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    How I got my job… as Co-Founder of this Dubai-based artisanal Italian restaurant


    by Sarah Joseph
    1 hour ago

    Welcome to the Emirates Woman weekly series ‘How I got my job as…’ where we speak to some incredible entrepreneurs both based in the UAE and globally to find out about their career paths that led them to where they are now; what their daily routines look like; the advice they’d give to those starting out; and the hurdles they’ve had to overcome.
    This week we chat with Mohamed Jamal Alshamsi, Co-Founder and CEO of Monno, which is home to artisanal Italian food using the finest ingredients.
    This exclusive Italian haven brings the most cherished culinary traditions to the forefront with recipes passed down through generations. From Neapolitan pizzas to decedent desserts such as tiramisus, each dish is crafted to perfection as a true taste of Italy.
    Emirates Woman sat down with the brand’s founder to learn about his career path and how he converted his love for food into a full-time business.
    What was your favourite subject at school?
    In school, I mostly enjoyed business studies.

    What was your first job?
    I studied to become a pilot, so that was my first job and is still what I do today – as well as being a first-time restauranteur with the opening of Monno.
    How long have you lived in Dubai?
    I am Emirati and was born and raised in the UAE.
    What inspired you to launch Monno Ristorante?
    Me and my business partner – the co-founder of Monno Hamad Hamad Abdelsalam, who is also a pilot, also shares a deep passion for Italy. Through flying there very regularly, we both developed a love for the country’s food and culture and noticed that there is a huge lack of quality and authentic restaurants in Dubai that fit in the casual Italian dining sector, so we decided to establish Monno.
    Talk us through the inspiration being your restaurant and its menu.
    At Monno, we focus on quality, value for money and authenticity. Fresh and natural ingredients imported from Italy are carefully calibrated and prepared, to deliver a nostalgic journey of the country’s most cherished culinary traditions. From exclusively using San Marzano tomatoes to importing artisanal Italian cheeses and olive oils for handmade pasta and genuine Neapolitan pizzas, our menu also features a range of antipasti, main courses and traditional desserts. Inside the restaurant, expect interiors and an ambiance inspired by that of a classic Trattoria found on the back streets of quaint towns in Italy.

    What are the key elements of your role?
    The key elements of my role are handling all things related to the food and beverage – so working with our chef to create the menus, food tastings, the development of special menus and more. I also handle the marketing and PR side of the business, while my partner, Hamad is our Chief Financial Officer and handles all things related to finance and accounting, then for general operational requirements, we do everything together.
    Talk us through your daily routine.
    As a pilot, my daily routine depends on my flight schedule that week. If I’m flying that day, I go to work and complete my pre-flight procedures then take to the sky, however, if I’m not, my days are spent at Monno and with my family and friends.
    What advice do you have for anyone looking to follow in the same footsteps of opening a restaurant in Dubai?
    First and the most important advice is to think of something special and unique, something new that no one in Dubai has thought of before. Once you have a unique idea, work to execute it well.
    What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
    The best advice I ever received and believe in is simply ‘don’t rush’. Take things slowly and think twice before making your move, it will pay off in the long run.
    And what is the worst?
    The worst was to always be spontaneous and do things on the spot. I believe this connects to my best piece of advice, which is not to rush. I believe good things take time and we should think wisely before acting.

    What has been the biggest challenge you had to overcome when opening a restaurant in Dubai?
    The biggest challenge was when our opening fell close to the end of the pandemic. It was a huge challenge as there were so many restrictions in place at the time, so we could only accommodate a small number of guests at any given time, which is hardly what any new restaurant wants. We thankfully made it through that challenging time.
    What are the future plans for your brand, Monno?
    At Monno, we’re working on a couple of collaborations, which we will be able to announce in the coming months. We’re also working on an exciting pop-up for Monno that we hope to launch early next year. Watch this space!
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    The Emirates Woman-approved guide to the best restaurants in Dubai

    Dubai is never short of restaurants, as new spots continue to open on a daily basis.
    Home to a variety of cuisines and Michelin-starred havens, finding a restaurant that goes beyond the décor and its views, might sometimes be a tricky task.
    So, to give you some culinary inspiration the Emirates Woman team have shared their favourite spots around Dubai.
    Amy SessionsEditor / Associate Publisher – Emirates Woman/Man

    Bvlgari Yacht Club

    This is my go-to when I feel like I need a taste of Italy but can’t travel. The Veal Ragu is next level and if it’s seasonally available, Chef will make Cozze off the menu – it’ll take you straight to Capri!
    Pier Chic
    I’m oyster obsessed, and the Gillardeau oysters here are incredible. It’s a completely different level now Beatrice Segoni is Head Chef and the cosy atmosphere reminds me of the Belmond trains still on my travel list.
    Comptoir 102
    If you need something clean this is a great place to catch up over a coffee. Their almond milk is homemade and the All Green Salad will give you an immunity boost in one bowl.
    Olivia MorrisDigital Editor – Emirates Woman/Man

    If you’re looking to find me anywhere in Dubai on the weekend it’s at Roka. You could say I’m now part of the wallpaper at this restaurant as I go so regularly – at least every other week, if not once a week! With great food and impeccable service to match, Roka is a great spot for a big group dinner with friends or for just a few bites and vinos at the bar (my favourite thing to do on a Friday!). I couldn’t recommend this spot more.
    Il Borro Tuscan Bistro

    Hands down the best restaurant for Italian cuisine in Dubai. Located in Jumeirah Al Naseem, the food is always mouthwateringly good and the welcoming staff are always on hand to sure you have an exceptional experience. I love to visit this restaurant with my girlfriends sitting at the bar just chatting the night away to everyone!
    INTI Dubai
    When it comes to Nikkei cuisine you don’t get much better than INTI. This restaurant only burst onto the Dubai dining scene earlier this year, but it’s quickly become one of my favourite spots. The design of the restaurant is particularly special, paried with a spectacular menu and an unrivalled Downtown Dubai view it’s a must-try.
    Shanghai Me
    If you love art-deco and retro style, then Shanghai Me is definitely one you need to visit. I love going here for both a sit-down meal or a few drinks at the bar – whatever the occasion, Shanghai Me always delivers. If there’s one thing you need to try it’s the duck salad. You can thank me later.
    Dan RobinsonFashion Editor – Emirates Woman/Man

