10 Low-Calorie Cocktails Worth Sipping On This Summer

Even the fastest and fittest like to let their hair down (and so do we!), but we might as well get some nutrients out of our cocktails, right? These low-calorie cocktails pack a punch and are nutritionally dense, too. Each low-calorie cocktail contains fruits and veg that deliver nutritional benefits beyond the buzz you’ll feel while sipping away. Let Happy Hour begin!

Cocktail Essentials

Get your cocktail on with these essential tools – and consider yourself the bartender aficionado of the party.

Cocktail Making Kit

With this kit, you’ll find all the essentials you need to create any cocktail. You’ll find a strainer, stirrer and multiple other tools.

Woolworths Vivi Coupe

These are so pretty to drink from and are the correct size for cocktails, including margaritas and zingers. Pour away.

Humble & Mash Spirit Stones

These won’t dilute your drinks and keep them cool while you shake up your infusion. Plus, they’re neutral-coloured and can complement any drink.

Beat-The-Bloat Zinger

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Kickstarter Kiwi Margarita

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Vodka Sour

Cucumber Spritz

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Pear Sipper

Hail Mary

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Power Daiquiri

Berry and Basil Bellini

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Mocha Martini

Piña Colada



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