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    This New Probiotic Skincare Completely Transformed Our Skin

    Some people love to talk about books; some are obsessed with sharing their favorite playlists; others have a favorite recipe to hand out at all times. But if you asked our three editors—Beth, Bianca, and Maddie—beauty is our thing. We love to dish out our favorite products, talk about trends, give recommendations (and take them just as much—often from each other), and try new things. And one of the most common amongst us is skincare. All three of us have different skin types and concerns, from acne-prone to sensitive to oily, but we all have a few common goals in our skincare: it has to be clean, cruelty-free, at least somewhat affordable, and easy to use. So when we saw Beekman 1802 launch at Ulta, it was a clear fit. Our three beauty-obsessed editors gave Beekman 1802’s probiotic skincare line a try to see how it fit into our daily skincare—and these products have become new staples in all of our routines. Read on for our favorite products, how they’ve transformed our skin, and why we all can’t stop recommending this line.

    available at ULTA Beauty

    I was one of the first girls in my class to get boobs, just as I was the first to start getting acne. My hormones have always been a little wacko—thanks, endometriosis!—but I’ve had a hard time finding the right skincare routine for me. I’ve tried expensive creams, recommendations from dermatologists, and every drugstore favorite you’ll ever see, and while some worked and some didn’t, I had the hardest time creating a routine. I’d try a cleanser, get excited about it for a few weeks, and then be over it and try something else. (Not to mention, I had a major issue with drinking a little too much and falling asleep with my makeup on—I know, you have permission to take my beauty-lover license.) 
    Then, the world imploded, and I had nothing to do every night but figure out my skin. I finally had enough of breakouts, dry cheeks, an oily T-zone, and blackheads beyond abandon. So, I hopped on a call with my dermatologist and created a routine that I knew I could stick to. After months of this, I was really excited to add some new products in. I write about beauty products for a living—it’s not feasible for me to use the exact same products every single day and not try anything new. When Beekman 1802 launched at Ulta, it sounded like the perfect fit.
    It can be frightening to add new products to your routine, but I was thrilled to try Beekman 1802 because their products are Clinically Kind—meaning they’re clean, safe, and cruelty-free so you can enjoy good skin without worrying about what’s in your products. I get nervous that a new product will disrupt the rest of my routine or will break me out, but these are filled with probiotic ingredients that help balance your skin’s microbiome (the community of both good and bad bacteria).
    Out of the line, I’ve identified three hero products that have completely transformed my skincare routine. In the morning, my main focus is on hydration. I wear lots of makeup, so I like to make my skin look as good as possible first so my makeup goes on evenly and smoothly. 
    My #1 product in the lineup is the Bloom Cream Probiotic Moisturizer. It’s made with a triple-milk complex (a core ingredient in all of Beekman 1802’s products) that hydrates and soothes irritated, sensitive skin. Whether you were born with rosy red cheeks or love to use retinol or acids (me me me), many of us have sensitive, reactive skin every now and then that needs a little extra something to calm down redness and balance the skin. Bloom Cream is also formulated with Epsom salts, aloe leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, and cucumber extract—all ingredients that are known to calm irritated skin. I use this product before SPF every morning, and I’ve noticed a major difference in how radiant my skin looks and how soft and smooth it feels all day. I’ve actually been skipping foundation lately because my skin already looks healthy and radiant thanks to this product. 

    no makeup, just Bloom Cream 😍

    My acne-prone skin really needs a salicylic acid wash in the evening, but I like something that will gently remove any acids or oils from the night before without drying out my skin in the morning. The Milk Wash Exfoliating Jelly Cleanser has become my absolute new favorite. I love the texture; it comes out like a jelly, but as you rub it into your skin with a little bit of water, it turns into a milky consistency that leaves your skin ulta-hydrated. This is the first cleanser I’ve ever tried that makes my skin feel soft and hydrated after I use it with absolutely no tightness, but my combination skin also loves that it contains a few acids to gently exfoliate. Made with lactic acid (a great natural acid gentle for all skin types), glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and malic acid, this cleanser combines a light exfoliation with goat milk (a cornerstone of all of Beekman 1802’s products) and milk probiotics to soothe tired, irritated skin in the morning. I’ve also tried it in the evening and loved it too; it’s great at removing any excess makeup after I use an oil-cleanser. But I love how soft and supple my skin feels when I use it with the Bloom Cream in the mornings. 
    Like I’ve said too many times to count, I’m known to cover my face in makeup: glitter, eyeshadow, blush, bronzer—the whole nine yards. So at night, I focus on deeply cleansing my skin to make sure I’m not going to sleep with any makeup on. This has had the biggest impact on my skin, especially breakouts. Right now, Beekman 1802’s Buttermilk Makeup Melting Cleansing Balm is my go-to. I love a cleansing balm—it’s perfect for taking off waterproof mascara, bright eyeshadows, liquid lipsticks, blush stains, and my favorite this summer, all that sunscreen you applied all day. But this one is special in my routine because it uses all of those same ingredients I love in the Bloom Cream—aloe leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, and cucumber extract, goat milk, and milk probiotics—to calm sensitive skin, which I love at bedtime. The other great thing about this product is that it never gets stuck in my eyelashes or gives me cloudy vision—if you know, you know.

    I like to think of skincare as my thing. Ask me about a specific ingredient, and I can give you a product recommendation. Ask me about a face mask that does just what it claims it will, I’ve got you. Though I like to think I’m pretty well-versed on skincare, my skin is far from perfect. For everything from my hormonal breakouts to the hyperpigmentation aftermath, I’m always trying new things and learning about new and cleaner ingredients (and just trying to have a good skin day at least once a week.)
    I typically like to keep my tried-and-true products in rotation with little deviation from my routine, because the moment I add anything new, my skin will give me a visible, “Now, why did you do that?” With my negative experiences at the forefront of my mind, I was a little nervous about Beekman 1802. However, as I looked into their mission and ingredients, I felt a little less apprehensive. One of Beekman 1802’s key ingredients is goat milk. Now, if someone had told me I was going to be using milk from a goat on my face, I would have given them a firm side-eye. But here we are.   
    Since goat milk is rich in fatty acids and high in vitamin A, your skin is in excellent, moisturizing, exfoliating hands. Probiotic skincare can also be beneficial for those with skin conditions like eczema and rosacea. When it was time for me to give this a try, my skin was going through one of its breakout moments. I still can’t pin down what caused it. However, one thing I know that my irritated, breakout-prone skin always benefits from moisture. With my skincare history in mind, I switched out my foaming cleanser for a jelly cleanser I know calms my skin. Then, I added the Beekman 1802 Milk Foam Calming Bubble Mask to my routine.
    I learned from a dermatologist that you should never throw out your entire skin routine and start with something new. Instead, it’s best to add one new product at a time to ensure your skin doesn’t react negatively to that new product. On the off chance that your skin doesn’t mesh with the new product, you’ll know what the culprit is and can eliminate it. I applied a couple of pumps of the bubble mask to my skin. My experience was sensory overload in the best way.

