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    Tommy Hilfiger aims to shift mindsets in new campaign with Jameela Jamil

    American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger is aiming to shift mindsets in their new campaign with activist and actress Jameela Jamil.
    A couple of weeks ago, The Good Place star was unveiled as the face of the brand’s Spring 2021 campaign ‘Moving Forward Together’, which is all about promoting social change.

    Discussing the campaign on Instagram, Jamil said, “This is one of the most diverse and powerful campaigns I’ve seen from such a giant brand and I’m positively star-struck by some of the inspiring advocates involved from around the world.”
    In line with this, Tommy Hilfiger have announced they will be providing free online courses focused on body neutrality on the platform Future Learn.

    Aimed to inspire change on body neutrality through an array of methods including storytelling, dialogue, new social knowledge and progress, this course will be a two-week focused programme available online, with a focus on challenging body image stereotype while broadening the audience understanding of body neutrality as negative programming in society is something which needs to be combated at the ground-level.

    It’s a topic close to Jamil’s heart as she has been open about struggling with her own body dysmorphia, which is a mental health disorder in which a person captures flaws in their appearance which are usually not observed by others. The actress shared her eating disorder struggles with the world and went on to found the ‘I Weigh’ movement, promoting inclusivity and body neutrality.
    “My vision for the future is a world without shame, and I continue to try to understand and find ways to destigmatise it in everything that I do,” Jamil said on Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram page.

    With a focus on sustainability and community building in the upcoming courses available on the website, this educational platform will provide an arena for informative material with useful lessons to educate users on the need to drive social change, especially during this time. The courses are accessible on through a mobile, tablet, and computer device.
    In addition, Tommy Hilfiger shall be giving a series of live talks on all its global social channels, with all friends and followers of the brand invited to join and learn about various important life hacks.
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    The Best Places to Shop for Plus-Size Underwear

    The year is 2008. You’ve just arrived at the mall with your best friend, lip gloss poppin’, bangs straight as paper, with just a hint of glitter lining your cheekbones. You and your bestie know that you have one destination in mind: Victoria’s Secret. It’s their semi-annual sale and you’ve both planned to pick out six cute pairs of panties for $25 (which is kind of expensive if you also want to get Auntie Anne’s, but you’ll make it work). You walk into VS, your best friend makes a beeline for the undies section, and you follow closely behind. The two of you exchange knowing looks and then dive into the madness of the busy store. Noticing that the shelves are organized by sizes—extra-small on the top—you squat to search through what’s on the bottom row, and then realize the sizes stop at extra-large, and the extra-large looks like a medium. To curb your disappointment of yet another store not selling your size, you grab a “Strawberries and Champagne” body cream and check out.For some of us, the aforementioned feeling of disappointment is all too familiar. It’s the feeling of walking into a store with high hopes and walking out empty-handed because they don’t sell our sizes. As used to this feeling as I am, it always puzzles me when I notice that companies don’t prioritize inclusive sizing in underwear—it’s essential for Pete’s sake! Just like any other woman, plus-size women don’t want to have an underwear drawer full of only baggy, full-coverage panties. We want sexy, versatile, fun undies, too! Here’s a list of companies that make that possible:

    If you’re looking for comfortable undies

    Editor’s Choice:

    Play Cheeky

    Prior to my first time trying Parade Underwear, I would always see people talking about them on Instagram. Let me be the first to say it: they live up to the hype. I also love how inclusive their site models are. I feel seen, heard, and supported by these undies! 


    If you’re looking for sexy matching sets

    Editor’s Choice:

    Savage X Fenty
    Savage Not Sorry Half Cup Bra with Lace

    Do you remember where you were when Rihanna first dropped Savage X Fenty? I was in my best friend’s dorm room, huddled over her computer, counting down the minutes until we’d be let into the site. Since that day, Savage X Fenty has consistently created for the curvy girls—and for that, we thank Queen Rihanna.


    Editor’s Choice:

    Kaia Contour Plus

    Similar to Savage X Fenty, Adore Me makes cute and sensible undies for plus sizes. Before brands like these, I just assumed that people like me (over a size 12) weren’t meant to wear sexy lingerie. Turns out, we looked great in it! All we needed was a little extra fabric and a community that was encouraging. 


