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    Moment Taylor Swift’s dad Scott clashes with photographer as he’s accused of punching him after stepping off superyacht

    TAYLOR Swift’s dad is said to have clashed with a photographer as he was stepping off a superyacht with his daughter.Cops are investigating allegations of assault against Scott Swift, 71, that happened at Neutral Bay Wharf in Sydney after the singer’s last night of the Eras Tour in Australia.
    The singer’s dad was accused of assaulting a photographer after the end of the concert in SydneyCredit: 9News
    The singer was pictured getting into a vehicle with her entourageCredit: 9News
    The photographer alleged Scott Swift (L) assaulted him in the early hours of the morningCredit: Getty
    The alleged assault happened at Neutral Bay Wharf in Sydney early this morningCredit: 9News
    Chief executive of Matrix Media Group Ben McDonald, 51, told police that Swift punched him in the face hours after the concert as the singer was returning to her hotel. 
    The veteran paparazzo said he decided to report the attack to police despite not being seriously injured.
    He said: “It was just a punch in the chops. Its a little tender, but I dont have any bruising and it didnt require medical assistance.”
    “In 23 years, I haven’t been assaulted and punched in the chops, particularly by the talents’ dad,” he added.
    Meanwhile, the star’s representative released a statement accusing members of the media of aggression during the interaction.
    It read: “Two individuals were aggressively pushing their way towards Taylor, grabbing at her security personnel, and threatening to throw a female staff member into the water.”
    The New South Wale Police Force media office confirmed that police were investigating the alleged assault of a 51-year-old man by a 71-year-old man at 2:30 a.m.
    Taylor Swift left the country on a private jet Tuesday, after more than 600,000 fans saw the Australian leg of her Eras Tour at seven Australian stadium concerts.
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    McDonald said media had been waiting to photograph the star as she walked with her entourage from a jetty to two waiting cars.
    He said: “There were about four or five security there and at one point, one of the American security started shoving his umbrella into me and my camera and then Taylor got in her car.
    “Someone else came running at me and punched me in the left side of my face.
    “Initially, I thought it was an Australian security that was trying to be the hero of the moment in the front of the Americans, but as it turned out it was her father.”
    McDonald said he realized that his alleged assailant was not a part of the security detail after seeing a photo of him holding Swifts’ hand while reviewing photos from the evening.
    He later identified Scott Swift from an online picture.
    He added: “We didnt go rushing down the jetty. We didnt go rushing to the back of the boat. We waited for her to come up. Kept it very civil.
    “But no, they had to be (expletives) and put the umbrellas up and umbrellas over her and then shove the umbrellas into our faces and then make out that were the ones making contact with them” he added.
    Taylor’s dad, known among her fans as “Papa Swift”, as he often hands out sandwiches, fruit, guitar picks and VIP passes to young members of his daughter’s audiences.
    After a career as a financial adviser, Scott Swift is now a regular at his daughter’s gigs and public appearances — including this month’s Super Bowl in Las Vegas.
    Taylor Swift is currently on her blockbuster worldwide Eras Tour, and has now left Australia for Singapore, where she will play to more than 300,000 fans during six sold-out dates at the National Stadium.
    The pop star pictured with her dad ScottCredit: Getty More

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    Kerry Katona’s changing face after ‘Elephant Man’ facial left her fearing for life & nose ‘collapsed’ from cocaine hell

