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    UAE corporate tax to be implemented from this week: Everything to know


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    UAE’s Ministry of Finance announced that it will be introducing a federal corporate tax on profitable businesses.
    However, this will not apply to people who acquire income from employment, real estate and other investments.
    The rates implied are set to be amongst the most competitive in the world. This tax will apply to profitable businesses from the beginning of their financial year, which starts in June.
    While a standard statutory tax rate of 9% will apply to businesses with a profit of Dh375,000 and above, multinationals earning more than 750 million euros in profit will be subjected to a 15 per cent rate. Hence, applicable ventures are required to enrol for tax registration.

    The Ministry of Finance to introduce federal corporate tax on business profits that will be effective for financial years starting on or after 1 June 2023.
    — وزارة المالية | الإمارات (@MOFUAE) January 31, 2022

    The vision behind the introduction of this tax is to amplify the country’s development. “As a leading jurisdiction for innovation and investment, the UAE plays a pivotal role in helping businesses grow, locally and globally. The certainty of a competitive and best-in-class corporate tax regime, together with the UAE’s extensive double tax treaty network, will cement the UAE’s position as a world-leading hub for business and investment”, said Younis Haji Al Khoori, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance.
    For further information, please visit the Federal Tax Authority website:
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    In Pics: Sheikha Mahra shares moments from the wedding reception


    by Ruman Baig
    3 hours ago

    Last weekend, the wedding celebrations of Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana took place in Dubai.
    While the images of the bride’s reception are yet to be shared, Her Highness Sheikha Mahra bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum shared pictures from her husband’s reception. Held at Dubai World Trade Centre – Za’abeel Hall, the celebration was attended by major royalties.
    From Dubai’s ruler and the bride’s father Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to Abu Dhabi’s Crown Prince Sheikh Khaled bin Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and HH Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Vice President of UAE – everyone graced the event.
    All the men of the Royal family gathered together to shower their blessings on the groom, Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum. Dressed in an all white and gold traditional UAE attire, the groom and his father (Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum) are seen greeting everyone in the images shared by his royal bride.
    Back in April, Her Highness Sheikha Mahra Al Maktoum and her fiancé Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum signed the marriage contract, and shared this news though their respective Instagram accounts.
    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Mahra got engaged to Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum in the March. On 5th April, 2023, both Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana shared that they celebrated their Katb Al-Kitaab — the official marriage ceremony and signing of the marriage contract through social media.
    Although, Princess Mahra hasn’t shared many details from her intimate nuptials, she did give her fans a glimpse of her beautiful engagement ring. Posted on her IG story, Her Highness Sheikha Mahra Al Maktoum showed the blinding rock as she held hands with her husband Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum.
    As the Royal couple begins their marital life together, we wish them a happy married life ahead.
    In case you missed it, all the images from Sheikh Mana Al Maktoum’s reception.

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    8 of the most unique activities to experience in the UAE


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    Home to some of the most unique experiences in the country, the UAE continues to be at the helm of tourism.
    From sky-high dining to escaping to a secluded island, the options in this part of the world are endless.
    So, if you’re on the lookout for something, out of the ordinary, Emirates Woman is here to help.
    Book a Dinner in the sky

    Suspended by a crane, guests can experience dinner high in the sky with exceptional views of the city’s skyline. Dinner in the Sky is an international concept that hoists heady diners to their seats-with-a-view in over 40 different countries. These floating feasts offer unrivalled views and indulgence from a different perspective with renowned chefs and a live cooking station. At 50 metres high, this experience is sure to leave a lasting memory for Dhs734 per person.
    For more information visit
    Unwind at this lavish penthouse

    The royal suite at H Hotel, promises a private getaway in the heart of Dubai. This suite is indeed an urban palace, taking up the entire penthouse level of the hotel and spread across 1,130 sq m over two floors. The breathtaking feature of this royal penthouse suite is the double-story floor-to-ceiling corner windows that offer unparalleled panoramic views of Dubai’s old town and Sheikh Zayed Road. There are five other living room areas; a large dining room with a 12 seater table, a private office, a small cinema, a room with a pool table, and an in-suite Spa – complete with a private indoor swimming pool that extends outdoors. With a private elevator, guests can enjoy an undisturbed escape without any added hassle.
    For more information visit
    Enjoy an experiential dining experience

    Part dinner, part theatre, it’s time to let technology do the talking at this exclusive dining experience. Krasota is not your traditional restaurant. Conceived by Chef Vladimir Mukhin, it offers guests a different experience – from the food to the experiential set-up of the main dining room. Curated for 20 guests, diners can meet and enjoy beverages during the 8-course menu that moves in a series of dishes, beginning with one or two-bite dishes than shifting to a more substantial fare. This unique 2-hour experience costs Dhs,1830 and can be booked online.
    For more information visit
    Glamp it out

