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    Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck’s marriage ‘strained by her career struggles’ as tour flops & ‘cringe’ film slammed by fans

    FANS were thrilled by the prospect of ‘Bennifer 2.0’ when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited three years ago.But in recent weeks, it’s been claimed the couple’s marriage is on the rocks and insiders say “there is no way this is going to work” due to the public intrigue about their romance. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have put on a united front in public despite divorce rumoursCredit: BackGridThey tied the knot twice in 2022 – the first in Las Vegas and the second at Ben’s $7m Georgia mansionCredit: instagramEarlier this month, J-Lo was seen house hunting aloneCredit: BackGridBen and J-Lo initially dated for two years until 2004 but got back together in 2021 and tied the knot not one but twice the following year. Rumours about marital difficulties emerged earlier this month after the couple hadn’t been seen together publicly for seven weeks and it was claimed Ben moved out of their £47million mansion.  Despite putting on a united front last week – including wearing their wedding rings – sources say there is trouble bubbling under the surface and Ben has “checked out” of the marriage.Yesterday, a source close to Ben told Page Six: “If there was a way to divorce on grounds of temporary insanity, he would.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZ“He feels like the last two years was just a fever dream and he’s come to his senses now and understands there is just no way this is going to work.”As conflicting narratives continue to emerge, The Sun spoke to behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, who has analysed their relationship.She tells us: “J-Lo and Ben are at a critical stage in their marriage. I’m not a psychic but the next few weeks will be pivotal as to where they make it work or part ways. “Like a lot of couples who get back together for a second time, their relationship’s survival depends on them setting boundaries, reminding themselves of those boundaries and maintaining them.Most read in Celebrity“They are at a fragile point in their relationship where it can be salvaged but one of the keys to doing this will be not posting anything on social media that hints or misdirects people about the state of their marriage.” Career flopsJo suspects the couple’s relationship problems may have been amplified because J-Lo has faced a few difficulties in her professional career.ONE TIME USE Ben Affleck reveals very telling phone background as he takes a drive with Jennifer Lopez during divorce rumorsBen and J-Lo during their first relationship in the 2000sCredit: GettyThe couple invited camera crews into their home for J-Lo’s documentary The Greatest Love Story Never ToldCredit: BackGridFans were unimpressed with her science fiction flick This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, which was branded “absolute cringe” and “creative narcissism” by fans.Her tour has struggled to hit the high notes too. Earlier this month reports emerged that there were ‘crisis talks’ with her management about cancelling tour dates due to poor ticket sales. An insider told Variety the fans weren’t as invested because she had become “overexposed and has put herself out there way too much.”  Jo says these stresses and the fear her popularity may dwindle could cause additional pressure for her and Ben’s relationship.He doesn’t know how to behave and does this weird left-field behaviour, which will make people more curious than reassured.Jo HemmingsShe says: “J-Lo’s latest album isn’t really taking off and that is bound to be putting strain on the relationship.“If she’s struggling in her career, that will make her anxious, stressed, tetchy. All those things are not good qualities to have when you’re in a marriage going through troubles.” In the spotlightIn recent weeks, insiders have claimed the couple’s problems stem from J-Lo love of the limelight contrasting with Ben’s preference for privacy. Since reuniting the musician has used their relationship as fodder for her new album, titled This Is Me…Now, and documentary film The Greatest Love Story Never Told.In the footage, Ben was often seen scowling and rolling his eyes – especially when J-Lo unveiled love letters from their romance during the 2000s. Talking about his decision to appear in the doc, he said: “Things that are private, I’d always felt are sacred and special. So this was something of an adjustment for me.” Even Jennifer noted that Ben felt “uncomfortable” about their love story being used to create her album This Is Me… Now and opening up their home to film crews.Last year, J-Lo appeared to give Ben a telling off at the film premiere for The MotherCredit: RexJo says she is “surprised” Ben allowed camera crews into their homes and the tension on-screen highlights they have “two very different relationship styles”.She tells us: “Ben would consider discussing love letters and intimate elements of the relationship ‘too much’ to be sharing with the public.“But for J-Lo, she would consider it a validation and endorsement of the happiness of their relationship, so there’s no wrong and right here.“There needs to be balance and a middle ground that they need to find and agree on and to keep those boundaries to avoid more difficulties.” ‘No boundaries’Jo says it’s important for any couple who has reunited to work through the issues that plagued them the first time they were together. She explained: “One of the early warning signs was that it didn’t appear that they had worked through how they were going to publicize their relationship. J-Lo and Ben’s ‘tensions’
    By Teresa Roca
    JENNIFER Lopez gushed love is “twenty years patient” when she wed Ben Affleck two decades after they called off their wedding in 2002, but now it seems their fairytale wasn’t worth the wait.
    JLo, 54, and Ben, 51, had a whirlwind romance when they began dating in March 2002, as Ben proposed just four months later.
    But in September of that year, the stars postponed their wedding just three days before, as they released in a statement: “When we found ourselves seriously contemplating hiring three separate ‘decoy brides’ at three different locations, we realised that something was awry.
    “We began to feel that the spirit of what should have been the happiest day of our lives could be compromised.”
    They ultimately announced their split in January 2004 after 18 months together.
    Jennifer married singer Marc Anthony six months later and welcomed twins Emme and Max, now 16, before their divorce in 2014.
    Ben went on to tie the knot with actress Jennifer Garner, who he shares three children with, in 2005. They divorced in 2018.
    After a series of relationships, they reunited in 2021 and eloped in Las Vegas at the Little White Wedding Chapel.
    They then had a second wedding at Ben’s $7million Georgia mansion.
    During their marriage, fans have noticed tension between the couple.
    During a coffee run last year, Ben seemed “miserable” and appeared to slam a car door while helping Jen into the passenger seat.
    The singer was even caught on camera seemingly snapping at Ben at the 2023 Grammy Awards.
    And now the love story appears to have officially ended. Ben has reportedly moved out of their $47million Beverly Hills mansion, as Jennifer was seen house hunting.
    The couple hasn’t been seen together in seven weeks and during their last public outing, they appeared tense.
    JLo even attended the Met Gala without Ben earlier this month.

    “She publicity loves the press and social media and details every aspect of her life, whereas Ben is much more resistant and more reluctant to have that going on.“That caused issues because he craves a private relationship, he doesn’t want it to be scrutinised or reported on at every step.” Reflecting on why his and J-Lo’s relationship failed to work out in the 2000s, Ben previously said: “The catalyst for that was the amount of scrutiny around our private life.“I had a very firm sense of boundaries, initially, around the Press… While Jen, I don’t think objected to it in the way I did.”Jo explains that finding “the balance” can be difficult for high-profile celebrity couples due to the need to remain relevant without giving too much away. “There is no escaping from the public’s want to forensically look at and investigate a high-profile couple’s relationship,” she says. “But there is a difference between giving tastes for people to look at and encouraging them to talk about your relationship. At the Grammys, Ben and J-Lo appeared to be having a heated argumentCredit: CBSBen was seen slamming a car door after letting J-Lo into the passenger seatCredit: BackGrid“Some get around this by putting up professional photos or a moment on holiday. I think J-Lo is doing too much and Ben doesn’t like it. “There’s no doubt they are in love but love isn’t everything and they need to have agreements in place about how they handle themselves publicly. “For example, it may be ‘I will display myself and show myself more often if you pull back from constantly posting.” Coded messageFans were confused by Ben holding up his phone screen to the cameras this weekCredit: X17Online.comThis week, fans were baffled when Ben appeared to give a coded message to photographers while driving around with J-Lo. The actor flashed his phone screen at cameras, which showed he was calling his wife – despite her being sat beside him – and she was listed as ‘Jennifer Affleck’. Some suggested that could be proof that the couple were on the right track and working through their marital difficulties. Branding the move “very bizarre”, Jo tells us: “I couldn’t see what Ben was trying to achieve but perhaps it indicates his awkwardness at the whole prospect of being seen publicly. J-Lo has acknowledged the facts that things have got to a pretty poor state and that Ben is checking out of their relationship.Jo Hemmings“He doesn’t know how to behave and does this weird left-field behaviour, which will make people more curious than reassured.”  ‘Poor state’Amid the relationship turmoil, Ben was pictured with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner who is believed to be a “go-between” for the couple.  The actress and Ben, who share three children, have remained close friends since their divorce in 2018. An insider told US Weekly that Jennifer is “encouraging Ben to work on his marriage” and understands how a spotlight “can put a strain” on relationships.The source said: “She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy.”Jo tells us it’s “a good sign” that J-Lo reached out to Jennifer for help and believes the star may serve as a mediator for them.Ben’s ex Jennifer Garner is said to be acting as a ‘go-between’ for the coupleCredit: AP:Associated PressShe says: “It’s very indicative that J-Lo wants it to work, she is an excellent go-between for them without any strong agenda – she’s not looking to get Ben back and is not jealous of their relationship.“It shows J-Lo has acknowledged the facts that things have got to a pretty poor state and that Ben is checking out of their relationship.“Reaching out to Jennifer, whose relationship with Ben ended for not hugely dissimilar reasons, shows J-Lo is enthusiastic and wants the relationship to work.“Jennifer understands how to get through to Ben, who seems to have fled the scene apart from odd appearances, and is the right person to help them through this rough patch.”Ultimately, Jo concludes that the future for Ben and J-Lo is dependent on them setting boundaries. READ MORE SUN STORIESShe says: “I hope there is a way back for them but they have to resolve all the issues they had in the past and set boundaries. “They have to agree, if they want to make it work, that sacrifice, work and compromise have to be wholly funneled into their marriage and not allow anything to distract them from that.” More

