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    Inside Heidi Range’s £5.3m London home with shrine to the Sugababes and husband’s Ferrari in the living room

    HEIDI Range’s is bidding farewell to her £5.3m London home after nine years of living in the incredible abode.It won’t be an easy move as the former Sugababes singer, 40, has shrine dedicated to her old band inside, as well as her husband Alex’s Ferrari in the living room.
    Heidi Range’s is bidding farewell to her £5.3m London homeCredit: Instagram
    She’s lived in the incredible abode for nine yearsCredit: INSTAGRAM/HEIDI RANGE
    Heidi revealed she’s selling the Fulham property in order to relocate to the Surrey countryside with her young family.
    She and property developer Alex share daughters, Aurelia, six, and Athena, two.
    They bought the converted laundry factory in 2015 and, just a couple of months ago, showed it off on ITVBe’s Abbey Clancy: Celebrity Homes.
    The Get Sexy songstress told The Sunday Times Magazine how it wasn’t love at first sight.
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    She said, “It was a concrete shell. The agent’s CGIs made it look like a bachelor’s loft, and I couldn’t see past that.”
    Alex added, “Heidi said, ‘I’ll consider it but the things I’d really like are a fireplace, a roll top bath and a chandelier.'”
    Following the purchase of the house, the couple embarked on a two-year renovation project and enlisted the expertise of interior designer Robert Young to assist in the transformation.
    Their vision involved reducing the ceiling height by 25cm and partitioning the open-plan layout into kitchen, dining room, and playroom areas.
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    When Heidi toured Abbey around her pad, she confessed she was against buying the building but her husband convinced her with a sketch of how the open-plan home could look.
    On entry to the plush home, a huge chandelier lights the way into the lounge area. Heidi said the fitting frustrated the movers because they couldn’t fit it through the main entrance.
    The living room area, where the family can relax and watch television, is decked out with three stylish and modern sofas in blue, pink, and grey with unique lamps on side tables beside them.
    Explaining the chic design, Heidi told Abbey: “Because it’s an open plan room we wanted to make different zones.”
    A huge floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet holds books, ornaments and one of Heidi’s priced possessions – the Brit Award she won with the Sugababes in 2003.
    An angel ornament she took from her late grandmother’s garden sits on top of the cabinet and an emotional Heidi explained she placed the figurine up high as she believes her gran watches over the home.
    Below the bookcase is one of the house’s most distinctive features – a red vintage Ferrari that sits inside a glass case.
    Heidi joked that she never drives it as she “doesn’t want to be responsible” should anything happen to it.
    A second zone of the vast room is a play den for her two kids with a collection of colourful toys and a rail of dressing up clothes overlooked by a huge painting of a tiger on the wall.
    Liverpudlian Heidi described her interior style is “fun” and said she enjoys bold colours and prints. The open space allows her to keep an eye on her kids when they’re playing, she said.
    Heidi’s stylish kitchen is decked out with a long row of dark grey cabinets with glass doors and internal lighting.
    Slatted blinds cover the windows and portraits of the family are lined up on the window sill. The unique triangular island in the centre proved a nightmare to source.
    She said: “We struggled to get that made because what we wanted to do was regulate the space of the living room and what we were left with was a triangle for the kitchen.
    “We went to quite a few places that did not want to make the island in that shape. They said it wouldn’t work.” 
    To help bring her vision to life, Heidi enlisted the help of an interior designer.
    “They obviously know things you would never ever think of,” she said .
    “Like this is a really angular-shaped building so they said, ‘You’d want to get many rounded objects into the house to soften it.’
    “Which is why we’ve got all rounded lamps, and we’ve got a lot of round mirrors and it really does have that effect, which is something I would never know.” 
    The quirkiness extends to the dining area, where the table is made of two wooden doors. Heidi said she bought the furniture from a warehouse in Spain, where her parents-in-law live.
    Upstairs, Heidi revealed the ultimate shrine to her former life as a pop star – a dedicated wall that pays homage to the girl band’s hitmaking days featuring plaques, posters, and sold-out tour memorabilia.
    After she joined in 2001, following the departure of original member Siobhan Donaghy, the group scored six number-one hits, and sold millions of albums across Europe and Australia.
    The group, which includes Keisha Buchanan and Mutya Buena, recently reformed with its original lineup.
    Moving to the couple’s bedroom, Heidi told Abbey she opted for a minimalist feel as there are so many “trinkets” and pieces in the rest of the house.
    The couple’s bed features a huge floor-to-ceiling headboard and a pink chaise sofa sits in one corner.
    The bathroom has a black-and-white theme, which Heidi said was chosen in tribute to the Savoy Hotel where they spend their wedding anniversaries.
    Next to the bathroom is a dressing room where Heidi keeps the stunning wedding gown she wore to tie the knot with Alex in Florence, Italy in 2016.
    Daughter Aurelia’s has a fairy-themed bedroom which Heidi revealed is the room she dreamed of when growing up.
    Unusually, Heidi’s laundry and utility room is a upstairs, away from the kitchen.
    On the third floor is a the least completed room of the house, with a bar and a comfy sofa, which Heidi describes as the “adult space.”
    “Alex and I love coming up here to watch a film,” she said. “We would bring a pizza and a bottle of wine.”  
    Heidi’s selling the Fulham property in order to relocate to the Surrey countrysideCredit: ITV
    She has shrine dedicated to the Sugababes insideCredit: SUPPLIED
    Her husband’s Ferrari sits in the living roomCredit: ITV
    Heidi’s bathroom follows an all-black designCredit: SUPPLIED
    She showed it off on ITVBe’s Abbey Clancy: Celebrity HomesCredit: SUPPLIED
    Heidi bought the converted laundry factory in 2015Credit: ITV More

