No One Is You And That Is Your Power: Your Genetic Code. Decoded.

Your health outcomes can be influenced by genetic factors, as well as your diet, lifestyle and environmental changes. Because each of us is so unique, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to holistic wellness. We’re big on that at Wholesomebae! Instead of doing what works okay for most, you can do what works best for you through DNA testing. It’s personalised medicine at its best, allowing me to take a uniquely tailored approach that uplifts you to a level that many people never get to access. Through this we bypass constantly treating the symptoms and get right down to the root cause, resulting in the most sought-after, eternal results.

A DNA test can provide you with valuable information about potential genetic health risks as it can also offer insights into traits that you might have inherited or potential health risks that you are unaware of. 

How can Wholesomebae Wellness help you?

  • Maybe you’re already at the top of your game, but you want to go higher?
  • Suffering from IBS or unexplained weight gain and mood swings?
  • Sudden adult acne and breakouts?
  • Maybe you’ve been living with a condition for a while and haven’t been able to shake or break it?
  • Maybe you suddenly, unexpectedly, inexplicably got sick and you need to take an integrative approach to recovery.
  • You only have to do the DNA test once in your life. Your genes never change.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve or overcome, you want answers. With genetic testing, you can find them. However big or small, fit or frail, sick or strong, you can get better and live the best possible life that you’re capable of.

The DNA testing covers:

  1. Genetic Health Risks. Identification of specific genetic variants associated with certain health conditions, such as hereditary diseases ( e.g. diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s to name a few), vitamin and mineral deficiencies or predispositions to certain illnesses. 
  2. Carrier Status. You can learn if you carry genetic mutations that could potentially be passed on to your children, even if you don’t show symptoms yourself. 
  3. Pharmacogenomics. Tired of wasting money on the wrong medication and supplements? Genetic testing provides Insights into how your body might respond to certain medications based on your genetic makeup. 
  4. Traits and Characteristics. Discover traits that you may have inherited.
  5. Wellness and Lifestyle. recommendations for diet, exercise, and lifestyle based on your genetic profile. 
    • Price includes: test delivered + collected from your home/destination of choice + 60-75min consultation + tailored meal plan.
    • See a sample DNA report to discover your wellness potential HERE.

Understanding these connections

Being wholesome connotates to organic, authentic and well-balanced living. Not only does it include being healthy, but also happy, fulfilled and aligned. We as human beings need to understand the connection between mind, body and soul by realizing that these parts – in alignment – make us whole. By understanding these connections, we’re able to reduce and cure environmentally induced illnesses, reverse ageing, naturally prolong our lives, truly understand why prevention is better than cure and personally harness the power that we possess inside of us, in order to be in control of our health and quality of life.

Holistic wellness

When it comes to holistic wellness, I embrace all aspects of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – through DNA testing, integrative nutrition, epigenetics and mindful practices. The Wholesomebae holistic wellness process starts with a consultation and relevant investigations DNA testing. This is followed by a personalized management plan and ongoing review to ensure optimal health results and maintenance.


This notion of viewing food goes further than the number of calories you consume at every mealtime. It combines medical insights into foods that not only nourish, but also heal your body and its organs, too. It aims to educate my Wholesomebae followers on topics around their digestive health, the gut-brain connection and how imbalances impact their health while addressing genetic predispositions, environmental impacts as well as physiological or psychological factors. Epigenetic changes can have significant effects on gene expression patterns and cellular function. They can be stable and heritable, meaning they can be passed down from one generation to the next, but they can also be reversible and responsive to environmental cues. Epigenetic modifications are crucial in various biological processes, including embryonic development, cellular differentiation, ageing and the development of diseases such as cancer.

Understanding epigenetics has the potential to shed light on how environmental factors and lifestyle choices can impact our health and disease susceptibility. It also opens up possibilities for the development of novel therapeutic approaches that target epigenetic modifications to treat diseases.

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