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    Roberta Flack version of First Time Ever horrified us… but I got to like it, says Peggy Seeger

    THE First Time Ever I Saw Your Face is a song for the ages.Covered a thousand times in a thousand ways, it captures the overwhelming sensation of love at first sight.Having played at the first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965, Peggy’s taking this year’s US legend slot with her musician sons and daughter-in-lawCredit: Laura PageRoberta Flack version of First Time Ever horrified us… but I got to like it, says Peggy SeegerCredit: GettyPopularised by Roberta Flack’s sensual, soulful take, it also held Elvis Presley, Diana Ross, Johnny Cash and George Michael under its spell.Three poetic, impossibly romantic verses were written by one folk singer, Ewan MacColl, for another, Peggy Seeger.“The first time ever I saw your face/I thought the sun rose in your eyes,” it begins.MacColl experienced that intense thrill on Tuesday, March 27, 1956, at a smoky basement flat in Chelsea — and he turned it into a song.READ MORE MUSIC NEWSHe was 41 at the time, a folk firebrand and socialist activist known for Dirty Old Town, about his birthplace of Salford.He was among a small gathering looking on as Seeger, less than half his age at 20 and newly arrived in the UK, sang traditional ballad The House Carpenter, banjo in hand.The daughter of a musicologist father and composer mother, she was part of an American music dynasty which included her half-brother, folk icon Pete Seeger, and the brother she often sang and recorded with, Mike Seeger.All these years later, Peggy is speaking to me via video call from her home in Oxford — city of dreaming spires on the Thames, not the one in Mississippi.Most read in Music‘In his midlife crisis’Having played at the first Cambridge Folk Festival in 1965, she’s taking this year’s US legend slot with her musician sons Calum and Neill MacColl and daughter-in-law Kate St. JohnJust shy of her 89th birthday, she’s forthright, funny and never far from throwing her head back with a glorious smile. The sun really does still rise in her eyes.Over the decades, Peggy has been a tireless campaigner for women’s rights, typified by her anthem I’m Gonna Be An Engineer, and a staunch environmentalist but that doesn’t stop her embracing one of the greatest love songs of all time.Elvis’ Graceland home up for auction after Lisa Marie Presley ‘failed to pay back $3.8m loan’ as family files lawsuit_Only last year, she released a wistful new recording of First Time Ever.“My voice has slipped down lower,” she reports. “And I’ve found that the song has an entirely new feeling to it.”Recalling that fateful day in 1956, she adds: “I think Ewan probably fell in love with the whole deal.“He was past 40. He was in his midlife crisis. He had a five-year-old son and a tired marriage in which both parties had already been unfaithful.“Then along came this just-out-of-teenage American girl with long brown hair and a big banjo with songs that he loved.”Over the decades, Peggy has been a tireless campaigner for women’s rightsCredit: GettyWe know MacColl was smitten but how did the object of his desires feel about him?“The first time I saw Ewan, I thought he was the funniest thing I’d ever seen,” admits Peggy. “Red beard, black hair, big ears, smoking.“And he was very, very amorous . . . shall we put it like that!”The rest, as they say, is history, with the two folk singers from different sides of the Atlantic becoming an item, having children, eventually marrying in 1977 and staying together until his death in 1989.It’s important to note that after MacColl began his affair with Peggy, his second wife, Jean Newlove, gave birth to their daughter, Fairytale Of New York singer Kirsty, in 1959.Peggy says Ewan was the first love of her life and “my work soulmate”. The second is her current partner, traditional singer Irene Pyper-Scott.“I had known Irene for a long time but the first time I REALLY saw her was like a lightning bolt,” says Peggy.She tells me that though Irene has moved to the opposite end of the earth — to New Zealand — they talk every day via WhatsApp in the small window when both are awake.This brings us to First Time Ever’s second verse, which starts: “And the first time ever I kissed your mouth/I felt the earth move in my hand.”“When I sing it, I always remember the first kiss with either Irene or Ewan,” says Peggy.“With Ewan, it was fantastic. He really knew how to do it — I’d been dealing with boys up to then.”The third verse demonstrates the rapid progression of Ewan’s relationship with Peggy, from crush to lover.It goes: “And the first time ever I lay with you/I felt your heart so close to mine/And I knew our joy would fill the earth/And last ’til the end of time my love.”’CHAMBER OF HORRORS’Peggy says: “When it comes to ‘lay with you’, I have to think of the second time with Ewan because the first time was a disaster. The first time with Irene was incredible, so there you go.”Another aspect of the First Time Ever story is MacColl’s less than favourable opinion of the numerous cover versions, what he called “the chamber of horrors”.In the Sixties, other folk artists such as The Kingston Trio, Peter Paul & Mary, Bert Jansch and Gordon Lightfoot felt compelled to record the song but it was soul singer Roberta Flack who gave it global recognition.It was a sleeper hit, appearing on her debut album First Take in 1969 and only reaching No1 in the US three years later after featuring in Clint Eastwood’s haunting thriller Play Misty For Me. Peggy says Ewan was the first love of her life and ‘my work soulmate’Credit: GettyPeggy picks up the story, “Ewan and I opened the post one morning and there was a cheque for something like $75,000.“At the time, we had been groping for work and for money to keep two families.“Though we hadn’t heard of Roberta Flack’s version, it turned out that it had whizzed up to the top in America.”Peggy well remembers their reaction to hearing the song in its chart sensation mode.“We were both horrified because, as Ewan put it, he wrote it as an hors d’oeuvre and Roberta had turned it into the main meal,” she says.“My way of singing it takes two minutes and hers takes about five. She milks it but I’ve gotten to like it.”So what does Peggy think of the Elvis cover?“Well for one thing, he never got to sleep with her in his song — he danced with her,” she replies with one of those smiles.“Ewan used to say it was like Romeo down on the ground calling up to Juliet at the top of the Post Office Tower.“I have trouble with other people’s versions because I can’t hear them telling their own experiences. I feel that they’re just thinking about singing the song.”Long after Ewan died, Peggy heard Johnny Cash sing First Time Ever on the fourth instalment of his American Recordings, The Man Comes Around, the last album of his lifetime.‘Extreme version’“When I first heard it, I hated it,” she says. “It was the singing of a broken old man.”To Peggy, this wasn’t what she expected from the singer who had walked the line to resist alcoholism and violence, who had swept June Carter off her feet and had proposed to her on stage.But, as with Roberta Flack, she changed her mind. “Since thinking about singing things lower, I absolutely love the way Cash sings it,” she confesses.Of all the various attempts at First Time Ever, Peggy believes that one of hers is the most “off-the-wall”.She’s talking about a pumping electronic dance rendition on a 2012 album called Folksploitation complete with her vocals.She says: “I recorded it as low as I could singing Roberta’s tune, not the one Ewan wrote, and a friend of my daughter’s turned it into this dance track.“So I was responsible for one of the most extreme versions of that poor little song. You must hear it!”Our thoughts turn to another stunning MacColl song, The Joy Of Living, written by a man approaching the end of his life and set in the mountains of Scotland, Wales and England where he loved to ramble.CAMBRIDGE FOLK FESTIVAL
    THIS year’s edition of the enduring festival finds Led Zeppelin legend Robert Plant presenting Saving Grace featuring Suzi Dian (Fri).
    Other highlights include Ralph McTell (Thurs) and Transatlantic Sessions, Larkin Poe, Turin Brakes (Sat). Peggy Seeger & Family play on Sunday as do Blue Rose Code and Oysterband.

