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Editor’s Note: We curated this list of brands to encourage, support, and amplify Black-owned businesses during Black History Month and every

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Editor’s Note: We curated this list of brands to encourage, support, and amplify Black-owned businesses during Black History Month and every month forward. If we have made an error within this list, please reach out to correct us:

Hello! It’s your friendly, neighborhood shopaholic and I’ve got news for you: gone are the days of only doing our plus-size shopping at Lane Bryant or Old Navy. We’re starting to see more and more size-inclusive retailers pop up because they’re recognizing that plus-size women’s dollars are the same as the “average-sized” woman’s. (Actually, unknown to many, the average size of the American woman is an XL, but that’s another story for another day.)

If you’ve read about our favorite Black-owned accessories to shop, then you know how important it is to me and to the greater Black community that we work to end systematic racism by increasing the economic prosperity of the Black community. To live out that mission, I’ve created a roundup of Black, plus-size fashion brands to shop now and forever. I’ve also included a piece from each that’s in my cart for my next purchases. Happy shopping!

Diarrablu is an amazing, high-fashion, contemporary brand that integrates sustainability, rich colors, and unique patterns to give us unique and beautiful styles. The coolest thing about this brand is that the pieces are designed using mathematical concepts and algorithms, and most of them can be worn in multiple ways. This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet and it can go from lounging to brunch seamlessly. 


Curverra believes that every curve we have is unique and beautifully made, #relatable.  They have a bunch of different cute sets and versatile styles whether you’re dressing up or chilling out. 


This NYC-based brand is great for finding those bold, statement pieces that remind us we were born to stand out. 


I found this brand the way I find most of my life advice these days, via TikTok. The founder of KIN by Kristine regularly does different fashion hauls and re-imagines her own versions of super popular celebrity outfits; I would totally recommend following her! 


This brand broke the internet last year with their virtual fashion show (side note: if you haven’t watched it, you simply must—it’s refreshing yet chilling, very high fashion). Hanifa boasts expert craftsmanship, innovative styles, and inclusive sizing. 

You’re going to want to bookmark Curvy Fox for your trendy loungewear and lingerie needs. They’re bringing sexy back to the curvy girls in a very Savage X Fenty way.  

Check out One DNA for minimalist, gender-neutral looks. Their clothing boasts powerful messaging and eye-catching, yet non-distracting styles.


Feminine Funk is self-love apparel personified. These outfits will make you say #mood. 

Zelie for She is the perfect brand to look to when you’re planning that much-needed getaway. Whether you’re going to Joshua Tree, Cozumel, or some beautiful island of your dreams, you’ll want to pack some of these pieces for sure.


This blog-turned-shop is home to statement pieces that help you articulate what you want to say to the world.


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In my last fews years of adulthood, I’ve begun to start questioning a lot of the beauty myths I’ve been

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In my last fews years of adulthood, I’ve begun to start questioning a lot of the beauty myths I’ve been told my whole life. “You don’t need sunscreen inside!” Debunked. “You need to wash your hair every day!” Debunked. “The only way to get rid of a zit is to pop it!” Debunked times one million. “You don’t have to shave past your knees!” Actually, still in-tact.

So now that we’re spending so much time at home, I started to question a very common beauty myth: do we actually have to shower every day? I’m sure you’ve wondered too. I mean, I’ve done it before, and my body didn’t implode. But is it actually as important as our moms have told us since we were kids? Let’s explore. 

So, do you have to shower every day?

According to Dr. Charlotte Birnbaum, MD, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, nope! Taking a shower removes dirt, pollution, oil, and sweat from our skin, so how often you shower depends on your activity level and your skin type. “If you have dry or sensitive skin, I recommend showering every 2-3 days,” Dr. Birnbaum said. “On the other hand, if you have a more oily skin type and are acne-prone, it is important to rinse off to avoid breakouts.” She explained that typically, showering every other day should be enough to keep your skin clean and irritation-free. 

What about when I work out?

Dr. Birnbaum recommended showering any time after excessive sweating to avoid breakouts or skin irritation. However, try to avoid using too much soap. If you know you’re going to work out at 6pm tonight, try not to shower that morning before work. Showering too much can dry out your skin, especially if you’re not using the right products, showering for too long, or the water is too hot (more on all of this in a moment!). 

And of course, if you’re visibly dirty, please shower. It’s better to have a little dryness than to smell, of course.

How can I limit skin irritation if I have to shower more often?

Dr. Birnbaum provided a few tips to keep your skin in-check while showering. 

  1. Avoid really hot water. Instead, shower in warm or cool water (which is nice when it’s hot in the summertime!). 
  2. Limit the length of your shower to 5-10 minutes so you’re not standing in the water for too long.
  3. Use your fingertips to lather and spread soap on the body instead of a washcloth or a loofah. (If not a new or clean one every time, these can harbor lots of bacteria and basically just spread around all the dirt and gunk you removed from your last shower.)
  4. Opt for a gentle, fragrance-free (or naturally fragranced) soap. 
  5. After showering, blot your skin dry with a towel instead of rubbing. This can lead to extra exfoliation that you don’t want when your skin is wet and vulnerable. If you have a microfiber towel, even better.
  6. While your skin is still slightly damp, apply any moisturizing lotions or creams. 