    If you’re looking for different style options

    Editor’s Choice:

    Third Love
    Petal Lace High Rise Brief

    Here’s the thing, I’ve never been a thong-lover, but this company has converted me. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all of your underwear drawer needs, you might want to check out Thirdlove. They have high-quality, cute, and affordable options for your favorite styles. Whether you’re a boyshort fan or a brief kind of girl, you’ll find what you’re looking for.


    If you’re looking for something different

    Editor’s Choice:

    Feel Free Boy Short

    Sometimes we want to wear undies and just undies. These are the type of underwear you want for lazy days, lounging around the house, and binge-watching Bridgerton (for the fourth time). 


    Editor’s Choice: 

    First Line Leakproof Bikini LC

    Not only are these super comfy, but they have built-in leak protection for light period days (plus they’re antibacterial and odor-repellent).


    As a person who would rather be pantless on all occasions, I recommend you give yourself a gift and show your underwear drawer some love by trying out the companies listed above. Moreover, from one plus-size girl to another, no matter your race, size, identity, or age, you deserve underwear that makes you feel beautiful and prioritized. More

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    5 Outfits to Wear When You Want to Stand Out

    Back in the days of yore (read: pre 2020 madness), there was a meme that kept resurfacing every few months. It included a group of girls going out somewhere, all of them wearing slightly different variations of an all-black outfit.Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve worn an almost identical outfit to the people around me, especially when the discussed outfit of choice is “jeans and a nice top.” But after a year of wearing sweatpants, sometimes you want to wear something that nobody else will be.
    Looking to spice up the next time you leave the house? Look no further than these five outfits—there will be no accidental twinning in sight.


    jeans (size 0-18) / jeans (size 16-26)/ sweater / bodysuit budget)/ bodysuit (size XS-5X) / necklace / boots


    shirt dress / belt / sneakers / sunglasses


    dress (sizes XXL-4X) / dress (sizes XS-XXL) / boots / bag / necklace


    blazer (size XXS-XXL)/ blazer (size 14-22) belt / jeans (size 00-18) / jeans (size L-4X) / T-shirt / sneakers


    jeans (size 16-24) / jeans (size 00-14) / top (size L-4X) / top (size XS-XL) / corset top / boots / sunglasses More

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    5 Fears About Wearing Prints on a Plus-Size Body—and How to Get Over Them

    If you’re anything less than what society deems beautiful, you may feel like you’re supposed to be heard rather than seen. People who don’t uphold traditional beauty standards may not feel worthy of admiration or attention, or like they are supposed to take up space. This feeling may bring up many fashion fears, like the fear of wearing prints.If you’ve ever felt like you’re not what society deems “beautiful,” you might feel like you’re supposed to be heard and not seen. This feeling might bring up fashion fears, like the fear of wearing prints, and I’m here to address and squash some of them:

    1. You don’t want to be the elephant in the room

    Or the leopard, cheetah, zebra, or snake either. I’m talking about animal prints! I’ve heard women say, “I’m too big to wear zebra, because I’ll look like one.” *Record scratch* Wait just one minute, ma’am. No one is going to mistake you for a tiger if you wear tiger print. What they may say is that you’re feisty, fun, and looking sexy in your ensemble. Animal prints won’t make you appear any larger or smaller, but they will definitely make a statement.
    When I wear animal prints, I feel fun and super sexy. My favorite animal print to incorporate into my wardrobe is leopard print. I have leopard print shoes, bags, shirts, pants, and dresses. Now, of course, I wouldn’t wear all of these different items together, but hey, I could if I wanted to! Here’s a look that’s easy to recreate:
    I’ve paired my midi-length, bodycon leopard dress from Rebdolls with a cute and classic black moto jacket I scored from Eloquii for $13! The dress I’m wearing has sold out, but Amazon has a similar one.  I added a cute, black, heeled bootie to top it off. I like the boots because they’re easy to walk in and are very versatile. I bought these particular booties from Torrid a few years back. They’re not available now, but Torrid has these available and they’re a close match. 