    Nammos is a staple for lunch meetings or dinner in the evening when family and friends visit. The stunning sea views and Mediterranean ambience always feel like I’m out of Dubai and on a Mykonos beach. The truffle Gyoza and spicy tuna rolls always hit the spot.
    Pier Chic
    Pier Chic is the perfect spot if you’re looking for something a little more special. The sea views of the gulf are uncompromising. The restaurant has an upscale out-at-sea feel. I have celebrated a few occasions here, and the service has always been outstanding. The restaurant has a great-tasting menu with Italian flavours and dishes of Sea bass, yellowtail tartare, and calamari.
    The Maine
    Frequently visiting all the Maine venues in JBR, Business Bay, and Studio City, it’s safe to say my favourite location is the Business Bay branch with the dramatic chandeliers, large windows, and narrow New York brasserie feel layout. In the evening, the restaurant comes alive with an ambient crowd. Specializing in steak and seafood, the restaurant has something for everyone. My favourite dishes are the No-meat short ribs and classic poutine. The venue is known for its shuck-me Oysters. After dinner, a nightcap at the bar is always the way to finish the evening off.
    Sarah JosephJunior Style Editor, Emirates Woman

    Mimi Kakushi

    By bringing back a hint of the 1920s, this Japanese fine-dining haven serves a host of delectable dishes such as salmon sashimi, foil gras gyoza and paired with signature cocktails to compliment the evening. Located at Four Seasons Dubai, this restaurant is hands down, one of my favourite fine-dining spots in Dubai.
    Bull & Bear
    As an ode to the 80s, this signature restaurant offers a twist to New York’s Wall Street. This one-of-a-kind dinner is the perfect gastronomic affair with key dishes such as lobster linguine and alligator pear, which brings a new meaning to avocado. With glistening views of Dubai and a relaxing atmosphere, this restaurant is highly recommended.
    This contemporary Italian restaurant has won the hearts of many, including ours. With fresh ingredients flown in from Italy, each dish is crafted to perfection. From oysters to Rawberto’s platters, this restaurant is a seafood delight. A must-try from their dessert menu is the freshly made in-house pistachio ice cream served with extra virgin olive oil. What was once a mistake, has now become a signature for tourists to try from around the globe. The restaurant is located in DIFC, Gate Village 1.
    Avli by Tashas
    This Greek-inspired restaurant is inspired by modern Athens with ingredients sourced directly from Greece. With its minimal interiors and an array of delectable dishes to choose from, this fine-dining haven is an absolute winner. A must-try from the menu is the sea bass ceviche and feta saganaki, which creatively bring the heart of Greece onto a plate. Situated in the heart of DIFC, Gate Village Building 9, this restaurant is the perfect venue to dine with friends and family and is most definitely one of our favourite places to dine at.
    Joelle AlbeainoGroup Marketing Manager

    La Cantine du Faubourg
    Amazing food and ambience. La Cantine has the best Truffle pizza and crunchiest pommes frites. The way the place transforms from a calm dinner to a dance floor where you can show off your best moves. They have the friendliest staff and the best DJ in town. Love everything about this place.

    The boho chic ambience makes you feel like you’re on a tropical island. Delicious food and great entertainment. The place is so serene and aesthetically beautiful. You just never want to leave.
    The ultimate place to treat yourself to a fancy pool day. Perfect to unwind with calm music, delicious cocktails and mouthwatering food. SAL is the best place to take photos in front of the Burj and the endless water views surrounding it.
    Chaitali KhimjiGroup Sales Manager

    CÉ LA VI Dubai
    I love the ambience of this restaurant. Diners can witness the pristine skyline of Dubai, making it the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures.
    La Cantine
    With a Parisian menu designed to perfection, this restaurant has a great ambience with delightful food and drinks.
    Kinara at JA Resort

    I recently tried this restaurant out, as I love Indian food. The restaurant is very authentic and deep-rooted to my heritage as the dishes are curated by Michelin chef Vikas Khanna.
    Anna ChipalaSenior Sales Manager, Emirates Woman

    This fine-dining spot is the perfect combination of Asian food and ambience, with top hits played during the weekend.
    Caviar Kaspia

    This restaurant is close to home. I highly recommend the Caspia potato and Medovik cake, which I absolutely love.
    Flamingo Room
    When it comes to interiors and the concept, this restaurant has done a fabulous job. The food is always delicious and the staff are always friendly.
    Nicole LittleContent Solutions Executive

    Located in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Mythos transports you from the skyscrapers of Dubai to a modern but cosy Greek taverna. Their menu boasts traditional Greek cuisine that is not to be missed, I order the spanakopita religiously. Every time I bring friends to this restaurant, they comment on how it feels like a ‘hidden gem’, ‘hole in the wall’ no gimmicks atmosphere. It’s the food, service, and Mediterranean vibes that keep me coming back time and time again.
    SEVA Table
    Since 2014, SEVA has been a trailblazer in the region as the first 100 per cent plant-based, gluten-free, cane-sugar-free, and GMO-free venue. While you may come for the delicious, healthy and environmentally conscious food and beverage options, you’ll stay for the secluded and laid-back vibes. This place embodies a Sunday morning kind of vibe. It’s casual, healthy, and holistic, making it a great place to decompress with a meal away from the hustle and bustle of Dubai.
    LPM Restaurant & Bar
    Offering some of the finest dining and atmosphere in the Emirate, LPM is an experience that we at Emirates Woman can’t get enough of. The attention to detail in the dining, service and energy of the restaurant will be sure to satiate your expectations. LPM’s gastronomy is an absolute treat, and I’d go as far as to say they serve the best burrata in Dubai.
    The Beach Bar & Grill by Mauro Colagreco

    The Beach Bar & Grill by Chef Mauro Colagreco has a stunning menu. Located on the beachfront at The One & Only Royal Mirage Hotel, the setting and South American flavours will transport you to that ‘on vacation’ feeling upon your arrival. This is a perfect spot for a catch-up with friends or a laid-back date night.
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    18 outdoor terraces to dine alfresco in Dubai


    by Sarah Joseph
    14 mins ago

    It’s the season to be outdoors again.
    As the weather cools down, alfresco Dubai dining is firmly back on our radars.
    From beach clubs to sky-high restaurants, each venue ensures scintillating views of Dubai’s skyline accompanied by a delectable menu crafted to perfection.
    For your next outdoor outing, Emirates Woman has created a luxe guide on where to book ASAP.

