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    Get ready to sit in a driverless taxi in Dubai this year


    by Sarah Joseph
    14 mins ago

    Set to revolutionise the transportation industry, self-driving taxis are soon going pave its way in the emirate.
    For residents to step into the future, driverless cars are addition to the future for the public transport network in Dubai, most likely by December 2030.
    “The launch of autonomous vehicles will bring a positive impact on Dubai’s transportation landscape and wellbeing. The rollout of autonomous vehicles will alleviate traffic congestion, lower the number of traffic accidents, and cut harmful emissions,” RTA said in a previous statement back in April announcing the road data collection.
    “We’ve selected the most mature companies to integrate, that could actually go through regulation and further testing (in Dubai),” said Khaled Al Awadhi, director of transport systems at the RTA.“We will not run these everywhere in the city because the digital infrastructure is still required to do the mapping of the city.

    #RTA and Cruise, a self-driving technology company, initiated data collection and testing technology for Dubai’s traffic signals, signage, and drivers’ behaviour among other attributes using five Chevy Bolt-based autonomous vehicles in Jumeirah 1 area.
    — RTA (@rta_dubai) April 5, 2023
    For enhanced security, the vehicles will be equipped with 80 sensors, cameras and LiDAR systems – light detection and ranging (laser scanning technology) to monitor road conditions, and controls to avoid collision with any objects – even those the human eye cannot see.
    For the self-driving taxis the model is most likely to be all-electric and emission-free Chevrolet Bolt equipped with LiDAR (laser sensor that uses near-infrared to detect the shapes of objects), cameras, radars and other equipment’s to detect people on the street.
    As a means to a more safer future, these machines will be equipped with the latest AI technology and advanced control systems to enhance safety and traffic efficiency.
    Driverless Buses
    Beyond the world of driverless taxi, UAE residents and tourists can also expect driverless buses on the streets. The autonomous bus category was the third edition of the Dubai World Challenge for self-driving transport. Winners in the academic section of the bus challenge were selected from Heriot-Watt University as A team of five students developed a Virtual Reality simulation to improve passenger experience on public transport.
    The main criteria for selection included credibility, vision, innovation, the relevance of skills, expertise and commercial elements such as operability and value-added.
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    The 8 hotspots in Dubai to get your creative juices flowing


    by Sarah Joseph
    14 hours ago

    If you’re stuck in the rut of the same routine every morning and need a break to get those creative juices flowing, we’re here to help.
    From stimulating discussions on though-provoking subjects to art galleries showcasing the world of notable artists, Dubai is never short of venues to feel rejuvenated.
    Whether you’re an art fanatic or enjoy taking part in various workshops, there’s enough and more to ensure, your skills are used and you can learn from the experts to simply take a break from your phone.
    So, to revamp your daily routine, here are the editor-approved creative spots to visit with exclusive programmes this month.

    TODA is the UAE’s first 360° hub that strives to enrich the cultural landscape, combining art & technology. From classical masterpieces to various digital shows and wellness sessions, guests can art like never before with its various interpretations. This July, visitors can immerse themselves into the captivating world of traditional Japanese art, where stunning visuals come to life as the untold story of Van Gogh unfolds. To complement the experience, visitors can also partake in different traditional Japanese customs, including tea tasting, Ikebana masterclasses (the art of flower arrangement), and Haiku learning (a form of Japanese poetry). Located at Souk Madinat, Jumeirah, the ticket prices range from Dhs72 to Dhs350.
    For more information visit
    Cinema Akil

    The fully-fledged arthouse cinema brings people from all around the world together to enjoy films ranging from classics to regional films. Being the GCC’s first arthouse cinema, it aims to create awareness and interest in film and the cinematic arts. Having opened its first permanent location in Al Quoz, Dubai, this platform showcases directors and filmmakers across the decades. It’s located in Warehouse 68. Ticket prices start at Dhs50 exclusive of VAT and can be purchased online, with movies focused on different themes each month. During the month of July until September 14, 2023, Cinema Akil is proudly showing 10 films of the most “Americanitalian” of all directors, Martin Scorsese. For a snack break, Project Chaiwala serves a variety of teas including their signature and Karak along with other dishes to indulge in during the show.
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    The Jam Jar

    If you want to unleash your inner Picasso, this is the place to visit. By contributing to Dubai’s art scene, The Jam Jar is a community arts space that engages audiences, promotes local artists, and supports the development of Dubai’s art scene through extensive art programmes, community projects and educational initiatives. By building a bridge between arts and education, this multi-functional space offers the region’s first DIY painting studio, which is accessible to people across different ages. It’s open from Monday to Thursday 10am to 7pm, Friday from 2pm to 8pm and Saturday from 10am to 7pm and is located in Unit H74. Canvas’ start at Dhs100 for the small one with supplies such as paintbrushes and paints to ensure visitors can embark on a creative journey as they switch off and paint.
    For more information visit
    Jameel Arts Centre