    Developed by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), the eco-friendly destination is an ideal place for a unique overnight stay for those who love the desert or who want to experience what “glamping” has to offer. It’s glamping at its finest with all of the tents and domes having everything you need for a relaxing getaway, including private pools which are available with the majority of the lodgings. As for activities, guests can enjoy stargazing at night and during the day hikes through the incredible landscapes of Mleiha or visit the Mleiha Archaeological Centre. In terms of food, there will be ready-to-grill meals available to pre-order which can be cooked up in the private lodgings with a barbeque or there’s also the option to use the communal barbeque area. One night at this haven starts at Dhs1,296.
    For more information visit
    Witness 360-degree views of Dubai

    The world’s highest 360-degree infinity pool is exactly where you need to be as balmy days lie ahead. With panoramic views of Dubai’s skyline, visitors can witness the skyline from an angle that aesthetically pleases them. Designed with custom-made sunbeds and lounges, this venue is the ideal spot to unwind, with an eclectic atmosphere complemented by the Lounge & Bar and tunes to uplift the atmosphere all day long. Located at the 50th floor of Palm View Tower, it’s open daily from 10am to sunset.
    For more information visit
    Go sky high in a hot air balloon

    The first to operate balloon flights in the northern Emirates, ActionFlight, has recently launched in Ras Al Khaimah. The flight will take visitors soaring over the rolling terracotta dunes for awe-inspiring sunrise views of the Emirate’s breathtaking natural landscapes. Operating seven days a week during the ballooning season, the picturesque experience sets afloat in the Al Wadi desert, where guests will board the 450,000 cubic feet balloon standing at a colossal 34.6m. Taking flight just before sunrise, the journey lasts approximately 60-minutes where visitors can marvel at the illuminated desert dunes, majestic Hajar mountains and glistening coastline and might even be able to spot special appearances from the indigenous wildlife. The family-friendly flight has the capacity to carry up to 20 passengers and for those looking for a more intimate experience, private compartment and flight bookings are available on request. ActionFlight will run flights seven days per week, flight availability may be subject to change due to weather conditions. Kids under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Tickets start at Dhs1,315 per adult and Dhs1,155 per child inclusive of the flight and return transport.
    For more information visit
    Escape to the World Islands

    Inspired by a journey along the French Riviera, this adult-only beach resort is located in the Heart of Europe, World Islands with its picturesque interiors. With the best of French cuisine and entertainment, this is the property to be at. Enjoy your breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at La Brasserie, have a dip at The Grand Azure Pool, and stroll around the unique one-of-a-kind Rainbow beach and the climate controlled Raining Street. Adding to the hotel’s charm is its 1-kilometre-long climate-controlled street where it rains and snows on demand with its climate-control feature signals. The Luxury Rooms start at Dhs999 and all bookings can be made online.
    For more information visit
    Record your own podcast

    Thinking of using your extra time more productively and starting your own podcast? We’re here to help. From fashion-related topics to inspiring the next generation with invigorating topics, this side hustle can escalate when done professionally. Whether you’d like to co-host with a friend, business partner, or co-worker these Dubai-based studios will have you sorted with their professional equipment and sound-proof rooms, that will cater to your needs. For an idea of where to record your podcast, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide to professional studios in Dubai. From 25 hours hotel to Rove, recording has never been easier.
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    My Experience With Breast Cancer, At Age 27

    Model Amber Denae Wright tells about her experience with breast cancer, having been diagnosed at the age of 27.

    Discovering a lump

    In March of 2020, literally two weeks before we went into hard lockdown, I got out of the shower one evening and I felt this really large lump on the right side of my breast. I hadn’t noticed it before. I was shocked by how big it was. It was on the right-hand side and thankfully close to the surface.

    As a teenager, I had been diagnosed with fibroadenomas, which are non-cancerous lumps that are quite common in young women. When I felt the lump, I thought that’s what it was. I had been told that they can grow and change. Sometimes, they need to be removed. But knowing that I didn’t want foreign things in my body, I immediately phoned my gynae and booked an appointment.

    That appointment got cancelled because we then went into a hard lockdown. Throughout that time, I had this thing constantly bothering me. I was very aware of it the whole time. It was causing a lot of pain. It was right where your bra wire catches. I fully believed that it was a fibroadenoma. I never even for one second imagined the big C word.

    The diagnosis

    When I was referred to a breast surgeon, he examined me and said that the way it felt and moved felt just like a fibroadenoma. He however recommended not going in for the surgery immediately, given the risks of contracting COVID in the hospital. I took that recommendation and another two months went by. Eventually, it caused me a lot of pain. I was struggling to sleep at night and struggling to complete workouts with my sports bra catching it. I eventually elected to do the surgery in August, five months after finding the lump.

    They removed the lump and sent it away for testing. A week later, I went back for a follow-up appointment. Everything felt very normal but then he called me into his office and started by asking me when I had found this lump. He said I’d shocked them all because, as it turned out, the lump was cancerous.

    I’ll never forget that moment for as long as I live. They were words I never ever, even for one second, imagined hearing, having breast cancer at age 27. The doctor immediately started to go through my treatment plan, the type of diagnosis it was, and the rest. I felt like I was watching this whole scene play out like I was outside of my body because it was too much. And then he started to talk about all of the treatments and he said the words ‘chemotherapy’. Once he said those words I was like, ‘This is actually real’. And I immediately just started to cry. I was completely overwhelmed.

