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    In Pics: All the lovely moments from Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana’s honeymoon in Greece


    by Ruman Baig
    5 hours ago

    Strolling on the streets of Mykonos, Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana look so in love on their honeymoon.
    This Royal couple is making the most of their holiday in Greece – from adventure sports on the azure waters and eating like a local to spending quiet time in their scenic villa, their time in Mykonos looks straight out of an island dream.
    Greece has been the ultimate choice for couples looking for a romantic getaway. The pristince white and blue architecture, the gorgeous sunsets and the water englufed isolation makes it the perfect location for honeymooners.
    Giving a glimpse of their picturesque holiday, Sheikha Mahra shared a loving post with a sweet caption, as they walked together hand in hand, “And if it is clear to you from your timeHe’s the purpose and lived that one And if hearts are connected with passion People strike in cold iron.”
    Take a look at Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana’s honeymoon in Mykonos

    When did the couple get married?
    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s daughter Sheikha Mahra got engaged to Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum in March. On April 5 2023, both Sheikha Mahra and Sheikh Mana shared that they celebrated their Katb Al-Kitaab — the official marriage ceremony and signing of the marriage contract through social media.
    Her husband, Sheikh Mana Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Bin Mana Al Maktoum has served a year in the UAE Armed Forces-National Service. Currently, he is pursuing a degree in Security and Risk Management from the American University in the Emirates.
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    Insider tips from concierge teams on how to maximise your summer vacation


    by Camille Macawili
    19 mins ago

    We speak to some of the best concierge teams who go above and beyond to share insider tips on how to maximise your summer vacation.

    The Mark – New York, USA
    Our favourite quotes are “the answer is yes, what is your question” and “my only limitation is your imagination” which means that there are very few things that we DO NOT do for our guests at The Mark. From creating a Phantom of the Opera experience in our Penthouse all with original cast members to delivering a special breed of puppy from New York to Qatar – we have done it all!
    We personally love creating magical summer moments for our guests. From sailing along the Hudson River on the Mark Sailboat with delicious bites by Caviar Kaspia to taking a spin around Manhattan on our new Mercedes Benz e-bikes, we offer unique ways for our guests to experience this incredible city. For those travelling with their family, a picnic prepared from The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges which can be enjoyed in Central Park is a lovely afternoon activity – let The Mark Pedicab take you there! Our second tip is to explore the many outdoor summer concerts and stage performances at our neighboring Central Park. Few things are as enchanting as taking in a Shakespearean play or listening to New York Philharmonic perform outdoors on a warm summer evening.
    For more information, visit

    One&Only Reethi Rah – Maldives
    Our Guest Services team at One&Only Reethi Rah curates a fully personalized itinerary based on our guestsʼ preferences. This includes a range of intimate events such as private dining in iconic locations around the resort, as well as themed parties and celebrations for our guests and their loved ones or a bespoke prearrival experience.
    Get to know our local Maldivian colleagues! They are always eager to share stories about their culture, islands, and experiences; they are exclusive to your time here in the Maldives. Whenever possible, book your experiences ahead of time and consider reaching out directly to the resort. Take full advantage of our expertise so we can offer experiences and activities that you hadnʼt even thought of.
    For more information, visit

    Anantara The Palm – Dubai, UAE
    The role of our concierge team involves performing a variety of personalised tasks and services aimed at delighting the hotel’s guests. In essence, we serve as the public face and a dependable resource for guests. As a seasoned concierge well-versed in local hidden treasures, we create tailored itineraries for guests.
    A customised city tour can be facilitated based on guest preferences. These could include a unique tour to the Museum of the Future, or should guests wish to explore the older parts of Dubai, the historic district of Al Bastakiya comes highly recommended or a walking tour to the Gold and Spice markets.
    For more information, visit