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    Radio 1 in another shock shake up as Mollie King and Matt Edmonson switch shows – after Jordan North’s exit

    THEY’VE proved a powerful partnership after joining the BBC Radio 1 presenting team back in 2018.And now Mollie King, 36, and Matt Edmonson, 38, are being rewarded for their success with a brand new slot.
    Mollie King and Matt Edmondson are being bumped up to weekday afternoon hosts of the BBC Radio 1 after covering the breakfast show on weekends
    The pair first teamed up in 2018Credit: Instagram
    The Sun can exclusively reveal the pair are taking over from Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth on the afternoon show which airs from 1-3pm from Monday to Thursday.
    Insider said Saturday’s singer Mollie and comedian Matt’s new roles would be announced in the coming days.
    A source said: “Mollie and Matt have been massively popular in their afternoon slot from Friday to Sunday and now they’re being moved to Monday to Thursday.
    “It’s huge for them after grafting over the weekend for so long and they were thrilled when they were told.
    “Dean and Vicky are staying at the station and will be moved onto a new slot too.
    “It’s a really exciting time at Radio 1 with new talent coming through, especially with Jamie Laing taking over Drive Time from Jordan North.”
    Earlier today it was revealed Mollie would be cycling 500 miles from London to her late dad’s hometown of Hull to raise money for Comic Relief.
    The Sun confirmed how Jordan was leaving Radio 1 to join Capital FM earlier this month.
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    Announcing Jamie as his replacement where he would host Drive alongside Vick Hope, Head of Radio 1 Aled Haydn Jones said: “I’m so excited to officially welcome Jamie to the Radio 1 family.
    “From his hugely popular BBC podcast to his appearances on the network, our young audiences have loved him.
    Xtra Factor’s Matt Edmondson gets burned by Katie Price put down on live show
    “His infectious energy and love for music and culture will bring an exciting new element to Drivetime, I can’t wait for people to hear all of the exciting new ideas Vick and Jamie have lined up.”
    Aled added: “Jordan has been an amazing presenter and a valued colleague at Radio 1, and I’m so proud of his journey with us.
    “He has always connected with the Radio 1 audience through his shows and projects, as witnessed by the huge amount of money raised for Comic Relief during his rowing trip from London to Burnley.” More

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    Horrifying moment ‘out of control’ Katie Price quizzes fans on sex lives and demands they SPIT at each other

