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    5 Hacks To Boost Your Running Performance With Reebok’s FloatZig 1

    Running isn’t just about endurance and speed. It’s about joy, creativity, and sometimes, a little bit of mischief. In celebration of the joy of the run, Reebok launched its Running Hacks global campaign for the new FloatZig 1.

    “The FloatZig 1 running shoes offer industry-leading performance and energy return, suited for even the most elite runners, but built to be accessible and enjoyable for all runners. With both our product and within our irreverent Running Hacks global marketing campaign, we focused on the joy and excitement running can bring to all.”
    Todd Krinsky, Reebok President and CEO

    Reebok dares you to lace up and embrace running like you never have before. Forget those tired old tips your marathon-obsessed uncle swears by. Reebok’s Running Hacks are about tossing the rulebook out the window and making every run an adventure.

    So strap in, lace up, and prepare to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Running Hack #1: Make it Home Before Load Shedding

    It’s almost like racing against the sunset. Except instead of a romantic sky, you’re dodging sitting in the dark, unable to charge your phone, boil water, or see the end of that episode. Consider this the ultimate interval training—sprint in bursts whenever you think of the food defrosting in your freezer. And hey, if you get home after the lights have gone out, just keep running to your nearest bar. After all, you didn’t run all this way not to get a reward.

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    Running Hack #2: Tell Everyone You’re Training for the Comrades

    Short of actually winning it, telling everyone you’re training for this epic ultramarathon is the next best thing. Start casually dropping it into conversations, social media posts and even put it in your LinkedIn bio. The key here is confidence. A lot of it. And if by some miracle you actually find yourself at the starting line, that’s a problem for Future You.

    Running Hack #3: Run Past Your Ex’s House

    Ah, the sweet, sweet revenge run. There’s no fuel quite like a broken heart, and no audience quite like the one that thought they’d seen the last of you. Bonus points if you manage a nonchalant wave to their neighbours, just to prove how utterly unaffected you are by the breakup. This isn’t about them, though (okay, it’s a little about them)—it’s about you, looking and feeling your absolute best, powered by a blend of spite, endorphins, and the sheer joy of moving on.

    Running Hack #4: The FloatZig 1

    Forget about the conventional running hacks you know (and the ones you wish you didn’t).

    The FloatZig 1 is here to revolutionise your run with features designed to push the boundaries of what a running shoe can be.

    Highlights of the FloatZig 1 include:

    Floatride Energy Foam & Zig Tech Technology: Offers a lightweight, responsive energy return, transforming every step into a leap towards your personal best.

    Engineered Mesh Upper with Reflective Overlays: Maximises breathability and ensures visibility, keeping you safe and comfortable, day or night.

    Targeted Foam Panels: Strategically placed for added comfort and a secure fit, enabling you to focus on the joy of the run.

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    Running Hack #5: If You Look Awesome, You Run Awesome!

    Let’s face it, when you look good, you feel good and when you feel good, you run like a champion! Snag these essentials for your next run:

    Reebok Floatzig 1 Shoes

    Running Quarter-Zip Jacket

    Running Vector Leggings

    ID Train High-Support Bra

    RBK-FRESH Athlete T-Shirt 2.0

    Reebok Running Shorts

    Ready to outrun your shadows, outlast the gossip and outpace the past? The FloatZig 1 is your ticket to discovering the New Shape of Running. Shop the FloatZig 1 on

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    Tried & Tested: New Running Shoes From Asics, PUMA & Salomon & Under Armour

    Are you on the hunt for a comfy pair of new running shoes? Or maybe you’re after your very first pair and don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with the sheer volume of new takkies dropping seemingly weekly. Wherever you are in your running journey, we’re here to help you.

    There are so many factors to consider when looking for a pair of running shoes. Think: price, cushioning, pronation, heel drop, distances and of course, the look and feel. So we put the newest running shoes to the test, racking up kms to find four that are worth your hard-earned rands. Here’s what we thought about the latest offerings from PUMA, Under Armour, Asics and Salomon. Happy running!

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    PUMA Velocity Nitro 3

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Medium | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R2 599


    ✅ Versatile and comfortable 

    ✅ Affordable price


    ❌ Those with wider feet might find it a bit snug


    PUMA may not have been the first brand that came to mind when you went to your local Sportsman’s Warehouse a few years ago, but they sure should be now. They’ve put considerable research and tech into their new fleet of running shoes to bring you launches that will get you where you want to go (and fast)!

    Last year, their ForeverRUN NITRO was one of the pairs I wore the most and I loved it. Now, the Velocity Nitro 3 is overtaking that shoe as one of my favourites. PUMA has taken comfort seriously meaning you don’t have to worry about any niggles or discomfort. You can thank the NITROFOAM™ which makes the shoe well-cushioned yet responsive. 

    If you do a lot of your runs on the treadmill at your local gym or if you’re just starting out and find yourself doing a combination of running and walking these will be your go-to trainer. But they aren’t just for the treadmill, they hold up well as a daily trainer on the road too. The PUMAGrip on the outsole gives you great traction so you can focus on smashing goals rather than whether you’re going to slip.  PUMA has done it again and you’ll definitely be seeing the bright flash of green zoom past you in months to come.