    The treatment

    From that point on I was catapulted into 1001 different appointments, from scans to blood tests. I went straight from there for an ultrasound and the next day, I met with my oncologist.

    Given that my husband Nick and I don’t have kids yet, our first port of call was to preserve my fertility (which can be affected by chemotherapy). We did fertility treatment and froze embryos. This involved hormone injections, regular scans at a fertility facility and the harvesting of my eggs. It was the craziest few weeks of my life. Once the embryos were frozen, it was time to start chemotherapy. 

    My chemotherapy treatment was 16 rounds, over five months. Two weeks after my first chemo session, my hair started to fall out. It was one of my biggest fears. Every day I’d wake up, there was more hair on my pillow and more hair on my floor and every coat that I wore. It was all over me and it became very overwhelming.

    Eventually, it got to the point where my husband had to help me shave it off. It was a moment I never pictured going through in my life.

    Amber in treatment

    My life with breast cancer

    Initially, I was determined to keep up with everything I had been doing: working full-time, doing workouts and staying healthy. I had started doing Raise the Barre, an online barre class, during the lockdown. Before I’d gone in for surgery I was literally feeling my strongest, fittest, healthiest self. One of the toughest things was watching that slowly slip away as I got weaker and wasn’t able to train as much.

    During chemotherapy, for the first couple of weeks, when I still had energy, I was trying to train as much as I could. But chemo weakens you over time. I had debilitating headaches and couldn’t take too many painkillers because my organs were already under so much strain from the chemo. At about two or three o’clock, on some days, I would just crash and I literally felt like I couldn’t keep my head up. Because of all this, I decided to leave my job and focus on fighting the cancer.

    I also sought out therapy to help me maintain a positive mental state throughout. That helped me a lot because there are a lot of dark, hard thoughts that you don’t want to burden other people with.

    Amber ringing the bell after the last chemo treatment

    My surgery

    After chemo was done it was time for surgery. Because I didn’t test positive for any of the cancer gene mutations, I elected for a lumpectomy, where the lump and surrounding tissue were removed. When they operated on me the first time to remove the lump, they were operating as if it wasn’t cancer, so they didn’t do what they would normally do, which is cut around it and take all the tissue and the tumour out.

    They ended up taking out a lot of tissue and had to reduce the left breast to match the right. It ended up being a massive surgery. I also underwent 5 weeks of daily radiation and I am currently on 5 years of hormone treatment (Tamoxifen and Zolodex).

    Finding remission

    In October 2021, after all my active treatment was completed, I had an MRI which was all clear and confirmed that I was in remission. During my cancer journey, I felt like I was in survival mode, trying to get through every single day, and so when all of my treatment was done, I had a lot of emotions to work through and mental healing to do.

    Although my life looks very different now and although I will need to go for regular check-ups and scans for the rest of my life, and although I have needed to make changes and sacrifices to my lifestyle, there has been so much good that has come from this difficult journey. It made me a better person and helped me to become more confident in who I am and it made me realise how much I have to be grateful for.  

    I have been given a fresh start and I now know that I can do and be whatever I want to be because I proved to myself and everyone around me how strong I am. I am so grateful for my life and the people I have been blessed with  

    I’ve really tried to embrace this new version of myself and navigate all that comes with the cancer aftermath. My life is different, but it’s beautiful and I’m so blessed to be here.

    Amber now, cancer-free More

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    11 exciting things to do in the UAE this weekend

    Your ultimate weekend guide in the UAE – May 26 to May 28, 2023.
    Revamp your beauty routine

    For a whole new beauty experience, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty has opened its doors to an exclusive pop-up, the YSL Beauty Zone, located amongst Dubai Mall’s Star Atrium. The brand is set to transform this space into a 64 square-meter beauty haven, that will interweave beauty, music, culture, dance, technology, and more. Over a period of twelve days, until the 4th of June, shoppers can immerse themselves in a disruptive multi-sensory retail experience reflecting YSL Beauty’s empowered and luxury-cool identity. Breaking away from the molds of traditional retail, the pop-up will include live DJ sets from renowned, Dubai-based DJs and surprise dance performances throughout the week. This space pushes the boundaries of experiences complete with photo opportunities and customized interactive games. hoppers can strike a pose in front of the 360-degree camera or infinity mirror, and create cool photo content to share on social media or with friends.
    Experience a spa day

    This summer ME Dubai is offering an exquisite spa day. Guests can pick from a trio of packages which includes the Summer Glow, a 45-minute Bamboo Scrub followed by a 45-minute purifying facial designed to revitalize and restore your youthful radiance. The A New Me package features a 60-minute massage and a 30-minute Invigorating Salt Scrub that will leave guests feeling revived and refreshed and the Wrapped Up; where guests can decompress with a 45-minute Marine Body Wrap and a 45-minute Foot Reflexology, ensuring they’re ready to take on the world. Each package will be accompanied with complimentary access to the pristine, sauna and gym all for Dhs399 along with an exclusive gift from ME when purchasing products from Voya or Carol Joy London products worth Dhs799.
    For more information visit
    Try this new menu