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    Losing Graceland to dodgy loan sharks would be Elvis drama’s most lurid twist yet – and could have a sickening impact

    “IT’S a Scam!”Those were the three simple but highly evocative words that Priscilla Presley posted to her Instagram on Tuesday, emblazoned over a photo of Graceland, her late ex-husband Elvis Presley’s famous home.Elvis Presley’s home Graceland could be sold off on ThursdayCredit: RedfernsPiers interviewed Elvis’ wife, Priscilla, last yearCredit: SUPPLIEDPiers can still remember vividly the moment he learned the news that Elvis had diedThe iconic singer definitely passed away on August 16, 1977.And it was one of those profound events in cultural history that you never forget. Watch Piers’ explosive interviews on his Uncensored YouTube channel hereI was just twelve years old at the time but can still vividly remember finding out the shocking news by seeing a newspaper billboard screaming “ELVIS DEAD AT 42!” as I walked along the seafront in Hastings, East Sussex, where I’d spent the day shrimping with my family.Read more from PiersIt was a stunning moment, and we all just stood there in disbelief.Elvis was the biggest star on the planet, and arguably the greatest icon in music history.And now he was gone, at such a horribly young age.She wasn’t, as some unhinged internet conspiracy theorists instantly rushed to assume, casting aspersions on whether Elvis is actually dead.Most read in CelebrityLittle did we know then that his death, far from ending the Elvis phenomenon, would massively fuel it – sparking nearly five decades of drama, tragedy, gossip and conspiracies.In a plot twist that would befit any lurid TV soap opera, Graceland could potentially be lost forever to a mysterious firm named Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC that has no apparent physical address but only various P.O. boxes in MissouriPiers MorganBut throughout those tumultuous 46 years, Elvis has lain in the same place, in the grounds of his legendary mansion home of Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee.He paid $102,500 for it in 1957 and lived there until he died.Such is its cultural importance, it was added to America’s National Register of Historic Places in 1991 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 2006, the first rock-n-roll site to be named to both lists. More than 600,000 people flock to Graceland each year to pay homage to him, and to see memorabilia like his private plane, 20-car collection including his pink Cadillac, and pool table (on which he claimed never to have lost a game).Elvis’ Graceland home up for auction after Lisa Marie Presley ‘failed to pay back $3.8m loan’ as family files lawsuit_It’s the second most-visited home in the United States, after the White House.Those visitors included another singing legend Paul Simon who said after his secret trip: “When you finish the tour, and you come outside, there’s his grave and it said, ‘Elvis Presley whose music touched millions of people all around the world.’ And I read it, and I just started to cry. … Being in the crowds that come to Graceland, it’s almost like a religious thing about Elvis.”He was so moved he wrote a best-selling song about it.Now that home is at the centre of perhaps the greatest Elvis scandal of them all, as his family fight desperately to stop it slipping into the hands of a ruthless American investment company.Elvis paid $102,500 for the mansion in 1957 and lived there until he diedCredit: Michael Ochs Archives – GettyNaussany Investments claim Graceland was used as collateral for a £3 million loan taken out by Lisa Marie with them in 2018, but which they say was never repaidCredit: GettyElvis and Priscilla with baby Lisa Marie in 1968Credit: AlamyIn a plot twist that would befit any lurid TV soap opera, Graceland could potentially be lost forever to a mysterious firm named Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC that has no apparent physical address but only various P.O. boxes in Missouri.A listed phone number for them is no longer in service.Family drama sparked disputeThe firelighter for this dispute was the sudden death last year of Elvis’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley, from heart failure aged just 54.Lisa had inherited Graceland when her father died, and on her own death, it passed to her daughter, Hollywood actress Riley Keough.But then Naussany Investments came forward to claim that Graceland was used as collateral for a £3 million loan taken out by Lisa Marie with them in 2018, but which they say was never repaid.And, as a consequence, Naussany put Graceland up for sale in a foreclosure auction that was due to take place this week.Furious Riley had taken emergency legal moves to stop the sale, saying that her mother never signed anything, nor borrowed any money, and claiming that Naussany Investments doesn’t even exist.And crucially, the notary – an official who would witness such a document being signed – says it never happened and she never even met Lisa Marie.Riley won a temporary restraining order on Monday and is pushing for a full injunction to prevent any disposal of Graceland to the highest cash bidder.A spokesman for Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, which manages the mansion business and much of his estate, said in a statement: “Elvis Presley Enterprises can confirm that these claims are fraudulent. There is no foreclosure sale. Simply put, the counter lawsuit has been filed to stop the fraud.”And that precipitated Priscilla’s own much shorter statement: “It’s a Scam!”Fans’ horrorHowever this legal battle ends up, the idea of Graceland possibly being taken from Elvis’s family has horrified his vast army of fans.After all, this is where the King is buried, although not initially.Two days after his death, he was interred next to his mother Gladys, at Memphis’ Forest Hill Cemetery.But after an attempt was made to steal his 900lb, steel-lined, copper-plated coffin and hold the remains for ransom, Elvis and Gladys were moved to Graceland.Elvis is buried at Graceland, along with other members of his familyCredit: APLisa had inherited Graceland when her father died, and on her own death, it passed to her daughter, Hollywood actress Riley KeoughCredit: GettyLisa Marie, and her son Benjamin are also buried at Graceland’s Meditation GardenCredit: GettyAnd that is where many of his other family are buried too, including his grandmother, his father, Lisa Marie, and Lisa Marie’s son Benjamin who shot and killed himself in 2020.Their burial plots are all together in the eight-bed, eight-bathroom Graceland compound’s Meditation Garden, located behind the main house, which is why the surviving members feel so strongly, and protectively about it.When I interviewed Priscilla for Piers Morgan Uncensored last year, to coincide with the release of the movie about her life, she’d just resolved her own legal dispute with Riley to clear up the unresolved financial mess left by Lisa Marie’s unexpected and untimely death.Priscilla, who Lisa Marie appointed as the Elvis estate manager and co-trustee 25 years ago, contested the validity of her daughter’s will, which included an amendment from 2016 to remove Priscilla as trustee, and appoint Riley and her brother Benjamin as ‘successor co-trustees.’When my mom passed there was a lot of chaos in every respect of our lives. Everything felt like the carpet had been ripped out and the floor had melted from under usRiley KeoghPriscilla had never been informed of this amendment, and it even spelled her name wrong.But it was all settled amicably with Riley paying her grandmother $1 million, and $400,000 in legal costs, and becoming the sole trustee of the estate including Graceland which thanks to Priscilla’s determination to keep Elvis’s legacy alive now generates over $100 million a year.Priscilla is also a paid special adviser to the trust.Riley told Vanity Fair: “When my mom passed there was a lot of chaos in every respect of our lives. Everything felt like the carpet had been ripped out and the floor had melted from under us. Everyone was in a bit of a panic to understand how we move forward, and it took a minute to understand the details of the situation, because it was complicated. “We are a family but there’s a huge business side of our family, so I think there was clarity that needed to be had, and clarity has been had. “Things with grandma will be happy, they have never not been happy. She’s a beautiful woman and she was a huge part of creating my grandfather’s legacy in Graceland. “It was very important to her. He was the love of her life. Anything that would suggest otherwise in the press makes me sad, because at the end of the day, all she wants is to love and protect Graceland and the Presley family and the legacy, that’s her whole life, it’s a big responsibility she is trying to take on. “None of that stuff has ever really been a part of our relationship prior, she’s just been my grandma.”When I read these words to Priscilla, she instantly welled up.”I never read that, wow. I am going to cry again. I love her. We have always gotten along. It was a little bit of trying to figure out the will, like you normally do, but Riley and I have always been close. I think Riley will be great, she has asked me a few things about what to do. I want to help her with Graceland. She has a great head on her shoulders. I trust her.”And when I asked Priscilla if one day she’d like to be buried alongside Elvis at Graceland, she replied emphatically: “Yes.”Then laughed: “But not right now!”I can only begin to imagine how hurt she and Riley must currently be feeling at this attempt to snatch Graceland away from them.They must be thinking the same thing as me: if it happens, what the hell happens to all the bodies buried there, and especially to Elvis?This afternoon a judge granted the family a temporary injunction to stop the sale… for now.Well I hope it’s blocked for good.Because the King’s memory, and his legacy, and his home, cannot be lost to a bunch of dodgy loan sharks.READ MORE SUN STORIESAnd my message to those sharks?Don’t be cruel.When Piers asked Priscilla if one day she’d like to be buried alongside Elvis at Graceland, she replied emphatically: “Yes”Credit: Talk TVPriscilla told Piers that she and Riley had always been closeCredit: Getty More

