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    25 Pick-Me-Ups You Can Order Now and Use Next Week

    I rarely look to retail therapy, but when it works, it works. You don’t have to buy a Chanel bag every time you get stressed at work, but a mere $10 new candle can have quite the impact on your mood (if even for a short period of time). I’m all for free acts of self-care, but if you want to upgrade your life just a little bit, these small gifts to yourself fit the bill. They’re the kind of purchase future you will thank you for. Get a head start on a better next week by adding a few of these to your cart.

    The Sex Gel

    A fancy lube is the exact life upgrade I need. It’s so cute, I might even leave it out. *gasp!*

    PLANT Apothecary
    Start Happy Organic Body Wash

    This editor-favorite body wash is everything you want: it smells good, it doesn’t dry out your skin, and it’s not a million dollars. Plus, this Black-owned brand is also clean, so you can feel good about the products you’re putting on your skin.

    Essie Expressie
    Quick-Dry Nail Polish

    Give yourself an at-home manicure in a seasonal shade or your classic neutral. The Expressie line is one of my favorites because the polishes look high-quality and dry exponentially fast—a plus for impatient polishers everywhere.

    Balance Bath Bombs

    A cozy bath is a dream at the end of a long day, and these luxe CBD bath bombs make it feel like a spa night without leaving your home. Our editors swear by these for the best sleep ever!
    Use code EVERYGIRL for 20 percent off your first order!

    Olive & June
    Shooting Stars Nail Art Stickers

    Ready to up your manicure game? These nail stickers are so easy to use and under $10. No one will know you didn’t magically become a nail pro during quarantine.

    Rattan Sandalwood Vegan Candle

    This is my current favorite candle. The scent is lightly fall because of the cozy woodsy/sexy scent, but you could easily burn it all year round. The throw is great (I burn it and smell it throughout my whole apartment AKA a mere 300 square feet LOL), and it never tunnels for me, burning evenly and cleanly.

    Out of Trouble 10 Minute Mask

    A 10-minute mask that targets breakouts, irritation, dryness, oil, AND dullness? Perhaps I’ll stock up on no less than eight tubes.

    Pore Treatment Strips

    These are my new obsession, and I am lusting after them like crazy. Ever since I watched this video, I think about them every single time I look at my pores and blackheads in the mirror. They’re a bit of a splurge for pore strips, but this comes with eight different strips to use on the days your skin is the most congested.

    American Eagle
    Strappy Back Sports Bra

    Two of our editors (including me, the person writing this; she goes by Beth) tried this sports brarecently, and both called it an absolute winner. It’s comfortable and somewhat modest without pushing your boobs down and hiding them from the world. We love it for working out and for lounging!

    Rare Beauty
    Soft Pinch Liquid Blush

    Since I started working from home, blush has become my favorite beauty product ever. It’s surprising how much better I look on a Zoom call when I pop a little bit of blush on my cheeks. You can wear no other makeup, and blush just makes you look alive and well. This is a new favorite in my arsenal for its high-pigment and blendable formula.

    Safe and Fair
    Snack Bundle

    What’s a better pick-me-up than some really awesome snacks? This is a mix of my favorites from Safe + Fair, a company that makes snacks without the top 16 food allergens. The Pea Protein Chips are my favorite chips of all time—seriously, I would give up Doritos if I had a constant supply of this in my home, but their Drizzled Popcorn is another staple in my cabinet for movie nights and for a fun snack while working from home.

    Real Men Kit Hardcover Book

    What better way to cozy up than with a new book? Thrillers are good and all, but sometimes I just want something with a little love. This book follows Jesse after his foster-turned-adoptive mother dies, leaving him and his brothers her knitting shop in Harlem. Jesse wants to keep it open while his brothers want to close the doors, so he enlists the help of part-time shop employee Kerry to learn the ins and outs of the business… and of course, she has a secret crush on him. It’s the cozy romcom you’ve been dreaming of.

