Mashreq celebrated Emirati Women’s Day with an exclusive Padel Tournament this weekend


IN PARTNERSHIP: To celebrate Emirati women in the region, Mashreq organised a special event in collaboration with the Dubai Sports Council this weekend.

On Saturday August 26 and Sunday August, 27, 2023, the Emirati Women’s Padel Tournament took place at the courts of Dubai Sports World with the participation of 16 teams of multi-nationalities. The council was keen to shine light on Emirati Women, this Emirati Women’s Day which coincided on August 28, 2023.

The main purpose of the event was to celebrate Emirati women, their achievements and energy through one of the most renowned sports in the world and in the region. Curated to go beyond the sport itself, the event took place to encourage the Emirati woman to shine through the tase of thrill, excitement and camaraderie. The championship was specifically allocated for Emirati female players (C Open Category).

By constantly inspiring Emirati women in the country in various fields who have helped put the UAE on a global map, Mashreq’s commitment to empower women lies beyond the Padel courts, with a focus of an inclusive tomorrow.

The Padel Tournament participants won prizes which added up to Dhs20,000 and the first placed team won Dhs10,000, while the second placed team was awarded Dhs6,000 and the third won Dhs4,000. Additionally, valuable prizes were also presented by Honor Mobile Phones Co.

The Mashreq Women’s Padel Championship was sponsored by several prominent entities which include Mashreq, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai Sports World, Honor Phones, Mai Dubai and 9714 Company.

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