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    10 Sheikh Mohammed-approved restaurants in Dubai


    by Olivia Morris
    4 hours ago

    With a plethora of restaurants available in Dubai, it can be hard to choose where to go.
    However, we’ll happily go to any place that’s approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.
    Here’s ten restaurants in the emirate that are approved by His Highness.

    Known for his love for food, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has given Chef Izu Ani’s latest restaurant a royal thumbs up. In a video shared on Chef Izu’s Instagram, Sheikh Mohammed is seen exchanging a handshake with the restauranteur outside new venue Alaya, whilst also sharing a few moments of laughter together. Masterminded by Chef Izu and one of Emirates Man’s former cover stars Evgeny Kuzin, the concept is nothing short of extraordinary, with a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences.
    CÉ LA VI

    This world-famous Singaporean restaurant received the royal seal of approval after Sheikh Mohammed visited in February 2020. Known for their contemporary Asian dishes and incredible views of Dubai’s sweeping skyline, the restaurant is located on the 54th floor terrace of Address Sky Views. Posing against the outdoor infinity pool, this restaurant is one of the most popular fine-dining spots in Dubai.

    Known for their wide range of vegan, dairy-free and gluten options, this restaurant has branches all across Dubai. As a healthy eating hub in the emirate, the ruler of Dubai visited along with his son, Sheikh Hamad and enjoyed a cup of coffee while interacting with the staff.
    Shanghai Me

    The Ruler of Dubai was seen dining out at Shanghai ME located in DIFC with others in September 2020. This establishment is famed for its culinary classics of East Asia, which all have a playful twist.

    In 2021, Sheikh Mohammed was spotted out in DIFC at Gaia, a restaurant founded by Chef Izu Ani. The venue serves up a fresh take on Mediterranean cuisine including seafood orzo, baked feta cheese, indulgent truffle potatoes and the unmissable mille-feuille that is nothing like you’ve ever tried before – trust us.

    As one of the top restaurants in Dubai, it’s no surprise Zuma has Sheikh Mohammed’s stamp of approval, who is believed to have visited the establishment on multiple occasions. Famed for its contemporary Japanese cuisine, Zuma has been a leader in the Dubai F&B space for over 12 years.

    Known for its authentic Emirati cuisine with a contemporary twist, Siraj is another Sheikh Mohammed-approved restaurant. It’s located within the Souk Al Bahar, the world-famous Arabian Souk overlooking the Dubai Fountain.
    Farzi Cafe

    His Highness has previously been spotted at this famous restaurant in City Walk known for its fabulous Indian cuisine.
    Fish Beach Taverna

    This Mediterranean beach hotspot will transport you to Greece in no time. With an Aegean menu of Turkish food with the stunning backdrop of the Arabian night sky. This fine-dining seafood has welcomed both Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan in a course of two days as both the royals enjoyed various dishes across the menu in a relaxed setting. Located by the peaceful shores of Le Meridian Mina Seyahi, this restaurant is most definitely a must-visit to enjoy with friends and family.
    Baku Café

    When opened in 2017, Sheikh Mohammed paid a visit to this eatery that pays homage to the cuisine from Azerbaijan. As a popular dining spot, this royal was amongst the first to visit this traditional restaurant. Situated in the heart of City Walk, there a variety of dishes to try such as the the cafe’s baklava, stuffed vine leaves, and a delicious plate of lamb.
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    How L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon’s executive chef pursued his culinary dreams


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    When it comes to fine dining, Dubai most definitely knows how to impress.
    Adding to the emirate’s food scene is a concept by late renowned Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon. Enter L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon where dishes are born to touch all the senses. Known for his love for quality ingredients, textures and flavours, Executive Chef, Roberto Torre has played an imperative role in bringing his culinary vision on a plate.
    It was no easy feat for Chef Roberto to pave a way for himself in this industry and despite the challenges, he pursued his dreams after learning from his revered mentors including Monsieur Joël Robuchon himself.
    “The hardest part of starting my career as a young Commis Chef was being away from my family since I was 17,” he tells Emirates Woman.
    By converting his passion for food as a young child into a full-time successful career, Chef Roberto has led the brigade as Executive Chef of the L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Dubai since its opening in 2020.
    Emirates Woman spoke to L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon’s Executive Chef, to delve into his career and how he’s played a pivotal role in transforming the brand.
    Talk us through your career.
    Having been born and raised in Italy, I attended the Hotel School in Salerno, which is located in Campania (southwestern Italy). I began my career in luxury hotels in Italy, under the direction of Executive Chef Domenico d’Imperio at the six-star hotel Tre Vaselle in Umbria, where I learned about consistency and how to enhance flavours. After spending some time in the Maldives, I settled down in Paris in 2011 and joined Chez Jean – a Michelin star restaurant. In 2015, I joined Joël Robuchon Group and more specifically L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Saint Germain (which is the first L’Atelier of Monsieur Joël Robuchon, created in 2003) as Executive sous-chef. Since 2020, I have led the brigade as Executive Chef of the new L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Dubai.

