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    6 Health Benefits Of Kombucha You Should Know About, According To Dieticians

    As far as drinks that have transcended hipster status go, kombucha – and kombucha health benefits – is right up there with green juice and coconut water. Convenience stores and petrol stations carry the stuff these days. So it’s safe to say kombucha has officially gone mainstream⁠ — and, in the process, gained a rep as a health tonic for everything from gut trouble to lifeless skin.

    But is the slightly sour-tasting drink really a magic health potion ⁠— or just another health fad? Given today’s surge in all sorts of wellness products (and the growing research on the benefits of probiotics on many aspects of health), kombucha is here to stay, says Beth Warren, a dietician and author of Secrets of a Kosher Girl. In the age of pills and supplements, “kombucha is a major source of whole-food probiotics,” she says.

    What is kombucha?

    Quick refresher: Kombucha is a mixture of black or green tea and sugar that’s fermented with the help of a SCOBY (short for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Essentially a blob of live bacteria that sits on top of the tea mixture, the SCOBY turns kombucha into the carbonated beverage you know and (maybe) love.

    People generally describe the brew as “rather effervescent with a slight vinegary and tea taste,” says Keri Gans, a dietician.

    Kombucha fans claim the slightly nose-stinging stuff does everything from help with weight loss and boost energy, to lower blood pressure and (yes, really) even prevent cancer, says Gans.

    So what are the kombucha health benefits I should know about?

    Honestly, it would be pretty much impossible for kombucha to live up to every single health claim associated with it.

    So far, research on the drink is pretty scant. Example: Though one study on mice found that the bubbly brew could help lower both cholesterol and blood sugar, researchers haven’t replicated these findings in humans yet.

    Still, if you break down all the components in the drink, you’re still looking at some pretty promising health benefits, says WH advisor Dr Samantha Nazareth, a gastroenterologist.

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    1. Probiotics for your gut

    Like other fermented foods, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, kombucha’s health benefits extends to its probiotic properties. It contains probiotics, beneficial bacteria that have been linked to gut health, says Nazareth. Having the right balance of these microbes in your gut helps with immunity, digestion and balancing blood sugar.

    Kombucha’s probiotics come from its sugar and the yeast in the SCOBY. Though they’re different than those you’ll find in fermented cabbage, the benefit is likely similar, notes Nazareth.

    2. Kombucha’s antioxidants may help fight disease. 

    Since kombucha is made with green or black tea, it’s rich in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that fight free radicals and repair damaged cells, says Nazareth. Tea polyphenols may even protect against some forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease, according to research published in Critical Reviews of Food Science and Nutrition.

    Tea also contains antioxidants and flavonoids, which have been associated with a lower risk of cancer, notes Gans.

    3. The acetic acid in kombucha helps fight bad bacteria.

    Kombucha gets its slightly vinegary flavour from acetic acid, an anti-microbial agent found in vinegar like apple cider vinegar (a.k.a. ACV). The acid can help fight off bad bacteria that enter our systems when you eat, says Nazareth.

    4. Drinking kombucha may help you kick your soda habit. 

    Whether you love soda’s bubbles or sweetness (or both), fizzy and flavorful kombucha can be a great better-for-you option when the craving strikes. “If someone replaces their daily high-sugar soda with a lower-sugar, probiotic-packed kombucha, then that is a win-win,” says Gans.

    5. Kombucha might be good for your waistline, too. 

    Full disclosure: Some promising research supports this claim but it’s not super robust. After an older study found that obese women who took green tea extract lost more weight than those who didn’t, experts began wondering whether tea-based kombucha might also have weight-related benefits. “It is hypothesised that kombucha made with green tea, specifically, may have a similar effect on weight loss,” says Warren. But, of course, research on kombucha itself will truly confirm the theory.

    6. Kombucha’s probiotics can help your skin glow. 

    You already know that kombucha’s probiotics can help balance out your gut⁠—and those balancing benefits can carry over to your complexion, too. In fact, according to Warren, as probiotics nourish the gut microbiome, they can help with inflammatory skin conditions like acne and eczema. However (as with kombucha’s potential impact on weight), more research is needed to understand its true skin benefits, Warren says.

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    So I should grab a bottle right now?

    With so many nutritional hard-hitters, it’s tempting to have a daily ‘booch, but you might not want to chug bottles every day.

    When people first started drinking kombucha thousands of years ago, they took it as a shot, multiple times a day, says Nazareth. That was probably a good idea, considering the Centers for Disease Control recommends sticking to less than 350ml a day.

    How come? According to the Mayo Clinic, drinking a lot of kombucha may lead to stomach upset.

