Everything to know about the super full moon in Sagittarius


Almost everyone should be feeling upbeat about now.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is gracing our skies on June 14, 2022, highlighting social popularity and contagious enthusiasm but you may have noticed those beams already working their magic.

Mercury was so excited by the Full Moon that he timed his arrival into Gemini simultaneously. He wanted to give you a keen, alert, and expressive mentality.

Although this is a more gregarious lunation than usual, she also brings sensitivity and awareness to others’ needs. Have you noticed others’ gravitating to your fabulousness in the past day? Yes, your warm and loving nature is a beacon of light right now. You can expect to be on the minds of others you enthused over the past day or two before the week is out.

Take an opportunity to bring joy to others with your fancy footwork. It looks like you can delight others with a fabulously fun, unpredictable, or impromptu performance. Okay, there is always your living room to prance about in. Turn the music up either way.

Whatever you’re up to, you’re guaranteed to attract those who love to be around spirited people. There is nothing wrong with being remembered for your happy-go-lucky attitude and magnetic personality, even if it’s fleeting.

The moral of the story is that either way, try not to be cooped up indoors. Make sure you phone a friend, meet for drinks, or hit a party or two.

Some may find you will be rubbing shoulders with those who can open doors for you if you’re at a loss to find some direction. Someone is watching over you as fortune has a funny way of shining upon you. Now is the time to speak up.

This week highlights laughter around conversations with childhood or school friends.

Alternatively, it appears you will enjoy animated banter with those everyone loves to be around. Are you chatting about stories of travel, adventure, or how you first started out in your career? Stories peppered with risk or how you followed your heart and landed your perfect job will be astonishingly entertaining, so what if they are embellished? Everyone is having fun.

All in all, good times are to be had. Leave the woe of romance in the closet for now; life will work them out for you soon enough.

Lastly, the Sagittarius Moon brings news that’s been a little slow in arriving, you’re now impatient. It relates to something that sets you up over the longer term and could produce a unique outcome. Are you nervous? It will be a fork in the road toward a brighter future. You will want to be on the phone to share the news with others, someone appears to be delighted for you, especially if it involves a prestigious organisation or institution.

Sadly, good things end far too soon, and by June 15, 2022, you will want a few days to chill out; you may have even hit the wall. But don’t worry, you will be ready for a slightly more subdued but equally memorable weekend ahead.

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