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    Boost Your Mind And Movement With ASICS’ NAGINO™ Collection

    ASICS unveils a groundbreaking global campaign emphasizing the transformative power of exercise in empowering women to navigate everyday stresses. This momentous campaign coincides with the launch of ASICS’ revolutionary NAGINO™ Collection, spotlighting the profound impact that movement can have on our mental well-being.

    The campaign was developed in response to ASICS 2022 State of Mind Index, which revealed that globally, women tend to exercise less than men and, as a result, experience a lower state of mind.

    The power of movement on the mind

    In a world where stress and anxiety are at record levels, the campaign highlights the power of exercise to calm the mind. Contrasting the shortness of breath in stressed moments with the controlled, rhythmic breaths of a workout, the new campaign highlights the power of movement to offset the stresses and strains of everyday life.

    ASICS’ NAGINO™ Collection

    Designed by women for women. The new NAGINO™ Collection is created to support women to find their inner calm through movement. Each piece is purposefully crafted to inspire body confidence and support women to move undistracted and comfortably during their run and workout.

    “With the NAGINO™ Collection we wanted her to feel comfortable and confident before, during and after her training. We know that nothing frees the mind like exercise and so the new collection is designed to be 100% distraction-free, so the only thing she needs to focus on is herself and her workout.”
    Martina Jurcova, Product Manager for Apparel and Accessories

    The collection features pieces designed for running and training and is completed with colour-matching footwear. This includes the brand’s latest product innovation, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 25 running shoe. Each item is highly technical, providing storage and layering options for on-the-go adaptability. One of the apparel highlights is the NAGINO™ Run Unitard made from premium heathered knit fabric and designed in a body-hugging shape to help her feel supported.

    Shop The NAGINO™ Collection

    The NAGINO™ Collection is available online and in-store now. For more information, click here.

    Nimbus 25 Running Shoe

    Nagino Running Jacket

    Nagino Seamless Blue Tights

    Nagino Seamless Bra

    Nagino Blue Vest

    Nagino Blue Run Shorts

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    ASICS Commitment to Move Every Mind

    ASICS believes every mind deserves the right to be moved so we can all achieve a Sound Mind in a Sound Body. This is why ASICS is launching its mission to move every mind to help tackle exercise inequality and support everyone to feel the positive mental benefits of movement.

    This mission comes in response to ASICS State of Mind Index which uncovered a gender exercise gap, with women exercising significantly less than men, and potentially missing out on the mental benefits that exercise bring.

    As a first step to move every mind, ASICS is conducting a global live study. This is to better understand the environmental and societal barriers preventing women from exercising. Plus, what needs to be done to help them to move freely.

    Sign up here to learn more about move every mind. More

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    10 New Running Shoes To Help You Run Faster And Further In 2023

    The pair of running shoes you choose can make or break your run. You ever slipped on a pair only to feel that red-hot feeling of an incoming blister a few kms into your first run? Or you take your shoes off after a long run to find a blackening toenail? Whatever your woeful running horror story is, one thing is for sure, you need a solid pair of takkies to help you hit the tar, treadmill or trails. And we’re here to help.

    What To Consider When Looking For A New Pair Of Running Shoes

    There are a few questions you’re going to want to ask yourself before you head out to your nearest Sportsmans Warehouse one the next available Saturday morning.

    What will you mostly be using your shoes for?

    How far do you want to run?

    What kind of terrain are you going to be running on?

    Do you want to use them for other kinds of training (like HIIT or strength training)?

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    What To Look For In A Shoe

    Cushioning: This helps the ground feel softer and encourages ground-contact stability.

    Weight: Lighter shoes usually have less cushioning; they’re designed for your speedy runs. Heavier shoes tend to have more cushioning and are better for your longer runs.

    Drop: This is the difference in cushioning (or height) from the heel to the front of the foot. Basically, when you’re barefoot your heel and forefoot touch the ground so the drop is 0mm. Slip on a pair of particularly cushioned running shoes (or some serious heels) and the drop starts to increase. Drop tends to range from 0mm to 14mm, with 10mm being the most common heel drop.