    Another reason not to overdo it: Kombucha does contain sugar (often about six or seven grams per serving). Drink a full bottle (two servings), and you’ve downed 14 out of the 25 grams of sugar you’re supposed to consume per day, says Nazareth. (Still, a significantly better option than soda.)

    To minimise the sugar issue, “look for brands that have less than four grams of sugar per serving and drink them in small amounts,” says WH advisor and integrative physician Dr Frank Lipman, founder of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City. He recommends mixing kombucha with soda water to dial down the sugar content further.

    Also good to know: Because kombucha is fermented it does contain traces of alcohol, (some brands more than others), says Gans. It also contains caffeine, which can make you anxious or unable to sleep if you chug too much.

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    Curious? Try one of these kombucha brands.

    If you’re intrigued by kombucha’s funky flavour and potential benefits, Gans recommends trying one of the following quality kombucha brands on for size.

    BREW Kombucha Original

    Theonista Ginger & Rooibos Kombucha

    CultureLab Lemongrass Kombucha

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    10 Low-Calorie Cocktails Worth Sipping On This Summer

    Even the fastest and fittest like to let their hair down (and so do we!), but we might as well get some nutrients out of our cocktails, right? These low-calorie cocktails pack a punch and are nutritionally dense, too. Each low-calorie cocktail contains fruits and veg that deliver nutritional benefits beyond the buzz you’ll feel while sipping away. Let Happy Hour begin!

    Cocktail Essentials

    Get your cocktail on with these essential tools – and consider yourself the bartender aficionado of the party.

    Cocktail Making Kit

    With this kit, you’ll find all the essentials you need to create any cocktail. You’ll find a strainer, stirrer and multiple other tools.

    Woolworths Vivi Coupe

    These are so pretty to drink from and are the correct size for cocktails, including margaritas and zingers. Pour away.

    Humble & Mash Spirit Stones

    These won’t dilute your drinks and keep them cool while you shake up your infusion. Plus, they’re neutral-coloured and can complement any drink.

    Beat-The-Bloat Zinger

    Big up the beet – the plant pigment betacyanin, which gives the veg its rich colour, has been found to ward off cancer. Beetroot also stimulates the liver’s detoxifying function, making it the ultimate damage-minimising mixer for a boozy blend.

    Prep Time 15 minutes mins

    Course Appetizer, DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 125 kcal

    5 cm ginger4 beetroot50 ml vodka or ginice to tastesplash soda waterrosemary sprigs to garnish
    Peel the ginger, then juice with the beetroot. Pour into a shaker with vodka or gin (not both) and shake well.Pour over ice, add a splash of soda and garnish.

    Keyword Beetroot cocktail

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    Kickstarter Kiwi Margarita

    With 12 kiwis, this is only three short of a rugby team. Packed with vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium, the kiwi is the rugged forward of fruits, tackling the fat in your blood and kicking sleep problems into touch.

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course cocktails, DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 444 kcal

    1 lime12 kiwis peeled50 ml tequilaice2 tsp Himalayan salt2 tsp coconut sugarpinch Cayenne pepper30 ml organic rice syrup
    Juice the lime and kiwis; blend with tequila and ice.In a saucer, mix the salt, coconut sugar and cayenne; set aside.Put the syrup into a second saucer.Dip the glass rims in the syrup, then the salt concoction. Pour in the cocktail and serve.

    Keyword kiwi margarita

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    Vodka Sour

    Put the sweet in this sour with rice syrup – a fructose- free alternative to the traditional cocktail syrup. Like the rice it’s made from, the syrup contains energy- enhancing B vitamins.

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Calories 165 kcal

    5 cm ginger70 ml vodka20 ml organic rice syrup20 ml lemon juice2 egg whitesicepinch cinnamon
    Peel and juice the ginger, then add to a cocktail shaker along with the vodka, rice syrup, lemon juice and egg whites.Mix first without ice, then add ice and shake. Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

    Cucumber Spritz

    Glugging your cucumber is just as good for your skin as donning two slices monocle-style – its inflammation-busting antioxidants soothe puffiness. The fruit is also rich in elasticity-boosting silica. Bottoms up!

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 78 kcal

    1 cucumber50 ml gin50 ml sparkling watermint handfulcucumber slices to garnish
    Chuck cucumber into juicerStir with gin and sparkling water, then pour into highballs and garnish with mint and cucumber.

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    Pear Sipper

    To keep your diet from going pear-shaped, load up on, well, pears. A Brazilian study found those who ate them daily consumed fewer overall kilojoules thanks to satiety-boosting fibre.