    As the foam started to show up on my skin, I could feel the sensation too. We all love a fun mask, right? I left it on for 20 minutes, rinsed it away, and followed up with the Milk Drops. Like I said before, I am usually leary about trying new skincare products. But again, the ingredients sold me. Ceramides? Check. Squalane? We love to see it. Hyaluronic acid? Please and thank you. These are the trifecta of ingredients the skin needs to keep the skin barrier protected, hydrated, and plump. 
    I used the dropper to pinch a few drops of product on to my skin and patted it gently. What I liked about this product is how nice it played with my vitamin C serum and tinted moisturizer. The drops didn’t cause any peeling, which I was honestly expecting. The other plus was neither of these products caused any new breakouts. My skin also felt less irritated and looked healthy, even though I was dealing with an active breakout.
    I can’t say these new products gave me perfect skin after adding them to my routine, but what I can say for sure is the calming face mask and milk drops helped my skin start to look and feel like itself again because of the gentle, calming ingredients. I suggest those with sensitive, reactive skin give Beekman 1802 products a try, because it’s nice to reach for a calming product at the first sign of irritation without fear of making matters worse. 

    Over the past few years, my skin and I have been on quite the journey. I’ve never really struggled with acne, but I’ve dealt with just about everything that comes with having ultra-sensitive skin: redness, endless dryness, and what feels like constant irritation.
    But sensitivity aside, my biggest skin concern is my struggle with perioral dermatitis, a rash that I get around my mouth for a reason I’ve yet to figure out. Long story short, perioral dermatitis can be inflamed by just about anything, so I have to be very, very careful about the products I use. Striking a balance between effective skincare that doesn’t irritate my skin can be a struggle—but that’s where Beekman 1802 comes in. 
    Adding new products into my routine can be scary for me, since more often than not, knowing what’s going to irritate my skin versus what isn’t is a shot in the dark. But once I heard about Beekman 1802’s Clinically Kind™ products, I knew the formulas would be safe for someone with skin like mine. Since my skin is so dry and prone to rash flare-ups, one of the things I prioritize most in my skincare is making sure my skin’s natural barrier isn’t compromised in any way (something that can happen from use of acids and harsh active ingredients). Beekman 1802’s products are transformative without stripping my skin like other products do, and have left me with my healthiest-looking skin to date.

    The best product I’ve tried for my skin in 2020 is the Milk Drops Probiotic Ceramide Serum. Milk Drops are packed with ceramides, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and plant enzymes to invigorate dull skin. Usually I’m so preoccupied with avoiding irritating my skin that anything beyond that is a bonus to me, but the Milk Drops have completely transformed my skin for the better. They have helped my skin’s hydration deeper than the surface—my skin feels healthy from the inside out, rather than like I just have a product sitting on top of it. My skin’s overall appearance has gone from dull to radiant, and the Milk Drops actually soothe any irritation—something I’ve found extremely hard to find in a product. 
    The hardest part of my skin’s irritation is that I struggle to find products that actually help it—I’ve always just waited out flare-ups with a bare-minimum skincare routine until it passes. Beekman 1802’s Milk Foam Bubble Calming Mask is a soothing mask that’s meant to calm and cool redness—an absolute dream for someone like me. The first time I used this mask, I was quite literally speechless. After I put it on, it bubbled up into an airy, foamy texture, and when I rinsed it off 20 minutes later, there was a noticeable difference. All sights of redness had diminished, and my skin felt soft and hydrated and calm—three words I normally would never use to describe it. This has quickly become a skincare staple for me; I’ve been using it three times a week, and it’s helped me avoid any major skin disasters. I no longer feel like I need to fear my skin or risk irritation to make a noticeable change in it.

    This post is sponsored by Beekman 1802, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More

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    6 Brands I’ve Bought From and Loved This Year

    Buying from a new brand can be a little scary if you’ve never tried anything from them before. Maybe their shipping takes a while, or they have a wonky return policy. There’s so much research involved that it seems easier to just buy from the companies you already know and trust. But some of the best items come from brands you’ve maybe never heard of or tried. A few months ago, I vowed to start focusing more on small businesses, especially those owned by BIPOC. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still buy clothes from H&M, and I’ll never stop shopping at Sephora, but I wanted to see what I could snag from brands that weren’t so big. These are just a selection of the brands I’ve tried recently, why I love them, and my favorite pieces.

    If you’re an eyeshadow lover, it’s likely you’ve heard of Coloured Raine. Their eyeshadow formula is regarded as one of the best because it’s highly pigmented and impactful. They went into Target stores about two years ago, and I’ve been a fan ever since. I recently just purchased a new palette from them, and I have become the meme of the woman who brings a plastic chair to the mailbox to wait for her package. They also have liquid lipsticks and complexion products that I’m dying to get my hands on. Those colors! 


    Maelove had been on my radar for a long time, but it wasn’t until I saw their Glow Maker serum described as the better dupe to a Skinceuticals $166 serum all over Reddit that I wanted to try it. I’ve never been consistent with my skincare routine, and this was one of the first skincare products I ever repurchased. I just notice such a difference in my skin when I do and don’t use this product. It adds just the right amount of glow to my combination skin without looking oily or feeling uncomfortable. Plus, I’ve noticed a long-term difference in the pigmentation of my acne scars. The pictures in this story I think really do it justice (I mean, my glow? Give me a break). Watch out for this in many editor empties to come!


    I know I said I was talking about small brands, but I’d be lying if I said the majority of my wardrobe doesn’t come from Target at this point. And if supporting small, sustainable businesses isn’t in your budget or you’re plus-size (hello, me!), I don’t see anything wrong with doing what you can, and Target is a favorite. I love that they sell basically everything in an XXL (fits a 16/18), but if I need to size up, a lot of their in-house brands sell plus too. My current favorite for spring and summer has been their Wild Fable brand. Everything is trendy and cute, but the price tag is exactly what I want to pay for those types of pieces. In the spring, I got gorgeous bright-colored sweaters, and I’ve bought a few dresses from this line this summer as well. And don’t worry that you’re getting poor quality since the prices are so good. Some of these prices rival clothes I own from way more expensive brands.


    Although CBD was the “it” wellness trend of 2019, it’s become an absolute staple in the mess that is 2020. I’ve noticed the biggest difference in my stress levels, sleep, and chronic pain since I started using Equilibria CBD this year. Everyone’s dosing is different, so I love that Equilibria offers free consultations with a dosing specialist to discuss what will be the best regimen for you. When we originally talked, my main concern was addressing the pain I get with my endometriosis, but a few months later, I spoke with her about needing a little extra help regulating my mood and daily anxiety (a classic tale for many this year, I’m sure). I began taking the Daily Drops twice a day—once in the morning, once at night—along with the Relief Cream and Mindful Soak as needed. I’m obsessed with the Mint Flavored Daily Drops—they actually taste good, and I love mixing them with coffee or my morning smoothie! I even love my Daily Drops as a face serum to help reduce inflammation and redness after using harsh acid exfoliators. Basically, the options with this product are endless.
    Equilibria is a small business based in Chicago (love!) cofounded by two women who wanted to make a product for women. At the core of Equilibria, you can tell they wanted to help women, especially that they market their CBD as good for period cramps, pelvic pain, and more. I have fallen in love with their mission almost as much as I love the products!
    Use coupon code “theeverygirl” for 20 percent off your first order! 

    Brilliance Box

    The best starter box for someone new to CBD.
    Use coupon code “theeverygirl” for 20 percent off your first order! 

    Mindful Mineral Soak

    Use coupon code “theeverygirl” for 20 percent off your first order! 

