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    The most luxurious wedding venues to tie the knot in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    Wedding season in Dubai is already and here and this destination continues to remain at the helm of all marital celebrations.
    From beachfront destinations to ballrooms that exude elegance, the emirate is home to an array of venues that are beyond sophisticated.
    For immaculate attention to detail, each property creates a bespoke proposal as per the bride and groom’s requirements.
    So, for those currently looking for the perfect place for their wedding vows, we’ve gathered a list of all the sophisticate venues for a potential wedding.
    Four Seasons Resort, Jumeirah Beach

    Combining the city’s modernity and old-time charm, this expansive venue includes the grand Dana ballroom and a plush garden for any outdoor festivities. Whether you wish to exchange your vows on the sand or in the lush seaside garden, this hotel makes any dream a reality. No matter the size, this exquisite property welcomes every guest in style. With incredible backdrops and on-side wedding experts working with them at every step makes the entire process easier.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Mandarin Oriental

    With world-class service and impeccable catering standards, the property will ensure any event is truly unforgettable. From flowers to venue decorations, Mandarin Oriental has relationships with external suppliers to ensure each detail is taken care of. For the bride to feel special on her wedding day, the property offers a magnificent suite with showcases expansive views of the Arabian Sea featuring a make-up station, a private lift, for bridal parties, and a spacious living space.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    One & Only Royal Mirage, The Palm

    This exceptional romantic beachfront resort promises a one-of-a-kind celebration with gourmet menus, serene spa treatments, and a timeless backdrop to enjoy with up to 50 guests. From catering to Moorish-style gardens to beginning a memorable journey, this venue caters to every request. Surrounded by nature, this property caters to refined pre-wedding photoshoots with pictures to capture those happy moments.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

    Couples can exchange their vows at this resort with views looking over the magnificent Arabian Gulf. Whether a small or grand occasion, the property caters to each client with world-class food, beverages menu, spa, and beauty services combined with an unending list of live entertainment. From a beach villa with a private pool for an intimate gathering to spacious ballrooms, the resort provides an exclusive service to assist customers in planning their special day.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

    To ensure each wedding is different from the other, the team of in-house experts has a keen eye for an ethereal setting. From overlooking the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf to preparing a plethora of delicious canapes, every bride and groom is made to feel special Whether custom lanterns or a bespoke culinary request, the property will do its best to cater to every need.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Fairmont, The Palm

    When starting your life together, a wedding becomes an important decision in any couple’s life and the wedding planners at Fairmont bring each dream to life with bespoke celebrations. By bringing a wow factor to the venue, the Sea View Garden is ideal for an al fresco experience allowing couples to celebrate with around 500 guests. To ensure the guests’ taste is carefully considered, each chef will create a gourmet dining experience for a successful wedding for a stress-free experience.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Bulgari Resort

    With Italian luxury at its heart, this exclusive property exudes an unmatched love for luxury. This beautiful venue features a 360sq metre ballroom located in the Yacht Club overlooking romantic seaside views and a welcoming space with earthy tones. With a birch walkway and candles subtly lit across the walkway, the hotel provides seamless service to make every minute count. With bespoke packages for each guest, the space can be rented for both daytime and evening events.
    To find out about the packages visit here.
    Raffles, The Palm

    Mona Kattan and Hassan Elamin recently exchanged their vows at Raffles The Palm and celebrated one of their occasions with all their special guests prior to their wedding. Whether intimate ceremonies or lavish celebrations, each setup can be designed according to the guests’ needs. With its palatial structure and vibrancy in every corner, this property has a host of facilities to offer for guests including spa facilities and other fine-dining restaurants.
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    7 chic coffee table books for a strong interiors game


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    Designed for the avid traveller, minimalist and art enthusiast, coffee table books have become a decor staple in every home.
    As a visually stunning aesthetic designed to be placed on coffee tables, bedside tables, dining tables and even TV consoles, coffee table books have gained immense popularity over the years with its thick glossy pages created to educate readers of all ages.
    Whether you’re looking to spruce your home or gift a memoir to your loved one, these eye-catching books can seamlessly fit into any shelf.
    With eye-pleasing artwork and carefully curated pages, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of all the best coffee table books to invest in.