    Peggy provides this moving insight: “The tune is not Ewan’s — it is Sicilian — but it is his swan song.“They say that men face death with more fear than women and he was very, very afraid of dying.“I’ve tried to figure out if I’m afraid of dying,” she continues. “I will be afraid if I’m in great pain and it is drawn out and undignified . . . just give me an easy way out with a chance to say goodbye to my kids and my partner.”Peggy believes that “women are more attached to life than men.Men risk their precious bodies so easily — they jump off the sides of mountains, they stand at the bottom of avalanches, they take risks.“They go to war and face other soldiers, and do these soldiers think they’re going to come back? All of them? Why do they do it?”Her words bring to mind her recent anti-war song How I Long For Peace and a classic written by Pete Seeger in 1955, Where Have All The Flowers Gone? With wars in Ukraine, Gaza and other places around the world still raging, protest songs new and old stay relevant.She says of Pete, who died aged 94 in 2014: “Well, we loved each other dearly but it was impossible for us to perform on stage together. We had completely different ways of dealing with things.“Pete would just throw him-self out there, embrace everybody and make wonderful, wonderful songs without naming any names.”Peggy says the closest he came to pointing the finger was on Waist Deep In The Big Muddy which appeared during the Vietnam War.“That suggests a president [Lyndon B Johnson] has taken us into the big muddy and has a wish that he had drowned.”Peggy laughs when she adds: “I named names though. I did a song about Prince Charles’s wage rise way back. And I can’t remember a word of it!”Another of her name and shame efforts is called Donald’s In The White House.As you may have guessed, she’s not a Trump fan. “The country will go into civil war if he gets back in. It’s headed that way,” she affirms.“Enough numbskulls!”BIG SETBACKAfter all Peggy’s wonderful recollections, we arrive at the present day and her upcoming Cambridge Folk Festival show, for which she has suffered a big setback.“On February 4th, I had a bad back injury,” she says. “I’ve been practically out of orbit since then.“Now, I can walk with one stick but, for three months, I wasn’t able to lift the banjo. Physically, I was catapulted into a later time of life.“I’m doing physiotherapy and I’ve just started to pick up the banjo. I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play it again.“But I’ve been singing every day — thank God for my voice!”Peggy believes that ‘women are more attached to life than men’Credit: Vicki SharpWhether it’s with or without her banjo, Peggy has a huge back catalogue of songs to draw on, including those from her acclaimed recent albums, Everything Changes (2014) and First Farewell (2021).A song from the latter, The Invisible Woman, written with son Neill, has received much attention. It’s about how people don’t look at older women.“And into my teens I was never not seen,” she sings.READ MORE SUN STORIESThen she muses wryly: “Eighty years have gone by in the blink of an eye/Now it seems that I’m not here at all.”Having spent an hour in her company, all I can add is that Peggy Seeger, as she enters her 90th year, remains a vibrant, vital, very visible woman. More

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    Successful careers and sizzling sex lives show the celebs turning 50 this year definitely won’t be slowing down

