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    10 must have gadgets to own for the tech addict in all of us


    by Dan Robinson
    2 hours ago

    It’s the time of year when we’re all traveling to far-away destinations to visit family or friends so you might start thinking about updating your trusty I-phone or Laptop.
    Whether you’re heading to a winter escape or flying solo to a beach retreat, one thing for sure is we’re all reaching for our tech to help us get there. (You can switch it off and relax when you get there, we won’t tell anyone)
    To save you the legwork, Emirates Woman has created the ultimate tech-inspired gift guide to ensure you’re inspired this season.

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    Kick-start your holiday playlist with Sonos


    by Team Emirates Woman
    1 hour ago

    With the holiday season now upon us, you might start thinking about creating the ultimate holiday playlists or planning festive favourite movie marathons with family and friends.
    That being said with it being the time of gifting, Sonos have created audio solutions for the tech enthusiast in all of us that appreciate the superior sound quality.
    Sonos have a selection of compact products that promise sound quality like never before! Whether you want to connect wireless speakers throughout your home for your holiday party or create a cinematic experience with the Sound Bars, Sonos have you covered.
    All that’s left to do is invite friends over, grab the festive snacks and enjoy!
    Discover Sonos’ Holiday favourites below:

    For more information visit:
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    Mazda Made With Soul

    Mazda has searched the South African landscape to find people driven by an innate sense of curiosity, willing to tell their human-centric stories of success and passion for their craft. These individuals embody the true meaning of community and harmony with all things in and around us. In this series, they will be imparting their stories of precision craftsmanship, infused with their soul; so who better to share their journey with you, than a brand Made with Soul?
    [embedded content]
    Meet Roushana Gray
    Founder of Veld and Sea, and winner of the Spier Sustainability award in 2019, Roushana Gray is a wild food artist, foodie and avid forager. She shares her passion for the local edible landscape through immersive educational experiences, connection and creativity. For Roushana, her vocation as a food innovator is a journey that never ends as there is always something new to learn and discover.
    Explore more HERE 
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    Find A New Way To Move With This GPS Smartwatch

    With up to 11 days of battery life, you won’t have to take off your watch every night to charge it, which means a more complete 24/7 picture of your health.
    With this Fitness aligned smartwatch you get heart rate, sleep score, stress tracking, Body Battery™ energy levels and a lot more. The watch comes with 25 preloaded sports apps for indoor or outdoor activities, you can try something new, including running, cardio, strength, HIIT and more.  
    [embedded content]
    Many of us choose to exercise between our work day or other commitments so thankfully you need never miss a call or text as smart notifications are delivered to your wrist when paired to your Apple® or Android™ smartphone.
    Look and Feel
    The Venu Sq 2 smartwatch has a sleek design that’s suited for every outfit and every part of your day. Its bright AMOLED display and optional always-on mode mean you can see everything with a quick glance. From a durable Corning Gorilla Glass 3 lens to the lightweight aluminum bezel and comfortable silicone band, this smartwatch was made to keep up with your lifestyle.
    Stress, Menstrual Cycle and Breathing
    You can track your menstrual cycle or pregnancy. Log symptoms, get exercise and nutrition education. Even see and log details on your wrist with the Women’s Health Tracking app. Find out if you’re having a calm, balanced or stressful day with continuous tracking. Relax reminders will even prompt you to do a short breathing activity when the watch detects stress and will then assist you to relax or focus with breath work activity while tracking your stress and respiration to help you get a better understanding of how you’re breathing.
    If you are looking for some insight and guidance to integrate your watch into a schedule to get fit, fast, strong and healthy, you can dive into the free workouts, running schedules and training plans, all complimented by a Garmin virtual coach.
    Buy the Garmin Venu Sq 2 HERE
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    The best memes reacting to the global WhatsApp outage


    by Olivia Morris
    3 hours ago

    Has your phone been feeling a little quiet over the past hour or so? Well, it might be because WhatsApp is down.
    Users on the globally popular messaging app, owned by Meta, started reporting major issues around 11am GST.
    The technology group confirmed there were some ongoing issues with WhatsApp in a statement to Reuters and said they were “working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible”. However, no timeline was given as to when the issues would be resolved.
    Naturally with any tech outage, many have flocked to other social media platforms, sharing memes and jokes surrounding the outage.
    While we sit back and relax and await our pending WhatsApp messages to come through, take a look at some of our favourite memes.

