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    Are meal plans worth it? We put one Dubai-based one to the test…


    by Olivia Morris
    July 4, 2022

    Now the world is back in full swing post-pandemic, schedules are becoming busier than ever.
    This is why many seem to be opting for weekly meal plans for convenience, health and wellbeing.
    With a whole host of options for meal plans in the UAE, we decided to put one to the test.
    The Plan
    Honest Badger, founded by Yasmin Hadi in 2020, has four different meal plans UAE residents can choose from: vegan; active vegan; protein and active protein, with meals starting from Dhs115 per day. I opted for the protein plan with a total calorie count of 1500 per day. The plan includes lean meats, vegetables, legumes and pulses.
    A bag of your breakfast, lunch and dinner is delivered daily to your door early in the morning, five days a week. It includes your three meals, as well as a morning juice, two snacks and a dessert.

    The Pros
    The main pro of this meal plan (and I’m sure any meal plan) is the convenience. I live a very busy lifestyle, as many do in Dubai, and not having to think about what I’m going to have to eat each day was a huge time saver. Also, admittedly, I’m not a cook and using a meal really helped kickstart my eating habits and staying away from Deliveroo and other meal delivery apps.
    Generally, the meals were tasty and suited my appetite. The portion sizes were decent and I wasn’t left feeling hungry.
    The Cons
    While I did like what the menus offered, there isn’t really much option to customise it. The team are able to cater to different dietary needs, but you’re not given a choice on what you’d like to have. This is, however, understandable given that it’s a small business, it’s just something worth noting.
    In addition, I found that while it was super convenient not to have to think about my daily meals, my job often takes me out and about during the week and I found sometimes I wouldn’t be eating all of the meals given to me. I tried to save some of them for other days, but given changing of schedules last-minute sometimes (too late to postpone days), it was difficult to decipher when I’d be able to eat the missed meals, which meant some of them went to waste.

    The Verdict
    For me, what Honest Badger had to offer wasn’t quite the right fit long-term. However, overall I have to say I would recommend meal plans to kickstart your health journey. It takes the headache out of meal planning for yourself, especially if you’re always on the go, which most people in Dubai are!
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    Sheikh Mohamed grants groundbreaking decree for Emirati mothers & their children


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 minute ago

    With the UAE continuing to uplift women and their families, another law supporting this has been passed.
    On June 30, 2022, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the UAE, announced a resolution granting the children of Emirati mothers residing in the UAE the same health benefits as other citizens.
    In a mission to ensure the stability and support for the families of Emirati mothers, this new resolution was issued, taking the UAE’s policies one step further.

    President issues Resolution granting children of Emirati mothers same education and health benefits as other citizens#WamNews
    — WAM English (@WAMNEWS_ENG) June 30, 2022

    The strategy will be executed and implemented by Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs. Support shall be provided to the federal and local government agencies to proceed with the required in this regard.
    Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed recently became president following the passing of his elder brother, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed. Following his election as President, he shares his appreciation for “the precious trust placed in him to bear the responsibility of this great trust and to fulfill its tasks of serving his country and people”.
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    In pics: Sheikh Hamdan’s most adorable childhood moments


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 minute ago

    His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, often gives his loyal fans a snippet into his childhood.
    Having garnered over 14.3 million followers, Fazza has always shared some of his favourite moments from when he was young.
    Ever since he was young, travelling around the world has been a core component of Sheikh Hamdan’s childhood and the old pictures on his feed portray the same.
    From precious family moments to embracing the wild with his favourite animals, we just can’t get enough of these adorable occasions caught on camera.
    As Emirates Woman scrolls through Fazza’s Instagram there are a host of throwback moments that shed light on his memorable moments as a young boy.
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    Dubai-based singer Lisa Scott-Lee on her journey to success