    Pottery Barn
    Velvet Pom Pom Slippers

    The criss-cross fuzzy slipper was a major player in 2019, but I’m calling these 2020’s answer. I’m an Instagram girl, what can I say? And these are close-toe, meaning I’ll never have to stress that anyone can see my disgusting unpainted toenails when I snap an inevitable pic with my hot cocoa or while I’m watching holiday movies on end this year.

    Range Beauty
    True Intentions Hydrating Foundation

    Glowy, flawless skin just feels good. When you catch those little glimpses in the mirror throughout the day and your skin just looks *heart eyes*?! It’s life’s little pleasures. This Black-owned brand has been on my radar for a while now, and their hit foundation just launched at Target!

    BYBI Beauty
    Blueberry Oil Booster

    After staring at a computer screen on end for the better part of the last eight months, we can’t help but wonder what all of this extra screen time could be doing to our skin. This affordable facial oil is made of 100 percent cold-pressed blueberry seed oil, which is said to reduce the negative effects of blue light on the skin by blocking the light before it penetrates the skin. Our editor uses this in her skincare routine every morning!

    Jordan’s Skinny Syrups
    Happy Holidays Gourmet Coffee Syrup Trio

    Once I found these coffee syrups, I broke whatever was left of a Starbucks habit for good. I make amazing coffee every single morning with these, and I love that they’re not filled with sugar because they don’t taste like my teeth will fall out at any moment. Trust me: “Christmas Cookie” is going to be a staple in my kitchen until approximately June 2021. Don’t love holiday scents? Might I introduce you to this staple set instead.

    Satin Face Mask

    A gorgeous face mask that makes you feel like a million bucks when you step out of your apartment for the first time in 10 days? Sign me the heck up.

    Vicks VapoShower
    Shower Bomb Tablets

    Did your grandma tout the miracles of Vicks VapoRub like mine? I was convinced it would cure my acne, period cramps, mosquito bites, broken hearts, headaches, and everything in-between. This is a new find that I think will save my sinuses come December when my allergies are out of whack. Don’t have time for a luxe bath with your CBD bath bombs? No worries, pop one of these in the shower for a steamy, sinus-clearing experience.

    Stella & Haas
    The Simone Huggie

    A fun, new spin on your classic gold hoops will live in your wardrobe for years—and always bring you a little extra joy. I mean, look—they’re so cute!

    Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

    If sleek, shiny hair is your goal, add Dream Coat to cart ASAP. Hairstylists swear by this product for that glass hair look. Use it all over your hair before heat-styling (it has to be activated by heat!), and see your strands glisten and glow!

    Glass Water Bottle with Protective Silicone Sleeve

    Our editor got this water bottle recently, and I haven’t seen her drink out of a single other vessel since. Not only is this water bottle chic and sophisticated, but it keeps water and other beverages cold. Plus, the silicone makes it easy to carry without worrying you’ll drop it—my absolute biggest fear as a reformed klutz.

    McBride Sisters
    Black Girl Magic 2018 California Red Blend

    What’s a night in without some adult libations?! We love red in the fall and winter, and this bold, sexy red blend (with notes of tobacco, vanilla, raspberry, plum, and blackberry) has our names written all over it.

    Golden Pulse Facial Massager

    Don’t leave all your facial massaging to your hands. This vibrating T-bar facial massager is a luxurious addition to your skincare collection, but it’s actually so affordable. Facial massage is great for your skin, but for me, it’s a practice that saves my mental health and helps me fall asleep more easily at night (and that’s on anxiety!).