    People Coming to Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down#WhatsappDown
    — Bella Ciao (Chai) (@punjabiii_munda) October 25, 2022

    everyone’s coming to twitter to see what had happened to whatsapp🤣 #whatsapp
    — glyano_nstaa (@glyano_) October 25, 2022

    When your WhatsApp is playing up but you come to Twitter and see that everyone else is having the same problem #WhatsAppDown
    — Jamie (@GingerPower_) October 25, 2022

    WhatsApp headquarters RN 😂😂
    — 𝐉𝐮𝐝𝐝𝐚𝐡 ™ (@iamjuddah) October 25, 2022

    Absolutely no one:
    Mark Zuckerberg trying to fix WhatsApp.
    — ADAM👑 (@k_ore_y) October 25, 2022

    Me apologising to my wifi after finding out WhatsApp is down #whatsappdown
    — ABSOLUT VODKA (@VodkaTweetz) October 25, 2022

    Feeling relaxed after confirming from Twitter that I’m not alone #WhatsApp
    — Paul Abraham (@Sir_abraham2) October 25, 2022

    Every time other apps are done, people run to Twitter #WhatsApp #whatsappdown
    — Olalekan Adeniji (@adenijisp) October 25, 2022

    Hang in there, everyone!
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    HH Sheikha Shamma Al Nahyan attends GITEX in Dubai


    by Olivia Morris
    3 hours ago

    One of the biggest technology conferences in the Middle East has taken centre stage in Dubai this week.
    This year, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) unveiled a flying car, the rise in NFTs and Metaverse and has attracted over 100,000 visitors, one of which includes Her Highness Sheikha Shamma bint Sultan bin Khalifa Al Nahyan.
    The Abu Dhabi royal attended the conference earlier this week where she discussed how tecnology is “accelerating sustainable practices”.

    In the UAE, we have always challenged ourselves to progress on all fronts, and forums like GITEX have been vital in inspiring both innovation and creativity,” she said, sahring photos from her time at the exhibition.
    She continued, “The cutting-edge technologies being demonstrated at this year’s exhibition were truly impressive. I look forward to seeing these innovations be used as a force for good as they are integrated into our daily lives.”
    At GITEX, Sheikha Shamma explored many of the different booths on display, which included a futuristic car.
    A Cambridge alum
    A few months ago, Sheikha Shamma graduated from one of the world’s top universities, Cambridge University in the UK.
    The granddaughter of the late UAE President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, shared the exciting news on Instagram, revealing she had graduated with a Master’s in Philosophy in Modern Middle Eastern Studies.

    “Words can’t describe how honoured I am to have graduated yesterday from Cambridge University with an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies,” she said, also sharing her gratitude for her professors and lecturers at the university.
    “Our many discussions have been such an important part of deepening my understanding and appreciation for the region I’ve grown up in,” she added.
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    UAE to launch new tech-driven Emirati passport next month


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    The UAE will introduce a new generation of Emirati passports from next month.
    With innovation at the forefront, the new version of passports, which will launch on September 1, 2022, will feature technical specifications to promote security and safety for international travel.
    Launched as part of the national ID card project that began in June 2021, this change is all set to enhance the UAE’s international competitiveness on a global scale and reduce the attempts of forgery with its detail-oriented identification page.
    Per the state news agency WAM, these changes are in line with the directions of the wise leadership to consolidate the movement toward a smart government in the UAE.
    The latest features include a fine security thread, decorative carvings with highly complicated spectrums, photographs printed with advanced security features, a holographic logo for authenticity, a refined three-dimensional intaglio showcasing the date of birth and a watermark with the UAE emblem.
    To reduce any external damages, polycarbonate is used instead of paper due to its thickness and increased quality for specialised printing.