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    Inside bitter $500m row that could see Elvis’ Graceland home sold off TOMORROW & real reason King’s body is still there

    PERCHED on a secluded hilltop behind towering Corinthian columns, Graceland was Elvis Presley’s sanctuary for two decades.But tomorrow the grand mansion in Memphis, Tennessee, where the King of Rock ’n’ Roll and most of his family are buried, could be sold to pay off his late daughter’s £3million debt.Elvis at Graceland in 1957, the year he bought itCredit: GettyFans queue to enter Graceland mansion in MemphisCredit: AFPElvis in his beloved home, which was his sanctuary for two decadesCredit: SIPA USAThe 120-acre property, the second most visited home in the United States after The White House, has been put on the market by an investment firm.It claims that Lisa Marie Presley, who died in January last year, used Graceland as collateral when securing a loan.The treasured home, valued at half a billion dollars, can only be kept in the family if a last-minute legal challenge by his granddaughter Riley Keough succeeds.Hollywood actress Riley, whose films include Mad Max: Fury Road, claims Naussany Investments and Private Lending has no right to sell Graceland.READ MORE IN SHOWBIZHer lawyers described the documents provided by Naussany as “fraudulent” and claimed Lisa Marie’s signatures were “forgeries”.Riley, 34, is the sole heir to Graceland and has found herself in the midst of legal battles since her mum died suddenly aged 54.They have included a tussle with her grandmother Priscilla Presley over the rock legend’s fortune.Lisa lived an extravagant lifestyle and racked up huge debts at different points in her life.Most read in CelebrityIt was often the income provided by Graceland, where VIP tours cost £188 a ticket, that bailed her out.Rags to richesRiley, though, alleges in court documents: “The purported note and deed of trust are products of fraud and those individuals who were involved in the creation of such documents are believed to be guilty of the crime of forgery.”Inside Elvis Presley’s Graceland mansion with bizarre ‘Jungle Room’ and iconic entrance gateElvis bought Graceland in 1957 for £80,000 with the money from a new record contract, and it demonstrated his rags to riches story.He was born in a shack in Tupelo 115 miles away 22 years earlier. His new, palatial, 1939 property had a sweeping driveway with marble lions and eight bedrooms.Situated in Whitehaven, this was to be a home for his beloved mum Gladys and dad Vernon.Priscilla, who moved there in 1963, said: “To him, having Graceland was a tangible symbol of how far he had come from his very humble beginnings.”To him, having Graceland was a tangible symbol of how far he had come from his very humble beginningsPriscillaThe grand mansion’s highlight is the Jungle Room, with a lush green carpet and stone waterfalCredit: AlamySome of Elvis’ stage gear is also on display at GracelandCredit: AlamyThe star’s home also features this stunning pool roomCredit: AlamyHe soon set about adding opulent touches such as crystal chandeliers and a marble table, and new rooms including a racquetball court.Visitors can see the distinctive 1970s style choices that you might expect from a man who wore rhinestone- encrusted jumpsuits on stage.The highlight is the Jungle Room, with a lush green carpet and stone waterfall, which was the King’s man cave where he watched TV.He also added music-themed gates where he would often meet fans who congregated outside.Elvis is said to have loved Graceland so much that when he lived in hotels on tour, he asked for the rooms to be remodelled so they were similar to his own bedroom.Hide his problemsBut it also became a place where he could hide his problems from the world.He would rarely get out of bed before 4pm and would rely on upper and downer drugs to regulate his mood.In the early hours of August 16, 1977, he was found dead after consuming a reported 14 substances. He was 42.As a result, his only child, nine-year-old Lisa Marie, became the new owner of Graceland.Despite being the most famous singer on the planet, with countless hits under his white leather belt, Elvis had less than £4million in the bank.It was Lisa who turned Graceland into a tourist spot and set up Elvis Presley Enterprises to monetise his image.Her father’s other legacy proved to be her drug problems and addiction to spending.In 2005, her financial adviser sold 85 per cent of Elvis Presley Enterprises in order to pay off more than £15million in debts.Years later, court papers suggested she was £13million in the red and had defaulted on a mortgage for her Grade II listed home here in East Sussex, which had a swimming pool, cinema and 11 bedrooms.It was around this time, in 2018, that Naussany Investments claimed that Lisa Marie Presley borrowed £3million from the firm. After that, her problems only mounted.Straining her finances was a five year legal battle with her fourth and final husband, Michael Lockwood.The couple, who shared 15-year-old twins Harper and Finley, filed for divorce in 2016, but the money situation wasn’t settled until 2021.Lisa Marie, whose other husbands include actor Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson, was spending a reported £70,000 a month before she died. Her bills included a loan for a Maserati sports car and she also owed the US taxman £800,000.We are a family, but there’s also a huge business side of our familyRileyBut the money brought in by Graceland should have been enough to keep the wolves from the door.The mother of four was in a lot of turmoil in her final months, grieving the death of son Benjamin Keough, who shot himself in 2020 aged 27. Drugs, though, played no part in her demise, with a coroner stating that the cause of death was a cardiac arrest brought on as result of previous surgery.She was laid to rest in the circular Meditation Garden behind Graceland, alongside her father and son Benjamin.Elvis was originally buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, but his remains were moved to his former family home after grave robbers attempted to steal his coffin.Unravelling the complex finances of the Presley clan has been a nightmare for the level-headed Riley.There was said to be a row with her grandmother Priscilla about how much everyone got.’A lot of chaos’The actress, who rarely talks about her famous heritage, said: “When my mom passed there was a lot of chaos in every aspect of our lives.“Everything felt like the carpet had been ripped out and the floor had melted from under us.“We are a family, but there’s also a huge business side of our family.“So I think that there was clarity that needed to be had.”An agreement was reached last June where Priscilla reportedly received an £800,000 sum, while Riley was named the sole trustee for Lisa Marie’s estate.Now her legal team is taking on Naussany, which filed a lawsuit in September claiming it had the right to sell Graceland.Earlier this month, Riley’s lawyers stated in court documents that “Lisa Marie Presley never borrowed money from Naussany Investments and never gave a deed of trust to Naussany Investments”.She went further by questioning whether the investment firm was “a real entity”.On Sunday, a notice was placed in Memphis newspapers informing the public that Graceland would be put up for auction this Thursday at Shelby County Courthouse.A judge has granted a temporary injunction preventing the sale and a hearing today will take place in a bid to settle the matter.READ MORE SUN STORIESElvis Presley Enterprises said in a statement: “These claims are fraudulent.“There is no foreclosure sale. Simply put, the counter lawsuit has been filed to stop the fraud.”Elvis, Priscilla and baby Lisa Marie at their home in 1970Credit: GettyElvis’s grave in the garden at Graceland alongside family membersCredit: Rex Features More

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    Glam lives of Eminem’s family as kids overcame gruelling childhoods scarred by drug deaths & became stunning influencers

