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    X Factor star Cher Lloyd looks worlds away from her time on the ITV show in sexy snap

    X FACTOR star Cher Lloyd looks unrecognisable years after her appearance on the ITV show in a new recent snap. The 29-year-old shot to fame aged 16 on the seventh series of the ITV singing competition in 2010.
    Cher shot to fame on X Factor when she was just 16-years-oldCredit: Rex
    The singer pouted her lips as she posed for a selfie while lying on a bedCredit: instagram
    Cher took to Instagram to wow her 2.5m followers with a glam snap.
    The singer pouted her lips as she posed for a selfie while lying on a bed.
    The ITV star opted for glamorous make-up, with glittery purple eyeshadow and nude lipstick.
    Her brunette locks were styled into voluminous loose waves.
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    She wore a black plunging strappy top, which showed of her intricate tattoo on her arm.
    Cher added a white heart emoji to the image.
    The former X Factor contestant, looks a lot different now than she did on The X Factor nearly a decade ago.
    This comes after the star recently gave fans a very rare glimpse into her life with husband Craig Monk and their daughter Delilah-Rae.
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    Cher usually shields her family from the spotlight but couldn’t resist sharing some photos to mark the end of 2022.
    Cher and Craig took fans by surprise eight years ago when they tied the knot in secret. She broke the news on Instagram, posting a black and white shot from the big day simply captioned with the date.
    It’s been more than a decade since Cher found fame on The X Factor, when she was just 16 years old.
    Cher looks a lot different now than she did on The X Factor nearly a decade agoCredit: X Factor More

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    Inside Tom Cruise’s troubled relationship with daughter, Suri, who he hasn’t seen for 10 years because of Scientology