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    ASICS Gel Nimbus 26

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 799


    ✅ Plush and comfortable

    ✅ Improved grip


    ❌ Not the best for speedy runners


    You can’t go wrong with a Gel Nimbus, it’s one of Asics’ best-selling and longest running shoe models. In fact, their Gel Nimbus 25 (released last year) is actually the shoe that made me fall in love with running. It took me from struggling to run a 5km to smashing a 21km in weeks (I couldn’t believe it either!) The Gel Nimbus 26 is everything I loved in the 25 (maximum cushioning and a comfortable upper) with some minor tweaks that make a major difference and ultimately give you a smoother ride.

    The knitted upper has been reengineered so that it’s wider in the forefoot and toe-box. And the eyelets have also changed and give improved lockdown so your foot is secure without being strangled. So overall you have a softer yet more supportive midfoot hold.

    The most impressive improvement is thanks to the addition of ASICSGRIP™ technology and AHARPLUS™ outsole rubber. The outsole uses new hybrid grip technology to give you more traction on wet surfaces (a real winner during winter) and advanced durability.

    The Gel Nimbus 26 also feels a tad firmer than the previous iteration so while it’s become a favourite for my longer, slower runs or even recovery runs, it now will definitely be able to handle those pacier runs, too.

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    Salomon Genesis

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 599


    ✅ Gives you confidence on technical runs

    ✅ Suits newbies and more experienced runners


    ❌ Runs quite small so consider sizing up


    As the temperatures begin to drop, now is the perfect time to get into trail running… or break in a new pair before signing up for a trail running race. First, every time I wear these, I get compliments on how gorgeous they are and while that has no impact on running ability, it sure is a plus.

    But beyond the beautiful colour way, these trail shoes pack some serious tech that will serve beginners and more advanced trail runners well. Many trail shoes prioritise stability and technical support at the cost of comfort and cushioning, but the Genesis does the exact opposite. It has a highly supportive Active Chassis and unique two-part lug pattern (All-Terrain Contagrip® compound) and raised tread so your grip is secure no matter the terrain. And the Energy Foam and weaved Matryx® upper give you a comfortable and cushioned ride.

    When wearing the Genesis, I feel very confident and stable on the trails. This is something super important to me for two reasons. One, trail running is something I only do once or twice a week so I’m definitely an amateur and lack confidence. And because I’m a treadmill/road/gym frequenter, I’m not used to having to concentrate as much and tend to slip or almost lose my footing often on my trail runs. It really is a great trail shoe, I would just recommend sizing up.

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    Under Armour Infinite Elite

    Heel drop: 8mm | Cushion: Maximum | Pronation: Neutral | Price: R3 799


    ✅  Revolutionary foam

    ✅ Great for long and everyday runs


    ❌ Might be too stacked for some


    Now, this is a LOT of shoe. Your first thought about the Infinite Elite will definitely be about the height of it. It certainly was mine. And when you put them on you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re using stilts. But somehow the Infinite Elite doesn’t feel heavy at all.

    If it’s cushioning you want? It’s cushioning you’ll get with the Infinite Elites. Except the cushioning is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Under Armour has used new HOVR+ foam which they say gives the shoe superior energy return and a bouncier ride. And springy she is. This full-length one-piece bead foam midsole gives you a super plush experience that is perfect for your long run days and your everyday kilometres too.

    And if it’s your knees and joints you’re worried about, Under Armour has gone the extra step by using a bevel heel design that helps lessen heel impact and allows you to land smoothly and increase overall stability. I reach for these for my longer Saturday runs and really love how you can quite literally feel them help you bounce off the road.

    Plus if you’re looking for some kit to support you on your runs, the Infinity 2.0 High Sports Bras is one of the most supportive (and flattering) bras I’ve worn in a long time. And the straps can be adjusted to ensure you’ve got the perfect fit, every run

    Kelleigh is the Managing Editor of Women’s Health. When she’s not convincing her colleagues to try the latest TikTok trends, you can find her planning a holiday that never leaves the group chat, binge-reading or eating her way through Cape Town. More

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    What To Look Out For When Picking a Water Bottle

    Here’s an unexpected win for the environment: reusable water bottles are having an it-girl moment, thanks in part to the wildly popular Stanley cups. While we’ve successfully eschewed single-use bottles and opted for giant tumblers from which to sip iced coffees and sparkling mocktails, it’s worth investigating the materials used. So, which material is best? We chatted to an expert for the low-down on how to pick a water bottle.

    Meet the expert: Charlotte Metcalf is the CEO of the South African National Bottled Water Association.

    What to look out for when picking a water bottle

    Check its sustainability

    “Every single material used to manufacture reusable/re-fillable beverage bottles has an impact on the environment,” says Charlotte Metcalf, CEO of the South African National Bottled Water Association. “This impact differs between each material be it plastic, aluminium, glass or stainless steel, or any other less well-known packaging materials which may be used for this function.”

