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    Enjoy Your Downtime (Without Feeling Guilty) In 3 Easy Steps

    If you’re one of those people who leave the office only to grind away when you arrive home, postponing even the simple act of eating — we’re talking to you! We all have permission to relax and do absolutely nothing from time to time, a concept the Italians refer to as il dolce far niente.

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    On a serious note though, believing that taking time out will only leave you more anxious and is therefore a waste of time was linked to less happiness and more depression, anxiety and stress, per a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. Our constant focus on achieving more and more, without ever pausing to smell the roses is actually counterproductive, says Johannesburg clinical psychologist Sandra Papoutsis. “It actually keeps us on a never-ending treadmill of expectations that prevents us from experiencing the present moment,” says Papoutsis.

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    Unwinding seems like too much? Remember that not everything needs to have a goal, a bit of a difficult mindset to adopt if you’re a recovering workaholic. You can start by unplugging from email and social media in favour of spending time with those you love, especially when nothing’s (urgent) on the agenda. Or schedule solo time to catch up on reading, TV or organising your closet.

    3 Steps To Help You Enjoy Your Downtime According To An Expert

    Clinical psychologist Sandra Papoutsis recommends following these simple steps

    1. Switch Off

    “Give yourself permission to turn off! It’s pointless taking time out if you allow your thoughts to leave you feeling guilty. Remember that you’re in charge of your thoughts and only you can turn them off.”

    How To: Repeat self-affirming mantras, focus on what you can do now (not the future), take deep breaths, inhale a calming essential oil such as chamomile, clary sage or lavender.

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    2. Embrace Your Senses

    “Mindfully bring yourself into the moment; what can you hear, see, smell, taste and feel? This practice will distract you from those intrusive thoughts that drain your energy.”

    How To: Get into the habit of engaging with various scents (freshly brewed coffee, fragrances, flowers etc), savour the flavours of food and drinks, go in for those long affirming hugs or treat yourself to a massage.

    3. Recharge Mindfully

    “Choose activities that fulfil you and feed your senses; indulging the senses facilitates recharge. In essence, dedicate more time to being in the moment!”

    How To: Sit in nature, take a scented bath, listen to music, or analyse the lyrics to your favourite song. More

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    The Thing About Self-Care Is…

    Self-care – most crave it; most want its much-discussed benefits yet in between the demands of everyday life, we find ourselves often striking it off our to-do lists.

    As aptly put by, “…self-care practices are intentional steps to take care of yourself. Self-care practices put deposits into your wellness ‘bank account’. Consistent deposits give you more internal resources to draw upon during stressful times.”

    Countless research has been published on how practising regular self-care leaves us energetic and emotionally sound, with some room to extend a helping hand to others. As the New Age hashtag goes, #SelfishIsTheNewSelfLove. Being busy should not stand in the way of you indulging in one or two self-care routines daily. Remember: There aren’t enough hours in a day as it is, and you may never have free “me-time” waiting for you to claim it.

    Below, three women share heartwarming anecdotes of how they learnt (the hard way) that pouring from an empty cup wasn’t sustainable — and that if anything, it leads to physical and mental exhaustion. 

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    Lally Dladla

    “It took a hysterectomy for me to realise that I was kind, giving and generous to everyone but myself!”

    In 2020 I started having dizzy spells, heavy monthly periods and recurring nosebleeds but paid them no heed. Over and above the pandemic-induced anxiety, I didn’t need the additional stress of a body desperately crying out for attention. A visit to my gynae in 2021 revealed that I had a rare condition that required an urgent hysterectomy. Postponing indefinitely would lead to my health being compromised. One thing anyone who knows me will vouch for is that I live for my sons, my miracle babies.

    Leading up to the op, I’d quell my anxiety by reminding myself that postponing wouldn’t only cut my life short, but also rob my sons of the opportunity to grow old with me. So, I forged ahead – fear in tow. Exhausted and drowning in my thoughts one morning post-op, it suddenly dawned on me that I either didn’t love myself or had no idea what self-love looked like. In hindsight, being diagnosed with anaemia, low blood pressure, the hysterectomy and getting Covid – all in one year – were a wake-up call. I started wondering what treating myself kindly, healthwise, would look like.

    A good place to start, I decided, would be to implement the lifestyle changes I’d been long meaning to make. I now follow a vegetarian diet, I’ve parted ways with booze and take long walks in the morning – I can’t run yet due to the hysterectomy. These changes, though small, have done wonders for my energy levels. I consider them a secret pact between my body and soul. Now six months into my Put-Lally-First journey, self-love is constantly reminding the nurturer in me to take a chill pill because I’m prioritising myself.