    TAKING to the floor to share a cute dance with his newlywed daughter Hailie, rapper Eminem couldn’t have looked more proud.Suited and booted, he looked a million miles away from his tough persona as the Real Slim Shady.Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade has tied the knot with partner Evan McClintockCredit: InstagramThe rapper often spoke of wanting to give his daughter a good lifeHis niece Alaina Scott is “like a daughter” after he took her inCredit: InstagramEminem legally adopted Stevie Laine Scott tooCredit: Stevie Laine/TikTokFans of Eminem will already know that Hailie, who married her boyfriend of eight years Evan McClintock this month, is the apple of her daddy’s eye, having been name-checked in many of his hits.But she isn’t his only child. In fact, the rap superstar is proud dad to two other kids who he and ex-wife Kim adopted, as well as bringing up his younger brother Nate, who is 14 years his junior.All of them had a tough start to life – witnessing drug addiction, death and abuse.But thanks to the love and support of Eminem – real-name Marshall Mathers – and his ex-wife Kim, they have all gone on to build successful lives.Read More FeaturesEminem knew all about making his own way against the odds. He was born in a trailer park in Detroit to a single mum, and was determined things would be different for his own kids.But at first he and Kim struggled to give baby Hailie the stable upbringing he had dreamed of.The couple met when 13-year-old Kim ran away from home claiming she had been abused by her alcoholic stepdad.She moved into 15-year-old Eminem’s trailer with his mum, Debbie Nelson.Most read in CelebrityThe pair had a rocky relationship and after the birth of their daughter Hailie Jade, in 1995.They lived in crime-stricken areas and struggled to get by, with Eminem working as a dishwasher in a hotel for $4 an hour.Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Mathers seen for the first time in years with shock new hair and elaborate tattoosBy 1999 Eminem had hit the big time and the couple married, but both struggled with drug addiction and Eminem later admitted he was abusive to Kim.The couple divorced in 2001, and then briefly remarried in 2006 before splitting again.Kim has battled depression and addiction since, attempting to take her own life several times.But the pair were believed to be reunited to support their beloved Hailie at her nuptials this week, alongside her siblings.And Eminem says being a good dad is the most important thing in his life, telling Rolling Stone in 2004: “Bein’ a dad is definitely living a double life.”Even before Hailie was born, I was a firm believer in freedom of speech … But once I hit them gates where I live, that’s when I’m Dad.”Takin’ the kids to school, pickin’ ’em up, teachin’ ’em rules. I’m not sayin’ I’m the perfect father, but the most important thing is to be there for my kids and raise them the right way.”Hailie Jade MathersHailie Jade has carved out a life as an influencerCredit: Instagram/hailiejadeHer early life with mum Kim and dad Eminem was tumultuousCredit: WENNHailie was born on Christmas Day, 1995, and initially brought up in poverty, with warring parents.In 2001, Eminem said his daughter was “a real wake-up call” for him. “She made me get my ass in gear — to make something of my life and try 10 quadrillion times harder than I had before,” he told Q. “Everything that I am doing right now is for Hailie … the money — it’s for her college.”And despite her chaotic start to life, she grew up well-adjusted – graduating from Chippewa Valley High School in 2014 with highest honours.She fulfilled her dad’s dream of seeing her go to university, graduating from Michigan State College with a psychology degree and impressive grade.“She’s made me proud for sure,” Eminem said on Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson in 2020.Hailie, 29, has become a successful influencer, launching her “Just A Little Shady” podcasting 2022.When asked about how she feels being questioned about her dad she told her listeners: “Why do people care?’ I was young and I didn’t totally understand the situation, so I was like, that’s my dad. I don’t ask you about your dad.”Hailie added that she understands some people want to confirm what they’ve heard but explains, “Some stuff it’s just like, that’s weird. Let’s move on.”The show has helped her to amass 3.2million Instagram followers, and she has been signed up by several brands for paid partnerships including make-up brand Revlon and sports designer Puma.But for now she is enjoying being in the newlywed bubble with husband Evan, gushing on social media: “We couldn’t have asked for a better, more beautiful weekend celebration.”She added: “So so many happy tears were shed, laughs & smiles were had, & so much love was felt. Evan and I are feeling so grateful for all of the family & friends that traveled to support us and be a part of this new chapter of our lives as husband & wife.”Alaina Marie ScottAlaina’s mum Dawn battled with heroin addictionCredit: instagram/alainamariescottShe is a blogger and advocate for plus-size fashionCredit: instagram/alainamariescottShe married her long-time love Matt Moeller last yearCredit: instagram/alainamariescottAlaina was born to Kim’s sister, Dawn Scott, in February 1993.But Dawn had battled with heroin addiction ever since her teens, so Eminem legally adopted her in the early 2000s. Dawn sadly died from an overdose in 2016, aged 41.”I have full custody of my niece,” the rapper told Rolling Stone about Alaina in 2004.”My niece has been a part of my life ever since she was born. Me and Kim pretty much had her, she’d live with us wherever we was at.”In 2020, he said Alaina, whom he often calls Lainey in the lyrics of his songs, is “like a daughter” to him.And Alaina has proved that her sister Hailie isn’t the only academic in the family, graduating from Oakland University, where she got a bachelor of arts in communication with a double minor in public relations and advertising.Alaina, 31, is a travel blogger, runs a book club and is an advocate for plus-size fashion, sharing her recommendations with her 117,000 followers on her Instagram page.She married her long-time love Matt Moeller last year in front of family and friends, with Hailie as a bridesmaid and Eminem giving her away.And she was the first to congratulate Hailie on her nuptials, posting a stunning shot of her sister in her wedding gown, captioned: “When you baby sister gets married. Couldn’t be more happy for you Hay.”Stevie Laine ScottStevie laine Scott was adopted by Eminem in 2005Credit: InstagramStevie is in a relationship with TikToker Declan JaceCredit: InstagramBorn on April 16, 2002, Stevie – christened Whitney – was the result of a short relationship Kim had with tattoo artist Eric Harttner in between her two marriages to Eminem.Eminem legally adopted them back in 2005, after he and Kim rekindled their relationship, four years after their divorce.Their biological dad, a professional tattoo artist, had various run-ins with the law and was in and out of prison as he reportedly battled drug addiction. He died in 2020 aged 40.Stevie unveiled the new name on August 12, 2021, and revealed they identify as non-binary.Now aged 21, they received huge support from fans when they posted a touching TikTok documenting their journey through “becoming more comfortable with” themselves.Stevie is in a long-distance relationship with TikToker Declan Jace, and often posts cute videos when they’re together.Last year, Stevie told Hailie on her podcast: “He moved in with me last year, like December. It’s going really well, we’ve been together like two years now.“It’s hard but I feel like if you really have a connection with someone it can work, especially if you make time for it to work. It’s a pretty hard thing but it’s a lot easier and it’s worth it once you get to live together and actually experience those things.”They also took to social media to congratulate Hailie and Evan on their wedding day, posting “My sister is married! Congratulations so happy for both of you.”Nate MathersNate Mathers is Eminem’s brotherCredit: InstagramHe was raised by Eminem who took him in when he was 16Credit: InstagramEminem brother Nate is 14 years younger than him and was born on February 3, 1986 as the result of a brief affair between his mother, Debbie Nelson, and Fred Samara.The brothers were close to each other but distanced from their mother, who they have claimed was abusive and neglectful.At one point Nathan was placed in foster care but Eminem, now a global superstar, took him in when he was 16 and gained legal custody.”When he was taken away I always said if I ever get in a position to take him, I would take him,” Eminem told Rolling Stone. “I tried to apply for full custody when I was 20, but I didn’t have the means.”Nate, 38, now an actor, DJ and music producer, has always said he was grateful to his big brother for taking him in.He is now married to wife Ashley and has three children, and credits Eminem for helping him to become a good dad.READ MORE SUN STORIESHe and Hailie remain close and she calls him her “bruncle” – a cross between a brother and an uncle.Speaking on her Just a Little Shady podcast, Nate said of his famous brother: “He was the best role model I could have had to help me be the dad that I am today.” More

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    Diddy ‘plays victim’ & ‘shuns responsibility’ for vile attack on ex in apology… secret sign reveals it’s ‘all an act’