Fun fact: according to Dr. Birnbaum, you don’t actually have to use soap all over the whole body. Again, if you just went on a week-long camping trip and are visibly dirty, you’ll want to lather up all over. But otherwise, Dr. Birnbaum said you only need soap on the underarms and groin. If your skin gets dry and irritated easily, try this technique during your regular, not-after-workouts-or-camping showers. 

Want to take a better shower? Here’s what we recommend:

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As with most things in life, I’ve always approached Amazon fashion with a “you win some, you lose some” mentality.

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As with most things in life, I’ve always approached Amazon fashion with a “you win some, you lose some” mentality. Sure, I’ve always known that somewhere out there, there were pieces that could rival those I’d spend four times the price on elsewhere, but to find them I knew I’d have to sift through a lot of losses.

But as quarantine has pushed our team into a world of exclusively online shopping, we’ve turned to Amazon and their two-day shipping more than ever to fulfill our retail therapy needs—and it turns out they’ve upped their fashion game more than we ever could have imagined.

From a faux-leather shirt jacket that’s gotten us endless compliments to sweaters that we’ve been living in for months on end, these Amazon pieces have transformed our wardrobes over the past few months. The best part? Our wallets are thanking us for it.


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Every time my friends come to my apartment, they leave with something. A sheet mask I’d like to share, a

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Every time my friends come to my apartment, they leave with something. A sheet mask I’d like to share, a mascara I’ll never get to opening, a moisturizer made for their skin type—my personal closet has become a full-blown beauty closet that is filled to the brim with beauty products for testing and admiring. But since I don’t get to see my friends as often, they’re missing my weekly giveaways; and do you know what’s like a personal beauty closet at your door every season? My favorite beauty subscription box: FabFitFun. 

FabFitFun is essentially a curated selection of beauty, fitness, lifestyle, decor, and more at your door four times a year, so you can test, rate, and rave about new products in the same manner as your favorite influencers and beauty editors. Let me do a quick breakdown of why I suggest FabFitFun to everyone I know: 

#1. You can customize the products so you get what you really want. Instead of getting a box full of products you may or may not use, FabFitFun offers customization for most products in the box so you always get items you know you’ll actually use. But don’t worry: there are still a few surprises!

#2. FabFitFun loves supporting women-owned brands and businesses, so every box is typically filled with products that support female entrepreneurs. 

#3. Every time I get my box, it feels like I’m opening a gift! My birthday happens four extra times a year with FabFitFun because it’s filled with self-care products I can use alone or share with friends. It’s the perfect addition to any girls’ night in.

#4. I’ve discovered so many products I now swear by and use every single day because they ended up in my FabFitFun box that I’d probably never try otherwise. 

#5. FabFitFun is committed to sustainability, so every box is made with 100 percent recycled materials for the box and paper inside. The box is also always gorgeous, so I reuse mine as storage in my closet, making it an extra gift in itself! 

Keep scrolling—or click here to order your box and wait for the surprise!


Clean Luxury Hair Masque

$55 retail value

This hair mask contains shea butter to coat your locks in complete moisture. Plus, it smells so luxurious; like you’re at the spa!


Body Cream in Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf

$26 retail value

Not only is this in the most gorgeous packaging I’ve ever seen on a lotion, but the springtime scent will make you excited for fresh flowers, patios, and a light breeze.


Iconic Glow Illuminating Face & Body Dry Oil

$28 retail value

It’s almost the season of glowy everything, and this illuminator knows how to bring it. It’s lovely on the cheekbones, but I’m stoked to use it all over my shoulders and décolletage.


Sun’s Out, Pouts Out Lip Mask

$15 retail value

Get your pout in kissing shape with these fun gold masks. I gave three to my friends so we could all try them together over a video call!


Reusable Beauty Rounds (3 Pk)

$16 retail value

Kiss your makeup wipes goodbye and use these reusable makeup remover pads instead. Simply wet them with warm water, and they take off everything from foundation to waterproof mascara.


Flower Hair Clip (2 Pk)

$30 retail value

Add this adorable accessory to your stash of “ways to make second-day hair look cute.”


Ultimate Core Toning Kit

$50 retail value

Sick of the same-old workouts at home? These two will turn up your ab workouts a notch.


Daisy Print Duffel Bag

$150 retail value

This daisy print is the perfect pairing for all of your spring dresses—even if you’re just headed to the grocery store.


Water Hyacinth Tray with Cutout Handles

$45 retail value

After we’ve been home for what feels like ages, I’ll take anything to change up my space a bit. This tray will look gorgeous on a coffee table and is so practical too.


Set of 3 Packing Cubes in Sorbet

$40 retail value

Regardless of how few travels you’re taking this year, these packing cubes come in handy for weekend trips, sleepovers with your best friends, and even closet storage (which is how I’m using them!).



$35 retail value

The makers of our favorite chic pan came out with this equally-beautiful lunch box that I can’t wait to try for meal prep.


100% Pure Argan Oil

$39 retail value

Argan oil has dozens of uses: skincare, haircare, cuticle care, and more; and Josie Maran knows her stuff.


Faux Fur Slippers in Crystal Pink

$48 retail value

I’ll never say no to a new pair of slippers—truly, never. These are fuzzy, well-padded, and in a springy pink shade.


Powder Kiss Lipstick Duo

$42 retail value

MAC knows lipstick better than just about any brand, and this Powder Kiss formula is the ideal matte that won’t come off in your mask. Bright springtime lips ahead!


