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    20 Statement Coats That Will Instantly Elevate Any Outfit

    We all know how getting dressed in winter goes: you could strategize your top and pants and accessories until the cows come home, but at the end of all of it, it doesn’t matter. It’s all going to be covered up by a giant, puffy coat.I know that by now our team has complained enough about Chicago winters for you to check out at the mention of them, but if Chicago winters have taught me one thing, it’s that having a cute coat can transform your entire winter. Sure, my black parka will always be hanging by my door ready to swallow me in warmth before I leave the house, but this year, I’ve decided to invest in one “fun” coat too—so when I leave the house, I don’t think about what’s underneath it… I’m just excited to show off the coat itself.
    Have a little fun with your wardrobe this winter with one of these coats that are a look in themselves—even if you’re just wearing them to the grocery store, you’ll thank yourself every time you put it on. More

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    The Everygirl’s 2020 Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

    While there are a million magical things about the holiday season, there’s nothing quite like finally getting to put on those festive outfits that you only get to wear a few times a year. The deep tones, luxe fabrics, and all-around vibes that they bring only come around one time a year—and we’re here to celebrate that, no matter what.Sure, your holiday season is going to be less going to Christmas markets and more lounging on the couch, but that doesn’t mean you should skip out on holiday dressing altogether. We say that you should be making the holiday season as normal as possible for yourself, and for many of us, that includes breaking out the items in our wardrobe that love to make an appearance come December.
    Whether your holidays will consist of your immediate family, socially-distanced family parties, or just figuring out how to celebrate on your own, our 2020 holiday capsule wardrobe has pieces for every and any occasion. Mix, match, and wear these together from now through January.

    ribbed turtleneckwhite button-upburgundy sweaterChristmas sweatshirtcable knit sweaterturtleneck bodysuitblazerbouclé dresssatin dressplaid pantscorduroy pantsleather joggerssherpa shirt jacketplaid jacketwool coatpom hatquilted bagcozy slippersshearling bootsblack bootiessuede heels

    How to Style Your Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

    1. For dinner with your parents

    burgundy sweater / black booties / plaid pants / wool coat

    2. For a night of driving to see Christmas lights

    turtleneck bodysuit / plaid jacket / corduroy pants / shearling boots / pom hat

    3. For a night of holiday movies

    Christmas sweatshirt / plaid pants / pom hat / cozy slippers

    4. For a holiday brunch

    black booties / wool coat / leather joggers / cable knit sweater

    5. For a formal dinner

    blazer / satin dress / quilted bag / suede heels

    6. For baking cookies with your siblings

    corduroy pants / shearling boots / turtleneck bodysuit / sherpa shirt jacket More

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    6 Monochromatic Looks to Wear This Winter

    In the wide world of creating outfits, one of the most seamless, chic choices has been opting for something monochrome; a look layered with pieces that are all the same (or similar) colors—but unfortunately, it’s often easier said than done.Trying to put together a look that’s monochrome can come with a lot of questions: do all the pieces need to have the same undertone? What do you do when it comes to shoes? How do you layer similar (but not identical) tones on top of each other? They go on and on—but once you nail it, you have a go-to outfit option that you’ll turn to time and time again.
    Today, we’re sharing six different monochrome outfit ideas to gather inspiration from, along with tips on how to layer different tones and textures to make it work every single time. Say hello to your holiday outfits for each and every occasion you have coming up (even if it’s just Zooming on your couch).

    1. Camel

    pants / sweater / boots / coat

    2. White and cream

    pants / sweater / coat / sneakers

    3. Black

    jeans / sweater vest / long-sleeve top / booties / necklace

    4. Grey

    skirt / bodysuit / coat / boots

    5. Burgundy

    pants / sweater / booties / necklace

    6. Olive and khaki

    pants / coat / sweater / loafers More

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    How to Style Your Festive Red Sweater for the Holidays

    When it comes to a festive wardrobe, there is nothing as quintessentially holiday-appropriate as a red sweater.Paired with basically anything, a red sweater can transform an outfit from a winter look to one that feels cheery and in the spirit of the holidays. Office Zoom party? Red sweater. Drinking hot cocoa and watching a Christmas movie? Red sweater. Opening presents on Christmas morning? Red sweater.
    There’s nothing like finding new ways to wear something you already have, and today, we’re giving you six new ideas for how to wear your go-to red sweater this holiday season—with everything from a skirt to comfy, knit pants. The holidays are here, and it’s time to bring the spirit to our wardrobes.