    SEAN ‘Diddy’ Combs has broken his silence after gut-wrenching footage of him physically assaulting his then-girlfriend surfaced online.The rapper, 54, who’s worth $800million (£630million), has since described facing his “darkest times” and having “hit rock bottom” in an apology on Instagram that has been liked nearly 393,000 times.Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs released an apology video on Sunday after 2016 footage emerge of him attacking Cassie VenturaCredit: InstagramCombs kicks Cassie while she lies motionless on the groundCredit: APHe was in a relationship with Cassie Ventura for more than a decadeCredit: GettyDescribing himself as “f***ed up”, Combs said: “I make no excuses, my behaviour on that video is inexcusable, I take full responsibility for my actions… I’m disgusted, I was disgusted then when I did it, I’m disgusted now.” It follows 2016 surveillance footage, showing Combs striking former partner Cassandra Ventura, kicking her as she lay motionless on the ground and dragging her by her T-shirt.Moments before the attack, Cassie was seen walking quickly down the hallway of the InterContinental Hotel, in Los Angeles, with her belongings.Combs, who emerges from a room in just a towel and sandals, chases her to the lifts where he throws her to the ground in a clip obtained by CNN.READ MORE ON SHOWBIZLater, a second camera shows Cassie picking up a phone in the hallway shortly before Combs, who is sitting down on a chair, throws what appears to be a vase at her.  It’s claimed the rapper paid $50,000 (£40,000) for the footage back in 2016 and last November, settled out of court one day after Cassie launched a lawsuit against Combs. Heated debate has raged online since Combs’ apology yesterday, with more than 226,000 comments on his video – including many doubting the rapper’s sincerity. Body language expert Judi James shares their skepticism and tells The Sun that the rapper “plays the victim” in the video and “shuns responsibility”.Most read in CelebrityEven his clothing in the footage is carefully chosen to convey “humility”, she says.This latest furore follows Combs being hit with a wave of lawsuits late last year and in 2024, including allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault, which he has vehemently denied. Here Judi breaks down some of the key points from his apology which, to her, suggests he is “acting” throughout and is “more focused on his own suffering” than his victim’s.  Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs ‘kicks & beats Cassie Ventura then drags her into hotel room after chasing her down’ in 2016 video’Secret Signal’Judi notes a “secret signal” in his apology, which she believes is proof of the rapper betraying his attempts to look “genuinely sorry”.She tells us: “In body language terms, there appears to be a secret signal, a little wince which Diddy uses, that to me, suggests he’s feeling pain.“When he expresses that emotion, a micro-wince occurs and it seems to be whenever he is talking about his own pain rather than anything to do with his ex.“You tend to see it when he talks about his ‘darkest times’, when he refers to ‘hitting rock bottom’ and having ‘sought out help’.“This all implies that his concern is perhaps more with his own pain and his own feelings rather than his victim during this video.” Judi James noticed a series of ‘mini winces’ that she says reveal ‘insincerity’ from the rapperCredit: InstagramCassie and Combs split up in 2018 after a decade-long relationshipCredit: GettyThe model was seen with bruises just 48 hours after the alleged attack took placeCredit: BackGridCassie is thrown onto the floor by Combs in the harrowing footageCredit: CNNHe is also seen dragging his then-girlfriend along a corridor by her topCredit: AP‘Presents as victim’Judi believes the rapper is not showing genuine feelings of guilt or sympathy towards his victim – and instead only pities himself.She says: “Diddy’s performance here seems to be in an attempt to gain sympathy and empathy from the viewer and he definitely tries to present himself as a victim. “His shoulders are hunched, his jaw seems slack and his speech is full of pauses as he speaks.“There are even facial winces to imply this is my pain and it’s him who is actually suffering here. “When he talks about hitting rock bottom, there is a shake of the head and a low vocal tone, which again makes it sound like he is sharing his story of his suffering with us. “He also says ‘It’s difficult to reflect on the darkest time in your life’ but his body language appears to show he is the one feeling pain at having had that dug up.” Recent lawsuits against DiddyDiddy was hit with a wave of lawsuits in late 2023 and early 2024 with allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault. He has denied all claims against him.

    Cassie, Diddy’s longtime girlfriend, sued him in November 2023, claiming she endured “a cycle of abuse, violence, and sex trafficking” until their relationship ended in 2018. Diddy and Cassie settled the suit the day after it was filed.
    Diddy was hit with two more lawsuits a week later. Joi Dickerson accused Diddy of drugging and raping her and filming the attack when she was a 19-year-old college student in January 1991.
    A second accuser in a separate lawsuit claimed that Diddy and another man sexually assaulted her and a friend in 1990 or 1991 then showed up at her apartment and beat her several days later.
    Diddy was sued again in December by a woman who claimed he and two men gang-raped her in 2003 when she was 17 years old.
    In February 2024, Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, who helped produce Diddy’s most recent album, claimed that the mogul sexually harassed, drugged, and threatened him from September 2022 to November 2023 as they worked together.

    ‘Apology for being found out’Analysing the wording Diddy used, Judi notes that there are “no specifics” from the rapper, which suggests to her that he is “not being genuine”.She notes that there are only “two names mentioned” during his appearance – himself and God – and nothing linked to Cassie.Judi says: “This video wouldn’t really constitute what I would consider a proper apology.“For it to be authentic it should be made directly to his victim and he should be specific in referencing the person who he is apologising to.“He also should be specific about what he is apologising for and why he is apologising.Body language expert Judi James says ‘micro-wince’ gives him awayCredit: Instagram/diddyThe now-defunct InterContinental Hotel in Century City where a video from 2016 shows Diddy brutally beating up Cassie VenturaCredit: The Mega Agency“Also, an apology shouldn’t be prompted by being found out, otherwise the implication is not ‘I’m sorry for what I did’ but ‘I’m sorry for being found out’. “When he does say ‘I’m so sorry’, it comes after a pause and with a shaking of the head but who is he apologising to?”Judi also believes that choosing to release his apology on social media is not a convincing way to get people to believe his words. Viewer ‘manipulation’In the footage, Diddy describes the moment as “the darkest time in your life” and regularly uses ‘you’ rather than ‘I’Judi believes this could be an attempt to sway the viewer, adding: “He uses ‘open’ generalisations with the use of ‘you’ rather than a personal ‘I’.Diddy’s performance here seems to be in an attempt to gain sympathy and empathy from the viewer and he definitely tries to present himself as a victimJudi James, body language expert“This means he is trying to imply that what he did is like bad things we have all done in our past. “This makes it sound like he is trying to normalise by asking for empathy.“He is trying to make us all agree that we have done bad things when I would imagine what we saw on the video is far from being a norm for most people.”’T-shirt of humility’Judi says every part of the rapper’s apology would have been “staged” right the way down the clothes he was wearing. He is trying to imply, ‘This is me, stripped away, this is the real me, I am a humble man’Judi JamesFar from Comb’s typically garish outfit choices coupled with bling, he opted for a simple T-shirt.Our expert believes is a way for him to try to show he is being “real” with viewers online.Judi explains: “It’s almost like ‘the T-shirt of humility’ in a way, it’s clothing we would perhaps not normally see him wearing.“It’s beige colour and has a baggy neckline, it’s the perfect choice for a video like this to give him a look of being humble and apologetic.Combs is renowned for wearing expensive and colourful clothing while out in public, which contrasts with the outfit chosen for his apology videoCredit: SplashThe rapper settled a lawsuit with Cassie one day after she filed it last yearCredit: Getty“With the T-shirt he is trying to imply, ‘This is me, stripped away, this is the real me, I am a humble man’. It’s definitely projecting that message and would have been chosen with a lot of care.”‘A performance’Many have accused the rapper of putting on a show in the comments section for his apology – and Judi suggests they could be correct.She tells us: “When you prop up a camera in your own home and go to make a recording, there almost has to be a degree of acting. In March, federal agents raided Combs’ mansion reportedly in connection to sex trafficking claimsCredit: The Mega AgencyThe Los Angeles mansion is believed to be worth $40millionCredit: The Mega Agency“It’s not like when you bump into someone in a supermarket and apologise at the time, because that is immediate and authentic because it’s done at the moment.“While we are clearly seeing signals of regret, he’s had a lot of time to think about how he would say it and in a way that lack of spontaneity means by definition any apology will be a form of performance.” After the hotel footage emerged, which showed Combs attacking Cassie, The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office confirmed they would be unable to pursue charges because it “occurred beyond the timeline where a crime of assault can be prosecuted”.They described the clips from 2016 as “extremely disturbing and difficult to watch”.In response to Combs’ apology, Cassie’s attorney Meredith Firetog claimed the rapper’s statement was “more about himself than the many people he has hurt”.READ MORE SUN STORIESShe added: “When Cassie and multiple other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that his victims were looking for a payday. “That he was only compelled to ‘apologize’ once his repeated denials were proven false shows his pathetic desperation, and no one will be swayed by his disingenuous words.”HOW YOU CAN GET HELP:Women’s Aid has this advice for victims and their families

    Always keep your phone nearby.
    Get in touch with charities for help, including the Women’s Aid live chat helpline and services such as SupportLine.
    If you are in danger, call 999.
    Familiarise yourself with the Silent Solution, reporting abuse without speaking down the phone, instead dialing “55”.
    Always keep some money on you, including change for a pay phone or bus fare.
    If you suspect your partner is about to attack you, try to go to a lower-risk area of the house – for example, where there is a way out and access to a telephone.
    Avoid the kitchen and garage, where there are likely to be knives or other weapons. Avoid rooms where you might become trapped, such as the bathroom, or where you might be shut into a cupboard or other small space.