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    Matata Diamonde

    “Scheduling play time has been really big for me; it makes me feel like I’m prioritising myself.”

    I come from a family that has always been big on self-development. My mother, a Fourth Way healer (a behavioural and spiritual type of well-being practice) introduced me to alternative forms of healing quite early on. Growing up in India, I did a lot of meditation and started transactional analysis at a young age. I vividly remember being ill as a child and starting to practice Reiki (an energy-correcting practice that promotes relaxation and reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch) because meds were just not helping my condition.

    I also struggled a bit as a child so, I was in therapy by age 14. It was around this same age that I started attracting friends who needed the kind of support that was way beyond what my teenage brain could offer. And I stuck around because I’d made their well-being my responsibility. I’d assigned myself, though totally unintentionally, the role of “rescuer” in my relationships.

    As a result, being taken advantage of became a recurring theme in my life as I got older, one that started popping up in work, romantic and familial relationships. After my father’s passing, I spent a big part of my inheritance in a romantic relationship where I was treated really badly. I still feel a lot of shame for being in the situation, but this incident was the big wake-up call that made me closely examine my “rescuer” default. I’d started noticing that I had a lot of pent-up anger, resentment and that I almost didn’t wish people well in those situations where I felt taken advantage of. These new traits were totally out of character for me.

    Time and lots of reflection have taught me that I kept attracting situations where I felt “used and depleted” because, at my core, I wanted to be needed, validated and not feel abandoned. With a few adjustments to my beliefs, I’m slowly realising that I’m resourceful enough to meet these needs myself. For instance, my morning routine is sacred. I now give myself an hour of consistent quiet time. When I don’t, I find that everything gets heightened – I become cranky, my workload feels unmanageable and my interactions with people aren’t as fulfilling. At some point, I tried out pole dancing and signed up with a vocal coach. Seeking out new ways to better understand myself has been revolutionary on my self-care journey.

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    Marjorie Arnold

    “During the worst phase of my adult life, veganism served as my life raft. It made me realise that I was worthy of life despite a niggly voice whispering, ‘Your body failed you from a very young age.’” 

    I was raised by a single mother, in a small town. My mother was a teacher and our home a hive of activity. We always had learners come in and out of our house for all sorts of help. And I quickly internalised that being in service to others determined one’s worth. My, was I wrong! It was only later that I discovered that self-love was not a frivolous marketing concept aimed at persuading consumers to keep buying more stuff. When my mom was diagnosed with stage 4 breast and lymph cancer in 2010, she came to stay with me at the height of my freelance career in publishing, advertising and reality TV. I had just resigned from a toxic permanent job in magazines.

    In between full-time caregiving, I worked Monday right through to Sunday. It never occurred to me that my own well-being mattered, despite my slew of past and present chronic health issues. I had Perthes Disease as a child and was wheelchair-bound; I was always undergoing one op or another. I’ve had a limp, chronic body pain and anxiety disorder all my life. When my mother survived chemo and her cancer, I thought I’d have a moment to catch my breath. I’d been operating in survival mode for so long that trying to return to the groove of just living was impossible. However, losing myself in caregiving and my freelance gigs turned out to be my lifeline. Had I not, I wouldn’t have noticed the urgency of the lifestyle changes I owed myself. Going vegan was what ultimately flung open the doors of self-worth for me.

    As a nurturer and giver, traits I inherited from my mother, redirecting my compassion to learning about cruelty to animals and really caring for the environment made me feel good. My journey to better self-care (and it has been loooong!) has taught me that, sometimes, prioritising myself will come in the form of taking a step back – even if it means regressing. I’m grateful for the many bold steps that I took along the way because I’m currently in a career that aligns perfectly with my values and personality. I’ve also learnt that I can’t help others before helping myself (basic, I know!) During this journey, I also allowed myself to cry more, something I have come to understand is an essential part of healing.

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    Easy Daily Self-Care Practises To Adopt

    Practise guided meditation

    Do some breathwork throughout the day

    Dress up (please do, even with nowhere to go)

    Incorporate one fun activity on your to-do list

    Declutter your space (even if it’s just one room per day)

    Read a book

    Eat a balanced diet

    Give yourself a break in between meetings (where you don’t feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Stare into space if you must!)