    Pronation: Many shoes will state the type of pronation they are suitable for (but every person is different). Make sure you choose a shoe that’s suitable for you after doing a gait analysis with an expert (hint: they’re usually free). Not sure what these words mean? Keep on reading!

    Do You Need A Gait Analysis For Running?

    Many running coaches, trainers and running brands recommend getting a gait analysis. But what does that actually mean? In simple terms, your gait describes the way in which you walk. So a gait analysis is an exam that gives you information about your walking and running style.

    Everyone is different and knowing your gait is a huge part of knowing your running style. The more information you have, the more equipped you are to choose the right pair of shoes for you and ultimately prevent injury.

    “Knowing your gait can help you grow as a runner and help prevent injuries in the future. Each runner has a specific gait, and not knowing yours could result in an injury,” according to Asics.

    What Does Pronation Mean?

    A large part of gait analysis focuses on determining your pronation. When it comes to running, pronation refers to how your foot naturally rolls inward after your heel strikes the ground. Ideal pronation would result in this motion (the natural inward roll) absorbing the shock from the force of your heel coming into contact with the ground.

    Once your pronation has been determined, you want to try to match yourself to a running shoe that adjusts for your specific pronation. Wearing the correct running shoe will make you a more efficient runner and help you avoid those jog-ending injuries.

    3 Types Of Pronation:

    Neutral pronation: When your foot lands outside of your heel and then rolls naturally inward (about 15%), absorbing the shock and keeping your ankles aligned. If this is you, try the Under Armour FLOW Velociti Elite.

    Overpronation: When your feet roll inward too much. This requires a more sturdy running shoe so that your foot can be kept in place. Try the PUMA ​​ForeverRUN NITRO or Asics Gel-Nimbus™ 25 if you’re an overpronater.

    Supination or underpronation: When the feet don’t roll inward enough. This requires a shoe that has plenty of cushioning, like the Salomon Spectur.

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    5 Places To Get A Gait Analysis In South Africa?

    Sportsmans Warehouse

    Sportsmans Warehouse has RUN-id, an industry-leading advanced gait analysis technology developed by German engineer Jens Hellenbacher. It’s in selected stores around South Africa (Gauteng, Western Cape, Pretoria, KZN and Eastern Cape), is completely free and only takes a few minutes. Find out more here.

    ASICS Mall Of Africa

    If you’re a runner, you’ll be familiar with Asics. They have a huge range of shoes to suit any type of runner. So if you’ve got your heart set on your next pair being from the brand, why not head straight to the Asics store at Mall Of Africa for a gait analysis? The analysis is free of charge. Find out more here.

    Total Sports

    Total Sports is really changing the game when it comes to getting active (have you seen their new TS-ACTV8 workout range???). Their free gait analysis is available at Totalsports in Sandton, Mall of Africa, Canal Walk, Cavendish, Gateway and more.

    The Athlete’s Foot

    You can pre-order your running and gait analysis at the shop over here. They also give an in-depth breakdown of what they will be analysing and why it matters here.

    The Sweat Shop

    Head to The Sweat Shop Dunkeld in Johannesburg or The Sweat Shop Claremont in Cape Town for shoe fittings, gait analysis and premium advice.

    Now that you know a little bit more about what to look for in your next pair of running shoes, you’re ready to shop. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced runner, hit the ground running with these newly-released running shoes.

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    PUMA ​​ForeverRUN NITRO

    We Love It For: Being A Solid All-Rounder

    Weight: 224g (women’s UK4.5)

    Drop: 10mm

    Good For: Overpronators

    Say hello to this fabulous addition to the Nitro family; the ForeverRUN Nitro. This stability shoe encourages an optimal running stride and runners have found it to be more stable, help reduce pronation velocity and reduce peak tibial shock/acceleration. It’s time to leave any niggling injuries in your dust.

    Asics Gel-Nimbus™ 25

    We Love It For: Its Marshmallowy Cushioning

    Weight: 255g

    Drop: 8mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators and overpronators

    This new iteration of Asics’ world-famous runner is ideal for long, slow, distance runs due to the max cushioning (you can thank the new PureGEL™ tech for that). But don’t take our word for it: a study of 100 runners testing 5 pairs of running shoes rated this the most comfortable shoe. Read our full review here.