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: candles are sometimes considered a beauty product, and for the sake of this article, I am in agreeance. Boy Smells is a small, independently-owned candle line made in Los Angeles I’ve absolutely fallen in love with over the last six months. I snagged Cedar Stack from their Pride collection in which a portion of proceeds go to The Trevor Project. I let it sit on my credenza for about three weeks waiting to burn it because it was just so pretty. The yellow color brightened up my apartment, and the Boy Smells branding is on point. But I finally lit the candle the other day (a little Monday treat), and I fell in love and immediately ordered more. The throw is fantastic—I could smell the candle throughout my entire apartment (not that it’s very big, LOL). I have really grown to love higher-end candles because I love how the scents are layered. This isn’t all hot, sexy man; there’s a hint of sweetness. This candle is so unique, and I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t love the scent.

    Boy Smells
    Slow Burn Scented Candle

    I’ve never seen a review in which someone said they didn’t love this scent. It was formulated in collaboration with Kasey Musgraves!


    I have to really give this one to Katie Sturino of The12ishStyle. Katie (I’m a huge fan of her and Megababe, and it does make it better that she’s an Everygirl too!) does a series on her Instagram sharing how things fit on her size 18 body, and she did one all about thongs. I have always struggled with finding good underwear as a plus-size person. Nothing is wide enough, giving me a major front wedgie at all times. Plus, everything rolls down the second I bend over or honestly even more. She gave really high marks to Parade’s underwear, and I ordered two pairs right away. 
    First of all, the ordering experience was really easy and quick. I love that everything is shown on plus-size models too, so I didn’t have to wonder how something would look on me. I also love that everything comes in plus. There are a lot of brands that offer plus now, but it’s only for select items, which is honestly annoying as all hell. I liked that I could order anything I wanted from their site. They also have a ton of options: High-Rise Thong, High-Cut Thong, Briefs, Cheeky, High-Rise Cheeky, and Boyshorts. Everyone has a different preference for their underwear (I’m a big High-Rise Cheeky girl), so there’s something for everyone. I also love that these are comfortable but also sexy. I’m a big lingerie-wearer, and I feel like I can wear these just as much to be sexy with a partner as I do to go to the grocery store in a pair of jeans. They pass every plus-size underwear test in my book.


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    I Look at Beauty Products All Day—These Are the Deals I’d Snag During the Nordstrom Sale

    High-end beauty products rarely go on sale. To be honest, I think it adds to the allure; they’re less attainable and expensive and beautiful and obviously, my favorite thing on this very earth. But when they do go on sale, it’s often hard to sift through what’s actually good and what should probably stay miles away from your shopping cart. You might wonder, “Well, there has to be a reason this is on sale, right?!” Often, I’d agree with you, but the one exception is Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale.You’ve likely heard about it a million times by now, but the Nordstrom sale is filled with incredible beauty products, from makeup to body care to gadgets to skincare and more, and they’re all on a pretty hefty discount. Most of my day (honestly, during work and during my free time) is spent looking at, testing, researching, sourcing, and pining after beauty products. I have a pretty good handle on what’s out there, what has positive reviews, and what is absolutely worth your money. So, I did what any good editor does, and I sifted through every beauty product in the Nordstrom sale to see what was actually worth it. If I had an endless amount of money (er, an incredibly high Nordstrom credit card limit), these are what I’d pick up. Some of them I love so much I’d even recommend them at full price, and some are just a deal you can’t beat.

    Anastasia Beverly Hills
    Brow Bae-sics Kit

    If you’ve ever, IDK, been on the Internet, you’ll know that Anastasia Beverly Hills makes the best brow products. It’s what makeup artists and celebrities and everyone with good brows has in their arsenal. This deal is outrageous—at $45, you’re almost getting the brow gel totally free. If you’re a fan of these two products, this is a deal you can’t miss.

    Jumbo Creme de Corps Bottle with Pump

    Another deal you just cannot miss, this jumbo size moisturizer from Kiehl’s sells out every single year. It’s their best-selling body cream, known for being a lightweight, all-over body moisturizer that sinks in quickly and gives lasting hydration to the skin, in a jumbo size that will last you until next Anniversary Sale. If your skin is as dry as ever from the summer sun (and preparing to be even drier when the cold air comes in!), you’ll want a heavy-duty moisturizer like this in your collection.

    Full-Size Gold Lust Dry Shampoo & Dry Texturizing Spray Set

    I look at the Anniversary Sale as a time to invest in items at a lower price point than I would typically want to spend on something, and I love getting high-end beauty products on a major discount, like this set from Oribe. Quite possibly the sexiest dry shampoo and dry texture spray on the planet, these products have been at the top of my wishlist for years. With this set, you save over $30. If these have been on your wishlist too, now’s the time to try!

    Set of 5 Travel Size Limited Edition Scented Candles

    Nordstrom considers candles a beauty product, and so do I. Diptyque is not an inexpensive line, but your home looks 10x prettier when you have one of these candles in it (I don’t make the rules!). Instead of investing in one candle, this sampler lets you try all of their most popular scents (Feu de Bois will become your favorite fall scent!) for less than what you’d spend on one candle alone. This set is an Anniversary Sale exclusive, so don’t let this deal pass you by!

    Charlotte Tilbury
    Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set

    Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk lipstick is the best-selling lipstick in the world for a reason, and if you’re going to splurge, why not snag the entire collection? I love this lip liner with my whole heart; it’s natural and easy, and it doesn’t rub off on the inside of my mask. And the lipstick and gloss, in the same gorgeous neutral-pink, are perfect to bring in your bag for when you need a pick-me-up (or you just have to touch-up after all that mask sweat).

    Midnight Blue SinglePass Curl 1.25-Inch Professional Ceramic Curling Iron

    If you’ve had your eye on a new hair tool, now’s the time to get it. T3’s products are expensive, but the quality is there. You’ll save over $50 picking this up in the sale, which is what ultimately put it on my personal wishlist! In one pass, you’ll have polished curls that last all day and never look frizzy—which is major if you’re like me and hate curling your hair and it falling in 30 minutes.

    Bobbi Brown
    Full Size Vitamin Enriched Face Base Duo

    UM, HELLO. DEAL ALERT. Two of these face primers for the price of one??? Add to cart immediately. This primer is impeccable for those with dry skin. It’s a mix between a moisturizer and a primer, so it soothes and hydrates your skin while gripping onto makeup. Grab one for yourself, and give the other to your BFF for the holidays!

    Living Proof
    Jumbo Size Perfect hair Day Set

    This is the set to beat all sets, everyone. Not only does it include our editors’ favorite dry shampoo of all time, but also two jumbo sizes of Living Proof’s best-selling shampoo and conditioner. You will never run out of this shampoo and conditioner, which is made for all hair types and adds weightless moisture to your hair without over-stripping. Our editors love this shampoo and conditioner to keep their hair fresh for as long as possible, and then topping it off with the dry shampoo for clean (looking!) hair for days and days.

    Dr. Dennis Gross
    Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel Set

    If you know anything about the skincare universe, you’ll have heard of these. It’s a daily peel system that uses AHA, BHA, and mandelic acids to exfoliate and renew the skin, plus an extra pad that immediately hydrates and nourishes. These are a favorite amongst makeup artists because they exfoliate and hydrate your skin in two simple steps, prepping it for a smooth makeup application. While they’re known for being great, they’re not known for their price. This set comes in at a whopping $252, but you save over $90 picking them up in the sale. This set includes a full-size of the peel pads, a travel-size package, and a travel-size cleanser from Dr. Dennis Gross.