    Keep a gratitude journal

    Take a walk

    Listen to music that uplifts you

    Exercise regularly

    Take a social media break

    Plan a holiday (even though you can’t afford one at the moment)

    Do at least one thing that contributes to a bigger goal

    Treat yourself to an at-home spa day

    Work from a new spot or coffee shop

    Do a random act of kindness

    Switch off your phone an hour or two before bedtime

    Sleep earlier More

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    Mercury is in retrograde: Buckle up, here’s how to protect your mental health


    by Ruman Baig
    25 mins ago

    Navigating the Annual Phase of Mercury Retrograde.
    This frequently memed celestial phenomenon alludes to a series of disruptions that tend to crop up during specific periods annually.
    Proponents of astrology believe that when Mercury is in retrograde, a vulnerable window opens up for communication breakdowns, relationship hiccups, and misunderstandings with those close to us. It’s as if cosmic interference temporarily disturbs our usual patterns of interaction.
    But what exactly does “Mercury in retrograde” signify? Beyond its meme-worthy reputation, this expression refers to an astrological event where Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, appears to move slower than the Earth as they both orbit around the sun.

    Normally, Mercury completes its orbit in 88 days, while Earth takes 365 days. However, during retrograde, Mercury’s slower pace creates an optical illusion that it’s moving backward. This phenomenon holds significance in astrology as Mercury is said to govern areas such as communication, technology, travel, news, and information. Therefore, when retrograde occurs, a series of mishaps—missed connections, miscommunications—can be expected.
    Wondering why people react strongly to Mercury retrograde? It’s because Mercury’s influence over communication is believed to take on negative undertones during retrograde motion. This can manifest in lost emails, disrupted travel plans, and even shifts in relationships and misunderstandings. Some effects attributed to this period include brain fog, anxiety, headaches, and uncertainties in work and personal projects.

    What can one do—or not do—during Mercury retrograde to navigate these challenges?

    If you’re concerned about its potential impact, consider prioritizing self-care and a more deliberate pace.
    Refrain from making significant decisions or starting new projects until after the retrograde has passed.
    Avoid engaging in conflicts, as misunderstandings could be amplified during this time.
    If emotions are running high, practice deep breathing or meditation to alleviate stress. It’s worth noting that even if you don’t personally subscribe to the phenomenon’s effects, those around you might. Thus, offering support and understanding is crucial.
    Maintain perspective and avoid taking things personally

    Remember, Mercury retrograde might be a celestial event with varying beliefs, but its impact on people’s lives is undeniable. Whether you’re a steadfast believer or a skeptic, embracing mindfulness and empathy during this phase is a universally valuable approach.
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    20 self-care and wellness must-haves for modern mindulfness


    by Camille Macawili
    31 mins ago

    Summer is about to end and before we go back to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, why not savour in the slow sunny afternoons and indulge in three more weeks of pampering?
    These everyone seems to be living for the Gram and taking some time out for yourself seems nearly impossible.

    The good news is that there is no singular self-care method that works for everyone. For a few, it can simply mean lighting incense sticks to ground  themselves. For others, it takes 5-minute journaling to clear your mind – all you have to do is carve out a few minutes of your time.
    Whatever you need, Emirates Woman have culled in cult-favorites from the internet that will help achieve inner calm before the storm.
    Tap the gallery to scroll through 20 of the best mood-boosting must-haves for your self-care and wellness rituals:

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    22 self-care and wellness must-haves for modern mindulfness


    by Camille Macawili
    5 hours ago

    Summer is about to end and before we go back to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, why not savour in the slow sunny afternoons and indulge in three more weeks of pampering?
    These days everyone seems to be living for the Gram and taking some time out for yourself seems nearly impossible.

    The good news is that there is no singular self-care method that works for everyone. For a few, it can simply mean lighting incense sticks to ground  themselves. For others, it takes 5-minute journaling to clear your mind – all you have to do is carve out a few minutes of your time.
    Whatever you need, Emirates Woman have culled in cult-favorites from the internet that will help achieve inner calm before the storm.
    Tap the gallery to scroll through 22 of the best mood-boosting must-haves for your self-care and wellness rituals:

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    Body Fwrd Founder Kenzie Burke on the importance of nourishing within