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 169 kcal

    2 pears, peeled2 tbsp cinnamon50 ml spiced rumpinch of nutmegpear slices, to serve
    Toss the pears into a juicer, then mix the juice with the cinnamon in a shallow pan and warm gently over a low heat.Stir in the spiced rum and serve in glasses garnished with nutmeg and pear slices.

    Hail Mary

    Deadlines doing your face no favours? Lycopene, found in tomatoes, can boost levels of procollagen to help keep your skin elastic and youthful. Sip those eye bags away.

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 102 kcal

    4 tomatoes1/2 beetroot1/2 cucumber1/4 lemonpinch ground Cayenne pepper50 ml vodkaicecelery sticks and cherry tomatoes to garnish
    Juice the tomatoes, beetroot, cucumber and lemon, then add a pinch of cayenne.Mix in a shaker with vodka and ice, and showcase your third-base wrist action.Serve in highballs with celery and a cherry tomato, then knock ’em back!

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    Power Daiquiri

    This packs a potassium one-two punch, thanks to the bananas and spinach. A trial of cyclists found that the humble banana powered them through intensive exercise as effectively as a sports drink. It’s recovery fuel and a party starter.

    Prep Time 2 hours hrsCook Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 78 kcal

    1 banana1/4 lime, plus wedges to serve15 g baby spinach30 ml organic rice syrup50 ml light rum
    Pre-party prep: cut the banana into six pieces and freeze.Juice the lime and add to a blender with the banana. Juice the spinach and whizz with the rice syrup, then the rum and serve with lime wedges.

    Berry and Basil Bellini

    Studies have shown basil to be antifungal and antibacterial, bolstering your immunity as you rack up countless bar tabs on the party circuit. And strawberries can reduce the risk of heart disease in women by 32 percent if consumed three times a week. Cheers!

    Prep Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Calories 113 kcal

    50 g fresh basil, finely chopped plus extra to serve400 g strawberries200 ml sparkling white wine
    Purée the basil and strawberries.Divide between two Champagne flutes, top up with sparkling wine and decorate with extra basil.

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    Mocha Martini

    Being caffeine-free, the buzz in this Martini comes from its theobromine, a compound in raw cacao that triggers mood- lifting “happy hormone” serotonin. It gets better: polyphenols in coffee (even decaf) sharpen cognitive function!

    Prep Time 1 hour hrCook Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 158 kcal

    120 ml decaffeinated espresso30 ml organic rice syrup4 tsp raw cacao powder70 ml vodkaice
    Brew four shots of decaf espresso and leave to cool. Meanwhile, create a paste by mixing rice syrup and raw cacao powder.Combine everything with ice cubes and shake. Pour from a height into two Martini glasses. Dust with cacao powder to serve.

    Piña Colada

    Coconut oil’s lauric acid wards off infections and boosts collagen for healthy skin.

    Prep Time 1 hour hrCook Time 10 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2Calories 321 kcal

    1 pineapple, chopped2 tbsp coconut oil50 ml golden rum32 ice cubespinch unsweetened desiccated coconutpineapple wedges, to serve
    Freeze half your pineapple in advance.Come cocktail hour, juice the fresh pieces, then blitz in a blender with the frozen chunks and coconut oil.Add the rum and ice and blend for 30 seconds.Serve with a sprinkle of coconut and a pineapple wedge.

    This story was written by Julia Scirrotto; Photograph by Helena Yankovsk/Unsplash More

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    How To Do The Festive Season Sober, Plus The 15 Best Alcohol-Free Drinks

    SoberSeptember, OcSober, DryJanuary or even going #StraightEdge (no stimulants at all!) – there’s no end to the sober bandwagons you can jump on. Whether it’s for health and fitness reasons, a way to detox and reset or manage your tolerance levels, many people are opting to ditch the booze and embrace a teetotalling lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know about having a sober festive season.

    The Sober Trend

    According to Janet Gourand, founder of Tribe Sober, a South African membership programme helping people change their relationship with alcohol, they have seen more people wanting to decrease their consumption of alcohol or cut alcohol out completely lately.

    And women are leading the charge. Gourand says that 80% of those in Tribe Sober are women with most of the women being 40+ but despite that, there is still a trend for younger women to drink less. Plus, local non-alcoholic G&T brand The Duchess reported that 74% of its buyers are women between 18 and 34 years old.

    The truth is many millennials are driving a huge trend towards cutting booze completely – or never starting. Hashtags like #SoberSaturday and #SoberLife (over two million tags on Insta) are being seen more and more and form part of what has been dubbed the “sober curious” movement. The number of alcohol drinkers in the world has decreased by nearly five percent since 2000, according to reports by the World Health Organisation.

