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    Editor’s picks: 10 candles that will transport you to your favourite summer getaways


    by Camille Macawili
    15 mins ago

    Travel from the comforts of your own space with these 10 editor-approved scented candles inspired by your favourite travel destinations – no visa required.
    If it feels like the days are slowly going by and you’re counting down until your next escape, we feel you. Here’s an antidote: snag any (or all!) of these candles, close your eyes and take a deep breath as the scent instantly transports you to favourite escapes – via your senses. Whether it’s that summer soaked feeling you’re after, longing to reminisce the outdoors, or want to journey to idyllic Italy or old town Mykonos.
    Swipe through the gallery below to shop the picks.

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    Dubai-based Italian jewellery designer’s guide to a La Dolce Vita summer in Capri


    by Camille Macawili
    3 hours ago

    A high-profile clientele, A-list celebrity customers and the support of prominent industry insiders propelled fine jewellery label Faraone Mennella into the jewelry spotlight.
    Drawing design inspiration from classical Italian heritage, award-winning designers Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio craft tactile, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces that have been worn by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, and Charlize Theron, to name a few. Now, with the Amedeo’s recent move to Dubai, he is plotting his next steps for the brand.
    Emirates Woman chats with Amedeo Scognamiglio about his beginnings – as well as sharing insider tips and hidden gems and insider tips on how to do Capri like a local.
    When was the point you realized you wanted to have your own label and designing jewelry could be your career?
    I am the 6th generation of a family dynasty devoted to the craftsmanship of cameos and coral in Italy since 1857 so jewelry is in my DNA. But when I moved to NYC in my early 20s, Manhattan’s art and fashion scene of the 90s started to influence my aesthetics, helping me redefine my design vision. The mix of my Italian classic heritage and the NYC pop culture pushed me to dare and reinvent the design codes I absorbed in my father’s workshop. At that point, I felt empowered to not simply keep running a centuries-old family business, but revolutionise that ancient craft making it cool and current.
    Love Lemons 18kt Diamond Earrings Dhs25,155 available at
    You split your time between New York, London and Capri then recently moved to Dubai – tell us about this.
    I split my time between NYC and London while enjoying my summer months in Capri which is home to me and to my 2 brands’ flagship stores. After Covid-19, and the tragic loss of Roberto Faraone Mennella my partner and best friend, I felt like I needed to move somewhere where I could start again and not live with the memories. With the help and guidance of my dear Emirati friends, I moved here last year, and I still pinch myself every day how lucky I am. Dubai, to me now what NYC felt in1998: vibrant, energetic, advanced and exciting.
    For those who are new to the brand, what are your hero designs that are driving sales in the Middle East?
    Faraone Mennella’s iconic pieces, even after 20 years now, are the ones first seen on Sex & The City back then. Stella Collection, our first design, is now our signature and iconic quintessentially Faraone Mennella collection. Over the years, and thanks to our long collaboration with Carolina Herrera, the fashion queen of NYC, we specialized in couture and bespoke high jewelry collections we only sell in our own boutiques and to private clients.
    Abracadabra Earrings Dhs24,815 available at
    How did you develop your signature technique?
    Although I am lucky to come from a family tradition and was able to ‘’experiment’’ and learn all the different angles of jewellery making from the very early age of 13 years old. When I design, I think of places, gowns, yachts and parties.. where my ladies will want to wear my jewellery.
    Roberto Faraone Mennella and Amedeo Scognamiglio
    Being an independent label, does that limit what you can do?
    The most discerning and sophisticated luxury shoppers are always on the lookout for niche brands offering a product not seen everywhere. Luxury is about dreaming and holding memories of experiences that can’t be replicated. This is what we offer, and the reason why we are able to thrive in a highly competitive market is due to the authenticity and uniqueness we have over the big conglomerates.
    What have been the highlights of your career so far?
    A few memorable ones are: designing the jewelry for Sex & The City (2002); being included in TIME Style & Design’s 100 most influential designers (2007); Fondazione AltaGamma, Best Jewellery Design award (2020); but above and beyond anything, working with Roberto Faraone Mennella for 20 years, to see our dream of the early days in NYC become a globally recognized luxury brand. Now that I am left alone at the helm, my only reason to work is to prepare our brand’s legacy for the future, in honor of Roberto’s life. Now it’s a luxury brand with a higher purpose.
    One thing to look forward to in Capri every summer?
    The annual Faraone Mennella ‘’Viva Capri’’ event! It started in 2012 when we opened. We thought it would only be a party for the official opening, but our clients decided it had to be a yearly reunion. And so every year, the first week of July we celebrate jewellery, summer, and friendship with a truly eventful party with dancing and singing, in the most iconic locations of the island.
    The best way to spend a lazy summer day in Capri…
    Don’t plan, don’t schedule, don’t stress. Enjoy the island, the way the ancient Romans did. La Dolce Vita!
    What’s your top tip for travelling to Capri?
    No need to stress about expensive private transfers from Napoli – enjoy the 50-minute ride with the commercial hydrofoil lines, they are easy, faster, and more comfortable. From Dubai, FlyDubai has direct flights to Naples airport is better than a private jet and makes my life and commute so easy.