    KERRY Katona has never been one to shy away from the odd nip and tuck – and is refreshingly honest about her procedures.Now the former Atomic Kitten star, 43, has revealed she will go under the knife once again for a nose job.
    Kerry, pictured in 1999, as she burst onto the pop scene in Atomic KittenCredit: Alpha Press
    The star showed off the results of facial surgery on a recent holidayCredit: BackGrid
    With characteristic openness she told readers of her OK! column she needed an eight hour op to repair damage caused by years of cocaine use during her marriage to Mark Croft, from 2007 to 2011.
    She wrote: “I’m waiting for a date from Pall Mall for the reconstructive surgery I need for my nose, due to past cocaine abuse.
    “They’re going to use a piece of bone from my rib to repair it. Hopefully, that will be any day now.”
    The mum-of-five now, who now rakes in the cash from her OnlyFans account, also revealed doctors told her her nose was “collapsing” during a consultation for an eye lift, which she underwent in January.
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    Here we look at the star’s changing face – from fresh-faced pop singer to the latest £3,000 tweakment.
    First cut
    Kerry rose to fame as part of girl group Atomic Kitten, in 1998, but she quit two years later after falling pregnant with her first child, Molly, with Westlife star Brian McFadden.
    Four week’s later the group’s remixed single, Whole Again, became a smash hit.
    Kerry, who went on to have four more kids, has struggled with drug addiction and alcohol abuse in the past.
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    Kerry as a fresh-faced 15-year-oldCredit: Collect
    The singer with bandmates Natasha Hamilton and Liz McClarnon in 2000Credit: Rex
    She first went under the knife in 2004 for a boob job, and again in 2008 for another breast enhancement and liposuction.
    Botox and fillers
    In 2010 she also revealed she had tried to turn back time with some facial tweaks.
    Kerry Katona shows off her new face ten days after undergoing painful eyelid surgery
    She wrote: “I got some Botox on my forehead, then I had fillers in my cheeks and stuff in my upper lip to make my lip look thicker.”
    The procedures were estimated to have cost around £1,500.
    Kerry admitted to having Botox and fillers in 2010Credit: PA:Press Association
    Kerry’s smooth skin in 2011 after BotoxCredit: Rex
    Vampire reaction
    Kerry was bitten by the vampire facial bug in 2013, and feared she would die after a shocking reaction to the procedure, popularised by Kim Kardashian.
    The treatment, which involves injections of your own blood, was advertised as a way to make skin tighter and more youthful.
    But after the £600 injections, Kerry’s face blew up and she was left bruised and puffy.
    She said the facial left her looking “like the Elephant Man”, telling the Mirror: “I didn’t want to fall asleep because I was scared I would never wake up!”
    The star regretted her vampire facialCredit: SUNDAY MIRROR
    She was left looking bruised and bloatedCredit: SUNDAY MIRROR
    Package deal row
    In 2019 Kerry sparked outrage by endorsing a ‘Katona Package’ at a London clinic offering “2ml face filler and one area fat dissolving” for £699.
    She said she was backing the promotion after receiving “so many positive and kind comments” about her own looks after treatment.  
    One furious fan wrote she should be “promoting self-worth, not plastic surgery deals,” adding: “How about an exercise and healthy eating ad instead?”
    Kerry was slammed for promoting a £700 package
    Kerry posts a snap in 2018Credit: Instagram
    40th birthday treat-ment
    When the mum-of-five approached her 40th in 2019, she celebrated with fillers and fat-dissolving injections in her chin to “enhance my natural beauty”.
    She said: “I’m 40 next year and just had a full M.O.T on me face!!! And I’m loving the results… thank you ladies [sic].”
    Kerry added she was gearing up to be trolled over the makeover, which cost an estimated £600, but added it was “no different to wearing heavy make-up if done properly”.
    Kerry is treated by the Harley ClinicCredit: Instagram
    Kerry thought she ‘looks like Mick Jagger’ after having lip fillersCredit: Instagram