    Selected by the MICHELIN Guide in both 2022 and 2023, CÉ LA VI Dubai has opened its doors with the launch of its newest menu addition, featuring an unforgettable sushi and robata dining experience. With unique culinary twists, led by Chef Howard KO, this handcrafted menu showcases a delectable new menu with dishes such as the Whole Grilled Branzino, Roasted Rock Lobster Tail, Grilled Red Mullet and sushi platters starting from Dhs195. With unparelled views, guests can experience this multi-award winning venue situated in the heart of Downtown Dubai at Address Sky View Hotel, Tower 2. The restaurant is open daily for all-day dining from 12pm to 3am.
    For more information visit
    Book a fine-dining experience

    Guests can embark on a culinary journey at the newly opened Ling Ling at Atlantis the Royal. Situated on the 23rd floor, this ultra-lounge club and outdoor dining spots offers a series of delectable dishes such as Lobster Maki Sushi Rolls, Australian Lobster Pad Thai and more. Whether you’re indulging in cocktails or not, Ling Ling is known for its intriguing drinks menu, that’s designed to complement the menu. The menu reinterprets Japan’s bustling izakaya scene that pairs craft spirits with small plates and balances it with Cantonese and other cultures’ cuisine. With 180-degree panoramic views of the Palm, Dubai’s captivating skyline is captured. The restaurant is open daily from 6pm until 1am.
    For more information visit
    Visit this bohemian beach club

    This chic venue is all set to emulate the luxe elements of Tulum with its sandy shores. With refined interiors, this bespoke culinary experience will bring the best of what Dubai has to offer with its neutral colour palette and mouth-watering host of dishes. Be it homemade pizza or fresh salads, there’s enough and more to try at this blissful haven. It’s open from 10am until 1am on weekdays and 10am to 2pm on weekends.
    For more information visit
    Attend a luxury watchmaking workshop

    Running from May 24 to 27, 2023, the luxury Swiss watchmaking brand Vacheron Constantin has chosen Abu Dhabi to host the first discovery of its 2023 novelties launched at Watches and Wonders in the Middle East. Discover a unique and interactive experience highlighting the Maison’s heritage, craftsmanship and technical brilliance at Zayed Heritage Center, Majlis Nahr Al Hayat. Guests can take a closer look at the exclusive timepieces crafted exclusively for the Middle East while watch connoisseurs and enthusiasts can get a chance to deep dive into the world of timekeeping with the Watchmaking and Enamelling workshops.
    For more information visit
    Unwind at this bar

    The revolutionary cocktail bar concept, Salmon Guru is celebrating its first-year anniversary on May 27, 2023. By pushing the boundaries in Dubai’s cocktail scene, from May 28 to 31, guests can indulge in a unique and bespoke creation crafted by the masterful hands of Diego Cabrera. With access to exclusive creations, guests must say the words “Against the current” to the bartenders and can savour this exclusive beverage after. Additionally, only on May 28th, guests can witness Cabrera’s magic firsthand during his guest shift. Cabrera’s exceptional expertise and his signature flair for whimsy will be on full display, as he shares his passion for the art of mixology with his fans in Dubai. Located at The Opus by Omniyat, Business Bay, this must-visit destination is open daily for lunch from 12:30pm to 4pm and for dinner from 5pm to 2am.
    See Black Coffee live

    Get ready for the most thrilling outdoor event of the year as WHITE Dubai, presents its first-ever outdoor event. Prepare to be captivated by the state-of-the-art production at the stunning open-air rooftop space, WHITE Dubai. Headlining the night is none other than the legendary deck selecta, Grammy Award-winning sensation, Black Coffee. Mark your calendars for Friday, May 26 at Dubai Harbour, as this unparalleled event promises an unforgettable experience like no other. Limited tickets are available for this extraordinary event, so don’t miss your chance to be part of history. Secure your spot now by purchasing tickets on Virgin’s or the Platinum list website. Doors for the concert open from 6pm, with third-release tickets priced at Dhs300 for females and Dhs400 for males.
    For more information visit
    Savour some Spanish cuisine

    the UAE’s award-winning Spanish restaurant has expanded its menu with eight exciting new dishes and a selection of unique cocktails. From fresh salads to succulent meat dishes, the new menu features an array of tantalizing flavors catering to every guest’s taste. A vegetarian-friendly option, the fresh Ensalada de Tomate, Naranja y Jugo de Olivas features juicy tomatoes, sweet oranges, and a flavorful olive juice dressing. Another delicious addition to the menu includes the Burrata, Higos & Jamón Ibérico, a combination of creamy burrata cheese, sweet figs, and savory Iberico ham. Located at TRYP by Wyndham Barsha Heights, Lola Taberna welcomes guests to a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Lola Taberna Espanola’s new menu items are available now for dine-in and delivery on Deliveroo. The restaurant is open from Sunday to Thursday 1pm to 1am and Friday and Saturday 1am to 2am.
    For more information visit
    Book a brunch in Abu Dhabi