    In fact, 49% of Women’s Health readers said they would buy non-alcoholic beers or cider (up from 34% when we asked you in 2019), while 31% said they would be choosing Castle Free over Castle Lite this festive season. 47% of Women’s Health readers said if they were offered non-alcoholic wines – that actually taste good – they’d try it.

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    Reasons To Have A Sober Festive Season

    According to Gourand, the stress and the “working from home” impact of the pandemic have created more dependence on alcohol.  “People who would only use alcohol for ‘socialising’ have now discovered that they enjoy drinking alone and their drinking has become more about self-medicating their anxiety than having fun,” she says.

    This has been dubbed “Grey Area” drinking and it has seen an increase since the pandemic. Healthline describes “grey area” drinking as the realm between healthy levels of alcohol consumption and a diagnosed alcohol use disorder. 

    It’s no secret that South Africa is known as a drinking nation, with 2.1% of total household spending in South Africa going to beer, according to Stats SA (only 1.5% is going to veggies). And the festive season is a period that sees a dramatic increase in consumption. But many people, even South Africans, are taking the downsides of drinking alcohol more seriously.

    “People are becoming aware that drinking more than a bottle and a half of wine a week puts their mental and physical health at risk.  The wellness trend is resulting in more people eating organic, doing yoga and meditation and they are realising that drinking alcohol doesn’t really fit in with this lifestyle,” explains Gourand.

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    The Sober Life

    “The smart people are getting sober curious.  The wine industry has been marketing directly to women for the last 25 years – and they have been stunningly successful.  Many women cannot imagine having fun or socialising without it.  As many women get older the fun turns to self-medication and drinking alone,” says Gourand. 

    If you want to change your relationship with alcohol, finding your tribe helps. “Community is a big part of recovery,” says Gourand. In his TED Talk, writer and journalist Johann Hari explains the science behind the fact that connection is the opposite of addiction.

    “There is so much shame around drinking (especially for women) that joining a community of others with the same issue is a huge relief and we feel less alone.  We learn so much from hearing about other people’s experiences and as we progress in our alcohol-free journey we are able to inspire others,” explains Gourand.

    “Even if people are just “sober curious” or not even sure that they want to make a change they can join a tribe, listen and learn and it will help them decide which direction to take,” she says.

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    Tips For Going Sober

    Janet Gourand has been sober since 2015, leading her tribe at Tribe Sober and inspiring people to have an alcohol-free life. These are three tips for people who are sober curious or looking to cut down their alcohol consumption:  

    1) “Take a look at your life”

    “What would it look like without alcohol in it?  If all your social activities involve drinking then it’s time for a change.  The first step is to increase your awareness – keep a drinks diary and note your consumption.  Are you drinking more than the low-risk limit of a bottle and a half of wine a week?”

    2) “Take an alcohol-free challenge – at least a month.”

    “If you can get through it easily then you are probably fine.  If not (or if you can’t even contemplate taking a break) then it’s time to make some changes.  Join a group like Tribe Sober to connect with others who are looking to quit drinking and to learn to thrive in their alcohol-free lives.”  

    3) “Start discovering the vast choice of alcohol-free drinks.” 

    “Try everything and you will find your go-to alcohol-free choice.  Integrate that into your lifestyle.  Alternate it with alcoholic drinks when you go out and make sure you have at least 4 alcohol-free days a week.”

    The Best Alcohol-Free Drinks For Adults

    Designated driver, watching your calorie intake, fitness stole your alcohol tolerance or realising it might be time to cut back? Going booze-free is a health trend that celebs, brands and just about everyone else is getting behind! 

    Below you’ll find the best wine, gin, beer and cider 0.0 versions. With half the calories and no need for a stash of painkillers in your bedside drawer, your sober summer is sorted!

    If you like fruity beer, try Bavaria 0.0% Pomegranate.

    If you like light lagers or Pilsners, try Beck’s Blue.

    If you like Castle, or lagers in general, try Castle Free Alcohol-Free Lager.

    If you like IPA, try Devil’s Peak Zero to Hero.

    If you like Weiss beer, try Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

    If you’re a Heineken gal, try Heineken 0.0.

    If you like an aperitif, try Babylonstoren BitterLekker.

    If you like gin and tonic, try The Duchess Virgin Gin & Tonic.

    If you like gin cocktails, try Seedlip Garden 108.

    If you like red wine, try Van Loveren Radiant Red Almost Zero % Alcohol.

    If you like white wine, try Natura De-Alcoholised Classic White.