    What initially inspired you to enter the hospitality realm?
    In the beginning, there was nothing that predestined me to enter this world. No one in my family or in my circle came from this hospitality background. Some of my earliest memories come from my grandparents and my mother. I remember helping my grandmother and mother make traditional pasta when I was a child. I learned how to cook authentic Italian dishes, particularly those from the south of Italy, where I’m from. A practice that, over time, gave me a taste of the ingredients as well as the gastronomy, was introduced to me by my grandfather who taught me how to grow vegetables. Ultimately, each of them transmitted to me, in their own way, the taste of effort, the love of a well-done task, and the taste of simple, honest and authentic work. It wasn’t long before what started out as only curiosity gradually turned into a passion.

    What eventually brought you to Dubai?
    The opening of the new L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in the Middle East. Joël Robuchon Group offered me the opportunity to be in the driver’s seat of this amazing kitchen and restaurant as Executive Chef.
    L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon opened back in October 2020. How have things evolved for the restaurant over the last two years?
    Since the opening, our team has worked very hard and has become even stronger. We have found our cruising speed. Over the months, the team has continued to grow together. To make our clients happier and more satisfied, we will continue to improve ourselves. These conclusive results have been achieved with the help of our loyal guests for a few months now. We are actively developing new suggestions to always surprise our guests. Our concept is timeless and present everywhere in the world. Providing quality and pleasure to our gastronomic clients is the most important thing to us. It is our commitment to focus on quality and pleasure, and pursue our efforts to be at the top.
    How do you continue to embody the legacy of Joël Robuchon?
    We will pursue the legacy of Joël Robuchon, the most starred chef in the world, in being creative and maintaining the requirement of Monsieur Joël Robuchon as he taught us.
    In your opinion, what are the hero dishes at L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon?
    Le caviar “Royal Oscietra” – Caviar over a crispy poached egg with smoked salmonLa Langoustine – Langoustine in ravioli with truffle, foie gras sauce and green cabbageLe Black Cod – Marinated with miso under daikon with a yuzu infusionLe Ravioli King Crab – King crab with thinly sliced daikon, lightly spicedLa Papillote – Langoustine in a crispy papillote with basil
    What sets the F&B industry in Dubai apart from the rest of the world?
    Dubai’s culinary scene has become increasingly reliant on the F&B industry. It is now one of the fastest growing and most competitive industries in the world. A great deal of innovation has occurred in the quality and diversity of food and restaurants over the years. International travellers are becoming attracted to Dubai and the UAE because of its food scene. Here in Dubai/the UAE, there are some brilliant places to eat, full of life, style and atmosphere.
    What are the hurdles you’ve experienced throughout your career?
    The hardest part of starting my career as a young commis chef was being away from my family since I was 17. At this age, you usually spend time with family and friends and enjoy a carefree existence. Today, with hindsight and experience, it looks more like a plus than a negative. My life and career as an Executive Chef have been greatly enriched by these sacrifices made 20 years ago.
    What have been the milestones?
    The first decisive step was joining Chez Jean with Chef Attilio Marrazzo as soon as I arrived in Paris. The opportunity to work in the world capital of gastronomy is one of the most important events in the life of any cook. There is a reason why French Gastronomy has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later, when I joined the first Atelier de Joël Robuchon Saint Germain and I met Axel Manes, a disciple of Joël Robuchon, and one of his Chefs. Throughout his career, he has been always in search of new creations, always more original, composed of excellent products, which have been carefully selected. This journey with Joël Robuchon Group really defined who I am today.
    Finally, what are the future plans for L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon?
    L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Dubai is one of his last projects. Monsieur Joël Robuchon was very involved in this project which took many years to be achieved. His spirit, mind, and imprint are evident in this accomplishment. In keeping with his style and principles, we will work hard as he always did.
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    30 Sheikh Hamdan-approved restaurants in Dubai you need to try

    When it comes to knowing the best restaurants to dine at in Dubai, the emirate’s Crown Prince always knows best.
    From sophisticated alfresco havens to all the authentic food choices, His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is regularly seen dining out at some of the best F&B concepts Dubai has to offer.
    No stranger to Dubai’s foodie scene, when it comes to dining at the city’s fine-dining spots, Fazza knows best. From alfresco havens to new speakeasies, Dubai’s Crown Prince has paid a visit to a myriad of restaurants, to ensure he’s always on top of the food game.
    If you’re in need of some inspo on where to dine next, Emirates Woman has curated a list of all the sophisticated restaurants that have received Sheikh Hamdan’s stamp of approval.
    L’Amo Bistro del Mare

    Sheikh Hamdan made a visit to L’Amo Bistro del Mare in May 2022, an Italian restaurant that opened its doors at Dubai Harbour this year. The waterfront restaurant welcomed His Highness for lunch on Saturday. The Dubai Crown Prince also posed for a photo with Chef Lorenzo Buccarini, Carlo Tinelli, General Manager of the restaurant and Piero Giglio, MD & Partner of MINE Lifestyle Managing. This upscale seafood restaurant is a partnership between Sunset Hospitality Group and Mine and Yours Group, making this yet another notable addition to the Dubai dining scene. From signature dishes such as red and violet prawns, delicate sea urchins, Margherita Pinsa and Italian oysters and scallops, the restaurant is sure to transport visitors to the rustic streets of Italy with every serving of each dish. With freshly caught seafood, the flavours are enhanced to capture the essence of the Mediterranean sea.Situated in the heart of the city at the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club, L’Amo Bistro Del Mare is open daily from 12pm to 3pm and 7pm to midnight.

    Spotted at Chef Izu’s latest venue, Alaya in DIFC this month, Sheikh Hamdan gave the restaurant his royal seal of approval.Masterminded by Chef Izu and one of Emirates Man’s former cover stars Evgeny Kuzin, the concept is nothing short of extraordinary, with a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern influences. Inspired by their travels, each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients. After only opening last month, the restaurant has gained quite a bit of traction as the duo has brought a new concept to DIFC. By taking each visitor on a culinary journey, the warm inviting space, ensures guests feel at home from the moment they enter.
    La Maison Ani

    On one of his most recent foodie outings, Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit to a brand new concept by Chef Izu Ani and Evgeny Kuzin. Fazza stopped by La Maison Ani at the end of May 2022 just weeks after it officially opened.  The restaurant’s team described it as an “honour” to welcome the Crown Prince, sharing a photo from his visit. “It was a complete honour and privilege to host The Crown Prince @faz3 at La Maison Ani by Chef Izu,” they said. “The first of many visits we hope.”