    The Ritz-Carlton Ras Al Khaimah, Al Wadi Desert – Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
    In addition to organising dinner reservations and providing recommendations that often involve private dinners amongst the dunes or atop of Al Wadi Tower accompanied by a transfer on a camel or via the 1952 vintage Land Rover to create a unique memorable experience, we also organize various exciting activities throughout the hotel from nature drives, wildlife adventures, to relaxing wellness treatments.
    Immerse yourself in unique nighttime adventures by participating in guided tours and nature walks, specifically designed to unveil the mesmerizing aspects of Ras Al Khaimah after dark. Engage in stargazing sessions, where you can admire the enchanting constellations while learning about the ancient navigation techniques employed by local Bedouins.
    For more information, visit
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    UAE public sector residents will have a long weekend next week


    by Sarah Joseph
    39 mins ago

    If you’re thinking of planning a short escape, next week might be the perfect opportunity to do so.
    The UAE government has announced the date for the Islamic New Year holiday for federal employees. Friday, July 21, will be a holiday for those who work in the federal government, on the occasion of the Hijri New Year.
    The Ministry announced today that the holiday marks the start of the Islamic year 1445, will result in a day off for public sector workers.
    Per, The Emirates Astronomy Society (ESA), the new Hijri year (Muharram 1) is likely to be on Wednesday, July 19.
    However, the dates can be changed based on when the crescent moon is spotted.
    When is the next long weekend?
    The next public holiday after New Year is just over two months away as Prophet Mohammed’s birthday falls on Friday, September 29, which also gives people a long weekend.
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    Ozen Bolifushi in Maldives is the perfect secluded slice of paradise for slow living


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    While luxurious resorts in The Maldives are hardly scarce – here you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything other than smart island retreats – Ozen Bolifushi is simply put, a cut above, taking barefoot luxury to an entirely new level.
    The Arrival
    Step off the plane and onto the resort’s private catamaran, a smart charter outfitted with cream sofas, an espresso bar and panoramic windows. The convenient 30-minute ride to Ozen Bolifushi relieves the hassle of connecting seaplanes, a true sanity-saver when travelling with children. As you near the island, the resort zooms into focus – all swaying palm trees and powdery sunbleached sands surrounded by the brightest blue water. You’ll be met with traditional Maldivian drumming, a fresh coconut water and a mist of Avène’s thermal spring water, before heading straight to your villa in one of the island’s elegant Rolls Royce buggies along with your personal butler.
    The Vibe
    The island is smaller than some, lending an intimate feel where faces become familiar after just a day. You’ll find there is a sleepy sense of stillness and privacy to Ozen, withonly the sweeping waves, paradise-perfect beaches and occasional guest on a bike within eyesight. Days can be spent lounging, swimming, snorkelling and scuba-diving, or browse the island’s boutiques, charter a yacht, feed the stingrays at sunset and simply wander the maze of palm tree-lined pathways dotted with crochet hammocks and swings. And while adults settle poolside, children of all ages will be kept entertained with daily activities, such as treasure hunts, pizza making, water polo and ice hockey on the resort’s open-air ice rink, a first in The Maldives. With Ozen’s Reserve Plan, guests will not be required to sign throughout their stay, allowing for complete self-indulgence on the free-flowing premium bottles and culinary experiences.

    The Stay
    No stone has been left unturned when it comes to furnishing the villas, where spacious suites offer floor-to-ceiling windows with unobstructed ocean views, walk-in wardrobes, private pools, outdoor dining verandas, spa-inspired bathrooms and a fully-stocked private bar. Perched above the sea, the water villas stand out and are perhaps what springs tomind when envisioning the Maldives. Accessed by bike or buggy along a boardwalk, these villas offer a sprawling outdoor deck with several seating areas and sunken sofas, from which you can spot shoals of fluorescent fish swirl by. A number of the villas also feature a water slide into the sea which makes for a playful way to wake up on your morning swim. For the ultimate in seclusion and splendour, the Royal Reserve is a sprawling threebedroom beachfront home (along with separate spaces for staff) complete with an open-air jacuzzi, a gym, pool, an overwater bar, plus a dedicated Teppanyaki restaurant as well as a kitchen and grape cellar.
    When not racking up steps strolling the island, guests can take to the ocean-facing treadmills at the gym or book in for a group class and sunrise flow on the yoga pavilion. Further unwind at Ozen’s spa, an idyllic garden sanctuary where expert facials and knot-banishing massages in the overwater treatment suites will soothe you into a mediative state. Guests can also book a consultation with the island’s resident Ayurveda doctor, who after checking your pulse will recommend holistic healing remedies to work into your daily regime.