    THEY’RE the nifty 50s – the women with the wow factor who have reached their half century and are definitely not out.There was a time when turning 50 meant you were past it, but the fabulous females who are celebrating the milestone birthday in 2024 seem like they are only just getting started.Denise van Outen dazzled as she stepped out just days before her 50th to record the video for her new single, DiscolisciousCredit: SplashKate Moss, who turned 50 in January, has gone from all-night clubbing and rumours of substance abuse to yoga and health retreatsCredit: TWITTER/KIM KARDASHIANVictoria Beckham — who admits her microphone used to be turned off — is 50 and flourishingCredit: InstagramAnd there must have been something in the water when they were born back in nineteen seventy phwoar, because Victoria Beckham, Kate Moss, Louise Redknapp and Penelope Cruz, to name just a few, look as if they’ve been drinking from the fountain of youth. With glowing skin, impressive six-packs, sizzling sex lives and successful careers, this year’s new 50-year-olds prove it’s no time to be slowing down.This week TV’s Denise van Outen dazzled as she stepped out just days before her 50th to record the video for her new single, Discoliscious.Spice Girl Mel C, DJ Sara Cox and actresses Eva Mendes, Amy Adams, Elizabeth Banks and Hannah Waddingham all turn 50 this year too.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZPsychologist Emma Kenny says: “Fifty is a time for women to finally reclaim their life.“They’ve spent their 20s on their career, and if they have a family, their late 20s, 30s and 40s would likely have been dedicated to raising the kids and working to pay the bills.“Then perimenopause and menopause sneaks up on you around 40. But into your 50s — finally — you are the star of your own show again.”Dubbed the Spice Girl who couldn’t really sing, Victoria Beckham — who admits her microphone used to be turned off — is 50 and flourishing.Most read in CelebrityKate Moss, 50, wows with lookalike daughter Lila Grace, 21, as they pose for designer bag ad campaignHaving long since ditched her solo pop career, she is now a fashion and beauty mogul. Last month she launched her first high street collection for her fashion label, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, with a collaboration with Mango. Meanwhile, her Victoria Beckham Beauty business reports a tripling of customers and has won 28 industry awards, with one £30 Satin Kajal Liner reportedly sold every 30 seconds.Now the rumour mill suggests she may reprise her Posh Spice role in a reunion with the Spice Girls.Not only that, mum-of-four Victoria is also in the shape of her life, with up to six gym sessions a week.Louise Redknapp relaunched her pop career, become a fashion influencer and found loveCredit: RexHannah Waddingham is the epitome of a late bloomer, with her TV acting career only starting at the age of 45Credit: GettyPenelope Cruz joined the club on April 28 after huge accolades for her latest role in hit film FerrariCredit: GettyOn turning 50 last month she said on Instagram: “I feel so incredibly blessed to have reached this milestone . . .  blessed, but also accomplished and deeply content.”Kate Moss, who turned 50 in January, has gone from all-night clubbing and rumours of substance abuse to yoga, ice baths and health retreats. And now she is looking better than ever as she sits in pride of place on every catwalk’s front row.She also has her own skincare range, Cosmoss, and a beauty range believed to be launching this year.She has also banked millions in profits through her modelling agency Kate Moss Agency, which looks after her daughter Lila, 21, and Rita Ora.LATE BLOOMERActress, singer and presenter Hannah Waddingham, who turns 50 on July 28, is the epitome of a late bloomer, with her TV acting career only starting at the age of 45.The single mum only became an A-lister in 2020, when she landed a leading role in TV comedy drama Ted Lasso, winning an Emmy for her portrayal of Rebecca Welton in 2021.Last year she hosted Eurovision and had her own one-woman Christmas show for Netflix. Not afraid to speak her mind, last month she scolded a photographer for asking her to show him some leg.Louise Redknapp shot to fame in Nineties band Eternal, then took a rest from the limelight to raise her two kids with footballer hubby Jamie.After they split in 2017 she said: “I have spent most of my life pleasing everyone else, worrying about being judged and thinking I should always do the right thing by staying home, looking after my kids and husband.“I became a sort of Stepford Wife, wanting to be perfect at it.”RELAUNCHED CAREERBut in the past few years she has relaunched her pop career, become a fashion influencer and has found new love with former military officer Drew Michael. Oscar-winner Olivia Colman turned 50 in January, and with her dyed blonde hair and Prada gowns, many are calling this her fashion era, while Olivia proudly confesses to tweakments such as Botox.Once a lager-swilling ladette, Radio 2’s Sara Cox will be 50 in December and is in her best shape ever, from cycling, riding and the gym — which is how she now has a six-pack.READ MORE SUN STORIESIt’s not just our stars who look fab at 50 — Penelope Cruz joined the club on April 28 after huge accolades for her latest role in hit film Ferrari.Similarly, Amy Adams and Elizabeth Banks are flourishing in their careers, while Eva Mendes has stepped back from acting to raise her family with Ryan Gosling, and has become a children’s author.Spice Girl Mel C will turn 50 this year tooCredit: GettyElizabeth Banks is flourishing in her careerCredit: Getty More

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    Eighties punk icon, 66, has barely aged a day in 43 years since iconic hits and marrying huge tennis star

    SHE made a name for herself in the eighties as the lead singer of rock band Scandal.And while she might not be hitting the stage every night anymore, Patty Smyth has barely aged a day since then.Patty Smyth, pictured here with husband John McEnroe, has barely aged a dayCredit: GettyShe had a number of hits in the ninetiesCredit: AlamyPatty and John have been married for three decadesCredit: Instagram / @pattysmythThe 66-year-old still has a huge fan base and often shares snaps, showing she looks exactly the same.During her time in the band, Patty topped the charts with her hit The Warrior, but the band didn’t last long until they split.Following her stint in Scandal, Patty forged a hugely successful solo career, as well as a songwriter.She reached the top 10 with the hit single Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough, her duet with Don Henley of the Eagles.Read More on rock starsIn 1994 she  co-wrote  Look What Love Has Done, which featured in the film Junior and ended up being nominated for Academy Award and Grammy.Patty hit headlines around that time when she started dating tennis legend John McEnroe.They tied the knot in secret in 1997 and went on to have two daughters together.Patty had a daughter – Ruby – from a brief marriage to punk rocker Richard HellMost read in MusicJohn and Patty are still completely smitten with each other and in 2020, Patty told People: “Twenty-something years later, I’m like ‘Wow, I still have these feelings when I see him’.”Never did I think that I would ever be with somebody for this long. I think we got very lucky.”In that year she released a new album – her first in 28 years – and called it It’s About Time.It featured love songs about her marriage to the tennis star and their enduring love.But she has been careful to keep their romance mostly out of the limelight – apart from attending Elton John’s Oscar party every year.She explained: “For me, it was a superstition thing. I didn’t want to be like, ‘Hey, look at us, we’re this happy couple.’ I just thought if I kept it on the down-low, I had this gut feeling that we would stay together — if I threw it out to the world, that we wouldn’t — because I’ve seen that happen so many times,”The pair tied the knot in secret in 1994Credit: AlamyShe had a big fan base in the 80s and 90sCredit: AlamyThe singer looks incredible but keeps mostly out the limelightCredit: Getty More

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    This Morning’s Cat Deeley reveals surprising bedroom set up at London mansion she shares with husband Patrick Kielty

    THIS Morning star Cat Deeley has told how she loves to kick husband Patrick Kielty out of bed so that she can catch forty winks.Since joining ITV’s flagship breakfast show, Cat,47 has been fielding a hectic schedule, which sees her having to rise early to prepare for the cavalcade of daily guests.Cat and Patrick marred in 2012 having known each other for many years on the TV circuitCredit: GettyBeing back on British soil, Cat has become a red carpet regular once again at the UK’s hottest eventsCredit: GettyDuring a discussion with TV personality Linda Lusardi about the benefits of separate bedrooms, Cat admitted that Patrick, 53 and her, agree to sleep in different rooms on certain nights of the week. She said: “It’s one of those things that because of our schedule here [This Morning], from Monday to Thursday I sleep in the guest bedroom. And the rest of the time I’m back because otherwise I get up at 5am and I want to fall asleep earlier.”Linda responded in agreement by saying: “Well that’s logistics, you’ve got an odd job that makes you get up early. You have to! But I do think if you can sleep together why not.” TV star Cat has been married to the Irish presenter since September 2012, just a few months after going public with their relationship. They are now parents to two small boys, Milo, eight and James, more aboutHaving joined ITV’s This Morning as the show’s permanent host in March, she opened up about managing the demands of a high profile career with raising her children.Speaking to HELLO magazine she said:  “I drop the ball all the time. I’m exactly the same as everybody else. I do the juggle – the juggle is real, the struggle is real. “We’re all just trying to make everything work. It’s all a juggle; it’s juggling the things that make you feel good.” Indeed the Brummie-born presenter who achieved the dream of breaking America, having successfully hosted US show So You Think You can Dance for 14 years, has said that family was her reason for relocating from LA back to London.She said:  “We had always thought: ‘Our boys have grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins they adore, and they adore them right back’. It’s such a special moment in time and you don’t get those times back,”Most read in ShowbizThe pair relocated from LA to London where they live in a mansion in North LondonCredit: GettyA consummate presenter, Cat is popular with men and women alikeCredit: Rex More