    In the same week she showed off her lip fillers, joking she “looked like Mick Jagger”.
    She added: “Only a tiny, tiny, tiny bit of filler, but I love it.
    “I had them done a year and a half ago at the Belle Aesthetic Clinic and when they gave me the opportunity to re-do them, I jumped at the chance.”
    ‘Brand new face’
    Fat was removed from her chin in the procedure
    Kerry, pictured in 2022, said she wanted the treatment for a ‘double chin’Credit: Rex
    Two years later Kerry joked she’d got a “brand new face” after a procedure called CoolSculpting, which freezes fat cells under the skin and destroys them.
    She had some fat removed from her chin and Botox injections.
    Once again on the defensive, she told her Instagram followers: “I am a 41-year-old woman to be fair, I’m at the right age to get tweaks and do stuff like that.
    “When people say you’re not a good role model – I’m 41!
    “You get to a certain age and you want to look… It’s like when you get your car fixed, you want fine-tuning.”
    She later added: “I’ve got a brand new face.”
    Kerry was “blown away” by the results of her non-invasive faceliftCredit: Instagram/@kerrykatona7
    Kerry poses in a wig in 2023Credit: Instagram
    In 2023, the TV star revealed a tighter jawline after treating herself to a “non-invasive facelift”.
    She showed off before and after pics with the caption: “So b****y impressed!! Had so many messages from all you guys asking what I’ve had done!!
    “If you want to embrace your own beauty… less is more, and non surgical treatments like the transformations facelift use only non invasive, medical doctor only facial machines, with no downtime, no surgery and long lasting results.”
    She added: “I honestly get so scared when it comes to messing with my face as many can go completely over the top with it, and I’m at an age when I feel it’s ok to have tweaks done here and there, and I am so blown away by the results of this!”
    Eye lift
    The star reveals her stitches after the gruelling surgeryCredit: BackGrid
    She could hardly open her eyes a few days laterCredit: BackGrid
    Kerry’s most recent surgery was a much more invasive eye lift and brow lift in January, at a cost of over £3,000.
    Writing two months before in her OK! column, she said: “I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to get an eye lift.
    “They’re so heavy they’re hanging over my eyes. Why not, I’m 43, I’m entitled.”
    She admitted she was anxious about going under the knife once more, adding: “I’m s******g myself. I’m really nervous, but I’m looking forward to having it done.
    “I’m going to Pall Mall Medical and they’ve been really great, so it’s exciting. I think the recovery period is 10 days and I won’t be able to drive during that time.”
    She was pictured a few days after the op outside the clinic, and seemed unable to open her eyes.
    Earlier this month she showed off the results of the work – and her three stone weight loss – on a holiday with fiancé Ryan Mahoney in Spain.
    Kerry in a recent snapCredit: instagram
    ‘Collapsing nose’
    During the consultation for the eye lift she was told her nose was “collapsing” – so she’s now opted to go under the knife again.
    She updated fans in a video on her social media, saying: “We’re all very aware that I’ve done drugs in the past, 15 years ago now, and [Pall Mall’s Doctor Raghavan] said to me, ‘Have you ever had a nose job?’ I said ‘no’ and then he went, ‘Your nose is collapsing’.”
    She said she had turned down the offer of a reconstruction years before because she wanted the damage as “a reminder never to touch [drugs] again”.
    But she burst into tears at the new advice “because it’s like a massive 360 to where I was to where I am now”.
    “Obviously I don’t do drugs any more, I’ve turned my life round and I’m very very proud of myself,” she said.
    “We all make mistakes, you know, and I think this is a reward just to me to get it fixed, but I’m scared.”
    Kerry revealed she is now getting nose surgery to repair drug damageCredit: instagram/@kerrykatona7
    She gets emotional as she reveals her nose is ‘collapsing’Credit: instagram/@kerrykatona7
    Kerry looking playful in 2002 as she picked up a Celebrity Mum of the Year awardCredit: Rex More