    Cura Professional Digital Ionic Hair Dryer

    I recently got a T3 hair dryer, and it was the biggest upgrade from a drugstore one I picked up on a whim years and years ago. I noticed an immediate difference after using it just once. My hair dried faster and with less frizz, and the biggest difference was how healthy my hair felt afterward. I hated blowdrying my hair for years because I despised the fried, crunchy texture it left on my hair. Turns out, I was just using a dryer that wasn’t right for my hair type. You’ll save 80 bucks snagging this in the sale, and I promise you won’t regret it!

    Mario Badescu
    The Essentials Set

    This essentials set from Mario Badescu includes all of our editors’ favorite products from the line. It’s already a great price, so why not pick it up at a discount too!? We all love the facial spray to set makeup and refresh our face throughout the day. Plus, the Drying Lotion is a must-have if you get cystic or hormonal acne (read: period breakouts).

    White Trinity Facial Toning Kit

    NuFace is one of the best beauty gadgets I’ve ever tried because it *actually* works. It uses microcurrents to target the muscles in the face to keep working and produce more collagen, as well as tightens and sculpts the face. Whether you’re worried about fine lines and wrinkles or just want to tighten up your face a bit, this product works both immediately and over time, meaning you’ll notice a difference right away and bigger changes over time. I am really self-conscious about the contours of my face, and using this once a day really helped boost my confidence. This system comes with everything you need, such as the Gel Primer (tip: don’t try to NuFace without this because it will feel like you’re being electrocuted!) and the charging stand.
    This is currently sold out (it’s such a great deal, guys), but keep checking because things might come back in stock!

    All-Star Hair Heroes Set

    Say hello to my favorite hair product of all time but now, at a discount! Briogeo is one of my favorite hair brands because all of the products are clean, effective, and not-cheap-but-not-outrageously-priced-either, ya know? I bought a tub of the Don’t Despair, Repair Deep Conditioner almost two years ago, and I still have about five uses left. It lasts truly forever on my short-to-medium length, fine hair, but I’m sure thick and curly/coily hair would get plenty of uses out of it too. This set also includes their Scalp Scrub (another favorite of mine—it smells like peppermint, makes your scalp tingle in the most satisfying way, and lifts build-up from dry shampoo and other hair products) and a full-size of their leave-in conditioning spray. I’ll be picking this up to replenish my deep conditioner (I will never be without this, y’all) and get a few extras at a discount!

    Veil Mineral Primer & Translucent Setting Powder Duo

    Hello, meet another favorite product of mine! My favorite face powder on earth is Hourglass’s Veil Translucent Setting Powder. If you have dry skin that gets cakey and dehydrated when you put powder on it, this is the powder-saving-grace for you. This set includes the travel size (which is normally $18), but don’t let that fool you: it lasted me over a year of daily use before I ran out! This set also includes the Veil Primer, an oil-free weightless primer that reduces the look of pores and smoothes the skin before foundation. It’s one of Hourglass’s best-selling products that I’ve never tried, so I’m intrigued to pick it up in this sale!

    Pure Silk Queen Pillowcases

    This set of two pillows is an Anniversary Sale exclusive, meaning you can’t get it anywhere else! We love these pillows (and their hair ties, their headbands, their face masks—literally drape me in Slip everything) to keep our hair in place and damage-free while we’re sleeping, reading in bed, lounging, or whatever else you like to do in bed. They’ve kept my fine hair from breaking in the back (does anyone else deal with this? my stylist scolds me for ponytails every time), but our long-haired editors love that it doesn’t snag and pull out their hair while sleeping. Not to mention, they just look chic AF. White not your speed? They have this absolutely gorgeous caramel shade too!

    Kate Somerville
    ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

    I got a sample of this exfoliator years ago, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. It combines a gentle physical exfoliant with lactic acid to exfoliate chemically too. Your face will feel baby’s butt smooth after using this, making it a great primer for a hydrating or brightening mask. This is certainly a splurge, but you’re saving almost $200 by getting it in the sale. Consider this your fix while you can’t make your spa appointments, and the price actually doesn’t seem so bad. (It’s all about tricking your brain, people.)

    Yves Saint Laurent
    Rouge Volupté Shine Lipstick Set

    To unbox this gorgeous set of YSL lipsticks would be the little treat I need to get through the next months of social distancing. Honestly, that’s all it really is. The products have fantastic reviews, and these two shades would work on a variety of skin tones. The gifting potential is high—imagine your mom’s face when she opens this up on her birthday. Best daughter award, and she doesn’t even have to know you bought it on sale.

    Beauty Blender
    Electric Feels Set

    Surprise, surprise: Beauty Blenders go bad. But the trick is to always have extras on hand so you’re never without it, and this set makes it really easy. It includes two of their original famous sponges and their solid cleanser, for less than the price of two sponges on their own. My favorite way to use a beauty sponge like this is to pat it across my entire face when my makeup is done to take away any of the powder finishes and leave my skin looking hydrated and airbrushed.


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    I Styled My Boss for a Week—Here’s How It Went

    A Note from Maddie
    If there’s one thing I’ve learned from writing about fashion for a living, it’s that while trends universally come and go, style is anything but objective.
    Much of my days are spent styling the outfit graphics you see on The Everygirl’s website and social media, and writing about the season’s hottest trends and colors and accessories and everything in-between. While I know my personal style, I try my hardest to get outside of that for everything I write—from past experiences in the fashion industry, I know that one of the main reasons the best fashion editors are so great is that they can look at clothing from an eye that’s outside of, “Would I wear this?”
    But it goes without saying that this is often easier said than done. I’ve discovered that some of my best work comes from thinking outside of my own day-to-day with things like what trends Meghan Markle might be wearing and what Rachel Green might have worn if Friends took place in 2019. So when my boss, Alaina, came up with the idea for me to style a full week of outfits for her, I couldn’t have been more excited for the challenge.
    Alaina and I are at very different points in life, have very different personal style, and have different aspects of our bodies to consider while dressing ourselves (read: she has boobs, and I don’t.)
    I also had two main dictators for the outfits I wanted to choose for her: we’re still working from home, and she has two kids under 2. What she’s wearing from home while wrangling her two kids and working during the hot, 90-degree summer in Chicago is quite specific—much different than, say, what she’d be wearing if we were working from the office in the days of yore. Everything needed to be comfortable, breathable, and realistic, but still chic, put-together, and something she might not gravitate toward herself.
    As with any experiment, you win some, and you lose some—but our week of outfits taught both of us unexpected lessons about personal style and a little about the magic that can happen when we get out of our comfort zones.

     A Note from Alaina
    I’ve never considered myself stylish, per se. But I didn’t think I was that bad. And never did I think I’d find myself in such a fashion rut that I’d pitch myself for my own personal makeover story on The Everymom and The Everygirl.
    But two babies in two years via C-section, a stay-at-home order that has me reaching for loungewear day in and day out, and my recent purchase of six identical $7 tees from Target was the wake-up call that had me say, “Hey, Maddie, can you help me? What should I wear? What could I wear?”
    Enter Maddie, as in Madeline Galassi: our 24-year-old fashion guru who produces top-performing fashion article after another for The Everygirl (and she’s done quite a bit for The Everymom). I was elated when she was up for the challenge.
    To give you a sense of what I wear on any given day the past five months, I am in some version of what you see below.

