as healthy, neat, and peaceful. I love the white interiors, which exude a holistic effect, Zen, and oodles of positive energy. There are also influences from art, vintage pieces, and my fashion choices to a certain extent. My style is minimalist, but I like mixing patterns and colours to add warmth. Similarly, my home’s mini- mal, white base is layered with splashes of colours and details, and I am always on the hunt for new, stylish, and subtle items I could add to my house. Being an ardent traveller, I’ve collected unique pieces throughout the years which add a personal touch to my space and reflect my journey. I love the charming old yet minimalistic design of the house overall.

    Describe your taste in three words.
    Minimalist, bohemian and evolving!
    September’s – The Entrepreneur Issue – Download Now
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    Images: Emirates Woman, Photography by Mark Mathew More

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    COVID-19 in the UAE: Masks are no longer mandatory


    by Olivia Morris
    3 hours ago

    If we cast our minds back to March 2020, the world was grinding to a halt as an official pandemic was declared by the World Health Organisation following the outbreak of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.
    Stay-at-home guidelines were implemented for countries around the world, flights were grounded and everyday life as we knew it came to a standstill.
    From the get-go, the UAE was proactive in its approach to combatting the virus, implementing health and safety guidelines, social distancing measures and a mask mandate which came into effect on March 26, 2022, and has been strictly monitored since then.
    Now, two and a half years later, it’s been announced by UAE officials, masks will no longer be mandatory to wear in almost all instances.

    #NCEMA: During our media briefing today, we announce the loosening of COVID-19-related restrictions nationwide, as well as the updates to all sectors, which will be in force from 28th September, 2022. #TogetherWeRecover
    — NCEMA UAE (@NCEMAUAE) September 26, 2022

    It was announced by the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority (NCEMA) on Monday night during a briefing that from September 28, 2022, wearing face masks would now be optional in most open and closed facilities and spaces across the UAE, as well as in Dubai private schools, early childhood centres, universities and training institutes. Masks, however, do remain mandatory inside medical facilities, mosques and on public transportation.
    In addition, masks are no longer mandatory on flights, but airlines have the power to mandate them if deemed a necessity.
    Furthermore, the isolation time period for individuals who test positive for COVID-19 has been reduced to five days and the green pass on the Al Hosn app has been extended from 14 days to 30 days.
    And while we’re finally seeing almost all restrictions ease, it was noted by the NCEMA that “despite the current stable situation, the pandemic is still ongoing, and the next phase will require community responsibility”.
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    Can’t Negotiate To Save Your Life? This Expert’s Tips Will Help

    As a child, I was always quite persuasive. I could charm almost any adult into giving me an ice cream cone or letting me stay at the park for another five minutes. I seemed to have no problem asking for what I wanted, offering something in exchange (usually the promise of good behavior), and getting the goods. Life was good. I felt like I had some kind of superpower, and I loved it. 
    You’d think this skill would have naturally followed me into adulthood, where I became a ruthless lawyer, negotiating anything and everything with ease and confidence. Well, unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I never made it to law school. (Marketing was more my style!) And I definitely wouldn’t consider myself to be a killer negotiator today. One day at work, I was struggling to articulate why I thought I’d be great for a new project. Then, I had a realization: The idea of negotiating anything made my stomach drop—whether negotiating my starting salary at a new job or the restaurant I wanted to go to with girlfriends. What happened to all of my youthful confidence?
    I decided I wanted to get my mojo back and learn how I could get better at the art of persuasion. So, I reached out to Fotini Iconomopoulos, a negotiation expert who has worked with everyone from top-level executives to new graduates. I learned her best negotiation tips, why so many women avoid negotiating, and how we can all become better at it.

    Practice your skills in low-risk situations
    To start off, Iconomopoulos emphasized that while most people think of negotiation in asking for a raise at work or a lower price on a car, it can extend to almost anything. She explained, “You could be negotiating with your partner about where to take your next vacation or who will empty the dishwasher. You could be negotiating for space on public transportation or with a peer about workloads. You negotiate everywhere all the time!”
    This is especially true when it comes to people who interact with children. (Aha! Suddenly my childhood experiences all make sense.) “Anyone who spends time around kids knows the power of negotiating. You navigate situations with them the same way you would navigate any discussion. You go in with an attitude of curiosity and listening while setting expectations for what you need to work together,” Iconomopoulos said. In this case, trying to get a toddler to eat broccoli is not that different from trying to get a colleague to pull his weight at work. Since we’re engaging in these micro-negotiations all the time, we can practice honing our skills in low-stake situations. Therefore, we’re more prepared—and less intimidated—by the bigger things.