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    Katie Price ‘snubbed’ by arch nemesis after she makes public attempt to end decades-long feud with bitter rival

    KATIE Price has reached out to her arch nemesis Jodie Marsh in an attempt to put their bitter decades-long feud behind them.For over 20 years, 90s glamour models Katie, 45, and Jodie, also 45, have clashed over men, sex, fame and even horses.
    Katie Price has held out an olive branch to arch nemesis Jodie MarshCredit: instagram/@thekatiepriceshow
    Jodie, pictured, and Katie have clashed many times over the yearsCredit: Instagram @jodiemarshtv
    Katie wants to team up with Jodie for an OnlyFans shootCredit: Instagram
    But mum-of-five Katie appeared to hold out an olive branch as she proposed they team up for an OnlyFans shoot together.
    She told listeners on the Katie Price Show podcast: “I’ve never had a problem with her [Jodie] and I always say to people, we’d probably get on because we both love animals, horses.
    “We’ve both been through the mill.
    “I don’t actually have a problem with her and never had and if she reached out.
    “Imagine if me and her did an OnlyFans shoot, that would be one for the thing wouldn’t it.
    “I wouldn’t rule that out, if Jodie wanted to do an OnlyFans shoot.”
    Katie captioned it: “Come on Jodie Marsh, what do you think?”
    But eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that TV personality Jodie did not respond to her plea.
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    One wrote: “Why would she after everything you said about her? I hope she keeps a dignified silence on this one.”
    Katie Price breaks silence after holiday with MAFS star JJ Slater – but reveals he SNUBBED her on Valentine’s Day
    A second posted: “Katie, you slagged her off in your book Harvey and me. You can’t say you never had a problem with her as your book says different.”
    “Trying to rewrite history again. Katie has slagged Jodie off over the years,” this follower commented.
    Another added: “Leave Jodie alone, she has a good job.”
    Back in 2021, Katie reopened old wounds by branding her nemesis “the lowest of the low” in her book.
    Katie revealed in her autobiography that she was furious with Jodie for pursuing her ex-boyfriend Scott Sullivan, who she was with from 2002 until 2004.
    “Scott went to the lowest of the low and got with Jodie Marsh,” Katie wrote in Harvey and Me.
    ‘Threatened by me’
    Jodie claimed their rivalry began shortly after she rose to fame as a glamour model and started appearing in lads’ mags.
    “I think that when I got famous, she felt threatened by me,” she told Now! magazine in 2011.
    “Before I came along, she was the only big name in glamour modelling.”
    The bodybuilder said she had “never known her to be pleasant” during their early encounters and nothing had changed in the years that followed.
    Away from modelling, the pair shared a love for horses but even that couldn’t unite them. 
    In 2009, Jodie mocked Katie for taking part in dressage rather than showjumping.
    ‘Different dads’ and nose like a ‘builder’s elbow’
    In 2015, when Jodie was quizzed about her thoughts on Katie having another boob job she blasted her foe once again.
    At first, she pretended not to know who her rival was before levelling a cutting blow.
    “Who? Oh yeah… her. The one who’s famous for having loads of kids with different dads?” Jodie said.
    “I don’t care about Katie Price! Why do I care about how big her boobs are?”
    After the scathing remarks, Katie took to Twitter and launched a furious tirade branding Jodie “the most vile thing I’ve ever seen”.
    “I don’t know any celebrity or man who finds you attractive,” she continued.
    Katie said the model’s nose was “like a builder’s elbow” and wrote: “[You] sh***ed all my leftovers and not one of them wanted you.
    “You[‘re] no model [you] just look like a man in drag, maybe you and Alex Reid would suit.”
    Years later, Katie still appeared to be upset by the snub and slammed Jodie in her 2017 autobiography, My Crazy Life.
    She wrote: “Don’t knock mothers like me, there’s lots of us…
    “Didn’t you go out with my exes’ names written over your body, marking them out of ten after you sh****d them, classy.”
    Jodie claimed their rivalry began shortly after she rose to fame as a glamour modelCredit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
    Katie said the model’s nose was ‘like a builder’s elbow’Credit: EPA More

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    Nineties girlband Eternal reveals brand new member after Louise Redknapp quit amid ‘transgender’ row