    If you like bubbly, try Lautus De-Alcoholised Sparkling.

    If you like cider, try Savanna Non-Alcoholic Lemon.

    If you like a full-bodied beer, try Non-Alcoholic Super Bock 0.0%.

    If you like mocktails, try Fehmz Mocktails in various flavours.

    Women’s Health participates in various affiliate marketing programmes, which means we may get commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. More

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    Easy Summer Mocktails For The Festive Season

    Mocktails are proof that virgin drinks don’t have to be boring. They embody all the fun and creativity of their alcoholic counterparts, minus the booze. You can customise them to suit your taste preferences or dietary restrictions easily. Whether you’re looking for a fruity explosion in your mouth or a tangy citrus sensation, there’s a mocktail out there for everyone. Check out these low-alc (and basically zero-effort!) drinks for summer

    Grapefruit And Rosemary Mimosas

    Grapefruit packs in a lot of nutrition but it is lauded for its high vitamin C content. Studies have found that this citrus fruit may help control insulin levels, meaning it can reduce likelihood of becoming insulin resistant. Grapefruits can add much-needed zestiness and flavour to everything from cocktails to salads.

    Grapefruit And Rosemary Mimosas

    The beauty of this mocktail lies in its simplicity; there are no complicated steps or fancy ingredients involved. It’s all about highlighting the natural flavours of grapefruit and Absolute Zero complementing with herby accents from rosemary.

    Prep Time 15 minutes mins

    Servings 4

    250 ml Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice500 ml Absolute Zero
    Place ice into 4 glasses Top with ¼ cup grapefruit juice Pour ½ cup Absolute ZeroAdd fresh rosemary sprig Garnish the glass with a grapefruit segment

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    Spicy Passion Fruit Sangria

    Passion fruit, the tantalising tropical delight that bursts with a vibrant explosion of flavour, has essential minerals such as potassium and iron to support heart health and maintain optimal blood circulation. Despite its small size, it’s rich in antioxidants, fibre and vitamins.

    Spicy Passion Fruit Sangria

    If you’re looking for a mocktail that will tantalises your taste buds and cools you down simultaneously, reach for this spicy cooler. It’s guaranteed to become your go-to summer drink!

    Prep Time 15 minutes minsCook Time 20 minutes mins

    Servings 4

    Ingredients For Spicy Passion Fruit Compote8 Granadillas 1 Cinnamon stick2  Star aniseIngredients For Sangria60 ml Spicy passion fruit compote1 Pineapple, peeled and cut into triangles250 ml Sparkling water500 ml Absolute Zero 
    Method For Spicy Passion Fruit CompotPlace all ingredients into a small potCook for 5 minutes on highThen turn heat down to low and simmer for 15 minutesAllow to coolMethod For SangriaPlace ice, pineapple pieces, spicy passion fruit compote, cinnamon quills and star anise into a large jugPour over sparkling water and Absolute ZeroServe cold and enjoy

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    Classic Mojito

    Mint, with its refreshing aroma and invigorating taste, offers an array of benefits that extend beyond mere sensory pleasure. Mint is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin A, although it is not typically consumed in large quantities.

    Classic Mojito

    Ready to quench your thirst with a burst of refreshing citrus? Look no further than this invigorating mocktail. This delightful classic drink combines the zesty flavours of lime and mint, making it the perfect drink for a hot summer day.

    Prep Time 5 minutes mins

    Servings 4

    20 ml Agave syrup250 ml Soda water500 ml Absolute Zero NectarServe WithCrushed iceLime slicesFresh mint leaves
    Place crushed ice, lime slices and mint leaves into a large jugUsing a wooden pestle or spoon smash the ingredients to bring out their flavoursTop with the soda water, Absolute Zero Nectar and agave syrup

    Mira Weiner

    Mira is an entrepreneur, food consultant and plant-based advocate.  She’s passionate about conscious living, plant-based nourishment and holistic healing.  She’s a networker, creative cook and country pumpkin who hopes to inspire people to eat more plants which is better for the planet, animals and our bodies.  More

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    The 2 Hangover-Curing Recipes You’ll Need This Weekend

    Searching for hangover cures? These two cocktails are guaranteed to make you feel a whole lot better and with minimal fuss.

    The Science Behind Why A Blood Mary Is One Of The Best Hangover Cures

    They contain tomato juice and research has shown that that tomatoes contain compounds that protect against liver injury. The victim of a big night out: usually your liver. So stock up on tomatoes.

    But that’s not the only benefit the main ingredient of the Bloody Mary provides. Tomatoes also contain Vitamin C and B6 which could reduce the symptoms of a hangover.

