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    4 Reasons Why You’ve Suddenly Developed Dark Spots Under Your Arms

    Finding dark spots under your arms can be a bit alarming, like finding your first grey hair. They’re a different colour and often feel alarming, just because you’re not used to your skin being a different colour. It’s important to note that skin discolouration is normal and doesn’t detract from your beauty.

    If, however, you’d love for it to revert to its former glory, your armpits could be darker than they should be for at least four different reasons.

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    1. Shaving

    When you shave, you cut your hair off at, or just below, the surface of the skin. If the hair is darker than your skin colour, your skin can appear to have a dark stain, but it’s really just subsurface hair. Instead of shaving, try waxing — it gets rid of hair from a deeper level. Frequent hair removal can also trigger hyperpigmentation (velvety, dark patches) in dark-skinned women, so laser hair removal may be a solution to consider instead. Moisturise your pits often to soothe irritation from shaving and waxing and exfoliate the skin often.

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    2. Build-up of dead skin cells

    Dark spots under your arms can be the result of dead skin cells that are trapped in the microscopic “hills and valleys” on your skin. Try exfoliating at least once a week with a product that contains lactic acid. In skincare, lactic acid increases cell turnover and helps eliminate dead skin cells, making it a great exfoliant.

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    3. Antiperspirant and deodorant usage

    In theory, some ingredients in these products (perhaps fragrance) could inflame your skin and cause discolouration. Dark-skinned women are at most risk of this form of hyperpigmentation, which can also be triggered by friction from your arm motion. Look for deodorants that are fragrance-free or contain Pro-Vitamin B5 to reduce inflammation.

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    4. Acanthosis nigricans

    This medical condition causes light-brown to black markings on the neck, under the arms or in the groin. It can be related to insulin production or to a glandular disorder and it typically occurs in people who are overweight — if this applies to you, see a doctor and try to limit sugar and simple carbs to control insulin production. It can also be caused by hormones, be triggered by medication or be a condition you inherit. You can lighten your underarms with a retinol cream or one that contains alpha-hydroxy acids or salicylic acid.

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    Face Mapping: 9 Things Your Pimples Can Tell You About Your Health

    Face mapping pimples on your skin is a useful technique that can shed light on the different zones in your face, since each zone develops zits reacting to different health events.
    We’re not just talking beauty here – face mapping can provide a deeper view of your skin concerns. The state of your skin can reflect your whole being. If you’ve been indulging in too much rich food and wine, the face mapping technique will show you the error of your ways.
    So, what exactly is face mapping?
    Face mapping or Chinese face mapping is a great tool to determine where skin symptoms such as blemishes, redness and pimples, connect deeper in the body. It’s a technique that reaches back thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine.
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    This unique skin analysis divides the face into fourteen zones. Each zone is thoroughly examined centimetre-by-centimetre by analyzing conditions like congestion, breakouts, dehydration, pigmentation etc. Below, a breakdown of each zone.

    Zones 1 & 3
    The left and right side of forehead is regarded as the “sister” to the bladder and digestive system. If you breakout frequently in this area, it might mean that you need to improve your elimination by drinking more water and eating more “whole” foods.
    Zone 2
    The middle of the forehead, between the eyebrows, is related to the liver. Congestion in this zone can indicate over consumption of alcohol, rich foods, and possibly a food allergy (such as lactose intolerance).
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    Zones 4 & 10
    The ears are a highly sensitive area related to the kidneys. If you notice that your ears are very hot, you might be stressing them out – drink plenty of plain water and cut down on caffeine and alcohol.
    Zones 5 & 9
    The cheeks often give an accurate glimpse into any respiratory distress. Smokers or people suffering from allergies generally experience fine, broken capillaries or congestion in this area.
    Zones 6 & 8
    The eyes are truly a window to the body’s health because they’re related to the kidneys. Dark circles, while often hereditary, are made worse by dehydration and poor elimination of toxins.
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    Zone 7
    A reddened nose can indicate heightened blood pressure, or the early stages of rosacea. Congestion around the upper lip can occur if you use comedogenic lipsticks or liners.
    Zones 11 & 13
    Look and feel for undersurface congestion and breakouts. Undersurface congestion can be due to insufficient cleansing all the way down to the jaw-line, leaving make-up and cleanser residue. If there are breakouts along the jawbone near the ear, check if you’re having problems with your back teeth (wisdom), or have had recent dental surgery or x-rays.
    Zone 12
    Breakouts or unusual hair growth can indicate hormonal imbalance, possibly caused by extreme stress. Premenstrual breakouts are also very common on the chin.
    Zone 14
    Don’t forget to include your neck in your treatment regimen – the skin on your neck is just as fragile as that on your face, so it definitely needs the benefits of moisturisation and sun protection. More