    If you are a ­victim of domestic abuse, SupportLine is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm to 8pm on 01708 765200. The charity’s email support ­service is open weekdays and weekends during the crisis –
    Women’s Aid provides a live chat service – available weekdays from 8am-6pm and weekends 10am-6pm.
    You can also call the freephone 24-hour ­National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247. More

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    I was addicted to heroin, meth and crack cocaine. Now I’m hooked on cycling and Corrie, says Gogglebox star Shaun Ryder

    HAPPY Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has revealed his wildest moments – including snorting cocaine from inside a COFFIN and a wild bender at the home of an Eighties pop legend.The star, who has been drug-free for 20 years, revealed he fled the house of Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan after “making himself acquainted” with his drugs stash.Shaun Ryder is on the road with the Happy Mondays again – seen here on stage performing in London last weekCredit: RexAs well as his music, he loves being on Celebrity Gogglebox with Bez, 60, his old pal from the MondaysCredit: Channel 4Corrie fan Shaun with former stars Nigel Pivaro (Terry Duckworth) and Kevin Kennedy (Curly Watts) in 1993Credit: News Group Newspapers LtdHe also credits Maggie Thatcher for making his music career and Britpop possible and revealed he takes more legal, prescription pills now than illicit narcotics when he was an addict.And he wants a new career as a cycling influencer — after getting hooked on going out on his bike — alongside his music and appearing on TV’s Gogglebox.In an exclusive interview launching his book Happy Mondays And Fridays, And Saturdays, And Sundays, Shaun, 61, revealed: “I’ve had a few mad moments.“I was sat in Dave Gahan’s house [in Los Angeles]. READ MORE ON SHAUN RYDER“We’d been out partying all night and we go back to his gaff — don’t forget, this is 30 years ago — and Dave pulls out this massive big pot of coke and heroin. “There was all sorts there.They say I jumped into a coffin, lay down and started snorting coke. But I don’t remember it“It was the early hours and he said, ‘I’m going out. I’ll be back in a bit’.“By this time it’s only me sat in his house. He’s gone for a few hours.Most read in Music“I’m getting well acquainted with his drugs. “Then I turned the telly on — there’s Dave on Sunset Boulevard being chased by police.‘Drug dealer fixed it for us to bypass customs’“The helicopters are following him. And I’m watching him on CNN and thinking, ‘They’re going to be round here in five minutes when they get hold of him, and I’m sat in his gaff doing all this’.“You can’t get taxis in LA so I had to wait for someone to come and pick me up and I got out of there.”Gahan, like Shaun, went on to get clean after a dark period — but back then, Shaun had one regret.BBC Breakfast viewers ‘switch off’ after ‘cringe’ Shaun Ryder interview – fuming ‘this is hard work!’He joked: “I should have took his gear with me.“I didn’t because I’m a dick. “I have never seen him or spoke to him since, as I got banned from America.”As well as the book, Shaun has also announced a live Q&A tour, where he is going to talk about “anything and everything”, including snorting coke inside a coffin at a funeral in Brazil, where he’d flown for the Rock In Rio festival.He said: “Our trip to Brazil in early 1991 was wild . . . even before we got off the plane.“I’d done an interview for the Brazilian equivalent of The Sun before we left and the reporters were asking about our reputation for drugs.“‘Are you going to be bringing ecstasy to Brazil?’, they asked me. “I laughed and said, ‘Oh yeah, you just wait and see. I’m gonna bring thousands of ’em’.“I was clearly taking the p***. “That’s not the sort of thing I’m gonna shout about in the most popular newspaper in the land, is it?“The result was that when our plane landed, the police were waiting for us.“An announcement went up on the Tannoy, ‘Happy Mondays, stand up!’.“‘F***in’ hell’, I thought. ‘We’re in for it here. “It’s gonna be Midnight Express all over again. “This is where they just throw us in a cell and chuck away the key’.“What happened? They opened the door and we could see f***ing daylight on the other side. “Somehow we’d bypassed customs altogether and we were through.“It turned out that a mate of ours, who was basically a big-time drug importer, had used his contacts and fixed it for us.”Maggie Thatcher is responsible for Britpop. Those bands were all on the Enterprise AllowanceIt was in Brazil that he ended up inside a coffin in a drug-fuelled haze.Shaun said: “I only know this as I was told about it. “Apparently there was a funeral there and I got in a coffin, but I don’t remember that.“They say that I jumped into it, lay down and started snorting coke. “I don’t remember that.”Shaun’s wild days are today firmly behind him, thanks to his wife Joanne and six children.The couple share a home in Salford with daughters Lulu, 15, and Pearl, 16, along with son Oliver, 30.He said: “My teenage girls have ADHD and autism.“There was a reason I got into drugs, ADHD. “I have pretty bad learning difficulties and I’ve hid them all my life.“It’s only since I got to my late fifties and sixties where I’ve thought, ‘I’m not hiding it any more’.”On his decision to get clean, he said: “I wanted to do it as I’d got to 40 and my kids were getting older and I didn’t want them to think I’m this f***ed-up old dude.”He says bike riding was key to breaking his addiction — and he still enjoys it so much, he would love to be a cycling influencer.Shaun explained: “I used to be addicted to heroin, methamphetamine, crack cocaine — you name it.“Now I’m addicted to cycling and Coronation Street.“Have I had any moments of weakness since then? No, I haven’t, really.“My youngest girls, who are teenagers now, are at home with us and have never seen me like that. “I’ve not tried to hide it, it’s my story, but they don’t recognise that person today. “I’m a big believer in the saying that whatever you get through makes you stronger.”As well as his music, he loves being on Celebrity Gogglebox with Bez, 60, his old pal from the Mondays.Shaun with Stacey Solomon on I’m A Celebrity in 2010Credit: Brian Roberts – The SunThe former campmate returned for the 2023 all-stars version of the showCredit: ITVOn stage at Wembley with the Happy Mondays in 1991Credit: Rex FeaturesShaun said: “Gogglebox is great. I get paid to sit there with my mate and drink beer and they bring us ice cream and chocolate. For some reason they like filming us when we’re eating.” Shaun says he is now a “bionic man”, as well as a clean-living one.He added: “Teeth, hair, eyebrows, hips — there’s less and less of the original Shaun Ryder left these days.“The Bionic Man had fewer replacement parts than me.“My teeth were basically f***ed by the amount of crack cocaine and crystal meth I was taking. “As for my hair, the shadow you see now isn’t hair, it’s like a tattoo. “It’s called micropigmentation, which I had done by a company called Skalp, which specialises in non-surgical treatment for people with hair loss.“The reason I needed it is that I suddenly came down with full body alopecia, where you lose all your hair, not just off your head, but eyebrows and eyelashes as well.‘My greatest achievement is my children’“Rounding off my medical bulletin, I’ve got one hip replacement, but when they replaced it they told me that the other one was also on its way out.“I’m actually on more drugs than I’ve ever been in my life — prescription ones. “I’m on stuff for all sorts. “I have to take four thyroid pills, two for my dust allergies, some for arthritis, some more for my prostate. F***ing loads of them.“I’m having problems with some of my prescription drugs as they are harder to get since we have left the EU.”Yet he’s never been happier.Shaun said: “There used to be a time when I was just the mad rocker who went on to TV shows off my t*ts on heroin. “I’m still having great fun in the spotlight, whether that’s with the Happy Mondays, Black Grape or as a solo performer.“But these days you’re just as likely to find me blowing off the cobwebs on a bike ride, watching telly with my best mate Bez or catching up on Corrie in my slippers.“I’ve been off the illegal street drugs for more than 20 years now and I’ve never been happier.“I’ve told my girls ‘don’t do drugs’. “None of my kids have turned out to be idiots.”He said people still shout Mondays lyrics, “You’re twisting my melon, man” or “Call the cops” at him.I told a paper I was bringing thousands of ecstasy pills to Brazil. When we landed the police were waiting for usHe said: “Builders will yell them at me from across the street. “It’s the same when I’m out on my bike.“I’m not sure what they expect me to say back, to be honest, so I just f***ing wave, smile and shout ‘Alriiiight’ at them. “Love it. It’s great fun.”Of the Iron Lady playing a role in his career, he explained: “Maggie Thatcher is responsible for Britpop.“She’s responsible for all the music in the Eighties and all the bands that were formed. They were all on the Enterprise Allowance.”Shaun has no plans to retire. He said: “My greatest achievement is my children and still being around making music, still being allowed to make albums and go on tour. “I can’t retire.“Look at the Rolling Bones. “You just don’t retire. “As long as you’re still enjoying what you’re doing, why would you not want to keep doing it?“Look at people like Tom Jones, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger, still doing their thing into their 80s, trying new things and finding new audiences. “No one’s telling them it’s time for them to retire.”And Shaun reckons Bez’s 60th birthday celebrations last month prove his partying days are well and truly behind him. He said: “We were in Brighton. “Someone had organised a party for Bez in the afternoon, but we’d done a show the night before, then done this massive drive. “I needed to sleep.The Bionic Man had fewer replacement parts than me. Teeth, hair, eyebrows, hips – there’s less and less of the original Shaun Ryder left“He didn’t even want to go to his own party as he was knackered.“Instead of partying hard, I had an afternoon kip.” Shaun’s Q&A tour will travel the country from September.He added: “Because I do TV and was in the I’m A Celeb jungle, our audience goes from eight years old to 80 now.“I saw myself doing this for as long as I could — into my eighties.“I always thought I was in for the long run. READ MORE SUN STORIES“I feel really, really lucky.”Happy Mondays And Fridays, And Saturdays, And Sundays is available to pre-order, along with Q&A tickets, at Shaun’s Q&A tour will travel the country from SeptemberCredit: Men SyndicationThe classic Bummed by Happy Mondays from 1988Credit: HandoutThe icon’s new bookCredit: Supplied More