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    Say ‘Hello’ to My New Favorite Puffer Coats—and They’re on Sale RN

    During one of the last chilly weeks of winter this year, my beloved parka—which I had worn every day of every winter since freshman year of college—got a giant rip down the side. It was time; I had worn it literally to its death, and since it was about to be warm out, I figured it was a problem I could deal with later in the year.Cut to a few weeks ago: the first actually cold day in Chicago, when I went to my closet to bundle up and found myself coatless. I layered up and began my search for the next parka that I wanted to wear for years and years; one that could replace the perfect one that I loved so much. It needed to be somewhat affordable, super warm (if you’ve never experienced a Chicago winter, well, consider yourself lucky), and make me want to put it on every day. The contest began.
    In an answer to my chilled-to-the-bone prayers, I saw that Abercrombie was having a 40 percent off sale for all of their coats and puffers. Chicago temperatures require a couple of different outwear options, and since they were on such a big sale, I tried a few to see if I could find an addition or two to my winter wardrobe.

    The mini puffer

    So, here’s the problem with Chicago weather: one day it is -30 degrees and snowing, and the next it could easily be 40 or warmer, which means that not having a lighter-weight coat option isn’t really an option. This mini puffer feels ultra cool and provides warmth without making me sweat bullets on warmer winter days. It comes in tons of super cool materials and colors (hello faux leather), but this camel sherpa one called my name. I ordered a medium to have a bit more room, and I am completely obsessed. I love that I feel I can wear this with a sweatshirt and leggings or a cute outfit and that it could make both feel a little bit cooler.

    The puffer vest

    A couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl at my Starbucks wearing a puffer vest, and it stuck in my mind; it made me want to get back into the vests that I had back in college to throw on for casual days. This is exactly how I pictured wearing it: with jeans or leggings, a sweatshirt, my snowboots, and a hat (or over my workout gear for runs on chilly days). Is it the warmest thing in the world? Of course not, it’s a vest, but it’s something I’m happy to welcome back into my collection for fall and winter.

    The Ultra Mid-Length Puffer

    When I saw this coat, I audibly gasped. When you’re wearing a coat every day for months and months, it doesn’t hurt for it to be cool, and I have never seen one cooler than this. I love both the color and the vegan leather—it makes me not dread putting on a coat because it’s a look in itself. It is also indescribably warm, which is something I didn’t expect.
    I am 5’5″ and am wearing a small here, and it feels like I still have plenty of room to wear sweaters or sweatshirts underneath. 

    The Everyday Parka

    This was the test of tests; the coat I intended to be my real parka for winter—for the days that are below 0. Since my old parka was black, I decided to switch it up and opt for olive green, and I couldn’t love it more. It is so warm and waterproof and is the perfect length for keeping comfortable on really cold days. I can see myself on the train to the office (on some future glorious day) and running errands and just living my winter life in this, happily. This is also a size small, which still has plenty of room underneath, and I would say runs true to size. If you see winter Maddie anytime soon, she will be wearing this. 

    Shop all of Abercrombie’s coat and puffer sale:


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    How to Feel Festive for $20 or Less

    A wise man once said that “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.” While I believe that Buddy The Elf is the right guy to take advice from on all things holiday, there is one very personal, important detail to consider in the blank spaces of his counsel: my singing voice is so off-pitch that it’ll make any nearby newborn cry.I know my role in society and singing loud for all to hear is the closest thing I’ve committed to a crime. Something I do excel at during the holiday season, however, is shopping. It is a specific skill set that I will exploit until the end of time. My preferred methods of feeling festive include (but are not limited to) gifting holiday knick-knacks, playing a new Christmas vinyl on repeat (my dancing is slightly better than my singing, do not fret), and drinking hot chocolate out of my coziest seasonal mug. To each their own, I suppose.
    This year more than ever, I’m summoning all of the holiday cheer I can find so that I can fill my home and my soul with memories of Christmas past and hope for holidays ahead. If you’re in the market to add a little holiday festivity to your life (without upsetting your budget), these under $20 holiday finds are here to make everything better… no autotune required: More

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    10 Accessories That Deserve a Spot in Your Wardrobe

    While your wardrobe strategy might be to buy as many clothes as you can get your hands on, it’s a fact that nothing is going to change your outfits as much as an accessory has the ability to. As much as trends come and go, good, versatile accessories are forever. A gold necklace sitting on top of a plain sweater with jeans or a statement-making bag over your errand-running clothes can take you from feeling like your look is thrown together to tricking yourself into feeling like you actually planned out your outfit the night before. 
    2020 has given us no shortage of amazing accessories to choose from, from revivals of your favorite hairpiece of the ’90s to your new go-to bags. These pieces deserve a place in your wardrobe—and you’ll never, ever regret having them.

