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    7 of the best restaurants in Qatar’s capital city Doha


    by Sarah Joseph
    43 mins ago

    From sensational interiors to an array of unforgettable dishes, Doha boasts a flourishing restaurant scene.
    For all the must-try fine dining havens, Emirates Woman has created a guide of all the places to embark on in Qatar’s bustling capital.

    This globally renowned restaurant brand opened in Qatar’s capital back in 2013. Located in the opulent St Regis Hotel, Hakkasan Doha has two private dining rooms, an elegant main dining room, an outdoor terrace and a bar and lounge. It’s open from Monday to Sunday, 6pm to 11:30pm and on Fridays and Saturdays for brunch and lunch respectively from 12pm to 4pm.
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    Drawing inspiration from both Japanese tradition and Western culinary techniques, Morimoto offers hidden layers of flavour through every dish. With a luxurious dining experience in a 16-seat sushi bar or the main dining area, guests can enjoy the sophisticated area for exclusive dinners and business meetings as it’s open daily from 6pm till 11pm. Located at West Bay Lagoon in Doha, Morimoto offers the best in the fine-dining world.
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    With another of Chef Izu’s delightful creations, IZU explores the gastronomic world of culinary as each dish is inspired by the chef’s varied works and travels. Promising a memorable dining experience, it uses the finest produce as the restaurant comprises of three seating areas overlooking the Barahat Msheireb. Open all day from 9am to 11pm, it’s located at the Mandarin Oriental hotel.
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    Perched right above the Arabian Gulf, is Chef Nobuyuki’s signature haven with new-style Japanese cuisine at the world’s largest Nobu restaurant in Doha. From the famous black cod to the Nobu style wagyu beef, guests have an array of dishes to choose from. Located at the Four Seasons, it’s open from Monday to Saturday 6pm to 11pm and for brunch on Friday from 1pm to 4pm.
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    Three Sixty Restaurant

    This unique restaurant is located on the 47th floor of the torch in Doha, making it the only revolving haven in the city. Making it a must-visit for any visitor, it offers Mediterranean cuisine and breathtaking panoramic views of the Doha skyline. It’s open on weekdays from 6pm to 10:30pm and weekends from 12pm to 3pm and 7pm to 10:30pm.
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    Serving classic dishes from around the world, Mosaic takes center stage with a lively ambience and an authentic dining experience as it offers a mesmerizing backdrop of the city. Influenced by local materials and shapes, the restaurant’s interiors are inspired by the country’s pearling heritage. From an Arabic grill to the traditional bread oven, the dishes are designed for a culinary journey inspired by the famed Silk Route. Located at the Mandarin Oriental, it’s open daily from 11am to 11pm.
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    Spice Market

    With the best of southeast Asian street food served on a plate, Spice Market is a luxe dining space with handcrafted screens created for intimate moments which are sure to illuminate your night. The delicious dishes are curated by Chef Vongerichten and the restaurant also offers picturesque views of the city’s skyline. Spice Market is open daily except for Friday from 12pm to 4pm and dinner from 7pm to 11:30pm and Thursday & Friday until 12am. The restaurant is located at W Doha Hotel & Residences, West Bay.
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    How Kelvin Cheung’s Dubai restaurant Jun’s is transforming the world of fusion flavours