    Reebok Floatride Energy 5 

    We Love It For: Affordable, Lightweight Training

    Weight: 210g (women’s UK4)

    Drop: 8mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators

    Designed to support women no matter their distance or pace (because running is for everybody and every body), the breathable, lightweight upper keeps your feet cool and comfy. It’s a shoe that punches well above its weight with Floatride Energy Foam for cushioning and a midfoot plate for torsional stability.

    Under Armour FLOW Velociti Elite

    We Love It For: Marathon PBs

    Weight: 213g

    Drop: 8mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators

    Meet UA’s first super/carbon race shoe. This highly-responsive and cushioned ride gives you everything you need to crush race day. And it packs some serious tech; a full-length thermoset carbon plate for snappy strides, a  WARP upper that  provides  lockout and lightweight containment and a Microperf tongue that’s breathable and lightweight for zero irritation.

    READ MORE: Long-Distance Trail Running: Here’s Exactly How To Prep And Push Through

    Salomon Spectur

    We Love It For: Speed Training

    Weight: 258g

    Drop: 6mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators and underpronators

    Wanna go faster, have fun and smash a new 5km PB? This snappy shoe is your best bet. With their signature rocker geometry, R.Camber, ensuring a quicker transition, you’ll spend less time on the ground and more time moving forward. You’ll be even speedier thanks to their lightweight and soft Energy Surge foam that evens out the impact and delivers a smoother foot strike.

    adidas Ultraboost Light

    We Love It For: Road Running

    Weight: 299g (UK8.5)

    Drop: 10mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators and light overpronators

    Made with 30% lighter BOOST material, this female-tailored shoe has a narrower heel fit and lower instep curve that’s designed to reduce blisters (eina!) and heel slip. It’s perfect for those runners who want to clock in kms a few times a week and need a reliable running buddy to do just that.

    PUMA Fast-Trac NITRO

    We Love It For: Doing It All, Literally

    Weight: 250g (women’s UK5)

    Drop: 8mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators

    Okay, so maybe you’re someone who likes to do a little bit of trail running, some road running and a social hike or two on the weekends. This is for you, girl! No matter the terrain, this shoe will tackle it with ease. We’re talking loose trails, gravel, you name it! You can thank the dual-foam midsole – combining full-length NITRO foam and a layer of ProFoamLite – and the durable PUMAGRIP ATR outsole, for that. Plus, the integrated eyestays allow for a snug fit and amazing lockdown. You’ll be wowed by how great it feels on the road.

    Skechers GO RUN Consistent – Energize

    We Love It For: Walking

    Weight: 213g (women’s UK7)

    You don’t have to be running marathons to enjoy the health benefits of increasing your step count. You can step up your cardio in these lightweight lace-up running style shoes. They’re crafted with 100% vegan materials and feature an engineered mesh upper, responsive ULTRA LIGHT cushioning and a Skechers Air-Cooled Goga Mat™ cushioned insole. Hot girl walks, incoming!

    Nike ZoomX Invincible Run 3 Flyknit

    We Love It For: Daily Training

    Weight: 258g

    Drop: 9mm

    Good For: Overpronators

    The ZoomX foam has a cult-like following from runners around the world and for good reason. The strobel lining underneath its insole gives it a firmer, more stable ride with less energy return – and there’s a longer heel clip to improve stability. Try before you buy though, some runners find the heel clip too intrusive for them.

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    New Balance FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3

    We Love It For: Race Day

    Weight: 179g

    Drop: 4mm

    Good For: Neutral pronators and underpronators

    New Balance promises big things, saying “It’s not just a running shoe. It’s a racing shoe.” So this is the perfect running buddy for marathon races and longer, high mileage runs. Comfortable, speedy and with a next-level carbon-fibre plate so you can run faster, for longer, new PBs are all but guaranteed!

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    Under Armour: Grind Now. Glory Later.

    In a world that often celebrates instant success and overnight achievements, Under Armour stands tall as a brand that understands the true essence of greatness. Under Armour‘s Grind Now. Glory Later. encapsulates the core values and spirit that define the brand. It is a call to action, an anthem that resonates with athletes and individuals alike, urging them to embrace the path of hard work, determination and unwavering commitment.

