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    Celine Dion fights back tears and admits lying to fans for years as she gives update on Stiff Person Syndrome battle

    A NEW bombshell documentary on Celine Dion lays bare the illness which has torn her life apart.In I Am: Celine Dion the superstar admits she has secretly been suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome for TWO DECADES, though she only told the world about it in 2022.Celine Dion’s new documentary lays bare the illness which tore her life apartCredit: GettyCeline Dion admits she has secretly been suffering from Stiff Person Syndrome for 20 yearsCredit: AmazonThe rare neurological condition causes muscle spasms and stiffness, and Celine has now confessed she spent years taking more and more medication to treat it so she could keep performing.The singer, who last played live in 2020, says in the film: “I needed my instrument but my instrument was not working. So we started to elevate the medicine. That was 80 to 90mg of valium a day. “That’s just one medicine. I don’t want to sound dramatic but I could have died. I was taking those medicines because I needed to walk. I needed to be able to swallow. I needed medicine to function. One more pill, two more pills, five more pills, too many pills. The show must go on.”As her condition worsened she was forced to cancel more and more shows. She made excuses before finally coming clean about her diagnosis.READ MORE ON CELINE DIONOn how she covered it up, even when she suffered vocal spasms on stage, she explains: “When I had to cancel shows, we had to tell the crowd why and . . .  Lying. I can’t lie any more. From a sinus infection to an ear infection to whatever . . . Sometimes I would point my microphone towards the audience and I would make them sing.“There’s moments where I cheated and I tapped the microphone like it was the microphone’s fault. And there’s moments where we had to stop the show. Quick change and I never came back.”In footage filmed in 2021, Celine says: “17 years ago I started to experience some voice spasming. This is where it started. I woke up one morning and had my breakfast and afterwards my voice started to go up and it freaked me out.“It’s in the muscles, it’s in the tendons, it’s in the nerves. It’s not seeable.Most read in Bizarre“Last year I got to a point where I couldn’t walk. I was losing my balance a lot. It was hard to walk, a lot of pain. I couldn’t use my voice. I miss it a lot.”The most distressing moment in the film, out on Prime Video on June 25, is a lengthy scene which shows Celine suffering a seizure, becoming so stiff she can’t move and only able to moan in pain and cry. Celine Dion admits she ‘feels her body leaving her’ with stiff person syndromeThankfully medics are on hand to help her recover, but it shows the terrifying extent of a condition which impacts one in a million people.She says afterwards: “Every time something like this happens it makes me feel so embarrassed. You don’t want to not have control of yourself.”At one point she struggles to sing, then breaks down in tears, saying: “It’s very difficult for me to show this.”Yet at the end she insists she will do whatever it takes to continue and is determined to return to the stage.What are the symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome?
    Symptoms of Stiff Person Syndrome can take several months to a few years to develop.
    The severity and progression of SPS can also vary from one person to another. 
    The first signs of the condition are intermittent spasms, which then become continuous. However, experts say that spasms don’t usually occur during sleep.
    Symptoms include minor sensory stimuli – those with this symptom would notice they have become more sensitive to noise, light, and touch.
    Other symptoms to look out for are pain, severe spasms, and impaired breathing (in advanced cases).
    Many people with SPS will experience falls because they lack defensive reflexes, experts at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke added.
    Affected individuals should talk to their doctors about their symptoms.

    She signs off: “I still see myself dance and sing. I always find plan B and C.“If I can’t run, I’ll walk. If I can’t walk, I’ll crawl. But I won’t stop.”The singer last performed live in 2020Credit: AFP More

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    Huge British girl group member reveals new solo music plans as she prepares to drop first song