    TOM CRUISE’S youngest daughter Suri is ready to make her own way in the world – and she is doing it without her famous dad.The teen, who is on the cusp of turning 17, has reportedly not seen Top Gun star Tom in more than a decade after her mum, actress Katie Holmes, divorced him when she was five.
    Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri, who is about to turn 17, reportedly hasn’t seen her dad in 10 yearsCredit: BackGrid
    Suri’s mother, actress Katie Holmes, divorced Tom when she was five – pictured here Tom with Suri in Italy two days before his wedding to Katie in 2006Credit: AP:Associated Press
    Now the little girl, who stole hearts in a Little Mermaid costume on the last day she was pictured out with her dad in 2012, is all grown up — and looking to study fashion at college in New York.
    Katie, 44, gained sole custody of Suri in 2012, along with a generous settlement which sees Tom, 60, paying a reported £325,000 a year for his daughter’s care.
    As rumours swirled about the cause of the split — with the finger pointed firmly at Tom’s association with cult-like religion Scientology — Suri and Katie went off radar for years as they rebuilt their lives in New York, 2,400 miles away from LA-based Tom.
    And insiders say he is still not involved in her life.
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    The actor has been accused of putting his religion before his daughter, with ex-Scientologists claiming he has been ordered to shun Katie and Suri as non-believers.
    High-profile former church member Samantha Domingo, daughter-in-law of opera singer Placido, said in 2019: “You can’t be anti-Scientology if you’re part of Tom’s family, you will be disconnected — look at his daughter Suri.”
    She added that the church, which believes mankind is descended from an alien race of gods, viewed Suri “as a spiritual being in Tom’s daughter’s body”.
    ‘I dreamed of marrying Tom Cruise’
    But could Tom reunite with his daughter amid rumours he has been pulling away from the controversial church over the past two years?
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    Certainly, the Hollywood star appears to have distanced himself from the British arm.
    While filming his Mission: Impossible franchise in Derbyshire in 2021, The Sun reported how Tom had unusually chosen not to stay at the British Scientology headquarters in East Grinstead, West Sussex.
    He opted instead for an apartment in Knightsbridge, central London, and a secluded home in Kent close to Biggin Hill airport, within easy reach of his private jet.
    Suri has reportedly not seen her dad since Christmas 2013.
    Yet Tom is close to his older children — Isabella, 29, who lives a quiet life in London, and son Connor, 28, a fishing guide in Florida — who are both heavily involved in Scientology.
    He adopted them with second wife, actress Nicole Kidman, who has been allegedly cut from their lives as a “suppressed person” — SP — someone who does not believe in the church.
    Ex-Scientologists claim Tom has been ordered to shun Katie and Suri as non-believersCredit: Splash
    Aussie actress Nicole, 55 — who filed for divorce in 2001 after 11 years of marriage — has not spoken to Tom for more than 20 years.
    Actress Leah Remini, 52, who left Scientology in 2013, said she asked Isabella about her mum at Tom and Katie’s wedding and was told: “Our mum is a f***ing SP.”
    Dawson’s Creek star Katie is said to have left Tom before Suri, then five, was old enough to be properly indoctrinated into the church.
    He was filming in Iceland in 2012 when Katie phoned to say she wanted a divorce and would be taking their daughter away from LA and the Scientology Celebrity Centre, a hotel-style complex, where they lived.
    There is speculation that Tom gave Katie, whose dad is a high-flying lawyer, custody to avoid the church being dragged through the courts.
    The terms of their divorce settlement are ultra secret but documents show Tom agreed to pay Katie £325,000 a year until Suri turns 18, as well as all of his daughter’s expenses, including college fees.
    There have also been claims that Katie ensured part of the deal meant Suri would never be exposed to Scientology.
    At the time, insiders claimed the couple had a pre-nup which dictated the longer Katie stayed with the actor, the more cash she got if they parted.
    They claimed Katie signed a five-year contract, which entitled her to £2.45million a year.
    Their split was a far cry from the days when the couple were nick- named TomKat and Tom jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s sofa in 2005 declaring his love for Katie.
    The union was literally a dream come true to Katie.
    While previously engaged to actor Chris Klein in the early 2000s, she told Seventeen magazine: “I think every girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise.”
    Katie and Tom got engaged in June 2005 after an eight-week whirlwind romance where he flew her off for dinner dates in his private jet.
    They married in Italy in 2006 in front of celebrity pals including Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy.
    Katie’s parents Kathleen and Martin were there but her dad was said to be unhappy with the union because he was a devout Catholic.
    Suri arrived seven months before the wedding and Katie is believed to have had a “silent birth”, as per Scientology advice, so the newborn is not “traumatised” by its mother’s screams.
    According to Paulette Cooper, author of The Scandal Of Scientology, children as young as six — close to Suri’s age when her parents split — are put through “confessional auditing” in the church.
    They are asked questions such as “Have you done anything you are ashamed of?” while hooked up to a Scientologist version of a lie detector.
    The church, which was founded by American sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard, has previously denied that young children are subjected to “auditing” — claiming it does not start until they are 12.
    Katie, who went on to date actor Jamie Foxx, 55, from 2013 to 2019, is said to have worried that Suri would be indoctrinated if she did not get her away in time.
    She and Suri have a very close mother-daughter relationship and Suri, who plays the guitar and loves singing, sang Blue Moon on the soundtrack of her mum’s movie Alone Together, which came out last year.
    After Katie told Tom she was leaving, ex-Scientologist executive Karen de la Carriere commented: “Katie ambushed Tom Cruise and in doing so outwitted some of the most controlling people on Earth.”
    Even the niece of Scientology leader David Miscavige was impressed by Katie.
    Jenna Miscavige, who claimed life was so miserable inside the church she attempted suicide before leaving, praised Katie.
    She said: “My experience in growing up in Scientology is that it is both mentally and, at times, physically abusive.
    “I was allowed to see my parents only once a week at best, sometimes not for years.
    “We got a lousy education from unqualified teachers, forced labour, long hours, forced confessions, being held in rooms, not to mention the mental anguish of trying to figure out all of the conflicting information they force upon you as a young child.
    “While it is very unlikely that Suri Cruise would have the same upbringing as me (due to her parent’s celebrity status), any organisation that is capable of mistreating and neglecting the needs of children, regardless of their social status, and which has a long history of breaking up families, is no place for an innocent child.”
    Ex-member Leah Remini says Katie still fears losing Suri to the church if she keeps in touch with the religion’s critics.
    In 2018 she said: “Trust me, Katie’s not allowed to have a meal with me, and we used to be close friends.
    “She could lose custody of Suri. It’s quite sick, really.”
    Leah claimed Tom, who launched a £40million lawsuit against American magazine In Touch in 2012 after it accused him of abandoning his daughter, will have “come up with a plan” to reunite with Suri when she is older.
    She told the New York Post: “Scientology considers Katie a suppressive person, which is an enemy, and therefore Tom believes, like all Scientologists, that he can’t be connected to Suri.
    “I’m sure his master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so he can lure her into Scientology.”
    But if Tom really is distancing himself from the church, reuniting with his daughter may not prove Mission: Impossible after all.
    Tom is still close with adopted children Connor and IsabellaCredit: Splash
    Isabella now lives a quiet life in LondonCredit: Instagram
    Connor now lives in Florida and is heavily involved in ScientologyCredit: Rex
    BEFORE her parents split Suri was one of the most famous celebrity kids on the planet – with a wardrobe to match.
    Her designer shoes, clothes and bags were reportedly worth in the region of £2million.
    As a young child Suri’s designer shoes, clothes and bags were reportedly worth in the region of £2millionCredit: Matrix
    Kate said: ‘It has been my dream for ever to be in fashion and I’m truly inspired by my daughter Suri’Credit: Rex
    Among the items were a pair of sparkly kitten heels and a tiny £700 Salvatore Ferragamo handbag.
    Katie once said: “It has been my dream for ever to be in fashion and I’m truly inspired by my daughter Suri.
    “She just loves dressing up.”
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    But when Katie took Suri to New York it is said she cut back on expensive tastes and returned gifts from designers.
    When Katie took Suri to New York it is said she cut back on expensive tastes and returned gifts from designersCredit: Rex More