    As Kenzie Burke launches her first Body Fwrd challenge today, “The Cusp” podcast host, BRÛLÉ designer, and wellness expert shares with Emirates Woman what kickstarted her passion in wellness, overcoming challenges and the importance of “feeding” your skin.
    Tell us about the concept behind Body Fwrd.
    Body Fwrd brings forth practices around food and living in a cleansed body. Using the power of food to clear and cleanse the body to have the space to move forward, with clarity and light energy. I have committed to true transformation, doing the hard work, overcoming myself, and awakening on a spiritual level. I have created Body Fwrd to give the world tools and practices to unleash the core of who you are, transform yourself through nutritional healing, create a balanced mindset, and challenge you to be disciplined to make choices that will help you cultivate the life you truly want to live. Body Fwrd is for those who want to live an elevated life and take the journey towards becoming the very best versions of themselves. It is the home for those who are here for true transformation. Here, we show up, do the hard work, and overcome ourselves daily. As a health and wellness expert and multifaceted entrepreneur, I am here to share the life-transforming nutritional information that has grown from decades of experience, knowledge, and understanding. And no… it’s not only about food! Body Fwrd is the deep dive into the pillars of nutrition that contain the power to transform our lives entirely. What we use to fuel ourselves impacts us in every way – our physical bodies, emotional health, and spiritual balance. Your body is your home; the cleaner it is, the more space you have. Physically and mentally. I have been on a path of improvement my entire life but specifically dove into the power of nutrition, improving and evolving my ways of nourishment since 2018. It hasn’t only been about food and the more I have committed to true transformation, doing the hard work, overcoming myself, and awakening on a spiritual level, the more I have deepened my practices around food and living in a cleansed body. I created my eating method based on realizing that we are meant to clean and clear out the body and live in a cleansed state. It is our birthright to feel abundant, clear, and healthy and create an environment that can thrive. Not one that is prone to illness and disease, and we should all be proud and love the body we live in. We have normalized being sick, eating rubbish, applauding, and hopping on and off different, trendy ways of eating. But I wholeheartedly believe that we are meant to live and embody a cleansed state. We are energetic beings; what you put into your body, the energy and people you have around you, the thoughts you think – these things live inside of us. I look at my body this way: you wouldn’t leave dishes in your sink for weeks, forget to vacuum your rug, or never do your laundry. You want your physical house to be ‘clean’; otherwise, it would affect your life. Your body is no different.

    “Here, we show up, do the hard work, and overcome ourselves daily.”

    Your visuals are stunning – do you create them yourself?
    I do! I have a photographer who has worked with me through all the seasons of my entrepreneurship journey – and it is cool to see how we have evolved throughout the years. But, as far as the images that are not of me – I take them! I love visuals, a vibe, and good branding. All my visuals for Body Fwrd are the easiest for me to create. Body Fwrd is my lifestyle. Every picture and moment is taken in real time as I am about to eat, move my body, do meditation, and the list goes on. My strongest sense of Human Design is ‘taste’. I think that plays a role in creating beautiful environments, visuals, food dishes, the way I dress… I am a natural-born tastemaker.

    You previously built a business around food and wellness then left it. How did you come to a place where it felt right for you again?
    I built a business in food and wellness and then left it entirely. I resisted it. But I also resisted my own power and had (and am overcoming) an addiction to pain. I self-sabotaged and dimmed my own light quite a bit, and doing this to my old wellness business was a part of that pattern. What many people don’t know is that I went through a massive amount of pain and endured a very dark time after doing that to my business. I cut myself off from making money, I had an entire company that I had put my all into, an assistant, and a large following who supported me, and I left all of that. It was not fun. Not empowering, and it hurt. This result stemmed from my childhood — dimming my own light, not letting myself receive goodness, love, and money without pain. But launching Body Fwrd has unblocked me in more ways than any words could express. Through Body Fwrd I am freeing myself from myself. I have felt this deep sense of frustration ever since I can remember. I have embarked on ten million career journeys, travel, and moved houses, cities, and states. Yet… I would still feel it. And it frustrated me because it does not and has not felt like mine anymore, and I know I can live without it. With Body Fwrd, instead of searching for the next thing and creating something new, I have turned inward and got to the root of where this is stemming from. I have been suppressing myself, not letting myself fully step into my voice, knowledge, and potential. Anyone who has followed me for the last four years has seen the forward motion and journey I have been on of deep soul searching, career searching, etc. All along, there was a knock that would not stop. It just got louder and louder and the more I pushed it down, the more trapped I felt. The ‘body’ and nutritional healing aspect of my life is such a massive part of who I am and my life. I have reached the most embodied version of my body (through diet, cleansing, clearing the body, mind, and life choices). I know so much about the body and how to clear the vessel so we can move forward with clarity, self-love, and feeling embodied in our bodies. How did I know it was time to step back into the wellness world? First, I had to stop resisting. I had to stop the nagging. It was jaw-locking me and my life, and I want to move forward each day, freely in my work and my life.