    Food at Ozen draws on a “garden-to-table” concept where chefs plate dishes using herbs, seasonal vegetables, microgreens and tropical fruits freshly picked from island soil. Breezy lunches will be spent on the beach at Vista Del Mar where the varied buffet includes a spread of salads, grilled meats, seafood, sushi and homemade pastas to rival that in Rome. Come evening, feast on mezze and tagines at Sangu or sample Saffron’s mouth-watering curries through their concept dining experience. While fine dining restaurant ORIGINE, delivers an elegant culinary journey along with grape tasting sessions held by the resort’s enthusiastic sommelier – an experience well worth booking ahead for.
    March’s – The Style Issue – Download Now 
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    Everything You Don’t Know But Need to About Making (and Achieving) Resolutions

    Welcome to The Everygirl Podcast. Whether you’re looking for insider secrets from successful women that have your dream job, are interested in expert advice to transform your health and feel your best, or just want to be entertained and laugh along with us on your commute, we’ve got you covered.

    Historically, I’ve always loved resolutions. There’s something about setting goals for a new year that just feels so hopeful—that is, until a few months into the new year when I lose motivation to keep up with my goals or forget what I wanted to accomplish in the first place. If even a wellness editor and health coach feels disappointed year after year of failed resolutions, I know other people are feeling let down too, which is why this week on The Everygirl Podcast we’re talking all things setting (and keeping) resolutions. While I’m a sucker for personal growth and I write all day about getting healthier and happier, I’m saying “thank you, next” to new year’s resolutions.
    For one, the foundation of New Year’s resolutions is change—lose weight, work out more, get a promotion, save more money—and glorifying change might tell your brain that you’re not good enough as you are (“new year, new me?” What’s so wrong with the old me?). We’re all working on building more self-love, but there’s a fine line between working toward growth and not feeling enough as is. Plus, resolutions just don’t work. According to U.S. News & World Report, 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So why is it that even the best-intentioned resolutions don’t stick? Read on to find out why resolutions haven’t worked in the past, and check out this week’s episode of The Everygirl Podcast for advice to set goals that actually last.

    Why is it so hard to stick to resolutions?
    In many cases, the resolutions we set aren’t actually what we value. Do you really want to lose 20 pounds by summer, or is it something you feel you should do to be more confident? Do you really want to earn a graduate degree, or do you just feel unsure about your next career move? We often set resolutions that we think will make us feel happier, more successful, or more confident without realizing that thinking that happiness, success, and confidence are circumstantial distracts us from actually feeling good in our lives as they are. Plus, losing weight doesn’t necessarily make you more confident, just like getting a promotion won’t necessarily make you feel like you’re in the right career path.
    Even if your goals are truly rooted in what you want, things don’t often work out as planned because of outside influences. Not to sound like one of Oprah’s self-help books, but resolutions that are based on the destination instead of the intention are setting you up for failure. If you want that raise by the end of the year, your company might not have the money, even if you worked hard for it. Likewise, if you lose 15 pounds and not 20, you’ll feel like you failed since you didn’t hit your goal instead of feeling proud of what you did accomplish. Instead of making resolutions, consider dedicating 2023 to overall becoming happier, healthier, and better (because we’re growing all the time, not just at the beginning of the new year). Ditch your list of resolutions and do these eight things instead:

    What to Do Instead of Making New Year’s Resolutions
    1. Create a list of things you’re looking forward to this year
    You’ve probably thought “2023 is going to be my year,” but why is it going to be your year? Record everything you’re excited about from now until 2024. Do you have a friend’s wedding, a special anniversary, a big life change, a graduation, or a fun birthday celebration? What about the little things, like a new season of your favorite TV show or a list of books you want to get through? What about the even smaller things like the changing of the seasons or recipes you’re excited to cook? You don’t have to wait until 2024 to realize 2023 is “your year.”