    The Bloody Mary calls for a touch of salt. That could help because salt helps replenish the electrolytes you lose through the frequent urination and fluid loss that comes with drinking.

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    Hangover Cures To Try: The Virgin Bloody Mary

    A Bloody Mary has long been touted as one of the best hangover cures. This one with no alcohol and the addition of kimchi is guaranteed to become a fast favourite.

    Non-Alcoholic Virgin Kimchi Bloody Mary

    A Bloody Mary has long been touted as one of the best hangover cures. This one with no alcohol and the addition of kimchi is guaranteed to become a fast favourite.

    Prep Time 5 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2 people

    2 Bottles Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice/Virgin Bloody Mary, chilled2 Tbsp Juice (liquid) from your kimchi¼ tsp Soy sauce (add more if needed)¼ tsp Fish sauce (optional)½ tsp Wasabi pasteGarnishing (optional):Togarashi spice/chili salt for the rim of the glassLime wedgesKimchiFennel
    Sprinkle togarashi spice/chili salt onto a plate.Run a lime wedge around the rim of your serving glasses to dampen the rim and dip the rim of the glasses into the mixture.Choose either Spiced Tomato Juice or Virgin Bloody Mary if you prefer a little more spice.In a cocktail shaker or mixing glass, season the Marty’s with kimchi juice, soy, fish sauce, and wasabi. Be sure to mix thoroughly until all the wasabi is dissolved. Add soy sauce to taste.Next, fill both glasses with ice, pour over the cocktail mix and add garnishes.

    Barman’s tip: Not all kimchis are the same; their strength varies depending on the brand, and some can have quite a fishy taste. Add the soy sauce, then taste, and then add the fish sauce if necessary.

    Keyword cocktail

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    Hangover Cures To Try: The Red Snapper

    The Red Snapper cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary except it uses gin rather than vodka. Try it and thank us later.

    Red Snapper

    The Red Snapper cocktail is similar to a Bloody Mary except it uses gin rather than vodka. Try it and thank us later.

    Prep Time 39 minutes mins

    Course DrinksCuisine Cocktails

    Servings 2 people

    90 ml Gin (preferably a London Dry)2 Bottles Marty’s Spiced Tomato Juice, chilled5-10 ml Lemon juice (add to taste)A few drops of Tabasco Sauce/Sriracha sauce (add to taste)1½ tsp Horseradish cream (optional)Salt or olive brine (to taste)Garnishing (optional):Chilli salt for the rim of the glassLime wedge2 Sticks Celery2 Skewers Olives
    Pour chili salt onto a plate.Run the lime wedge around the rim of your glasses to dampen each and dip the rim of the glasses into your chili salt.In a mixing glass, combine Marty’s with gin, lemon juice, hot sauce an horseradish. Stir thoroughly until all the ingredients are evenly mixed. Add salt to taste or, if opting for a skewer of olives or pickles for garnish, you can also add about 1 tsp of brine to each drink.Fill the glasses with ice, pour the mixture between two glasses, and add your desired garnishes.

    Keyword cocktail

    Make sure to stock up on your tomato juice (we love Marty’s) before this weekend. More

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    5 Low-Calorie Smoothie Recipes That Legit Taste Like Milkshakes

    These healthy and delicious smoothie recipes for weight loss are a great way to cool down and pack in nutrients. So give these five under-300-calorie concoctions a whirl, and sip your way to a slimmer body.

    A Penn State study found that people whose smoothies were blended for five minutes ate 12 percent less food afterwards and felt fuller than those whose smoothies were minimally blended. Now that’s a great weight loss tactic we can so get behind!

    READ MORE: The “Amazing Skin” Smoothie Recipe That Actually Works

    5 Low Calorie Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

    1. The Cherry Bomb Smoothie

    This low-calorie cherry smoothie is made with frozen cherries, kiwi, orange juice, coconut water and honey.

    Simple Cherry Smoothie Recipe

    This low calorie cherry smoothie is made with frozen cherries, kiwi, orange juice, coconut water and honey.Serves 1. Per serving: 665kJ, 1g fat (1g sat), 38g carbs, 129mg sodium, 5g fibre, 3g protein.

    Prep Time 5 minutes mins

    Course Breakfast, Drinks, SnackCuisine Healthy, Vegetarian

    Servings 1 personCalories 159 kcal

    ¾ Cup Frozen cherries1 Kiwi, peeled and quartered¼ Cup Orange juice½ Cup Coconut water¾ tsp Honey3 Ice cubes

    Up the ante: Add a scoop of vanilla protein powder for an additional 15 to 25g of protein.