    “…launching Body Fwrd has unblocked me in more ways than any words could express. With Body Fwrd, instead of searching for the next thing and creating something new, I have turned inward and got to the root of where this is stemming from.”

    How important is food and the way we eat it to our skin?
    I believe your internal reflects your external. Sure, you can use fancy creams, get facials, Botox, do all the things. However, nothing could compare to the sparkle in your eye from a healthy internal state. Food is a powerful tool we can use and harness to not only create how we feel but also how we look. Nourishing with hydrating fruits, colourful vegetables, good water and making that a daily priority will show on the external. I am such a ‘deep diver’, and as each year goes by, I learn more. I do deeper cleanses. I expand my knowledge and transform my ways of eating and living. With each year that goes by, my skin has been reverse ageing. And I feel that the older I get, the better I look. This is a result of how I eat, my wellness practices, and my dedication to my spiritual practices – the internal shows on the external.

    Where do you get the motivation to be consistent and are there any practices which have helped you with this?
    I have always been striving and dedicated to growth, evolution, and transformation. I have been like this ever since I could remember. Some of this is my innate personality and the other part is that I have always known the kind of life I want to live, the results I want to experience, the kind of people I want as my friends, the places I want to live in, the entrepreneur I want to be, the kind of wife and mother I hope to be. I have had to create this life for myself. I was born and raised in a small town in Wisconsin. I am the pattern breaker in my family. So, I have had to be disciplined and motivated to grow and evolve from a young age. If you want different results, you must have habits, routines, and rituals to help you create the life you want to live and embody the person you want to be. All the practices that I embody and that help me will be expressed through my sharings with Body Fwrd. I suggest you follow along because I have a lot to give!
    What do you avoid in terms of lifestyle to ensure you have the most balanced skin?
    I avoid processed food including sugar, poor sleep patterns, and stress. I avoid anything that brings me down and does not feel energizing or good to my mind, soul, or life. Life ebbs and flows, but I try my best to remain balanced because I know that how you feel internally is what shows externally.
    If you had to pick three hero products for skin, what would they be?
    Agent Nateur, Barefaced, and Standard Self Care.
    This is The Skin Issue – what does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin?
    It’s having a deep respect for yourself, which translates to self-love. The more work and effort I put into my evolution, the more comfortable I feel in my own skin. We all want to feel good not only in our skin but also in our day-to-day life. When you respect yourself and take the time and effort to nourish your body, move, sleep, meditate, expand your knowledge, work hard, apologize when you mess up, confront the hard conversations, and have compassion for the people around you, you build a strong foundation that deepens the relationship you have with yourself. Being comfortable in my own skin is extremely important to me – I want to live my life as an embodied human being, and that is my ‘why’ each and every day.
    June’s – The Skin Issue with Instytutum – Download Now 
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    8 Essentials You Need for Your Everything Shower

    I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m quick to hop on the latest TikTok trend. The 12-3-30 workouts, all the coastal cowgirl looks that I’ve been wearing on repeat so far this spring, the list could go on and on. When I recently came across the “everything shower” trend, I knew I had to give this one a go, too. 
    If you’re wondering what on Earth the everything shower is, 1) I’m truly honored to be the one to enlighten you and 2) your life is about to be changed for good. The everything shower is exactly what it sounds like. It isn’t your normal routine, it’s a long, deep-cleaning shower that doubles as a luxury self-care practice. It can involve as many steps as you’d like—from dry brushing to scalp massaging. 
    Now if you’re like me, this in-depth shower routine can seem a little intimidating. When I first started partaking in this ultimate self-care experience, I didn’t even know where to begin or what products to reach for. That was until I tried out Athena Club: the inspiration behind my everything shower practice.
    Athena Club is a sustainable yet affordable self-care and wellness brand that caught my attention a few months ago at Target and has had me in a chokehold ever since. They offer many high-quality, impulse-purchase-worthy products that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are effective. (Plus, right now, we’re giving you yet another excuse to hit “add to cart” because you can snag 25% off your first Athena Club purchase on us by using code EVERYGIRL!) After using their Razor Kit, Cloud Shave Foam, Dewy Body Lotion, and Creamy Body Wash, I knew I found my starting lineup for my regimen. 