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    Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s marriage ‘strained by her career struggles’ as tour flops & ‘cringe’ film slammed by fans

    FANS were thrilled by the prospect of ‘Bennifer 2.0’ when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited three years ago.But in recent weeks, it’s been claimed the couple’s marriage is on the rocks and insiders say “there is no way this is going to work” due to the public intrigue about their romance. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have put on a united front in public despite divorce rumoursCredit: BackGridThey tied the knot twice in 2022 – the first in Las Vegas and the second at Ben’s $7m Georgia mansionCredit: instagramEarlier this month, J-Lo was seen house hunting aloneCredit: BackGridBen and J-Lo initially dated for two years until 2004 but got back together in 2021 and tied the knot not one but twice the following year. Rumours about marital difficulties emerged earlier this month after the couple hadn’t been seen together publicly for seven weeks and it was claimed Ben moved out of their £47million mansion.  Despite putting on a united front last week – including wearing their wedding rings – sources say there is trouble bubbling under the surface and Ben has “checked out” of the marriage.Yesterday, a source close to Ben told Page Six: “If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZ“He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”As conflicting narratives continue to emerge, The Sun spoke to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who has analysed their relationship.She tells us: “J-Lo and Ben are at a critical stage in their marriage. I’m not a psychic but the next few weeks will be pivotal as to where they make it work or part ways. “Like a lot of couples who get back together for a second time, their relationship’s survival depends on them setting boundaries, reminding themselves of those boundaries and maintaining them.Most read in Celebrity“They are at a fragile point in their relationship where it can be salvaged but one of the keys to doing this will be not posting anything on social media that hints or misdirects people about the state of their marriage.” Career flopsJo suspects the couple’s relationship problems may have been amplified because J-Lo has faced a few difficulties in her professional career.ONE TIME USE Ben Affleck reveals very telling phone background as he takes a drive with Jennifer Lopez during divorce rumorsBen and J-Lo during their first relationship in the 2000sCredit: GettyThe couple invited camera crews into their home for J-Lo’s documentary The Greatest Love Story Never ToldCredit: BackGridFans were unimpressed with her science fiction flick This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, which was branded “absolute cringe” and “creative narcissism” by fans.Her tour has struggled to hit the high notes too. Earlier this month reports emerged that there were ‘crisis talks’ with her management about cancelling tour dates due to poor ticket sales. An insider told Variety the fans weren’t as invested because she had become “overexposed and has put herself out there way too much.”  Jo says these stresses and the fear her popularity may dwindle could cause additional pressure for her and Ben’s relationship.He doesn’t know how to behave and does this weird left-field behaviour, which will make people more curious than reassured.Jo HemmingsShe says: “J-Lo’s latest album isn’t really taking off and that is bound to be putting strain on the relationship.“If she’s struggling in her career, that will make her anxious, stressed, tetchy. All those things are not good qualities to have when you’re in a marriage going through troubles.” In the spotlightIn recent weeks, insiders have claimed the couple’s problems stem from J-Lo love of the limelight contrasting with Ben’s preference for privacy. Since reuniting the musician has used their relationship as fodder for her new album, titled This Is Me…Now, and documentary film The Greatest Love Story Never Told.In the footage, Ben was often seen scowling and rolling his eyes – especially when J-Lo unveiled love letters from their romance during the 2000s. Talking about his decision to appear in the doc, he said: “Things that are private, I’d always felt are sacred and special. So this was something of an adjustment for me.” Even Jennifer noted that Ben felt “uncomfortable” about their love story being used to create her album This Is Me… Now and opening up their home to film crews.Last year, J-Lo appeared to give Ben a telling off at the film premiere for The MotherCredit: RexJo says she is “surprised” Ben allowed camera crews into their homes and the tension on-screen highlights they have “two very different relationship styles”.She tells us: “Ben would consider discussing love letters and intimate elements of the relationship ‘too much’ to be sharing with the public.“But for J-Lo, she would consider it a validation and endorsement of the happiness of their relationship, so there’s no wrong and right here.“There needs to be balance and a middle ground that they need to find and agree on and to keep those boundaries to avoid more difficulties.” ‘No boundaries’Jo says it’s important for any couple who has reunited to work through the issues that plagued them the first time they were together. She explained: “One of the early warning signs was that it didn’t appear that they had worked through how they were going to publicize their relationship. J-Lo and Ben’s ‘tensions’
    By Teresa Roca
    JENNIFER Lopez gushed love is “twenty years patient” when she wed Ben Affleck two decades after they called off their wedding in 2002, but now it seems their fairytale wasn’t worth the wait.
    JLo, 54, and Ben, 51, had a whirlwind romance when they began dating in March 2002, as Ben proposed just four months later.
    But in September of that year, the stars postponed their wedding just three days before, as they released in a statement: “When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate ‘decoy brides’ at three different locations, we realised that something was awry.
    “We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest day of our lives could be compromised.”
    They ultimately announced their split in January 2004 after 18 months together.
    Jennifer married singer Marc Anthony six months later and welcomed twins Emme and Max, now 16, before their divorce in 2014.
    Ben went on to tie the knot with actress Jennifer Garner, who he shares three children with, in 2005. They divorced in 2018.
    After a series of relationships, they reunited in 2021 and eloped in Las Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel.
    They then had a second wedding at Ben’s $7million Georgia mansion.
    During their marriage, fans have noticed tension between the couple.
    During a coffee run last year, Ben seemed “miserable” and appeared to slam a car door while helping Jen into the passenger seat.
    The singer was even caught on camera seemingly snapping at Ben at the 2023 Grammy Awards.
    And now the love story appears to have officially ended. Ben has reportedly moved out of their $47million Beverly Hills mansion, as Jennifer was seen house hunting.
    The couple hasn’t been seen together in seven weeks and during their last public outing, they appeared tense.
    JLo even attended the Met Gala without Ben earlier this month.