    KATIE Price has been accused of being ‘out of control’ during a very rowdy night out recently.The 45-year-old, who was joined by Chloe Ferry, shocked club goers as her public appearance turned very chaotic and she called people on stage to participate in a bizarre and explicit game in order to win free drinks.
    Katie Price got up on stage during a very chaotic club night
    Katie hit the club with Chloe FerryCredit: Instagram
    The star was enjoying calling people up on the stage
    The mum-of-five appeared bleary eyed as she stormed the stage at The Arch Bar and Nightclub in Neath, South Wales on Saturday night.
    After attempting to sing, but struggling to remember any words, Katie decided to pull fans up on stage.
    She then proceeded to pair them off with each other – while demanding to know about their sex lives.
    At one point she called out a lad for looking nervous, asking him: “Are you a virgin?”
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    She then badgered a 19-year-old to pair up with a 38-year-old woman, questioning: “Have you ever been with an older woman before.”
    Katie then tries to get them to play a game, starting with them ‘spitting’ in each other’s mouths.
    The star, who was thought to have stopped drinking alcohol, offered to have a drink with the winning pair.
    One of the clubbers decided he didn’t want to get involved and she shouted at him: “If you are not going to spit, get off the stage.”
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    Another boy then decides to dive off the stage, landing on top of another gobsmacked lad.
    Watch the moment boozy Katie Price grabs the mic and serenades nightclub crowd – as fans complain ‘it was so bad I left’
    Security had to step in as others stormed the stage and it descended into even more chaos.
    The person sharing the video, commented: “She get booked to do a guest appearance, turn up somewhere around midnight sing one or two lines of a couple of songs, zone out and forget the song lines, I’m not being harsh here, they were dance songs, there ain’t a lot of words and it’s usually just repeating them over and over.
    “After a flopped dunked karaoke with no tv, she gets drunk people on stage to play a game where they, I don’t know, I think they were meant to feel each other up or something for drinks?
    “Anyways, it went as well as expected, eventually losing control of the fans on stage.”
    Katie has recently started hitting the club scene again following her split from Carl Woods.
    She was seen canoodling new man JJ Slater on a recent night out.
    Katie has gone public with her new man JJCredit: InstagramEverything you need to know about Katie Price More

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    Cable Street is an ambitious musical with a valuable history lesson and message of hope… it couldn’t be more topical

    IT could hardly be more topical – a musical about extremism, racial intolerance and the politics of hate.With anti-Semitism rife, communities polarised and far-right politicians emboldened, some draw parallels with the horrors of Nazi Germany in the 1930s.
    This brave new show at Southwark Playhouse tells a powerful story about the day the working people of East London stood up to fascismCredit: Jane Hobson
    The show has a versatile cast, intertwining characters and inventive stagingCredit: Jane Hobson
    But we sometimes need reminding that Hitler’s warped ideology had a foothold in Britain, too.
    And this brave new show at Southwark Playhouse in Borough, south London tells a powerful story about the day the working people of East London stood up to fascism.
    The Battle of Cable Street was a pivotal moment in the capital’s history.
    On a sunny Sunday, October 4, 1936, Oswald Mosley’s British Union of Fascists planned to march through the East End, which had a large Jewish population. 
    Mosley’s Blackshirts blamed Jews for the lack of jobs and rising rents, and intended their march as a rallying cry to the nation.
    But a 100,000-strong alliance of Jews, Irish immigrants, activists and dockers vowed “They Shall Not Pass” and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in defiance, pushing Mosley’s mob back into humiliating retreat.
    This ambitious new musical by Tim Gilvin and Alex Kanefsky, directed by Adam Lenson, focuses on three young Eastenders and their families – jobless Jewish ex-boxer Sammy, fiery Irish communist Mairaid and disaffected Northerner Ron, seduced by fascism after his move to London in search of a better life proves fruitless.
    The build-up to the march, with Blackshirts preying on distrust and enemies living as neighbours – plus a simmering love between Sammy and Mairaid – make for a compelling story.
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    The barricaded streets, rousing songs and storyline of defiance against oppression will inevitably draw comparisons with musical titan Les MiserablesCredit: Jane Hobson
    The three principal actors (Joshua Ginsberg, Sha Dessi and Danny Colligan) excel in their roles and many of the 11-strong cast play multiple characters, seamlessly switching between freedom fighter and fear-spreading fascist.
    The barricaded streets, rousing songs and storyline of defiance against oppression will inevitably draw comparisons with musical titan Les Miserables.
    Fury as police bow down to anti-Israel mob at Parliament with protesters projecting inflammatory slogan
    But, with a couple of exceptions (Bread and Roses, No Pasaran), the songs don’t quite match the quality of the performances.
    There’s an odd mix of musical genres – from big show tunes to Sammy’s Hamilton-style rapping and the odd Cockney knees-up – which don’t always sit well together.
    But the versatile cast, intertwining characters and inventive staging – all cleverly framed in the context of a modern-day tour group being shown around the East End – provide a valuable history lesson and ultimately, a welcome message of hope.
    At Southwark Playhouse, Borough, until March 16. Visit
    Cable Street
    Southwark Playhouse, London
    The Battle of Cable Street was a pivotal moment in the capital’s history More