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    The mystery of Liam Payne’s new chiselled jaw and sharp cheekbones explained by expert

    HE once sang “You don’t know you’re beautiful” but Liam Payne may not be taking his own advice about keeping the natural look.The former One Direction singer shocked fans when he appeared with a much more chiselled face than he had even last year at the premiere of ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson’s film All Of Those Voices.
    Liam may now look killer but is it all filler?Credit: The Mega Agency
    Expert Dr Saleena Zimri shares analysis on what Liam’s most likely had done to his faceCredit: Getty
    Liam, 29, has put his new, slimmer face down to weight loss.
    In 2021 he said he had put on a lot of weight in lockdown, and added: “There were a few pictures of me on a boat and I was all bloated out and I call it my pills-and-booze face.
    “It was ten times bigger than it is now.”
    He added that well-stocked mini-bars in hotel rooms while on tour posed another problem.
    But skin specialist Dr Saleena Zimri exclusively tells us there may be more to it than Liam suggests.
    The founder of Skin Doctor Clinics says: “His jawline looks quite boxy and it’s only been a couple of years, so it’s unlikely that this is just weight loss or growing a bit older.
    “In my opinion, what he’s had done is surgical because I don’t think even fillers could make you that boxy and wide without it looking fat and full.”
    Here, Saleena reveals what she thinks Liam has had tweaked.
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    He seems almost unrecognisable compared to this snap from 2014Credit: Spread Pictures
    Liam looks remarkably different compared to his days in One DirectionCredit: Getty
    Dr Zimri believes it’s buccal fat removal that has given Liam his strong jawline.
    “You can see that hollowing in his cheeks, on his lower face, the ligament bands are showing, and his face has become very boxy, and very structured,” she notes.
    Buccal fat removal is a fast-growing trend among celebrities and social media personalities alike, which cuts out fat pads from the inside of a person’s cheek, giving them a more angular face as a result.
    It can cost anywhere from $5,000 (£4,067) to $20,000 (£16.3k), but it can have long-term implications, and Dr Zimri wouldn’t have recommended it to Liam if he came into her clinic.
    She explains: “Well-defined cheek hollows and less fat on the face looks good now in younger patients, but as we age, we lose volume in our face, and this can cause us to look visibly older.
    “If your face is already angular, buccal fat removal could make you look gaunt, and older than you are.”
    As well as surgery, Liam may have had some lip filler, according toDr Zimri.
    She notes: “His lips certainly look more, more fuller, so I suspect he’s had a bit of injectables too.”
    Liam may have also had some Botox put in his upper face, says Dr Zimri.
    “He had quite hooded lids before,” she notes. “And now his eyebrows and lids both look a bit more lifted.
    “Botox in the upper face is definitely a possibility.”
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    Dr Zimri believes Liam has had a jaw implant put in, noting how “his chin and jawline are both a lot squarer.”
    She adds: “He may have had it slightly contoured with some filler as well, but it looks like to me he’s had a surgical procedure, so a surgical implant to give more structure on the jaw and the chin.”
    He also still looked somewhat chubbier with a pretty different face in lockdownCredit: Instagram
    Even by last summer, Liam could almost be a different personCredit: Instagram / Liam Payne More