    “She publicity loves the press and social media and details every aspect of her life, whereas Ben is much more resistant and more reluctant to have that going on.“That caused issues because he craves a private relationship, he doesn’t want it to be scrutinised or reported on at every step.” Reflecting on why his and J-Lo’s relationship failed to work out in the 2000s, Ben previously said: “The catalyst for that was the amount of scrutiny around our private life.“I had a very firm sense of boundaries, initially, around the Press… While Jen, I don’t think objected to it in the way I did.”Jo explains that finding “the balance” can be difficult for high-profile celebrity couples due to the need to remain relevant without giving too much away. “There is no escaping from the public’s want to forensically look at and investigate a high-profile couple’s relationship,” she says. “But there is a difference between giving tastes for people to look at and encouraging them to talk about your relationship. At the Grammys, Ben and J-Lo appeared to be having a heated argumentCredit: CBSBen was seen slamming a car door after letting J-Lo into the passenger seatCredit: BackGrid“Some get around this by putting up professional photos or a moment on holiday. I think J-Lo is doing too much and Ben doesn’t like it. “There’s no doubt they are in love but love isn’t everything and they need to have agreements in place about how they handle themselves publicly. “For example, it may be ‘I will display myself and show myself more often if you pull back from constantly posting.” Coded messageFans were confused by Ben holding up his phone screen to the cameras this weekCredit: X17Online.comThis week, fans were baffled when Ben appeared to give a coded message to photographers while driving around with J-Lo. The actor flashed his phone screen at cameras, which showed he was calling his wife – despite her being sat beside him – and she was listed as ‘Jennifer Affleck’. Some suggested that could be proof that the couple were on the right track and working through their marital difficulties. Branding the move “very bizarre”, Jo tells us: “I couldn’t see what Ben was trying to achieve but perhaps it indicates his awkwardness at the whole prospect of being seen publicly. J-Lo has acknowledged the facts that things have got to a pretty poor state and that Ben is checking out of their relationship.Jo Hemmings“He doesn’t know how to behave and does this weird left-field behaviour, which will make people more curious than reassured.”  ‘Poor state’Amid the relationship turmoil, Ben was pictured with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner who is believed to be a “go-between” for the couple.  The actress and Ben, who share three children, have remained close friends since their divorce in 2018. An insider told US Weekly that Jennifer is “encouraging Ben to work on his marriage” and understands how a spotlight “can put a strain” on relationships.The source said: “She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy.”Jo tells us it’s “a good sign” that J-Lo reached out to Jennifer for help and believes the star may serve as a mediator for them.Ben’s ex Jennifer Garner is said to be acting as a ‘go-between’ for the coupleCredit: AP:Associated PressShe says: “It’s very indicative that J-Lo wants it to work, she is an excellent go-between for them without any strong agenda – she’s not looking to get Ben back and is not jealous of their relationship.“It shows J-Lo has acknowledged the facts that things have got to a pretty poor state and that Ben is checking out of their relationship.“Reaching out to Jennifer, whose relationship with Ben ended for not hugely dissimilar reasons, shows J-Lo is enthusiastic and wants the relationship to work.“Jennifer understands how to get through to Ben, who seems to have fled the scene apart from odd appearances, and is the right person to help them through this rough patch.”Ultimately, Jo concludes that the future for Ben and J-Lo is dependent on them setting boundaries. READ MORE SUN STORIESShe says: “I hope there is a way back for them but they have to resolve all the issues they had in the past and set boundaries. “They have to agree, if they want to make it work, that sacrifice, work and compromise have to be wholly funneled into their marriage and not allow anything to distract them from that.” More

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    Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon reveals pop comeback nine years after last single