    Having said that, the longevity of your reusable water bottle plays a role in its sustainability. Stainless steel, for example, will last longer than single-use plastic, making it a more sustainable option. Bottom line: the longer you hang onto your water bottle, the better for the environment, since this lowers its impact.

    Check for scratches

    Another factor to consider, when picking a water bottle, is how likely it is to harbour bacteria. “What is particularly important to consider is that all materials are prone to scratching, pitting and wearing from regular cleaning,” says Metcalf. “These surface imperfections offer the ideal breeding ground for bacteria as they trap and protect bacteria and are difficult to clean.” To keep your bottle clean, experts advise that you wash your water bottle once a day with vinegar or bicarbonate of soda and water. Bleach will leave an odour and is unsafe, so steer clear. Another note: avoid abrasive products in your water bottle, as these create tiny scratches where bacteria flourish.

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    Consider the design

    By this, we don’t mean a water bottle with aspirational wording or cute colour. Rather, Metcalf explains that ridges, bends and other design features inside the walls of the bottle could create crevices where bacteria flourish. “Good design will feature no parts, voids, ridges, liners and spaces in which bacteria can accumulate and that cannot be properly cleaned,” says Metcalf. “With these design features, a reusable bottle can easily become like your pet’s water bowl, lined with slime-forming bacteria or even air-borne disease-causing organisms.”

    Dedicate your bottle to water

    Even if you’re a flavoured water queen or have a penchant for cooldrink, aim to consume those from a different container. “It is important that reusable bottles must be dedicated to water,” explains Metcalf. “Once you fill the bottle with other beverages containing sugar, fats and flavouring, it becomes difficult to clean all traces of these ingredients as these ‘added nutrients’ will fuel the growth of unwanted organisms.” Yikes.

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    How to pick a plastic water bottle

    While plastic uses the least amount of resources to manufacture, its health impacts are murkier. For starters, studies link the popular water bottle material BPA (Bisphenol A) to adverse health outcomes like hormonal disruptions. While you can look to BPA-free bottles, their alternatives, like bisphenol S (BPS) and bisphenol F (BPF) are also used in plastic water bottles and the studies on their health impacts remain to be seen. Per Metcalf, bottles made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) are seen as safe. “The inert PET bottle is a well-accepted package all over the world and is completely safe to drink from,” says Metcalf.

    If you’re using a plastic water bottle, make sure you clean it regularly and prevent scratches and pitting on the inside. “Reusable/refillable [water bottles] must be regularly examined for pitting and wear-and-tear, regardless of the material they are made from, and discarded as soon as they become worn and difficult to clean,” says Metcalf.

    Plastic water bottles

    How to pick a glass water bottle

    Glass, generally speaking, is good. They’re much easier to spot when dirty, making it easier to keep clean. They’re also free of chemicals, are natural and are dishwasher-safe.

    Glass water bottles, however, are not the most sustainable of the bunch. “Although glass is inert, it takes a lot of energy to produce, transport and recycle. Glass breakage in the environment is dangerous and extremely difficult to remove,” explains Metcalf. If you treat it well, however, it could last a long time.

    Glass water bottles

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    How to pick a stainless steel water bottle

    Steel’s known for its ability to keep hot drinks warm and cold drinks cool, making it a versatile option to lug around to the gym and everywhere else. If you’re leaning towards metal, Metcalf suggests opting for something other than aluminium, which can leach toxins into the environment.

    Stainless steel, if made from low-quality materials, can be a problem. “Low-quality stainless-steel bottles can present toxic lead levels from the sealing dot on the base,” says Metcalf. To mitigate this, she suggests checking that your stainless steel water bottle is 18/8 food-grade stainless steel.

    Stainless steel bottles

    Michelle October

    Michelle is the features editor at WH. She’s immensely curious about the world, passionate about health and wellness and enjoys a good surf when the waves are good. Find her on Instagram here. More

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    The Top Beginner’s Weightlifting Gear To Elevate Your Training

    If you’re taking up weightlifting in 2024 – and need the weightlifting gear to go with it, you’re not alone. More and more women are taking up the sport, a positive turn from the days we shied away from heavy weights. As we know, weightlifting is not only paramount for supporting bone and muscle health (something that declines as we age), but it builds epic muscle that in turn, shreds our fat stores. Not only that, but the feeling of lifting something heavier than you were previously able to is unmatched.

    Why choose weightlifting?

    Weightlifting can score you a tighter, more toned body and act as a shield against some diseases. It decreases the risk of osteoporosis as well as pregnancy complications like gestational diabetes, preeclampsia and postpartum depression. It also protects from heart conditions, injury (especially from falls) and diabetes.

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    The right weightlifting gear, explained

    When it comes to weightlifting gear, the right stuff can elevate your training experience from one that’s only ok to one that’s epic and helps you grow and create those #gainz. We’ve outlined the top weightlifting gear, including shoes and the rest to help you on your way to greater heights in the sport.