    2. You’re afraid someone will “connect the dots”  

    I hate to be the one to break it to you, but people will be able to tell you’re plus-size regardless of what you’re wearing. I know wearing all black is supposed to “slim you,” but do we really care about being slim or are we more concerned with how people may respond to us because we aren’t slim?
    Too often, many plus-size women share the sentiment of wanting to “hide” their weight, and they use their clothing to do it. I’m all for wearing what’s flattering and what fits your natural body shape best, but prints have nothing to do with that. Wearing plain or dark clothing won’t hide your body, but it will make you less memorable. If you’re not super comfortable with prints yet, try a look like this. I’ve chosen a black tube dress with white polka dots then paired it with a long denim shacket. I finished the look with white Steve Madden sneakers and voila! You’ve got an easy, fun casual look to go about town. 

    3. You’re afraid of being “seen“

    You deserve to be seen, admired, and complimented, and regardless of your personality, bold prints can do a lot of the talking for you. Walking into a room wearing a bold, graphic print places a lot of attention and focus on you and some people aren’t OK with that. I know that some of us are just naturally shy, but I think some plus-size women try to avoid the spotlight because of insecurity. If you’re feeling insecure or body-conscious, I’d like to encourage you to try wearing prints. 
    Take this dress from Eloquii, for example. It’s a white, knee-length dress with a bold, abstract snow leopard print (told ya I like leopard). When I wear this dress, I’ll undoubtedly stand out in a crowd. My dress will say “I’m here, I dress well, and I’m confident,” and all of those things are true. I’d wear this dress for a date night, dinner party, or social event. Wear it with or without a bright moto jacket, like this one from Eloquii. Remember those boots from earlier? Here they are again. You can find ways to incorporate staple pieces into different outfits. It’s a sensible thing to do that can save you tons of money. 

    4. You take yourself too seriously

    Girl, why so serious? Clothing is supposed to be fun and experimental. I know, someone said you shouldn’t wear stripes and you believed them; someone said you shouldn’t experiment with bold colors and you believed that too. But they’re wrong! Don’t worry about if you can “pull it off,” because you can! Your unique style is just that: yours. There really aren’t any rules to this. You’re plus-size, yes, but you aren’t a stick in the mud. Feel free to experiment with color, shape, texture, lengths, and more.
    I love pieces that are fun and help me stand out in a crowd. My favorite skirt is from a small boutique, Love’s Lost Phoenix. I like to shop independent boutiques because they carry unique items, which makes it less likely for you to catch someone in the same outfit as you. I love this skirt because it breaks all of the fashion faux pas for plus-size girls. It’s striped (horizontally and vertically), brightly colored, and has an exaggerated shape. I’ve paired it with a graphic tee and a pair of combat boots. It’s eclectic! And whether or not you hate it or love it, you won’t forget it. That is what I want to convey in my wardrobe: I’m unforgettable. 

    5. You don’t think prints are professional

    I can hear you now, “Yes, Jasmine all of this sounds great, but I’m a professional! I can’t wear prints at work!” Well, I’m here to tell you that you can. I’m a professional too and I wear prints to work. When it comes to work attire, you may have to tone it down some, but you can definitely still incorporate prints into your wardrobe.
    Here, I’ve paired a solid black mock-neck tee with a pair of plaid pants. It’s simple and understated, but still shows a bit of my personality in the boardroom. Gone are the days of wearing plain black slacks and white button-downs to the office. It’s 2021 and our work attire should have evolved by now. Don’t be afraid to show up in your prints, just choose them carefully.
    When I’m considering what prints I should or shouldn’t wear to work, I think about what image I’m trying to portray. Yes, I want my personality to show, but I don’t want to come off as immature. Polka dots, animal prints, stripes, and more are all fine, but definitely consider color and style. Also think about how much print you’re wearing in one outfit. I’d balance the prints with solids just to be on the safe side. 

    I’m not sure if it’s fear, shame, or the fear of shame that keeps our beliefs limited, but I am sure that you are beautiful and worth showing off. I don’t care if you’re a size 2 or 24 (like me), you deserve to feel good in your skin and clothing. I think that the fear of wearing prints on a plus-size body is less about the prints themselves and more about the insecurity and sense of inferiority society has instilled in women who don’t meet “the beauty standard.” The beauty standard is a lie. You deserve quality, fashionable clothing that speaks to your individual style, energy, and flair. Gone are the days of hating your body. You are beautiful! Now, show yourself off.  More

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    8 Outfit Formulas to Look Like an Off-Duty Model

    You know when you’re walking down the street, and you catch a glimpse of some girl who just looks… effortlessly cool? Like she just woke up, threw on the things that were at the front of her closet without much thought, and those things just happened to work together perfectly? I hate to break it to you, but that probably isn’t what happened.
    Of all the different styles to master, in my humble opinion, one of the hardest is that effortless, cool, je ne sais quoi of that girl on the street and off-duty models being photographed by paparazzi. It turns out, it actually isn’t that easy to look like you put no thought into your outfits and just came out of the womb fabulous and in an impeccable combination of perfectly-fitted basics. But the good news? With a little bit of effort, it can become second nature—and yes, all those people we’re emulating are trying just as hard as us behind the scenes.
    Ready to step out into 2021 looking like you’re a celebrity dodging paparazzi? Look no further than these eight outfit combinations.