    THE countdown is finally on for Jade Thirlwall’s debut solo single, with insiders telling me the track will arrive imminently.But it isn’t just the song — which I’ve heard is called Angel Of My Dreams — that Jade will drop.Jade Thirlwall has created a new brand, The Jade Room, to sell cosmetics, candles, clothing and accessoriesCredit: GettyThe former Little Mix singer has created a new brand, The Jade Room, to sell cosmetics, candles, clothing and accessories.A source said: “Jade is one of Little Mix’s most popular stars and is the last to release her solo music.“She has a cult following of fans and has created this brand just for them. “As well as her music and videos coming from The Jade Room she will use it like a club where they can get merchandise and other more on jade thirlwall“It is something that will grow with her as a solo artist. “As far as her team are concerned, the opportunities are limitless.“Jade has really taken her time honing her music and can’t wait for her fans to hear it.“It is going to be a really slick operation. Most read in Bizarre“Fans will start seeing teasers released in the coming weeks. “It is going to be a really exciting time.”Perrie Edwards flashes bum as she shows off her enviable figure in racy Forget About Us videoJade was in April spotted filming the video for her single, which includes a dig at her former label boss Simon Cowell. Little Mix split from his now defunct company Syco in 2018.In one line from the track, Jade sings: “Sold my soul to a Syco.”Jade’s new music follows her bandmates’ Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Perrie Edwards’ first steps into solo music.Perrie wowed fans over the weekend at Capital’s Summertime Ball, where she performed her second single Tears, from her upcoming debut album.Her first single, Forget About Us, hit the Top Ten in April.Leigh-Anne has released tunes including Don’t Say Love and My Love from her EP No Hard Feelings, released last month.And Jade won’t be far behind now, with an Instagram account called The Jade Room posting fan pictures from the set of her music video earlier this week.Hopefully we’ll have a Little Mix hat-trick of new music before the month is out.TAY FIGHTS HOME BLAZETAYLOR SWIFT had to put out a fire in her home after a drunken night in her studio.Singer-songwriter Gracie Abrams was writing her new song Us with Taylor at the superstar’s New York pad after a boozy night together at the beginning of the year. Gracie Abrams has revealed how Taylor Swift had to put out a fire in her home after a drunken night in her studioCredit: Instagram/gracieabramsThey discovered the blaze – caused by a candle – at 6am and Taylor leapt into action.Gracie told Billboard mag: “She was a legend. “I don’t know how at this hour or in our state she knew what to do.“We had an insane cough from the fire extinguisher fumes for weeks.”SABRINA ON TOP OF THE FROTHS ESPRESSO singer Sabrina Carpenter proved she’s a real coffee fan when she became a barista for the afternoon.She surprised punters looking for a frothy pick-me-up at Blank Street in London when she hopped behind the counter on Monday.Sabrina Carpenter became a barista for an afternoon in London to celebrate the success of her single EspressoSabrina hopped behind the counter at Blank Street on MondayThen yesterday she was promoting follow-up single Please Please Please – expected to hit No1 on Friday.The 5ft US pop star told why she called upcoming album Short n’ Sweet.She explained: “My whole life, my height was something that was so vividly pointed out to me. “I was like, ‘why not make it my entire personality?’“It’s a good thing to own it and know you’re a lot more grounded because you’re closer to the ground.”Reflecting on her whirlwind year of success, she added: “I haven’t slept a ton. “They say this is the age I’m supposed to not sleep and I don’t have to suffer so much. “I’m just so grateful.”RAG’S DOG A CROC KILLERCROCS are the shoe version of marmite.Like me, you either find them repulsive, or you absolutely love them . . . like Rag ‘N’ Bone Man.Rag ‘N’ Bone Man has confessed he has spent around £1,000 on CrocsCredit: SplashThe singer, real name Rory Graham, has confessed he has spent around £1,000 on the monstrosities – that’s about 40 pairs – because his dog keeps chewing them.The dad of one told Scott Mills on his Radio 2 show yesterday: “Ernie is my dog, he’s my golden retriever and I think he’s potentially eaten probably £1,000 worth of my shoes, probably more. “I’m one of these dads that got into wearing Crocs around the house and it turns out that’s his favourite meal.“My Mrs had these really nice Frozen Crocs that were a one of a kind thing, and I bought some really nice ones and they have all been eaten by Ernie. “All the kid’s ones have been eaten as well.”I think Ernie is trying to tell you something, Rory. For the love of fashion, please stop buying them.TREATS MEG ASDA HAVESHE flew into London to perform at the Capital Summertime Ball on Sunday but Meghan Trainor was more excited about dashing to the supermarket afterwards.The American singer who released her sixth album Timeless this month, says she loves hunting through the reduced section in Asda.Meghan Trainor loves picking up bargains at ASDACredit: RexWell, that makes two of us.In an exclusive chat ahead of her set at the Wembley event, the All About That Bass singer said: “I just learned about the Whoops stickers when food is going off.