    Known for his versatile cooking techniques, chef Kelvin Cheung is known for capturing the nostalgic flavours of North American Asian dishes.
    This globe-trotting chef has travelled the world and now opened Jun’s situated in the heart of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard with delightful dishes to indulge in.
    Known as a third culture chef, Jun’s invites guests from the globe over to indulge in delectable delights with a menu that takes fusion cooking to the next level.
    To see his journey as a chef, Emirates Woman, speaks to Chef Kelvin to delve into how it all began.
    Talk us through your career.
    Both my father and grandmother were chefs, so I spent a lot of time growing up around cooking. I have vivid memories of my father’s traditional Hong Kong style Cantonese restaurants in Toronto and Chicago where I would always help in the kitchens, so I suppose my culinary career started here! After mixing with well-respected chefs and mentors while living in Chicago as a young adult, I joined Kendall College of Culinary Arts. During my time there, I placed in the San Pellegrino Rising Young Chef competition which was one of the biggest confidence boosts in my career, and when I realized that I could cook for a career. During that contest, I met a prestigious chef who offered me an unpaid internship in Belgium, which I happily accepted. This was a huge risk, leaving the family business for the first time to move to a different country on a different continent to a restaurant that I knew nothing about. On top of this, neither my mother tongue Cantonese nor my second language English were spoken – only Dutch and French. This was a kickstart to my foundation of classical French cooking. Following my return from Belgium, I took on leadership roles in Canada and America. This path eventually led me to a six-month contract in India, which turned into nearly a decade of me living there! Then in 2021, it all began and here we are in Dubai, with our recent adventure, Jun’s.

    What inspired you to launch Jun’s in Dubai and enter the culinary world?
    I remember the first time I ever visited Dubai, it was in 2016 and I was on a market analysis visit. Five years later, I moved to Dubai in May 2021 after seeing the hospitality industry crash due to Covid. Neha Anand of Three Layer Hospitality reached out to me about moving to Dubai to open our dream restaurant, and at that point, I was very intrigued! I was already aware of the expected up-and-coming hospitality scene in the Middle East and wanted to be a part of it.
    You’re a third-generation chef, how did it start for you?
    My first memory of food is folding fortune cookies and pressing almond cookies in the basement of my father’s restaurant in Toronto with his head baker when I was around three or four years old. My elder brother and I would spend most mornings under the watchful eye of the baker, helping with small tasks while my immigrant parents worked hard to build a new life for us in North America. While I am heavily influenced by my father’s love of cooking and flair for hospitality, the person who had the most impact on my culinary journey is my grandmother, who came from Hong Kong to help my father in his first three restaurants in Toronto, and I cannot remember a meal that was not perfect. There is something magical about her cooking and at 103 she still leads a kitchen like a head chef. Her first job was back-breaking labour in a Lime Quarry in Mainland China, and she eventually escaped poverty after meeting my grandfather who was a University Basketball Coach. Together they moved to Hong Kong and openedmultiple successful, hole-in-the-wall eateries. Their love of food and basketball is honoured at Jun’s during our biweekly Basketball and Breakfast team days.
    You focus on seasonal, local and sustainable ingredients from Hong Kong, Canada and India. How do you source these and fuse them so successfully?
    Over time in my career, I began to realise that there were no rules, no borders, and no boundaries when it came to cooking. I started listening to instinct rather than the old-school rules of using specific ingredient combinations that were taught in culinary school. The focus is on respecting and using the local seasonal ingredients and creating dishes and recipes that let the beauty of each ingredient shine.