    This restaurant is already a household name in London and Las Vegas. Having arrived in Dubai late last year, SUSHISAMBA has already made its mark on the emirate. So much so, Sheikh Hamdan thought it fit to host one of his most famous friends at the restaurant on his recent visit to Dubai. The emirate’s Crown Prince was seen visiting the hotspot with famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. In late January, the pair enjoyed lunch together with some of their entourage. We’re definitely adding this new hotspot to our list of must-trys.
    11 Woodfire

    For one of the first outings in 2022, Sheikh Hamdan visited this new concept – the brainchild of chef Akmal Anuar and Ahmass Fakahany, CEO and Founder of Atelier House Hospitality – which opened later last year. Located in a villa on Jumeirah Beach Road, 11 Woodfire opened in November 2021. Sharing the news of the Crown Prince’s visit to 11 Woodfire with a photograph, the restaurant said it was an “honour” to host him.

    This picturesque new restaurant brings a piece of Aegean paradise to the heart of Dubai. Situated at the Address Downtown Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan was spotted there in January 2022. This outdoor venue perfectly captures views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountains which were captured in Sheikh Hamdan’s story. From fresh seafood to a plethora of must-try dishes, these delectable mezes are sure to be savoured with your loved ones as Dubai’s Crown prince did.

    Gohan, the new Japanese speakeasy by the team at La Cantine du Faubourg is one of the latest hotspots to visit. The space is quite intimate being able to seat no more than 30 diners at a time and Fazza gave his stamp of approval in late 2021. While the restaurant may have been a well-kept secret previously, now that Fazza has paid a visit the word about Gohan is well and truly out.
    For more information visit
    The Arts Club

    This sophisticated private members-only club is situated in the heart of DIFC. Having welcomed Sheikh Hamdan last year, this ultra-luxe venue was honoured to have him and even posted a picture on their feed. The Crown Prince enjoyed a hearty meal at Rōhen.
    For more information visit
    Mimi Kakushi

    Known for their cosy interiors and ultra-luxe décor, this restaurant is a must-visit with all the Japanese classics under one roof. On the UAE’s 50th National Day, Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit and was so impressed by hospitality and service as he celebrated the country’s birthday.
    For more information visit

    Sheikh Hamdan’s a fan, and so are we. This contemporary Japanese restaurant opened back in 2020 and Sheikh Hamdan was one of the first to visit post-lockdown. Known for its contemporary Japanese robatayaki cuisine and sushi, this restaurant has become a firm favourite on the Dubai dining scene.
    Twiggy by La Cantine

    The Crown Prince of Dubai stopped by this incredible venue late last year and no doubt enjoyed the impeccable views that Twiggy has to offer. At the time, Sheikh Hamdan shared a series of images on his Instagram story of some of the exquisite cuisine he was enjoying. Twiggy by La Cantine opened at the beginning of 2021 and it’s safe to say it has been the go-to hotspot for Mediterranean dining in Dubai.

    Bringing the charm of Greek cuisine to Dubai, this restaurant provides an unforgettable experience with authentic Mediterranean hospitality offering culinary textures and aromas to your plate. Located in Rixos Premium Dubai, JBR, Fazza has previously been spotted dining there.
    Sal at the Burj Al Arab

    In mid-December 2020, the Crown Prince of Dubai was pictured at Sal at the Burj Al Arab. This restaurant opened its doors back in September 2020 and has been a popular destination for restaurant-goers ever since. It offers guests endless ocean views with seamless service and a sophisticated menu. Described as “barefoot luxury meets Southern European culinary excellence”, the restaurant also comes fully equipped with a 100-metre infinity pool to relax at after a delightful meal.
    Caviar Kaspia

    Fresh from the hustle and bustle of Paris, Caviar Kaspia opened its first venue outside the French capital in Dubai late last year. One of the first people to visit was the Crown Prince of Dubai. A photo of Fazza’s visit was posted to the restaurant’s Instagram page, where His Highness was seen posing with a Matryoshka Doll, which is a signature to the restaurant and is known to hold caviar.
    The MAINE Land Brasserie

    Sheikh Hamdan and his entourage visited this luxe steakhouse located in the ME by Melia Hotel in Business Bay at the beginning of 2021. It’s the third restaurant in Dubai by restauranteur Joey Ghazal and has become a firm favourite on the Dubai dining scene.
    Avli by Tashas

    Having opened just over three years ago in January 2019, Sheikh Hamdan is a frequent visitor to Avli by tashas in DIFC. The restaurant captures the essence of Greek cuisine combined with a chic and sophisticated space reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

    Loved by Sheikh Hamdan, Gaia is the brainchild of Chef Izu. The restaurant encompasses the Greek Goddess of Earth, the mother of the sun, the mountains and the sea and is the inspiration for each exquisite Mediterranean dish. In January 2019, the Crown Prince of Dubai and his father, the Ruler of Dubai, were spotted dining at the Grecian-inspired restaurant. But even before that, Sheikh Hamdan gave Gaia his seal of approval back just five days after it opened in October 2018. After his visit, Chef Izu posted a cheeky picture with the Dubai royal, as he sported a wide grin.
    For more information visit
    Il Borro

    This high-class Tuscan Bistro welcomed the Crown Prince of Dubai along with his team, with authentic cuisine and dishes that are made with ingredients that are freshly imported for a bespoke Italian experience. In 2021, it was one of the first outings Sheikh Hamdan made following the announcement he has become a father to twins, Rashid and Sheikha.