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 minute ago

    The British dance-pop group, Steps were formed in May 1997 and Lisa Scott-Lee was a key member of the band.
    Seeing many ups and downs together, the five-member band experienced an unexpected split in 2001, which led each member to pursue their solo careers later on.
    When the pop group reunited after 10 years for a concert they were seen rise up in five separate glass tubes to portray them being awoken after the split, showcasing that their bond in truly unbreakable.
    A few years after the band came back together, Scott-Lee moved to Dubai in 2014 along with her husband and launched the Dubai Performing Arts Academy while balancing parenthood.
    “We decided to give something back to the community, and pass on our wealth of performing experience to budding young performers in the region,” she tells Emirates Woman when asked about her reason for launching the academy.
    Despite years of being in the industry, the band was asked to reunite on stage once again for a prestigious event in the UK and the release of their latest album, ‘The Platinum Collection’.
    To celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary they came together on one of the most important occasions in history for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert “in front of an audience of 10K,” she mentioned.
    For this significant event, the Welsh singer said, “It was wonderful to be a part of the celebrations and see the country come together.”
    As she continues to make a mark in the region and grow her loyal fanbase year after year, Emirates Woman speaks to her about her career and how Dubai has played a vital role in making her dream come true.
    You’ve had an incredible career to date across many facets. Can you walk us through these and how they connect to each other?
    I feel blessed that Steps are celebrating 25 years in the music industry. We are thrilled to have recently received two prestigious awards, an ‘Icon’ award and a Lifetime Achievement award, and we were honoured to perform for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Concert in the UK. The celebrations continue this summer and a UK Tour and the release of our Greatest Hits album, the ‘Platinum Collection.’ Here in Dubai, we are proud to be the first school to launch BTEC in Performing Arts Diplomas in the Middle East, in affiliation with Pearson and Taaleem. We are thrilled to have received outstanding results for our first BTEC in Performing Arts graduates, our students have all received a 100 per cent distinction and it is proving to be a wonderful and successful year.

    What inspired you to launch the Dubai Performing Arts Academy in 2014?
    With me being in the International pop group Steps, and my husband, Johnny being from London’s West End, we decided to give something back to the community, and pass on our wealth of performing experience to budding young performers in the region, and hence, DPA was born.
    What have been the biggest challenges to date and how did you overcome them?
    I think the biggest challenge is trying to balance my work in two countries, along with motherhood. I am lucky to have a wonderfully supportive husband and our beautiful children Jaden and Star-Lily. We are fortunate that our children are following in our performing footsteps, and love coming to DPA, which means we can spend a lot of time together. Our son Jaden is currently playing Billy Elliot in the UK musical, which is dream come true for him, after having trained with us at DPA from an early age. We are also lucky to have found a lovely network of friends, who have become our ‘Dubai Family’, and enable us to enjoy so many incredible experiences both in the UK and here.
    What brought you to Dubai and how has your journey evolved to date?
    We originally moved to Dubai as we wanted to buy property on The Palm, I was blown away by the engineering and unique design, and The Palm continues to dazzle me until today. We moved to Dubai in 2011 with two babies, two suitcases, and a two-year plan. We fell in love with Dubai and decided to raise our children in this beautiful, cosmopolitan safe city, which it is very much my home years on. After having been awarded the prestigious Golden Visa in 2021 for our services to Performing Arts, we are here to stay.

    We love the fact that new careers can emerge or reemerge at any age. Do you feel people are having more than one career in their lives these days?
    I think a lot of it comes down to pure hard work and determination. I also think Dubai and the UAE is the land of opportunity, and the rulers and government are very supportive of new setups, which helps incredibly.
    How has the industry changed since you started out and how has the evolvement been throughout?
    The industry has changed massively over my 25-year career span. When Steps launched in 1997, neither the internet nor social media had been invented and so this has brought the biggest change for artists, in terms of streaming and having instant feedback from fans. As we know, there are pros and cons to Social media, but for music artists, it’s a great tool for sharing music and news from around the world.
    You’ve just played at the Queen’s Jubilee in the UK. How did this honour come to fruition?
    Steps were honoured to be asked to close the Queen’s Jubilee Concert filmed in Manchester Arena, in front of an audience of 10K, in the mark of her 70 years of service. London and the UK were decorated with flags and bunting, and it was wonderful to be a part of the celebrations and see the country come together.
    What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?
    Listen to your elders. I think with time, you realise how important it is to listen to the advice of those who have experienced life before you, and also to treasure this and loved ones.
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    Sheikha Shamma makes history becoming first GCC woman to hold this position


    by Team Emirates Woman
    1 minute ago

    As the young royals of the region continue to pave the way for a promising future, one Abu Dhabi sheikha has just made history.
    Her Highness Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan has become the first GCC woman to be appointed into a global and prestigious position.
    Per the Abu Dhabi Media Office, Her Highness has been appointed as one of the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center women leaders in the Energy and Climate Fellowship Program.
    The group will be invited as core participants to the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Forum in January 2023 held in Abu Dhabi.
    “The selection of Her Highness Sheikha Shamma Al Nahyan as one of the women leaders in the Energy and Climate Fellowship Program, and her hosting of the Atlantic Council Global Forum, reflect Abu Dhabi’s commitment to achieving its 2030 environmental vision,” the Abu Dhabi Media Office stated.