    The restaurant is known for its eclectic dining experience – can you expand on this?
    The vision of Jun’s was to create a space that is the go-to place for every occasion, where you know you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience with delicious food and drink. Jun’s should be the place that you go when you are hungry, the place where you go for a drink and a snack, the place for date night, and even the place for special occasions and celebrations. We want Jun’s to bring joy to all our guests, no matter the reason. Jun’s is also third culture cooking, where every dish has its own story. Jun’s is my life on a plate – American Asian in a modern progressive format, which is why I want guests to feel like they know me after listening to the different journeys of flavours and reasoning behind each dish.
    How has your background and culture been represented in the food?
    While we now refer to our food as ‘fun, inventive cooking without borders’, it is still North American Asian at heart. Growing up in North America to immigrant parents, I lived in a dual world. There was not much diversity at my school, so outside of that, I sought refuge in the Asian communities that lived around China Town. During the menu development process, I was trying to label my food and the only thing that felt right was that it did not fall under one of the existing labels. I then decided on North American Asian, a distinct cuisine. The food incorporates easier-to-source ingredients and does not limit itself to tradition as it explores different flavour combinations. We always hear that food unites us, and this is true to some extent. However, speaking as a son of immigrant parents, it also divides us. Throughout history, immigrants have always been incredible at improvisation, adaptation, and invention in the kitchen. This is why I think you are now seeing such a big rise in third-culture chefs. We are all cooking what we know, the adapted version of culture using ingredients and techniques that were possible in our new home countries that were a world away from our culture.
    What was your though process when designing the menu?
    When building menus, I like to think about the menu as one meal, a meal that is balanced in flavour profiles as well as dietary needs to complete a full experience. Whether it be a full five or six-course meal or just a night where you want to come in to relax and have some small bites, Jun’s has you covered. My menu is an ode to the North American Asian food I grew up with, served in a modern format. I have reimagined my favourite dishes and flavours from across the entire continent and tell my story through each of my dishes. This is why you will see Chinese flavour combinations using French techniques that I learned during my time in Belgium, and the opposite too. You’ll find dishes that are considered traditionally European, like Burrata or Rigatoni paired with unusual flavours like mapo. Just in case the food does not convey the message, our team members take storytelling seriously while walking guests through the Jun’s experience.
    Which for you are ‘The Hero Dishes’?
    Honestly, my dishes are just like children… you do not have favourites! Each dish has been crafted with love and passion, respect for the ingredients, and simplicity without gimmicks. However, if I absolutely had to choose, one of our hero dishes would be our famed Rainbow Heirloom Carrots. This is a true third culture cooking dish, inspired by a very American core childhood memory of mine, incorporating Asian flavours and essence. During primary school, my mother fell in love with bagels topped with cream cheese and smoked salmon, which inspired me to recreate that same smoky flavour profile in a vegetarian form. Another hero dish would be our delicious Scallops & Corn. Growing up in Toronto, I spent a lot of my time in the summers picking fresh vegetables, including my favourite, peaches and cream corn. This is a fond memory of mine and is the reason I created this corn dish, paired with fresh Hokkaido Scallop and homemade Yuzu Kosho over crispy sushi rice. Lastly, our Baked Alaska Tiramisu Mochi was inspired by a childhood memory where I befriended two coffee shop owners at a skating rink below my father’s largest restaurant. He would not want me in the way during his service, so I used to visit the ice rink and coffee shop instead, where the owners would gift me hot chocolate with extra marshmallows.
    How has the UAE’s diverse nature contributed to the range of flavours in your dishes?
    The diversity in the city makes it an incredible opportunity to offer a wide range of flavours, textures, and truly push culinary boundaries. There is something for everyone in Dubai and someone in the audience for every type of restaurant. As the food scene in Dubai offers top-quality food and service in every corner of the city, it keeps my team and I motivated to deliver excellence with every experience. There are very few places in the world that cater to such a diverse set of people. With that being said, when creating a menu, I have to ensure we have options for everyone, to allow an inclusive experience for all diners. Every menu offers over 50 per cent vegetarian options while being sensitive and adaptable to allergens like gluten and dietary preferences like vegan. Balancing a menu and dishes to be as creative as possible while also keeping in mind affordability and approachability is a skill I have practiced for years and that is what will keep us in business.

    What’s next on the roadmap for Jun’s?
    We have big dreams, as always, but I have read somewhere that research suggests that telling people about your big goal won’t increase the chance of succeeding at all. On the contrary, the more people you tell, the less likely that you’ll succeed. So, for now, we will keep it under wraps, but will definitely keep you all posted when we are ready!
    This is The Trailblazers Issue – to you, what does it take to be a trailblazer?
    The trailblazer vision may be seen as different or diverging from what the rest of the world is doing but having the courage to continue and push on, is what truly defines being a trailblazer. A trailblazer needs to believe and have unwavering faith in what they are doing. It may not be the easiest path, nor the fastest path, but the person needs the grit and determination to never give up. They may fail and fail again, but to persevere and keep the vision is key to what a trailblazer can achieve. Failure is instrumental to building your character and your empire.
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    An insider’s guide to all the must-visit hotspots in Dubai’s thriving dining scene