    Athena Club
    Razor Kit
    Introducing, the everything shower’s star of the show: Athena Club’s award-winning Razor Kit. A buttery smooth shave is 100% guaranteed every time with its effective, high-quality stainless steel blades and water-activated hyaluronic acid and shea butter serum strip that moisturizes and soothes with every glide.
    Get 25% off your first purchase with code EVERYGIRL!

    Athena Club’s shaving products are truly the crème de la crème of my everything shower. In honor of the silkiest, smoothest shave I’ve literally ever had, here is the rest of my head-to-toe everything shower routine to help guide yours:

    For the mood:
    I always start my everything shower by setting the vibes. I love making a real moment of it because honestly, I deserve some true self-care time (if I do say so myself). Whether you do something as simple as putting on your favorite playlist (Taylor Swift, do your thing, girl) or invest in some products that can make your bathroom an oasis, this step is crucial for making your everything shower stand out from your typical in-and-out rinse off. 

    Fresh Eucalyptus
    I can’t think of a better way to get some serious aromatherapy than by hanging some fresh eucalyptus on your shower head. (If that’s not your thing, you can also throw some shower steamers into your tub for some spa-like smells.)

    Athena Club
    Natural Wax Candle
    Then, I dim the lights and light a candle. Athena Club’s Natural Wax Candle is the one I turn to again and again for a soothing smell and ambiance.

    Waterproof Speaker
    Last, but certainly not least, I throw on some lofi music to really set the scene. JBL’s waterproof speaker is small but very mighty.

    For the body:
    Before I dive into my everything shower, I grab a dry brush and gently massage my skin—starting at my feet moving upwards and towards my heart. ICYMI: using a dry brush exfoliates and improves your skin texture while increasing blood flow and promoting lymphatic drainage. Our wellness editor swears by this step and since I’ve incorporated it into my own routine, I’ve become a forever fan.

    Dry Brush
    I personally love this one from OSEA since it’s easy to hold with its comfortable handle and wide brush head. I don’t have to worry about it slipping, sliding, or falling out of my hand.

    For the silkiest shave of my life:
    Once I hop into my shower at a modest 500 degrees, the real fun begins. After staring at the wall and contemplating life for a few minutes, I reach for one of the most effective products in my everything-shower regimen: Athena Club’s Razor Kit.
    Athena Club made razors based on how people actually shave—and it shows. When I use this little guy, it glides with me on its easy-to-hold ergonomic handle and leaves me with the closest shave. If I’m being honest, I can be a bit of a clumsy shaver so I heavily rely on the built-in skin guards and they haven’t let me down. I never get any cuts or scrapes, even on those hard-to-shave places like the knees and ankles, when I’m using this razor. When I first saw the price, I didn’t expect to be this impressed but I can honestly say it’s gained a permanent spot in my shower lineup.
    To really get the full experience, pair your Razor Kit with their Cloud Shave Foam, Dewy Body Lotion, and Creamy Body Wash that left my legs feeling smooth as can be. Plus, Athena Club just launched in Target which makes getting your fix easier than ever (or, if your vibe is a 25% off discount, head to their website and use code EVERYGIRL to get 25% off of your first purchase online).

    Athena Club
    Razor Kit
    Athena Club’s Razor Kit not only does the absolute most when it comes to shaving, but it looks beautiful hanging on its easily-accessible magnetic hook that keeps your razor in tip-top shape—without getting slimey and gross.
    Get 25% off your first purchase with code EVERYGIRL!

    For the scalp:
    Now, it’s time for one of the most underrated parts of my routine and a step I can’t believe I lived so long without—a scalp scrub. If you’re looking to remove build-up and purify your scalp and hair while giving it a good shine, adding a scalp scrub into your lineup is a great place to start. It’s as easy as one, two, three: Gently scrub this product into your scalp, wash it evenly throughout your hair, then follow it up with your normal rinse and lather with your go-to shampoo and conditioner.

    Scalp Scrub
    NEXXUS’ Clean and Pure scrub is loved by many—and for good reason. One of my favorite features is that even though it’s a deep scrub, it doesn’t contain any sulfates, parabens, or dyes so you know it works with all hair types and colors.

    For the feet:
    Every everything shower needs the full head-to-toe treatment. Using a sole smoother gives my soles a much-needed refresh by exfoliating and removing calluses. First, I soak my feet and then gently massage the bottom of my feet with the coarse side of the stick before flipping the stick to smooth. 

