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    11 fabulous things to do during the long Eid al-Fitr weekend in the UAE

    Your ultimate guide to the long weekend in the UAE – April 5 to 7, 2024.
    Abu Dhabi
    Savour a Mediterranean meal

    For a comforting Mediterranean experience Terra, the hugely popular restaurant with branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, is deeply rooted in the community and its calming rustic nestled spaces serving plates that celebrate locally grown ingredients and produce which provide the ideal setting for such a gathering. As well as its welcoming atmosphere and contemporary interior design, Terra is known for its mocktails. It’s located in located in Al Qana South, Rabdan, Abu Dhabi, and is open Mon to Fri 6pm – 2am.
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    It’s brunch time

    One of the capital’s must-visit ultra-fine dining destinations, offers an exquisite La Vie en Rosé brunch that isn’t just a tasty spread that you tuck in to. It’s a carefully-crafted journey from start to finish, as guests can experience the light intense Riviera-inspired food prepared à-la-minute from the finest ingredients, the poulet, the prawns in olive oil, mon dieu, the intriguing rosés, the cocktails and that buzz across the room. Overall the interiors feature bright art, the elegant shutters and that extravagant vase exploding with colour. From the flavourful mushroom risotto to the cool cauliflower salad, the options to savour are endless. The curtains open with their ‘A Mocktail Life’ package (Dhs390), ‘A Life with Cocktails and Wines’ (Dhs465), or the ‘A Champagne Life’ (Dhs640) for you to pick from, while your little ones dine for Dhs187. The La Vie en Rosé brunch at LPM Restaurant and Bar, takes place at The Galleria Al Maryah Island on Sundays from 12pm to 4:30pm.
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    Put wellness first

    Opened in the heart of City Walk, Contrast Wellness Studio is an ultra-cool sanctuary that has been thoughtfully designed to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. This wellness hub includes an Infrared Sauna, Ice Baths, a contrast Therapy Room and IV Drips for the ultimate rejuvenation. With a hot magnesium bath, ice bath and the traditional Finnish sauna, this space offers clean interiors to switch off and unwind after a long week.
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    Visit this new sunset destination

    The Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah is thrilled to unveil Sunset 55°, an enchanting beach lounge inspired by the adventurous spirit of the 1950s and the carefree vibes of Bohemian culture. Nestled on the pristine beachfront of the luxurious resort, Sunset 55° beckons wanderers, dreamers, and lovers of life to embark on an evening of relaxation and carefree vibes while enjoying one of the best sunsets Dubai has to offer. Sunset 55° is more than just a beach lounge; it is a destination where the exquisite views, delectable bar bites, and the natural beauty of the Palm Jumeirah unite to create an unforgettable experience and ending to your day. From the moment you step foot on the sandy beach, you’ll be transported to a realm of driftwood decor and vibrant tapestries that celebrate the free-spirited essence of the 1950s’ surrounded by good vibrations, great live music, and fun. Guests can savour bites including the sumptuous Chicken Satay, with a classic peanut sauce, pickled salad and more.
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    Embark on an adrenaline-fuelled activity

    Looking for an adventurous expedition to embark on this EID? Aventura Parks is the largest adventure park in Dubai, spanning 35,000 square meters of Ghaf tree forest, with a range of fun and thrill seeking activities including 24 ziplines, 80 obstacles and 5 circuits where friends, families, students, and teams can escape the hustle and bustle of city life for some exciting, safe, and unforgettable experiences. For the climbing daredevils, take the opportunity and enjoy beautiful views of the Ghaf tree forest at the top of Himalaya, Aventura Park’s 12m climbing wall. For the Leap of Faith, this experience includes 30-minutes of pure adrenaline and courage combined, adventurers can climb up a 5m pole on the Leap of Faith, balance on top, state their promise to the universe and jump to hit the ball. Prices at Dubai’s largest zipline park for the kickstarter start at Dhs149.
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    Shop ’til you drop