    ETERNAL have revealed a brand new member after Louise Redknapp quit amid a ‘transgender’ row.Christel Lakhdar joined the band ahead of their comeback following a 10-year hiatus.
    Eternal have revealed they they have a new memberCredit: Al Pereira
    Christel Lakhdar will be joining the band – Easther Bennet (L), Christel (R) Vernie Bennet (Top)Credit: w8media
    Eternal was famous for songs like Stay, Power of a Woman, Oh Baby I…, and Don’t You Love Me.
    The band originally included, Louise, Kéllé Bryan and sisters Vernie and Easther Bennett.
    In 1995, Louise left the band to pursue a solo career.
    Later in 1998, Kéllé also left the band leaving the sisterly duo on their own.
    More on Eternal
    The pair who disbanded in 2000 made a return with Kéllé in 2013 but disbanded again in 2014.
    Kéllé has not returned for the second time, leaving the two sisters and Christel in the revamped band.
    Vernie told The Mirror: “Meeting Christel for the first time just felt right. She’s talented, accomplished and has such an amazing personality.
    “She’s also strong vocally, so our harmonies will be taken to the next level. I think our music followers will love her just as much as we do.”
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    A massive row led to the fallout between Louise and the two sisters.
    Louise Redknapp’s sons sing happy birthday to her as she celebrates turning 45
    After a private email was leaked, claims were made that Vernie and Easther refused to perform at LGBTQ+ gigs due to their views.
    Louise’s reps stated that the sisters avoided performing at some events because they felt that the gay community was being hijacked by the transgender community.
    In an Instagram post, Vernie wrote: “I am ‘Eternally’ grateful for the family, friends, and amazing fans who have and continue to support our incredible journey and artistry.
    “I’ve been blessed to connect with so many diverse and wonderful people from all walks of life during my career. You all have a piece of my heart.
    “Though it is impossible and counterproductive to respond to the overwhelming number of statements and allegations made online recently, I place this moment in God’s hands. I truly appreciate all who continue to express love and support for my family and Eternal.”
    A source close to the band said: “That’s very much all in the past and the girls just cannot wait to get back on stage. They are eternally grateful for all the support they’ve received.”
    The group disbanded back in 2014 but are set to make a comebackCredit: Alamy
    Christel will only be joined by sisters Easther and Vernie BennettCredit: 2010 Getty Images
    The sisters had a row with Louise Redknapp amid a ‘transgender’ rowCredit: Getty More

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    Eddie Driscoll dead aged 60 – The Last Ship and Mad Men actor who studied under Burt Reynolds dies after cancer battle

    SEX and The City star Eddie Driscoll has died after a battle with cancer.The actor, 60, starred in a series of hit shows including Desperate Housewives, The Last Ship, and CSI: Miami.
    The actor Eddie Driscoll has diedCredit: IMDB
    Driscoll starred in The Last Ship and played Randall CroftCredit: TNT
    Driscoll died in Los Angeles on December 15, actor Jimmy Palumbo revealed.
    He died from a saddle pulmonary embolism after fighting stomach cancer, per The Hollywood Reporter.
    Driscoll, from New York, appeared in one episode of Sex and The City in 2000 where he played Fendi Man.
    He also appeared in an episode of Mad Men in 2014, and the beloved drama series 24 in 2007.

    But Driscoll was best known for starring in The Last Ship, playing the character Randall Croft.
    He appeared in seven episodes of the show in 2016.
    Driscoll appeared in the 2004 action thriller Cellular where he played Crewcut Officer.
    He appeared as a steward in the 2002 comedy romance movie Boat Trip.
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    Boat Trip also starred Cuba Gooding Jr and former Saturday Night Live star Horatio Sanz.
    Driscoll’s credits also include appearances in Entourage, L.A. Noire, Days of Our Lives, Outlaw, and This Is Us, per his IMDB.
    He made an appearance in the eighth season of Desperate Housewives in 2012, starring as a cab driver.
    Driscoll studied acting at the University of Miami and was also on an apprenticeship scheme at the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film.
    He even studied alongside the legendary actor Reynolds.
    Driscoll appeared in the thriller film Physical Evidence, which also starred Reynolds. More