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    Founder of Amal Counsel shares how what we choose to wear can affects our thoughts


    by Camille Macawili
    1 hour ago

    When you got dressed this morning, did you have to stop and think about how you want to feel for the day?
    Enclothed cognition is a phenomenon where the clothes (including colours, textures, and styles) that we choose to wear affect our thoughts. When used as a mindfulness tool, it has mood-altering benefits that can greatly improve our mental and emotional states.
    To dive into this, we speak to Emirati CEO and Founder of Amal Counsel, Naila Al Moosawi. Amal Counsel is a homegrown organisation dedicated to offering accessible and affordable online therapy services in the UAE. It operates on a volunteer basis with highly-skilled counselors and associates who are committed to supporting the mental and emotional well-being of society.
    With Naila’s background in Psychology, she brings a deep understanding of the human psyche to her leadership approach. Here, she shares how the clothes you wear shape your thoughts, and gives us an insight into her career journey.

    Naila Al Moosawi, Founder and CEO of Amal Counsel

    What was the catalyst for launching Amal-Counseling?
    Amal-CFBT was originally designed to be launched between 2025 and 2027, but the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the process. In 2020, there was a dire need to support the nation and community in their time for distress, so there was no better time to launch the organization.
    Tell us more about the concept.
    Amal-CFBT is an organization for the people. This means that our team members and counsellors all work on a non-profit basis. We do our best to match our clients with preferred counsellors and even offer a 24/7 helpline. We are also the only private counselling service in the UAE, and we aim to make therapy accessible and affordable to the community. Our overall aim through all our services is to support society and help them engage in a safe emotional wellness process.
    Since its launch in 2020, how has it evolved?
    Over time, we have evolved into an organization with over 45 employees including over 25 counsellors and 20 psychology associates and business leads. The Amal-CFBT infrastructure is designed to ensure accessibility, affordability and sustainability. In the future, we aim to continue reaching out and penetrating the market through our growing partnership arm.
    What advice would you give yourself starting out?
    There should be no such thing as failure; it shouldn’t even be part of our vocabulary. Wake up in the morning to do your best. You may not reach the bar you set for yourself, but that only means you wake up the next morning to aim higher and do better. That’s what matters.
    What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned from launching this?
    The biggest lesson I have learned is that there isn’t just one lesson you remember from a journey. For Amal, this is a journey that still has a long way to go, and there are even more lessons to come. Until this point in time, I believe every lesson I’ve learned, whether from a family member or someone I met for two minutes, is crucial to my journey and Amal’s launch.

    Image: Instagram @moyamii

    How do the clothes we wear influence our behavior and affect cognitive processes?
    Clothes can influence our mental processes in more ways than one. They influence the way we perceive ourselves, our confidence, our self-esteem, and even how others react to us. For example, wearing formal attire can make us feel more professional or even authoritative. I believe this is the reason we have comfort items of clothing, like that favorite sweatshirt that makes you feel warm and safe, or the bright, flowy dress that makes you feel free and happy.

    Image: Instagram @anoukyve

    Are there certain colors, prints, or textures that our brain positively responds to?
    Of course. The color blue, for example, triggers better mind flow, whereas yellow can improve your mood and reduce your stress. Green, on the other hand, has the positive qualities of both blue and yellow.
    In regards to textures and prints, I don’t believe there is a lot of research on that, but I do think there is a correlation between them and our mental health. I believe there should be a reason why fabrics like cotton and silk make us “feel” good. In addition to the physically good feeling, they also induce a feeling of calm and comfort!
    What is your go-to outfit do you wear when you want to lift your mood?
    My favorite old, faded pajamas.
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    7 of the best padel courts in Dubai to revamp your fitness routine


    by Sarah Joseph
    4 hours ago

    If there’s one sport that has grown in popularity over the years, it’s padel Tennis.
    While there’s no denying that the sport is gaining momentum in the region, a few people what the game is actually about. Overall, the game is played with solid racquets and a depressurized tennis ball.
    Now, there are several clubs and venues in Dubai that offer padel tennis facilities for players to enjoy. These clubs typically provide well-maintained padel courts, equipment rental, and coaching services.
    If you’re thinking of giving this new buzzword in the sporting community a shot, we’re here to help.
    To get back into the fitness game, Emirates Woman has curated the ultimate padel guide of where to book your next friendly match.