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    Peter Andre fans can’t believe how old the singer is as he marks big birthday – and reveals how he’s celebrating

    PETER Andre fans couldn’t believe how old he is as he celebrates a significant birthday, and shares his plans for the big day.Loved ones took to social media to wish The Mysterious Girl Singer a happy 51st birthday.
    Peter Andre fans couldn’t believe his real ageCredit: PA:Press Association/PA Images
    The star turned 51 todayCredit: Phil Richards – The Sun
    Peter’s daughter Princess posted a story for her dad on Instagram.
    The 16-year-old shared a sweet snap where she cosied up to her dad. Princess captioned the picture: “Happy Birthday Dad, I love you so much.”
    Peter’s son Junior also took to Instagram with a father-son selfie and captioned the post: “Happy Birthday dad, love you unconditionally.”
    Fans were quick to send their birthday wishes to Peter with one fan commenting: “Happy Birthday for today @peterandre my birthday twin!”
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    Another added: “Happy Birthday lovely.”
    Some fans were surprised by his age with one fan commenting: “I can’t believe you’re 51 already you still look so young!”
    About his birthday plans, Peter wrote in his New Magazine column: “Emily and I celebrated at the weekend but my actual birthday on Tuesday will be a low-key event.
    “The kids, Emily and I are all going out for dinner to mark the occasion and I’ve left it up to them to decide where we go.
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    “I don’t mind as long as we’re all together and then we’ll come home and take it easy.
    “Things are a little different to last year – for my 50th we went to Dubai – but obviously we’ve got the baby coming in a few weeks. That’s the greatest present I could ever ask for!”
    Peter Andre reveals what gender he really wants as Emily prepares to give birth to their third child
    Peter who currently has four kids is about to be a father to a newborn again.
    He shares two kids with his wife Emily, Amelia, nine, and Theo, six.
    He shares Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, with his ex-wife, Katie Price.
    Emily and Peter announced they were expecting a baby last October.
    As Emily’s baby bump grows, Peter has been attempting to empathise with her. Most recently, he strapped melons to his body to experience the sensation of pregnancy and better understand his wife’s perspective.
    Fans found the comical Instagram skit hilarious.
    One fan commented: “Haha I love it….cheered my morning up. Peter well done for giving it a go.”
    Another added: “Never laughed so much for ages- what a good sport you are Peter.”
    Peter made an Instagram skit to better understand his wife’s pregnancyCredit: peterandre/Instagram..
    He’s best known for his hit song Mysterious Girl
    Peter and Katie Price used to be an itemCredit: Getty More

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    Bianca Censori goes without underwear in totally see-through tights at swanky Paris boutique with husband Kanye West

    BIANCA Censori has been spotted wearing sheer tights while on a recent shopping trip in Paris.The former Yeezy architectural designer appeared to be without underwear as she visited a boutique with her husband Kanye West, 46.
    Bianca Censori wore see-through tights and opted to go braless during a recent shopping trip with Kanye WestCredit:
    The two were seen browsing around a boutique in Paris as Bianca’s revealing look was on full displayCredit:
    Bianca, 29, paired her see-through tights with a long-sleeved blue top, which she opted to go braless under.
    She finished off her look with a pair of heels and chose to slick her dark hair back for the outing.
    Kanye was seen wearing an all-black ensemble consisting of a hooded jacket, sweatpants, and gloves.
    The artist has been in Paris promoting his new Vultures Volume 1 album, which was released earlier this month.