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    12 A-listers you didn’t know had homes in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    With endless sun all year round, amazing dining establishments, a plethora of activities and more, it’s easy to see why Dubai is such a popular place for so many to live.
    In particular, it’s a place where quite a few celebrities have opted to call home or their second home, owning various properties in the emirate, some of which are incredibly luxurious.
    With that, here’s some A-listers you may not have known had homes in Dubai.

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    Ask a Fashion Editor: What Do I Wear to a Job Interview?

    First off, congrats! The interview process is always exciting and nerve-wracking (usually a bit more of the latter), but is something you should be proud of. Truly, putting yourself out there is half the battle. 
    Amidst prepping your answers to standard interview questions and figuring out what you’re going to ask at the end, the last thing you should worry about is your outfit. Given that it’s 2023, your interview outfit is really going to depend on whether it’s in-person or over Zoom. But regardless, there’s one rule I’d follow: Pick something you know for a fact you feel confident in.
    I know there’s a temptation to want to run out and buy something new for an interview, but that isn’t the route I’d personally go unless I really needed to. The risk of it pulling or being uncomfortable is high in something brand-new, so instead, think hard about what you already have and feel good in. The more natural your outfit feels to you, the less panic you’re going to feel when you actually go to put it on when it’s game time. With that being said, it’s obviously important to dress appropriately for the industry you’re in—but more on that later.

    If I had to choose one combo for an interview, I’m going for a blazer and trousers every single time. Since blazers are now more everyday wear than interview-only, I think one is a great way to feel professional without also feeling stuffy. If you have a matching blazer-trouser set, that’s what I’d opt for—but that’s definitely not a need, especially if your interview is virtual and you’re only going to be seen from the waist up.
    To make it feel more modern and less like a dated interview outfit, keep the proportions of your outfit in mind. If you’re in a less formal industry and both your blazer and pants have a more relaxed fit, wear a more fitted top, tuck it in, and leave your blazer unbuttoned to balance everything out. However, if you work in a business formal environment, it’s best your blazer-and-trousers combo is more in the pantsuit realm, which will probably be more tailored. You can always opt for trousers paired with a blouse, too.
    What you wear underneath is going to depend on your industry. I’d go simple with a classic button-up underneath and your blazer unbuttoned; if your field is more casual, a nice T-shirt or turtleneck will work just fine. For shoes, heels (that you can walk in) will make it more formal, but loafers are a better choice if you’re not generally a heel person, or just want to feel more casual.
    There’s a common notion that interview wear needs to be black or neutral, and obviously this also depends on your industry, but I think opting for color instead is a great strategy. Your interviewer is trying to get to know you, and your outfit can be a great way to show a bit of personality and stand out. Also make use of accessories; there’s no reason you can’t wear your favorite necklace or earrings with your interview look to tie a bit of yourself back in.
    Interviews are stressful, but your interview outfit doesn’t need to be. Relax, take it easy, and don’t overthink it—you’ve got this. Good luck!

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    Sheikh Hamdan adds another Dubai-based beachside haven to our list


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    When it comes to knowing the best restaurants to dine at in Dubai, the emirate’s Crown Prince always knows best.
    Yesterday, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum visited the newly opened culinary hotspot, Bungalo34 situated in the heart of Pearl Jumeira Island at Nikki Beach Resort & Spa.
    As no stranger to Dubai’s food scene and newly opened restaurants, Fazza is always seen giving his seal of approval on all the latest culinary havens in the UAE. Founded by the talented Natasha Sideris, the sophisticated Mediterranean experience ensures a calm environment to enjoy with friends and family.
    Adter the royal visit, the restaurant even shared a photo of the team posing with Fazza and the caption said, “We are delighted and honoured to have hosted His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for lunch this afternoon.”