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    ‘You can see her underwear!’ Kylie Jenner fans rage as star has wardrobe malfunction while promoting new Khy collection

    KYLIE Jenner has nearly flashed the camera during her recent photo shoot for her new clothing brand, Khy. Kylie’s wardrobe malfunction appeared to rattle some critics and draw side-eyes from fans.
    Kylie Jenner caught some flak online for how revealing her Khy Collection isCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
    Kylie launched her new clothing brand Khy launched November 2023Credit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
    The Hulu star, 26, recently shared several snaps from the behind-the-scenes of her Khy Collection photo shoot on Instagram.
    Every look that the mom of two sported was skintight and seemed like it was painted on her fit figure.
    One of the skintight outfits Kylie wore in her professional photo was a nude-colored body-hugging mini-dress that spotlighted her slim curves.
    The reality personality posing in the sunlight made the undies she had beneath her dress a bit more visible.

    Her racy image was heavily scrutinized in a thread on Reddit.
    Several critics didn’t like the ensembles Kylie promoted from her Khy Collection because they were so see-through.
    “Why does it look sheer? I’m pretty sure you can see her underwear,” one person asked.
    Another revealed: “Ughh why is it sheer? I was actually gonna consider the dress lol but not anymore.”
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    A third ranted: “I used to buy clothing from wet seal in the 90’s that looked almost like these outfits.
    “It all looks cheap and ill fitting on anyone who has a normal body.”
    Kylie Jenner flaunts tiny waist in new skintight bodycon Khy dress – but fans mock star for its ‘cheap-looking’ material
    A fourth person added: “Who is buying this, there is literally no creativity in this, I can find exact or similar one that’s probably not sheer on Shein.”
    Someone else agreed: “Cheap and see-through…”
    On October 24, 2023, Kylie Jenner posted a photo on her Instagram wearing a black leather trench coat with the caption: “meet khy.”
    Jens and Emma Grede, the same husband-and-wife duo behind Khloe Kardashian’s, 39, Good American and Kim Kardashian’s Skims, are said to be involved with the brand.
    Kylie stated that the clothing line, a play on her nickname, will offer fashion-forward threads at a more accessible price point than typical designer brands.
    In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kylie said: “The whole line is really inspired by my personal wardrobe, and the different moods that I’m in…[the first drop] is very King Kylie–who I am at my core.”
    The venture is her newest, though not only foray into fashion.
    She also collaborates with her sister Kendall Jenner, 28, on their clothing line Kendall + Kylie, sold at lifestyle retail brand PacSun.
    Jenner previously launched Kylie Swim in September 2021 to lackluster reviews before filing new trademarks for the brand in November 2022.
    Khy launched on November 1, 2023.
    Some fans called her out for how sheer the ensembles from her Khy brand wereCredit: Instagram/ Kylie Jenner
    Many revealed that they didn’t want to purchase from Kylie’s new Khy Collection because of the sheer outfitsCredit: Instagram/Kylie Jenner
    Kylie’s latest photo shoot was discussed in a forum on RedditCredit: Instagram/kyliejenner More

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    Bianca Censori covers up in leather trenchcoat around Kanye West’s kids after Kim Kardashian’s ‘warning’

    KANYE West’s wife, Bianca Censori, has decided to cover up around his children after Kim Kardashian demanded she be more modest. Bianca, 29, has typically been spotted in public while wearing next to nothing.
    Bianca Censori (pictured) has been known to wear revealing outfitsCredit: Getty
    Typically, Bianca (pictured holding Kim’s daughter Chicago) wears more modest outfits around Kanye’s childrenCredit: The Mega Agency
    She’s been wearing tiny body suits, small pieces of fabric, and sometimes she didn’t wear any clothes at all.
    Kanye, 46, married Bianca in late 2022 after getting divorced from Kim, 43, earlier that year.
    Ye and Kim share their four kids: North, 10; Saint, eight; Chicago, six; and Psalm, four.
    Previously, Bianca was seen with North while walking hand-in-hand in Los Angeles.