    While continuing to extend his support to several homegrown restaurants in the UAE, Sheikh Hamdan has been a long-time fan of Chef Izu, the brainchild behind two notable restaurants in the UAE. Seen posing in this snap with Chef Izu, Sheikh Hamdan paid a visit to Carine, located in Emirates Golf Club. At the time of his visit, the Dubai-based restauranteur said, “Always an honour and great pleasure to have HH Sheikh Hamdan with us at Carine.”
    For more information visit
    L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

    Adding another high-end eatery to his list of restaurants with his stamp of approval is L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon. His Highness paid a visit to the eatery to the authentic French restaurant in June 2021, with a photo being shared by the DIFC-based restaurant on their official Instagram page. This establishment is famed for its celebrity clientele alongside its Michelin star cuisine which offers guests dishes including a crispy poached egg with caviar, truffle pizza and Dover sole à la plancha, all prepared in front of the guests.
    Gudee Pizza Café

    Known for their Afghani specialities, this eatery pushes beyond the borders of authentic cuisine in the heart of Dubai, with some of the most creative pizza combinations offered under one roof in the highly comforting atmosphere with a modern interpretation of the aforementioned cuisine with innovative desserts. Located at Gate Avenue mall level in DIFC, the Crown Prince’s uncle, Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, also known as Uncle Saeed on Instagram, is a regular at Gudees.
    BB Social Dining

    The homegrown concept serving Eastern cuisine has a compact space offering various cuisine options. Located in Gate village 8 DIFC, the atmosphere is both sophisticated and elegant.

    After having spotted Sheikh Hamdan at this stunning seafood restaurant, he posed for a picture with the head of operations and also seemed to enjoy the restaurant’s freshly baked bread with one of the lighthouse salads on his visit.

    This Mediterranean-inspired travel-themed café is extremely Instagrammable and is known for its topographic design. Located in Dubai Mall’s Fashion Avenue extension, the theme of the restaurant has certainly caught everyone’s attention.
    She Burger

    Are there any burger fans here? Then you would be happy to know that Fazza is a fan of this edgy urban burger chain. Open in Dar Wasl Mall, the burger place caters to chicken and beef lovers alike, and if you are vegetarian, then you should try She Burger’s ‘Krazy Kale’ or ‘Avo Salad’ salads.

    Located in the popular tourist spot of Souk Madinat Jumeirah, the Crown Prince of Dubai has previously made a visit to this quaint Greek restaurant. Taverna is located on the waterfront of Souk Madinat Jumeirah and embodies the true rustic charm of Greece with exposed wood, white walls and neutral tones used throughout the venue.

    A Mykonos favourite, Nammos Dubai offers incredible views of the Arabian Seam, as well as incredible cuisine.  the iconic Dubai Skyline – if you’re looking for a fun afternoon, this is the location. Sheikh Hamdan made a visit at this delicious eatery back in December 2019.

    This popular spot first opened back in 2018 and one of the first to visit was Sheikh Hamdan. Located in the secluded area of La Mer, the Masti menu offers a reinterpretation of Indian cuisine, designed to share.
    CZN Burak

    This Turkish-Middle Eastern restaurant is the first Dubai-based establishment for Chef CZN Burak, who is hugely popular on social media with over 17 million followers and already has three popular restaurants in his home country of Turkey. In late 2020, he decided to crack the Dubai F&B space and within the first month of opening welcomed Sheikh Hamdan to his Downtown Dubai venue.

    This uber-chic Mediterranean and Greek experience is inspired by modern and contemporary testes in a lively atmosphere. By bringing warm Emirati hospitality in a luxurious setting, the restaurant is definitely a hit amongst all its visitors. Fazza visited the restaurant in June 2019 and the team shared an image with the caption: “We are always blessed and honored to have HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum dine with us.”
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    17 luxe Saturday brunches to try out in Dubai in 2022

    As the UAE embraces a new weekend with Saturday becoming the new Friday, one staple that is in for a big change in schedule is brunches.
    Keeping this in mind, Emirates Woman has curated a guide of all the Saturday Brunches to try out this year.
    Le Rosé

    This sophisticated restaurant gives us all the vintage feels with a minimal blush pink and grey palette. A super sophisticated brunch takes place with delectable dishes, a stunning terrace and professional service. Guests can experience a sensational culinary affair with a plethora of dishes ranging from camembert au four to organic black chicken roulade with truffle sauce and much more. As the perfect day to catch up with friends and family, visitors can take in the dreamy spot that’s accompanied by gorgeous views of Downtown Dubai and Burj Khalifa. It takes place every Saturday at the Address Fountain Views from12pm to 4pm for three hours and packages are priced at Dhs225 for soft beverages, Dhs345 for house beverages and Dhs395 for premium beverages.
    For more information visit
    Bar Du Port

    This Mediterranean-inspired brunch with chic bohemian décor offers an experience unlike any other. With luxe views of shores and yachts, guests can experience hours of fun with a resident DJ that’s all set to play the latest hits, while enjoying an array of must-try dishes. From smoked salmon to dark chocolate coffee cake, the options are endless with an exclusive selection of cocktails to keep the party going. This Instagrammable venue hosts the brunch every Saturday from 1pm to 5pm with the soft beverages packages priced at Dhs290, house beverages package at Dhs360, premium packages at Dhs460 and the Champagne package at Dhs560. Located at the Dubai Harbour Pier Club in Dubai Marina and is truly an unmissable experience.
    For more information visit
    Bla Bla

    Bringing something new to the table is an exclusive new brunch by Secret Parties at this popular new hotspot. With a delightful sharing menu and live cooking stations, guests can relish the very best dishes at this zesty brunch. To top it up, international DJs and live entertainment featuring dancers and musicians will liven up the atmosphere to ensure every detail is covered. Located at The Beach, opposite JBR, this brunch takes place between 1pm and 4:30pm with the soft drinks package starting at Dhs300, the house beverages package for Dhs395 and the sparkling drinks package for Dhs450. For those who wish to stay, an afterparty takes place from 4:30pm to 8pm , with drink prices starting at Dhs35.
    For more information visit
    TAIKO at Sofitel Dubai Obelisk