“Yellow stickers are so funny.“I wrote a song called Whoops too but it’s a cheating song.” Laughing, Meghan added: “Someone asked me if I wrote about these Whoops stickers. “Obviously I was like, ‘No!’.”Another British favourite she can’t get enough of is Nando’s – but she had no idea about Greggs.On whether she had paid the high street bakery a visit, Meghan said: “Is that a club? Oh, it’s food!“I was going to go shopping in Harrods but I do love a Nando’s.“My schedule is busy but I asked if I can feel as normal as possible so they keep things locked in, like my workout, therapy and my son’s soccer game.”See you in the reduced-to-clear, Meg.Although I doubt they have that in Harrods.DUA IN GRIP OF LOVEDUA LIPA and Callum Turner are still in the superglue phase of their relationship, with the couple holding on to each other here while on a date in Manhattan.Given how busy Dua is going to be later this summer, I can see why Brit actor Callum doesn’t want to let go of her.Dua Lipa and Callum Turner were pictured holding hands while on a date in ManhattanCredit: BackGridThe singer is gearing up for Glastonbury next weekend, where insiders tell me she will arrive by helicopter on the Friday morning before headlining that night.I told earlier this year how Dua was in talks to have music legend Cyndi Lauper join her on stage.And now Coldplay’s Chris Martin, who is headlining on the Saturday, could be in for a star turn after she hinted he could come out on stage with her, too.Dua said of her set: “The one thing I can tell you is that this will be a one-off, it will only ever happen at Glastonbury and that will be it.”AMBOR LIGHT FOR ALBUMTIKTOK star Mark Ambor will release his debut album, Rockwood, this year.He announced the news on Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show yesterday when he came into the building the station shares with Bizarre to perform his viral track Belong Together.The American said of the number, which got to No11 in the charts: “If I’m being very honest about this song, there weren’t many creases I had to iron out.“The slowest part was starting it.”He added: “I didn’t go to a school for music, I just picked up a guitar in college.“It was always on the side, and what happened was senior year of college was 2020 and Covid happened.“It was kind of a blessing for me because I had no social pressure.“I could be home and making demos and not worrying about having fun after college“And that’s kind of how this whole thing really began.”USHER’S DIET IS A HARD CELUSHER is in incredible shape for a 45-year-old, but after hearing about his ridiculous daily schedule, I can see how.He said: “Typically I wake up and drink celery juice.Usher has shared his crazy diet and exercise regimeCredit: Getty“I’ve been doing this concoction of lemon, ginger, water and cayenne pepper. “I drink it hot.”But that’s not the case on a certain day of the week.Usher continued: “I fast on Wednesdays. “I typically try to start around 11pm the previous day, then go the entire day on Wednesday just drinking water.”I can barely make it to 11am without a little snack, but I’m not going to condemn him for going without.During an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he said he loves doing yoga, walking, swimming and riding his bike, but can’t do much weight-lifting after surgery on his knee.He still has a six-pack, so I’m sure he must do more than the occasional stroll around the block.It clearly works for him, but I’m not going to start drinking celery juice with my cornflakes.PHARRELL COUNTRY CASUALBEYONCE, Shania Twain and A Bar Song (Tipsy) by Shaboozey have helped make country music cool again and now Pharrell Williams is getting in on the act.He looked like he was ready to ride off into the sunset on a horse in this cowboy get-up – although that was unlikely given he wore it during a stroll through Paris before a Louis Vuitton fashion show.Pharrell Williams is getting in on the country actCredit: The Mega AgencyAs well as being the men’s creative director for the posh brand, he has his hands full with his upcoming biopic . . .  made using Lego.The animated movie of his life, titled Piece By Piece and due out in October, will include a voice cast featuring GWEN STEFANI, JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, JAY-Z, SNOOP DOGG and more.That’s a big undertaking . . . he must be bricking it.
    SIR MICK JAGGER is about to become a grandad for the sixth time.
    His daughter Georgia May, a model and designer, announ- ced she is pregnant for the first time on Instagram, tagging her skateboarder boyfriend Cambryan Sedlick on the post.
    Holding her baby bump, she wrote: “Patiently waiting for our new best friend.”