    Keyword breakfast, healthy, Smoothie

    2. Apple Mojito Light Smoothie

    With only 107 calories, this apple smoothie is great as a breakfast, snack or cocktail. That’s because it’s made with apple juice, peach, cucumber, sparkling water, lime juice, mint and honey. So delicious!

    Apple Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss

    With only 107 calories, this apple smoothie is great as a breakfast, snack or cocktail. It’s made with apple juice, peach, cucumber, sparkling water, lime juice, mint and honey. Delicious!Serves 1. Per serving: 450kJ, 1g fat (1g sat), 27g carbs, 3mg sodium, 3g fibre, 2g protein.

    Course Breakfast, DrinksCuisine Healthy

    Servings 1 personCalories 107 kcal

    ¼ Cup Unsweetened apple juice1 Medium peach, peeled, pitted and quartered¼ Medium cucumber, peeled, seeded and quartered⅓ Cup Sparkling water¾ tsp Fresh lime juice3 leaves Fresh mint¾ tsp Honey6 Ice cubes

    Up the ante: Add two tablespoons light rum (about 270kJ) and have it at happy hour.

    Keyword breakfast, healthy, Smoothie, vegetarian

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    3. Island Refresher Smoothie

    This 221 calorie smoothie for weight loss is made from pineapple, mango, soy milk, cottage cheese and coconut flakes. Just trust us on this one; it’s so creamy, filling and delicious!

    Pineapple Weight Loss Smoothie

    This 221 calorie smoothie for weight loss is made from pineapple, mango, soy milk, cottage cheese and coconut flakes. Trust us on this one; it’s creamy, filling and delicious!Serves 1. Per serving: 925kJ, 2g fat (1g sat), 38g carbs, 244mg sodium, 4g fibre, 11g protein.

    Prep Time 5 minutes mins

    Course Breakfast, DrinksCuisine Healthy

    Servings 1 personCalories 221 kcal

    ¾ Cup Pineapple, cubed½ Cup Frozen mango¾ Cup Soya milk (with a drop of vanilla essence)3 Tbsp Low-fat cottage cheese¼ tsp Unsweetened coconut flakes, for garnish

    Up the ante: Add one tablespoon ground flaxseed for an extra two grams of fibre.

    Keyword breakfast, healthy, Smoothie

    4. Rise And Shine Smoothie

    Still looking for more smoothie recipes for weight loss? Then try this delicious and filling smoothie made with avocado, sweet potato, banana, milk and honey.

    Easiest Avocado Smoothie For Weight Loss

    Try this delicious and filling smoothie made with avocado, sweet potato, banana, milk and honey. Serves 1. Per serving: 1 215kJ, 8g fat (1g sat), 50g carbs, 135mg sodium, 7g fibre, 9g protein

    Course Breakfast, DrinksCuisine Healthy

    Servings 1 personCalories 291 kcal

    ¼ Avocado, peeled, pitted and cubed2 Tbsp Cooked sweet potato1 Small frozen banana, sliced¾ Cup Low-fat milk½ tsp Honey

    Up the ante: Blend in 1/4 cup raw or cooked oats for a thicker texture and more energy-fuelling carbs.

    Keyword breakfast, healthy, Smoothie

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    5. Awesome Almond Smoothie

    Start your morning with a super satiating 233 calorie smoothie made from banana, kale, almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. So yum!

    Awesome Banana, Almond & Kale Smoothie

    Start your morning with a super satiating 233 calorie smoothie made from banana, kale, almond butter, cinnamon, nutmeg and ground ginger. Yum!Serves 1. 975kJ, 8g fat ( More

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    Try This Post-Workout Hack For A Much Better Recovery

    So often we judge the effectiveness of our workout by how much we’ve sweated during the session. Yes, checking out your max heart rate comes next. But if you haven’t truly broken a sweat you might feel like you didn’t push your body to its limit. And while there is a certain satisfaction in peeling off a sweaty sports bra, it should be a reminder that you’ve just sweated out a few important minerals during the process. Here, an age-old post-workout hack you may have forgotten about. Because in the realm of post-workout snacks, drinks and other recovery methods, it’s easy enough to forget.

    What We Lose When We Sweat

    Sodium, the main mineral we lose through sweat, is vital for assisting with water absorption in your body. It works both during and after strenuous exercise and thus prevents dehydration. Sodium also stimulates carbohydrates in your body that help to replenish the muscle fuel stores that get depleted by prolonged exercise.

