Ramadan 2024: New working hours, Public etiquette and more


As the Islamic month of Ramadan approaches, Dubai residents are gearing up for a period of reflection, community, and adjustment to daily routines.

With each passing year, questions arise about the practical aspects of observing Ramadan in the bustling city. From altered working hours to school schedules and parking regulations, here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating Ramadan in Dubai.

Adapting Working Hours

As the holy month unfolds, both public and private sectors in Dubai traditionally experience adjustments to working hours. While the official announcement is pending, it’s customary for employees, fasting and non-fasting alike, to benefit from reduced working hours. Government offices also typically close early, allowing employees to observe the rituals of Ramadan with ease.

School Timings and Spring Break

This year, Ramadan coincides with the spring break holidays, impacting school schedules for children across Dubai. With the break starting on March 25, students can expect reduced hours, typically amounting to five hours of schooling per day. This adjustment ensures that both education and religious observance are accommodated during this period.

Public Etiquette

In recent years, Dubai has seen a shift in attitudes towards eating and drinking in public during Ramadan. While there were once stringent regulations in place, many restaurants now operate as usual, catering to both fasting and non-fasting individuals. While there are no official requirements for non-Muslims, a spirit of respect towards those observing fasting traditions is encouraged. Many establishments offer special suhoor and iftar menus, providing opportunities for communal dining experiences.

Parking Protocol

During Ramadan, changes to parking regulations are common in Dubai, affecting both weekdays and weekends. Paid parking hours typically undergo adjustments, with variations in timing throughout the city. While certain areas may see consistency in parking fees, it’s advisable to stay updated on any changes announced by local authorities.

As preparations for Ramadan commence, Dubai residents can anticipate a blend of tradition and adaptation in navigating the city’s dynamics during this sacred month. With awareness, respect, and flexibility, individuals can fully embrace the spirit of Ramadan while enjoying all that Dubai has to offer.

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