    After recently being added under the Tashas Group wing, this chic restaurant offers a blissful escape from city life with uninterrupted seaside views of the Arabian Gulf.
    The menu promises a variety of offerings ranging from Strapatsada, Lobster Benedict, Three Cheese Souffle Omelette and a housemade glyko koutaliouof sweet pumpkin served on vanilla Greek yogurt for all the sweet tooths, to name a few dishes.

    With an expansive beverage menu, guests are spoiled for choice with a series of delectable cocktails that ensure the ultimate Mediterranean summer feeling all year long. From nostalgic-inspired cocktails to elegant aperitivos, the list is unending for guests to sip under the sun.

    To encapsulate the true essence of each Riviera, Natasha collected and dressed the venue with hand-picked pieces she found during her travels to Greece, France and Italy. From the one-of-a-kind lifestyle collectibles to coral-inspired textured tiles, her incredible eye for detail is a reflection of the restaurant’s origins.
    For all the shopaholics, this new hotpot offers a bespoke retail experience for guests with a selection of beachwear pieces, handmade accessories, bags, swimwear and other hand-picked experience for the complete experience.
    So, if you’re looking for a blissful escape this weekend, you know exactly where to visit.
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    10 times Sheikh Hamdan has given us wanderlust inspiration


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    With travelling back on the radar again, there’s no better source of inspiration than His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai.
    From mountainous regions to adrenaline-fueled spots, Fazza’s travels around the world exude his passion for exploration and adventure.
    After digging through the archives, Emirates Woman has curated a list of all the potential places to add to your bucket list from Sheikh Hamdan’s feed.
    United Kingdom

    Sheikh Hamdan has been seen in London quite a few times over the years and even recently made a visit with his twins, Rashid and Shaika, to the Godolphin stables. Having previously studied at Royal Military College, Sandhurst, Fazza has a strong connection to the UK and is often seen taking a trip to one of his favourite destinations.

    Exploring both nature and immersing himself in the culture, Sheikh Hamdan’s picture-perfect safari trip to Tanzania looked beyond idyllic. While being surrounded by wildlife, the thrill-seeker shared a series of clips while jumping over a large pool of water and exploring the dense forests. The trip was indeed an adventurous one with all the outdoor activities the royal was seen trying out.

    In 2019, Sheikh Hamdan made a visit east to Japan. Regarded as a highly-trained fitness enthusiast, the Dubai royal was seen posing with bronze sculptures of rugby player Michael Leitch and sumo wrestler Tochinoshin Tsuyoshi. He was also captured taking some classes and trying some delicious food, he’s undoubtedly ticked off a host of must-visit venues on his trip to Japan. From grazing through the enchanted streets or travelling by the high-speed bullet train to Tokyo, make a note of all the must-dos on your next trip.
    South Korea

    Nearly three years ago, in 2019, Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit to Seoul in South Korea. He posted a photo of himself in front of Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the country’s must-visit attractions. Along with his Uncle Saeed, they visited historic spots in the city, as well as enjoyed matcha milkshakes, a very popular drink of choice in East Asia.

    In 2018, Sheikh Hamdan took his riding skills international, participating in a 160km endurance race in Estonia. During his travels in the Eastern European country, he also shared a series of photos of him cycling in Estonia along with his friend Saeed Jabber Al Harbi.

    There’s no doubt, that Sheikh Hamdan is always seen posing in the great outdoors. His recent trip to Uzbekistan in November 2021 consisted of all the engaging activities such as camping, falconry, exploring nature and also visiting some of the local residents in the country.

    Back in 2018, Dubai’s Crown Prince travelled to the USA visiting popular cities like Chicago and New York City.