    by Sarah Joseph
    24 mins ago

    Dubai is never short of luxe hotspots to dine at.
    By adding to the Emirate’s culinary scene more and more restaurants are opening in Dubai with varied cuisine options.
    For all the new finds, swipe through our editor-approved guide of restaurants and cafés to try in Dubai.
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    19 of the most Instagrammable restaurants to visit in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    Dubai’s burgeoning food scene is growing by the day.
    With unique offerings and an endless array of food and beverage options, these quaint cafés offer a space for like-minded individuals to connect or enjoy some alone time with a book.
    Known for its aesthetic interiors and artisanal coffee culture, each creative space allows a quick escape from any mundane routine.
    If you’re looking for a midweek refresh or a co-working environment to inspire you, we’ve compiled some of the most inspiring and Instagrammable spaces for your next visit.
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    The secret behind Bulgari Resort Dubai’s two Michelin restaurants


    by Sarah Joseph
    59 mins ago

    General Manager of Bulgari Resort & Residences Dubai, Pep Lozano shares how Bulgari Resort Dubai is now a destination driving travel in its own right, with two Michelin stars awarded to Il Ristorante and one Michelin star to Restaurant Hōseki.

    Hōseki offers a unique Omakase experience with just nine seats – was this the plan from the outset?
    Yes, it was always the plan to have just nine seats. The reason behind this was to ensure we could tailor the exchange between the Chef and the guest, all while serving other guests at the same time. Nine seats allowed Chef to do so and serve guests with a spirit of wa, meaning harmony, without jeopardising any of the aspects that make for a perfect Omakase. Think of Omakase as chef inviting you to his home – everything is up to him. This once in a lifetime encounter needs to be perfect and as Chef Sugiyama and his staff put their hearts and souls into the service, limiting seating capacity ensures that the Chef does so.
    The restaurant has been awarded one Michelin star by The Michelin Guide for two consecutive years since 2022 and the 26th best restaurants on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Middle East & North Africa 2023. How does it feel to accomplish this title?
    I think that achieving this title is a proof of Chef Sugiyama’s gratitude to his guests, to Bulgari Resort Dubai, to his staff, suppliers, and Japanese producers who have been involved in the project since its inception. With or without this title, Sugiyama’s passion for cooking remains the same. Never satisfied with things as they are, Hōseki constantly tinkers, always searching through trial and error for a better version of itself.
    The fresh prime ingredients are imported directly from Japan. How does this further add to the quality of the food?
    Sugiyama goes to great lengths to ensure that everything at Hōseki is made in Japan, from the fish, vegetables and salt to the tableware. Fresh products are flown in from Japan several times a week – it’s just like visiting Tokyo’s Toyosu Market. Since Dubai is five hours behind Japan, when the restaurant closes at midnight, it’s 5AM in Japan. That’s just when the market is taking a breather. Dubai’s location is perfect. All the producers are personal contacts from his years working in Japan, people who work with him because they know and trust him. When the carefully selected ingredients are gathered from all over Japan, they are loaded onto containers headed for Hōseki. Chef Sugiyama wants his guests to have a piece of Japan, the moment they walk into the restaurant.