    BRITAIN’S Got Talent star Alesha Dixon has announced a brand new single, nearly a decade since her last hit.Alesha, 45, recently appeared on The Receipts Podcast to discuss BGT and inform fans of the release date for her new single Ransom.Alesha visited the The Receipts Podcast to discuss new music and her decision to leave Mis-TeeqCredit: TikTok/thereceiptspodcastThe Receipts Podcast presenters Tolly T (top) and Audrey shared in the excitement of music fans when Alesha confirmed the release date for her new single: RansomCredit: TikTok/thereceiptspodcastIn April of this year, the pop superstar had been spotted in a red bikini top and jean shorts while on the set of the music video for the reggae-inspired new single.A social media teaser of the new single last month left fans wondering the actual date the single would be released onto music platforms.The Britain’s Got Talent judge put fans out of their misery when she told The Receipt Podcast hosts Tolani Shoneye, better known as Tolly T, and co-host Audrey Indome, the exciting news about Ransom.Alesha told the podcast that her eagerly awaited new single will be released on the 31st of May.READ MORE ON ALESHA DIXON Alesha said: “I can reveal that my new single is called Ransom, and it will be released on May 31st. We also have BGT live shows coming up and then I’m going to move onto a second single.”The MOBO-award winner has had an array of platinum selling singles and albums both as a solo artist, and as 1/3 of the noughties UK garage, pop and r&b group Mis-Teeq.However her fourth and most recent solo album, 2015’s Do It For Love, included the single The Way We Are which failed to chart. The album also peaked at number 81 on the UK singles chart that year.ALESHA’S EARLY BEGINNINGS Most read in ShowbizThe Hertfordshire-born singer-rapper formed the R&B, pop and garage outfit Mis-Teeq in 1999, when she met fellow singer Sabrina Washington, 45, in their dance school in Fulham, London. They spotted their third member Su-Elise Nash, 42, as the singer auditioned for another group. They would soon form a quarter when they met fourth member Zena McNally, 45, in 1999.Alesha alongside her former Mis-Teeq group members: Sabrina Washington (centre) and Su-Elise Nash (right)BGT’s Alesha Dixon reveals the real reason she hit rock bottom, quit Misteeq and her marriage broke downThe pop and r&b hopefuls signed to Telstar Records the following year. Zena left the group in in early 2001, and only featured on their first single, Why.The noughties group were known for their unique fusion of UK garage, R&B and rap. Mis-Teeq had seven consecutive top-10 singles and two top-ten albums across US, Europe, Asia and Australia.Their debut album Lickin’ on Both Sides was released peaked at number three on the UK albums chart back in October 2001. The album featured five singles, with each entering the the UK top 10.The album included the single Why. Their second album Eye Candy was released in March 2003, and proved to be even more greater success than their debut effort, reaching double platinum.The success was due in part to Eye Candy’s standout first single, Scandalous, which became an international hit and the bands biggest song to date.The song also reached number two in the UK top 40 back in 2003. Scandalous even charted stateside, reaching number two on the US Billboard dance chart.Unfortunately, the excitement would be short-lived as their US success marked the beginning of the end for the group.MIS-TEEQ SPLIT AND SOLO CAREERAlesha showcased her dance skills back in 2004 as the video girl for US rap-rock group N*E*R*D’ hit song She Wants To MoveMis-Teeq would split-up in February 2005 and Alesha and the other members of the group began carving out solo careers.The rap queen even dazzled audiences as a video vixen in then US hip hop N*E*R*D’s video for She Wants To Move.Alesha spoke of the split with the Receipts Podcast, telling the hosts: “We were working together everyday for eight years. You see each other more than your family.”She continued: “Scandalous was a hit in America, but I wasn’t happy. I came back and I let my family know I didn’t feel good about being in the group anymore. We decided to end, but it was amicable.”DIVORCE AND STRICTLY OPPORTUNITY In 2007 Alesha became a Strictly contestant and partnered with professional dancer Matthew CutlerCredit: HandoutAlesha released her debut solo album Fired Up in 2006. Her debut single Lipstick was released in August 2006 and charted at 14 on the UK singles charts.The following year, news about an affair between her husband, Harvey, 45, from UK rap group: So Solid Crew, and British singer Javine Hylton, 42, began to surface.Alesha and Harvey had been married since 2005, and divorced the following year due to the aftermath of the affair.2007 would prove to be a year of highs and lows for the singer, when Strictly Come Dancing bosses came knocking on door as she began to figure out next steps after the breakdown of her marriage.Alesha would be partnered with professional dancer Matthew Cutler, and go onto win the fifth season of the BBC One hit show, which set the foundation for an even greater solo career. She soon signed to Asylum records after taking home the famed glitterball trophy.In 2008, she release platinum-selling second album called The Alesha Show, and hit singles Breathe Slow and The Boy Does Nothing. Breathe Slow would become her best selling solo single, and it would be nominated at the 2010 BRIT awards in the prestigious Best British single category.In a full circle moment, in 2009 Alesha got invited to appear on Strictly as a judge, which coincided with the release of her third studio album: The Entertainer.BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT GIG The multi-talented star has been a judge on BGT since 2012Credit: RexAlesha quit working on Strictly’s ninth series to become a judge on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent in 2012.The vocalist replaced comedian Michael McIntyre, 48, on the hit variety show. She joined the judging panel which consisted of David Walliams, 52, Amanda Holden, 53, and Simon Cowell, 64.CURRENT LIFE Alesha married her dancer husband Azuka Ononye in 2017Credit: Getty ImagesIn recent years, Alesha has settled into family life, balancing a thriving career with motherhood. Alesha and her then boyfriend, former backing dancer Azuka Ononye, 43, welcomed their first child Azura Sienna back in 2013.Inspired by motherhood, Alesha released best-selling novel series: Lightning Girl in June 2013.Alesha and Azuka married four years later in 2017 and had their second daughter Anaya in August 2019.The mother-of-two also told the Receipt Podcast hosts that she intends on focusing more on free time with her daughters; writing more children’s book stories as well as well as writing more music.Alesha said: “I am going to take some time in the summer to be with my girls because it’s been a hectic six months, and then I’m back to the studio writing.”READ MORE SUN STORIESShe continued: “I’ve also just finished promoting my eighth children’s book ‘Luna Wolf 2: Code Danger’ ,and I’m writing its next part. If you don’t see me, I’m usually writing something or being with my kids.”The TV host expanded her presenting repertoire to Eurovision Song Contest co-host last year in Liverpool alongside Graham Norton, 61.ALESHA DIXON ON WORKING WITH PHARRELL Alesha and Pharrell Williams in the music video for N*E*R*D’s 2004 hit song She Wants To Move
    -Alesha was in bed watching the 90s sitcom Friends when a music video casting director called her to say she got the video vixen gig for She Wants To Move. The director had shown Pharrell a picture of Alesha from a magazine cover. 
    -She told The Receipts Podcast hosts that she had major competition for the video girl role. Alesha said: “The role was between Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and me! I was happy, but surprised and nervous!”
    -Alesha had been engaged at the time to So Solid Crew’s Harvey, and had one request. She said: “One of the first things I had to make them clear on was that I am not having a kissing scene with Pharrell. I wouldn’t have done the video if I had to do a kissing scene.”
    Alesha went on to let listeners know that she also had to rap in front of Pharrell the night before the video-shoot in their hotel. Alesha explained: “I had to rap in front of Pharrell in the hotel the night before! He was lovely, he was keen to hear me rap.”
    Alesha was so exhausted on the video-shoot, that she told the Receipt ladies that she had to be given oxygen. She said: “I was doing a lot of dancing and become hot. I’d been running on adrenaline and nerves.”
    Alesha continued: “At one point after filming a scene, they had to give me oxygen! I didn’t want to mess it up. It’s a big budget Dave Meyers [US music video director to the stars] video production so a lot of was at stake.”