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    Lewis Capaldi reveals fresh health battle months after shock Tourettes bombshell

    LEWIS Capaldi has revealed he’s battling Vertigo after cancelling European tour dates earlier this month.The Scots singer, 26, opened up on his latest health battle at Glasgow’s Everyman Cinema as part of a special screening for his upcoming Netflix documentary.
    Lewis Capaldi opened up about a new health condition in his new documentary
    The star spoke to fans personally at a screening in Glasgow
    Speaking to the lucky fans who were picked to attend, he said: “I’m alive and living. I’ve not been very well.
    “I’ve got vertigo. So I’m spinning but I’m smiling. I’m not dying so it’s good.
    “I did think I was for a couple of days but luckily I’m here.”
    The show, called Lewis Capaldi: How I’m Feeling Now, is more than seven years in the making.
    The musician, from Whitburn, West Lothian, signed a seven-figure deal with Netflix after recording his own journey, from working on hit debut album Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent, to putting together follow-up Broken By Desire to Be Heavenly Sent, due out in May.
    Directed by Joe Pearlman, who was behind the infamous 2018 documentary Bros: After The Screaming Stops, the programme comes after Lewis was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome last year.
    In candid scenes, the megastar is seen trying balance his fame with his desire for normalcy, while also dealing with the pressure to somehow eclipse his wildly successful first album amid increasingly difficult mental health issues.
    Lewis warned viewers that the documentary wouldn’t be as positive as they might expect.
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    But he thanked everyone for accepting him for who he is and backing the project, which launches on the streaming service on April 5.
    He added: “When I saw the first cut I thought it looked like a film where I die at the end.
    “Luckily things turned around and, as far as I’m aware, I don’t die at the end of this.
    “It’s pretty vulnerable. There’s a lot of things in the film that were beginning to be resolved that are now resolved.
    “It was a wake up call seeing the first draft. I was approached about it in 2019.
    “Things were going well, I hadn’t noticed a twitch affecting my life and my anxiety was under control.
    “Someone You Loved had been big and the album had done well and I thought the documentary would be the coolest.
    “I had these big shows booked for 2020 and I thought I’d look the business.
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    “Then Covid and all the rest of it happened and it became quite an intimate thing.”
    We pay for your stories and videos! Do you have a story or video for The Scottish Sun? Email us at or call 0141 420 5200 More

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    Huge Hollywood star splits from his girlfriend after five years