    We support athletes to become better, but it’s the grit, determination and hard work that comes from within that leads to true success. It’s that laser-focused mindset that is truly inspiring
    Under Armour

    What’s Behind Grind Now Glory Later

    It’s the belief that hard work breeds success, do you have what it takes?

    Grind Now. Glory Later. captures the essence of what it means to put in the work, push beyond the limits and grind day in and day out. It is an invitation to rise above mediocrity and embrace the journey towards greatness.

    It’s built upon the belief that every achievement, every milestone and every moment of triumph results from the countless hours invested in preparation. It is the early morning training sessions, the late nights at the gym and the unwavering dedication that sets champions apart. Under Armour understands that the path to glory is not an easy one, but it is in the struggle that one finds strength, resilience and ultimately, victory.

    READ MORE: Under Armour Flow Dynamic Training Shoes — “New Workout Weapons”

    Grind Now. Glory Later. ignites a fire within individuals, urging them to push beyond their limits and unlock their true potential. It embodies the relentless pursuit of greatness, encouraging athletes and individuals to dig deep, even when faced with adversity.

    [embedded content]

    So, let the world see your sweat, your effort and your dedication. When you grind now, glory will undoubtedly follow. More

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    The 8 Greatest Smartwatches And Trackers To Elevate Your Health and Fitness

    Smartwatches are possibly essential to any healthy woman’s life. They track your steps (gotta hit that 10K a day), measure your sleep and feed you detailed info about your workouts.

    The science backs up smartwatches, too. They’re viable tools that can give healthcare providers robust data about a person’s health. And with tracking abilities that sync your data to your menstrual cycle, you can tailor your workouts to whichever phase you’re in.

    The benefits of smartwatches, according to science

    According to John Hopkins Medicine, trackers encourage more movement and are also clutch at helping you take more steps. And more movement is vital for various health markers, from keeping weight at a healthy range to warding off cardiovascular disease. Studies show that smartwatches can even help in the self-management of epilepsy, diabetes, speech therapy monitoring and even CPR training. Yep!

    Then there’s the extensive review published in The Lancet. It found that “activity trackers improved physical activity, body composition, and fitness, equating to approximately 1800 extra steps per day, 40 min per day more walking, and reductions of approximately 1 kg in body weight.” That’s huge.

    Your smartwatch doesn’t even have to be the most expensive on the market for you to get the benefits. At its most basic form, reminders to move more are effective and can help move the needle towards healthier habits. And heart rate monitors offer tons of insights, like when you’re in a heart rate zone that’s too high or low. We’ve rounded up some of the best fitness trackers, each with their own set of unique skills. Here, the fitness watches that elevate your health and fitness.

    The best smartwatches for health and fitness

    For the serious adventurers

    Suunto 9 Peak Pro


    Size: 43 x 43 x 10,8 mm, 64g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: 100m waterproof

    Swim tracking: Yes  

    Mobile payments: No

    Phone call: No

    Don’t be intimidated by the size of the watch face. This tracker is lightweight and packs a punch. Choose from over 95 sports modes, including trail running, mountain biking and even snorkelling. There’s a built-in GPS with navigation capabilities when you’re off on a run or trekking the wilderness. Plus, they’re made using renewable energy, with a low carbon footprint and a long lifespan that compensates for their very existence.

    Garmin Enduro 2


    Size: 51 x 51 x 15.6mm, 70g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, 10 ATM rating

    Swim tracking: Yes

    Mobile payments: Yes  

    Phone calls: Yes

    Rough and ready for anything, this watch does it all. Run to the ends of the earth and still have enough power, since this watch also has solar charging capabilities. Built-in navigation helps you figure out which way you need to be. It even works out your metrics to help you with training – and suggests a pace that’ll get you over the finish line in style. That’s not all. Trend data shows how your training is having an impact over time.