    The world’s first Warner Bros-themed hotel is welcoming guests in Abu Dhabi to visit the all-new brunch at The Director’s Club. Upon arrival, diners will be greeted with a tower of bubbly, and once seated, will be served a selection of sharing-style appetizers, including The Director’s Club signature beef tartare, burrata, truffle mac and cheese croquettes and other classic dishes. All dishes can be complemented by the restaurant’s classic cocktails. With live entertainment and the finest beverages, guests can spend their Saturday in style. Priced at Dhs275 for soft beverages, Dhs375 for premium beverages and Dhs475 for bubbly and takes place every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm. Additionally, all guests registered in the room will have access to 1 Yas Island Theme Park per night of stay – Sea World, Ferrari World, Yas Waterworld and Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.
    For more information visit
    Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings

    The Cake Boutique by Waldorf Astoria DIFC announced the exciting news of the launch of their “Petit” cakes. Following their renowned 8 signature flavours of their bespoke luxury cakes, introducing their smaller, or “petit” cakes will satisfy the cravings of all dessert enthusiasts. The cakes may be small but each cake preserves the essence of each flavour, artistry, and attention that goes into each cake following a client’s design request. Each petit cake is elegantly packaged by The Cake Boutique and serves five individuals, making it a perfect gift for any occasion. Prics start at Dhs250 for these cakes and can be purchased from the website.
    For more information visit
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    8 of the best fitness studios to feel the burn in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    With Dubai taking its wellness routines to a new level, there are a plethora of studios to elevate your fitness experience.
    You can find venues for yoga, Pilates, martial arts, CrossFit, dance, and more, to ensure you stay fit from head to toe.
    So, whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art gyms, outdoor activities, or specialised fitness studios, Dubai has something for everyone and we’re here to help.
    Reform Athletica

    A boutique fitness studio offering signature classes which include The Reform Method, TRX Athletica, RA Yoga and Kettle Form in an environment that is plastic-free. With a holistic approach to life, the instructors modify the classes to ensure every class member receives the best experience, every time.
    Focus: Yoga & Pilates
    For more information visit 

    For those who require a high-energy workout, spinning at Crank is nothing short of that with its adrenaline-fueled music. Each class is conducted by highly trained professional, who brings their expertise to the table. This fitness boutique also offers an exclusive smoothie section for visitors to have the entire experience from start to finish. With a strong community of individuals who share similar interests, Crank is the perfect place to be for that midweek workout or to fuel in more energy on the weekend with the first trial session being priced at Dhs60. Located in Unit 43, Alserkal Avenue, it’s open from Sunday to Thursday 6:30am to 10pm, Friday 8am to 3pm and Saturday 8am to 10pm
    Focus: Spinning
    For more information visit
    Studio Republik

    With a space designed to nurture inner growth whilst bringing discipline to every part of your life, StudioRepublik is an immersive, state-of-the-art environment where you can lose yourself in the best way possible. Reformer equipment develops strength, movement and fluidity, fast.
    Focus: Pilates
    For more information visit
    Sol Pilates Studio

    This equipped Pilates studio offers everything from Reformer and pre-natal expertise to providing its guests with a vibrant haven to learn and grow.
    Focus: Pilates
    For more information visit 

    Introducing a completely new yoga concept to get the maximum benefit, the team also deliver peace of mind with calming meditation sessions that challenge both your flexibility and mental well-being.
    Focus: Yoga
    For more information visit 
    Paus; Wellness + Community

    By normalising wellness in your day-to-day life, this wellness studio located in the heart of Jumeirah promises an unforgettable experience unlike any other. For a new take on your workout routines, guests can try a hip-hop yoga class. Participants will typically start with some gentle stretching and breathing exercises to warm up their bodies. The instructor will then guide students through a series of yoga poses, often set to a soundtrack of hip-hop music. Who said feeling zen needs to be boring? Everyone can be a part of the class with a few creative twists to match the rhythm and beat of the music.
    Focus: Yoga & Meditation
    For more information visit
    The Hundred Wellness Centre

    From Ashtanga and Vinyasa to Hatha yoga, numerous disciplines are offered at this wellness retreat that is a real haven in the city. A strong focus on balance, power, fluidity, flexibility and alignment make for improved posture, flexibility and overall wellbeing.
    Focus: Yoga & Pilates
    For more information visit 
    Barre Effect

    With a focus on full-body movements to sculpt, tone and keep your mind alert, the Barre Effect method is a contemporary version on traditional barre, designed to sculpt your body, boost your metabolism and challenge your mind as it empowers a community of strong women.
    Focus: Barre
    For more information visit 
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    The Surprising Connection Between Posture and Sex

    We all know posture is important. We grew up with at least one parent whose favorite pastime was to jab their thumb between our shoulder blades and remind us to stand taller (Just me? Cool, cool). We know posture is helpful to ensure proper muscle function, and it’s important for proper alignment of joints and bones. But did you know your posture can make or break your sex life?
    Because I didn’t—and I’ve never been so motivated to stand up straight.
    After having a baby in 2021, I started following various pelvic floor therapists on Instagram. When I connected the dots between posture and vaginal flexibility, I started to pay more attention to the way in which my shoulders slump when I’m at my computer, or how I tuck my pelvis and lean back when I’m holding my 30lb toddler. One follow I’ve found helpful is Jesse Truelove, a pre-and-post-natal trainer who specializes in women’s corrective exercise and pelvic floor work. Her reels on posture have helped remind me to move more consciously, whether I’m at my desk or dead-lifting the little one.
    So I decided to reach out to Truelove to see if she could speak directly to this connection between posture and sexual pleasure. And from what she told me, it’s a widely unknown issue. “Something a lot of people aren’t thinking about is tension in the pelvis and how that impacts sexual pleasure and orgasms,” she explained. Read on to find out how posture affects sex and Truelove’s best tips for improving your sex life (BTW, these tips apply to everyone with a uterus, whether or not you’ve had–or intend to have–a child).