    Poison Drop has officially launched a new store at Dubai Hills Mall. Everyday jewellery pieces are the foundation of any collection, offering the enduring versatility that suits every occasion and complements your unique style. Indulge in the timeless allure of crystals – these bright and shimmering gems are your ticket to an elevated and sophisticated style. Whether it’s for evening gowns, daring minis that exude confidence, or impeccably tailored suits that command attention, crystals have the innate ability to enhance any outfit. Let your jewelry do the talking and let your unique style shine.
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    Experience a beachside escape

    For an exquisite beachside experience, Surf Club, the bohemian beachfront destination located on Palm West Beach, is one of Dubai’s most beloved lifestyle destinations. The coastal concept encompasses a captivating Al fresco restaurant, a stylish bar, beachfront access and a resort-wear boutique – a sanctuary where you can embrace your true self. Renowned for its Vagabond events, premium service, and high-spirited atmosphere, Surf Club is an unprecedented award-winning destination.
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    Book a last-minute escape

    With the long 9-day weekend coming up, we all need to ensure we have plans to take a break from our hectic schedule. Due to a surge in prices to travel abroad, planning a getaway in the UAE might be the best options. For those looking to switch-off, there are a myriad of last-minute staycations to book without any hassle of travelling. So, for a quick escape with your loved ones swipe through our guide of hotels and resorts to visit in the UAE. From Oberoi Al Zorah in Ajman to The Lana, Dorchester Collection, each venue is a must-visit.
    Try this poolside experience

    Nestled within the verdant oasis of Banyan Tree Dubai, Alizée, has unveiled a captivating new menu. Drawing inspiration from the breathtaking landscapes and culinary traditions of the South of France and the Mediterranean coast, this menu promises to enthral those in search of an elevated dining experience. Overlooking the serene pool and azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, you are invited to embark on a culinary journey. You can start by exploring invigorating salads like the Salade de Chou Frisee ed d’Avocat, a delightful blend of kale, avocado, cucumber, zesty orange, and sweet pomegranate. Alternatively, you can opt for the timeless classic, Niçoise, each salad meticulously crafted with the freshest ingredients to evoke the sun-kissed flavours of the region. During this experience guests can savour delectable dishes ranging from Les Pates tempts with rich and satisfying pasta dishes, such as Pappardelle with slow-cooked short ribs and Rigatoni pasta with crisp green asparagus and fragrant basil pesto—each dish crafted to perfection. To conclude the dining experience ends on a sweet and satisfying note, Alizée offers an indulgent selection of desserts that are certain to enchant even the most discerning palates.
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    Rejuvenate with an IV drip

    With life moving at a faster pace than ever, we can all be run down over time. An IV (intravenous) drip is an accelerated way to get the energy boost you need and to give you a glow from the inside out. From alleviating hangovers to supporting weight loss and reducing the signs of aging, the purported benefits of intravenous (IV) therapy are as numerous as the vitamin and mineral cocktails available. With flu season at its peak, the popular IV drips are known to boost your immune system and ensure an instant wave of energy, especially over the long weekend. Visit our guide of all the clinics offering an IV drip in Dubai.
    Tame the tresses

    Dyson is set to launch a new immersive pop-up installation at Mall of the Emirates in celebration of Ramadan and Eid for a limited time only. Customers will have the chance to explore the brand’s latest cutting-edge hair care technologies, including the newly launched Dyson Airstrait™ straightener, and receive a complimentary style by Dyson experts! Open from April 5 to April 14, the installation will be located on the ground floor Galleria of the mall. In addition to a hands-on experience with the hair care products, the pop-up will provide centre stage for personalized interactions with Dyson stylists, who will offer free hair-styling sessions using the brand’s hair care innovations. Ladies who wear a hijab can enjoy a complimentary styling session in the private area of the Dyson Demo Store on the first floor, just a stone’s throw away from the pop-up. All of Dyson’s products are available for purchase online at and at Dyson Demo Stores across the UAE. Buy directly from the people who made it for exclusive colorways, free next-day delivery and auto-warranty registration.
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    Artist Lauren Baker on creating a captivating installation for Kintsugi Space