    BAA-BIE GIRL ABBSFIRST it was pop star Zayn Malik adopting a load of farm animals. Now Abbey Clancy is following in his footsteps.The model turned TV presenter, married to former footballer Peter Crouch, took in two orphan lambs that became part of the family.Abbey said on her Exhibit A podcast: “I hand-raised two lambs. “They were orphans.“My friend’s got a farm and I’ve got four kids. “So I was like, ‘If you get any orphan lambs, I’ll take them, have them in the garden’.”She added: “I got a whole pen built in the garden – shelter, warmth.“And they didn’t go outside. “They stayed inside, wrapped in a blanket.“I was bottle-feeding them. READ MORE SUN STORIES“They’re gorgeous.”Watch out, Pete. You’ll be kicked out of the bedroom next. More

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    Taylor Swift shocks tiny London takeaway with huge £450 order of Brits’ favourite post-pub snack

    POP sensation Taylor Swift has turned into a wrap star — by ordering 45 large chicken doner kebabs for her Wembley Stadium show.Taylor placed the huge order for her and her entourage at a North London takeaway she was already a fan of.Taylor Swift has ordered 45 large chicken doner kebabs for her Wembley Stadium show on FridayCredit: GettyShe has paid North London takeaway Kentish Delight £450 for the grubCredit: Peter JordanThe Look What You Made Me Do singer will perform the first of seven sold-out Wembley dates on Friday night and has paid Kentish Delight £450 for the grub.A source said: “They’ll be collected by someone from her team on the night. “It’s a big order but the kebab house can handle it.“Taylor adds garlic sauce to hers, as well as heaps of salad.”READ MORE ON TAYLOR SWIFTThe large chicken doners contain up to 1,000 calories a piece, including 55g of fat and 69g of carbohydrates.Taylor has a history with Kentish Delight – after visiting there with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Alwyn, for a cheeky takeaway.She also filmed the video for her song End Game in the takeaway, which has become a tourist attraction for visiting fans.Taylor, 34, also paid for a mega Greggs order as she began the UK leg of her tour in Edinburgh on June 7.Most read in BizarreThe Sun revealed how Taylor had placed a huge order of sausage rolls, steak bakes and donuts for her team ahead of the show.Watch as Taylor Swift takes a swipe at ex boyfriend as she performs on Eras Tour in UK Twitter More

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    Lewis Capaldi raises hopes of music comeback as he is pictured a year after announcing hiatus

    IT has been almost a year since Lewis Capaldi announced an indefinite hiatus from music to focus on his mental health.But in news that will bring fresh hope to fans of the Scottish singer, I can reveal he has returned to the studio.Lewis Capaldi is back in the studio nearly a year after he announced an indefinite hiatus from music to focus on his mental healthCredit: SuppliedLewis’ break came after an emotional set at GlastonburyCredit: GettyThe Someone You Loved chart-topper spent time in his home studio with British singer-songwriter Dan D’Lion last week, suggesting he is making tentative steps back into the industry.My photo shows the pair there, with Lewis strumming on an acoustic guitar.A source said: “Lewis is doing really well, so much has changed in the past year.“He has been looking after himself and getting lots of help and there’s been a sea change in how he’s more on Lewis Capaldi “There are no plans to return anytime soon but it’s promising that he is back jamming with his mates and thinking about music. “It looked touch and go whether he would want to, or be able, to return at one point.“So things are really looking up.”Lewis announced he would be taking time “getting my mental and physical health in order” after an emotional set at Glastonbury last June, where he struggled to sing his songs and became frustrated, saying he was “annoyed with myself”.Most read in BizarreIt came just months after his massively successful second album Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent hit the top spot in the charts. It featured the No1 singles Forget Me, Pointless and Wish You The Best.Lewis Capaldi’s foul moutrhed duet with Niall HoranSince then he has barely been seen. But he did address fans on Instagram on New Year’s Eve, when he said he was making a “marked improvement” and announced a deluxe version of his record. He wrote: “I want to make absolutely sure I’m 100 per cent before getting back out there again properly for more shows and doing what I love more than anything.”I am constantly in awe of how Lewis has navigated the music biz with his mental health issues.He is doing the best thing in taking time out to look after himself.Plenty of artists burn out quickly and I hope Lewis will make sure he’s on top form to continue making music for years to come. More

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    Strictly Come Dancing’s Craig Revel Horwood announces shock music career with debut album and headline tour