Super Eye Serum

$65 retail value

I’ve seen this brand all over Instagram, and this eye serum is exactly what I need to look more awake and bright on video calls.


Papaya Enzyme Peel

$45 retail value

Elemis is an incredible high-end skincare brand that I’ve grown to love after trying so many of their products from FabFitFun. This is a light, gentle peel that will reveal brighter, dewier skin after just a few uses.


Tropical Trio

$28 retail value

Step up your oral hygiene game with these coconut flosses. Not only is the packaging cute and the flavors delicious, but these really pack a punch for keeping your teeth and gums clean.

This post was in partnership with FabFitFun, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.

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Despite what the weather might imply if you take a peek out of just about any window in the continental

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Despite what the weather might imply if you take a peek out of just about any window in the continental United States right now, February is coming to a chilly close, which means one thing: spring is on the way.

Yes, we’ll probably be shivering and wearing our snowboots through March, but the time to stock up on winter gear has finally passed, and it’s time to look forward to brighter, happier days—and get our closets stocked too. (I don’t know about you, but after this quarantined winter, I don’t know that I’ve ever looked forward to spring this much.)

Ready to strip off your layers of wool and down coats to reveal something lighter and brighter? Here are five places to start:

1. Wide-Leg Pants

Millennials, don’t get your panties in a bunch just yet. (It’s worth noting that I, albeit a young one, am also a millennial, so there’s no reason to panic here). Your skinny jeans can stay at the top of your stack of jeans if that’s your cup of tea, but if you’re looking to try something fun and new, a pair of wide-leg jeans or trousers were made for you (it also doesn’t hurt that they’re basically one step up from sweats). Think: full lengths, high waists, and legs just a bit wider than your straight jeans.


2. Minimalist Knitwear

For the perfect transition from winter to spring wear, invest in the minimalist knitwear trend. Rather than the chunky, oversized sweaters and cardigans we’ve been bundled up in for six months, these are thinner, lighter, and tighter. Bonus points if you wear a matching knit bra-top layered underneath.


3. Bridgerton-esque Prints

Yes, I know, “florals for spring,” and what not, but really, what is spring without some floral wardrobe pieces? This spring’s are more in your face than years past, with dreamy floral prints that will take us back to our favorite Netflix binge.


4. Eyelet Lace

In a move that feels like the polar opposite of our loungewear, feminine, dreamy eyelet lace is making its way onto the spring scene. The detailed, larger cutouts make just about any piece they adorn look a little more interesting, and could be in the running for your first non-winter walk around the block.


5. Something Pink

After a long, dark winter, nothing sounds better than the bright, chilly colors that spring is offering us this year, and at the top of that list is bubblegum pink. If you’re still hanging onto your sweats, trade out a grey pair for one in the hue; or if you’re ready to wear real clothes again, opt for a top or dress that you’ll reach for all spring and summer long.


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Once you get your rugs vacuumed and your bathroom floors scrubbed, there’s one big spring-cleaning task to-do left. It’s the

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Once you get your rugs vacuumed and your bathroom floors scrubbed, there’s one big spring-cleaning task to-do left. It’s the task of tasks, the peak of the tidiness mountain: purging your closet. In my opinion, it’s about the worst chore there is to do. It’s time-consuming, requires quite a bit of effort, and there’s no way to cut any corners—but the reward makes it all worth it.

Sure, our closets are more or less out of commission right now, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t purge them with our newfound spare time at home. By taking the time to organize the closet of our dreams now, we’ll be revved up and ready to go once self-isolation is a thing of the past. Put down your remote and open up your closet—it’s go time.

Step 1: Get in the zone

Before you dive in, take the time to set yourself up for success. Queue up a playlist that you love to sing along to, light a candle, and make yourself a coffee. Also, have whatever you’re planning on putting your “to be donated” and “to be tossed” clothes in handy and clearly labeled—be it a garbage bag or cardboard boxes. Also, keep storage handy so you can pack away your seasonal clothes that you won’t be wearing for a while.

Step 2: Start purging

While there’s no perfect method for where to start with this since everything will eventually be purged, I’m partial to starting at the top of my closet and working my way down. Start by doing a preliminary cut-down by getting rid of the things that you most obviously need to part ways with.

Take down stacks of clothes and begin trying on and sorting accordingly. That pair of pants that you haven’t worn since 2016? Donate. The top with a red wine stain that you swore you’d get out eventually but never did? Toss. 

When you’re in this phase of cleaning, it’s so important to actually try things on during the process—especially things you’re unsure about. You know the jeans that fit you like a glove and the ones that tend to sit at the bottom of the pile consistently untouched, which means a try-on could help you make your final decision. The same goes for things you haven’t touched in a while. You could have every plan to wear that top that still has the tags on that you bought two summers ago, but could try it on and realize that it doesn’t even fit you anymore.

It’s also important to remove some sentiment here. I have a slew of crop tops that hold positive memories from college, but am I really ever going to wear them again? No. Donating things (many of which are passed down to my sister) helps ease the pain of getting rid of some things but keep yourself consistently asking the question, “Does this piece make me feel my best?” If it doesn’t, it has no room in your wardrobe.

Step 3: Put seasonal items in storage

If you live somewhere with seasons, packing away the pieces that aren’t going to be seeing the light of day for a few months is half the battle. Grab your down parka and your pom hats and set them aside. 