    2. Record the lessons you learned in 2022
    Whether in your career, relationships, life circumstances, or happiness and wellness, you can probably see a big difference from where you were this time last year. And when you look at where you are now compared to where you were last decade, the change is even more monumental. You have changed and grown over the year(s), so identify what exactly is different. What lessons have you learned, and in what ways have you grown that you’re proud of? Instead of focusing on what to accomplish next, celebrate how far you’ve come, knowing that you’re doing better than you think.

    3. Book a vacation
    The new year doesn’t have to be about change; it should also be about celebration. Treat yourself to a getaway whenever you can take some PTO, whether it’s that Europe trip you’ve always dreamed about, a long weekend in a nearby city with your best friends, or a summer staycation with your significant other or sister. Not only will a trip be something to look forward to this year, but it will also be a way to remember 2023 for years to come while celebrating all you’ve accomplished in 2022. 

    4. Spend more time with loved ones
    Instead of committing to new things to do, commit to the loved ones who are already in your life. Call your mom more often, schedule weekly coffee dates with your work wife, plan more weekend brunches with your best friend, sign up for a new yoga studio with your sister, and fit in weekly date nights with your significant other. After all, maybe achieving “happiness” isn’t about what we don’t have yet but what we already have that we need more of. Trust me, it will be the one resolution that will stick.

    5. Make a vision board
    Resolutions are often focused on the “doing,” or the actions you need to take. Instead, focus on the person you want to be and the life you want to have. Create a vision board displaying what you want, whether it’s in your career, your love life (pictures of Tom Holland, anyone?), your home environment, or just how you see your truest self. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or take hours to create. Your vision board can be as simple as a big picture goal list taped to the fridge. Set up the vision board in a location you’ll look at often and add to it as your dreams develop. Focus on the “being,” and the “doing” will happen naturally. If you’re looking for more guidance with your vision boarding, listen to our episode of The Everygirl Podcast featuring manifestation expert Roxie Nafousi. 

    6. Create a list of what you love about yourself and your life
    Screw changing—you’re already pretty great as you are. Make a list of everything you love about yourself as if you were writing a love letter: the smile you got from your mom, the strong legs that can run miles, the ability to laugh even when you’re sad, or the hard work ethic that your younger self would be proud of. Also, record what’s going well in your life. Are you close to your siblings, live in a city you love, or have the career you always wanted? Goal setting is important for growth, but what’s the point of making goals if we can’t feel happy once we reach them?

    7. Set different themes for every month
    Instead of resolutions for a whole year, dedicate each month to a theme. For example, January’s focus could be adding more plants to your diet, February’s focus is finding workouts you love, March might be about focusing on your finances to save more money, and the intention for April is spending more time in nature. 30 days of exploration and intention feel a lot more achievable (and more fun!) than 365 days to reach a specific goal. The key is to sett intentions rather than end goals, which means you’ll be proud of yourself no matter what you accomplish while still making major transitions and growth in various areas of your life.