    Discover the transformative power of Kintsugi Space, Abu Dhabi’s pioneering women-only sanctuary, where renowned wellness practitioners and artists converge to celebrate the art of healing and renewal, highlighted by Lauren Baker’s captivating installation. In an exclusive interview with Emirates Woman, Lauren discusses the captivating installation “Letter From The Universe” in depth. What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine? The first 30 minutes of my day is a sacred ritual. A mindful start serves as the foundation for the creative energies that will unfold throughout the day. I often start with drinking my greens supplements and a brief meditation. Then I take myPomeranian puppy called PomPom, with an Earl Grey tea, for a short stroll. Being with nature gives me so much inspiration and grounding. I do a few yoga stretches and some Kundalini breathing and then I enjoy a blast of cold before a warm showeram then on my way to the studio. The reality is that this doesn’t happen every day as my work can be all-consuming with longhours, yet I aim to maintain my ideal routine as best I can – it’s the little things that make life beautiful. Can you talk us through your career journey? My early years were marked by a fascination with the interplay of light and shadow, and the intricate dance of energy that permeates our existence. My degree is in Business, Psychology and Sociology, then as soon as I had the epiphany that I was an artist (whilst in the Amazon jungle) I did an intensive master’s in mosaics in 2011 and then studied Site Specific Sculpture in 2017. However, it was during my travels around the world in which I was inspired by diverse cultures, spiritual practises, and the natural world, I began to infuse my work with a sense of transcendence and interconnectedness. My art became a conduit for exploring the invisible threads that bind us all. Some highlights include exhibiting at the most prestigious institutions including the Tate Modern, V+A, and Tate Britain. As my portfolio grew, so did the recognition of my work on a global scale. My most meaningful work was my first ‘Letter To Mother Earth’ at Tate Modern, which involved a ten-metre letter as an open apology to nature on behalf of humanity. I was commissioned to create two large-scale public installations in the UNESCO-protected desert in AlUla, Saudi Arabia inspired by the Sun and the Moon, and the most exciting to date is the recent 25-metre ‘Letter From The Universe’ at Kintsugi Space in Abu Dhabi. The 25-metre letter sculpture at Kintsugi is truly inspiring. Can you share more about the creative process? The initial spark of inspiration emerged from the concept of being one with the universe and receiving a message from a higher realm of consciousness. I meditated and wrote a special letter and recorded the frequency of my voice into sound waves, before creating the sculpture and, painstakingly, painting gold sound waves across both sides of the 25-metre letter, over a period of a year. The installation involved slowly pulling the letter up using a winch system, traversing seven staircases. The moments of securing the sculpture to the ceiling, 25 metres up on elaborate scaffolding, were intense. I was in the zone with my team and Donna from Studio Feel, and I forgot to breathe at that point, letting out a sigh of relief as it went perfectly to plan. It was worth the challenge to see the piece suspended and I took delight in seeing the 360-degree views that the staircase provides. It has a feeling of infinity as you gaze to appreciate it cascading all the way to the floor. The activation of energies from the seven chakras and the focus on inner peace are intriguing aspects of your sculpture. Could you elaborate on this? The content of the letter is an activation of the energies of the seven chakras and our collective higher purpose of harnessing inner peace, as well as inspiring peace within the world. Our first responsibility is to seek peace within ourselves, then we offer it to others. The letter was created as an activation to cultivate mindfulness, balance, gratitude, happiness, inspiration and ultimately peace. Universal frequencies contained within the letter form an energetic code, exploring energies from the seven chakras and expressing the internal journey that can lead one to fulfilment, peace and light. How did you ensure that your artwork resonated with Kintsugi’s values and the overall vision for the holistic space? Creating artwork for Kintsugi Space, with its deep commitment to wellbeing, spirituality, and aesthetic harmony, was a profoundly enriching experience. The installation needed to seamlessly integrate with the spa’s ambience. I drew inspiration from the spa’s design elements, such as the use of natural materials, soothing colour palettes, and minimalist yet elegant aesthetics. In terms of wellbeing, my artwork became an extension of Kintsugi’s commitment to nurturing the mind, body, and soul. The calm colours and flowing gold text create a visual sanctuary within the space. The piece was designed as a catalyst for relaxation