    HE is a regular on the “Sexiest Men Alive” lists and has long been lusted after by women and men alike.Sadly I am not referring to myself, but Colin Farrell, who admirers will be pleased to know is back on the market.
    Colin Farrell ended his five-year relationship with girlfriend Kelly MacNamara after his hectic work schedules pushed them apartCredit: Getty
    A source said: ‘Colin’s schedule took its toll on his relationship with Kelly and they quietly called it quits’Credit: Getty
    I’ve been told the Irish actor has ended his five-year relationship with girlfriend Kelly MacNamara after his hectic work schedules pushed them apart.
    A source said: “Colin is the man of the moment in film thanks to his role in The Banshees Of Inisherin.
    “He spent months working on that along with the last Batman blockbuster, where he played Penguin.
    “Colin’s schedule took its toll on his relationship with Kelly and they quietly called it quits.
    “There is no bad feeling between them but upholding a romantic relationship when your work schedule is so demanding became difficult to juggle.”
    Colin had been dating Kelly, who works as a PA for U2 guitarist The Edge, since 2017 but the pair have not been seen together for some time.
    He previously explained the difficulties of dating Kelly, saying: “My girlfriend, she travels a lot as well with work so often times we’re two ships passing in the night. But we make sure to find a port that we can, you know, rendezvous at.”
    Colin has always been coy about his love life but has dated actresses Lindsay Lohan and Carmen Electra. In 2003 he also had a fling with Britney Spears.
    Most read in Bizarre
    She said at the time: “Yes, I kissed him . . . He’s the cutest, hottest thing in the world — wooh! But it was nothing serious.”
    The Irish actor appeared to hint at a split from Kelly at the Golden Globes in January when he picked up the Best Actor gong from Bond girl Ana de Armas for his role in Banshees and appeared to flirt with her. 
    He said of her role as Marilyn Monroe in the biopic about her life, Blonde: “Ana, I just thought you were extraordinary. I cried myself to sleep the night I saw your film, Blonde. I cried myself to sleep.” As the audience laughed, he added: “Not a joke, but you’re welcome to laugh.”
    He has recently been working on eight-episode series The Penguin, a spin-off from 2022 film The Batman.
    In November he is expected to return to the character in the follow-up to The Batman, with Robert Pattinson back as the caped crusader.
    With all that work taking up his time this year, I doubt he will have too much time for dating.
    But as one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, I’m sure there will be no shortage of offers.
    Colin in The Banshees of InisherinCredit: Alamy
    Sza sizzles
    SZA counts Adele as one of her biggest fans – and she will have plenty more after this shoot.
    The American R&B singer posed in her underwear as part of a campaign for Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims.
    Sza poses in a photoshoot for Kim Kardashian’s Skims brandCredit: Instagram/Skims/Gregg swales
    She wrote on Instagram: ‘Feelin fine and comfy in my @Skims’Credit: Instagram/Skims/Gregg swales
    She wrote on Instagram: “Feelin fine and comfy in my @Skims.”
    Sza, whose real name is Solána Imani Rowe, released her second album, SOS, in December and it has now spent 14 weeks in the Top Ten.
    On Thursday she performed in Los Angeles on tour, where Adele and Kim along with Kylie Jenner and Justin and Hailey Bieber were seen dancing to her biggest hit Kill Bill.
    Afterwards she shared a photo on Instagram of cream flowers with a note saying: “Thank you for having us, love, Adele x.”
    Sza has worked with Rihanna, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, Justin Timberlake and Doja Cat.
    After this latest endorsement, even Adele will probably be clamouring for a collaboration.
    ABBA are re-releasing 50-year-old debut album Ring Ring.
    It came out in Sweden in 1973 when the band was called Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & Frida.
    Abba’s Ring Ring debut album is being released 50 years on
    Ring Ring came out in Sweden in 1973 when the band was called Bjorn & Benny, Agnetha & FridaCredit: Baillie Walsh
    They didn’t become to ABBA until second album Waterloo in 1974.
    The record and its singles are all being released on vinyl on May 19.
    Ring Ring’s title track was a No1 in Sweden and No32 here the following year. The album failed to chart in the UK.
    NETFLIX GIVE US A KISSA BIOPIC about the early years of KISS will be released on Netflix next year
    The group’s manager Doc McGhee said: “It’s a biopic about the first four years of Kiss. We’re just starting it now… That’s moving along and that’ll come in ’24.”
    The casting hasn’t been revealed for the movie yet, as Doc previously said he had no idea what actors were around to play younger versions of the band members Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer.
    He said: “For casting to be accurate in terms of age, we are looking at actors in their early 20s. Honestly, I don’t know a whole lot of actors in their early 20s.”
    Kiss, who have had hits including Crazy Crazy Nights and Detroit Rock City, formed in 1973 and will end their farewell tour with two final shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden on December 1 and 2.