    I open my trusty top drawer overflowing with comfortable, machine-washable tees. Well, I personally forced the more delicate ones to become machine-washable because #whohastimeforthat.
    Is it chilly? Hello, leggings and sweatshirt. Is it day 11 in a string of 100 degree days in Chicagoland this summer? Hi, stretchy-waist shorts and tee.

    Ooo, stripes. I’m fancy.
    (Pile of laundry–another constant in my life–but that is neither here nor there.)
    I see these beautiful fashion stories and graphics show up on our sites and Instagram accounts and think, So cute! But that wouldn’t work on me. And I wanted to put that negative thinking to the test. But I needed help. So, I asked Maddie if she would style me for a week. I know. Super lucky me, with a personal stylist at my fingertips.
    Here is what we made happen!


    linen jumpsuit / white sneakers / straw bag

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: So cute. But that color will never work on me and jumpsuits are tricky.


    Alaina is wearing a Size 8 in the jumpsuit.

    Maddie: When I saw this jumpsuit on Madewell’s website, I knew I wanted to see Alaina in it. I personally have a couple of linen jumpsuits that I’ve been living in lately, and this one looked like it would be both comfortable and flattering (and it was in a color I thought she wouldn’t choose for herself). And I loved it on her! Paired with a pair of white sneakers, it looked put-together and casual, and I thought it was a great “day of Zoom meetings” summer look.
    Alaina: Love. Love. Love. What a way to start the week! I felt so confident and stylish in this outfit. I was SHOCKED. 1. That it fit, and 2. that this color actually worked on my skin tone. And I was so excited to have something new that was this chic and comfortable. Great for work meetings, errands, working from home, anything.
    Also want to comment on the sneakers, because I’ve always thought “a white sneaker is a white sneaker. What’s the difference?” Um. This. The leather and this detail made these Madewell sneakers so chic. Also–huge props to Maddie because I tried this outfit on with my typical flat sandal (which is how I would have styled it), but the sneaker really elevates the style factor of this look.


    knit tank / paperbag shorts / python sandals

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: It’s super cute and trendy, and I love the color palette. But for me personally, I hope I can button the waist on those shorts. Also, I haven’t worn a tank top in years. Also, I’ve never worn anything snakeskin. But sure, why not?!


    Alaina is wearing a size large in both the top and shorts.

    Maddie: Sticking with the breezy linen theme, I thought these shorts were another perfect work-from-home summer staple. I live for a monochrome moment and think it’s a great way to make something casual (like these paperbag shorts) look more elevated and sophisticated. Knitted tanks are everywhere this season, and you can see why here: they couldn’t be more flattering. Both paired with these python sandals, the beige color was consistent from head to toe, and was an outfit I thought was ultra-flattering on Alaina.
    Alaina: I surprisingly really liked this outfit on! Especially the shorts. I could not believe how comfortable they were. And they buttoned easily because of a sneaky elastic bit in the back of the waist. I am not going to lie, I am not super comfortable with how large my chest is post-babies, and this shirt definitely highlights it, but overall I feel really good in this. The top is not too fitted which I like, but it’s light for summer.


    tan tank / white straight jeans / acetate belt / black sandals

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: Love, love, love. This looks like something I’d pick out for myself before I had kids.


    Alaina is wearing a size medium in the top and a Size 30 in the jeans. 

    Maddie: After working with Alaina for the past two years, I know that she’s partial to skinny jeans—something I don’t blame her for, but that made me want to try other fits of jeans on her body. Different neutrals paired together always looks chic—even if it’s just a combination of basics—and that’s what I was going for here.
    This amazing belt ended up being sold out in Alaina’s size, and I know that personally if I’m tucking a tighter shirt into jeans, I like having a belt on to complete the look and cinch in my waist a bit, so I do wish we had that incorporated here. These jeans ended up being a bit big on Alaina—but I still could see the gist, and thought if they had fit right, they could have been a winner. Nothing in this outfit is too crazy or trendy—it’s just a few elevated basics that you could throw on in the morning without much thought.
    Alaina: This was probably our biggest miss (aside from the date night looks you’ll see below). It’s surprising because this was the look I would have probably bought for myself. I love the outfit, but not on me. I just don’t think it’s flattering. The white denim did not fit right. The size I ordered was actually a size too big, but it was still snug around my mid-section, highlighting my C-section pouch which made me feel insecure. I feel like the SNL Mom Jeans video in them.
    I was excited to try the straight leg denim because I paired it with skinny jeans at first and that was, by and large, an even greater fail. The straight leg made this look much more stylish, and I probably would have liked it more on my pre-baby body when I carried less weight in my chest and midsection.


    puff-sleeve blouse / denim shorts / mint sandals

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: [giggling to myself] This is never going to work … I am too old for this. Maddie, this would look great on you, but it will never work on me.


    Alaina in the size medium top–more fitting and flattering but a bit too tight. 

    Another shot of the size medium–the buttons were holding for on dear life!

    Switched to the wearing the size large top–room to breathe!

    Maddie: Another thing I wanted to see Alaina in was—you guessed it—a puffy sleeve. Puffy sleeves have been everywhere for over a year now, and I had never seen Alaina in one. They give everything they touch a little more femininity and elevation and are pretty foolproof with their styling—throw them on with some jeans (or jean shorts), and you’re good to go.
    I think Alaina might disagree with me on this one, but I loved this top on her. I think it was flattering—albeit a bit tight on her chest—and paired with these slightly longer jean shorts was a great option for a summer barbecue or socially-distanced get-together. She had two sizes of this—the larger of which definitely fit better.
    Alaina: I’m still torn on this look! First, I should say I was delightfully surprised at how I felt with it on. I felt good! The size medium top was definitely a bit more flattering and I think if I lost 5-10 pounds, I’d prefer that to the way the large fits, but for now the large is where my comfort zone is. Not too fitted. But I still look at it and question, does it look too young for me? Do I look like a mom trying to feel 16 again? Haha, I guess the jury’s still out.


    green midi dress / colorful sandals / gold hoops

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: [again giggling] Super cute look for summer! If only I could wear something like that … spaghetti straps and anything overflowing just does not work on me. I’ll end up looking like a sack of potatoes. But again, I am up to try anything!

    Maddie: Here at The Everygirl, our style leans heavily toward neutral colors—so during this, one of my missions was to dress Alaina in brighter colors that I knew she wouldn’t gravitate toward herself. This dress was the first outfit I picked for her. I knew the color would look amazing with her dark hair and fair skin, and that it would be as comfortable as pajamas while remaining a versatile closet staple. Everyone needs a couple of lightweight, flowing midi dresses in their closet, and this jewel tone is a fun way to make it not as basic as a classic white one.
    When I saw the picture of these fun, colorful, python sandals, I thought they’d be perfect for this dress—they made the whole look more exciting than say, a pair of basic brown sandals. Topped off with a simple pair of gold hoops, it’s a chic two-minute look for a busy mom; throw on the dress and sandals, and you’re done.
    Alaina: Um … love. This outfit had me feeling impossibly chic in that effortless way as if summer is just my season, and this is how I am most comfortable dressing. (Even though it absolutely is not, and oversized sweaters and leggings in winter is actually my most comfortable way of dressing.) This outfit turned heads, mostly because of the beautiful, bold color. I felt stylish without being super dressy. I basically want to live in this dress.
    AND the gold earrings are the best everyday staple that zhush up your face for daily Zoom calls. Again, THANK YOU, Maddie, for opening my eyes to the possibility of color and trying new things!


    yellow midi dress / white sandals / rattan bag

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: Hmm … I loved the yellow dress post we ran on The Everygirl. Love the neckline. I like that it’s fitted–that should be more flattering on my curvy figure. I’m hopeful! But the always lingering question in the back of my mind is, will it zip up all the way?