    Sole Smoother
    Tweezerman’s Sole Smoother is easy to hold and use with its long handle. Plus, unlike many other pedicure tools, this one is fully waterproof making it everything shower-approved.

    For the face:
    I like to keep the good vibes going even after I turn off my shower head. I always wrap up my everything shower practice by applying my favorite overnight face mask to help lock in moisture and set myself up for a glow that keeps on giving. My skincare goals in life are to look like a glazed donut after I apply all of my products, and trust me, this stuff gets the job DONE. 

    Overnight Face Mask
    Laneige’s Cica Sleeping Mask has been my trusty go-to the past few months whenever I need an overnight refresh. I always wake up looking more glowy, moisturized, and hydrated than I did the day before (and it locks that hydration in for days after I used it)! Talk about a deep moisturizer.

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    11 fabulous activities to do in Dubai this weekend

    Your ultimate weekend guide in Dubai, May 18 to May 20, 2023.
    Witness a cabaret show

    Head to Andalucia at Al Habtoor Polo Resort for its all-new Dinner Show. The Dinner Show brings the latest cabaret entertainment to Dubai, complete with international talent. It will feature some of the top artists of this region so you’ll be in for a night packed with a range of dazzling performances. the cabaret is the perfect opportunity to catch different shows and experience the emirate’s unforgettable nightlife. The curtains open with Rocking Opera with West End talent Aaron Pryce-Lewis and Glain Rhys, who have performed in Les Miserables and Phantom of The Opera respectively. Expect an electrifying evening with special appearances from local talents such as Ryan Gibb and Timi Ridgway. The performance will be held on Friday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20 at 7.30pm. The evening is inclusive of dinner and drinks, starting from Dhs450 per person. If you’re feeling fancy, turn the evening into a staycation with packages starting at Dhs699 for two. The staycation package includes an overnight stay, breakfast at the hotel’s all-day dining restaurant and two tickets to the show.
    For more information and to purchase tickets visit
    Indulge in some self-care

    AWAY Spa now offers new treatments on its menu, which we think would be of great interest to your readers. One of the exciting new treatments is cupping therapy, an ancient technique that is common in the GCC region. These new treatments aim to provide a holistic and rejuvenating experience that helps guests unwind after a busy week. Enjoy a spa day-cation at W Dubai–The Palm with access to everything you need to pause and unwind. Sink into a 60-minute massage at AWAY Spa – select between Detox, De-stress, Go Deep and Reset. Satisfy post-treatment cravings with a choice of one main course and one non-alcoholic beverage at Wetdeck along with complimentary access to WET, the beach, gym and indoor squash courts daily from 10am to 10pm for Dhs599.
    For more information visit
    For the coffee lovers
    A unique pop-up known as Coffee District has launched at City Centre Mirdif. In order to see more local names, the dedicated space will be taken over by a local coffee concept every three to four months. This season, RAIN at Coffee District showcases a brand-new experience for coffee connoisseurs. From espressos to flat whites, customers can choose their favourite coffee. Designed with chic wooden interiors, this concept is a must-visit. To complement the beverages visitors can indulge in a host of sweet treats varying from fluffy cheesecakes, baked goodies, pistachio shakes and more.
    Book a laser facial

    Take your facials one step further with The Skin Laundry. As one of the leading skin clinics in not only the region, but the world, Skin Laundry upholds high standards of natural, clean beauty with its signature and professional equipment, staff and and skills. Skin Laundry taps into advanced technology by using medical-grade lasers to rejuvenate the skin cells, boost collagen production, and improve tone/texture for some of the most transformative results you could ever see. They offer 15-minute laser facials that focus on many skincare concerns. Their famous Signature Laser Facial which is safe for all skin types uses ND:YAG laser which is one of the deepest-reaching lasers on the market. Located in Marina and DIFC, this clinic is a must-visit.
    For more information visit
    Unwind at this new lunch spot

    If you’re looking for a great spot to grab lunch and unwind on the weekend, look no further than Dubai’s newest Mediterranean haven, Meda Tapas + Bar. Situated in the heart of the city, Meda opens doors to a unique Mediterranean journey, co-created by acclaimed Chefs Mario Fico and Vincenzo Nigro. Inspired by the crossroads of culture and cuisine across the Mediterranean, Meda celebrates the iconic Med spirit with a contemporary take on the flavours of Spain, Italy, and Greece. Located at Taj Dubai, Business Bay, this restaurant is open from 12pm to 12am.
    For more information visit
    Escape for a pampering day