    8. Choose a word or affirmation for the new year
    Do you feel ready to make some major improvements in 2023? Choose a word or affirmation to summarize what you want your focus or vision to be this year. Is it health, balance, happiness, self-love, gratitude, connection, or confidence? Consistently remind yourself of your focus and make decisions based on it whenever possible. For example, if you’re deciding on spending a Friday night in or going out with your friends, which option will bring you closer to your intention of self-love? If you’re deciding on whether to go to a workout class or take a rest day, which choice will bring you closer to gratitude for your body? Find a focus for the year and you’ll subconsciously be making thousands of choices to reach a huge goal. If a sentence is more your style, pick an affirmation. Write it down, hang it on your mirror, and make it the wallpaper on your phone until you start to think of everything in terms of your 2023 affirmation. More

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    7 Ways To Make the Most of the Week Between Christmas and New Year’s

    If you’re staring at your calendar wondering just what on earth you’ll do during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I’m here to help you take full advantage of that precious time off. Whether you want to check some things off your to-do list or kick back and take it easy, I’ve rounded up seven activities that I always try to do during this period away from work. Don’t let your hard-earned free time go to waste! Here are some of the best things you can do to make the most of the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

    Catch up with faraway friends and loved ones.
    Given that many people are off work the week between Christmas and New Year’s, this can be a great time to schedule those long overdue coffee dates, happy hours, and everything else you wish you had time for during the rest of the year. I love using this period as a chance to catch up with long-distance loved ones, too. Text your college crew and get some FaceTime dates on the calendar, or take some time to finally call your grandma as you take a leisurely afternoon stroll. As a bonus: If you’ll be spending this period of time alone, chatting with loved ones will help you feel a bit more connected to those who care about you.

    Tackle an organization project.
    New year, new ultra-organized me, am I right? Maybe not, but I do find that taking on an organizing project during my time off (even if it’s a small one) always makes me feel productive and ready to start the new year on the right foot. My hall closet, for example, always reverts to a danger zone no matter how much I try to stay on top of things, so I like to give it a big clean-out once a quarter. Determine one way that you can streamline your life before January rolls around. Maybe that means finally sorting through your expansive collection of beauty products or taking unwanted clothing to a donation center. Trust me, you’ll feel much better after setting aside an hour or two to get organized ahead of the new year!

    Shop post-holiday sales.
    Are those holiday gift cards burning a hole in your wallet already? I’m with you. I love shopping post-Christmas sales to stock up on items I’ve had my eye on all season long. The day after Christmas, for example, is a great time to head to Target and grab heavily discounted holiday decor to tuck away for next year (for years, my mom, sister, and I would do this all together, which was always a blast). Maybe online shopping is more your speed, which makes things even easier. Change into your comfiest clothes and spend a cozy morning scouring the internet for the best deals of the year. Keep an eye out for sales on items you’ll rely upon throughout the year: makeup and skincare products, bedding, travel gear, and more.

    Get closer to that yearly reading goal.
    Whether you aimed to finish 10 different books or you’re well on your way to 100, there’s no time like the week between Christmas and New Year’s to finish your TBR list with a bang. Once you’re done with that last novel, make a list of your top titles of 2022 and share them with fellow book-loving friends. Then pre-order a few reads that you’re excited about for 2023! I love checking my mail to find a novel that I ordered months back; it’s the perfect mini surprise.

    Whip up a new (healthy) recipe.
    After weeks of holiday treats, you might be craving something a little more nutritious. Why not use your free time to try out a new healthy recipe that you’ll be able to replicate throughout the year? I’m always looking for new workday lunches, and by perfecting a recipe now, I’ll be less likely to run to Sweetgreen every time I’m craving kale. One of my favorite places to source new recipes is Pinterest—I like to save a few meal ideas that look good and then pull them up while at the grocery store to ensure I gather all the necessary ingredients.

    Play tourist in your own city.
    How often do you get to stroll around your city on a weekday? Take advantage of your time off work and book tickets to a theater matinee, check out that new museum, or simply admire all the holiday lights one more time before they come down. Even if traveling is off the table during your break from work, pretend to be a tourist in your own city by indulging in activities that you wouldn’t normally do on a weekday. Living in New York City, for example, I’d love to spend a slow December morning at the Met followed by a delicious weekday brunch and a brisk stroll through Central Park.