    For the wellness queen

    Fitbit Sense 2


    Size: 38 x 38 x 11.43mm

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: 50m

    Swim tracking: Yes

    Mobile payments: Yes

    Phone calls: Yes

    Wellness girlies love this watch. Get all-day stress management (and reminders to do some meditation and breathing exercises) and a stress score. Menstrual tracking is part of the package, as is a personalised sleep profile, with daily sleep feedback. A health metrics dashboard gives detailed data about your heart rate, skin temp and SpO2. It’ll even give you a Daily Readiness Score, something that takes all metrics available and lets you know what kind of workout you should hit that day, depending on what your body is ready for.

    Garmin Lily


    Size: 34.50 x 34.50 x 10.15 mm, 24g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, 5 ATM rating

    Swim tracking: Yes  

    Mobile payments: No

    Phone calls: Yes

    See your bod’s energy levels throughout the day so you know the best times for workouts, and when’s best to rest. Stress monitoring also lets you know how you’re doing and of course, a period tracker measures your flow, symptoms and more. Respiration tracking lets you know how your breathing is doing, with reminders for breathwork and yoga. Truly, a wellness watch.

    For iPhone users

    Apple Series 8


    Size: 41 x 35 x10.7mm, 31.9g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, WR50 rating

    Swim tracking: Yes  

    Mobile payments: Apple Pay

    Phone calls: Yes

    Temperature sensing makes this watch a cut above the rest, which offers detailed insights into women’s health tracking, so you know for sure when you’re ovulating. It’ll also stay on for longer. The Blood Oxygen app lets you in on your blood oxygen levels, clueing you in if you’re at risk for something like pneumonia. Heart rate notifications ping when you’re in a zone too high or too low. In low battery mode, get a whopping 36 hours extra battery life, so you’re always connected.

    For Android users

    Samsung Galaxy Watch5


    Size: 43.3 x 44.4 x 9.8 mm, 33.5g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, 5ATM+IP68 rating

    Swim tracking: Yes

    Mobile payments: Yes, Samsung Pay

    Phone calls: Yes

    For Samsung users, this watch is a worthy companion. From advanced sleep tracking that lets you plan a better snooze for your sleep type, to the over 90 trackable exercises it hosts, this watch can do pretty much whatever. A heart rate monitor and ECG is incorporated into the device, along with something called the Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis Sensor (BIA). That tracks your body fat percentage and skeletal muscle weight, so you’re in the know about your health – especially if you’re on a fat loss journey. It even guides your selfies. Real talk.

    For the budget

    Huawei Band 7


    Size: 44.35 × 26 × 9.99 mm, 16g (without the strap)

    GPS: No

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, 5 ATM rating

    Swim tracking: Yes

    Mobile payments: Only with Android

    Phone calls: No, only call notifications and the option to decline

    This watch does a lot with a low price point. Pick from over 90 workout modes and an app connects you to menstrual health data, steps, SpO2 tracking and more. A five-minute charge powers the device for two whole weeks (huge score!). A vibration lets you know if your blood oxygen level or heart rate strays from the healthy range, too. And it’s water resistant, a big feature at this price point.

    Amazfit Bip 3


    Size: 44.12×36.49×9.65mm, 33.2g

    GPS: Yes

    Heart rate monitor: Yes

    Water resistance: Yes, 5 ATM

    Swim tracking: Yes

    Mobile payments: No

    Phone calls: Notifications only

    Get two weeks’ use out of this watch with one charge. While the watch face is wide enough for different displays (even a customisable face of your choosing, like your own photo), it’s slim and lightweight. It’ll track your swims, workouts and runs – along with everything else in between, including sleep quality. Plus, the watch’s Target Pace function lets you set and crush your pace goals. There’s also a built-in GPS and even a blood oxygen saturation feature.

    Michelle is a freelance writer at WH, passionate about all things health, fitness and mental wellness. She’s also an avid surfer and recently discovered skateboarding as a viable means of transport. Skate dates, anyone? More

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    Nano X3: The Official Shoe of Fitness

    The newest member of Reebok’s award-winning Nano family, the Nano X3, offers the ultimate in-training shoe performance. As the Official Shoe of Fitness, the Nano X3 is designed to deliver the versatility, comfort, and style that today’s fitness enthusiasts demand.