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    Revealed: Dubai’s second Michelin Guide for 2023


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    With a tried and tested seal of approval on Dubai’s culinary scene, the highly anticipated Michelin Guide has officially presented its selection of restaurants for the emirate this year.
    Michelin-starred restaurants as well as its official Michelin Guide for the emirate have been awarded accordingly.
    In partnership with Dubai Tourism, an official announcement was made at a VIP event this morning with the former Emirates Man cover star and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Tourism, Issam Kazim, and Gwendal Poullennec, International Director, Michelin Guides at the newly opened Atlantis The Royal.

    The stars are awarded only to eateries that are judged by Michelin Inspectors to be of a particularly high standard, and it’s unanimously respected by both chefs and gourmands around the world.
    “We never had any doubt about Dubai’s culinary potential, and this year this fascinating destination confirms its gastronomic appeal,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guides.
    At the VIP event which took place at Atlantis The Royal, the 90 Michelin Guide restaurants were unveiled, as well as three Michelin Green Star Restaurants for sustainability and 17 Bib Gourmands. See the full list below.
    Two Michelin Star
    New: Tresind Studio• STAY by Yannick Alleno• Il Ristorante by Niko Romito
    One Michelin Star
    • New: Avatara• New: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal• New: Moonrise• Tasca by Jose Avillez• Ossiano• 11 Woodfire• Hōseki• Al Muntaha• Armani Ristorante• Torno Subito
    Michelin Green star for sustainable gastronomy
    • New: Boca• New: Teible• Lowe
    The Michelin Guide restaurants
    • New: 99 Sushi• New: Ariana’s Persian Kitchen• New: At.mosphere• New: Boca• New; Chic Nonna• New: City Social• New: Fouquet• New: French Riviera• New: Jaleo• New: Josette• New: Jun’s• New: L’Ovilo at Al Mahra• New La Mar• New: Mayabay• New: Milos• New: Mina Brasserie• New: Mott 32• New: Pierchic• News: RSVP• New: Rüya• New: Takahisa• Akira Back• Al Mandaloun• Al-Fanar• Amazonico• Avli by tashas• Bombay Bungalow• Carnival by Trèsind• CE LA VÌ• Celebrities by Mauro Colagreco• Cipriani• Clap• Coya• Demon Duck by Alvin Leung• GAIA• Hashi• Hell’s Kitchen• Hutong• Il Borro• Indego by Vineet• L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon• Little Miss India• LOWE• LPM Restaurant & Bar• Marea• Masti• Mimi Kakushi• Netsu by Ross Shonhan• Nobu• Pierre’s iT• Rhodes W1• Rockfish• Sea Fu• Shang Palace• Siraj• Sucre• Tan Cha• The Artisan• Trèsind• Zuma

    Bib Gourmand
    • New: 21 Grams• New: 3Fils• New: Amara• Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant• Bait Maryam• Brasserie• Boulud• Fi’Lia• Folly• Goldfish• Indya by Vineet• Kinoya• Ninive• Orfali Bros• REIF Japanese Kushiyaki• Shabestan• Teible
    For more details on the 2023 tables -to-book visit
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    Looking for a luxe escape? A luxury stay at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa awaits you


    by Sarah Joseph
    3 hours ago

    Take one step closer to nature, at Dubai’s most sought-after unspoiled paradise.
    As the region’s first original lifestyle resort, Nikki Beach Resort & Spa promises an unforgettable experience with its secluded villa sanctuaries that are suited for families who want to create memorable experiences.
    With 15 one and two-bedroom beach villas with a private pool in total, guests can experience this oasis away. Each of which is accompanied by private swimming pools, a terrace, entertainment systems and individual parking spaces.