    Source: @sasha.mei for @mejuri

    1. A chunky gold necklace
    We’re huge advocates for dainty, everyday jewelry that are no brainers for day-to-day wear, but sometimes, a chunky gold necklace is exactly what the doctor ordered. When paired over a minimal outfit, it’ll serve as a statement piece you’ll never regret having (and that will pair with absolutely anything).

    2. A pair of statement hoops
    By now, you probably have a good pair of gold hoops that you love, but finding a pair that’s a bit more out of the box can change your accessory game for the better. From pearls to unexpected accents, your hoops can—and should!—be a little bit of fun.

    Source: @trulyjamie

    3. A shoulder bag
    Once you experience the transformative power of a small shoulder bag, all of your crossbodies will take a break on the backburner for the rest of the season. Nothing screams “cool girl” more than these, and they take no effort to style—just swap out your go-to bag for one and head out the door.


    4. A go-to scarf
    If you’re like us here in the Midwest, a scarf is a need, not a want. But especially when we’re only leaving the house for quarantine walks, a scarf should keep you feeling warm and cute (I’m partial to a blanket scarf the size of my comforter but to each their own).

    Source: @bysecondwind

    5. A fashion-forward mask
    Sure, masks are the “accessory” nobody exactly predicted for 2020, but they’re here to stay for a while, so we might as well make them as fun as possible, right? Add a chain to your favorite one or opt for a statement-making pattern or material and you’ll never have to run back inside because you forgot yours again.


    6. A beanie
    Especially if you live in a colder climate, the limit of winter hats you can have simply does not exist; they’re both functional and cute as all hell, and how many things can you say that about? Of course, we’re partial to ones with poms, but we’ve rarely come across a beanie we’d say no to.


    Source: @emuaustralia

    7. A cozy pair of slippers
    Since much of the colder season is going to be spent indoors this year, your work-from-home uniform needs the ultimate cozy accessory: a pair of slippers. They’ll bring you a little bit of cozy joy every single day.

    8. A hair clip
    You probably haven’t worn a claw clip in the better half of the past 15 years, but they’re back, and they’re a lot chicer than you might remember. Let your face-framing pieces free and throw your hair up in one for a one-and-done hair look that can replace your messy bun.


    Source: @theyusufs

    9. Statement-making sunglasses
    We all have a tried-and-true pair of sunnies; the one that never fails us and that we know looks good. But having a pair that make more of a statement can be a game-changer on days that you need something to spice up a go-to outfit.


    10. A beret
    Yes, all it took was Emily in Paris to be released for berets to immediately make their way onto the scene, but the French accessory just gives your outfit a bit more je ne sais quoi than an ordinary beanie does.  More

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    The Best Sales to Shop This Weekend

    So money doesn’t buy happiness and all, but is there anything better than a little retail therapy after a stressful week? What about finally finding that one product that will totally brighten up your home or transform your beauty routine? The answer: retail therapy, envy-inducing clothing, and life-changing products on sale.Because you deserve to treat yo’ self, but you also are a hardworking #boss taking over the world, and saving a few extra $$ here and there adds up. That’s why we’re big fans of sale shopping — all your favorite brands at a fraction of the price, because why not get yourself something new? Shop our top picks below from the very best sales this weekend, and get ready for the high that comes with saving so much money on amazing pieces:

    use code GOODBUY

    use code LAYERUP

    prices as marked

    prices as marked

    use code HOLIDAYFUN More

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    6 Beauty Gadgets We Love At Every Price Point