    Nike Swoosh Flyknit

    It all starts with the right bra. Ultra-stretchy fabric on the back makes changing a breeze, and the traditional adjustable hook-and-eye clasp lets you find the perfect fit, especially with an ever-changing body. It’s perfect for all training, especially when transitioning from deadlifts to burpees. This bra’s got you covered.

    Burnt Core Tights

    Consider these your new go-to tights. The mid-rise waistband provides a supportive fit, constructed with new cutlines for increased flexibility, and squat-proof fabric ensures optimal coverage while you train.

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    Mr Price Sport Cropped Vest

    You’re going to want a soft, breathable vest to take you through each workout in style. This one is quick-drying, comfy and cute.

    Reebok Nano X4

    Stay light and breezy with this shoe. The new Nano X4 introduces a completely redesigned upper with all-new FLEXWEAVE material engineered with a midfoot ventilation panel for increased breathability, durability, and a premium look and feel. Plus, the Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System features innovative midsole technology built for added stability when lifting and cushioning for running and jumping. Available from February 15th.

    Wrap Gym Glove

    For when you’re not keen on calluses on your hands, get a pair of grippy gloves to help. This pair has an adjustable wrap-around fit so you can lift anything or nail a pull-up with ease.

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    Vinyl Weight Set

    If you’re looking to begin your weightlifting journey at home, this set helps a ton. Your set can be transformed into a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell. It goes up to 20kg, so it’s perfect for beginners.

    Foam roller

    After every session, use this foam roller to soothe muscle pain from weightlifting sessions. It’s lightweight and compact but has grooves that provide dee-tissue massage when you roll muscles over it.

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    18 New Running Shoes To Help You Run Faster And Farther In 2024

    The pair of running shoes you choose can make or break your run. You ever slipped on a pair only to feel that red-hot feeling of an incoming blister a few kms into your first run? Or you take your shoes off after a long run to find a blackening toenail? Whatever your woeful running horror story is, one thing is for sure, you need a solid pair of takkies to help you hit the tar, treadmill or trails. And we’re here to help.

    What To Consider When Looking For A New Pair Of Running Shoes

    There are a few questions you’re going to want to ask yourself before you head out to your nearest Sportsmans Warehouse on the next available Saturday morning.

    What will you mostly be using your shoes for?

    How far do you want to run?

    What kind of terrain are you going to be running on?

    Do you want to use them for other kinds of training (like HIIT or strength training)?

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    What To Look For In A Shoe

    Cushioning: This helps the ground feel softer and encourages ground-contact stability.

    Weight: Lighter shoes usually have less cushioning; they’re designed for your speedy runs. Heavier shoes tend to have more cushioning and are better for your longer runs.

    Drop: This is the difference in cushioning (or height) from the heel to the front of the foot. Basically, when you’re barefoot your heel and forefoot touch the ground so the drop is 0mm. Slip on a pair of particularly cushioned running shoes (or some serious heels) and the drop starts to increase. Drop tends to range from 0mm to 14mm, with 10mm being the most common heel drop.

    Pronation: Many shoes will state the type of pronation they are suitable for (but every person is different). Make sure you choose a shoe that’s suitable for you after doing a gait analysis with an expert (hint: they’re usually free). Not sure what these words mean? Keep on reading!

    Do You Need A Gait Analysis For Running?

    Many running coaches, trainers and running brands recommend getting a gait analysis. But what does that actually mean? In simple terms, your gait describes the way in which you walk. So a gait analysis is an exam that gives you information about your walking and running style.

    Everyone is different and knowing your gait is a huge part of knowing your running style. The more information you have, the more equipped you are to choose the right pair of shoes for you and ultimately prevent injury.

    “Knowing your gait can help you grow as a runner and help prevent injuries in the future. Each runner has a specific gait, and not knowing yours could result in an injury,” according to Asics.

    What Does Pronation Mean?

    A large part of gait analysis focuses on determining your pronation. When it comes to running, pronation refers to how your foot naturally rolls inward after your heel strikes the ground. Ideal pronation would result in this motion (the natural inward roll) absorbing the shock from the force of your heel coming into contact with the ground.

    Once your pronation has been determined, you want to try to match yourself to a running shoe that adjusts for your specific pronation. Wearing the correct running shoe will make you a more efficient runner and help you avoid those jog-ending injuries.

    3 Types Of Pronation:

    Neutral pronation: When your foot lands outside of your heel and then rolls naturally inward (about 15%), absorbing the shock and keeping your ankles aligned. If this is you, try the Under Armour FLOW Velociti Elite.

    Overpronation: When your feet roll inward too much. This requires a more sturdy running shoe so that your foot can be kept in place. Try the PUMA NITRO or Asics Gel-Nimbus™ 25 if you’re an overpronater.

    Supination or underpronation: When the feet don’t roll inward enough. This requires a shoe that has plenty of cushioning, like the Salomon Spectur.