    Chef Sugiyama is a sixth-generation sushi master. Talk us through his career and background.
    Chef Sugiyama is the son of a sushi chef, owner of a long-established restaurant founded in 1865. His paternal and maternal grandparents all owned sushi restaurants. Yet as a young boy, he did not see himself continuing that family tradition. Both parents worked from morning to evening, and even on days off they always answered the phone if it rang. Not for a single day could work and home life be separated. Seeing at first hand the grinding hardship of running one’s own business, Sugiyama simply didn’t see becoming a sushi chef as an option. One day, Sugiyama had the opportunity to serve a customer a dish he’d prepared himself. When he saw the customer smile upon tasting his cooking, Sugiyama knew that this was what he wanted to do. Seeing the moment when a customer smiles on eating his food is the true thrill of counter service. It wasn’t long before Sugiyama reconnected with sushi. Later, after working at a series of sushi shops in Tokyo, Sugiyama had the good fortune of beginning his apprenticeship at Sushi Kanesaka. Then in 2017, when Bulgari Resort Dubai opened, Sugiyama was presented with an enthusiastic offer and set off for Dubai.
    What’s next for Hōseki by Chef Sugiyama?
    While the path to sushi might look very simple, it is a very complicated and difficult one. Chef Sugiyama considers that he’s still on the way to the best version of Hōseki. He aims to do better and work harder every day in order to provide a unique experience to his guests.

    The restaurant echoes the elegant design of the original Bulgari Hotel Milano – what are the design elements that correlate to its original design?
    The design elements of Il Ristorante-Niko Romito’s are a celebration of Italian heritage. The décor is designed in a purely Italian – Roman Baroque – style. The restaurant showcases framed iconic Bulgari archive photographs and brand heritage images that recall over 130 years of Roman jewellery history. It is an intimate space centered around one ethos: the integration of Italian soul, coupled with Bulgari’s superior approach to luxury. You will find the same at Bulgari Hotel Milano’s Il Ristorante. For instance, the oval-shaped Bulgari Bar is found at both outposts and was inspired by the famous Fontana Della Barcaccia, just a stone’s throw away from Bulgari’s Roman boutique. It doesn’t get more Italian than that. The menu celebrates the rich heritage of history.
    What are the key stand out dishes?
    The key standout dishes are definitely some that represent the most historical dishes inItalian heritage. I would probably recommend starting with an Antipasto all’italiana, which offers a variety of Italian regional specialties, an interesting gastronomic tour from the North to the South of the country. Then I would go for one of our homemade pasta, like the Spaghetti e pomodoro, a modern interpretation of the classic pasta with a hard preparation behind it. It’s a dish that takes inspiration from Reale, Chef Niko’s three-starred restaurant in Abruzzo. Finally, I would recommend either a Cotoletta, to try our version of this very well know Italian classic. To end the dinner, the tiramisu or one of the seasonal creations like the buffalo stracciatella cheese ice cream, balsamic vinegar and wild blackberries.
    Many of the top-quality ingredients are flown in from Italy. How does this add to the experience?
    We try to always use Italian ingredients and when importing them is not possible we work with the finest local producers and choose the best products the country can offer. We always look for the best raw materials and treat them with the utmost respect. We really want our guests to experience a piece of Italy and while we strive to work with more local products, there are certain ingredients that just cannot be replaced yet. Dubai is very set up regarding the import of outstanding quality products, given the fact that the city is positioned close to Europe and the rest of the world. It’s really all about bringing Italian excellence to Dubai and we do that with all of the strong research that goes into every dish.

    The simple dishes add a series of complex transformation techniques – tell us more.
    Il Ristorante-Niko Romito is a beautiful international project designed for the Bulgari Hotel worldwide. A lot of what Chef Niko does is embodying a code of Italian cooking that starts from the classics and is reinterpreted in a contemporary manner, expressing the cultural importance, elegance and essence. Seasonality plays a big role in the conception of the menu, and of course the elements of each season are present in the menus at Il Ristorante-Niko Romito. New dishes are introduced to the menu each month, keeping in perfect harmony with the Italian seasons and linked to Italian traditions from the North to the South. Additionally, we don’t conceive a dish stating we want to do a dish of Mozzarella and Tomato, for example. We start working on giving the identity to the main ingredient we want to focus on. In this case, let’s work with the Mozzarella. Ingredients can be so versatile depending on the temperature, its environment, by a treatment. Once we understand the best way to bring this ingredient to life, we try to play around it.
    What’s next for Il Ristorante-Niko Romito?
    We will continue to provide excellence of food and service. We are now recognised in the MICHELIN Guide for a second time in a row, being one of the very few to have received this remarkable recognition of two stars. We will of course continue to strive to provide the best Italian experience there is and express the cultural importance of Italian cuisine. Our menu is a declaration of love to Italy and we will continue to express it through all our reinterpretations.
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    All the times Salt Bae impressed the royal families around the world