    HE’s got the dancefloor moves of a diva, but it seems Craig Revel Horwood has the voice of one, too.The Strictly judge is taking a surprise step into music, with his debut album due out on October 18.Craig Revel Horwood is releasing his debut album on October 18 – and also heading out on tour with itCredit: PACraig said of the record, called Revelations: Songs Boys Don’t Sing: “This album holds a special place in my heart. “Each track is associated with female singers, which presented a delightful challenge.“I embraced this opportunity to record these songs, knowing that it might be my only chance to give them my own interpretation.“The album is a perfect blend of drama, pathos, romance and a touch of high camp.”READ MORE ON STRICTLY’S CRAIGI’d expect nothing less. Yesterday he dropped the first track, a cover of Dame Shirley Bassey’s This Is My Life, ahead of a 53-date tour next spring.I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a sing-song on the next series of Strictly, too.Behind the Glitter: The Feud Between Craig Revel Horwood and Brendan ColeMegan puts the boot inMegan Thee Stallion dazzled in a barely-there embellished bodysuit with matching orange boots as she wowed fans at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts FestivalCredit: GettyMegan Thee Stallion enjoys the fringe benefits of going solo as she performs at a gig in Tennessee.Most read in BizarreThe rapper, who dazzled in a barely-there embellished bodysuit with matching orange boots, wowed fans at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival ahead of her new album’s independent release next week.She is bringing out the record, simply titled Megan, by herself on June 28. It comes after she parted ways with her old label – just like British success story Raye and her project, My 21st Century Blues.Megan has already released three tracks from the 18-song collection – Hiss, Boa and Cobra. I’m hoping not all the tunes are named after serpents, though.Nicki Minaj has already had a hit with Anaconda and – given the pair’s ongoing feud – a copycat version would spark a load more drama.I’m sure Megan could do without the tassel!Nude Ed hotel room blunderEd Sheeran mistook the front door of his hotel room for the toilet door while drunk and ended up stranded without a stitch onCredit: GettyShape Of You singer Ed Sheeran had it all on show when he got locked out of his hotel room starkers.The singer mistook the front door for the toilet door while drunk and ended up stranded without a stitch on. He had to use a napkin to cover his modesty.That’s certainly one way to bring a man worth £340million down to Earth.Recalling the mortifying incident, Ed, left, said: “I was drinking Cafe Patron liqueur and went to bed.“I sleep naked – I enjoy the freedom it brings to my life.“I got up in the middle of the night to take a p**s and opened the toilet door and I walked out.“Suddenly the door closed and I opened my eyes and I was in the corridor completely naked without a key to my room. “I was just standing there with CCTV, like, ‘F***’. I was looking around and thinking, ‘How do I get out of this?’“Someone’s room service tray was outside their room with a napkin, so I took the napkin and covered my junk and went into the lobby of the hotel, all the way down.“This was four o’clock in the morning and no one was there apart from someone who looked at me, and I was playing that weekend, and I was like, ‘Can you please not tell anyone?’”Ed was eventually let back in, although he then had the challenge of getting rid of all footage from the security cameras, over fears the tape could leak.He told the Therapuss podcast: “They came up and let me in my room and my security guard wiped the footage.”Perrie up fur solo successLittle Mix singer Perrie Edwards reveals her new look ahead of her latest single Tears on FridayCredit: Simon Lipman for Numero NetherlandsPerrie was given the extreme makeover on a high-fashion shoot for Numero Netherlands magazineCredit: Simon Lipman for Numero NetherlandsI can forgive you for not recognising Perrie Edwards as she unveils a dramatic new look with dark hair and huge furry boots.The Little Mix singer had an extreme makeover on a high-fashion shoot for Numero Netherlands magazine, ahead of the release of her second solo single Tears on Friday.She performed it for the first time during a brilliant set at Capital’s Summertime Ball on Sunday, after talking about how she has evolved since going solo.She told the June issue of the mag: “I’m just way more confident now I suppose, because I don’t have people to hide behind.”Coldplay moon landing with an eco vinyl versionColdplay have bottled it with their new album.Coldplay have announced new record Moon Music will be out on October 4 – with the vinyl made out of recycled plastic containersThe first single, feelslikeimfallinginlove, will be out on FridayCredit: suppliedThe eco-conscious band, posing here to promote it, have announced new record Moon Music will be out on October 4 – with the vinyl made out of recycled plastic containers.The album has been produced by pop hotshot Max Martin, so I am expecting big things. The first single, feelslikeimfallinginlove, will be out on Friday and they performed it for the first time in Budapest on Sunday night.That is guaranteed to be on the setlist when they headline Glastonbury next weekend – and from what I have heard, it will go down a storm.Ride over for Taylor’s ex-manager ScooterAfter his feud with Taylor Swift, Scooter Braun has confirmed he has quit as a manager after 23 yearsCredit: Bradford RogneScooter Braun has retired as a music manager – six years after coming to blows with Taylor Swift.The top mogul helped launch and guide the careers of acts including Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. But he was hit by controversy in 2018 when Taylor called him out for buying the rights to the first six albums of her back catalogue, claiming it was underhand.That prompted her to rerecord and re-release the records, which has, in turn, made her a fortune.But it sounds like Scooter has been burned by the situation, after it was revealed last year that both Ariana and Justin, along with stars including Demi Lovato, had deserted him.Yesterday he confirmed he has quit as a manager after 23 years. But he will now focus on being the chief executive of Hybe America – which looks after K-pop group BTS and is the firm that bought his company Ithaca Holdings for £790million in 2021.Appearing to reference Taylor as part of a lengthy statement, Scooter said: “There has been a lot said about what is happening in our company . . . and in my career. “When we had success I smiled, and when we were attacked I tried to always take the high road.”I’m sure she will be raising a glass.Stevie: Mac a no goStevie Nicks has vowed Fleetwood Mac will never perform again after the death of band member Christine McVie.The singer said it is “no can do”, insisting: “Without her, it just couldn’t work.”Christine died after a stroke in late 2022.Stevie told the new issue of Mojo magazine: “There wasn’t any lead-up to it. “We got a call, and I was going to rent a plane and go see her. “But her family said, ‘Don’t come, because she may not be here tomorrow’.“And the next day, she passed away.”Stevie added: “I needed to be with her, and I didn’t get to do that. “So that was very hard for me. “I didn’t get to say goodbye.”The band last performed in 2019, when their tour included shows at London’s Wembley Stadium.Stevie will go solo on stage at BST Hyde Park next month.Paloma: Men must do morePaloma Faith made some enemies during her latest UK tour after blasting blokes in the audience.The singer, who will perform at Glastonbury, explained to Radio Times: “I keep saying on this tour, in between songs, men need to do more, they need to step up to the bar.“And it’s not just about saying, ‘Oh, you’re a great person, I’ll cook you dinner once a week.’ “It’s about having initiative and adopting what are assumed to be some feminine qualities in the household.“If you see your partner do the same thing every single day for six years, why don’t you just do it and take it off her hands?“I’ve had a lot of men walk out of my shows with their wives in tow.READ MORE SUN STORIES“And I say, ‘Goodbye, you’re obviously one of the ones I’m talking about.’”I couldn’t agree more. More