It’s important to put your seasonal clothes into some perspective while you’re purging. Right now, you’re probably sick of all of your sweaters and jeans, but the ones you’re questioning now could feel exciting and new once you break them out again come fall. Likewise with your summer clothes; everything probably looks exciting and wearable now since it’s been so long since we’ve seen them, so keep your head on straight and think about what you’ll actually be able to wear. If you have a skirt or shirt that you absolutely love but you’ve just never been able to make work, it’s time to bid adieu.

However you choose to store your seasonal clothes, wait until the very end to actually put them in storage—you never know what you’re going to decide to add or subtract from the pile until you’re actually done sorting through everything.

Step 4: Consider the one-year rule

We have big hopes and dreams for many items in our wardrobe that unfortunately just never come to fruition. It’s painful to have to get rid of things that we feel haven’t lived up to their potential, but the reality is this: if you haven’t worn something in a year or more, you aren’t going to (save for special occasion wear, obviously). 

Figure out which pieces those are for you—the ones that you’ve simply outgrown or just ended up not working for you. If they’re in good shape, put them aside to be taken to donate once we’re able.

For the future, a good rule of thumb is to begin the year with all of your clothes hung on a hanger facing away from you. Every time you use something, flip the hanger around. Then, it’ll be obvious which clothes you touched throughout the year and which you didn’t, because some hangers will be in their original position.

Step 5: Organize the keepers

Once you’ve decided which pieces are staying and which are going, decide which method would be best for organizing them. Maybe you need to order some organization items to put them in later, and that’s OK. For now, fold everything neatly and hang things in a logical order. Since you now have less to deal with, organizing everything in a way that’s accessible and easy to see will make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe.

Step 6: Decide where your “donation” bin should go

This step is a little more challenging than it would ordinarily be given our current circumstances, but you can still have them prepped and ready to go for a day they can be dropped off somewhere. If you have old workwear that can be donated, consider setting them aside to be given to an organization like Dress for Success. After that is separated, research local thrift stores and shelters that are accepting donations, organize them based on guidelines, and set them in a closet or storage to be taken eventually.

Step 7: Fill in the gaps

Now that the grunt-work is over, it’s time to take a step back and assess your situation.

Maybe throughout cleaning you realized that all but one of your socks has a hole in the toe. Maybe you discovered you only have one pair of jeans that really fits you. Make a list and divide it into two columns:

  1. Your hero pieces: the items you’d never consider getting rid of because you reach for them time and time again
  2. Pieces you feel like you need: the pieces you think you should prioritize purchasing next

Writing down your hero products can help you see how much you already have—if a leather jacket made it onto your list, you don’t need to consider buying another one the next time you see one on sale.

Noting the pieces you need can also help with prioritizing future shopping. If you know you want to invest in a good pair of white denim since your old pair didn’t make the cut, you’ll be less tempted to buy a trendy item that shows up in your email inbox next week. This doesn’t mean you need to replace all the things you got rid of—it just means that once you get around to wanting to shop, that you have a mental picture of the things you should snag first.

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For better or worse, I became addicted to TikTok in 2020. More specifically, I became addicted to skincare TikTok. I

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For better or worse, I became addicted to TikTok in 2020. More specifically, I became addicted to skincare TikTok. I followed beauty influencers like Skincare by Hyram and found myself buying products that actually fit into my budget: $7 “brightening” serums and $10, 16 oz. facial cleansers that barely fit on my counter because the bottles are so large. 

My main concerns are dryness, dull texture, and acne scarring from a six-month stint on Accutane. While the drug successfully purged my skin of all the acne I was destined to have for the rest of my life, it left me with a good bit of dark spots and an uneven tone. I was committed to improving it; and now after months of testing, I have found a lineup that has genuinely changed my skin—while simultaneously making my routine a bit more affordable in comparison to my impulse purchases from Drunk Elephant and Estée Lauder. An effective routine that doesn’t break the bank? What more could I want? Thanks to TikTok, here are the products that I now call my tried-and-trues! 


Hydrating Facial Cleanser

I am a Glossier addict, so I had been using Milky Jelly Cleanser for the past four years. Then on a whim at Target (after a TikTok binge), I grabbed the CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser—and boy am I glad I did. This face wash has a striking resemblance to Milky Jelly, both in consistency and gentleness. The ingredient formula highlights ceramides (which can prevent wrinkles) and hyaluronic acid, which both help to lock in moisture and protect your skin—an essential in the Chicago winters. As the temperature has been dropping and the heater in my apartment has been on full blast, I’ve been extra dry and patchy on my forehead. This cleanser has been keeping that at bay. I might just go full force and purchase the giant tub of CeraVe Moisturizing Cream as well.

The Ordinary

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Being fully transparent, I had tried this product before. But upon downloading TikTok, I discovered I was using it completely wrong… at the risk of burning off a layer of my skin. I like to call this “the blood mask” because I always see pictures of influencers with this maroon goop layered heavily on their skin. In applying the product in such a way, you’re going to be uncomfortable, itchy, and could even be damaging your skin. Using too much of a highly-concentrated AHA can cause redness and flakiness. Not the vibe. So, I followed the rules of TikTok and added a light, almost pink-toned layer. The mask didn’t burn anymore, just had a light tingle. And after a few weeks of bearable use, I noticed the texture of my skin had evened out, my acne scars were beginning to lighten, and my face was so soft. Score! AHAs and BHAs are key for safely removing dead skin, improving dull and uneven patches, and plumping up your skin for a youthful glow. Since you only have to use a pea-sized amount, this $7 mask will last a long time.