    Instead of her typical sexy look, Bianca was wearing a full-coverage black leather trench coat and tall black boots.
    She appeared to dress more appropriately in the presence of her stepdaughter.
    Earlier this month, Kim demanded that Bianca cover up around their four kids.
    Although she has an amicable relationship with the Australian native,
    Most read in Celebrity
    The Kardashians star reportedly wants Kanye’s wife to dress appropriately around her children, according to The Daily Mail.
    “Kim instructed Kanye to never let Bianca dress like that around their kids,” a source told the outlet. 
    “She is truly surprised that Kanye would let his wife leave the house like that.”
    Bianca Censori rocks new look with short hair and bangs as she wears barely-there bodysuit with Kanye West in Milan
    Kim’s demands came soon after her eldest daughter doodled a naked drawing of her stepmother.
    The Hulu star shared a photo of her daughter’s notebook on TikTok where North had written several things she was grateful for that day.
    “What three things are you grateful for today?” the page was titled.
    Underneath, she listed several things about her father’s new album, Vultures I, including one of his songs, Carnival.
    After the list, North drew her rendition of the album cover and depicted her stepmom facing the wall completely naked and sporting a teeny tiny thong.
    Just this week, North took the stage during her dad’s recent concert in Paris to promote his album.
    She stood alongside her dad and Ty Dolla $ign as they performed a few of their songs.
    Vultures is a collaborative album between Kanye and the Love U Better singer set to be released in three installments over the next few months.
    Vultures Volume 1 was dropped on February 9, and Kanye’s oldest recently accompanied him to Paris, France to celebrate the release.
    The concert took place at the Accor Arena, where North joined the rappers onstage as a spotlight beamed over them.
    Kanye and Ty Dolla $ign had full-face black masks on, keeping their bodies completely covered up in black clothing and gloves.
    As for North, she seemed to embody a recent style choice of her dad’s new wife.
    She rocked a chunky puffer jacket and an all-black ensemble, which was finished off with a large fur hat that appeared to cover most of her face.
    Kim recently demanded that Bianca cover up around her kidsCredit: Hulu
    North recently drew a picture of her stepmother fully nudeCredit: Instagram/bobbylytes
    North has been spotted copying Bianca’s fashion choicesCredit: BackGrid More

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    Model Natalie Roser wows as she poses in lingerie after attending Taylor Swift concert

    MODEL Natalie Roser shakes it off — as she poses in lingerie after attending a Taylor Swift show.The 33-year-old Australian got dressed up in a sparkling sequinned leotard like the one worn by her pop idol to see Taylor on her global Eras tour.
    Model Natalie Roser looked incredible in lace underwear as part of a shoot for fashion brand Frederick’s of HollywoodCredit: Fredericks of Hollywood
    The Australian model got dressed up in a sparkling sequinned leotard like the one worn by her pop idol to see Taylor on her global Eras tourCredit: Instagram
    Natalie is married to Harley Bonner who was Josh Willis on Neighbours and Logan Bennett in Home and Away
    Posting snaps of herself at last weekend’s show in Sydney, Australia, right, Natalie told her fans on social media: “BEST NIGHT EVER.”
    She is married to actor Harley Bonner, 32.
    He was Josh Willis on Neighbours and Logan Bennett in Home and Away.
    His mum Carla, 50, was Steph Scully in Neighbours.
    The actor left amid reports he had not had a Covid jab.
    Harley and Natalie announced their engagement in November 2021 and married the following March.
    The couple had been dating for five years.
    They tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in New South Wales last year.
    Most read in Celebrity
    Taylor Swift show evacuated after lightning strikes as fans told seek shelter More