    Maddie: Ah, this dress—where to begin? Looking back, it was a pretty audacious choice, but hindsight is 20/20. Light yellow is one of the hottest colors of this summer, and when I saw this dress on the Nordstrom model, I thought it would be sophisticated and breezy and a little something different—but the result ended up looking like Alaina would need to be singing that “she wants much more than this provincial life” when she was wearing it.
    This dress is an amazing example of how you really never know what something online might look like in person. The model they showed this dress on was a tall, Size 0 woman with no cleavage to worry about. Here, you can see that it’s much longer, where instead of hitting mid-calf, it’s hitting at Alaina’s ankles; and while the neckline is gorgeous, it doesn’t leave too much to the imagination on someone with a bigger chest. It’s a whole lot of yellow—and let’s just say it was a very clear fail.
    Alaina: Wrinkles aside, this dress was a weird combination of sexy/farmgirl Belle. And it was a miss. The length was off–would realistically need to get it hemmed if I was trying to make this work. The slit in the skirt was not open enough and there was not enough movement in the skirt, creating this effect that I was wearing a giant sheet of yellow fabric as opposed to showing skin to break up all the fabric. Remember Angelina’s weird leg pose years ago? I felt that that was how I had to stand to make this work. I did like the neckline but that was the only thing working for me in this dress. My husband’s response was, “Ooo that’s sexy. You look like Belle. Wait are you supposed to wear that out in public?” So, even he was confused. Haha.


    white midi dress / peach sandals / rattan bag

    Alaina’s Initial Thoughts: After the yellow dress fail, Maddie sent me three options, and I chose this one! I thought it looked summery fresh and had an equally flattering neckline with straps that would hide my bra straps. Loved!

    Maddie: Another dress that looked gorgeous online, but like a literal sheet that should be worn to a college toga party in real life. Again, on the model, I thought this dress had much more shape and structure to it—but in person, it does absolutely nothing for the body. It looks like a linen dress you have at the back of your closet just in case you have one too many graduation parties to attend that summer. It’s the clothing version of “womp womp.” Not even a pair of strappy coral sandals and a gorgeous structured bag could save this one.
    Lesson: pay attention to product descriptions—not just what they appear to look like on the model.
    Alaina: I never even got the shoes on because let’s face it, I was wearing a nightgown. Or so it looked. And not in a good way. The material felt cheap and was almost see-through. The fit was off, the length was wrong (again)–and I’m not short. I’m 5’6″! Nothing about this dress worked on me, and we were ready to throw in the towel. Quite frankly–I loved the green dress for date night, as much as I loved it for daytime! So, that was a success enough! More

  • in

    40 Things Our Editors Bought and Loved From Amazon

    I have placed no less than 4,827 Amazon orders since March. OK so maybe that estimate is on the dramatic side, but what do you expect from me? I never leave the house anymore and my melodrama must be inflicted on someone. Other than waiting for Brad Goreski to release a new housewives TikTok, I spend my afternoons looking forward to what packages will arrive that I can douse in disinfecant and enjoy once they air dry. If you’ve also given up on that sourdough starter and made endlessly scrolling Amazon a quarantine hobby, you’re in luck. I polled my fellow editors to see what purchases they’ve made (and loved) these past few months. Here’s the best of the best, from our carts to yours.

    4-Piece Tank Set

    I bought these tanks on a whim one day after feeling like I had no tops to work out in—and boy, am I glad I did. These are more cotton than a sweat-wicking workout material, but they are so flattering and are all I’ve worn since I got them. Even when I’m not exercising in them I’ve had days where I throw one on with a pair of denim shorts and call it a day. These are maybe my favorite Amazon find I’ve had this year. (They also come in other color packs).

    Cat-Eye Sunglasses

    I ordered these because I wanted a pair of inexpensive sunglasses I could toss in my bag and not worry too deeply about, and I can honestly say these are as good of quality as some of the much more expensive sunglasses I have. They’re the perfect size and are so flattering and I’ve been reaching for them more than any other sunglasses I own.

    Starbucks Syrup Set

    I like my coffee sweet and I’m not ashamed of it. My go-to Starbucks order is an iced coffee with two pumps of vanilla, so I ordered these when Starbucks was closed to try to get my fix. Now, I keep a jug of Starbuck’s iced coffee in my fridge, add a splash of one of these, and it’s identical to going and getting my order there (and is a lot less expensive).

    Turkish Towel

    I wanted a cuter towel to have on hand for picnics and sitting by the lake, but was shocked to discover most Turkish towels are very, very expensive. This one is soft, cute, and absolutely does the job—plus it comes in about a million colors.

    Vremi Stovetop Espresso Maker

    When I went to Cuba a couple of years ago, I noticed my casa host only made her coffee with a Moka Pot. For some reason I could never remember to purchase one, but once we started to shelter in place, I made my investment. I love using this because it’s not instant. Making coffee is a morning ritual that I look forward to, and you are guaranteed a caffeine jolt when using this. I use it to make an Americano so that I get the caffeine kick without the jitters.

    Lightweight Gold Hoop Earrings

    Lately, I’ve been obsessed with gold jewelry, and a pair of gold hoops never goes out of style. I like these because they’re lightweight and hypoallergenic. The pair also make for a simple accessory you can pop on before a Zoom meeting to feel a little more put together.

    10+ colors available
    Cotton Pullover Sport Bra Pack

    I think I’m done with bras—or at least bras with underwire. I love these because they’re cotton, and most of the time, I forget I’m wearing any form of support. I also like to pair these with my high-waisted sweatpants for a cute, comfy at-home look.

    Personalized Gold Initial Ring

    I am usually not a ring person, mainly because I can’t keep up with them. But, I love the stackable, gold ring trend I see everywhere. These pair well with my press-ons and make my hands look pretty. Since they’re adjustable, you don’t have to know your ring size, and so far, they haven’t turned my fingers green or tarnished—even with all of my hand washing.

    Shiatsu Back Massager

    I’ve never been one to buy gadgets or things of the like—but someone suggested this when I complained of a kink in my neck. I saw it had almost 10,000 five-star reviews and was $49, so figured what do I have to lose?! It’s. The. Bomb. I use it constantly! Even during work hours at my desk. My husband and I fight over who gets it at night. Most of my family members have now bought it. I’ll be getting it as a Christmas gift for anyone else who hasn’t bought it yet! Can’t recommend enough!

    14 colors available
    Retro Polarized Cateye Sunglasses

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never been particularly into sunglasses, but I knew that would change this summer when I started reading on my rooftop deck basically every day as the sun blazed down on me in quite the vigorous fashion. So, I stocked up on inexpensive pairs—and of course, they had to be a little out there. I found these with the intention of looking like Bridget Bardot knowing I was getting bangs in a few weeks, and they do their job quite well. If you have a smaller face, they’ll probably fit you perfectly; my face gets the widest at my temples, but they’re not uncomfortably tight in any way. 10/10 for me, and I get compliments on them everywhere I go. Yes, if you’re wondering, I think I was a Leo in another life.