    Alesha and the BGT judges returned to our screens for the shows 17th season last monthCredit: SplashAlesha has a strong bond with her fellow BGT judges including Amanda HoldenCredit: RexThe singer-rapper has an array of talents, including being a best-selling children’s book authorCredit: Instagram/aleshaofficial More

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    Inside bitter $500m row that could see Elvis’ Graceland home sold off TOMORROW & real reason King’s body is still there

    PERCHED on a secluded hilltop behind towering Corinthian columns, Graceland was Elvis Presley’s sanctuary for two decades.But tomorrow the grand mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, where the King of Rock ’n’ Roll and most of his family are buried, could be sold to pay off his late daughter’s £3million debt.Elvis at Graceland in 1957, the year he bought itCredit: GettyFans queue to enter Graceland mansion in MemphisCredit: AFPElvis in his beloved home, which was his sanctuary for two decadesCredit: SIPA USAThe 120-acre property, the second most visited home in the United States after The White House, has been put on the market by an investment firm.It claims that Lisa Marie Presley, who died in January last year, used Graceland as collateral when securing a loan.The treasured home, valued at half a billion dollars, can only be kept in the family if a last-minute legal challenge by his granddaughter Riley Keough succeeds.Hollywood actress Riley, whose films include Mad Max: Fury Road, claims Naussany Investments and Private Lending has no right to sell Graceland.READ MORE IN SHOWBIZHer lawyers described the documents provided by Naussany as “fraudulent” and claimed Lisa Marie’s signatures were “forgeries”.Riley, 34, is the sole heir to Graceland and has found herself in the midst of legal battles since her mum died suddenly aged 54.They have included a tussle with her grandmother Priscilla Presley over the rock legend’s fortune.Lisa lived an extravagant lifestyle and racked up huge debts at different points in her life.Most read in CelebrityIt was often the income provided by Graceland, where VIP tours cost £188 a ticket, that bailed her out.Rags to richesRiley, though, alleges in court documents: “The purported note and deed of trust are products of fraud and those individuals who were involved in the creation of such documents are believed to be guilty of the crime of forgery.”Inside Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion with bizarre ‘Jungle Room’ and iconic entrance gateElvis bought Graceland in 1957 for £80,000 with the money from a new record contract, and it demonstrated his rags to riches story.He was born in a shack in Tupelo 115 miles away 22 years earlier. His new, palatial, 1939 property had a sweeping driveway with marble lions and eight bedrooms.Situated in Whitehaven, this was to be a home for his beloved mum Gladys and dad Vernon.Priscilla, who moved there in 1963, said: “To him, having Graceland was a tangible symbol of how far he had come from his very humble beginnings.”To him, having Graceland was a tangible symbol of how far he had come from his very humble beginningsPriscillaThe grand mansion’s highlight is the Jungle Room, with a lush green carpet and stone waterfalCredit: AlamySome of Elvis’ stage gear is also on display at GracelandCredit: AlamyThe star’s home also features this stunning pool roomCredit: AlamyHe soon set about adding opulent touches such as crystal chandeliers and a marble table, and new rooms including a racquetball court.Visitors can see the distinctive 1970s style choices that you might expect from a man who wore rhinestone- encrusted jumpsuits on stage.The highlight is the Jungle Room, with a lush green carpet and stone waterfall, which was the King’s man cave where he watched TV.He also added music-themed gates where he would often meet fans who congregated outside.Elvis is said to have loved Graceland so much that when he lived in hotels on tour, he asked for the rooms to be remodelled so they were similar to his own bedroom.Hide his problemsBut it also became a place where he could hide his problems from the world.He would rarely get out of bed before 4pm and would rely on upper and downer drugs to regulate his mood.In the early hours of August 16, 1977, he was found dead after consuming a reported 14 substances. He was 42.As a result, his only child, nine-year-old Lisa Marie, became the new owner of Graceland.Despite being the most famous singer on the planet, with countless hits under his white leather belt, Elvis had less than £4million in the bank.It was Lisa who turned Graceland into a tourist spot and set up Elvis Presley Enterprises to monetise his image.Her father’s other legacy proved to be her drug problems and addiction to spending.In 2005, her financial adviser sold 85 per cent of Elvis Presley Enterprises in order to pay off more than £15million in debts.Years later, court papers suggested she was £13million in the red and had defaulted on a mortgage for her Grade II listed home here in East Sussex, which had a swimming pool, cinema and 11 bedrooms.It was around this time, in 2018, that Naussany Investments claimed that Lisa Marie Presley borrowed £3million from the firm. After that, her problems only mounted.Straining her finances was a five year legal battle with her fourth and final husband, Michael Lockwood.The couple, who shared 15-year-old twins Harper and Finley, filed for divorce in 2016, but the money situation wasn’t settled until 2021.Lisa Marie, whose other husbands include actor Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson, was spending a reported £70,000 a month before she died. Her bills included a loan for a Maserati sports car and she also owed the US taxman £800,000.We are a family, but there’s also a huge business side of our familyRileyBut the money brought in by Graceland should have been enough to keep the wolves from the door.The mother of four was in a lot of turmoil in her final months, grieving the death of son Benjamin Keough, who shot himself in 2020 aged 27. Drugs, though, played no part in her demise, with a coroner stating that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest brought on as result of previous surgery.She was laid to rest in the circular Meditation Garden behind Graceland, alongside her father and son Benjamin.Elvis was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, but his remains were moved to his former family home after grave robbers attempted to steal his coffin.Unravelling the complex finances of the Presley clan has been a nightmare for the level-headed Riley.There was said to be a row with her grandmother Priscilla about how much everyone got.’A lot of chaos’The actress, who rarely talks about her famous heritage, said: “When my mom passed there was a lot of chaos in every aspect of our lives.“Everything felt like the carpet had been ripped out and the floor had melted from under us.“We are a family, but there’s also a huge business side of our family.“So I think that there was clarity that needed to be had.”An agreement was reached last June where Priscilla reportedly received an £800,000 sum, while Riley was named the sole trustee for Lisa Marie’s estate.Now her legal team is taking on Naussany, which filed a lawsuit in September claiming it had the right to sell Graceland.Earlier this month, Riley’s lawyers stated in court documents that “Lisa Marie Presley never borrowed money from Naussany Investments and never gave a deed of trust to Naussany Investments”.She went further by questioning whether the investment firm was “a real entity”.On Sunday, a notice was placed in Memphis newspapers informing the public that Graceland would be put up for auction this Thursday at Shelby County Courthouse.A judge has granted a temporary injunction preventing the sale and a hearing today will take place in a bid to settle the matter.READ MORE SUN STORIESElvis Presley Enterprises said in a statement: “These claims are fraudulent.“There is no foreclosure sale. Simply put, the counter lawsuit has been filed to stop the fraud.”Elvis, Priscilla and baby Lisa Marie at their home in 1970Credit: GettyElvis’s grave in the garden at Graceland alongside family membersCredit: Rex Features More