and introspection, contributing to the overall wellbeing experience of the visitors. With its spiritual abstract message and its enormity in scale, the artwork aims to evoke a sense of transcendence and connection to a higher, more profound dimension. Your artistic practice explores symbolism, higher realms of consciousness, and nature. How do these themes play a role in shaping this installation? Sound wave symbolism formed the core of the installation, transforming the large letter into a vessel of meaning. As a symbol of communication, the letter became a channel for a profound conversation, expressing universal messages and interconnected energies. It wove a story that went beyond its literal form, inviting viewers to engage with the cosmic language it held. Inspired by higher realms of consciousness, the installation aimed to provide a transcendent experience. The immense size of the letter sought to create a feeling of expansiveness, urging viewers to look beyond the ordinary and connect with their higher consciousness. The design of the letter incorporated natural forms and textures, mirroring patterns found in the natural world. The 25-metre letter metaphorically served as a gateway, encouraging individuals to transcend their immediate surroundings and connect with the vast universe. Collaborating with Studio Feel adds another layer to the project. Could you share more about this? Donna Tzelepis, the visionary behind Studio Feel, has been an absolute joy to work with. Her passion for art and dedicationto curating a space that speaks to the soul is infectious. The unique approach of focusing on women-only artists brings a distinct perspective to the project. It’s a celebration of the diverse voices, stories, and artistic expressions that women bring to the table. This intentional curation not only fosters a sense of inclusivity but also adds a layer of empowerment to the overall narrative of the installation. With both Kintsugi, Studio Feel and I had a beautiful alignment of visions. The two-year timeline of the project speaks to the commitment and dedication invested in its realisation. Creating site-specific art at 25 metres above the ground involves a lot of health safety and preparation so the collaborative journey becomes an integral part of the artistic process. The commissioned artwork aims to cultivate mindfulness, balance, gratitude, happiness, inspiration, and peace. How do you envision visitors experiencing this? Envisioning how visitors will experience and interact with the piece involves creating a multi-sensory journey. The sheer scale of the 25-metre letter draws attention, immediately prompting a sense of mindfulness, encouraging viewers to be present at the moment. The symbolism within the letter, coupled with the curated soundscape of my voice revealing the message, infuses the space with an aura of gratitude and joy. The message is an invitation for visitors to embark on an inward journey. The soundscape reveals a message of truth and higher purpose, and acts as a meditative anchor, envelopingthe space with a sense of peace. The installation invites introspection and connection with a higher purpose. Each visitor becomes an active participant in this experience, finding moments of reflection, inspiration, and connection within the layers of messages in “Letter From The Universe”. Kintsugi Space embraces imperfections, believing they lead to strength, beauty, and resilience. How does your artwork embody or reflect these values? The powerful message within the artwork aligns with Kintsugi’s philosophy, emphasising the transformative nature of imperfection. References to the “energetic code” and “internal journeying” support the idea that imperfections can bring about positive change. The mention of one’s “personal map” recognises life’s imperfect paths, turning them into valuable lessons. Inviting chakra energy centres to unravel symbolises releasing imperfections, aligning with the spa’s belief in inner harmony. The idea of spiralling in a dance with the divine suggests imperfections are essential elements in the journey to alignment. “Letter From The Universe” embodies Kintsugi values, portraying imperfections as a source of transformation and enlightenment. This is The Authenticity Issue – what does being authentic mean to you? As an artist working on themes of symbolism, spirituality and the higher realms of consciousness, in the public eye, being authentic is important. It involves a willingness to be vulnerable and open about my creative process, inspirations, and the challenges faced along the way. It involves staying true to the essence of the themes explored, even when faced with external expectations or trends. Authenticity acknowledges that the artistic journey, like life, is imperfect. It involves an ongoing commitment to self-discovery, vulnerability, and the sincere expression of profound themes. It involves embracing the ebb and flow of creativity, acknowledging mistakes, and finding beauty in the imperfections. – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram Images: Supplied More