    This independent institution is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art. Positioned as a new creative destination in the city, and a hub for educational initiatives and cultural events, Jameel Arts Centre includes an open-access research library dedicated to artists and cultural movements of the Arab world, plus project and commissions spaces, a roof-top terrace, writer’s studio, members’ lounge, a chic café known as Teible along with a sculpture park.
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    The Mud House

    Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned potter, there’s no end to pottery making at this one-of-a-kind studio. The experienced staff will take visitors through each step from centering and wedging to pulling and trimming for the wheel throwing class and they will guide you through each step of the process, from Pinching and Coiling to Slab Building and Slump Molding for the hand building class. Located in Warehouse No. 2 in Al Quoz Industrial 3, behind Dubai Garden Centre, it’s open from Tuesday 2pm to 8pm, Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 8pm and is closed on Monday. Prices for one single session start at Dhs210 per person.
    For more information visit
    Paus; Wellness + Community

    This quaint wellness space offers a series of stimulation sessions on different thought-provoking topics each month. Known as Matcha Mornings and Chai Chats, guests can engage in conversations with different individuals to expand their understanding on each topic. This month, guests can explore the intriguing topic: ‘Optimist or Realist: Shaping Perspectives on Life’ on July 27, from 8-9pm and delve into the topic: ‘Ignorance is Bliss: Unveiling the Role of Ignorance in Personal Growth’ on on July 30, from 11am to 12pm. Each session is priced at Dhs35 per person and can be booked online along with a complimentary matcha.
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    Oo La La

    In the mood for creating your own fragrance? Use the Oo Fragrance Table to select ingredients and build up your own fragrance formula. 1000’s unique olfactory combinations can be crafted. From workshops to collaborations with luxury fashion brands, Oo La Lab hosts several sensorial workshop sessions for people to enjoy with friends, family or even alone. Located in Warehouse 58, it’s open from Wednesday to Sunday 12pm to 7pm. The candle mixology workshops are priced at Dhs400 per person and the fragrance design and mixology group session is priced at Dhs400.
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    ICD Brookfield

    For a glimpse into the eclectic artwork of Palestinian-American artist Lena Kassicieh, , ICD Brookfield Place will be hosting a series of pop-up events in collaboration with its restaurants. Guests can immerse themselves in a world of colour, enchantment and joyful visuals as Kassicieh’s masterpieces take centrer stage. To celebrate this extraordinary art exhibition participants such as Josette, Lulu & The Beanstalk and La Niña will be featured as a pop-up space offering a unique and fun F&B experience along with summer inspired games. The unforgettable experience is hosted at Josette on July 27, 2023 from 6pm onwards, August 3, 2023 at Lulu & the Beanstalk from 6pm onwards and at La Niña on August 10 from 6:00PM onwards. All walk-ins are accepted and no prior booking is required.
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    International Coffee Day 2023: The best coffee deals to avail in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    It’s time to celebrate one of the most globally beloved beverages!
    With International Coffee Day soon approaching on October 1, 2023, the UAE has a host of exciting offers brewing to celebrate the occasion. As one of the most widely consumed beverages internationally, it’s time to raise awareness of its global impact.
    From complimentary coffees to exclusive barista-inspired workshops, there are plenty of opportunities for coffee connoisseurs to make the most of this day in the emirate. If you’re in need of ideas on where to visit, swipe through our guide of all the best coffee deals to relish in Dubai.

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    16 must-try business lunches to book for a midday break in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    17 hours ago

    Known for its vibrant dining scene, Dubai has a plethora of restaurants with a host of irresistible business lunches you simply can’t miss.
    Designed for a luxe networking experience or even to take a break from the mundane routine of a 9 to 5, a business lunch is quick, convenient and fancy, making it the perfect meal to savour in the emirate.
    So, if you’re looking for where to dine next, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide of fine-dining restaurants in Dubai for an elegant midday meal.
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    6 quaint cafés you probably didn’t know existed in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    If you’re on the lookout for Dubai’s best kept secrets, you’re in the right place.
    With a host of cultural enclaves, this emirate has a myriad of hidden coffee shops and cafés waiting to be discovered.
    Infused with boho-chic elements, each café is a zen-inspired oasis for guests to unplug and reset during the weekend or weekend.
    Be it a conscious eatery or a hidden villa in the heart of Jumeirah, Dubai is never short of aesthetic gems where you can work from or simply catch up with friends.
    For a complete guide on the unique hidden cafés in Dubai, swipe through our editor-approved guide.
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    8 minimal coffee shops in Dubai for a midday break


    by Sarah Joseph
    12 hours ago

    We all need our daily dose of caffeine, so why not enjoy somewhere aesthetic?
    For a quick midday break or to simply catch up on some work, Dubai has a host of refined spots that are sure to cater to both your tastebuds and eye.
    From concrete interiors to a minimalist palette, Scandinavian interiors have gained huge traction over the years as spaces have sheltered away from the overcomplicated design.
    So, If you’re on the hunt for pared-back spaces with a clean design, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate guide on all the places to bookmark ASAP.
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    5 highly-anticipated concerts to attend in Dubai this year