    Spotted on this self-governing archipelago, which is part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands is known for its picturesque coastal cliffs and gorgeous open skies. Seen taking a selfie with nature, this popular photo was all over social media.

    Exploring the peaks of British Columbia, the royal was seen enjoying this snow-filled holiday on Canada’s ski slopes back in 2019. This stunning wintry escape is everything one looks for in the cooler months. Snowboarding, snow-cover buildings and spruce trees were some of the elements which truly made this holiday complete.

    Seen posing in the popular frame shot with the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Sheikh Hamdan visited Italy in 2017, as the snap was captured with perfect precision. From relishing some delicious pasta to walking on the cobbled steps, this beautiful destination is one to add to your list too.
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    The New Happy Has 500k Instagram Followers—Here’s How the Founder Built a Real Community

    It’s no secret that social media is flooded with noise and endless content these days. There are a lot of recommendations out there on how to use social media, “hacks” for quickly gaining followers, and constant opinions on the types of content you should and shouldn’t produce. And since we’re inundated with content on a daily basis, it can be particularly challenging to stand out. While this may be true for some, Stephanie Harrison at The New Happy used social media to grow an authentic following and spread a life-changing philosophy.
    The New Happy was founded in 2018 with the simple mission of sharing a new philosophy of happiness. Stephanie has spent over a decade studying happiness from an interdisciplinary perspective, but it wasn’t until mid-2020 that she devoted herself to deeply spreading her mission (and using social media as part of this process). The New Happy Instagram posts are filled with positive, uplifting pieces of advice for a happier life.
    For Stephanie, social media is about more than traditional metrics such as likes and follower counts. In fact, she doesn’t lean into social media metrics as a measure of success. Yet, because of her unique take on using the platform, over 500,000 people are now a part of The New Happy community. I sat down with Stephanie and asked her for her three top tips for intentionally growing a social media following beyond metrics. You won’t find any “get followers quick” schemes or hacks here, but these tips will make sure your follower count… well, counts. 

    Meet the expert
    Stephanie Harrison
    Founder of The New Happy
    An expert in well-being, Stephanie founded The New Happy based on her Masters thesis in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She has spent the last ten years studying happiness from an interdisciplinary perspective, incorporating perspectives from art, science, philosophy, religious/contemplative studies, and the humanities. Her book, THE NEW HAPPY, is forthcoming from Penguin Random House.

    1. Bring your purpose to your social channels.
    “Start with your greater purpose. A purpose is about being of service to others, and this grounding in your ‘why’ is so important. There’s so much noise out there, with people telling you what you should do and how you should do it. It’s easy to be led astray or veer off course, away from what matters most to you.”
    Stephanie lives and breathes The New Happy’s philosophy and mission across social media. The philosophy is rooted in the idea that happiness comes from serving the world and using the talents and skills that make each person unique. And that collectively, we find purpose and happiness in serving others.
    With that purpose in mind, Stephanie set out to use her social media accounts as a place to offer wisdom, experiences, ideas, friendship, and kindness to others. She knew these were the ways in which she wanted her brand to show up on social media, and at the same time, she had an idea of the ways she didn’t want to be seen.
    “I listed out the core values of The New Happy as a brand, philosophy, and movement, which drove everything I did on social media. Because our philosophy is about service, I saw social media as a place to help others, to make it about their needs and challenges.”
    Spend some time thinking about the purpose of your brand or business and the intended purpose of your social media accounts, too. When you show up on social media living out your purpose and aligning your content to that, it is much more likely to attract people for the long haul.