    1. With corduroy pants

    sweater / pants / bow / boots / bag

    2. With mom jeans

    mom jeans / coat / bag / loafers / sweater

    3. With a midi skirt

    skirt / sweater / belt / booties / bag

    4. With leather pants

    pants / sweater / bag / mules / earrings


    pants / slippers / necklace / sweater

    6. With a plaid skirt

    skirt / sweater / boots / earrings

    Shop our favorite red sweaters More

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    9 Festive Holiday Nail Colors to Try

    We’ve made DIY hair treatments, we’ve started retinol, and we’ve even put masks on our feet. 2020 has been a year filled with self-care, but sometimes you just have to take it back to basics, and for many of us, that’s painting our nails at home. An at-home manicure isn’t the most glamorous of treats to yourself (especially if you’re used to the magic of a nail salon—after this year, I will never take that luxury for granted!), but the end result is enough to make us happy for a few days. To be honest though, I’d be lying if I said a holiday-themed manicure is exactly “self-care”; to me, it’s a way to get festive and feel in the holiday spirit. TBH, I’d say beauty and fashion is probably the best way to get in the spirit (other than Dash + Lily, which is my favorite show in the world right now). But what more could we need than holiday cheer and self-care right now? (Not much!) 
    Whichever reason you’re trying a new nail color this season, here are a few shades to try this year—because there’s more to a festive look than your beloved red nails. 

    1. Oxblood

    source: @oliveandjune

    2. Star Nail Art

    source: @overglowedit

    3. Metallic French

    source: @betina_goldstein

    4. Cranberry

    source: @essie

    5. Light Blue

    source: @essie

    6. Cherry Red

    source: @mischobeauty

    7. Glitter
    … but make it 2020 and not middle school with a good top coat and groomed, filed nails! 

    source: @oliveandjune

    8. Metallic Red

    source: @holotaco

    9. Evergreen

    source: @emmaheartssnails More

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    Our Favorite Cozy Pieces to Get You Through Winter

    Temperatures are dropping, darkness seems like it is happening MUCH earlier than in a usual November, and Netflix Original holiday movies are playing on a loop on our TVs. Yes, that awkward time where it’s not quite winter but it’s not really fall anymore either is here. If there’s one thing I know about this time, it’s that I’m always cold and I only want to wear things that can be classified as extremely cozy. I am embarrassed to admit that I am literally to the point where even putting on leggings is too much work for me (I know, it’s tragic). 
    That being said, I’ve been on a serious mission to find things that are incredibly comfy, keep me warm, and as mentioned, are extremely cozy. I can imagine that my FBI agent is probably very concerned about why I’ve visited the Aerie website approximately 9,000 times in the past three weeks. So given all the cozy-hunting I’ve been doing, I’ve managed to find some of the best pieces to buy right now to keep you comfortable this winter.
    Check out some of our absolute favorite cozy loungewear, pajamas, robes, slippers, and more: More

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    6 Cozy Outfits That Are Perfect for a Casual Thanksgiving

    Listen, I get it: even those amongst us who get the most possible joy from cute clothes are pretty over anything but sweats this year. What started out as wearing real clothes just for ourselves to work from home in has turned into fatigue and prioritizing comfort over all else—and hell, I think we deserve that.You don’t need me to tell you that this year, Thanksgiving—which usually serves as the holiday with the highest-stakes outfit planning and the runway for proving your family that you are, in fact, the most fashionable cousin—looks a bit, well, different. Most of us aren’t going to put on our usual Thanksgiving look to sit in the house with our immediate family at most, but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your old, stained sweats; we say that the strategy for this year is wearing cute sweats.
    We’ve styled six different outfits that are perfect for feeling a little special come Turkey day, while also ensuring that you’ll be extra cozy. Bonus: there isn’t a pair of jeans in sight.


    joggers / joggers (plus-size option) bodysuit / mug / slippers


    sweater / pants / loafers / necklace


    pants / pants (plus-size option) sweater / slippers / hoops


    pants / pants (plus-size option) / turtleneck / slippers / necklace


    cardigan / joggers / joggers (plus-size option) slippers / scrunchie


    joggers / joggers (plus-size option) / sweater / bow / socks More

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    How to Look Your Best This Holiday Season