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    Known to host both international and local artists at various venues, Dubai is never short of events to cater to everyone’s taste.
    From live concerts to comedy shows, it’s time to mark your calendars over the next few months.
    If you’re looking to plan and book in advance, Coca-Cola Arena is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound system and has a capacity of 17,000 people with the largest fully air-conditioned space in the Middle East region and is raising the bar year after year with its concerts.
    See our guide for all the highly anticipated concerts and gigs set to take place in Dubai at Coca Cola Arena this year.
    Myriam Fares, Ahmed Saad, Ayed and DJ Aseel

    The American University in The Emirates is cranking up the excitement with a mind-blowing live concert as the centerpiece of their Graduation Ceremony at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai! DJ Aseel will kick off the festivities with his seamless mixing skills, promising a dance floor experience like no other.
    Ticket prices start from Dhs95 per person and the concert takes on Friday, September 29, 2023 from 9pm onwards. To purchase tickets visit here.
    Trevor Noah

    Famous comedian Trevor Noah will be performing for his new stand-up show at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena. Known for his award-winning show, The Daily Show, as well as his bestselling books including Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. So, for a night of laughter and
    Ticket prices start from Dhs295 per person and the concert takes place on Monday, October 2 from 9pm onwards. To purchase tickets visit here.
    Sean Paul

    Known for his chart-topping hits including Temperature and Get Busy, the musical journey will span across various reggae-infused anthems to hip-shaking dancehall tracks that have dominated the music industry since years.
    Ticket prices start at Dhs150 and it takes place from 9pm onwards on Saturday October 21, 2023 from 9 pm onwards. To purchase tickets visit here.
    Bryan Adams

    One of the biggest selling music artists of all time will perform in the heart of Dubai. The tour is in support of the singer’s album “So Happy it Hurts”. While tickets are completely sold out for this concert, stay tuned for any further changes.
    Ticket prices start at Dhs199 and it takes place on Saturday, November 4, 2023, from 8pm onwards. To purchase tickets visit here.

    In celebration, the British indie pop band are coming to Coca-Cola Arena this November with all their hits including ‘Pompeii’, ‘Happier’ and many other hits. With their charismatic stage presence and undeniable energy, Bastille is sure to create an atmosphere of pure musical magic that resonates with all their fans.
    Ticket prices start from Dhs199 and the concert takes place from Wednesday, November 1, 2023 from 6:30pm onwards. To purchase tickets visit here.
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    Treat your dogs to luxury travel with K9 JETS’ Dubai-London private jet service.


    by Ruman Baig
    18 mins ago

    Private jet firm K9 JETS is introducing an exclusive service for canine-loving travellers, offering private jet flights from Dubai to the UK.
    The inaugural flight is scheduled for September 26th, departing from Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai and landing in Farnborough, UK. Tickets, priced at $9,925 (3,397.61Dhs), include a seat for one passenger and a spot in the cabin for a furry companion.
    The Dubai-London route will feature regular flights throughout 2023 and 2024, with departures in December, January, April, July, and September. This service aims to meet the growing demand for pet-friendly travel, as over 4 million pets and animals are transported by air annually, according to the International Pet and Transport Association (IPATA).
    Before K9 JETS, pet owners faced airline-specific policies, often leading to larger pets travelling in cargo, separated from their owners. K9 JETS’ service allows pets to sit on their owner’s lap or in the cabin, enhancing the travel experience for both.

    Travellers on this route must provide medical certification for their pets, and pups must remain leashed. To make the journey stress-free, a deluxe private terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport offers a welcoming environment with a designated area for pets to relax before takeoff.
    Founded by Kirsty and Adam Golder in 2022, K9 JETS has already flown over 220 pets and 200 passengers. The company has ambitious expansion plans, eyeing new routes in Asia and Australia by 2024. All flights are operated by a licensed U.S. air carrier.
    For those looking to embark on this unique journey, available flight dates include:
    Farnborough, UK to Al Maktoum International, Dubai: 18th December, 5th January, 14th April, 21st July, 29th SeptemberAl Maktoum International, Dubai to Farnborough, UK: 19th December, 6th January, 15th April, 22nd July, 30th September
    Secure your spot and treat your furry friend to a luxurious travel experience with K9 JETS’ Dubai-London private jet service.
    For more information, visit: More