    Meet the expert
    Jesse Truelove, CPT, WFS
    Core & Pelvic Health Specialist
    Jesse Truelove is a pre/postnatal trainer and creator of the MomCORE app, which helps women recover from common dysfunctions post-pregnancy. She is certified in pelvic floor corrective exercise and kinesiology, and has coached thousands of women to heal their pelvic floor.

    In this article

    How Posture Affects Sex
    According to Truelove, when you sit all day with your pelvis tucked under you or if you tend to clench your butt while standing or walking, it can actually shorten the muscles in both your glutes and your pelvic floor. “When this happens over an extended period of time, blood flow is reduced, and we need blood flow for a clitoral erection.” Translation: not paying attention to your pelvic floor muscles and posture can actually impact clitoral stimulation. What’s more, Truelove adds, “We need to be able to contract and lengthen our pelvic floor muscles to allow for penetration and the ability to orgasm.” Basically, poor posture can constrict the muscles in your undercarriage to the point where you can’t easily lengthen them, which can lead to pain during sex or difficulty achieving orgasm.

    Signs That Your Posture Might Be Affecting Your Sex Life
    Your body’s default is to slouch
    One red flag that indicates you might start to see muscle imbalance or chronic pain in the future (and less-than-ideal intercourse) is when you notice your body default to a position where your shoulders round, head juts outward, and pelvis tucks under, as Truelove told me. My shoulders are constantly rounding—to a point where that rounded position feels like a relief. My back starts to get tired if I’m holding a straighter posture. Truelove suggests it’s because my body has learned that the slouched position is my default. “Our bodies are very smart and want to conserve our energy,” she said. “Sometimes at the expense of our [long-term] comfort.”

    You’re chronically stressed
    Sitting all day isn’t the only reason your tailbone might be tucked, leading to poor posture and pelvic floor function. “A tight pelvic floor and tucked pelvis can also be a symptom of chronic stress,” Truelove emphasizes. “If you think about a dog that gets yelled at, it tucks its tail to protect its most vulnerable space, and so do we. We tuck under, clutch, and protect.” It’s wild to think about how subconsciously our body language operates, but it makes sense. Our bodies are always communicating with us. And when we are constantly stressed, our bodies constrict and create tension. “The body is more connected than you may think,” Truelove notes. “Even tension in the jaw translates to tension in your pelvic floor, too.”

    It’s hard to find a comfortable standing position
    Another, more surprising, red flag is when you notice it’s hard to find a comfortable standing position. “You may not be able to find comfortable upright positions and [as a result] are constantly looking for your next seat for relief,” Truelove says. If any of these signs makes you wince a little because they’re too real, I’m right there with you. There’s good news, though, if you (like millions of us) are tied to your desk chair all day and are operating under chronic stress, you can absolutely rectify pelvic tightness in your body. Truelove reassures that taking the time to notice and shift your habits around posture and even your breathing patterns can have a major positive impact on your sexual pleasure.

    Expert Tips To Improve Posture and Support Your Pelvic Floor
    1. Breathe into your pelvis
    “When you inhale, imagine filling a balloon that’s sitting in your pelvic bowl,” Truelove explains. By breathing in a way that feels like you’re pushing your hip bones away from each other, you’re activating and stretching the deep core muscles that support your pelvic muscles. “Most people inhale and their shoulders come toward their ears, [but] this is not deep breathing,” Truelove says. Timing yourself for just a few minutes at a time and breathing deeply into your pelvic bowl can shape your breathing habits over time.

    2. Release your glutes
    We often don’t know that we’re tightening a muscle (like clenching our jaws) when it’s an engrained habit, but taking a few minutes to check in with yourself—while you’re brushing your teeth or waiting in line somewhere—could make all the difference. “Butt tucking and tension can restrict blood flow to the pelvic floor area, (goodbye orgasms and pleasure),” Truelove warns. And although it’s a tougher habit to break, it’s doable. It’s just a matter of starting to be aware when you’re tensing up your glute muscles, and then releasing. 

    3. Go barefoot when you can
    Yes, wearing shoes may be hindering your ideal posture. “Our feet are our foundation,” Truelove explained. “What you put them in is absolutely impacting your pelvic health. Jamming your toes into narrow heels or trendy athletic shoes or even flip flops is sending tension signals to your pelvic floor that you don’t even realize.”
    If you need proof, try scrunching your toes together really hard right now. You might notice tension in your pelvic floor. Or it might feel like you’re clenching as though you’re trying to hold back some gas. It’s subtle, but it’s all connected. Does this mean it’s time to say goodbye to heels forever? Not necessarily. “Try going barefoot more often, and opt for more foot-shaped shoes,” Truelove suggests. If you’re really attached to the trendy footwear that smashes your toes a bit, try striving for balance. The danger is when those toes never get to splay.