    Sheikha Shamma herself also shared her pride in being appointed to the prestigious position.
    “I’m delighted to be a 2022 Fellow on the Atlantic Council’s Women Leaders in Energy and Climate Programme,” she said, “I look forward to sharing perspectives from a region that is heavily investing in tackling climate change and is soon going to be hosting #COP28.
    “Women’s voices are imperative in all spaces, but especially in the context of the climate crisis, and I’m confident this initiative will continue to create great impact.”
    Having had a keen focus on the environment and sustainability for many years, Sheikha Shamma is the founder and CEO of the Alliances for Global Sustainability.
    Her mission is to empower women and the youth and to focus on sustainable initiatives that create change. In November 2021, Sheikha Shamma also signed five sustainability agreements at the COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow.
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    16 homegrown UAE brands that have gone global

    Born in the UAE, but growing globally.
    These luxurious brands have made their imprint around the world and have undoubtedly received a universal stamp of approval.
    The Giving Movement

    By disrupting stereotypes, Dubai-based lounge and activewear brand The Giving Movement has always gone against the grain. The founder of The Giving Movement, Dominic Nowell-Barnes, has highlighted the importance of pushing boundaries on several occasions. The brand has reached global icons and content creators with its premium collections being loved by all those who are seen in them. From Haya Salman to Natalie Sallaum, various fashion enthusiasts have been spotted in the brand.
    For more information visit

    The luxe activewear label founded by Lyndsay Doran in 2019, has filled in the apparent athleisure gap in the country. With plans to eventually open a UK office and warehouse, the brand has customers from around the world including in Europe and the US. With new launches every season, the brand is constantly innovating and encouraging women to live healthier lives.
    For more information visit

    This contemporary womenswear label has reinvented the wardrobe classics for the modern-day wearer. Founded by Faiza Bouguessa in 2014 in her studio in Dubai Design District, the brand has now made its mark global, as its e-tailer includes one of the largest players in the market, NET-A-PORTER. Designed to empower strong sophisticated women, several A-listers such as Priyanka Chopra and many more have been spotted in the Dubai-based brand.
    For more information visit

    Made in Dubai, this iconic label was started by Lilian Afshar in 2019. Designed for the sophisticated woman, the brand is combined with contemporary handcrafted designs, made in Dubai with luxurious yet industrial elements. The brand is stocked around the globe including NET-A-PORTER, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and many more. From Queen Rania to Kendall Jenner, the brand has made remarkable strides globally.
    For more information visit
    All Things Mochi

    Ayah Tabari launched her label in 2013 with patterned hues infused into every element of the brand. While combining traditional prints and embroideries with quintessential tailoring, each piece is created by hand in individual ateliers by a team of talented makers. The brand has been shown at New York Fashion Week and appeared on people with a global reach. The Hungarian-inspired label has previously retailed on NET-A-PORTER with centuries-old embroidery techniques infused into the collection.
    For more information visit
    Bil Arabi

    Established in 2006, by Nadine Kanso, this luxurious jewellery brand is an ode to the region and celebrated the Arabic alphabet in a refined manner. From earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants this fine jewellery brand has carved a niche for itself in the market. With modern heirlooms and bespoke projects, the brands have reached a global level through collaborative partners which include The Doha Jewellery, Christie’s and Harvey Nichols.
    For more information visit
    The MAINE Group

    Dubai-based restauranteur Joey Ghazal opened his first instalment of the MAINE Group years ago and has undoubtedly dominated the F&B space. The MAINE Group now consists of three restaurant concepts – The Maine Oyster Bar & Grill in JBR, The MAINE Street Eatery in Studio City and The MAINE Land Brasserie in Business Bay. Now, The Maine Mayfair has officially opened its doors in London.
    For more information visit

    First bursting onto the Dubai foodie scene two years ago, Chef Izu Ani’s brainchild has garnered a cult following for the delicious Mediterranean and Greek cuisine Gaia has to offer. With HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum being a keen visitor to the eatery, the restaurant has surely made a mark for itself in the region and globally. All set to hit Europe’s shores with an establishment opening up in London, in the exclusive Mayfair postcode, later this year. With Sheikh Hamdan being a regular visitor to the UK, it begs the question if he’ll pop in for a meal at Gaia London.
    For more information visit
    Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

    With authentic Tuscan flavours in the heart of Dubai, this Italian haven is located in Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel and is certainly loved by all those who dine there. From plush interiors to an undeniable charm when it comes to the ingredients and ambience, this restaurant provides the perfect backdrop for the finest wholesome cuisine in Dubai. With a true farm-to-table concept, this refined concept stays true to its roots. Il Borro London officially opened its doors earlier this year.
    For more information visit
    La Serre

    After opening in Dubai in 2013, La Serre announced it was going global last year. Having opened its door already in Riyadh, La Serre will be heading to the exclusive area Knightsbridge in London and eventually to New York City.
    For more information visit
    Huda Beauty

    Renowned beauty mogul Huda Kattan started her cult beauty brand in the UAE in 2013. Since launching, the brand has gained worldwide popularity by making remarkable global strides. From all the latest must-haves, the brand has upped its offerings to include foundations, concealers, lipsticks, eyeshadows, setting powders and much more while expanding with offices in the US and the UK, with plans for further expansion.
    For more information visit
    Hindash Cosmetics