    Designed with pristine white, urban concrete with flashes of turquoise and walk-in rain showers, guests can celebrate for a special occasion or simply book a much-needed getaway for the family.
    As the perfect option for hosting, the living space has a long bar that runs along one wall along with a one-of-a-kind pool table, 24-hour private dining, Floor-to-ceiling windows, a large private pool, personalized Malin & Goetz bathroom amenities, an exclusive celebration system with Nikki Beach music and mood lighting along with and LCD TV, a surround sound with the latest bespoke entertainment system.

    Situated in the heart of Pearl Jumeira, this private haven promises a spectacular view over the Arabian Gulf with a private entrance that is strategically located between the beach club and the hotel.
    The resort’s beachfront location provides direct access to the sandy shores of the Arabian Gulf, allowing guests to relax on the beach and enjoy the beautiful views. The resort also offers multiple swimming pools, including a rooftop pool with panoramic views, as well as cabanas and loungers for ultimate relaxation.
    So, to go back in time with its retro-chic rooms, this luxurious villa needs to be booked ASAP.
    For more information visit
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    Eid escape: 12 destinations with visa on arrival and visa-free entry for UAE residents

    If you’re looking for a much-needed escape for the upcoming Eid Al-Adha holidays without any additional visa hassle, we’re here to help.
    While travel is very much back on everyone’s radars, sometimes certain passports require specific visas, which can quite often be a tedious process. However, for UAE residents, there are many destinations which are visa-free or have a visa-on-arrival option.
    Below, the Emirates Woman editors have curated a guide for all the countries offering visas on arrival for UAE residents.

    All UAE residents who have a valid visa can travel to the country and receive a visa on arrival in Georgia. Holders of other GCC countries can travel visa-free for a period of 90 days and receive an entry stamp upon arrival. From Tblisi’s nightlight to stunning mountains, there’s a long list of endless activities to do on your visit.
    Flight time: 3 hours & 30 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With a rich history and picturesque ancient architecture, a visit to the country should definitely be added to your bucket list. All Indian, Lebanese, Jordanian and South African nationals with a valid UAE residency visa can receive a visit visa on arrival due to the positive relations between the UAE and Armenia leading to a special visa-waiver programme. The cost of the visa is around Dhs20 and details regarding additional requirements can be found online.
    Flight time: 3 hours & 10 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Known for its contemporary design, Azerbaijan is home to iconic buildings including landmarks designed by the famous Zaha Hadid. All UAE residents with a valid residency visa can present their passport at the counter after paying and receive a visa on arrival or apply for an e-visa on to avoid standing in long queues.
    Flight time: 3 hours approx. 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    If Japan was on your travel bucket list this year, the process to visit is now a whole lot easier with the latest e-visa laws. The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has set up a new online tourist visa system. All residents are required to apply more than seven days before their trip. Applicants will need to apply via the dedicated website Japan eVISA, where upon successful submission, a digital confirmation visa will be sent to the applicant. At immigration, visitors will need to simply log on to the website and show the visa upon entry. The new system allows residents of permitted countries to apply for an online tourist visa which will grant e-visas for up to 90 days in Japan.
    Flight time: 9 hours and 34 minutes
    For the latest visa requirements visit here.

    For a quick idyllic getaway, a tourist visa is granted to all nationalities visiting the country. A few requirements such as a pre-paid hotel or accommodation booking, sufficient funds to last during the stay, confirmed tickets to return to their home country or country of residence and a traveller declaration form which must be filled in and submitted by all passengers going to and from the Maldives within 96 hours of travel. A visa for a maximum time period of 30 days will be granted on arrival for tourists. With an archipelago of islands to visit, travellers can experience nature at its finest.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 15 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With Seychelles being a visa-free country, Indian citizens will not require a visa on arrival or an e-visa to enter the country for a short stay. This scenic escape ensures a seamless travel experience, however, a valid passport will be required to gain entry into the country. However, certain documents such as a valid return ticket, confirmed accommodation and sufficient funds for the duration of the stay amounting to $150 (Dhs550) per day are required in case asked for.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 35 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Most nationalities can receive a visa on arrival for a small price depending on the tenure of the visit. A 15-day visa costs Dhs110, a 30-day visa costs Dhs183 or a 90-day permit for Dhs460 and can be decided accordingly upon arrival. All Indian passport holders do not require any visa and can visit hassle-free.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 20 minutes
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    For passports with a valid Schengen, UK or US visa, a visa-free entry is granted upon arrival. For those who do not have the mentioned visas, five documents will be required including travel booking details, proof of vaccine, the original passport and proof of funds to substantiate enough money for the stay and to leave.
    Flight time: 5 hours & 55 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    With the perfect blend of culture, nature, culinary delights and design mastery, this haven should be on your list of destinations to travel to. Bali is now open for tourists after the pandemic, as this irresistible country offers a visit visa on arrival for a period of 30 days, which can be easily extended for another 30 days at any visa office in the country. Upon arrival in Indonesia, there is a checkpoint available for visa on arrival which is priced at $35 (Dhs128).
    Flight time: 8 hours & 27 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    Known for its expansive beaches, lagoons and reefs, this country is most definitely a must-visit for all. For those who love nature, there’s a wide range of forests, waterfalls and hiking trails to experience the outdoors. The maximum duration of stay is three months and it is free for UAE citizens. Upon arrival, passengers need to visit the immigration counter and show the original passport to obtain an entry stamp.
    Flight time: 6 hours & 35 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.
    Sri Lanka