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    5 Places To Get A Gait Analysis In South Africa

    Sportsmans Warehouse

    Sportsmans Warehouse has RUN-id, an industry-leading advanced gait analysis technology developed by German engineer Jens Hellenbacher. It’s in selected stores around South Africa (Gauteng, Western Cape, Pretoria, KZN and Eastern Cape), is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Find out more here.

    ASICS Mall Of Africa

    If you’re a runner, you’ll be familiar with Asics. They have a huge range of shoes to suit any type of runner. So if you’ve got your heart set on your next pair being from the brand, why not head straight to the Asics store at Mall Of Africa for a gait analysis? The analysis is free of charge. Find out more here.

    Total Sports

    Total Sports is really changing the game when it comes to getting active. Their free gait analysis is available at Totalsports in Sandton, Mall of Africa, Canal Walk, Cavendish, Gateway and more.

    The Athlete’s Foot

    You can pre-order your running and gait analysis at the shop over here. They also give an in-depth breakdown of what they will be analysing and why it matters here.

    The Sweat Shop

    Head to The Sweat Shop Dunkeld in Johannesburg or The Sweat Shop Claremont in Cape Town for shoe fittings, gait analysis and premium advice.

    Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in your next pair of running shoes, you’re ready to shop. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced runner, hit the ground running with these newly-released running shoes.

    READ MORE: Beginners 5K Running Training Plan And How To Crush It In Just 6 Weeks

    For Speed Runs

    For speed work and short-distance runs, look for a shoe with a little drop – in a European Journal of Sports Science study, they found that minimalist shoes can help you run faster, and make your feet and calves stronger. These are our top 2024 running shoes for speedy runs.

    Nike Vaporfly 3

    This is a speed shoe, indeed. But gone are the days when a quick 5K fit the bill for what creates a speedy run. These shoes can take you from a fast 10K through to a pacy marathon, too. The grooves in the sole drive energy from the sole through to the forefoot, making for faster take-offs.

    Under Armour Surge 3 Running Shoes

    With just an 8mm drop, this lightweight and breathable shoe will have you flying. A cushioned EVA midsole gives you a responsive ride while strategically placed rubber pods on the outsole add durability while keeping things light.

    adidas Adizero Boston 12

    You’d be surprised that such a chunky shoe can create such speed. Get flexibility in the forefoot along with a locked-in midfoot through your run. Energyrods at the bottom of the shoe provide a more seamless transition as you push off from the ground.

    PUMA Fast-R Nitro Elite

    You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a moon boot, but it’s actually a speed runner. The shoe, broken into two parts, delivers speed in the front section and comfort at the back, while the forefoot is primed to react to your cadence. It’s also surprisingly stable. While it’s built for speed, you could even take this bad boy on marathons, says PUMA. Expect a new version to drop in February 2024 – this shoe will be lighter and even faster.

    Asics Magic Speed

    Get the energy you need to ace your next PB. It works for both tempo runs and races and a carbon TPU plate propels your foot forward upon landing, so you go further, faster. A cushioned midsole keeps your stride propulsive while maintaining a lightweight feel.

    Hoka Mach X

    For those who want to run even faster, this pace-pushing shoe is it. It’s also a lightweight shoe built to last: the Mach X is supercharged with a layer of PEBA foam that’s 34% more resilient than the Carbon X 3 foam, making this a good shoe for both distance and speedy sprints.

    For Longer Distance Runs

    For longer distances, look for a higher drop in the shoe (read: a higher heel) that supports and keeps you comfy when you’re going for many km.

    On Running Cloudbloom Echo

    Made to go the distance, these shoes, with the upward curve, push your foot further and faster. You’ll also find enhanced cushioning on the forefoot, making for a more comfortable journey.

    Under Armour HOVR™ Machina 3

    Perfect for hot rides, the shoe’s mesh upper allows for maximum airflow, while tons of springy cushioning keeps you pushing forward. Plus, the combination of carbon and blown rubber on the outsole allows for durability and a lightweight rebound.

    adidas SOLARGLIDE 6

    Go the distance with this nifty runner. BOOST tech delivers energy return with each stride, while LEP 2.0 technology guides your foot forward for an extra push when you toe-off during your run.

    PUMA Magnify Nitro 2

    There’s tons of rubber in this shoe, making for a longer, smoother ride. In the midsole, you’ll find nitrogen-infused NITRO™ foam, to keep you bouncing along in comfort. The outsole’s rubber is durable and is built for all-surface traction.

    New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080

    Per New Balance, this shoe is IT. The shoe they’d make if they only made one. A bold claim, but we’ve reviewed it and can testify to its bounciness and responsiveness. The midsole, with proprietary Fresh Foam, allows the landing to push off to go that much more smoothly while the super-soft upper material is breathable.

    Nike Alphapfly 3

    Made with the beloved Zoom upper but with a decked-out sole, this shoe for marathoners looking to pace up fits the bill. It’s helped runner Kelvin Kiptum break the Marathon World Record, so it’s got to be good. What’s new? A smoother heel-to-toe transition from the continuous bottom as well as a wider carbon fibre Flyplate for extra propulsion.