    What sports drinks really do

    Per Harvard’s School Of Public Health, sports drinks serve to replenish what’s lost in exercise. Think: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, all of which are essential to a proper working bod. The specific amount of sugar and salt is formulated for quick absorption and hydration. And, per Western Kentucky University, “Sports drinks can improve physical performance and increase the length of time that an athlete can perform or compete before reaching exhaustion.”

    So, What Do You Do About It?

    The post-workout hack? Replenish the electrolytes you’ve lost from exercise. Sports drinks are specially formulated to replenish both the fuel and minerals needed to help rehydrate you. They’re important for sustaining physical (muscular strength, endurance capacity and pace) and mental performance (concentration, reaction time and accuracy).

    If you forgo the drinks? You might wind up feeling weakness, muscle cramps, dizziness, confusion and sluggishness. Of course, this all depends on the intensity of your workout and how much fluid you lose during your workout. Estimates vary greatly, but according to the American Council on Exercise, exercisers should consume 500ml to 600ml of fluid two to three hours before exercise. 20 to 30 minutes before a workout, look to drinking another 230ml. Then, during exercise, 200ml to 300ml every 10 to 20 minutes. And, finally, 30 minutes following exercise, 230ml.

    Reach for these drinks

    BOS Ice Tea

    BOS Ice Tea is a rooibos tea full of antioxidants, electrolytes and essential minerals.

    USN Pro Recover

    Made with vitamin C and other nutrients, this blend works to aid muscle recovery and restore glycogen levels.


    Put back the fluids you’ve lost with these sachets, with are calorie, sugar and carb-free. More

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    BOS Ice Tea Launches A Limited Edition Can With Rachel & Siya Kolisi

    BOS, the much-loved South African rooibos brand best known for its colourful cans of Ice Tea, has partnered with South African rugby icon Siya Kolisi, his wife Rachel Kolisi and the Kolisi Foundation, launching Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS can to celebrate all things wonderful about our country. For each Limited Edition can sold, BOS is donating 5% of the turnover to the Kolisi Foundation.

    Making a difference

    The Kolisi Foundation was founded by Siya and Rachel Kolisi in 2020 with a vision to change the stories of inequality. They believe that every small act of change matters and that by “remembering the one, one by one,” we will impact the nation.

    “What’s great about this collaboration between BOS, the Kolisi Foundation, Siya and myself, is that there is such a value alignment for us. Firstly, the fact that it is a proudly South African product that has gone global, but also that as a brand they’ve chosen to go beyond making sales and to give back to South Africa through the Kolisi Foundation.”
    Rachel Kolisi, CEO of the Kolisi Foundation

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    Prioritising self-care

    Rachel is a CEO, Founding Director, mother, student and wife to the captain of the World Cup winning Springboks. She also has over 340k followers on Instagram where she works with brands that she authentically relates to and with products that she herself uses.

    We asked her what personal care looks like for her within this busy schedule:

    “For me, it’s about mind, body and your spirit. Exercising every day is one of my greatest privileges and I just love to have an hour a day where I can have a strong start, with a really hard workout that challenges me mentally and physically. There’s just such a sense of satisfaction after that, so I try as hard as possible to make that a non-negotiable.I also make sure I have at least a couple hours a week to myself to be with my thoughts and I love to do puzzles.”

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    Proudly South African design

    A purchase of the Limited Edition can not only supports the foundation but gives you the chance to win a trip for two to Paris, amongst other prizes. 

    The bold beadwork design of the Limited Edition can draws inspiration from Siya Kolisi’s Xhosa heritage. The campaign drives the message that we are all brewed for greatness, with themes such as finding joy and connection, looking at people as individual works of art and exploring how we can each make a difference.

    Siya Kolisi says it’s very special for him to launch this can with traditional patterning from his culture: “It’s not just a can. It’s a can that will open so many doors, it will open so many opportunities in every community that we operate in. The support generated by this can could be supporting a woman; it could be getting a warm meal for a child. Those are things that I struggled with when I was young and this will be making life a bit better for those still living under similar circumstances.”

    Will Battersby, CEO of BOS Ice Tea, says the campaign is the culmination of BOS’s growth journey.

    “To partner with the Kolisi family and its foundation is a privilege, as they are uniquely South African, just like our rooibos tea. Siya has impacted the nation as a sporting icon and inspirational person and Siya and Rachel are both making a significant difference in our vulnerable communities through their foundation.”

    Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition Peach Rooibos Ice Tea

    The Siya Kolisi’s Limited Edition BOS Ice Tea is available at Checkers, Spar, Woolworths, Pick n Pay and Takealot, or online at The Recommended Selling Price is R 15,99, or R 89,99 for the banded six pack.

    Go for it! Go BOS and impact the nation, ‘one by one’. More