    Be strategic
    As much as we wish it weren’t true, negotiations can quickly go off the rails. When I asked Iconomopoulos what could appear in a negotiation, she highlighted that unfortunately, gender bias is sometimes still present. “Women may be perceived as greedy or aggressive when it’s unwarranted,” she said. But don’t fret—it’s not all doom and gloom! There are things you can do to combat this. It all comes down to preparation.
    Approach the conversation in an assertive yet productive way. “This doesn’t mean suppressing emotions or holding back from negotiating, but using productive language and asking pointed questions,” Iconomopoulos said. She explained how asking open-ended questions and giving room for pause after speaking are parts of a master negotiator toolkit. “It also means finding allies wherever possible to help remove obstacles,” she elaborated. Add this to the growing list of reasons why you need a sponsor in your corner. Fostering connections at work is always a good idea. But it is especially key when preparing for things like raises, promotions, and responsibility changes.

    Do your homework
    While negotiating isn’t always about money, it’s usually the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve had some great negotiations where I went in prepared and got a sizable bump in pay—yay! I’ve also had some not-so-great negotiations where I couldn’t think properly and fumbled over my words. (AKA, I felt the opposite of confidence.)
    Fotini Iconomopoulos reinforced that preparation is truly the key to success here. “Knowledge is power, so know what the market is paying, what similar companies are paying, how you compare to other candidates, and so on,” she said. When it comes to presenting a number, Iconomopoulos advocates for shooting for the (research-backed) moon. “Be aspirational in your ask. It’s easy to back off of your opening offer, but it’s harder to go back and increase the ask later if you end up regretting the original number you gave.” Take this as the encouragement you need to add on that extra 10%. You deserve it! 
    Then, there’s the age-old question: Should you anchor the negotiation with your desired salary or let a recruiter or HR set the pace? Iconomopoulos recommends taking the reins. “If you’ve done your homework, don’t be afraid to anchor your expectations first. Most people worry about putting their offer on the table first, but there are advantages that you don’t want to miss,” she said. Those advantages include coming across as knowledgeable and confident. Of course, you’re also setting yourself up for a result you’ll be happy with.
    In terms of how to make your ask, Iconomopoulos shared her go-to language with clients: “Based on [insert reasons why you know you would be valuable to the team] and what similar experience is paid in the market, I would expect [insert the desired salary] compensation for this role.” Then, pause to see what their response is. Try not to fill the silence by offering conditions or justifications for your ask. (That comes later if it’s needed!) I know this is the scary part. But if you’ve done your homework, you’re already in the best possible spot for success!

    Source: Color Joy Stock

    Know how to handle bumps along the way
    Once you get some negotiating experience under your belt, it’ll start becoming more natural. Then, you’ll be able to tell when things are going your way. But in the meantime, it can help to know some common concerns. The fear of damaging relationships is a common concern that Iconomopoulos mentioned. Coming across as demanding or greedy when you’re trying to project confidence is also one of the most common worries.
    “But the truth is, you can conduct negotiations with diplomacy and tact and maintain, if not strengthen, relationships,” Iconomopoulos said. Respecting yourself enough to even have the conversation encourages other people to take you seriously. This is especially true when you come to the table with well-prepared arguments. (If you present yourself well in a negotiation situation, imagine what you can do when presenting to a potential client or investor!)
    But what about when you do your homework, practice your pitch, and wear your best power outfit, only to end up getting the dreaded “it’s just not in the cards right now” response? “Sometimes, despite our best efforts, rejection happens,” shared Iconomopoulos. “It may bruise your ego for a while, but when handled with tact and with a backup plan in place, it’s not so terrible.” Your backup plan can include asking for non-salary perks like more time off or increased working-from-home benefits. It could also include a follow-up conversation in a few months to ask again. Or, perhaps, you ask for a title or responsibility change.
    Ultimately, Iconomopoulos reassured me that the rejection “can actually bring self-confidence from asserting oneself and can help to gain the respect of others,” which doesn’t sound too bad at the end of the day. As someone who has experienced rejection during a salary negotiation before, trust me when I say that what doesn’t kill you makes you—and your future negotiations—stronger. (But some ice cream and retail therapy can help ease the immediate wound.)

    Remember: It all comes down to confidence
    You can have all the research, know the comparables, and have a spreadsheet a mile long with your recent accomplishments. Yet, there’s one thing that people are often missing when they enter a negotiation. “Your mindset has to be in the right place,” shared Iconomopoulos. “You can psych yourself up, or you can psych yourself out.” Now’s the time to blast some Lizzo, wear your favorite heels, and tell yourself that you deserve this. Then, believe it!
    Iconomopoulos advises her clients to ask themselves two questions before they go into the conversation: “If I don’t stand up for myself and go after this, who else will?” and “Don’t I deserve what I’m going after?” These questions are powerful reminders that nobody will advocate for you if you don’t advocate for yourself. You need to believe you are deserving of more money, time off, or the vacation destination of your dreams before you can convince someone else of it.
    Iconomopoulos’s final piece of advice is to channel that nervous energy into enthusiasm. “Instead of telling yourself that you’re nervous, turn that nervous energy into a more productive energy by telling yourself that you’re excited to finally get what you want. Your brain will thank you for it… and so will your bank account!”

    Want a Raise? Here’s Exactly How To Ask Your Boss More