    Binge-watch a show.
    Who says that every moment of your time off needs to be productive? It certainly doesn’t—maybe all you want to do after a stressful year at work is simply lay back and veg out. So many amazing shows have come out with new seasons recently (like Dead to Me, The Sex Lives of College Girls, and The White Lotus), and if you haven’t gotten a chance to stream them yet… well, now you know what you’re doing for the rest of the week! If the weather outside is particularly dreary, even better! You officially have plenty to do while cooped up indoors.

    7 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve at Home More

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    Got Post-Holiday Blues? Here are 7 Things to Do Today To Feel Happy and Excited

    The decorations are coming down, Hallmark Christmas movies have come to a screeching halt, work is going back to its regularly scheduled programming, the last of the figgy pudding is gone, and we’re saying good riddance to 2022. Chances are the high of all the holiday cheer has given way to feelings of loneliness and sadness, AKA the post-holiday blues. While the symptoms of post-holiday blues are short-term, there’s no denying they are very real. Rest assured, they’re normal and you’re in good company. We’re coming down from the intense hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, shindigs, indulgences, and travel and facing the letdown of going back to business as usual. That said, there are things you can start doing today to snap out of the post-season funk. Read on for seven tips on how to feel happy when you’ve got the post-holiday blues. Time to get back in the groove.

    1. Move your body intentionally
    Call it a holiday hangover or a case of the post-fa-la-la-la-la blahs—no matter how you look at it, you’re in an emotional slump and you want out. Your workout routine may have been non-existent amidst the holiday madness, so what better time to shake off those “meh” feelings with a solid sweat sesh than today? When you have obé Fitness and its community at your fingertips, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home (who wants to bear the frigid temps?) and you’ve got built-in accountability. Start with one of their Express Classes because 10 minutes is all you need to get those endorphins going. In fact, exercising for just 10 minutes a day can make a difference—and have lasting, measurable effects on your health. What’s more, with 20+ class types and over 10,000 on-demand classes to choose from, there’s a workout for every mood, level, and fitness style. To banish the post-holiday blues once and for all, use code EGYEAR for one-year access to obé fitness for just $99 ($70 off)!

    2. Reset your eating and sleep habits 
    So we’ve established that the holiday rush didn’t leave much room (or energy) for working out, and if we’re being honest, the same went for keeping up our healthy eating and sleep habits. Between the cookies everywhere you turn and the Christmas movie marathons, who can blame us? I don’t have to tell you that those slices of pumpkin pie and glasses of eggnog can mess with your gut health (hello, bloat) and not prioritizing your beauty sleep can throw off your mood and energy. So hit reset on your diet by keeping the water coming to aid in digestion and prevent constipation and focusing on veggies and other whole, unprocessed foods to help keep you stay satiated and regular. While you’re at it, re-establish a consistent sleep schedule and get a solid 7-9 hours of shuteye in every night. Bonus points: Getting quality Zzzs can help you eat healthier (how’s that for a two-fer?).

    3. Think ahead and make plans to look forward to 
    After the spark of the holiday season has faded, it’s hard not to think back on the good times and feel a sense of dread (womp womp). Instead of ruminating on the past, try thinking about the future to help you feel better in the now. After all, giving yourself things to look forward to—no matter how small—can reduce stress and boost mood. In fact, simply visualizing and anticipating your future (best) self can lift your spirits. Whether it’s the matcha latte you plan to grab on your way to work, the new pair of boots you’re expecting in the mail, or your long-awaited trip to Iceland, make it a point to relish in the upcoming things and experiences that excite you. The result? You’ll cheer up in no time. And don’t forget to pepper in mood-boosting activities (the more the merrier!) throughout the year to spread the joy. 