    Regan’s role is the greatest
    PAUL GASCOIGNE was always one to make a song and dance on the pitch and now his son will be doing the same on stage.
    His youngest child Regan, who won TV’s Dancing On Ice last year, has been snapped up for the cast of Take That’s musical Greatest Days.
    Paul Gascoigne’s youngest child Regan has been snapped up for the cast of Take That’s musical Greatest DaysCredit: Rex
    The show, which features 15 Take That songs, will go on a tour of the UK and Ireland from May, with Regan playing one of the members of the fictional boyband which the show revolves around.
    He is joining Kym Marsh and her daughter Emilie Cunliffe, who will play older and younger versions of the character Rachel in the show.
    Regan’s casting is especially poignant given former England midfielder Gazza credited Take That’s Robbie Williams with helping him quit booze.
     Paul said in 2004: “Robbie and I have become good friends.
    “One of the nicest things he’s ever done was about six months ago. I had said to a paper during an interview that sometimes I find it tough trying to cope with things that I hadn’t ever done without the drink.
    “Robbie called me up and said ‘these things can be achieved, you’ve just got to face your challenges’.
    “I saw him the other day and thanked him face to face.”
    Missy goes with the Flo
    FLO picked up the Brits Rising Star Award and the BBC Sound of 2023 honour and now they have won the approval of a bonafide hip-hop icon.
    The new Brit girlband posed for this snap to promote their latest single Fly Girl, which samples Missy Elliott’s 2002 song Work It, and features a new verse from the US star.
    Missy Elliott said: ‘Working with Flo has been nothing less than amazing’Credit: Conor Cunningham
    Of the track and video, which were both released last night, Missy said: “Working with Flo has been nothing less than amazing.
    “A few of their fans sent me clips of their performances and I immediately felt the authentic nineties vibe. I loved the fact they all sang lead so well, so when I was asked to be a part of the record it was a no brainer.
    “They used the inspiration from my song Work It, and I felt they did it justice. I enjoyed it and I believe they have a long, great career ahead of them.”
    High praise indeed.

    ROD STEWART’s summer tour just got a whole lot more flamboyant as Boy George & Culture Club are joining him on the road.
    They will perform in Plymouth, Northampton and Durham in June then Bristol, Hull and Edinburgh in July, with Rod promising they will “misbehave.”
    Boy George said: “I’m a massive Rod Stewart fan. In 1974, when I was 13 years old, I bunked in for free to see Rod Stewart and The Faces at Lewisham Odeon, so I love that I am now able to support him on tour. He’s always been very charming to me.”

    LEMAR is back with new material after ten years.
    His new sound is more mature but his soulful voice sounds as good as ever.
    Read More on The Sun
    Lemar is back with new material after a decadeCredit: J. Hobbs / Angelic Media
    In an exclusive interview to celebrate today’s release of Page In My Heart the singer said: “I’d like to think my writing has grown up with me. Lyrically and topically, I would say things have progressed.
    “Sonically, maybe things have moved on, but I’d like to think that I’m the same artist underneath and hopefully my fans, people that are into me or people who are yet to discover me will be able to listen to my material from the beginning up until now, and still get a good sense of me over the years.” More

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    Carol Vorderman looks sensational as she shows off curves in tight gym gear

    CAROL Vorderman looked incredible as she flaunted her curves in a skin-tight gym two piece. The star, 62, looks sensational as she took to Instagram to share a clip of her during a workout.
    Carol flaunted her curvy figure in a figure-hugging navy lycra jumpsuitCredit: instagram
    The ex-Countdown star could be seen lifting weights as she walked through the parkCredit: instagram
    Carol flaunted her curvy figure in a figure-hugging navy lycra jumpsuit.
    She penned: “GYM with the boss Mel Deane. Starting to get a bit stronger now…I can’t stop smiling once I’ve had a good gym session….my steering wheel gets a battering too singing away on the way home!! Ha”
    The ex-Countdown star could be seen lifting weights as she walked through the park.
    Carol flashed a big smile as she enjoyed the intense workout with her personal trainer, before hitting the gym.
    Read More on Carol Vorderman
    The TV favourite looked in her element as she worked on her biceps with the large weights.
    Her fitness instructor can be heard in the background laughing at her as she jokes that he is mean for making her do such a hard workout.
    Carol also posted a snap of her in the gym that day as she trains her arms.
    She then showed off her toned physique and bottom as she got into the squat position.
    Most read in Showbiz
    In another video, Carol can be seen using the sled push which is a full-body exercise that targets the quads, glutes, hips, calves, hamstrings, core, triceps, chest and shoulders.
    Her personal trainer can be heard in the video motivating her to “keep going”.
    Carol also posted a snap of her in the gym that day as she trains her armsCredit: instagram
    She then showed off her toned physique and bottom as she got into the squat positionCredit: instagram More

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    Sugababes fans all say the same thing as Mutya Buena posts rare snap of her daughter on her 18th birthday