    For over 13 years, Reebok’s Nano franchise has been at the forefront of innovation in the training community, and the Nano X3 is no exception. Featuring the revolutionary Lift and Run (L.A.R) Chassis System in the midsole, the Nano X3 is built to provide versatile support across all training needs; from heavy lifting to running and jumping. The dome TPU piece in the heel hardens under heavy loads for added stability when lifting and then softens when not under load. This is paired with Floatride Energy Foam for extra responsiveness and cushioning, while the TPU plate offers added lateral and torsional support for forefoot propulsion.

    “As the training needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts continue to evolve, the Nano evolves with them. The Nano X3 is the most dialled-in Nano yet, with a focus on comfort and support while offering a fresh new look and feel. However and wherever you’re working out, the Nano X3 will give you the confidence to succeed.”
    Tal Short, Senior Product Manager at Reebok

    But that’s not all that the Nano X3 has to offer. Its updated heel shape and clip provide added comfort and increased stability and style. The ROPEPRO+ Outsole and new tread pattern offer ultimate protection against wear and tear and increased outsole grip. Plus, its FlexWeave Knit Upper is lightweight, breathable, and durable. Last but not least, the Nano X3 features a minimum of 30% recycled upper materials, part of Reebok’s [REE]cycle commitment to creating a better, more sustainable future for all. So this is a shoe you can feel good about wearing.

    Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out on your fitness journey, the Nano X3 has everything you need to succeed. Don’t wait to experience the next level of training shoe performance.

    Buy The Reebok Nano X3

    The Nano X3 is available in a wide range of colourways both in-store and online at So why wait? Elevate your training today with the Nano X3.

    Complete Your Look

    Reebok Training Leggings

    The Reebok training leggings are designed to help you reach your fitness goals. The compressive fabric and wide, high-rise waist give you a hugged-in feel.

    Reebok V-Neck T-Shirt

    This t-shirt has built-in mesh that keeps you ventilated when your training session heats up.

    Reebok Lux Strappy Sports Bra

    From HIIT to spin class, core work to the weight room, this women’s Reebok sports bra supports you as you train. More

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    Train Brilliantly With The Garmin Forerunner® 265 GPS Running Smartwatch

    Light on the wrist, not on features.

    The Forerunner® 265 smartwatches are the perfect fit for any runner who wants to train harder and PR on race day. The race widget will make sure you’re race-ready with training tips, personalized daily suggested workouts and completion time predictions based on course details, weather and performance.

    Get a training readiness score based on your sleep quality, recovery, training load and more, so you can determine whether it’s a good day to go hard — or take it easy. Wrist-based running dynamics measure cadence, stride length, ground contact time and more. No accessory required.

    Get insight into overall effort with training status — which uses indicators such as HRV status, recent exercise history and performance — and know whether training is productive, peaking or strained. Access free adaptive training plans from Garmin Coach or through the race widget, or you can create your own custom workouts through the Garmin Connect™ app.

    [embedded content]

    READ MORE: The Top South African Road Running Events To Look Out For In 2023

    Run Connected

    Safety and tracking features make it easy to share your location with chosen contacts2. Jam out from your watch. Listen to playlists from Spotify®, Deezer and Amazon Music (premium service required) with your wireless headphones (sold separately). Multi-band GNSS with SatIQ™ technology ensures you get the best positioning accuracy in any environment while also optimizing the device’s battery life.

    3 Key features WH loves about the Forerunner® 265

    Daily suggested workouts – it adapts to match your performance and recovery.

    Race widget – From training tips to weather reports, this watch suggests everything you need to get race-ready.

    Training readiness – You can determine whether it’s a good day to go hard — or take it easy.

    Plus, this watch can track and log your menstrual cycle or pregnancy to get exercise and nutrition education.

    Light, bright and made for any distance. Get the Garmin Forerunner® 265 GPS Running Smartwatch here. More

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    Unlock Your Comfort, Unlock Your City – Aero Glide 

    AERO GLIDE is a high-cushioned lightweight runner styled to rack up miles with limitless bounce and energy. With an upper construction to keep things light and airy and a premium plushness in the tongue and collar zone, the fit experience and game-changing performance on this shoe is unforgettable.