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    Ramadan 2024: New working hours, Public etiquette and more

    Life by Ruman Baig 9 mins ago As the Islamic month of Ramadan approaches, Dubai residents are gearing up for a period of reflection, community, and adjustment to daily routines. With each passing year, questions arise about the practical aspects of observing Ramadan in the bustling city. From altered working hours to school schedules and parking regulations, here’s a comprehensive guide to navigating Ramadan in Dubai. Adapting Working Hours As the holy month unfolds, both public and private sectors in Dubai traditionally experience adjustments to working hours. While the official announcement is pending, it’s customary for employees, fasting and non-fasting alike, to benefit from reduced working hours. Government offices also typically close early, allowing employees to observe the rituals of Ramadan with ease. School Timings and Spring Break This year, Ramadan coincides with the spring break holidays, impacting school schedules for children across Dubai. With the break starting on March 25, students can expect reduced hours, typically amounting to five hours of schooling per day. This adjustment ensures that both education and religious observance are accommodated during this period. Public Etiquette In recent years, Dubai has seen a shift in attitudes towards eating and drinking in public during Ramadan. While there were once stringent regulations in place, many restaurants now operate as usual, catering to both fasting and non-fasting individuals. While there are no official requirements for non-Muslims, a spirit of respect towards those observing fasting traditions is encouraged. Many establishments offer special suhoor and iftar menus, providing opportunities for communal dining experiences. Parking Protocol During Ramadan, changes to parking regulations are common in Dubai, affecting both weekdays and weekends. Paid parking hours typically undergo adjustments, with variations in timing throughout the city. While certain areas may see consistency in parking fees, it’s advisable to stay updated on any changes announced by local authorities. As preparations for Ramadan commence, Dubai residents can anticipate a blend of tradition and adaptation in navigating the city’s dynamics during this sacred month. With awareness, respect, and flexibility, individuals can fully embrace the spirit of Ramadan while enjoying all that Dubai has to offer. – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram Images: Instagram: @visitabudhabi  More

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    Dubai Bling S3: Guess who is leaving the show?

    Lifeby Ruman Baig3 hours ago Dubai Bling S3 unveils new faces and farewells: A Glimpse into Season 3 Drama.The highly anticipated third season of the global hit Arabic reality series, “Dubai Bling,” is set to grace screens, promising a deeper exploration into the lives of its beloved cast members and the addition of fresh faces to the Dubai Bling family.Who is leaving the show?However, with the excitement comes a tinge of sadness as familiar names announce their departure from the show.Lojain Omran, a fan-favorite known for keeping the slightly rowdier cast members in check, took to Twitter to share the news of her departure from Season 3. The absence of Kris Fade and Brianna Fade in the teaser has also caught the attention of eager viewers, although the Fades have yet to make an official statement about their participation in the upcoming season.Who is joining the show?Amidst these farewells, the spotlight shifts to the newcomers set to join the Dubai Bling family, injecting a fresh dose of intrigue and excitement into the series.First on the list is Jwana Karim, an Iraqi actress and singer renowned for her hit tracks like “Kol Al Hala.” With her arrival, viewers can expect a new dynamic as Jwana Karim navigates the glitzy world of Dubai alongside existing cast members Mona Kattan, Zeina Khoury, and Safa Siddiqui.Joining Jwana Karim is Mahira Abdel Aziz, a multi-talented individual with a background in architecture, TV anchoring, and acting. Having kickstarted her anchoring career on CNBC Arabiya, Mahira has gone on to host her own real estate show and the Morning Show on AlArabiya TV. Her diverse expertise hints at a captivating addition to the Dubai Bling ensemble.The stage is set for another exhilarating chapter in the Dubai Bling series, and viewers can anticipate a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness the intertwining lives of the cast members in the opulent backdrop of Dubai’s vibrant social scene. More

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    Kintsugi Founder on pushing her vision forward to create a unique wellness space