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    Inside Elton John’s secret new album as Bernie Taupin opens up about mystery project

    SIR ELTON JOHN’s hush hush new album is just weeks away from release, according to his long-time collaborator Bernie Taupin.The lyricist predicted that fans will love the record, which we revealed was being worked on three months ago.Sir Elton John’s secret new album is just weeks away, according to Bernie TaupinCredit: GettyLyricist Bernie reckons fans will love the record, pictured with EltonCredit: The Mega AgencyAt an event in London, Bernie said: “Elton and I have an album coming out very soon, but I daren’t say anything about it because I’m under strict orders to keep schtum.“It’s all done and recorded.“I think it’s quite brilliant and quite contemporary and it will certainly surprise a lot of people and excite a lot of people and hopefully be successful.”Insiders told us in February how Elton, who has had eight UK No1 albums, was keen to get the record out the door this summer.READ MORE ON ELTON JOHNAnd if Bernie’s on the money, it’ll be just around the cornerYes she Kam
    KAMILLE is hoping to empower her fans for the summer with her Noughties-inspired single Headlines.
    She said it is a playful homage to her career, having written tunes for Little Mix and Kylie Minogue before finding the courage to sing her own songs.
    Kamille said: “I hope it makes you feel so good about yourself, because it’s time for us to be the headline.”

    J-Lone at film launchJENNIFER Lopez kept calm and carried on at the premiere of her Netflix movie – on her own.Hubby Ben Affleck is usually right by her side but he was nowhere to be seen on Monday amid swirling rumours that their marriage is crumbling.Jennifer Lopez was snapped at the premiere of her Netflix movieCredit: GettyJ-Lo was without hubby Ben Affleck amid swirling rumours that their marriage is crumblingCredit: GettyInside Elton John’s US home as it goes on sale for more than $7million including expansive closets and massage roomBut she kept her head held high, and her wedding ring firmly on, on the red carpet in Hollywood to unveil Atlas.Most read in BizarreShe had earlier been on TV and spoke about bringing her teenage twins on her upcoming singing tour.J-Lo admitted it is “awkward” for them to watch her “sexy” stage shows, prompting host Jimmy Kimmel to ask: “You don’t do sexy things at home?”Jen replied: “Sometimes, but they don’t know about that.”Hood’s that girlNICOLA Coughlan looked like she was ready to swap period drama Bridgerton for fairytale Little Red Riding Hood in this quirky outfit.The Irish actress is back as Penelope Featherington in the third series of the Netflix hit and she wore this hooded outfit with huge golden arm ornaments as she promoted the show in Brazil.Actress Nicola Coughlan is back as Penelope Featherington in the third series of BridgertonCredit: BackGridAnd she has just been announced as the lead actress in a far more gritty production.It was revealed yesterday that she will star in movie thriller Love And War, about a woman who travels to Syria to find her abducted daughter.It is based on the true story of Irish mother Louise Monaghan, who did just that in 2011.Something tells me her outfits will be a bit less grandiose for that one.Zayn’s sweet on HariboFORMER One Direction star Zayn Malik completed his first ever solo show last week – albeit only six songs.But it was a sweet moment nonetheless, as I’m told his rider is simply chocolates and bags of Haribo Tangfastics and Starmix.One Direction’s Zayn Malik completed his first ever solo show last weekCredit: GettyAnd it is the same in the studio for the Pillowtalk singer.A man after my own heart.My source said: “Zayn has a sweet tooth so likes to make sure the studio is well stocked with his favourite snacks.“His rider is nearly always the same – sweets and chocolate. In particular, he’s a fan of Haribo.”Zayn is set to return to the charts on Friday with his fourth album Room Under The Stairs, which was at No2 in the midweek update.Given his last album, ironically titled Nobody Is Listening, peaked at No17, that is a stellar return to form.Bonnie show on the rocks
    CATHERINE TYLDESLEY’s production of Bonnie & Clyde has been scrapped after it failed to shift enough tickets.
    The ex-Coronation Street actress had been touring the UK in the theatre production since February.
    The producers said: “It is no longer financially viable to continue with the tour.”

    Muse’s Matt dad againCONGRATULATIONS to Muse frontman Matt Bellamy who has become a dad for a third time.Matt and his model wife Elle Evans told on Instagram that she had their second child together earlier this month and revealed the sweet meaning behind their son’s name – George Julien-Wade Bellamy.Muse’s Matt Bellamy has become a dad for a third timeCredit: Getty – ContributorElle, who wed the Plug In Baby singer in 2019, wrote: “The most special blessing born on Mother’s Day & what would’ve been my late Mother’s 60th birthday.“Named after Matt’s Dad George, my Mom Julie, and my cowboy dad Billy Wade Evans.“He arrived healthy, happy, and handsome as ever!!! We are obsessed & basking in newborn heavenly bliss.”Harry SpotterUNSHAVEN Daniel Radcliffe looks light years away from his days as Harry Potter.The actor was spotted in New York on Monday dressed in this smart blue suit and white shirt.Daniel Radcliffe was spotted in New York on Monday dressed in this smart blue suit and white shirtCredit: SplashThe former boy wizard has spent a long spell performing in a critically acclaimed production of American musical Merrily We Roll Along on Broadway.Eminem’s daughter do
    THERE was an all -star guestlist as Eminem’s daughter got married.
    The rapper’s pals 50 Cent and Dr Dre saw Hailie Jade Scott tie the knot with Evan McClintock at the weekend and she had a special dance with her dad.
    She wrote online: “We couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful weekend celebration.”
    Bet there was no Grease megamix though.

    Gazza has a dig at NoelNOEL Gallagher has started another war of words, this time with Spurs footie legend Paul Gascoigne.Commenting on Manchester City and England star Phil Foden, Noel said: “Five years from now, Phil Foden will be three times the player Gascoigne was.”And the footage was seen by Paul – who responded in a very Gazza-like way.Posting a video online, Paul said: “Noel, get a grip, you want to roll with it.“Foden, unbelievable player but not a Gazza.“Don’t put the lad under pressure.”Cuttingly, Paul added: “Anyway, Liam Gallagher is twice the singer you will ever be. Get a grip.”Ouch.READ MORE SUN STORIESI look forward to Noel’s response.This one could run and run. More