Ice Roller

As an avid user of jade and rose quartz rollers, this $10 Amazon ice instrument was naturally my next purchase. Just pop the tool in the freezer, and in the morning, rub the icy goodness all over your face. As I would use my jade roller, I like to use this one after my skincare routine to allow my products to sink in better. This tool has little beads inside so the rolling ritual is like a luxury facial massage at home. Plus, if you’re anything like me and you’re trying to get used to an early-morning routine, this roller is the perfect wake-up call.


Super Glow Serum

My biggest skin concern is scarring and texture; so, whenever I see a new product claiming to fix those things, I run to the store (or my computer) for a bit of retail therapy. So naturally after several TikTok recommendations, I went to my favorite brand Glossier to test out their vitamin C. Turns out, it’s true: The ingredient will gradually fade scars and smooth out texture. It also has anti-aging benefits. I’m only 22, but best to start early, right?


Faded Gel

I’ve been using this product for only about a week, but I am already a huge fan. After four uses, I swear my scars have significantly lightened and my skin looks brighter. My chin was covered in little spots due to my new enemy “maskne,” and thanks to this product, the dots are barely noticeable now. The formula features exfoliating acids and niacinamide, ingredients that are proven to fade scars. It’s also dye-free, fragrance-free, and vegan, making it super gentle. No burning here! Whether you have acne scars, dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, this product is sure to come to your rescue.


Lash Lift Kit & Brow Lamination Kit

I have dark, thick eyebrows with several patchy spots, and I’d also like to note they are completely different shapes. I swear the hairs on my left eyebrow grow straight up while the hairs on my right grow to the side—and I think one might even be slightly higher than the other. But I digress. My makeup routine consists of layering multiple brow products to get the effortless, bushy look à la Lily Collins. With this regimen, my life and brow routine are way easier. The lamination kit allows you to shape your brows semi-permanently. After cleansing the area for product and oil, you add the gel, shape your brows, cover with cling wrap, and leave on for eight minutes. And there you have it: beautiful, bold brows! This kit can also be used for eyelash lifting.

By using all of these products, my skin concerns have become, well, less of a concern. And my bank account is happy, all thanks to TikTok.

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The year is 2008. You’ve just arrived at the mall with your best friend, lip gloss poppin’, bangs straight as

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The year is 2008. You’ve just arrived at the mall with your best friend, lip gloss poppin’, bangs straight as paper, with just a hint of glitter lining your cheekbones. You and your bestie know that you have one destination in mind: Victoria’s Secret. It’s their semi-annual sale and you’ve both planned to pick out six cute pairs of panties for $25 (which is kind of expensive if you also want to get Auntie Anne’s, but you’ll make it work). You walk into VS, your best friend makes a beeline for the undies section, and you follow closely behind. The two of you exchange knowing looks and then dive into the madness of the busy store. Noticing that the shelves are organized by sizes—extra-small on the top—you squat to search through what’s on the bottom row, and then realize the sizes stop at extra-large, and the extra-large looks like a medium. To curb your disappointment of yet another store not selling your size, you grab aStrawberries and Champagne” body cream and check out.

For some of us, the aforementioned feeling of disappointment is all too familiar. It’s the feeling of walking into a store with high hopes and walking out empty-handed because they don’t sell our sizes. As used to this feeling as I am, it always puzzles me when I notice that companies don’t prioritize inclusive sizing in underwear—it’s essential for Pete’s sake! Just like any other woman, plus-size women don’t want to have an underwear drawer full of only baggy, full-coverage panties. We want sexy, versatile, fun undies, too! Here’s a list of companies that make that possible:

If you’re looking for comfortable undies

Editor’s Choice:


Play Cheeky

Prior to my first time trying Parade Underwear, I would always see people talking about them on Instagram. Let me be the first to say it: they live up to the hype. I also love how inclusive their site models are. I feel seen, heard, and supported by these undies! 


If you’re looking for sexy matching sets

Editor’s Choice:

Savage X Fenty

Savage Not Sorry Half Cup Bra with Lace

Do you remember where you were when Rihanna first dropped Savage X Fenty? I was in my best friend’s dorm room, huddled over her computer, counting down the minutes until we’d be let into the site. Since that day, Savage X Fenty has consistently created for the curvy girls—and for that, we thank Queen Rihanna.


Editor’s Choice:

Adore Me

Kaia Contour Plus

Similar to Savage X Fenty, Adore Me makes cute and sensible undies for plus sizes. Before brands like these, I just assumed that people like me (over a size 12) weren’t meant to wear sexy lingerie. Turns out, we looked great in it! All we needed was a little extra fabric and a community that was encouraging. 


If you’re looking for different style options

Editor’s Choice:

Third Love

Petal Lace High Rise Brief

Here’s the thing, I’ve never been a thong-lover, but this company has converted me. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your underwear drawer needs, you might want to check out Thirdlove. They have high-quality, cute, and affordable options for your favorite styles. Whether you’re a boyshort fan or a brief kind of girl, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


If you’re looking for something different

Editor’s Choice:

Me Undies

Feel Free Boy Short

Sometimes we want to wear undies and just undies. These are the type of underwear you want for lazy days, lounging around the house, and binge-watching Bridgerton (for the fourth time). 


Editor’s Choice: 


First Line Leakproof Bikini LC

Not only are these super comfy, but they have built-in leak protection for light period days (plus they’re antibacterial and odor-repellent).