    The new generation of the UAE Passport.@MoFAICUAE____#IdentityCitizenshipCustomsAndPortSecurity #UAEPassport
    — Identity, Citizenship, Customs & Port Security UAE (@UAEICP) August 11, 2022

    “The project aims to enhance the flexibility of doing business related to individuals in various institutions of the UAE, in order to improve the quality of life and provide a travel experience that strengthens the leading position of the UAE,” the chairman of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security, Ali Muhammad Al Shamsi, said.
    With the UAE’s strong ranking on the global map, per the Henley Passport Index for 2022, making it the highest in the Arab world, such changes are a step further to strengthen its position on the list.
    All Emirati passport holders will also need to verify the validity of their documents for a period of no less than six months before they travel with the possibility of issuing passports while being abroad through the UAE.
    Passports for holders of the previous generations are still considered valid until their next expiry date approaches for renewal. The new generation passport can be applied for once there is a six months validity left on the current passport.
    The Emirati passport can be renewed through the website or the UAEICP smart application.
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    I Tried The Planet Fitness FitBuddy App – Here’s What I Think

    The Planet Fitness FitBuddy app to marries your gym membership with your goals and your real-life schedule.
    When it comes to workout apps, there are truly no shortages. The global lockdown did nothing if not create an even sturdier offering as we all attempted to get buff within the confines of our four walls.
    But as we came out of lockdown, some apps stuck around on our phones. I tried the Planet Fitness FitBuddy app and wondered if it was going to be a staple addition in my phone’s fitness folder – and it delivered.
    What is the Planet Fitness FitBuddy app?
    It’s a workout app, but like the term “fit buddy” denotes, you’re held accountable. When you sign up, you’re assigned a real coach at Planet Fitness, who loads workouts for you in the app to hit your desired goals. You’re also asked to log your meals in an associated app that’s sent to you to download.
    Unlike other workout apps, where you scroll through a variety of workouts and pick the one you feel up to, FitBuddy has scheduled workouts loaded in it, and you do the workout designated for you by your trainer.
    If you have a smartwatch, you can sync the data to the app so your steps, caloric expenditure and heart rate information can be tracked, too.

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    I Tried The FitBuddy App
    When I downloaded the app, I expected to scroll through workouts, pick one, do it, and share my achievement, like every other fitness app. But this app is a bit more involved than others – and it’s great. I got an email from my trainer, Tokey, who scheduled a call with me to chat about my fitness goals, how often I exercise and any other niggling issues I had. I told him I wanted to improve my surfing ability and that I’ve been trying to ditch about 10 kilos for a few years. We spoke about my eating habits, how often I train, the kind of training I do, and a few other lifestyle preferences.
    Then, he devised a training programme for me and input the data into my app. I was to do three workouts a week, totalling 20 minutes each, and he left room for my surfing sessions (which I can also log in the app, along with any other extra activities).
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    At first, I struggled to find my way around the app, until I realised that I didn’t necessarily need to explore anything, but rather just open it, navigate to my scheduled workout and do it.
    Taking the brain work out of losing weight and being healthy is one of the huge benefits of an app like this. Without having to think about anything, you’re less likely to come up with an excuse or feel fatigued after scrolling through different workouts before actually committing to one.
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    Added to that, Tokey sends me regular messages, checking in on my progress. He’s also able to see if I’ve skipped a workout or failed to log a few meals, which is excellent if you’re serious about making progress. Because there’s a real human being at the other end of the phone, if anything is bothering you, it can be fixed, which I really appreciated. I have a niggly back that’s been lousy from overuse, and my workouts are adjusted nicely to make up for that.
    Overall, this is one app I’d recommend if you’re looking to get serious about your progress and goals. Plus, you don’t have to be a Planet Fitness member to join at all. Keen to try it? Book a consultation here.

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