    Clear Phone Case

    After living with a phone that couldn’t make calls without headphones and stopped connecting to the Internet and couldn’t make Instagram stories (can you tell I’m justifying this absolutely wild purchase to myself—the girl who shudders at paying $30 for a top), I upgraded to a new phone and immediately bought a clear case because I play with my phone like a juggler. I read tons of reviews on this case, and they are all correct: it’s without a doubt the best clear case I have ever put on my phone, and it’s less than $15. It doesn’t fall off (it feels really snug on my phone), is raised so the screen never touches the ground if it’s dropped, hasn’t turned yellow on me, and it just looks good. I could go on. This brand has cases for basically every single phone on the market, so you’re bound to find one that fits yours too!

    Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
    The Daily Stoic Journal: 366 Days of Writing and Reflection on the Art of Living

    I’m a big philosophy nerd (it was my major in college for approximately two months freshman year), so I was stoked to find this guided journal that taps into Stoic philosophy, but in a modern, comprehensive way. I use this genius little journal with guided prompts as a meditation every morning and night, and I swear it has helped my stay-at-home anxiety.

    Foam Roller

    I’ve always had tight hip flexors that hurt after every single ab exercise or uphill walk (which is a bummer since I currently live on a steep hill and have to walk uphill to get to the grocery store). My doctor recommended I try foam rolling (a huge wellness trend I have not gotten on board with previously), and honestly the practice has made my whole body feel better after just a couple days. It came at a good time because my back and hips have felt tighter than ever before (probably because either A. I’m getting old, or B. I’ve been doing nothing for four months except sit on the couch and watch “Riverdale.”) It truly has transformed how my body feels.

    Extra Brite Baking Soda Toothpowder

    I’ve tried just about every teeth-whitening product Amazon has to offer (curse my coffee addiction, sensitive teeth that can’t deal with WhiteStrips, and my inability to budget for expensive treatments!). This baking soda powder is truly life-changing. Not only is it inexpensive, lasts forever, and gentle for teeth, but it has made a huge difference in the brightness of my smile. I finally feel like one of those women in the toothpaste ads (and I just can’t stop smiling!).

    8 colors available
    Soft Henley Sweater

    When I saw this $10 sweater in the men’s section of Amazon, I felt like I had found the perfect cozy top I’d been in search of. It is truly the perfect cozy Henley, is 100 percent cotton, and is adorable styled with a front tuck into ripped denim or joggers. I ordered it originally in grey and went back for the black because it just that awesome, and you can’t beat the price and quality.

    10+ colors available
    Watch Band

    I have been buying this brand of Apple Watch bands for several years now. The greige is my latest addition and it’s such a great neutral for summer. The wrap band is very comfortable, the genuine leather quality is amazing, and it holds up well to my workout abuse.

    Makeup Mirror

    My husband and I share our bathroom that has a single sink, so early in our marriage I knew creating a makeup space outside of the bathroom would be key if we were ever going to get anywhere in a fast fashion. I recently upgraded my mirror situation to this compact, portable, light-up mirror that features different light settings and magnification levels. The light settings avoid ever leaving without fully blended face makeup, as you can see any uneven tones.

    Tortoise Glasses

    I ordered a set of these a couple of years ago and recently added a second set to be our primary drinking glasses. They are hand blown and each has its own unique look. They are thick but light, dishwasher safe, and really add something special to any table setting or daily meal.

    5 colors available
    Running Shorts

    It has been crazy hot here in New England this summer, and casual shorts have become a daily staple for me. I love the liner inside these and the fact that they have pockets. The waistband is very forgiving and is actually smoothing vs. bulge inducing. I picked them up in the pink color but would buy again in more shades.

    Headband 6 Pack

    Whenever the heat of summer really starts to fire up, my brain makes an instant switch to fall mode. With more time at home and simpler outfits on the horizon, I love how these fall hued/textured headbands can dress up any simple look and make me feel a bit more put together, even at home!

    Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer And Styler

    Being a Black woman with coarse, tightly-curled hair, I usually never trust products that claim to work on all hair types, but this handy blow dryer might be the exception. This hair dryer is made for those who struggle with doing their own hair, as it’s made to be used on your hair like a regular brush, keeping your hair tangle-free. This hair dryer is great for Women of Color who have natural hair too, as the handle and the big bristles help you move through your hair with less effort than a regular blow dryer that typically just rakes through.

    Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

    Working from home for the foreseeable future, I wasn’t prepared to hover over my laptop’s keyboard and touchpad five days a week. This is where a wireless keyboard and mouse comes in handy. This set comes with a USB connection for the wireless mouse and an easy wireless Bluetooth-enabled keyboard that connects to your computer effortlessly. This is the perfect combo if you have more than one monitor too!

    No Mo-Stache Portable Lip Waxing Kit

    After months of not being able to maintain my monthly beauty routine due to social distancing (which included visits to my favorite esthetician), I had to take matters into my own hands, starting with facial hair removal. This waxing kit comes with cute step-by-step instructions and hypoallergenic waxing strips that are easy to put on and take off for the upper lip, and even a small tube of post-waxing aloe cream to smooth out any irritation. Definitely a staple for me in between waxing appointments!

    16 colors available
    Women’s Wire-Free Contour Bra

    If you’re looking for a bra that doesn’t feel like one, this is it. Wearing this bra feels just as satisfying as not wearing one. It’s lightweight, so soft, and literally feels like a cloud. You need it!

    Radha Beauty Rosehip Oil

    I’ve been struggling with my acne scaring for quite some time now, and after trying what feels like everything, I think I found the missing piece of my routine: rosehip oil. It’s cleared my acne scaring faster than any other product I’ve used. For the oily ladies, it does not feel greasy, which was a major plus for me. I put it on every morning and night, and all summer, I’ve been rocking the no-makeup look because of it.

    16 colors available
    Biker Shorts

    Bike shorts, an oversized tee, and my sneakers have been my go-to outfit lately. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair—one that doesn’t slide up, is opaque, and lasts without tearing apart (as I wear them an average five times a week). This pair checks all those marks and more. You also can’t beat the price for this quality and durability.

    Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

    I know a few people who have one of these and swear by it, so I knew that I needed to get on the bandwagon. They’re so great if you have a naturally dry scalp or have shampoo build-up. And as a bonus, it gives you the feeling of a salon shampoo!

    Rechargeable Fabric Shaver

    I bought this because I had some pilling on my couch, but now I want to use it on every piece of clothing I own. It is truly the handiest gadget that you never knew you needed.

    10+ colors available
    Dual Pocket Yoga Shorts

    I absolutely love these shorts. They are so comfortable, flattering, and have a massive pocket for your cell phone. Even if you’re part of the anti-bike-shorts crowd, you should buy these because they will convert you on comfort alone.

    Pedicure Tool

    This item should come with a warning label. It works almost too well and I could easily see someone causing lasting damage to their body. But if you’re careful and in desperate need of a pedicure, this will be your new BFF.

    36 Grid Organizer

    I never considered myself much of a “jewelry person,” but what I’ve learned is that it’s all about merchandising what you have. Instead of endlessly digging through a drawer to find a pair of earrings, I organized all my jewelry into these boxes. Now everything is easily accessible and displayed so I always know exactly what I have. I find myself wearing the pieces I have so much more. Even if it’s just with a T-shirt around the house, wearing accessories gives me some semblance of normalcy and a feeling of being put-together. My dry shampoo consumption says otherwise, but balance, amiright?