    2. Build a community, not an audience.
    “One of the key values of The New Happy is community. From the beginning, I decided that I didn’t want to build an audience—I wanted to build a community. That impacted almost every single decision I made as I built the brand on social media.”
    Stephanie worked hard to ensure she orients around The New Happy values across all social media platforms at all times. For example, viewing social media followers as an audience absorbing your content is not uncommon. But one of The New Happy’s values is “community,” so Stephanie considers followers to be community members, not audience members.
    Why does that matter? An audience is a faceless mask that has to do more with how people look at you. Instead, Stephanie cultivated the difference between watching somebody doing something (an audience member) and participating in something (a community member). 
    But it’s more than just thinking about your following as a community, there’s a lot of work that goes into bringing that value to life. For example, The New Happy hosts a community gathering every week where people can share what they need help with. Stephanie designates time to answer as many questions as she can personally but also uses those responses to inform the artwork and tips she creates and shares.
    The New Happy also hosts free challenges inviting community members to work on different elements of well-being. One that’s (ironically) particularly popular is “How to Create a Happier Experience on Social Media.” Other topics include self-compassion, building confidence, finding your strengths, and cultivating gratitude.
    And finally, the podcast features community member stories, creating a space for people to share their voices and experiences.

    3. Don’t let fear hold you back.
    Social media can cause a lot of pressure: Is this visual good enough? Is this caption written well? How will this post look on my feed? What will people say if they don’t agree with what I’m saying? Will people understand my business? Does this offer make sense?
    The pressure we put on ourselves to look a certain way and say things perfectly can be exhausting, and Stephanie reminded me that it’s important to cut through these feelings and simply try. 
    “The idea that you can’t start sharing yourself or ideas unless you have a perfect strategy, content plan, or business offering—it’s just wrong. You have great things to offer, and trying to perfect them will keep you waiting for a very long time. That was something I experienced, and it’s something I see with brands, organizations, and fellow entrepreneurs.”
    You have great things to offer, and trying to perfect them will keep you waiting for a very long time.
    When Stephanie first took her business to social media, she knew her purpose and how to embody her values. She didn’t know how to translate those things in a way that would resonate with a community. But putting her ideas out in the world allowed her to start sharing her messages with others. Overcoming that fear quickly turned into an opportunity to learn from the community and evolve over time.
    “What I wanted to share was The New Happy philosophy. I didn’t know at first what would resonate with people, what questions they had, or how I could best help. But as soon as I got up the courage to start sharing, I also started learning so much. That helped me to find better ways to help and support our community. Starting is really often the hardest part!”
    Don’t be afraid to put yourself, your brand, or your ideas out there. Test and experiment to find what works and commit to growing along the way. 

    5 Ways To Organically Grow Your Social Media Following More

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    Beyoncé officially announces her first world tour in seven years


    by Sarah Joseph
    43 mins ago

    Queen B is making a comeback and this time it’s for the public.
    The pop megastore will embark on a long-awaited Renaissance World Tour that starts in May in Sweden, then later head to Belgium, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Denmark, the Netherlands and Poland before she continues her journey to North America.
    The official website has already stated the tour dates will start in the beginning of May and wrap up in New Orleans, LA on September 27, 2023.

    A series of pre-sale tickets for the UK shows will begin at 10am GMT on Thursday before the general ticket sales go live on Tuesday.
    First private concert at Atlantis The Royal
    For Atlantis The Royal’s grand opening, Beyoncé performed in a private concert for VIP guests from around the world. However, she did not perform any songs from Renaissance, making the upcoming world tour the first one for this album. The surprise element of the concert was when Beyoncé called her 11-year-old daughter Blue Ivy during the concert for a live performance on Brown Skin Girl.

    Additionally, her performance was complemented by the Lebanese dance group Mayyass, the season 17 winners of America’s Got Talent. This collaborative performance was nothing short of awe-inspiring.
    The concert was attended by a number of A-listers including her husband Jay Z, American model and reality TV star Kendall Jenner, British singer Liam Payne, American model Olivia Colbo, Indian actor Amer Khan, British actress Michelle Keegan and Emily in Paris star Ashley Park.
    More information about her tour and tickets is available on the singer’s official website. Visit for more details and tickets.
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