    FYI–You Don’t Need Perfect Posture To Have Great Sex
    When I asked what kind of posture to shoot for, Truelove reminded me to manage my expectations. “Perfect posture doesn’t exist,” she said. “We are all unique and different, and life was meant to happen in all different positions.” Varying lifestyles are going to require slightly different postures to support different types of movement. “With that said, alignment is important for great breathing, pelvic floor function, and more. Problems start to arise when we get ‘stuck’ in one posture and have trouble getting into certain positions without pain or compensation.”
    The best thing to do to “enhance” your posture is to focus on aligning your spine by shaking up your habitual movement patterns. For example, “If you lead with your pelvis [while walking] and lean backward with your upper body, try to stack your pelvis under your ribcage and then your head over your shoulders,” Truelove suggests. She acknowledges that it may feel very unnatural, but that’s OK because with more awareness and practice it will all feel more natural. Our muscles can unlearn old habits with time. Discomfort in the short term will lead to major physical relief in the long run (80-year-old future you will thank you!).
    If doing it on your own feels tricky or you need a little extra support, think about setting some goals with an accountability buddy or look into programs like Truelove’s MomCORE app, which offers a one-week free trial, one-on-one coaching, and a community of women like you who are all reaching for the same goal.

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    5 Green Flags You Have Healthy Boundaries

    For years, I thought I had healthy boundaries. I’ve always been pretty good at saying no, so I figured I had it all down (because I genuinely thought that’s all a boundary was). But recently, I started to notice a pattern of irritability throughout my day, and I realized I was spending so much time cleaning up everyone else’s messes that I didn’t have time for my own. It turns out, I wasn’t setting clear boundaries at all! And how could I, when I didn’t even have clarity around the strategies that would meet my needs for support? It got me thinking: how many of us are actually tuned into our boundaries? How many of us know what it feels like when our boundaries are set and working properly? So I decided to reach out to Elisabeth T. Lilja, a licensed therapist based in Salt Lake City who specializes in trauma, to shed some light on what healthy boundaries look like and how to know if you have them in place.

    Meet the expert
    Elisabeth T. Lilja, LCSW MSW RYT
    Lilja is a therapist and private practice owner of Salt City Therapy based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She specializes in trauma and helping people strengthen their relationship with their body and self-trust.

    What is a healthy boundary, anyway?
    Boundaries are more than just saying “no” to the things that don’t serve you (although that is a healthy component as you’ll read about soon). Lilja defined boundaries as “the needs, limits, and rules we set for ourselves.” That means you understand where your limits are, but you also understand what your needs are—and you’re able to create strategies (rules) to meet them. “Healthy boundaries within relationships are often informed by a healthy boundary relationship with ourselves,” Lilja said. “In relationships, we may look at healthy boundaries as created with connection over protection in mind.”
    Lilja reminded me that there will be times when protective boundaries in relationships are necessary, but a signal that your boundaries are serving you both is when they help build a sense of connection with one another. You are both clear on what you need, you know each other’s limits, and you respect each other’s rules.
    So now that we have a working definition of a healthy boundary down, let’s dive into the signs that you—and those you have a relationship with—are, in fact, working those boundaries the right way.
    Green Flags You Have Healthy Boundaries

    1. Your “no” is respected
    When you’re clear on what’s a “no” for you and you respect and support that “no,” that’s a healthy boundary you’ve created for yourself. And when the people in your life respect it too, that’s a healthy relationship boundary. Keep in mind, “respect” doesn’t necessarily mean no questions asked. The people in your life may still ask for clarification around your “no.” “What this means is we aren’t pushed, bullied, or manipulated into a ‘yes,’” Lilja clarified.
    When someone else has opinions surrounding your “no,” (which can often happen) it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t respect it. “How these feelings are communicated and responded to can indicate the health of our relationships,” Lilja explained. If you are able to hold space for someone else’s feelings about your “no” while still feeling grounded in clarity around your “no,” that’s a major green flag that your boundaries are in the healthy zone.

    2. You engage in conflict with curiosity
    You’re showcasing healthy boundaries when you “are able to be in respectful, healthy conflict that doesn’t move into name-calling, abuse, manipulation, or harmful actions like stonewalling,” Lilja said. And one way to avoid participating in those behaviors is by engaging in curiosity. “Curiosity is a way we can establish healthy relating,” Lilja explained. When you’re curious about the other person’s experience, you’re less likely to make assumptions about their experience that would lead to blaming or shaming. 
    Some questions Lilja offered to check in with yourself about whether or not you’re engaging with curiosity were: “Am I inviting room for clarification over conclusions, assumptions, and defensiveness? Am I asking questions to seek clarification? Am I aware and able to communicate in a respectful way what I am feeling or experiencing and may need?” When you engage with curiosity, it gives you space to feel confident about your own boundaries while respecting the boundaries of another.