    Of all the seasons of the year, the holidays tend to come with a certain pressure to be our best selves. It’s borderline impossible to get into hair stylists after October because so many people want fresh holiday hair, everyone is doing their most effective face masks, and events and parties are filled with our best makeup and outfits. But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and looking and feeling our very best doesn’t necessarily happen overnight (unless you’ve found some miracle face mask you want to share with the group). With a little premeditated preparation, you can stroll into your Thanksgiving (which this year, might be you alone in your apartment—don’t let that stop you!) feeling your absolute best. Here’s how:

    1. Remember to drink a lot of water
    I’m usually really good about drinking a lot of water, but when I’m busy with holiday craziness, that all can go out the door without me even realizing it. The season is about enjoying yourself and celebrating, and you should never feel guilty about, that, but making sure you’re staying hydrated can help you recover from some of the not-so-healthy things you’re bound to be enjoying.


    Source: @sara.azani

    2. Get your skin looking its best
    Skincare takes a while to make a difference, so giving yourself a few weeks to up your game is vital if you want to show up to the holidays glowing to the gods. Making sure your skin is hydrated and exfoliated (but not too exfoliated) can make all the difference. If you’re dealing with any acne or congestion, prepping in advance is key. Use your clay masks a few days ahead of any big events (never the night before, as they tend to bring any gunk to the surface), and keep up with your pore strips for clearer, brighter skin.

    3. Treat yourself to a statement-making lipstick
    Nothing screams the holidays like a bold lip, and if you don’t have one that you grab every time the holidays roll around, now’s the time. Pick a deep nude, berry, or red that compliments your skintone and rock it all season long. You’ll be surprised at how special it can make you feel, and how much the right shade can brighten up your complexion.

    Source: @livvyland

    4. Try loungewear in festive colors
    We’re all probably rolling up to the holidays in clothes that are more comfortable than usual, but there’s no reason they can’t be festive too. Let your grey sweats take up space on your back shelf for the season and indulge in some festive loungewear in colors that will make you feel like they’re made for the holidays (bonus points if it’s a matching set).

    5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep
    The holidays come with a lot of commotion, which usually includes a lot less sleep. It isn’t always easy, but making sleep a priority can change how you feel for the entirety of the season. Whether that means sleeping in a little later or trying to get to bed a bit earlier, try to add five minutes of sleep to your night every night for a couple of weeks, and before you know it, you’ll be getting an hour more than you’re used to. It’s impossible to feel your best when you’re super sleepy, so if you prioritize anything, this should be it.

    6. Find a seasonal perfume that you love
    There’s nothing like finding a perfume that you absolutely love, and switching it up and finding one that’s winter-appropriate can boost your confidence every single day. Look for warm scents like vanilla, clove, and cedar for a sexy scent perfect for chilly nights spent by the fire.

    Source: @crystalinmarie

    7. Try festive hair accessories
    While the easiest way to look festive is definitely a red sweater, #2 is probably a festive hair accessory, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a pearl headband, a velvet scrunchie, a hair bow, gold hair clips, or sparkly bobby pins, it’s a chic, Zoom-approved way to feel put-together when all you’re really wearing is a pair of leggings for the sixth day in a row. 

    8. Go for metallics
    One of the most complimented eye looks our editors wear is a swipe of a shimmery, metallic gold or silver across the lid. It’s beyond easy—truly, it’s one swipe of eyeshadow with a flat brush, but you can even use your finger—but looks glimmery and festive without the effort of a smokey eye. Swipe the shade all over the upper lid and the inner corner of the eyes, leaving the lower lash line blank for a striking look. Don’t forget to go in with lots of mascara! 

    9. Try a new manicure
    I know what you’re thinking. How could you ever dare to give up your beloved holiday red? Trust us: OPI’s “Big Apple Red” will be there when you need it, but for now, try something with a little more spunk. Because you’re likely doing your nails at home, it’s a good time to try another festive shade, like emerald green, chocolate brown (think: hot cocoa!), shimmery neutrals, and more. You could also try nail stickers to make your at-home manicure look extra cool.  More