    While I believe the basics are what really give you good skin, hair, and makeup, I can’t pretend that I don’t love a little something extra every now and then. For sure, I love a good mask here and there, and I often buy into the latest craze or trend (in the name of science and my career, duh). But I can’t pretend that I don’t indulge in the power of a beauty tool to do some of the heavy lifting. Sure, it’s an investment, but we parade our faces around every single day, whether it’s a trip to the grocery store where you’ll inevitably see that person you were in love with a few years ago but never made a move, your once-a-week video call for work, or just stepping by your mirror a few times a day to catch a glimpse at the one and only face you’ll see IRL for a while (too harsh?). If you thought the newest iOS update and virtual-everything were the biggest innovations of 2020, think again. We don’t have to put on a few lotions and potions and just “hope” it does the job anymore; there are effective, researched, and FDA-approved gadgets that do the job without all the guesswork. They’re the smartphones of the beauty world. When I’m looking for a new gadget, I check Nordstrom first. They have everything from $20-30 tools to splurge-worthy devices you’d find at a tech convention. Because they can be a little confusing (you put what where?!), we’re breaking down six different gadgets for every type of person and budget.

    1. Wants a pick-me-up that doesn’t break the bank: Ice Roller

    An ice roller has become an essential in our editor’s post-hangover, sick-day, need-a-pick-me-up-ASAP kits. This one is made with stainless steel, meaning it’ll stay cold even once you take it out of the fridge. Plus, it’s easy to clean and sanitize and will hold up—especially if you plan to use it basically every Monday-Thursday morning (we can relate!). Pop this in the fridge or freezer, and after cleansing and moisturizing (but before sunscreen), use this to massage in any of those creams or oils. It’ll tackle the puffiness, help your skincare products absorb better, and help you start your day with a little relaxation. Over time, you’ll notice your skin even gets less puffy because you’re used to moving all of that lymphatic fluid around. Don’t sleep on this if you love a good self-care moment.

    2. Wants a quick self-care addition to their routine: Nurse Jamie Roller

    You’ve likely seen this all over the place, especially if you’re a fan of celebrity beauty videos. But if you’re like us, you probably have little idea of what it actually does. There’s a reason celebs and beauty influencers alike swear by this facial roller: it feels like a red carpet-worthy lymphatic drainage massage right at home. This tool houses 24 massaging stones that when rolled across the face lift, tighten, revive, and enhance your natural features. Nurse Jamie created this product to replicate the experience of one of her in-spa facial massages from the comfort of your beauty vanity. This tops the list as the most routine-friendly option, as it only takes a few minutes to massage all over your entire face and can be done as-needed or over time for the best results.
    Not ready to splurge on a Nuface? This is a great less-expensive alternative that tackles many of the same issues, just without the microcurrent.

    3. Takes facial massage very seriously: Vibrating T-Bar

    My at-home facial massage is great and all, but I’m craving the hands of an esthetician who treats my face like a bowl of kale more than anything in the world. Sound like you? I found the at-home product to save you while you’re staying home (and cost about half as much). This T-bar massager uses vibrations to mimic the feeling of a real massage, so it’s a great addition to your facial massage routine. Grab your favorite facial oil, cream, or serum, and use this in upward strokes across the whole face. Focus between the eyebrows for an extra-relaxing massage, on the neck and chest to de-stress after a long day, and on the jawline to release tension. If you’re craving a little “ooh” and “ahh,” this is the one for you.

    4. Wants a salon-quality treatment at home: PMD Microdermabrasion

    As we enter the winter months, I’m putting off facials and treatments that I can’t do at home for as long as possible. Why leave my house when I don’t have to? The first treatment I turned to was the PMD Pro for at-home microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion has been a popular skincare treatment for about a decade, as it helps improve skin tone and texture without all the down time of peels and lasers. It’s good for practically every skin concern—aging, acne, scarring, texture, sun damage, melasma, and more—and is suitable for dry skin types too. PMD created the first at-home microdermabrasion device, offering the same results as an in-office procedure right at home. 
    The PMD uses an exfoliating disc with vacuum suction to remove the top layer of dead skin and triggers the immune response in the skin to create new layers and cells. It’s a really easy treatment to incorporate into your usual routine, as it only takes a few minutes once per week. This kit comes with multiple exfoliating discs ranging from ultra-sensitive to intense which allows you to customize the treatment for your skin type and grow with the product as you use it more. Not sure where to start? This tutorial has everything you need to know.