As a person who would rather be pantless on all occasions, I recommend you give yourself a gift and show your underwear drawer some love by trying out the companies listed above. Moreover, from one plus-size girl to another, no matter your race, size, identity, or age, you deserve underwear that makes you feel beautiful and prioritized.

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Let’s be real: at the end of a long day, nothing is more tempting (or easier) than taking a disposable

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Let’s be real: at the end of a long day, nothing is more tempting (or easier) than taking a disposable makeup wipe to your face, rubbing off-hours worth of product buildup, and calling it a night. I know I’m more than guilty of purchasing bulk packs of wipes month after month because hey, convenience is key, right?  Plus, in pre-pandemic times, the packs were super easy to toss in a weekender bag without any concerns about spills or TSA regulations, and who didn’t appreciate the simplicity of quickly wiping their face down after a sweaty night of bar hopping? Well, it turns out that using disposable wipes is actually a less than optimal practice (oops). I spoke with experts to find out why. 

“Between using makeup wipes or not washing your face at all, makeup wipes are the better option, although this is far from ideal,” said Dr. Marie Hayag, a board-certified dermatologist and founder of 5th Avenue Aesthetics. “Makeup wipes don’t remove makeup completely and can leave residue on your face. Additionally, because they contain a high concentration of surfactants, they can be irritating and drying.” 

There’s also the potential for skin breakage, explained Savannah St. Jean, owner of Savannah Rae Beauty. “Often, makeup wipes contain high levels of alcohol and harmful chemicals which can cause dryness and irritation and disrupt the PH balance of your skin,” she noted. “When you combine that with the texture of the wipes, you open yourself up to the risk of micro-tears. This can cause signs of premature aging over time.” 

And in addition to these aesthetic issues, disposable wipes pose environmental concerns too. “These are really popular, but they are not good for you or the planet,” said Julie Levin, founder of Leaf People. “Unfortunately most makeup wipes aren’t biodegradable, which can be a cause for concern,” said Heather Nicole, a celebrity master esthetician and founder of Heather Nicole Advanced Integrative Skincare. As an alternative, she suggested coating cotton pads with an oil-based remover or simply using a microfiber face cloth. 

If you’re like me and don’t have in-unit laundry, the idea of using the same cloth day after day may sound a bit challenging… but you can work around this! “It’s just as easy to buy a pack of 10 inexpensive, 100 percent cotton washcloths, use a fresh one each day, and wash them each week,” Levin said. “If you are using them on-the-go, you can purchase a reusable silicone bag to keep the washcloths wet or dry.” Protecting your precious face and doing good for Mother Earth? I don’t know about you, but I’m in. 

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Taking a peek into someone’s Amazon wishlist is nothing short of getting a glimpse into their soul. One flash of

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Taking a peek into someone’s Amazon wishlist is nothing short of getting a glimpse into their soul. One flash of my wishlist and you’ll quickly find my deepest, darkest desires: home decor items that Joanna Gaines would envy, fashion finds seemingly plucked out of Hailey Bieber’s closet, self-help books I want to (but will never find the time to) read, and an ample amount of items that the TikTok community convinced me that I needed.

Among those TikTok must-haves, one item taunted me more than the rest. I first saw it brandished on a TikTok account in the summertime. It wasn’t long until I found it appearing just about everywhere else. I saw it again and again on my For You Page, on the streets of Chicago, at the gym, and presented in the form of an ad on my daily IG scroll. The universe wanted me to pull the trigger on this affordable Amazon workout tank, but, I persisted and played hard to get.

Behold, one of my biggest internal battles in life. Do I invest in more expensive items that will fit perfectly and last me forever? Or do I jump at the affordable option, assuming the risk that the cheaper options will be just that—cheap. It is with this contemplation that I decided on investing in the Lululemon Align Tank instead of giving the Amazon tank a try. 

I wanted a top that could withstand a light treadmill workout/weight-lifting session but still be comfortable enough to lounge in. If I’m spending over $60 on a top, it needs to be multipurpose. When I saw my best friend rock her brand-spanking-new Lululemon Align Tank, she encouraged me that she was able to work out and watch Netflix in it, so I near sprinted to Lululemon to pick one up for myself. 

Typically, I’m a size small in tops, but when there’s a built-in-bra situation, I am continuously dumbfounded for sizing. I’m a 32D so when I tried on Lululemon’s size four, my tatas nearly brushed the tip of my chin. One deadlift hinge forward and those babies were going to slip out and graze my worn, Adidas tennis shoes. I moved on to a size six. Still, my boobs slid out the sides covering more horizontal ground than I ever thought possible. My left breast took an exhilarating road trip west; my right flew coach, hit a fair amount of turbulence, and visited an old friend in D.C. So, I opted for a size eight. It expanded slightly to make room for my bust but the v-cut still left me feeling exposed and uncomfortable—there was no way I could make this work at the gym. Alas, I tried the size 10 at which point the top socially distanced itself from my ribcage and waist and I lost all hope.

I walk-of-shamed home only to remember the workout tank that sat patiently in my Amazon wishlist. With lingering rage from my wasted, too-well-lit fitting room experience, I added the tank to my cart. For a size 32D, the brand recommended either a size medium or a size large. I said a prayer, opted for a medium in the color black (to no one’s surprise), and let the Amazon gods fulfill my order. 