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    French movie legend Gérard Depardieu, 75, sensationally pulled from comeback film after sex assault allegation

    GERARD Depardieu has been sensationally pulled from his comeback film, weeks after The Sun told how he was about to make his big-screen return.I revealed last month he was due to appear in an £85million comedy thriller called Travel Agents, which would have been his first movie since being arrested for alleged sexual assault.French movie legend Gérard Depardieu has been sensationally pulled from his comeback film after a sexual assault allegationCredit: GettyThe production will be loosely based on the life of Austrian entrepreneur Juergen Pichler, pictured with rising model girlfriend Alexandra PekarkovaCredit: GettyBut I can now reveal that controversy over his casting was so big that producers have since reconsidered.The production will be loosely based on the life of Austrian entrepreneur Juergen Pichler, better known as the singer Trickster, and it is looking for a new star. A source said: “Travel Agents is a massive project and there has been a lot of interest. The team in charge didn’t want the narrative to be about this casting. A deal in principle was agreed with his Swiss agent and a letter of intent was received, but it’s not moving forward to contract stage.“A lot of allegations have been made against Gerard, which he denies, and now the team are reconsidering who to bring on board. But it won’t be him.READ MORE SHOWBIZ NEWS“The script is still being finalised but the hope is that work can begin on the movie later this year.”A string of claims of sexual assault have been made against Gerard, but he has always vehemently denied them. He is to stand trial in October over the alleged assaults of two women in 2021, so I’m not surprised the industry’s waiting before making decisions on his future.Actress who accused Hollywood star Gerard Depardieu of sexual assault ‘takes her own life’ on same day documentary airs More

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    Adele forks out millions renovating £46million Beverley Hills home – but keeps Sylvester Stallone’s beloved Rocky statue