    By transporting all those who visit to Asia, this bustling venue provides a contemporary take on traditional Far East cuisine. From watermelon sashimi to fresh sashimi, guests can enjoy a plethora of dishes with a contemporary twist, featuring nothing but the best. Adding to the charm of the venue is the cherry blossom décor and an open kitchen with the char-fired robata grill. With a bold yet elegant presentation, guests will always be up for a surprise with every visit. The Saturday brunch takes place from 1pm to 4pm, with the soft drinks package priced at Dhs355, the house beverage package priced at Dhs495 and the premium package priced at Dhs750. Located at Sofitel The Obelisk, guests enjoy this enchanting menu and venue with an afterparty from 4 to 7pm.
    For more information

    This one-of-a-kind brunch takes all those visits, down the spice route with all the delectable delights such as handcrafted cocktails and dishes that are sure to tingle your taste buds. The intimate venue brings fresh ingredients from Asia to create dishes such as duck pancakes, firework shrimp, chicken curry and more. Priced at Dhs350 for soft beverages and Dhs450 for the four-course set menu and house beverages The brunch takes place from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and is located Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa.
    For more information visit
    Caviar Kaspia

    This brunch will transport diners to a Parisian cafe with a twist. Pair your meal with a carafe of bubbles or select refined drinks and bottles from the extensive beverage menu. With a wide array of choices, guests can choose an appetizer, main and dessert and pair the meal with one complimentary hot beverage, alcholic or non-alcoholic drink. Located in Gate Village Building 2, DIFC, the brunch is priced at Dhs375 per person and takes place from 12pm to 4pm.
    For more information visit

    This genuine Italian eatery with Mediterranean influences offers a five-course brunch menu which includes an aperitivo, antipasti, a pizza course, a main course, and a cracking tiramisu to complete the meal. With an Italian homestyle menu, guests can enjoy every Saturday with from 12:30pm to 4pm starting at Dhs250 inclusive of soft beverages, Dhs395 inclusive of house pouring beverages and Dhs550 inclusive of bubbles. Located at SLS residences, this women-led restaurants has scintillating views of Dubai’s skyline.
    For more information visit

    Home to authentic Chinese and Pan-Asian cuisine, this delicious haven offers an array of delicious dishes alongside free-flowing beverages. With an indulgent three-course menu including favourites such as Chilean seabass and dim sums, all those who visit can enjoy the delights prepared by Chef Li Yuan Hui. The packages start at Dhs380 for the soft beverages, Dhs480 for the house beverages package and Dhs650 for the bubbly package. The brunch takes place every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm and it’s located in the heart of Bluewaters with unmissable views of Ain Dubai.
    For more information visit
    Isola Ristorante

    With live entertainment and all the signature dishes at this venue, guests can enjoy the experience with live entertainment and refreshing outdoor space to dine at. The soft drinks package is priced at Dhs250 per person and the house beverages package is priced at Dhs375 per person with live entertainment by Mark Zitti and his band throughout March . Located at Jumeirah Islands Clubhouse, this brunch takes place from 1pm to 4pm and is sure to promise a luxe Italian affair.
    For more information visit
    The London Project

    For those looking for a botanical-themed brunch, here’s where you need to go. From sharing-style starters to free-flowing beverages and live entertainment, this luxe spot has all the essentials to make it a memorable afternoon. The soft beverages package is priced at Dhs250 per person, the house beverages at Dhs450 per person and the premium at Dhs550 per person. The brunch takes place from 1pm to 4pm and is located on Bluewaters Island with scintillating views of Dubai’s skyline.
    For more information visit
    Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar

    Unwind at this quintessential venue that offers an unmissable experience. With expertly crafted cocktails and delectable bites and entertainment, guests are sure to enjoy a refined level of sophistication with their friends or family. Priced at Dhs350 for soft drinks, Dhs450 for hops and grapes and Dhs550 for premium drinks, it ensures a party every Saturday with must-try dishes such as tuna tataki, espresso panna cotta and much more. The brunch takes place from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and is located at Grosvenor House.
    For more information visit
    Saffron 2.0

    If you’re looking for a high-energy atmosphere, this is the place to be. This brunch comes with all the chart-topping hits, non-stop food, drinks and the ultimate party ambience. From an array of food kiosks to flavour-packed dishes, there’s plenty of onboard entertainment at this venue. It’s priced at Dhs455 for the house beverages package and Dhs495 for the sparkling wine package. The brunch takes place from 1pm to 4pm and is located at Atlantis, The Palm.
    For more information visit
    La Cantine

    This Parisian-inspired haven offers a multi-sensory experience beyond the usual. From truffled burrata pizza to exceptional dishes in an inimitable style, this restaurant has one of the sleekest outdoor areas that make it a luxe haven for an occasion with lush foliage to complement the setting. Located in Jumeirah Emirates Towers hotel, this exclusive brunch 105 takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm with packages available for three hours and is priced at Dhs345 for the soft drinks package, Dhs465 for the house beverages package and Dhs695 for the premium package.
    For more information visit

    This hotspot is amongst the favourite of all those who visit. With unforgettable iconic skyline views, guests can dine in style at the lounge terrazza and cortina with delicious food and world-class service. With fine Italian dishes crafted to perfection, this restaurant promises a menu that enthrals a unique dining experience every time you visit. It’s located in Gate Village 1 in DIFC and takes place every Saturday from 1pm to 4pm with packages priced at Dhs395 for soft beverages, Dhs595 for house beverages, Dhs745 for the champagne package and Dhs925 for the premium champagne package.
    For more information visit
    Maya Mexican Kitchen + Bar

    This Mexican haven offers an exciting menu with all the traditional dishes that can be enjoyed together with all your loved ones. The vibrancy of the place is enhanced with a selection of delectable offerings and DJ Diego who livens the atmosphere. From authentic taco options to fresh guacamole, this brunch is definitely not one to miss out on. It’s priced at Dhs350 for the soft beverages package and Dhs450 for the house beverages package. The brunch takes place from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and is located at Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa.
    For more information visit
    Torno Subito

