Try These Veggie Sosaties Even Meat Lovers Will Love

Delicious kebabs are a must-have at any South African braai. And these veggie sosaties from cookbook author Mynie Steffens, will impress vegetarians and meat lovers alike. So let’s get braaing!

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The recipe for these veggie sosaties is from Mynie Steffens, a self-confessed braai addict who has been cooking over coals since she was only 10!

Whether you’re a braai newbie or a seasoned first-starter, you can still learn new tricks the Mynie way. Mynie Plays With Fire is jam-packed with easy recipes, curated braai-tasting menus, themed menus, playlists and fun facts. So you’ll definitely be the hostess with the mostess this Heritage Day. *Adds to cart*

3 Must-Have Braai Essentials We Swear By

Le Creuset Venus Basting Brush

The bristles on this basting brush are designed to work like a real bristle brush. They hold liquids at the top and releasing them slowly towards the tip. This brush is heat resistant for up to 250°C. 

Cast Iron Multi Grill

Best for grilling meat, seafood or vegetables with minimal oil. Because of its extremely high heat retention, cast iron is a versatile material that can be used on almost any heat source.

Ripple Enamel Oval Roaster White

You can easily store and serve wonderful warm meals with this grill-to-table roaster. Made of stainless steel and ceramic, it’s a must-have piece of kitchenware for every SA household. 

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Halloumi and Veggie Sosaties



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