    Bianca – who tied the knot with the rapper in December 2022 – has become known for wearing see-through garments.
    The Australian native has been spotted wearing tiny body suits, small pieces of fabric, and sometimes no clothes at all while out in public.
    Bianca even sparked controversy while spending time in Europe last year, as many locals deemed her outfit choices inappropriate.
    One person who hasn’t been on board with Bianca’s looks, however, is her husband’s ex-wife, Kim Kardashian.
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    Earlier this month, Kim demanded that Bianca cover up around her and Kanye’s four kids: North, 10; Saint, eight; Chicago, six; and Psalm, four.
    “Kim instructed Kanye to never let Bianca dress like that around their kids,” a source told The Daily Mail.
    “She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that.”
    The demands came soon after her eldest daughter doodled a naked drawing of her stepmother.
    The Hulu star shared a photo of her daughter’s notebook on TikTok where North had written several things she was grateful for that day.
    Underneath, she listed several things about her father’s new album, Vultures I, including one of his songs, Carnival.
    After the list, North drew her rendition of the album cover and depicted her stepmom facing the wall completely naked and sporting a teeny tiny thong.
    It seemed as if Bianca had listened to Kim’s demands, as soon after, she was seen walking with North in Los Angeles in a more modest outfit.
    Instead of her typical sexy look, Bianca was wearing a full-coverage black leather trench coat and tall black boots.
    She appeared to dress more appropriately in the presence of her stepdaughter.
    Bianca’s revealing outfits were previously deemed as ‘inappropriate’ as she spent time in Europe with Kanye last yearCredit:
    Kanye’s ex Kim Kardashian recently demanded that Bianca be more covered up when spending time with her four childrenCredit: Instagram/ ARKANGEL
    Bianca wore a more concealed look consisting of a long trench and boots when spending time with Kim and Kanye’s oldest child, NorthCredit: Yeezy Mafia/Instagram/@angelinacensori
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    Miranda Kerr gives birth to her fourth son, her third with Snapchat founder husband Evan Spiegel

    MIRANDA Kerr has welcomed a baby boy with her husband, Evan Spiegel.The couple announced the happy news on Snapchat.
    Miranda Kerr welcomed her fourth son – her third with her husband, Evan SpiegelCredit: Getty
    The couple revealed in September that they were expecting by Miranda posting photos of her developing baby bumpCredit: Instagram/mirandakerr
    In the post, the couple announced they named their son Pierre Kerr Spiegel.
    This is Miranda’s fourth child – her third with the Snapchat founder.
    The duo share two sons: Myles, three, and Hart, five, while Miranda, 40, is also a mother to a 12-year-old son, Flynn, with her ex-husband, Orlando Bloom, 47.
    Miranda and Evan, 33, announced in September that they were expecting via Snapchat.

    The Victoria’s Secret model posted photos of her standing in the yard, showing off her developing baby bump in jeans and a white crop top.
    “So excited to announce baby no. 4,” she wrote over one photo and added that she was having a boy.
    In a second snap, Miranda captured a pic of four pairs of white shoes lined up against a wall – one pair being tiny infant shoes.
    “Boy mom,” the beauty mogul captioned the photo.
    Most read in Celebrity
    Miranda previously opened up to People about life as a mom.
    “I feel very grateful to have three kindhearted, good mannered boys,” she told the outlet.
    Miranda Kerr gushes she’s ‘so happy’ ex-husband Orlando Bloom is with Katy Perry and is ‘grateful’ the couple found love
    “They’re always like, ‘I love you, Mommy. I love you.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, I love you more.’ And then they start saying, ‘I love you more,’ and I’m like, ‘Not possible.'”
    “Now they’re saying to me, ‘Not possible,’ so it’s funny how they mimic what you do, and actually, the thing about kids is they actually follow your actions,” Miranda added.
    She also gushed about having all boys in a 2022 interview with Vogue Australia.
    “I just love being a mother and I always wanted three boys, so I feel really blessed that I have three healthy boys,” she said.
    Also, a part of Miranda’s blended family is her ex-Orlando’s three-year-old daughter Daisy, whom the actor shares with his girlfriend, Katy Perry, 39.
    Miranda shared how happy she was for her ex upon learning he and Katy were expecting during a 2020 appearance on the Drew Barrymore show.
    “I adore Katy, and I just feel so happy that Orlando has found someone that makes his heart so happy, because at the end of the day, for Flynn to have a happy father and a happy mother is just the most important thing,” the Australian model said.
    “I’m just so grateful that Orlando and Katy found each other, and I’m so grateful that I found my incredible husband and just that we all really respect each other.”
    Miranda and Orlando were married from 2010 until 2013.
    She tied the knot with Evan in 2017.
    Miranda shared the baby boy’s name on SnapchatCredit: Snapchat/Miranda Kerr
    She also revealed that the baby was a boy in the Snapchat postsCredit: Snapchat
    Miranda and Evan also share sons Myles and HartCredit: Getty More

