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    The Everygirl’s Go-To Holiday Outfits

    Can you believe it’s December?! I truly don’t know what to do with this information besides start ~freaking out~ that I still have so many gifts to buy, so what I’ll do instead is continue to plan my outfits for every event I have this month because #priorities. This time of year is filled with festive activities, and we’ve got you […] More

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    22 Gifts to Give The Men in Your Life

    You know that feeling when you get someone the PERFECT gift? And you’re practically vibrating with secondhand joy because you know they are going to freakin’ love it? And you can’t help yourself from being all “I’m not going to tell you what I got you, but it’s amazing and you will die” every time […] More

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    How to Style Your Leather Leggings

    A few weeks ago, I got a text from my childhood best friend. “I saw you have those Spanx leather leggings. Do I need them? Are they actually worth it?” If I had to name one thing I’ve bought in the past year that was worth it, it’s these glorious leggings. After failing to snag […] More

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    5 Tips to Look Better in Photos This Holiday Season

    The holidays are a magical time of year for a million reasons — there’s an undeniable, buzzy excitement in the air, people are filled with more joy and love, the streets are filled with twinkling lights and flurries of snow. Even our generally mundane morning commute feels more thrilling because of the addition of Christmas […] More

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    The Everygirl’s Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

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    The holidays are notoriously the busiest time of year. Between your holiday work party, a Christmas celebration with friends, and the actual holidays themselves, it can feel like we’re constantly on the move — and constantly needing to pull together last-minute festive outfits. The holiday season brings with it some of the most exciting clothes […] More