When I got hit with that “your order has been delivered” email, I sprung from my couch with gusto, slapped on an upside-down face mask, and triple tapped my floor’s elevator button because obviously, that would summon it faster. When I got down to the lobby, my package was there, waiting for me in all of its $24 glory.

If you think that I didn’t rip open that package on my commute back up the elevator then, honey, you simply don’t know me. By the time I made it into my apartment, I was already slipping off my Budweiser tee, ready to see if this cult-favorite workout tank was worth the hype. And, boy, did I hope that it was. Still scarred by my Align Tank encounter (we’ll call it Boobgate 2021), I knew better than to be excited.  If it doesn’t fit, it’s OK! We can just return it. No big deal. 

And before I could even finish my thought, the tank slipped and fell onto my body and I was at a loss for words. It? Fits? I started jogging in place, doing cartwheels, and performing bodyweight Romanian deadlifts in front of my mirror. After about five minutes of pushing my bust to the limits, I exhaled. It. Fits.

And now, a glimpse at my happily ever after. I wear this thing everywhere. I’ve gone to the gym in it, I’ve worked from home in it, I’ve napped in it, and I’ve worn it under a puffer on my last two grocery runs. It’s lightweight, breathable, and functional AF. When I go to the gym to do an incline walk, a weight-lifting session, low-impact HIIT, or yoga, I leave the pads in. When I’m lounging at home, I simply slip them out. If I’m going to be doing what I deem as intense cardio (moderate running or sprinting), I opt for a more supportive, higher neck sports bra but, in all reality, I’m only doing that a mere once or twice a week. 

While I’d say that the material is nice, you miss out on the buttery softness that comes with the Lululemon Align Tank. Amazon’s version is 87 percent nylon and 13 percent spandex while the Align Tank is 81 percent nylon 19 percent Lycra elastane. So while the Amazon one is definitely comfortable, it’s not a direct comparison on that front. At the end of the day, while then Align material would be a nice luxury, it’s most definitely not my priority.

If I buy again, I’ll probably try out a large just out of sheer curiosity. If it’s not snug enough for workouts, I’ll still keep it for lounging purposes. If I like it better overall, I’ll be sure to let you know. For now, I’m beyond happy with my size medium sports bra tank that costs just a bit less than a Tao vodka soda and less than half of the price of a Lululemon Align Tank. With that, I can confidently say that in this episode of high-end or dupe, the dupe wins my heart.

As far as I’m concerned, this tank could hit me with a car and I would say, “thank you.” This tank could leave me on read and I would fully, wholeheartedly understand. This tank could put an empty milk carton back in the fridge and I would apologize for assuming it’s full. Thankfully, this tank has shown me nothing but love and it is for this reason (amongst a million others) that I will no longer be wearing anything else. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

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Shopping, trying products, and finding the best items to recommend to people can take a toll on your mental health.

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Shopping, trying products, and finding the best items to recommend to people can take a toll on your mental health. I struggle daily with the thought that my clothes, my makeup, the items I have in my bathroom cabinet don’t measure up. Like many 20-somethings, I have city-expensive rent, student loans, credit card debt, and honestly just life to pay for—buying new clothes all the time doesn’t come anywhere near the top of my priority list money-wise. However, I’m surrounded by people—at work, in my life, and on social media—who always look nice, always have new pieces, and always seem to make me feel deeply inadequate (which is all by my own doing, of course).

Now that you’ve listened to me drone on, here’s why I’m really here: although I don’t have the money to buy into every new trend or invest in classic pieces, I’ve gotten pretty good at working with the items in my closet and making do with the money I do have to spend on clothes. Ahead, you’ll find all of my tips for making cute outfits while also affording rent, bills, and the occasional Saturday night out, along with some thrifty, sale pieces I’m adding to my cart RN. 

1. Pay attention to the season

Our favorite sites have dozens of sweaters on sale right now as the season is about to change, but it won’t get warm in the Midwest for a very long time. So, I buy those in-season silhouettes in next-season shades to get my wear out of my favorite items through all seasons. For example, I purchased a bright pink sweater in December with the intention of it being super warm this winter, but also doubling as a trendy piece I can wear with midi skirts and light-wash jeans come spring. 

Source: @sindiarifi

2. Focus on timeless colors in trendy silhouettes 

In a somewhat opposite situation, I also purchase a lot of black, white, and cream pieces in trendy silhouettes. Whether it’s a mesh-sleeve blouse, a puffy shoulder, a leather mini skirt, or a cardigan, I buy these kinds of garments in colors that make them last. A “classic blue” faux fur coat might sound like everything I want winter 2020, but the splurge might not make sense as time goes on. When weather isn’t a factor (like stated above), I choose classic neutrals for those pieces that I’ll want to wear over and over again, regardless of how many times I’m seeing them on Instagram.

Source: Chrissy Rutherford | @chrissyford

3. Mix and match everything

Every Sunday night, I go to my closet and spend approximately 30 minutes planning my outfits for the entire week. OK, I know, it’s time-consuming and not exactly your post-brunch activity of choice, but it allows me to create new outfits from pieces I wouldn’t have thought to pair together. I try everything together. Pieces I bought to go out in are paired in a way that makes them work-appropriate, and vice-versa. I try different color combinations, different textures, different layers—I’ll pretty much pull out a pair of pants and try it with every top I own and go from there. Once I have my outfit ideas in my head, I’ll group them together in my closet to make getting dressed in the morning so much easier. 