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    Inside Giovanni Pernice’s string of stormy romances – from ‘blind-siding’ Maura Higgins to blazing rows with TOWIE star

    HE’S quit Strictly after trouble with ex-partners – and it seems it’s the same off the dancefloor too for Giovanni Pernice.We exclusively revealed the Strictly pro has told pals he’s quitting the show after starting negotiations for a new series.Giovanni Pernice has quit Strictly following complaints from Amanda AbbingtonOff the dancefloor, Giovanni hasn’t had much luck eitherCredit: InstagramThe BBC was said to be “very keen” to continue working with Giovanni, 33 — who has faced allegations over his tough training methods from previous celebrity partners, including actress Amanda Abbington.And an internal memo of this year’s professional dancers for the show has been circulated without his name.His shock move comes after The Sun first revealed tensions between the dancer and Sherlock star Amanda, 52, his celeb partner last year.She quit in October after a series of bust-ups which left her in tears.READ MORE STRICTLY FEATURESAnd Giovanni hasn’t been much luckier in love either.Since joining Strictly in 2015, Giovanni has dated a string of sizzling women, with all of his public romances involving gushing posts and PDAs on social media.While he recently started dating stunning model Molly Brown, the Sicilian native’s track record on romance has not been a rosy one. So what’s going wrong for Giovanni? Here we take a look at his failed romances and rumoured flings with some of showbusiness’ most glamorous ladies.Most read in CelebrityMolly BrownGiovanni revealed he was dating 24-year-old model Molly Brown in February.Molly shared a picture alongside the pro dancer, which she captioned “Amore Mio,” which means “My love” in Italian.If I wasn’t with Ola I’d have bedded more women than Giovanni, says James JordanMolly posted pictures of the pair from their Dubai holidayCredit: InstagramCould Molly be ‘the one’ for Gio?Credit: Instagram / @mollybrownxoxA source told The Mirror: “Giovanni and Molly met a few weeks ago, and though it is very early days, things seem to be going well between them.”He has been keeping things quiet because he didn’t want too much pressure on as they’re getting to know each other.”Last month, Giovanni denied he and Molly were engaged when she was seen sporting an impressive piece of jewellery on her wedding ring finger.Jowita PrzystałGiovanni fell for his fellow strictly star Jowita Przystal during filmingThe Sun revealed in December 2022 that dancer Giovanni and Polish pro Jowita Przystal, both 33, had fallen for each other during filming.Jive specialist Giovanni was rumoured to have made a move on Jowita as they spent time together backstage.However, the pair’s relationship didn’t go the distance and they reportedly called it quits just three months later, due to “hectic work schedules”.With Giovanni being on tour, sources said creating time for one another became “impossible,” and they parted ways.Maura HigginsGiovanni was dating former Love Islander Maura Higgins for four monthsCredit: InstagramMaura was said to be devastated by the break-up with GiovanniCredit: InstagramBefore Jowita, Giovanni got together with former Love Island star Maura Higgins.The couple teased their romance for weeks before finally going public with a loved up picture on Maura’s Instagram captioned “I’m yours” in July 2021.It was just two months after Maura’s split from her Love Island co-star ex Christopher Taylor.They were pictured out together in Blackpool and Maura attended the launch night of his show.It all seemed to be going so well, as Maura and Giovanni opted to move in together to make seeing each other around his hectic Strictly schedule easier.A source even claimed Gio had “never felt like this about anyone before”.But things appeared to quickly turn sour, with Giovanni ending their relationship just four months later, leaving Maura “blind-sided”.Their split came after heart-to-heart talks, during which the dancer admitted he “isn’t ready to settle down”.A source told The Sun at the time: “It’s all over for now. Maura’s absolutely devastated, it appears the Strictly curse has struck again.“Maura didn’t see this coming and is finding it very difficult to come to terms with. She genuinely thought Gio was the one.”Ashley RobertsAshley and Giovanni dated for 14 months and even spent Christmas togetherCredit: Refer to CaptionAshley was Gio’s longest lasting relationship so farGiovanni and Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts had a series of secret dates after meeting on Strictly in 2018 – though Ashley was partnered with Gorka Marquez.Once again Giovanni posted a bunch of loved up snaps on social media and gushed about his latest squeeze. He seemed serious about the singer as he flew to have Christmas with her and her family in the USA.Captioning one snap on Instagram, he wrote: “I never thought anyone would ever make me smile, laugh and steal my heart as fast as you did!! I love you amore.”But after 14 months together the pair called it quits and deleted all trace of each other from social media.Giovanni announced their split on his social media and insisted the pair would stay friends.Jessica WrightThe pair started dating after they met through Jessica’s brother MarkCredit: Getty – ContributorGiovanni dated Jessica after they allegedly met through her brother Mark when he was on the show.He was first linked to the ex-TOWIE star in November 2017 when they were seen enjoying a theatre date in the West End.Once again he posted a series of loved up snaps on social media, but they parted ways six months later. Shortly before their split the pro dancer claimed he wanted to settle down. He said: “Of course I want to settle, darling, I’m Italian. I want to have a big family, it’s just not the time. I’m 27 years old – I really want to dance as much as I can.”At the time sources claimed Giovanni was struggling to cope with Jess’ level of fame. But their break-up appeared to turn bitter when the pair were spotted rowing at the Pride of Britain awards in 2018.Jess later insisted their argument was just “passion” and that the couple hadn’t seen each other since their split.Chance to shine solo
    NEWS to make a million housewives’ hearts break; but the right news.
    After months of fevered speculation concerning his “vigorous” training methods, Giovanni Pernice has cut his losses, and quit the show that made him a household name. (And, as mentioned, a housewives’ favourite).
    Frankly, Gio’s position on Strictly had become untenable.
    One unhappy celebrity partner is unlucky. Four is unacceptable.
    By all accounts, away from the dance floor, Giovanni is nice chap. 
    Certainly, he was, for many years, a hugely popular figure behind the scenes.
    But since Amanda Abbington very publicly quit the show, citing “private medical reasons”- which she later elaborated was PTSD, from the stress of training up to 10 hours a day with Gio – his popularity with fellow pros is understandably on the wane.
    No-one wants to be associated with a headline-stealing taskmaster, one who makes his partners cry.
    In his defence, Giovanni is a passionate Sicilian, one who grew up in dance schools where crying through exhaustion was the norm. This was his norm.
    But in 2024, on a glossy, Saturday night celebrity dance show, this isn’t normal.
    He’s an incredibly good-looking, charming and talented performer – he has already been flooded with “exciting TV offers”.
    This, then, is Gio’s cha-cha-chance to shine, solo, and win over a whole new legion of fans… not just the housewives.

    Georgia May FooteGeorgia and Giovanni met on Strictly Come dancing when she had a boyfriendCredit: PA:Press AssociationGiovanni started dating Georgia in 2015 after they were paired together on Strictly Come Dancing. When she joined the show she was dating Coronation Street co-star Sean Ward but they split just before she made the final. Giovanni confirmed their romance after the show ended and the pair posted a series of loved-up snaps. At the time Georgia told the Daily Mail: “Gio is everything to me. I’m 100 per cent happy with Gio. He’s smitten and I’m the same. We trust each other. We fell in love as friends before anything happened.”But their romance didn’t go the distance and they split in 2016 with both parties claiming there was no one else involved.Georgia issued a statement on Twitter which read: “Although it was not an easy decision to make sometimes you realise that it is better to be friends and this is one of those times.”We both have very busy work schedules for the rest of the year so we are both going to focus on our upcoming work projects and we wish each other well in the future.”Katie McGlynnKatie was linked to the pro-dancer in 2017 but has denied they datedCredit: katiexmcglynn//InstagramGiovanni was linked to Corrie star Katie McGlynn in 2017 which got tongues wagging again when she signed up for Strictly four years later.Their alleged romance came just after Giovanni split from Georgia but Katie has denied it. She said: “I was quite upset about it because I’d not done anything. It was blown up out of all proportion. We weren’t dating.”I don’t think he’s my type. I’m sure he’s lovely but that’s why I was surprised with the stories. People were clutching at straws. “Nothing happened. I’ve met him, it was at an awards party and people just decided we were dating because we were seen talking.”Luba MushtukLuba has always denied dating Giovanni and says the pair are close friendsCredit: lubamushtuk/InstagramGiovanni was rumoured to be dating fellow pro Luba Mushtuk after she posted a video of them dancing captioned “@pernicegiovann1 you are ‘My Man'”.READ MORE SUN STORIESIt’s been alleged that the pair dated in 2017 but Luba has publicly denied it.She posted a headline about their relationship and claimed “I had no idea.” More

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    I love All Saints and I’m proud of what we did but it doesn’t define me, says Shaznay Lewis