    For a minication, Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre invites guests to feel sun-kissed, pampered and spoilt with their newest offering, Sky Bliss. On the stylish hotel’s rooftop terrace, a refreshing and snap-worthy glass pool awaits to make the summer heat a non-factor. Footsteps away, masterful massages are delivered at The Pearl Spa and Wellness to a backdrop starring Burj Khalifa, creating a sense of inertia in the heart of the bustling city. Spa time, cool dips plus skyline views equal Sky Bliss. Priced at Dhs600, visitors can laze away in the sun and unwind with a 60-minute massage with Dhs150 to spend on comforting bites and a refreshing beverage. Available throughout summer, this package requires advanced booking.
    For more information visit
    Experience a fine-dining meal

    Having recently opened its doors, CouCou Dubai has already caused a sensational stir in the Dubai social scene. This stunning rooftop is situated 52 floors high above The Palm, and promises an unforgettable experience with its scintillating views. With Mediterranean-inspired dishes and a myriad of innovative cocktails, visitors can unwind and celebrate any special occasion be it a birthday or simply a romantic date. Expect dancing, plenty of socializing and cocktail sampling. The night is long at at CouCou, promising an immersive nocturnal experience with striking interiors and hospitable staff. Located at St. Regis, Palm Jumeirah it’s open daily from 8pm to 2am.
    For more information visit
    Satisfy your sweet tooth cravings

    Krema is redefining what it means to create and enjoy delicious desserts with tastes that are reminiscent of European culinary traditions. Offering a range of distinctive flavours all their own, Krema’s mouthwatering Raspberry Madeleine cake celebrates the beauty of life, it’s Mango Passion Madeleine offers a taste of heaven, while Basbosa Pistachio is a true delight to the senses. With several other incredible flavours, including two classics from its sister concept TwoatSymphony represented in a new look: Honey Pudding and San Sebastian, Krema’s customers can receive their orders within two hours anywhere in Dubai. Passionate about designing desserts, Krema brings a new level of culinary skill and creativity that sets it head and shoulders above the rest in Dubai’s dessert scene. Co-led by Joseph El Hajj Corporate Chef and Hassan Salam Executive Pastry Chef from Alabbar Enterprises. Orders can be placed via ChatFood, Talabat, and Deliveroo to be delivered in 2 hours. Krema is also available for pick-up at @twoatsymphony at Dubai Mall.
    Enjoy a sensorial fine-dining experience

    Dream Dubai, the city’s famed dining show venue located in The Address Beach Resort, is expected to debut yet another season, named “The Wild Side. Season 4 of Dream Dubai revolves around a profound transformation as the resident artists emerge from their chrysalis and metamorphose into the untamed side of nature. Animalistic motions, a burst of colour, extravagant graphics, and alluring performances will bring the stage to life, delivering an experience like no other. Guests may expect to be captured by the enigmatic presence of the forest as the raw beauty of nature takes centre stage in an exciting and awe-inspiring theatrical show. Dream is open from Wednesday to Sundays 8pm until late.
    For more information visit
    Savour an early dinner

    For those who like to have an early dinner, EKAI, an innovative restro-bar and lounge is excited to announce the launch a three-course set menu along with a beverage for Dhs109. Visitors can embark on a culinary journey with a host of international flavours from Hawaii, Japan, Greece and Europe with dishes such as Josper Roast Beef, Beef Tartar, Feta Whipped Piquante and more. As a testatment to DIFC, this world-class experience is a must try this weekend. Located in Burj Damam Building, DIFC, it’s open from Monday to Friday 11am to 3am, Saturday 12pm to 3am and Sunday 5pm to 3am with the early dinner set menu taking place from 6pm to 8pm.
    For more information visit
    Indulge in a Sunday roast

    With some classic hits, One Life Kitchen & Café situated in the heart of Dubai Design District has launched The Listening Room. One Life will be serving a cracking roast with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, lashings of gravy and more. The weekly event will continue to bring together the community, who can tuck into a tasty roast, while vibing to the chilled tunes of resident DJ’s Z.N.Di and BoAndMo playing soul, funk and jazz on vinyl records. Aditionally, One Life runs a happy hour on weekdays from 5pm-8pm and full days on Friday, Saturday & Sunday with 30 percent off the full bar. It takes place every Sunday from 12pm to 6pm and is priced at Dhs125 per person.
    For more information visit
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