    4. Spruce up your home
    We’re still in staying in season, which means spending more time at home. Do yourself and your mood a favor by doing a quick sweep of your abode. As empty as it may feel with the tree gone and all the tinsel stored away, it’s the ideal time to clean and declutter every nook and cranny. Because a tidy, organized space can improve your well-being, and there’s nothing more satisfying than checking off the dirty dishes in the sink, the growing piles of laundry, and the clutter on your desk. So pop in an inspiring podcast and get to it! Then, hygge your home with warm elements (you can never have enough candles), layered textures (give me all the warm throw blankets), and natural touches (a new plant, anyone?). Bottom line: Making your crib comfy cozy translates to optimal health and happiness. 

    5. Reflect and set intentions 
    While this may be a given when the New Year and resolutions are top of mind, setting attainable goals—whether health, personal growth, career, or relationship-related—makes us happier. Jumpstart the year by reflecting on what your highest self looks like, creating clear and realistic objectives to become her, and planning out actionable steps to achieve them. Perhaps you want to level up your meditation practice. What are things in your control that you can do each day or week to improve it? Is it dedicating two minutes first thing in the morning to sit in stillness, listening to one guided meditation every afternoon to break up the day, or exploring a new technique each week until you find the one that suits you best? Having an achievable purpose to set your sights on will help enhance your well-being in the present, while progressing toward it will help bring about ongoing happiness and satisfaction.  

    6. Pile on the self-care
    PSA: Now is the time to especially listen to what your mind and body need. Your “me” time and healthy routines have taken a back seat to the whirlwind of the holidays, and enough is enough. Enter: all the self-care. While there’s no one-size-fits-all self-care practice, you can take your pick—from journaling and going for a walk to diving into that must-read novel and blocking off your entire Sunday for Pilates, a lymphatic massage, and a mani-pedi. It goes without saying that you don’t have to do it all at once (but by all means!)—do what works and feels best for you, and switch it up from time to time according to your ever-changing needs. Whatever you choose, you can expect reduced stress levels, higher self-worth, and overall improved well-being. Who says you can’t give yourself gifts (material or in the form of self-care) year-round? 

    7. Get outside
    There’s a reason it’s called nature therapy. While we’re staying indoors more this time of year, we can reap a host of mental health benefits by being one with nature: increased happiness, decreased anxiety, stress, and depression, and better focus. Try forest bathing (AKA a nature walk) where you connect with nature through your five senses, visit a local botanical garden, participate in a sound bath, play with your dog in a park, or sip your morning coffee on your balcony. The world is your oyster. A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology showed that just five minutes in nature can make you happier. For the times you’re too cozy in bed to move or it’s a tad too cold to bear staying outside for a prolonged period of time, you can bring the outdoors in by adding plants to your home, cueing soothing nature sounds via an app, or using a light therapy box to mimic the effects of being in the open air. 

    How Experts Say To Cope With Seasonal Depression

    This post contains a sponsored inclusion of obé Fitness, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    Healthier Holiday Dessert Recipes a Registered Dietitian Swears By

    If you ask me, the holidays aren’t complete without your favorite, nostalgic foods. Even as an adult, I still look forward to decorating sugar cookies this time of year. Between work parties, family celebrations, and holiday festivities with friends, it can seem like dessert options are never-ending. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself or you have to forgo them altogether. 
    While I believe all foods can be enjoyed in moderation as a part of a healthy diet, it’s also important to be mindful of added sugar consumed during the holidays and beyond. Luckily, there are countless festive dessert recipes that incorporate healthy fats, natural sweeteners, and fiber without sacrificing taste. Keep reading for a round-up of healthier holiday desserts you can enjoy this season. 

    Source: Fit Foodie Finds

    Source: Sweet Potato Soul

    Source: Fit Foodie Finds

    Source: Fit Foodie Finds

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: Real Food with Jessica

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: The Clean Eating Couple

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: Real Food with Jessica

    Source: Ambitious Kitchen

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    Source: Eating Bird Food

    10 Festive Non-Alcoholic Cocktails to Try This Season More