    ADELE forked out £46million when she snapped up Sylvester Stallone’s Beverly Hills mansion two years ago.But I can reveal she still hasn’t moved in despite spending millions more gutting the home, renovating it and adding a whole new floor.Adele has forked out millions renovating her £46million Beverley Hills homeCredit: GettyThe Hello singer purchased the property from Sylvester Stallone two years agoCredit: RexIt already had eight bedrooms and 12 bathrooms but the singer has extended it skywards, as well as building a garage for up to five luxury cars. In the most recent building permit application last month, which suggests the pad is now nearing completion, Adele’s team said they are putting a “cool roof” on the structure to comply with strict specifications of properties in a “very high” Fire Hazard Severity Zone.A source said: “When Adele bought the house she didn’t intend to change too much. But she has a team of Hollywood experts on board who suggested the extra floor.“The house will be absolutely gigantic by the time it’s done. But it is looking incredible and she thinks it’s worthwhile. She wants it to be her forever home with her son Angelo and partner Rich Paul, and she dreams of extending her family there.”READ MORE ON ADELEThe mammoth building job is being handled by celebrity construction company Valle Reinis.It was founded by Brian Valle and TV actor Rob Reinis, son-in-law of Henry Winkler, who have featured in Elle Decor and Architectural Digest.Her renovations are so major that one of the only things that is staying is a statue by the pool of Sly’s boxing character Rocky, with his fist raised aloft.Sylvester said last year that he intended to take the figure with him when he moved, but he recalled: “She said, ‘That’s a no deal. That’s gonna blow the whole deal.’ She wanted the statue.”Most read in BizarreOn Saturday, Adele performed the final night of this leg of her Las Vegas residency, ahead of shows in Munich in August. Furious Adele launches into scathing rant at audience member during Las Vegas residency showShe will return for ten concerts in October and November, before wrapping her Weekends With Adele series.By then, she will have performed 100 shows there — and hopefully her dream home will be finished.SAM BIG ON MUM UNDIES
    SAM SMITH’s mum was driven round the twist by the singer growing up — because she could never find her underwear.
    The Brit Award-winning singer, who came out as non-binary in 2019, revealed: “I would get in my mum’s bra and knickers and just dance every night after school when I’d had a s**t day.”
    Speaking on The Pink House podcast, Sam said: “Weirdly, the only annoyance I remember from my parents was my mum was just p***ed off because she couldn’t find any of her bras.
    “They would always be with me.
    “There was maybe a little bit of annoyance with the clothing part of taking the clothes, but it was celebrated. I was very, very lucky.”

    Shaun’s got home support in hate callShaun Wright-Phillips and his daughter have teamed up to front EE’s new campaignCredit: SuppliedI ALWAYS knew Shaun Wright-Phillips was a talent on the football pitch – but he’s showing what a top bloke he is off it.The former Man City winger has has teamed up with EE to front its “Hate. Not In My Shirt” campaign along with his daughter Raphaella.Shaun said he hopes he can teach the new generation of football fans that abuse is never acceptable, at a time when research shows 37 percent of kids aged six to 15 have experienced at least one form of hate.It’s time to stamp it out.BETTY WILL BRING US SUNSHINE
    BETTY BOO has summed up the feelings of a nation waiting for the warm weather to finally kick in
    She played a gig at Islington Assembly Hall in North London on Saturday – and spoke for us all by performing her new song, Bring On The Summer.
    Given the thunder, lightning and rain of recent days (and it hammered it down during my holiday in Mallorca) that’s certainly a message I can get behind. Betty, above, had a run of hits in the early 1990s including Doin’ The Do.
    The latest track will be on her new album, Rip Up The Rulebook, which is due out at the end of August.
    But I’m hoping she drops that song sooner.
    I’ll get behind anything that can bring us some sunshine. More

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    Huge pop star set to perform at MTV VMA’s after supporting Taylor Swift on tour