    5. Looking for a long-term change without invasive treatments: NuFACE

    Trinity Facial Toning Device

    This has a rechargeable base that can sit on your vanity and has the option to remove the head and use other attachments, like their Eye and Lip Enhancer that targets smile lines, crows feet, and eyebrow furrows; and their Wrinkle Reducer, which uses red LED light therapy to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. If anti-aging is your NuFACE goal, get this one.

    Mini Facial Toning Device

    If toning and contouring is your #1 concern, I recommend this one—it’s a little less expensive but still has all the microcurrent you need.

    When I first heard of this product, I was pretty skeptical. Electricity? In my face? But once I watched a few videos, this one in particular, I wanted one immediately. NuFACE is described as a non-invasive approach to anti-aging that is both instant and achieved over time. Our face naturally loses current as we age, and this results in sagging skin, loss of firmness, and as we all know it, wrinkles. The NuFACE uses microcurrent that is similar to the current our body naturally produces to help rebuild it, resulting in a natural, easy way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improve the contours of your skin (more on that in a minute!), and improve skin’s tone and texture. 
    I’ll be the first to admit that if there’s one gene my parents have graciously given me, it’s tight skin that looks much younger than it is. What can I say, my mom is 50 and looks 35. But I came to NuFACE to help with lifting and toning my face, and it did the job flawlessly. After using Nuface for five days a week for a few months, the shape of my face basically changed. I have very little definition between my neck and jawline, and it’s been a source of self-esteem issues for as long as I can remember. NuFACE works to lift and tone the bottom half of my face, giving my jawline and cheekbones more definition than I’ve ever had. It’s basically a workout for your face, but the microcurrent goes deeper into the skin’s layers to actually work those muscles underneath. If you deal with puffiness (especially on the lower portions of your face) or trouble with your facial definition, this ends up being a pretty inexpensive alternative to other, much more invasive procedures. And if it helps me push off wrinkles and fine lines a little bit longer, I’ll take it!

    6. Wants to turn good-hair-day into every day—and willing to splurge for it: Dyson Airwrap

    If you thought Dyson had already outdone themselves with their original Internet-breaking blow dryer, think again, because this baby is one of the finest pieces of equipment I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Dyson created this product with all hair types in mind, so whether you’re looking to go from straight-to-curly, curly-to-straight, frizzy-mess to bombshell-waves, flat-and-lackluster to volumized-goddess, or just bad hair day to good one, this product does it all. The Airwrap uses air styling without extreme heat to transform the hair, so you get your preferred style with less damage. It’s also basically effortless to use because the air styler attracts the hair and wraps it up for you—say goodbye to burns and gloves whenever you want waves and curls!
    We are very aware that a hair product shouldn’t cost this much, but you can take a few things into account when thinking about this purchase. I love this product because it cuts down on your hair tools, meaning you can ditch the five curling irons, three straighteners, and two half-working blow-dryers in your bathroom cabinet once and for all. It includes six attachments: two for creating waves and curls, a brush to smooth and control frizz, a brush to create volume, a brush specifically designed to smooth fine hair, and a dryer. So if we do some quick math, you’ll see that between purchasing multiple hair tools (anywhere from $100 to $250 a pop), blow-dry appointments ($50, plus tip), and always having a good hair day (priceless), it stacks up to be a pretty solid investment. And even that aside, if it’s in your budget and makes you happy, we’re all for it. 

    This post is sponsored by Nordstrom, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More