    Famous YouTuber and multi-faceted artist Mohammed Hindash launched his own luxurious cosmetics brand which was unveiled to the public in Dubai earlier this year. Hindash has added a series of products varying from eyeliners to vegan matte eyeshadow pigments to enhance every look. From being advertised in Times Square, New York to launching on Cult Beauty, the brand is seen the globe over and is praised for its minimal fallout which sets it apart from all the brands.
    For more information visit

    Founded by Dr. Lamees, this organic skincare brand is backed by the most potent organic ingredients with advanced science. Created to focus on the science of healing, each product is a powerful combination of active ingredients in therapeutic concentrations to heal the skin from within. For all your skincare concerns, whether acne issues or large pores, these organic products protect the skin and increase its uses well-being and is loved by celebrities globally.
    For more information visit
    Shirley Conlon Organics

    Dubai’s premium organic skincare brand ensures long-lasting benefits to the skin. Infused with skin-loving plant-based botanicals, the products gently remove pollution and makeup while still protecting the skin’s natural barrier. With ultra-lightweight botanicals that absorb into the skin, these formulas instantly absorb to minimize any concerned areas. Founded by Shirley Conlon, the products have reached around the globe, making a difference to people’s skin. With botanical ingredients from around the world, this beauty brand is not limited to a fanbase in the UAE.
    For more information visit

    The UAE-based fragrance brand for founded to delve into the Middle Eastern traditions of perfume layering. Founded by beauty entrepreneurs Huda and Mona Kattan, this exclusive has created popular scents that are loved by many worldwide. Whether the scented vanilla perfume or the staple musk perfume, each ingredient makes this brand truly special. Created with luxe fragrance oils, this cult-favourite brand always spritzes things up with something new. The enticingly rich scents are loved by all with a customer base all over the world.
    For more information visit
    Jumeirah Hospitality Group

    When it comes to hospitality, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts has made a mark globally. With around 24 luxurious properties, the resort is a leader in leaving its imprint around the world. The diverse set of employees also allows the company to stand out. From the Maldives to Mallorca, the brand has reached different corners of the world.
    For more information visit
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    Abu Dhabi & Dubai voted the most liveable cities in the MENA region for 2022


    by Olivia Morris
    1 minute ago

    The UAE’s biggest cities have topped the rankings for the best places to live in the MENA region for 2022.
    In a list compiled from the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global survey which includes 173 global cities ranked based on their liveability.
    The rankings are calculated based on five categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure.
    Out of the 173 cities, Abu Dhabi was the highest-ranking city in the Middle East placing number 77, with Dubai closely following at 79.
    It’s the fifth year in a row that these UAE cities have been ranked as the most liveable cities in the MENA region.
    However, as for the top 10 cities, most of the highest-ranking ones were based in Europe. See the top 10 most liveable cities in the world below.

    Vienna, Austria
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Zurich, Switzerland
    Calgary, Canada
    Vancouver, Canada
    Geneva, Switzerland
    Frankfurt, Germany
    Toronto, Canada
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Osaka, Japan and Melbourne, Australia

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    This app enables residents across the UAE to recycle for free


    by Nicole Little
    1 minute ago

    With sustainability being a big priority for everyone nowadays, recycling has never been more important.
    However, when it comes to the UAE, finding where to recycle your waste sometimes proves to be a challenge.
    But we’ve found a free-of-charge app which is game-changing for recycling.
    RECAPP App, which is available in both the App store and Google Play, is the first free mobile app in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for on-demand door-to-door recyclables collection services.
    The service is available in the entire city of Abu Dhabi and in certain areas of Dubai. You can ensure that pick-up is available from your home address by downloading the app and registering.

    The initiative aims to support local communities as they strive to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle by providing the opportunity for individuals, businesses, and government entities to exchange recyclable and reusable material through an online platform. By donating your recycling to RECAPP, you will contribute to reducing the waste that ends in landfills.
    With the service, you can recycle all transparent plastic bottles (think water bottles), all opaque plastic bottles (think detergent and skincare bottles), and all-metal cans. While for now, they focus on plastic bottles and metal cans, they plan to gradually extend their service to cover other recyclables.
    Using the service is as simple as:

    Separate your recyclables from general waste
    Ensure your recyclables are empty and clean
    Download RECAPP and create your account
    Schedule a pick-up time.

    If contributing to sustainability isn’t enough to convince you to use RECAPP, they even offer a rewards program for recycling. You can collect more points the more you recycle and the points can be redeemed into gifts offered by their partners.
    So, will you be downloading it?
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