    SABRINA CARPENTER has taken the world by storm after supporting Taylor Swift on her Eras Tour.But I can reveal the US singer is now preparing to take centre stage, as she is lined up to perform at the 2024 MTV Video Music Awards in New York on September 10 for the show’s 40th anniversary.Sabrina Carpenter is set to perform at this year’s MTV VMAsCredit: GettyThe ceremony takes place in New York on September 10 and is the awards’ show’s 40th anniversary.A source said: “Sabrina is at the top of their list. “She is in talks with bosses to do a huge performance to capitalise on the success of her hit song Espresso.“She is following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift when it comes to dominating the world with her music and infectious charm.”Sabrina is on a high, with two songs – Espresso and Please Please Please – in the Top more on taylor swift The former Disney star is dating Saltburn actor Barry Keoghan, and even enlisted him to appear in the video for her latest single.But despite her success, it appears Sabrina is just like us when it comes to eating out. I have been told she is hoping to have Nando’s spicy chicken in her dressing room when she performs at the Capital Summertime Ball at Wembley today.In 2018, Sabrina tweeted: “I will never get tired of you London. Most read in Bizarre”I don’t know if it’s the Nando’s or something in the water, but I will always come back.” Just like her Nando’s order, Sabrina is hot right now.Buy the exact $40 necklace Sabrina Carpenter wears in her new Please Please Please music video with Barry KeoghanLIAM CAN DEFINITELY DELIVERIF one thing’s certain, it’s that Liam Gallagher knows how to raise the roof at a gig.The O2 in South London was so amped-up for this show celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis Definitely Maybe album, that even the pre-concert mix tape became a mass singalong for the fans.Liam Gallagher knows how to raise the roof at a gigCredit: RexBy the time the rocker swaggered on stage, anticipation was at fever pitch.“I don’t care if it’s a Monday, the weekend starts here,” he sneered.And the sold-out crowd obeyed. A ferocious Rock ’n’ Roll Star was followed by the band’s classic debut album, a smattering of B-sides and stand-alone single Whatever.The latter was a highlight, so too was a lilting Half The World Away and a sublime Slide Away. An emotional Live Forever delivered to a montage of music greats including John Lennon, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix tugged the heartstrings.We might not have a full-scale Oasis reunion, but Liam is in his best form for years and he gave this timeless album the celebration it deserves.GEN Z FANS TOO RUDI WITH THEIR MOBILESRUDIMENTAL are sick of Gen Z ruining concerts by bringing out their phones.The drum and bass group said those born between 1997 and 2012 are glued to their phones at gigs.Rudimental are sick of Gen Z ruining concerts by bringing out their phonesCredit: RexFounder member Piers Agget told me: “I would like to see them not bring out their phones. “I sound like a grumpy old man, but it is true.“They are not drinking but they are bringing out their phones instead.“Our fans aren’t too bad for it. I have seen other shows where everyone in the crowd has got it but a lot of the time at our shows, people are just enjoying the moment.”The band, who recently headlined the Friday Night Show for the Champions League final in collaboration with Rockstar Energy Drink , also spoke of their night out with Justin Bieber in 2015.Of their favourite weirdest celebrity encounter, Piers said: “There was that time we played pool with Justin and Lockie [DJ LLocksmith] beat him.“We were hanging out with Justin at the MTV Awards in Milan and it was very cool.“He gets a bad rep but he is a lovely guy.”Now that is a collaboration I would like to see.RAYE’S THE FEST DRESSED WOMANRAYE oozed Hollywood glamour as she took to the stage in Norway.The Brit Award-winner looked amazing in this ruched gold dress for her performance at Bergenfest on Friday night.Raye looked amazing in this ruched gold dress for her performance at Bergenfest on Friday nightCredit: GettyRaye recently dropped a seven-minute song called GenesisCredit: GettyShe recently dropped a seven-minute song called Genesis, which has already soared to 22 in the UK charts.Thanking her 1.6million Instagram fans, Londoner Raye wrote: “Please just know how grateful I am to be an artist whose voice is heard by you and thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening.”We are all ears, Raye.ADELE: I’LL GET YOU LAID, LADSADELE has been kidding around with fans in the US – boasting her music will put them in the mood for making babies.The Rolling In The Deep singer told an audience at her Las Vegas residency she could boost the chances of them conceiving with her live performance.She quipped on stage: “For anyone that got dragged along tonight, which obviously would be a straight man, you might get someone pregnant tonight because I make baby-making music.”If you have been dragged along against your will, you will one hundred per cent get laid tonight – I will get you laid because my music is emotive.”The cheeky vow comes weeks after Grammy winner Adele, who has an 11-year-old son with her ex Simon Konecki, spoke of her desire to have a baby daughter with her sports agent husband Rich Paul next year.SHE PIX A CARD FOR BOBIT looks like Pixie Geldof will be in her dad’s good books today.The model was spotted out in London’s Primrose Hill picking up a Father’s Day card for Bob. Pixie Geldof was spotted out and about in LondonCredit: ErotemePixie was picking up a Father’s Day card for dad BobCredit: ErotemePixie, daughter of the Irish singer and the late TV presenter Paula Yates, kept it casual in a leather jacket and shades while running errands in the capital.READ MORE SUN STORIESBut she made sure she gave her outfit a designer edge by clutching a vintage blue leather Miu Miu handbag.Earlier this week Pixie attended the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in Piccadilly to celebrate contemporary art. More