    1. Distressed denim + ribbed turtleneck + a layered tank

    This season, bra tops and sheer tanks are going to be one of the top trends; and both of them sound intimidating, until you think of styling them like this. Layered on top of a tight, thin turtleneck, they give all of the visual appeal with none of the unwanted reveal. The result? An effortless combo that you’ll turn to again and again.

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    2. A matching set + teddy coat + chunky boots

    You know when you want to run to the grocery store, but don’t feel like wearing the same thing you have every day for the past two weeks? This is your answer. Leave on one of your usual matching sets, but top it with a teddy coat and chunky combat boots. You didn’t try at all, but it sure looks like you did.

    JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

    3. Leggings + a long, wool coat + a beanie

    I’ll be a sucker for a pom beanie until the day I die, but something about this pom-free one with a sweatshirt, wool coat, and black booties makes me want to run out and buy one in every color. It’s easy and thought-free with all of the put-together payoff.

    JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

    4. All black + a structured blazer

    When you want to look like a celeb hoping the paparazzi don’t spot you, you can hardly go wrong with an all-black ensemble. A base of black skinny jeans and a black turtleneck are made completely un-boring here with the addition of a structured blazer and knee-high boots. 

    JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

    5. Distressed denim + hoodie + combat boots

    Sometimes, outfits with less pieces do more talking, and this is an example of that. A plain hoodie, distressed jeans, and combat boots are the cool girl’s off-duty uniform.

    JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.

    6. Baseball hat + a camel coat + pointed-toe boots

    Our love for a baseball hat knows no bounds, and this is a visual example of why. If you aren’t feeling the leather pants and booties shown here, just pair your favorite crewneck with a pair of jeans, sneakers, your camel coat, and a baseball hat, and you can have the same effect with more comfort. 

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    7. A tee with shoulder pads + mom jeans + white shoes

    Interested in the shoulder pads trend but don’t know how to style them without feeling like you’re out of an ’80s music video? This is for you. This shoulder-padded tee is the perfect, easy swap for any old T-shirt, but the effect pays off in spades. Since the upper half of your body will do so much talking, the bottom can be effortless with your favorite jeans and sandals or sneakers.

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    8. Straight denim + black turtleneck + leather jacket + sneakers

    Even if you feel more like a maximalist than a minimalist, this is an argument for minimalism if I’ve ever seen one. This look is simple and clean, but put-together and appropriate for just about anything—it’s impossible to look over or under-dressed in this.

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    20 Pieces of Everyday Jewelry to Spice Up Your Outfits

    In a former life, retail therapy was a much looked-forward-to indulgence. Occasionally treating yourself and being able to emerge from your morning routine with something new on, treating your commute like a runway was one of the little things that we relished every time it happened.But now? A new pair of sweats hardly brings the same level of joy, and it’s hard to want to buy normal clothes when we don’t know when we’ll be wearing them again (I type reluctantly). But sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered. Our solution? A new piece of jewelry that you can wear every day now and that you’ll get just as much use of later. 
    These 20 pieces of jewelry will be a gift that keeps on giving all throughout 2021. Need a little indulgence? Look no further.


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    The perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones this season

    As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, this gift-giving occasion for showing your love can make the month quite a daunting task with such a variety of options available in the market.

    With all the out-of-the-box gifting ideas you need this month, we’ve compiled a list of items your significant other. Whether it be self-care favourites or simply a piece of jewellery to touch their heart these sentimental keepsakes will make you admire them forever, no matter how many years pass by.