4. Every outfit has a statement piece

The trick to an outfit that looks like it was professionally styled is making sure every outfit has one piece that makes a statement. After years of working in retail (including personal styling at Anthropologie!), the #1 thing I learned was about high-low dressing. Make every outfit have one piece that’s high—a polka-dot blouse, a flowy skirt, a patterned blazer—and pair it with pieces that don’t compete. 

On the other hand, if you’ve ever taken notes from street style, this rule can be manipulated. When you want an outfit to really come off as striking, focus on the tailoring of the pieces, even if both items are a statement. A suit has two statement pieces, but it’s striking and balanced because both pieces are tailored to fit you exactly. This also works for making outfits where one item is tailored and one isn’t—a common example being skinny jeans or leggings paired with an oversized sweater. 

While this falls in the category of how to look chic moreso than how to budget, it proves that you don’t need to buy all new pieces to make your perfect outfit. This is something I struggle with constantly when it comes to outfit-planning, and it’s helped a lot to think of everything in my closet in a high versus low manner.

Source: Janelle Marie Lloyd | @waityouneedthis

5. Don’t fall for the “out of season” trap

I’ve read it probably a thousand times: buy coats in the spring and bathing suits in the fall. I’ve found this tactic rarely works if you’re trying to create a closet of trendy, of-the-moment statement pieces. Most of the time, the products going on sale are trends—and by the time it’s actually time to wear it, you’re not into it anymore. Avoid having a wardrobe full of pieces that are last year’s top trends by avoiding the sale section when it’s an item you know you won’t wear for more than one season.

On the other hand, if you see a timeless camel coat on sale this spring, that could be a good item to add to your closet while it’s on sale. My sale rule of thumb goes as follows: if it isn’t something I’d want for reasons other than the price, it’s not worth it to pick up 

6. Shop the same stores

If I see a pricey item that I love, I’ll check one of my other favorite retailers for something similar and cheaper before buying the expensive version. H&M, Target, Boohoo, Old Navy, and ASOS always come in clutch for trendy pieces as well as basics. Then, I’ll peruse the sale sections of Nordstrom, ASOS, and Anthropologie semi-often to find pieces I wanted on sale. Sticking to the same few stores as a baseline allows me to build a closet of pieces that all seem to work together. I rarely have to deal with pieces that are too fancy or too casual–everything can be put together. Of course, I try new retailers and brands too, but I keep it within the same wheelhouse as a way to keep my closet consistent and useful.

It’s also helpful to know what a brand has. Recently, I was planning an outfit, and I remembered I’d seen a pair of trousers that would work from H&M. I knew exactly where to go and didn’t have to do too much searching to find something I knew would be in my price range.

Budget-friendly pieces I’m shopping right now:


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Don’t get me wrong: work from home life has been great. Working in my pajamas or sweats, eating all day

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Don’t get me wrong: work from home life has been great. Working in my pajamas or sweats, eating all day long, and best of all, no bra! Yes, I’ll throw one on for a Zoom meeting here or there along with a work-approved top, but the outfit isn’t the only thing that has to be camera-ready. Let’s be honest: if I’m not leaving the house, my bonnet usually doesn’t leave my head. 

Sure, a lot of women just throw their hair up in a ponytail and keep it moving, but for Black women, it’s a whole process that requires proper planning. If my hair is natural, am I going to do a whole wash and go for a 30-minute meeting? Do I need to have my frontal baby hairs laid to the gods every day? 

One of the most significant benefits of this quarantine is that my hair has grown so much due to the low-maintenance styles I’ve been rocking, and just because I have a Zoom meeting doesn’t mean I’m going to mess that up. Here’s how:

1. Braids/Twists/Faux Locs

Let’s start with the obvious. The OG protective styles: braids, twists, faux locs, etc. The first few months of quarantine, I kept my hair in knotless box braids because with all the stress of dealing with a pandemic, the last thing I wanted to do was my hair. I loved the ease of being camera-ready in literal seconds with no daily styling needed. 

2. Wigs

Yes, wigs can be high maintenance, but hear me out. Make or buy a good quality human hair closure or frontal wig that will last. Style it and keep it on a wig head ready to go. Braid or flat twist your natural hair and rock that when bumming it on the couch. Zoom call in 5 minutes? No problem—grab that wig, slap it on, and boom, you’re ready to go. 

3. Individual Twists

Taking the time to do neat individual twists after washing your hair will pay off in the long run. Twists are no longer a style that is only meant to be taken out. From chunky twists to tiny twists, the style is super cute, protective, and lasts at least a week until wash day. Bonus: consider this a two-in-one style if you choose to wear it as a twist out near the end of the week. 

4. Flat Twist Updo

Part down the middle for two twists pinned up or do a side part with a couple on each side. The options are endless when it comes to this easy hairstyle. I love that this style is easy and good for your hair while also looking somewhat elegant because it’s an updo. Pair with baby hairs, cute earrings, and Fenty Gloss Bomb lip gloss for the finishing touch. 

5. Classic Puff 

I can’t make a list of easy hairstyles without including the classic go-to: The Puff. I usually like to do this style the day after a lazy wash day where all I did was let my curls air dry without any styling. My curls are already defined, so I just grab my spray bottle and favorite gel and slick them up (or back, depending on my mood). Don’t forget to tie your edges with a scarf to really slay this look. *chef’s kiss*

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