    For Trail Runs

    With trail running shoes, you’re looking for a grippier outsole that can withstand uneven footpaths and keep your foot secure as you traverse the unknown. These are worth your cash.

    Salomon Pulsar

    A bouncy, superior comfort shoe that tackles the trails while you walk on clouds. An Energy Foam midsole gives you smooth transitions, while an Energy Blade helps with propulsion to shift you forward.

    Nike Ultrafly

    Fast and grippy, this shoe makes the case for a trail run that’s both fast, epic and yes, totally doable, no matter the conditions. The Nike Ultrafly was designed with Vibram and contains its lightweight, agile outsole design and traction tech underneath.

    Hoka SpeedGoat 5

    Like Nike’s Ultrafly, this shoe features the Vibram® Megagrip with Traction Lug designed to provide more surface contact and traction. It’s lighter and roomier but no less stable, making for light work when tackling the trails.


    A lightweight shoe that won’t bog you down on the hills. Shock-absorbing EVA provides comfort and the mesh upper takes you through mud, rain and sunshine. The Continental™ Rubber outsole also gives you a better grip on those trails.

    Under Armour Charged Maven

    For shock absorption, look for the UA Charged tech embedded in this shoe. The cushioning needs to be soft but rugged enough to take on rocks and gravel – and this shoe does the trick.

    PUMA Voyage Nitro 3

    The camo look is so subtle and beautiful, you’ll be wanting to wear this everywhere. But it’s destined for the trails: it sheds water so you’re never wet, while the outsole allows the shoe to move independently with the ground for better traction.

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    Essential Gear For Any Active Vacay

    If your idea of a perfect getaway involves a bit more adrenaline and a lot less lounging, then join the club. Chamain van Zyl, our online editor and hiking enthusiast, knows the drill: “Spontaneous bushveld strolls and local trail scouting? Count me in!”

    Plus, a foray into nature reaps health benefits, too. In a 2020 study published in the Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy, researchers discovered a significant correlation between outdoor mindfulness and two key components of human well-being: positivity and life satisfaction. The study underscores the impact of mindful experiences in natural settings on individuals’ emotional well-being and overall life contentment. So, if you’re still wondering why you should hit the trails and discover the great outdoors, these articles might help:

    Beyond the basics

    We’ve crafted a guide for your upcoming adventure—packed with action cameras, versatile gear and all the outdoor essentials you never knew you needed. Happy shopping!

    Hiking or Trail Running

    GoPro Hero 10 Black

    Capture the heart-pounding moments of your hiking, running, surfing, cycling and all the epic adventures with the GoPro Hero 10. Don’t miss a single second of the action!

    Garmin vívoactive® 5

    Keep a vigilant eye on your body battery this holiday season. Remember to prioritise much-needed rest and recovery after each exhilarating session. Your body’s your most valuable adventure tool!

    Salomon Active Skin 8 

    Whether it’s a quick run or a day-long hike, this hydration vest offers ultimate comfort with its soft, snug fit and breathability. Plus, enjoy modular storage and clever chest pockets for quick access to your flasks.

    USN Vooma Bar Almond & Honey Nougat

    Get hooked on these delectable USN nougat bars! Not only do they taste AMAZING, but they also give you the ‘vooma’ you need during your action-packed activities. It’s the perfect on-the-go fuel!

    PUMA X Liberty Women’s Crop Top

    It’s not just about hiking; it’s about hiking in both style and comfort. A sports bra ensures the utmost support for your adventure. After all, we need to look after the girls on any trip!

    READ MORE: 3 Things To Look For When Buying A Hiking Backpack (Plus, 8 Amazing Ones To Buy Right Now)

    Women’s UA RUSH™ Energy 2.0 Short Sleeve

    This top not only fits like a dream, but it helps you stay dry, stay energised and conquer every PB on your journey!

    Ladies X-Trail Waterproof Running Jacket

    Don’t let unpredictable weather keep you from the trails. Stay cool, dry and protected with the Ladies X-Trail lightweight jacket. It’s designed for the most demanding conditions and easily packs into your hydration pack. Be unstoppable, rain or shine!

    Kitchen Think Gadget Set

    Marshmallow on a stick is so last season. For the outdoor foodie, this self-stacking nesting gadget set is a game-changer. Enjoy brie and fig sarmies on your hike with a swivel peeler, mini grater, pizza cutter, bottle opener and grinder.

    adidas Terrex Speed Flow Trail Running Shoes

    Your adventure’s best friend. Designed for racing on any terrain and in all conditions, these shoes offer comfort and grip with a breathable mesh upper and a cushioned, lightweight midsole. Stay sure-footed on wet rocks and roots with the Continental™ Rubber outsole.

    Falke Silver Cushion Runner

    Never underestimate the importance of quality socks. Choose the right fit, just like the right shoes, for a blister-free experience.