    Lifeby Camille Macawili38 mins ago Kintsugi, which translates to “joining with gold”, is a Japanese pottery repair technique of mending broken ceramic pieces with gold.Drawing from this inspiration of embracing imperfection is a new wellness concept located on Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi that aims to uplift and empower its community.Here, Kintsugi Founder and wellness guru Patrizia Bortolin shares with Emirates Woman about finding the confidence to push her creative vision forward to create a unique space dedicated to wellness in Abu Dhabi.What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?I love starting slowly and gratefully. As a coffee specialist, I indulge in tasting my favourite brew right off the bat. Following this, I engage in a session of either yoga Nidra or Vipassana meditation – two practises that hold immense significance in my life.What is the idea behind Kintsugi?I’m guiding this beautiful project and community within a management board. I’m also particularly glad to curate the concept behind the brand and its future evolutions. Kintsugi Space, nestled within a pristine seven-floor pale pink building on Reem Island, is a haven for wellbeing. This carefully curated community brings together female wellbeing artists, healers, therapists, inventors, scientists, and coaches to address both emotional and physiological aspects. It’s a continuously evolving world of interactive experiences, cutting-edge technologies, exclusive signature treatments, transformative rituals and natural therapies within a sanctuary of peace, movement and stillness.How did you know it was the right time to launch Kintsugi and which steps led you to realise this path?The core idea of Kintsugi echoed within me since the first call to consult for the project. I embraced the challenge with an open heart, aiming to bring genuine inspiration and support for women navigating life’s challenges. Recognising the need for a more meaningful, sustainable and inspired approach to wellness, I laid the foundation of Kintsugi through an initial deepening and expansion of the original vision, strategic planning, then operational enhancements, creative execution, and ongoing training, creating a masterpiece of care and synergies between all those incredible women.Patrizia Bortolin, wellness guru and Kintsugi founderThere are three different branches within the brand. Can you expand on the different concepts?Kintsugi is a movement with aligned activities. The brand will develop, and new projects are expected in the coming year, catering to both our Abu Dhabi Space members and global wellness enthusiasts.Kintsugi offers a unique approach to self-care – what wellness activities and practises are available for members?At Kintsugi Space, we offer a diverse blend of ancient healing modalities, modern technologies, scientific expertise, creative wellness and holistic therapies. Our aim is to guide members toward happier and healthier lifestyles, defying categorisation as we blend healing, technology, culture, artistry and community. We believe in creating healthy routines, purifying the body, stimulating the mind, thinking less, enjoying and observing more. Our team of professionals, including wellbeing specialists, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and intuitive healers, provides personalised consultations and recommendations for a tailor-made service.Can you define the inspiration behind the flagship space?Kintsugi Space was inaugurated on 6th November 2023 and stands as Abu Dhabi’s first women-only member’s club specialising in holistic wellness. It’s an exquisite sanctuary in the heart of Al Reem Island to rest and reset with the help of pioneering wellness practitioners. Rooted in a vision of blending scientific innovations with vibrational energy work, ancient healing and holistic treatments, it offers whole wellbeing experiences supported by psychology and enhanced by unparalleled quantum technology.The space focuses on guiding customers to a higher frequency – why is this important to our overall wellness?Elevating frequency is crucial for overall wellness as it enhances the quality of everything around us, when the frequency is high, every global aspect of life feels better. It’s a measurable shift that encourages conscious living and mindful energy management.How is the wellness culture growing in the Middle East?We are delighted to inspire women in the region to explore holistic wellness. It’s time to navigate the diverse wellness offerings with a smooth, personalised approach, creating genuine values. While the last few years have seen a rise in the priority given to healing wellness, there’s still a need to bridge the gap in understanding on how to craft meaningful and effective offerings. At Kintsugi we promote conscious, joyful nutrition for a happier mind and gut, combined with the importance of having a calm mind and more awareness of how to improve energy. Natural beauty is encouraged to preserve energy and harmony. We can see a real interest from women in the Middle East in this matter.How do you measure success in the wellness industry?Success in the wellness industry, for me, is defined by significant improvements in both the team and guests’ daily lives. When a place is perceived as an oasis for self-discovery and the joy of being alive for everyone involved, that’s when true success is achieved.What are your therapeutic must-haves for modern-day mindfulness?Essential to my modern-day wellbeing are moments of stillness and silence, outside and inside. I particularly like smelling essential oils, each with its unique uplifting power – orange for joy, and lavender for relaxation for example. I’m a fan of natural remedies, tasty vegetarian food, meditation, quality massage, and face yoga. I deeply relax with a head and face massage, Vichy shower when available and I promote laughter yoga.This is The Alignment Issue – what activities help you align after a hectic day?After a bustling day, I find alignment through meditation, particularly Vipassana, and yoga Nidra. I was taught by an Indian nun that spending quality time cooking a meal for others prepared with fresh ingredients while focusing on good intentions, serves as a deep spiritual practise. I’m blessed by sharing a lot of time with a few authentic healers and great human beings and this is a huge support. Happiness is an inside job.January’s – The Alignment Issue with FitnGlam  – Download Now– For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and InstagramImages: Supplied More