    3. You can express your needs and boundaries clearly
    “Needs, or boundary expression, indicates that we are able to advocate for ourselves, that we value our worth and getting [our] needs met in a relational space,” Lilja said. In other words, you know your boundaries are in a healthy zone when you feel safe expressing what you need. When you’re grounded in what you need because you know it’s what’s best for you, it’s a lot easier to feel confident in the ask, even when it can’t be met in the moment.
    “Again, this doesn’t mean that understanding and clarification can’t be wanted around the need or boundary expressed, or that the boundary or need will always be able to be met,” Lilja stated. “Rather, there is space for you to have and express your boundaries. And for persons you are in a relationship with to have the same.”

    4. Repair is important to you
    Even in the most well-meaning relationships, boundaries get crossed. “Ruptures happen in relationships—yes, even healthy ones,” Lilja said. When you prioritize repair after one of those ruptures, you’re setting yourself up for healthy boundaries in the future. Think of it as healthy boundary maintenance.
    According to Lilja, repair looks like learning how to extend an apology (this isn’t just saying the words, “I’m sorry”), taking accountability for how you might have harmed someone, and acknowledging what you will try to do differently in the future. “Repair is a critical part of a secure relationship and healthy relating,” she said. “It’s a good sign if you and someone else can seek repair in a relationship.”

    5. You’re consistent in your follow-through
    Something that’s always stuck with me is the concept that healing requires time and evidence. When you receive consistent proof that something is serving you over a period of time, you begin to believe in it. You start to feel safer in your experience. In the context of boundaries, Lilja noted that consistency is when we do what we say we are going to do. And if something needs to shift, we communicate.
    Having the experience of predictable follow-through builds and maintains a sense of trust that our boundaries will be consistently respected. “While it may not seem like it, follow-through is us upholding a boundary with ourselves,” she said. “Practicing boundaries with ourselves can lead to establishing, upholding, and maintaining boundaries with others.”

    Expert Tips To Help Strengthen Your Boundary Skills

    1. Notice when you are saying “yes” when you mean “no” 
    “Part of learning to find our ‘no’ is understanding why we might be saying ‘yes’ to something we want to say no to,” Lilja said. Getting to the bottom of what’s stopping you can help you shift out of this pattern. “A practice for this is to notice what belief may be coming up for you when you aren’t honoring a ‘no.’” For example, ask yourself what would happen if you said no. Are you worried the other person would feel let down, disappointed in you, hurt, or like you less? Maybe you feel unworthy to set that boundary?
    Then ask yourself if the outcome you anticipate is the outcome that would actually happen IRL. “While [your] feeling or belief is real, is it true?” Lilja asked. “Are there times you have said no and what you fear might not have happened? It can be scary to gather different information, and this is something the body needs to start to make changes.”

    2. Learn how to apologize and repair
    Having healthy boundaries is not just about setting our own boundaries, but respecting the boundaries of the other person. And a key piece of respecting others’ boundaries is apologizing when we (inevitably) cross a boundary. “This can be incredibly challenging for many reasons,” Lilja empathized. “Repairing is also something that can get easier with practice.” Also, apologizing is always important, even if you didn’t have bad intentions or didn’t mean to hurt someone. An apology invites empathy, or acknowledgment that the other person’s experience is real. 
    If you’re curious what an actual apology looks like, Lilja offered phrases you can use below, which she calls the anatomy of an apology. Each one is important when you’re genuinely apologizing and attempting to repair.

    I am sorry for…: The “for” is important here. Name what you are repairing or apologizing for. Think of this as the why. Why are you apologizing? This is how you take accountability for your actions.
    I could have done things differently by… or Moving forward I will…: This shows that you not only understand what you’re apologizing for, but you know how to change your actions moving forward. This is critical for repairing the relationship in the future.
    How are you feeling? or What do you need to feel better about this?: Checking in allows the other person the space to communicate with you what they need, and what you both can do to truly repair.

    3. Practice follow-through
    Following through with your boundaries is as simple as sticking to your promises. Do what you say you are going to do, and communicate when something needs to change. When you show up consistently for yourself, you build trust and a better understanding of which commitments are and are not serving you. Lilja suggested starting small, like making one promise to yourself that you can follow through with on a daily basis. This might look like a morning or nightly ritual (think: journaling or meditating) or setting a time to finish something on your to-do list. Notice how you feel when it’s time to follow through with something, and how it feels to actually do it. “Keeping track of your follow-through can be helpful,” Lilja said. “If you don’t follow through on what you have selected, what happened? What is this telling you? Are you noticing a pattern?” All of this information can help guide you to shift your habits toward more consistent follow-through.

    4. Seek therapy
    If you’re looking for extra support as you flex these skills, therapy is an excellent way to practice with a third party. “Therapy can be a wonderful way to learn how to strengthen boundaries with ourselves and others—creating the space to be curious about what we learned about being in a relationship with ourselves and others,” Lilja confirmed. It can also be a safe place for you and a partner to practice engaging in healthy boundaries with each other to ensure you’re setting up a framework that will support you for years to come.

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