    READ MORE: 24 Best Fitness Gifts For The Gym Lover In Your Life

    Thule AllTrail X 15L

    Whether you’re hauling snacks, jackets, or more, this versatile waxed canvas backpack can handle it all. It’s equally at home on the trail as it is in the city, ensuring you’re ready for any adventure that comes your way.

    Women’s UA Run Elite 2-in-1 Shorts

    What’s an adventure without comfy shorts? These have an expandable pocket to secure your phone without the bounce, making them perfect for runners who like to stay connected.

    Mountain Biking

    Specialized Women’s Camber Comp Carbon

    You cannot go wrong with Specialized! This bike is designed to give women the ultimate trail experience, offering speed, efficiency, and assured handling both uphill and downhill. Get ready to ride like never before!

    Assos® Uma GT Evo | Women’s Half Shorts

    “I prefer shorts over bib shorts, it’s just easier to get out of when nature calls. [chuckles]” says Chamain van Zyl, Digital Editor. Picking the right pair of cycling shorts is crucial to keep your comfort levels high and your bum happy on those long rides.

    Ciovita Nucleo Sport Fit Cycling Jersey

    Look as cool as your ride while tearing up the trails! The Nucleo Sport Fit Cycling Jersey offers a relaxed sport-fit style with slightly longer sleeves. It also packs an expandable pocket for extra storage, reflective trims for visibility and a secure elasticated back hem. Style and function in one!

    Fizik Ladies Terra Ergolace X2 Mountain Bike Shoe

    These gorgeous mountain bike shoes offer an anatomical fit for ultimate comfort. Plus, they feature an X2 outsole with Vibram grip for superior traction both on and off the bike.

    READ MORE: 10 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Cycling In 2023

    Giro Radix Cycle Helmet

    Safety is non-negotiable! Protect yourself with the Giro Radix Cycle Helmet, built to deliver toughness, protection, durability, and style. Your trusted companion for a thrilling ride through the trails.

    ILoveBoobies Tropical Socks

    Don’t forget to match your kit with cute socks! These tropical socks by I Love Boobies aren’t just adorable; they’re functional and for a fantastic cause. For every five pairs of socks sold, one breast cancer screening is paid for.

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

  • in

    The New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 Might Be The Bounciest Running Shoe We’ve Tried

    When it comes to running, a number of factors come into play that determine how much you’ll get out of that 5K sprint (or let’s be honest – light jog). There’s how well you hold yourself – too far forward and you’ll be going slowly, too far back and it’s the same. There’s your cadence, pace and other measurable variables. But one that only gets measured by how much pain you experience? Your bouncy running shoe. Too tight and you’ll cramp. If it’s too loose, you’ll get no support. Too soft and you’ll hurt your knees. But we have found a winner! 

    When shopping for a running shoe, we know we need to look at arch support, ankle support and something light and springy. The *new* New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 delivers all that and then some. It’s incredibly light and so bouncy you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re walking on reinforced marshmallows.

    New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080

    The Specs

    Get comfort for your feet with this shoe. It cushions the foot perfectly, while still being versatile for everyday life. A midsole is built for smooth transitions from the landing to push-off (so you’re flying) and a second-skin style mesh upper provides breathability that’s supportive around the ankle. Plus, choose your preferred fit, from a standard shoe or wider shoe.

    READ MORE: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Running Shoes?

    What it’s good for 

    Touted as your go-to everyday shoe, this gorgeous runner goes beyond cradling your foot while trying to ace your next PB. It’s been designed to be worn while running errands, shopping, walking, the whole nine yards. “As a mostly barefoot person (hello, WFH attire), I relished this shoe in all its softness as I padded around the house and did my morning walks. Light and airy, it also looks great with a pair of jeans and a plain white top,” says Michelle October, WH Features Ed. 

    READ MORE: The ASICS GEL-KAYANO™ 30: The Shoe That Will Make You Love Running Again

    We tried the New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080

    WH Features Editor Michelle October took the shoes for a run.

    “The shoe is next-level bouncy and responsive on the road. I tried it out on a run and felt like I was flying through my route. Because the shoe is so soft, I expected it to have minimal support around the ankle – I have weak ones – but that wasn’t the case. The forefoot is reinforced and ultra-supportive, making it perfect for long runs. It’s also got a light, airy upper that leaves your foot able to breathe as you take on your run. I loved that it gave me back what I pounded into the pavement and the bounce back definitely takes a load off your knees when running. Overall, a shoe I’d buy in an instant.”  More

  • in

    Under Armour Drops 2024 Gear – And We Are Obsessed!

    Step into the future with Under Armour’s 2024 tech and product range, where innovation and style collide to empower athletes of all levels. From groundbreaking baselayers to premium sportswear and cutting-edge running shoes, Under Armour is bringing their a-game to help you reach your peak performance.

    Told through an immersive fit – the brand highlights three areas of focus in the year to come:

    Baselayer – For the Heat and Cold.

    Unstoppable Collection – Be Unstoppable. Born from performance. Made for style.

    Infinite – The Run Category Collection.