    All UAE residents can receive an e-visa which can be obtained from the comfort of their homes. A visa can be applied for online prior to visiting with the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) initially limited to 30 days validity from the date of arrival and extended for up to six months. All applicants require a mandatory passport to be valid for six months from the date of arrival. It is important to check the list of countries eligible for Sri Lanka ETA before applying.
    Flight time: 4 hours & 30 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.

    All UAE residents will need to apply for a Thailand Pass which takes up to one to two hours when the application is submitted. After submitting the required documents, passengers will receive a QR entry code and a Thailand Pass ID needed for entry. With the UAE included in the Visa Exemption Scheme of Thailand, UAE citizens can stay up to a period of 30 days.
    Flight time: 6 hours and 20 minutes 
    You can check the latest visa regulations here.
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    6 inspiring Emirati TV presenters to follow on Instagram


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    The UAE’s TV presenters have a powerful voice in the region and beyond.
    From hosting events to reporting on social issues, TV presenters can influence their audience and educate them on recent news with utmost grace and poise.
    Several Emirati presenters have hosted prestigious events in the UAE with the most recent being Salik’s IPO public announcement.
    As numerous personalities have made a mark for themselves in the industry, Emirates Woman has curated a guide for all Emirati TV presenters to watch out for.
    Diala Ali

    As a TV presenter at Sama Dubai TV Channel, Diala Ali started her career in 2007 working for Dubai Media. She later became an inspiration for many Emirati women through her profound voice on social media. After graduating in Dubai, she later went on to present for several news and social programmes.
    You can follow her here.
    Amira Mohammed

    Amira Mohammed is a renowned journalist and TV presenter at Abu Dhabi TV and member of the Youth Media Council at the National Media Council since joining in 2015. Taking the lead for several topics including artificial intelligence, she sheds light on various technology-related subjects at highly reputed events such as the Knowledge Summit.
    You can follow her here.
    Mahira Abdel Aziz

    After making a mark for herself in the world of presenting, Mahira Abdel Aziz has scaled new heights after featuring in a UAE-made Netflix series in 2021 The Platform as one of its main stars. She has achieved great heights in the Arab world as a TV presenter and continues to establish herself as an actress. The Emirati TV star has also walked the red carpet during the Gouna Film Festival in Egypt. As an anchor for MBC, Abdel Aziz has paved the way for many women in the media industry.
    You can follow her here.
    Rania Ali

    Recognised by the Ministry of Economy, Rania Ali is an award-winning presenter and a leading bilingual MC and public speaker in the Middle East. With an extensive client list, she has presented for top-tier local and international brands in the region. Her extensive portfolio also includes events for the UAE royal family and top government officials in the Middle East region. Known for her experience across various fields, she has been part of different sectors including finance, banking and other corporate events.
    You can follow her here.
    Mahra Alyaqoobi

    This Emirati TV presenter is a training and development manager at Sky News Arabia and has established herself in the region after successfully taking the lead in the media world. With a passion for public speaking, she turned her hobby into a full-time career and eventually became a consultant for the youth who are looking to join the media industry.
    You can follow her here.
    Dina Muhammad

    As a leading TV presenter for Al Aan TV, Dina Muhammed has also made a name for herself in the real estate industry. This Dubai-based pan-Arab satellite channel launched in 2006 and focuses on global and regional issues related to health, politics, society or those of general interest. After translating her passion for real estate into a full-time job, she is now both a TV presenter and part of the real estate content creation community.
    You can follow her here.
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