    New Aero franchise brings lightness, comfort and proven technology to everyday road runs.

    The Aero Glide delivers maxed-out cushioning to rack up the miles. The midsole features Salomon’s Energy Foam technology, which combines EVA and Olefin, absorbs shock and vibrations, and creates a super plush cushioning while still providing great bounce and energy return.

    [embedded content]
    AERO GLIDE | Salomon Road Running

    The result is comfort even after hundreds of miles. The proven rocker geometry, called R.Camber, creates a quick transition every time you touch the ground and keeps you moving forward. The upper of the shoe, made with 32% recycled materials (by weight) keeps your feet dry thanks to a lighter 3D open mesh. The soft padded tongue and collar combine to offer easy step-in and comfort while you run. At just 264 grams, the Aero Glide is the go-to shoe for comfortable, everyday runs.

    Salomon Aero Glide Road Running Shoe

    Everyday running shoes

    Terrain: Road

    Maximum shock absorption

    MIDSOLE: energyFOAM to deliver long-lasting cushion and bouncy energy return.

    A soft padded tongue and collar zone that cradles your foot and ensure maximum comfort 

    Try your new Salomon shoes at one of these events. More

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    Lift Your Look With Puma Fit Collection 

    This winter we have the perfect solution to staying active. For those looking for inspiration, the new PUMA FIT COLLECTION inspires you to get active and look good while you’re at it. 

    Take your workout to the next level with PUMA FIT, a training collection that fuses performance and style. Flattering, form-fitting designs feature bold branding and innovative fabrics, making them instant favourites for the gym and day-to-day social scenes too. 

    PWRFRAME TR 2 Training Shoes

    Start every workout the right way—with the ultimate foundation. PWRFrame TR 2 is a high-performance training shoe that features a 3D midsole frame system engineered for forefoot support during explosive movements. This targeted technology helps keep you steady through every interval and a wide range of routines. Prepare to own your session in this function-packed style.  

    SUPPORT: PWRFrame: Engineered 3D midsole frame system provides enhanced support and stability.   

    CUSHIONING: PROFoam: High-rebound EVA provides cushioning and responsiveness.  

    SUPPORT: PWRTAPE: Targeted reinforcement for upper support and durability.

    GRIP: PUMAGRIP: Durable rubber compound provides multi-surface traction.  

    Feeling energetic? Try the Beginners 5K Running Training Plan

    PUMA Fit Medium Support Bra  

    Designed for moderate-intensity workouts, the crisscross-back PUMA FIT Medium Support Bra is a bold two-tone style that will dial up any fitness routine. Smoothing EVERSCULPT fabric with UltraForm ensures a flattering finish, while moisture-wicking fabric keeps sweat in check. Made using at least 70% recycled material, cool just got more conscious.   

    DRY: Highly functional dryCELL materials draw sweat away from your skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise​. 

    FOREVER BETTER: Made with at least 70% recycled materials as a step toward a better future. 

    SUPPORT: Medium support for moderate-intensity activity.  

    FIT: EVERSCULPT fabric with UltraForm ensures a smooth, supportive, and body-contouring fit. 

    PUMA Fit Fashion Woven Flow Short  

    Featuring contrasting cutlines inspired by our iconic Formstrip, the PUMA FIT Fashion Woven Flow Short is a duotone two-in-one design with style to spare. A high waist is both fashion forward and flattering, while the fitted underlayer lets you move with confidence. Moisture-wicking technology keeps sweat at bay and recycled material means you can go hard while going easy on the environment. A premium heat transfer badge celebrating the brand’s 75th anniversary completes this elevated essential. 

    DRY: Highly functional dryCELL materials draw sweat away from your skin and help keep you dry and comfortable during exercise​. 

    FOREVER BETTER: Made with at least 30% recycled materials as a step toward a better future. 

    COMFORT: Formstrip-inspired ergonomic cutlines for enhanced comfort and freedom of movement.

    FIT: Flattering high waist for extra coverage and elastic waistband for a secure, comfortable fit. 

    Click HERE to get the look, as worn by fitness icon, Pamela Reif and Takkies More