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    6 last-minute staycations to book in the UAE for New Year’s Eve


    by Sarah Joseph
    2 hours ago

    If you’re looking to keep it low-key and simply unwind at one of the resorts in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, we’ve got you covered.
    Sometimes to wind down, all we need is a staycation to switch-off and enter 2024 with a fresh mindset.
    So, if you still haven’t got plans are looking to book, we’re here to help with our editor-approved guide of resorts to experience on New Year’s Eve.

    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Supplied & Feature Image: Instagram @juliamateian More

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    In Pics: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley visits Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque


    by Ruman Baig
    2 hours ago

    Elegance meets tradition: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s exhibits her timeless style as she graces Abu Dhabi’s Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
    After an exhilarating F1 weekend at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023, international power couple, model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actor Jason Statham visited the iconic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
    Rosie, known for her classic elegance, opted for a modest-chic ensemble for the occasion, effortlessly fusing her personal minimalistic style with a deep appreciation for local customs.
    The Rose Inc founder wore an all-white flowing asymmetrical top paired with fitted white trousers, symbolising a seamless union of fashion and cultural reverence.
    A noteworthy detail in Rosie’s ensemble was the white Maison Valentino clutch, serving as a tasteful accessory against the majestic setting. This subtle yet striking choice accentuated Rosie’s innate sense of style.
    Their visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque not only captured the essence of the couple’s sartorial finesse but also highlighted their sincere respect for local traditions. vibrant intersection of fashion and heritage.
    Scroll below for the pictures of the couple at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque:

    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Instagram: Feature Image: @rosiehw More

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    Unexpected weather shifts: Rain anticipated across UAE again this weekend


    by Ruman Baig
    58 mins ago

    Prepare for a meteorological twist in the United Arab Emirates as the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) issues a noteworthy weather alert.
    The imminent atmospheric changes are set to keep us on our toes. Coastal regions, including the bustling city of Dubai, are bracing for an incoming wave of rain from the west.
    The NCM’s weather alert signals the likelihood of precipitation hitting on the afternoon of Friday, November 24, with a substantial chance of extending into the weekend.

    # The lowest temperature recorded over the country today morning is 11.3 °C in Jais Mountain (Ras Al Khaimah) at 03:00 UAE Local time.
    — المركز الوطني للأرصاد (@ncmuae) November 24, 2023

    Alongside the impending rainfall, temperatures are expected to take a dip, with coastal areas anticipating lows of 15ºC.
    Venturing into the mountainous terrains of the country unveils an even more significant drop in temperatures. The NCM has reported a chilling reading of 11.3ºC at a station nestled on Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais.
    As unexpected weather patterns sweep across the UAE, residents and visitors alike are urged to stay updated and be prepared for a climate shift that deviates from the norm.
    – For more on luxury lifestyle, news, fashion and beauty follow Emirates Woman on Facebook and Instagram
    Images: Instagram & Feature Image: Instagram @dubai_photoconcierge More