    As one of Chef Massimo’s luxurious venues, the La Vacanza Candy Pants Brunch showcases all his culinary creations blending traditional techniques with modern-day classics. As an ode to the 1950s, the venue offers live entertainment and a playful environment to unwind at. It’s priced at Dhs349 for the soft beverages package, Dhs399 for the house beverages package and Dhs499 for the bubbly packages. The brunch takes place from 1pm to 4:30pm and is located at W Dubai, The Palm.
    For more information visit

    This Latin American restaurant hosts the popular El Secreto brunch every Saturday with an unforgettable experience. From premium cocktails to delectable dishes, the soft drinks package starts at Dhs360, the house beverage package is for Dhs460, Dhs560 for the sparkling package and Dhs760 for the bubbly package. Adding to the charm of the venue is a Mexican band, percussionists and dancers, allowing guests to continue the full until 7pm. The brunch takes place from 12:30pm to 4pm and is located at Jumeirah Mina A’Salam.
    For more information visit
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    Images: Supplied  More

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    8 exciting things to do in Dubai this weekend


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    Your ultimate guide to this weekend in Dubai – September 9 to September 11, 2022.
    Book a pampering session

    For a weekend refresh, The Ritz-Carlton DIFC ensures an invigorating experience through their 75 minutes signature treatment that puts the entire body and mind into a complete and deeper state of relaxation. The journey begins with a steam or sauna and foot ritual, followed by a 60 minutes Balinese massage with warm oil and ending with a refreshment of choice. Priced at Dhs1,100 per person, this unique session is sure guests feel rejuvenated for the week ahead.
    For more information visit
    Savour a healthy breakfast

    This popular Danish concept, Joe & The Juice has opened two outlets in Dubai with freshly prepared coffee, shakes, juices and sandwiches. With the flagship store in Dubai Design District (D3), visitors can enjoy the outdoor terrace with views overlooking Burj Khalifa and the second at mall of the Emirates, this health-conscious restaurant ensures it focuses on experiential dining. With an incredible array of fresh juices and other high-quality offerings such as vegan shakes and breakfast bowls, guests can enjoy a weekend breakfast or catch up with their loved ones.
    For more information visit
    Visit Dubai’s coolest new beach club

    One of Dubai’s most bustling beach spots, Palm West Beach has yet another sophisticated beachside venue to add to your must-visit list. The newly launched Playa Beach Club is all set to welcome guests in a scenic setting designed with an infinity pool and a creative menu offering Japanese and Peruvian classics. This delectable dining haven has created its own vision of Nikkei cuisine, with Pisco-inspired cocktails that take you back to its origin. Guests can also opt for the sharing-style menu to make each visit a special one. From wagyu beef meat to authentic ceviche, there is a range of delectable dishes that beautifully blend this fusion. If you’re on the lookout for something more relaxing, this spot also offers relaxing sound-healing sessions, yoga and workshops for a holistic day of unwinding.
    Open daily from 10am to 2am, to make a booking at this luxe beach club visit
    Loungewear Refresh

    Redefine your loungewear with the latest collection from L’Couture. This refined collection will take you from a lazy Sunday at home to a fun outing around the city. The interchangeable selection combines both comfort and style, effortlessly. From double-knit jersey sets to wide-leg fit trousers, each timeless set is designed to create a relaxed versatile wardrobe. Starting at Dhs150, the sets are available in eggnog, chocolate and black.
    To purchase your set visit
    Try a groundbreaking new beauty treatment

    To effectively treat any skincare concerns, Dubai’s premier aesthetic clinic, Biolite, is the first in the region to introduce the Advalight Laser treatment. With effective results from the very first session, this new generation of medical laser eliminates rosacea, acne, acne scars, and any undesired vascular abnormalities for rejuvenated skin. Based on each customer’s requirements, the treatment is personalised accordingly, to improve the skin tone and texture. With one of the most advanced yellow light and infrared lasers. Designed to activate the body’s natural healing system, this system improves collagen formulation from within. To book your treatment visit Biolite Aesthetic Clinic, located in villa 57, Al Thanya Road, Umm Suquiem 2. The clinic is open from Saturday to Thursday, 9:30am to 9pm, with Fridays closed
    For more information visit
    Dine at one of Dubai’s aesthetic restaurants

    Dubai’s burgeoning food scene is growing by the day. With unique offerings and an endless array of food and beverage options, these quaint cafés offer a space for like-minded individuals to connect or enjoy some alone time with a book. Known for its aesthetic interiors and artisanal coffee culture, each creative space allows a quick escape from any mundane routine. If you’re looking for a midweek refresh or a co-working environment to inspire you, we’ve compiled some of the most inspiring and Instagrammable spaces such as Carine, Lana Lusa and more for your next visit.
    It’s roast time

    The Roast by Bubbalicious is all set to bring the very best of British bites, beverages, music and nostalgic memories. With the great British menu, guests can relish delectable classics such as Yorkshire puddings, prawn cocktail cups, roast chicken and other trimmings to embrace its true spirit. During brunch, guests can listen to those unwinding lazy Sunday beats. For a family-friendly experience, there are a host of activities such as Jenga, mini golf and more to ensure the kids remained entertained throughout. The brunch takes place every Sunday from 1pm to 4pm at Mina’s Kitchen, The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, with packages starting from Dhs350 for free-flowing soft beverages, Dhs450 for free-flowing house wine and spirits and Dhs595 for free-flowing English bubbly.
    To book your spot visit
    Pick up the latest copy of Emirates Woman

    For our September issue, The Entrepreneur Issue, we are proud to have partnered with Peacefull for our cover shoot with Salama Mohamed. A powerhouse of a woman, Salama is an exceptional example of what it means to be an entrepreneur, combining both strength and femininity to build her platform and beauty brand, which celebrates its first anniversary this year. In this issue, we champion those who have built something incredible from the ground up, have walked the extra mile and shown the grit and determination to grow something from a vision into full-scale success. Pick up a copy now or download it here.
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @beeoncloud9 More