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    A viral sensation who became famous for his meat-slapping, salt-sprinkling and signature sunglasses in no time, Nusr-et one of the most visited restaurants in Dubai.
    Chef Nusret Gökçe, also known as ‘Salt Bae’, has impressed many celebrity A-listers around the world, but he has also become a hit amongst the royal crowd.
    After winning credit for all his memes, he’s surely managed to wow royal families from around the world, as well as here in the UAE.
    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai

    Sharing a photo to Facebook, the chef revealed the Ruler of Dubai visited one of his establishments back in 2017. The Ruler of Dubai paid a further visit to his Jumeriah Beach Road restaurant in 2018.
    His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi

    With restaurants both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, is seen laughing in this image, as he received yet another royalty’s stamp of approval. The shared image of him displays him shaking hands with the royal, captioning it “The King”. His Highness paid a visit to Salt Bae in 2017 in Dubai.
    King Mohammed VI of Morocco

    Belonging to the Alaouite dynasty, the King of Morocco was snapped in the lovely image with Salt Bae which he captioned saying, “Thank you for visiting me.” The monarch paid a visit to Dubai back in 2018.
    Jordan’s King Abdullah II & Queen Rania

    Posing with Jordan’s reigning monarch King Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania, Salt Bae met the royals in 2017. Upon their visit three years ago, Salt Bae shared some photos of himself with the Jordanian royals and thanked both the king and queen for their hospitality and generosity.
    On our next visit to the world-renowned restaurant, we hope to capture a snap with Salt Bae himself if he’s in town.
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    Feel like a Royal at these luxe Sheikh Hamdan-approved restaurants in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    13 mins ago

    When it comes to knowing the best restaurants to dine at in Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum always knows best.
    No stranger to Dubai’s foodie scene, when it comes to dining at the city’s fine-dining spots, Fazza knows best. From alfresco havens to new speakeasies, Dubai’s Crown Prince has paid a visit to a myriad of restaurants, to ensure he’s always on top of the food game.
    From sophisticated alfresco havens to all the authentic food choices, this royal is regularly seen dining out at some of the best F&B concepts Dubai has to offer.
    If you’re in need of some inspiration on where to dine next, Emirates Woman has curated a list of all the sophisticated restaurants that have received Sheikh Hamdan’s stamp of approval.
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    9 wanderlust-inspired accounts to #follow on Instagram this month


    by Sarah Joseph
    40 mins ago

    Looking for new travel-inspired accounts to follow on Instagram for where to go this summer? Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide of restaurants and hotels to fill your feed with a host of aesthetic venues.
    Banyan Tree AlUla@banyantree.alula
    A sustainable sanctuary set in the heart of the desert valley.
    Where effortless style meets casual beachside bliss.
    Ancient Greek Sandals@ancientgreeksandals
    Cool craftsmanship.
    Olivia Von Halle@oliviavonhalle
    Luxury loungewear designed for evenings out and in alike.
    Christopher Esber@christopher_esber

    Directional cuts for a cool girl vibe.
    Anantara Golden Triangle@anantara_goldentraingle
    A jungle base where you can explore Nature in Thailand.
    Six Senses Ibiza@sixsenses.ibiza
    The best of bohemian luxe.

    An eco-conscious brand for key summer attire.

    Discover the French savoir-faire through its swimwear, lingerie and activewear collections.
    Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @by_eva_ More