    DripDrop Dehydration Relief

    Cocktail hour at home is one of my new favorite quarantine rituals, but this old gal doesn’t recover like she used to. Yes, two glasses of wine will leave me restless, exhausted, and with a slight headache the next morning. This is 30. Or this is a sign I need smaller wine glasses.
    Then these miracle packets came into my life and changed everything. Just drop one in a glass of water before bed and you’ll be hitting “subscribe” in no time. Trust me. When I’m not polishing off a bottle of red, I like to use them after an intense workout.

    6 colors available
    Jogger Pants with Pockets

    These are made of yoga-pant material and a pretty close dupe to the Athleta joggers that I spent way too much money on.

    Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

    It’s embarrassing to admit that, although we’ve gotten rid of the majority of one-use products in our house, I was still using 2-3 disposable cotton pads a day on my face. This time, when I ran out of those rounds, I resisted re-buying and instead chose these washable, 100 percent organic bamboo cotton rounds. The transition has been seamless, and the included laundry bag is perfect for keeping them all together while washing.

    7 colors available
    Square Cateye Sunglasses

    I’m a budget sunglasses junkie. Though I own a couple of “nice” pairs of sunnies, those hardly get any use in my day-to-day existence. With two kids and a busy life, I need eye protection that is both chic and easily replaceable. These sunglasses definitely make the cut; they’re sturdy enough to be thrown around in my bag, car, stroller, etc. and stylish enough to fit well and look as if they cost more than they do.

    5 colors available
    Pajama Set

    I’ll be honest: this is the first pajama set I’ve ever owned (not including matching holiday jammies). I’ve always been quite content with my gym shorts and tee combo, but there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make the voices inside whisper “your sleepwear needs an upgrade.” These are under $20 and are SO soft, cute, and comfortable—I finally understand the pajama set hype.

    2 colors available
    Ladder-Style Bookcase

    This shelf was a necessary purchase only because I stress bought so many plants online at the beginning of quarantine to soothe my soul and then had no where to put them. Normal, right? Fortunately, I didn’t have to blow the budget on this sturdy, easy-to-assemble shelf to house them all. It looks great in the corner of our dining room and matches our mostly natural wood furniture perfectly.

    Havaianas Slim Flip Flop

    The second summer hits, I’m a total flip-flop girl and proud of it. Especially now that I’m spending so much time at home, these are my go-tos to throw on for quick coffee runs, hanging by the pool, and for walks around the block. This pair is really comfortable (I love the slim straps!) and the price is great for the quality.

    Curtis Sittenfeld
    Rodham: A Novel

    I was so excited for this book to come out that I ordered it right away and could not put it down. It’s a fictional take on Hillary Clinton’s life if she didn’t marry Bill Clinton. Yes, they still date in law school just like their real-life story, but after they break up, Hillary’s life takes on a whole reimagined path into politics. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a fun new read!

    Paint by Numbers Kits for Adults

    I bought one of these paint-by-number kits back in March for a quarantine activity and it did not disappoint, so much so that I just purchased another one to keep me busy this fall/winter when the weather gets cold again. The kit has everything you need, and the end result is a really large and pretty floral print that I’m actually planning to frame and hang in my apartment. More

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    This Book Delivery Service Will Make Your Summer

    For the longest time, I figured people either identified as readers or not, and I definitely fell into the “not” category the last year or so. I would rather watch YouTube videos and listen to music in my spare time, not force my brain to work when I’ve finally shut it off. I enjoy books, of course, but I declared myself as a non-reader who just couldn’t find the time unless I was sitting on a beach vacation or curled up with a cup of tea. Well, obviously, our entire lives have shifted the last six months, and my whole “not reading” thing flew straight out the window, down the street, onto the highway, and into some ditch. I started reading more and more with all the extra time on my hands, but I needed to diversify my authors, both in terms of reading books by and about BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people but also in genres and ideas (trust me: I love a good thriller as much as the next gal, but I also love ghost stories and retellings and literary fiction and romance and nonfiction!). Then, I stumbled upon Book of the Month. And let me tell ya, BOTM has become my new favorite way to find books.

    Book of the Month is the fastest-growing book subscription service in America—and you’re about to hear why. They promote new and emerging authors every month, selecting five amazing new releases to choose from (read on for a look at some of July’s!). As a subscriber, you choose one of the five and it’s sent directly to your door. The titles range all genres (sci-fi, romance, thriller, historical fiction—you name it, they’ve got it), and they’re even beginning to incorporate nonfiction titles as well. 

    As I was getting back into the world of reading once again, I was inundated with recommendations for authors and titles, almost to the point of not knowing where I should start. Book of the Month made it so easy. Pick your titles, and as soon as they arrive, you’ll likely get started on them right away. I was so motivated to read my BOTM because they’re all up-and-coming titles and authors you’re bound to start seeing everywhere. Last month, I read The Vanishing Half, and the day after I finished, it made the New York Times’ Best Seller list. I’ve never had that happen before—a book I’d already read and loved become a best-seller just before my eyes. You get early access to books that are about to become major hits, so you can read and get ahead of your book clubs! Oh, and I wanted to finish it right away so my plate would be clear by the time my next BOTM arrival came in a month.  

    On my journey to become a bigger reader (will I start a BookTube channel? The jury’s still out), I struggled a bit with cost. $15 here, $25 there. Before you know it, you’ve spent the equivalent of a week’s worth of groceries on a couple of books. And if you read quickly, you’re basically done for. Book of the Month not only cut down how often I had to research books, but it cut my costs too. Using code EVERYGIRL, your first book is $9.99 (yeah, seriously—less than a coffee and a breakfast sandwich!)—then it’s still only $14.99 a month afterward (which is still an incredible deal for hardbacks). Not loving the selections one month or just not in the budget? No worries, you can skip whenever and won’t be charged. Love to read? You can select an add-on book every month from BOTM’s large selection of titles—including tons of books you’ll likely see made into movies and TV shows in the future. This month, I added Riley Sager’s Home Before Dark—a spooky thriller about a haunted house. (BRB, lighting my fall candle and wishing it was Halloween!)

    Wondering what new titles are up this month? Here’s a look at the two of the five books I’m most excited to read for July:

    Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman
    Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Close

    This book sounds like a necessary read for women everywhere. Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, co-hosts of the popular podcast “Call Your Girlfriend,” explain what it takes to really have a friendship for the long haul. We all know that friendships take work, but to really keep someone close for a long time isn’t an easy feat. These two BFFs share the ups and downs of their friendship and how they’ve gotten to where they are today. I can’t wait to read this and cry, laugh, and call my best friends. This is the book I’ll be choosing for my personal subscription—if you couldn’t already tell.

    Michele Harper
    The Beauty in Breaking

    This is Michele Harper’s memoir, following her career as a Black emergency room physician, a profession that is widely male and white. She attended Harvard after leaving an abusive childhood in Washington, D.C., and just before moving to Philidelphia to work in a new hospital, she and her husband split up. So, she’s in a new city, a new job, and newly single (something many of us might be able to relate to). This book follows her journey to self-healing, realizing that she must heal herself while she’s working as a doctor healing others. The book has tons of praise for being moving, inspirational, and educational—something we all could use right now.

    Whether you’re reading a couple of books or week or get excited when you finish one a month, Book of the Month is truly the easiest way to get a new book in your hand every month without doing much work.

    This post was in partnership with Book of The Month, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board. More