    Opyum leather sandals Dhs4,750 Saint Laurent available at Level Shoes

    Ladies’ watch Carrara silver-rosegold Dhs2,352 Aigner

    Speckled ceramic jewelry box vase Dhs897 Anissa Kermiche

    Love small 18kt yellow-gold wedding band Dhs5,106 Cartier

    Menottes dinh van R12 bracelet yellow gold and diamonds Dhs11,559 Dinh Van

    Baies candle limited edition Dhs324 Diptyque

    Lost Chery Eau de parfum 50ml Dhs1,332 Tom Ford Beauty

    Boxed white flower Dhs78 Spongellé available at

    Panama textured-leather notebook Dhs256 Smythson

    Triangle logo mini bag in brushed leather Dhs5,400 Prada available at

    Butterfly Anagram fitted sunglasses in acetate Dhs1,200 Loewe

    X Salviati set of four Murano wine glasses Dhs2,065 La DoubleJ available at

    Enjoy a staycation at Hilton RAK with rooms starting at Dhs850 for a beach access suite and breakfast.

    1955 horsebit-detailed leather belt Dhs1,928 Gucci

    Rouge à Lèvres mat lipstick Dhs155 Gucci Beauty

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    Feature image: Instagram @YSL  More

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    Head & Heart – EW’s February cover star Yasmine Sima

    February’s – ‘The Love Issue’ – Download Now

    Words & Creative Direction: Amy Sessions
    Photography: Greg Adamski
    Videographer: Steve Erana
    Fashion Assistant: Sarah Joseph
    Hair & Makeup: Melanie Meyer at MMG artists
    With special thanks to Al Faya Retreat, Al Batayeh, Sharjah.

    Emirates Woman cover star Yasmine Sima discusses self-love and following your heart.
    Last year was a challenge in many ways and travel was less possible. How did this affect you both positively and negatively?
    Last year definitely stopped everyone in their tracks. For me personally, staying healthy became a priority. Of course, the sudden change of pace and the uncertainty made me very uncomfortable at first, but I slowly began to take advantage of this time alone, and used it to better myself. One of the biggest decisions for me was deciding to go to law school and this time and break in schedule definitely helped me prepare myself for it in the best way.
    How does living in LA affect your aesthetic and what do you love about living there?
    What I love most about LA is that it is easy-going and accepting of everything. I have definitely kept my London aesthetic in terms of style though. The one thing about LA that feels different than any other city, for me at least, is the peace of mind and clarity it gives you.

    Tell us about pursuing Human Rights Law?
    I have been wanting to pursue human rights law since I was little. During my years in London, I did a lot of work with different organizations such as Refugee Crisis Foundation’s Yemen Container Appeal, in sending aid to refugees. I also spent most weekends at The Soup Kitchen for almost three years. I think these definitely made me realize that this is what I wanted to be doing.
    After I left London and started living in LA, everything came together and I started preparing for it. I am very excited to start law school in the fall.
    When working on current projects – what do you look for in a collaboration?
    I have always tried to focus on working with brands that I align with aesthetically. I was fortunate to be able to work with brands and designers I love such as Saint Laurent and Valentino.
    I also tend to look for projects where I am able to use the platform to speak about organizations and causes that I believe in. Sometimes I hit the jackpot and get to work on projects that offer both.

    Do you have any mentors in life or business who help you navigate the right path?
    Definitely. I very randomly met a performance/mental coach, named Rob Brinded, around 3 years ago in London who absolutely changed my life. It was fate! He helped me realize my full potential and taught me how to maximize my abilities and use them towards achieving my goals. I wouldn’t be where I am without him today, and he is absolutely a huge influence in my life. I have sessions with him whenever I need clarity on a situation and I absolutely feel surer of myself after each call.  
    Which Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration?
    I love @aoi and @digitalf33ls
    What advice would you give to your younger self, starting out?
    Everyone finds their path and achieves what they were meant to achieve in their own time. I used to stress so much about wanting accomplish so much at a very young age, but everything has its own timing. In learning that, everything you’re meant to achieve will present itself to you. I realized that trying to rush to achieve just for the sake of doing it usually means you’re not doing it for the right reasons!
    A correct mindset is everything.
    This issue is ‘The Love Issue’ – what is love to you?
    This is a great question. This year has definitely been the year of self-love for me. It has been a difficult year because of the pandemic, but being able to focus on myself like never before has been amazing and I’ve never felt better.
    February’s – ‘The Love Issue’ – Download Now
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    Images: Supplied