    Baselayer Tech

    Under Armour’s 2024 collection places a significant focus on baselayer technology, which saw the unveiling of new Heatgear, Coldgear, Iso-Chill and Authentics apparel. These cutting-edge baselayers are designed to offer a next-to-skin fit, regulating temperature and providing essential support for every athlete. 

    The baselayer product offerings included:

    HG Armour Tee (feel cool, dry and light)

    CG Armour (feel warm, dry and light)

    HG Armour Iso-Chill (Makes you cooler so you can work longer).

    All of which exemplify the commitment to moisture-wicking and temperature-regulating properties, ensuring athletes feel powerful and perform at their best. With key benefits such as a next-to-skin fit which regulates temperature, these items are a must-have for every athlete. But, that’s not all. They’re light and tight which makes you feel more powerful so you can work out for longer.

    READ MORE: We Tested The NEW Under Armour Iso-Chill Range With Running Late Club

    Unstoppable Collection

    This is a premium sportswear line designed for athletes who want to look good, feel confident and perform at their peak. It’s described as a “clean, premium and a future-looking sports style.” Feeling confident and unstoppable is the emotional impact of wearing the product. Designed with UA performance technology and crafted from premium materials, the gear is not only comfortable and stylish but also enhances one’s overall performance. The woven fabric, enhanced with an EcoStorm finish, ensures superior comfort and durability, with the jackets composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane, and the bottoms available in 100% Polyester or 90% Polyester/10% Elastane options. 

    The Unstoppable Woven Jackets

    These represent a fusion of style and functionality, catering to the needs of today’s active lifestyle with an elevated and versatile sportswear design. Ideal for post-workout recovery, travel, and everyday activities, these jackets feature a woven fabric with an EcoStorm finish, ensuring superior comfort and durability. The trendy jacket silhouettes not only offer a contemporary look but also incorporate elements of sports heritage DNA, adding a distinctive touch to the design. The jackets boast a loose fit, providing comfort and ease of movement, along with practical pockets for added functionality. The inclusion of PU matte logos adds a touch of sophistication, making these jackets a stylish and practical choice for individuals leading an active lifestyle.

    The Unstoppable Woven Bottoms

    Crafted with woven fabrics featuring an EcoStorm finish, these bottoms ensure superior comfort and durability. The design showcases cargo and wide-leg silhouettes, combined with an elevated aesthetic with elements of sports heritage DNA. Evident attention to detail shines through with the oversized fit for wide-leg pants, loose fit for cargo styles, convenient pockets and incorporation of PU matte logos.

    READ MORE: 24 Best Fitness Gifts For The Gym Lover In Your Life


    Let’s talk shoes, a popular offering in the Under Armour staple. It was announced that a key focus for 2024 is their Infinite Shoe range, with special attention being placed on the UA Infinite Pro, UA Infinite and UA Elite – elevating your running experience like no other. 

    UA Infinite Pro

    Designed to deliver an elevated and comfortable running experience, the UA Infinite Pro incorporates various tech features. The tongue and collar lining provide added comfort, ensuring a snug fit without irritation. The shoe prioritises heel impact reduction for smooth landings and enhanced overall stability. Its outsole is intelligently designed for a balance of durability and lightweight rebound. The engineered upper, with zonal structures and 3D haptic print detailing, offers breathability and containment. A high-resiliency premium sock liner cradles the foot, enhancing step-in comfort. The lightweight Pebax foam in the midsole contributes to soft landings and exceptional springiness, providing excellent energy return. The one-piece bead foam midsole, softer, lighter, and more flexible, ensures a plush and bouncier underfoot experience for runners.

    UA Infinite

    The UA Infinite offers an exceptional running experience with its Deluxe Comfort System, featuring an Ortholite sock liner and PU strobel underfoot for ultimate step-in comfort. The full-length, unwrapped HOVR technology ensures lightweight cushioning and high rebound responsiveness, propelling the runner forward. The Circular Knit full-length upper contributes to breathability, durability, and lightweight containment. Additionally, the shoe is equipped with a durable rubber outsole that provides traction and durability. This ensures proper flexibility for an efficient toe-off during each stride.

    UA Infinite Elite

    The UA Infinite Elite promises an uninhibited running experience with its resilient and springy core. The updated outsole design features wider gauges and a reinforced heel for added guidance, flexibility, and efficient dispersion of impact forces, ensuring a smooth ride. HOVR+ cushioning, higher midsole heights, and intelliknit upper technology combine for an undeniably plush feel, providing a dynamic fit. Notable features include a pull tab for easy entry, premium branding for heel support and an outsole designed for a balance of durability and lightweight rebound.

    The knit upper materialisation provides a precision 1:1 fit with micro details. While a high-resiliency premium sock liner enhances step-in comfort. The full-length, one-piece bead foam midsole contributes to a softer, lighter, and more flexible underfoot experience, promising runners a smoothed-out ride with amplified energy return and increased overall stability.

    For more information, visit or download the Under Armour app on Google Play or the Apple Store, today! More