    SUGABABES singer Mutya Buena took to Instagram today to mark daughter Tahlia’s 18th birthday – leaving fans all saying the same thing. Proud Mutya, 37, shared a series of snaps of Tahlia, including one of the mother and daughter duo posing together.
    Mutya took to Instagram to mark daughter Tahlia’s 18th birthdayCredit: Instagram
    Fans couldn’t get over how much Tahlia looked like her famous mum in the snapsCredit: Instagram
    Mutya is back together with her Sugababes bandmates Keisha and SiobhanCredit: Getty
    The first Instagram photo showed the teenager posing for the camera, looking strikingly similar to her pop star parent.
    Push The Button hitmaker Mutya captioned her post: “Happy happy birthday PRINCESS I can not believe your 18. I have a whole BIG 18year old 😩😩😩😂🍾🥳.
    “I love u unconditionally to the moon and back over and over again ❤️❤️❤️
    “Ur a beautiful young lady and I can’t wait to see where your future takes you 🍾.
    More on Sugababes
    She signed off: “Loving u always bestie.”
    Fans rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts, with one writing: “NGL I thought this was you for a second.”
    Another said: “I thought I was looking at you.”
    Someone else commented: “She’s always been your mini-me.”
    Most read in Showbiz
    And a fourth added: “She looks just like you!”
    Mutya found fame with the Sugababes in 1998, scoring a string of number ones with hits like Freak Like Me, Round Round and Hole in the Head.
    The group famously saw multiple line-up changes over the years, with Mutya going solo in 2005.
    But she’s now back together with original founding members Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy and last year they hit the road for their first headline tour in two decades.
    In December they released the first Sugababes album since 2010 – The Lost Tapes – which rocketed to number two on the iTunes chart. More

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    How old is Jennifer Aniston and what’s her net worth?

    JENNIFER Aniston gained popularity in the ’90s as a result of her main role on Friends from 1994 to 2004.Since then the 54-year-old has become a household name whose fortune has grown, along with her fame.
    Jennifer Aniston has had a successful career in film and TVCredit: AFP – Getty
    What is Jennifer Aniston’s net worth?
    Jennifer Aniston was born in Los Angeles, California, on February 11, 1969.
    The actress, producer, and spokeswoman earns an estimated $20million per year from acting and endorsements.
    Since her Friends days, Aniston has continued acting in some of Hollywood’s biggest films.
    In 2020, she headed back to TV and was part of Apple TV’s The Morning Show, alongside Reese Witherspoon where they each earn an estimated $1.25million per episode.
    As of 2022, Celebrity Net Worth estimates Aniston’s net worth to be $320million.
    Who did Jennifer play in Friends?
    Aniston played the role of Rachel Greene in Friends.
    The role earned her a Primetime Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
    The character was widely popular and was later recognized as one of the greatest female characters in American television.
    Rachel’s top storylines included:

    Her on/off relationship with Ross Gellar
    Marrying Ross in Las Vegas
    Having a baby
    Having a fling with Joey Tribbiani

    Jennifer Aniston played Rachel Greene on the hit show, FriendsCredit: Getty
    What else has Jennifer Aniston starred in?
    Aniston has not slowed down since Friends and after the show wrapped up in 2004, she starred in multiple movies and guest-starred in TV shows.
    In 2008, she starred alongside Owen Wilson in the movie Marley & Me, a movie about a family learning important life lessons from their cute but naughty and neurotic dog.
    Her next big hit came in 2014 when she starred in We’re The Millers alongside Emma Roberts and Jason Sudeikis.
    Aniston has also starred in two movies with actor Adam Sandler, in 2011 the two starred in Just Go With It, and eight years later, reunited on screen in the movie Murder Mystery where they played husband and wife.
    Is Jennifer Aniston married?
    Aniston has been married twice so far.
    From 2000 to 2005, she tied the knot with actor and producer, Brad Pitt, after just two years of dating.
    Following her split from Pitt, Aniston went on to marry Justin Theroux. The two started dating in 2011 and then tied the knot in 2015. The marriage only lasted two years as the couple divorced in 2017.
    In August 2021, rumors started circulating that Aniston was dating fellow Friends star, David Schwimmer, after they reportedly got close during the filming of the big Reunion Show.
    Aniston has also been linked to A-list stars like John Mayer, Vince Vaughn, and Tate Donovan. More