    “FOR the past 25 years I’ve been known as ‘Shaznay from All Saints’.“So, it was really important to step away from the band and make this record so I could just be Shaznay Lewis again,” says the singer.Shaznay Lewis’ classy pop album Pages arrives 20 years after her debut record Open, and she admits that the new album came as ‘a surprise’Credit: katy gorniakAfter 25 years of being known as ‘Shaznay from All Saints’, she says the new album was really important in allowing her to be ‘Shaznay Lewis again’Credit: katy gorniakShaznay, second left, was one quarter of pop band All SaintsCredit: PA:Press AssociationAt rehearsals at London’s Metropolis Studios, one of our most underrated songwriters and the real talent in girl group All Saints is preparing to release her second solo record.The classy pop album Pages arrives 20 years after her debut record Open, and Shaznay admits that the new album came as “a surprise”.“I didn’t think I’d ever make another one after my first one,” she says. “There were lots of changes at my record label so it took me four years to make that first one. By the time I released it in 2004, I was quite burnt out.“I thought, ‘I don’t think I’ll do this again’.”READ MORE ON SHAZNAY LEWISShaznay went on to make two more albums with All Saints then, a couple of years ago after a writing session, she came up with an idea for a song that would become Missiles, the assured opening track from Pages.Shaznay laughs remembering the early days of working on the record with producer and songwriter Ben Cullum, brother of jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum.“I was in the garden one day and I sat back with my headphones on and listened to this idea. I was really excited about it.“So, I went to my friend Ben to produce Missiles and it sparked me to do a project.Most read in Music‘I needed to break free’“I was only calling it a ‘project’ with Ben at the time as I suppose ‘project’ is a bit non-committal. But once I’d set myself a deadline and made a certain number of songs, it became an ‘album’.“And then I started to play it to people and, luckily, they thought it was great, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and see what happens. And here we are!”Warm and forthcoming, Shaznay says this solo comeback feels like she is starting again.I really needed to break free, put my big girl pants on and just get in the car and drive down that road by myself“Even though I’ve got history, there’s a whole generation out there that do not know who I am,” she tells me. “And it’s exciting. People are liking these songs for what they are rather than just liking it because of where I’ve come from. When (Pages track) Good Mourning went on to a platform I hadn’t heard of called Complex, my teenage son ran into my room saying, ‘Oh my God, Mum, you are on Complex!’.”The new music includes themes of self-love and acceptance and, on the brilliant Pick You Up, there is a spoken word intro by Self Esteem, aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor.Shaznay says: “Pick You Up came really from someone close to me that had gone through depression.“I was writing a message to that person, a message of love.“When I’d written the song, I wanted some sort of spoken word at the beginning and Rebecca is friends with Johan Hugo, the producer of the song. She was amazing because she sent it on the 11th hour. A voice note — and it was just perfect. I haven’t met her yet.“I went to see her (Cabaret) show, and I just thought she was amazing. She’s a female force of nature.”Shaznay says making Pages has been like therapy and helped with her own self-esteem.“Although I’m kind of driven to write songs in a particular way, sometimes it’s only actually afterwards I look at it, and it’s taught me something about myself as well and given me an understanding about something I was going through that I didn’t realise.“I’m quite confident, but I’ve been lacking in self-esteem for the past 25 years,” she explains.“I really needed to break free, put my big girl pants on and just get in the car and drive down that road by myself.“I’d left the management company that manage All Saints and so, when I started, I was on my own, making the phone calls myself. Something was driving me to do this.”In All Saints, she was the least showbiz of the band — alongside Melanie Blatt and sisters Nicole and Natalie Appleton — often missing out on partying to concentrate on writing songs. The mum-of-two adds: “I feel really settled. I’m comfortable now with the person that I am, more so than I was 20 years ago.My family’s my gang“Then, I’d come out of a situation working with lots of people and having a huge entourage, to being on my own. So I felt vulnerable and lonely. But now I go home to a family. That’s my gang.”Shaznay has been married to her husband, dancer Christian, since 2004 and they have a son Tyler-Xaine, 18, and a daughter Tigerlily, 14, who appear in her video for her stunning single Kiss Of Life — which has a feel of Donna Summer’s State Of Independence and features footage of Shaznay pregnant, along with the babies growing up.Speaking about motherhood, she says: “The song Got To Let Go is about my struggle about letting go of him. My son’s got a lovely voice but it’s not really his thing, whereas my daughter is musical. She’s a natural and plays piano.I wrote my first album Open 20 years ago… But in that time, I’ve got married, I’ve had children — I’ve grown up, so Pages felt right as now I’m filling the pages of that open book“I adore motherhood. It changed me in a good way. Suddenly you understand your own mum more. And there’s more purpose. I remember when I got back with All Saints in 2014 and we toured with the Backstreet Boys, it was the first time I realised that I’d lost some of my mojo. That tour brought it back and I had a purpose for doing it. I adore them.“That’s why I called this album Pages. I wrote my first album Open 20 years ago from an open perspective as a person. But in that time, I’ve got married, I’ve had children — I’ve grown up, so Pages felt right as now I’m filling the pages of that open book.”On Tuesday night, the singer played her very first solo gig at London’s Jazz Cafe to a packed-out audience. One of the highlights was Shola Ama and General Levy performing with her for their joint track, the drum ’n’ bass-inspired Good Mourning.Shaznay says: “That song was produced by Michael Angelo (who was nominated for two Grammy Awards for his work with Sam Smith), and with the track being that style of music, General Levy had to be on it.“Then Shola, we’ve been friends forever, and we’ve always wanted to do something together.”Shaznay says she is influenced by different styles of music and loves the freedom there is today to listen to whatever you like.‘I don’t get nervous’“There are no boxes now,” she says. “When I was younger, I used to go to Tim Westwood’s night at The Arches in Vauxhall in London and you’d discover a hip hop and R&B act over from America.“But I’d also go to a New Kids On The Block concert too and sing along and scream for Donnie Wahlberg.”She has also found there is far more support for female artists nowadays than when she first started in the industry.Shaznay says: “There’s a lot more sisterhood now, which is great. There also seems to be a lot more togetherness and support between artists and women have become a lot more clued up to any misogynistic behaviour.“I remember one time with All Saints when Top Of The Pops wanted to record backdrops of us with no tops on. We were adamant we didn’t want to do it and it turned into, ‘Well, if you don’t do it, you can’t do the show’, which didn’t feel right.“But being in a band, like ours, we were quite renowned for saying, ‘No’. We were upfront and it was probably easier to target people on their own. My cover for Pages shows my neck and shoulders, but then that’s been my decision. When it’s somebody else’s decision, it’s not right.I’d have to be dead inside if I stopped“And as for age — I’m 48 now and the only time I remember age being a conversation was probably when we did the Rock Steady single — and I was in my early 30s then!”Shaznay says she is still friends with her All Saints bandmates and has learnt a lot about her own music style.“I had the best time on the last two All Saints albums and tours. From a creative point of view, I was really pleased with Red Flag and Testament albums.“But as a songwriter I think the earlier albums are not cohesive and they’re rushed. We were flying around the world and chucking songs together and, if they had two hits on there, it was fine. But not for me as a songwriter. I love All Saints and I’m proud of what I achieved with them. But that’s not what defines me. Then, I was just one of four voices“And it’s not any disrespect to All Saints. Melanie will always be like a sister. When I was starting this project, I said, ‘I don’t think I can do this without you’. And she said, ‘You f***ing better!’. Then she came to watch me on Radio 2’s Piano Room and gave me a pouch of crystals to look after me wherever I go. That’s the kind of relationship I have with Melanie.“But we are all cool. I love All Saints and I’m proud of what I achieved with them. But that’s not what defines me. Then, I was just one of four voices.Shaznay Lewis, 48, has opened up on her new solo material, which she recorded with Jamie Cullum’s brother BenCredit: GettyAll Saints found fame for tracks including Never Ever and Pure ShoresCredit: AFP – GettyShaznay’s first solo album Open was released in 2004 – now she is ‘filling in the Page’ from the ensuing 20 yearsCredit: katy gorniak“If I was talking about an album with three other people, I don’t think I’d be talking non-stop like I am here. Even though I probably would have fully written it, and they wouldn’t really know too much about the creative process, so it was different.“Now I feel like I can freely speak, it’s a freedom, it really is.”READ MORE SUN STORIESAfter a dazzling night at the Jazz Cafe, Shaznay is looking forward to summer, when she has performances lined up at Glastonbury, London’s Mighty Hoopla and Flackstock festival in Berkshire.“I don’t get nervous at all, I’m just excited to perform. This is the start of something for me. I love creating and performing. As a person, it’s a huge part of who I am. So I don’t see me stopping anytime soon. I think I’d have to be dead inside if I stopped.”The album Pages is out todayCredit: SuppliedSHAZNAY LEWISPages★★★★☆ More