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    Inside Mick Jagger’s childhood home where he first met Keith Richards – as it’s now been transformed

    MICK Jagger’s childhood home, where he first met fellow band member Keith Richards, looks unrecognisable. The half-a-million pound Kent pad has been completely gutted from the inside in a pricey transformation ahead of it being put on the market.
    Mick Jagger’s childhood home, that he lived in when he met bandmate Keith Richards, has been transformedCredit: Getty
    The property in Kent sold for half-a-million poundsCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    The inside is filled with grey carpets and furnishingsCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    Rolling Stones legend Jagger, 80, moved into the 1930’s four-bed property shortly after his birth in 1943.
    The lead vocalist was known in the Dartford area for doing exercise in the tiny front garden with his PE teacher dad.
    The house recently sold for £512,000 – doubling in value in just ten years – and looks completely different.
    All of the interior is either painted white or grey, with grey carpets, furnishing and wallpaper to match.
    read more on mick jagger
    One of the only original features left is the pretty stained glass in the hallway window.
    Farrah Ohue, who moved into Jagger’s old home last year, said she often sees people outside snapping pictures.
    She said: “I had to get used to seeing people stopping and taking pictures of the house.
    “I am more surprised about how many people know about it. For us it feels like a normal house.
    Most read in Showbiz
    “We always get asked about it by delivery men.
    “It is a talking point. It is more of a quirk, a thing we can tell people.”
    Rolling Stones launch their first song ‘Angry’ from latest album new album Hackney Diamonds
    Farrah, who lives with her husband and daughter, said the estate agent did tell them about the former celeb owner – but that wasn’t why they decided to move in.
    During his youth, Jagger attended Wentworth Primary School in the town.
    He soon became classmates with a boy named Keith Richards in the September of 1950.
    Four years later, the Jagger family moved to nearby Wilmington.
    Brief history of the Rolling StonesTHE ROLLING STONES have been hailed as one of the greatest rock bands ever.
    The Rolling Stones are an English rock band.
    They formed in London in 1962 and over the years were hailed.
    Currently, The Rolling Stones band consists of original members Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, along with late-joiner Ronnie Wood and now Bill Wyman yet again.
    The Rolling Stones have remained active into the 2020s, releasing close to thirty studio albums throughout their decades-long career.
    In 2021, they prepped a new box set for their album Tattoo You, – released in August 1981 – as a way to celebrate its 40th anniversary.
    On March 14, 2022, the band announced their summer ‘European Sixty’ tour via Twitter.
    The tour kicked off at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid, Spain, on June 1, and will wrap up with a July 31 show at Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden.
    In 2021, the Rolling Stones became the highest-earning live act beating Taylor Swift.
    And last year, they released a new album.

    Jagger changed schools to Dartford Grammer and lost touch with Richards.
    But fate soon took its course.
    As teenagers, Jagger and Richards met again on the platform of Dartford railway station in October 1961.
    Richards struck up a conversation about the Chuck Berry and Muddy Waters records he was carrying at the time, and the rest is history.
    The Rolling Stones went on to sell 200 million records.
    The new owners bought it for £512,000Credit: Rightmove/TNG
    A nine-year-old Mick Jagger when he attended Wentworth Primary SchoolCredit: Getty
    The only original feature left is the stain glass window in the hallwayCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    Jagger met Keith Richards as a child while living in the homeCredit: Getty
    The pad was gutted from the inside and made more modernCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    One of the bedrooms has an ensuiteCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    The back garden has been decked outCredit: Rightmove/TNG
    The bathroom now has a walk-in showerCredit: Rightmove/TNG More