Food, Fitness & Family: How Zinhle Masango Juggles It All

This two-time award-winning fitness influencer, certified nutritionist, mom, Kellogg’s ambassador and corporate hun (seriously, how does she do it all?) is giving us the inside scoop on what it means to be fit, mentally balanced and taking care of yourself in today’s hustle. Plus, did we mention Zee’s all about authenticity? We’re obsessed.

Quick Fire Questions: Zinhle Masango

  • Who inspires you? The Rock
  • The workout you dread? Burpees
  • Favourite place you’ve visited? Zanzibar
  • Go to workout song? HISS by Megan The Stallion
  • Best way to unwind?  Run or hit the spa
  • What would you do if you weren’t a fitness/influencer? Be on radio or write health articles for magazines

The Road To Wellness

The journey into the fitness world for Masango wasn’t just about sculpting abs; it was a tale of empowerment. “My fitness journey started back when I was in an abusive relationship,” she shares. “Fitness became an escape for me, making me not only physically strong but mentally strong too.” Fast forward a decade and Masango has become synonymous with excellence in South Africa’s fitness scene, bagging awards and collaborating with iconic brands like Kellogg’s, a brand she fondly grew up with.

A Balancing Act Is What It Takes 

Wellness, for Masango, is not a one-dimensional concept; it’s all about physical, mental and emotional harmony. “My brand stands for a holistic approach to wellness,” she explains, “embracing physical, mental, financial and emotional well-being.” How does she juggle it all? Balance. “I am one person who believes in a balanced lifestyle, hence one would see me going out with mates or my family and enjoying a great meal and drink. For my mental health, I go to the gym or go out for a run. I often say gym is the most underrated antidepressant. I honestly aim to give a little of myself to every aspect of life by prioritising wellness every chance I get.” 

Self-Care Journey

“It has been said that when you look good on the outside you are more confident,” says Masango. Her routine? From microneedling to waxing (especially her underarms and legs), she ensures she’s always polished because she wears a lot of sleeveless gym tops and shorts to the gym. And let’s not forget the power of a signature scent – she swears by it!

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Navigating Life’s Hustle

Amidst the pressuring corporate life, motherhood, studies and influencer duties, Masango finds solace in mindfulness. “Running clears my mind and helps me relax,” she reveals. ” I also keep a healthy diet that is high in omega fatty acids that help feed my brain and take ashwagandha supplements to help keep my stress levels down. I have also realised that spending time with my family and friends and speaking about my mental well-being has helped a lot in decreasing my stress levels. “

Partnerships With Purpose

In a world saturated with partnerships, Masango remains grounded in authenticity. “When I collaborate, it’s with brands I genuinely trust and align with. Seamless and authentic content is key.”



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